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  • Ethnicity: South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Indonesia
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate Free, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

now, you must be curious about tablet sheet mask. actually, it's compressed sheet mask and form it into tablet. you can soak it in your hydrating toner or first essence or serum and then after all the liquid being absorbed, you can put it on your face like ordinary sheet mask.

the packaging: the one that i bought from daiso comes in 15 tablets per pack. the packaging is really simple, just all the tablets in a plastic with small cardboard to line the tablets. there's an english description at the back along with some pictures to help the user to understand it better.

the product: it's made from cotton. when it's dry, it looks like a medicine tablet. white and round. and then after it comes in contact with the liquid, it will instantly rise as it absorbs the liquid and then you can untangle it to reveal the mask. the mask itself is quite thin, slightly thinner than my lululun face mask. the mouth and nose holes are okay for me. the eyes however, is quite weird, since it has these flaps to cover your eyelid. although you can lift the flap, but once it dries, the flap will come down on your eyelids again. the cheek part is always unfit part. but, aside from that, i'm quite happy with the fit.

so, i think this tablet mask is really a good deal. i bought it from daiso, which is 100 yen for 15 tablets, so it's quite cheap. plus it will be very helpful to use up if you have big size hydrating toner like i do. and i think it's very suitable for daily use since the mask itself isn't that thick so the mask will be dry after 10-15 minutes. and recently i read about the side effect of using sheet mask too much. it will cause plastic waste to pile up, so using tablet masks will lessen the packaging waste since it's 15 masks in one package. unfortunately, not all daiso stores carry this table mask, so perhaps it will difficult to get it. now, tell me, have you tried tablet masks? please do tell..

FYI, i use one sample only. mizon samples are quite big and it's enough for 4-5 usages. i use this as a day moisturizer, since i thought it is similar to my loreal icy gel moisturizer.
the product: from one sample, it looks like a clear gel. and it melts once you applied it on your skin. but from the advertorial picture, you can see that it's supposed to be greenish gel in a tub. i don't know if the real gel is supposed to be greenish or clear.
the smell: no distinctive scent, but it was refreshing. once i try to sniff harder, and i can smell minty scent, like thrombopop gel, the one that i use for my bump. hahaha...
the performance: it's really similar to my loreal, or even worse. it absorbs onto my skin quickly and give cooling effect just like loreal, but after a couple use, i kinda numb and don't feel the cooling effect anymore. and for the moisturizing effect, it's not enough for my dehydrated skin. my nose skin starts to peel off this morning.. *sigh* for the oil control, it was average like my loreal, probably 4-5 hours before my nose starts to shine. fortunately, this one doesn't give me breakouts.
overall, this is a nice cream for you who like gel texture, looking for a light moisturizer, having an oily or combination skin (but not dehydrated), living in a hot and humid country (like mine). but for dry skin, i advised to stay away from this cream.
and for me, i'll just have to find another cream to quenched my skin. probably if my skin become oilier again, i'll purchase this one and dump my loreal.
as for mizon, i'm eager to try their pore line and the watermax rich firming gel, but i can't find the sample of the latter. and i'm suspicious that mizon is just a dupe-brand, since a lot of their products are similar to lots of other korean skincare product that has been in the market for a while, and mizon offers cheaper products. but i'm glad that mizon is not all about snail cream, which make them famous actually.. 

the product: it looks like crayon and used like crayon. but it has this screw bottom so you can screw the crayon up without sharpening it. the body of the crayon indicates the color of the lacquer balm. and there's a sticker with the color name at the bottom. i always love brands who name their shades. it's easier to find and memorize, than just give them numbers.

the color: since i pick a pretty soft color, i have to swipe couple times to make the color shown. but there are other colors which are more vibrant and easier to make the color shown. each one have a different degree of shine. demure has little glitters in it and even when the color's gone, the glitters stay still. it's very similar to the balm stain. the BA said that the lacquer is shinier than the balm stain. fyi, demure is a pinkish nude shade, pretty soft.

the staying power: since it is high shine lacquer, it's easily vanished. especially with eating and drinking. having a couple of revlon lippies, i guess lighter color vanish quicker than more vibrant colors.

the scent: there's this strong peppermint scent and taste, so i can taste mint on my lips. it's pretty cold like having a mint candy, but then it leaves hot trail. i hate it. i hate mint candy. why do they have to give peppermint stain to a lacquer balm? can't they just give them fruity scent and taste? well, probably it's me who hate it.

overall, i love this lacquer balm. probably if i have finished my pink lipstick, i'll buy another one in pink color from this line.

 i think the original version gives more hydration than the light one. but perhaps it's my aging skin that i need more hydration than before. so, i think the light one definitely works better for those who live in hot and humid weather or have oily or combination skin.

now, the light version has more fermented soybean in its ingredients, but i notice that the original one bring brightness to my face, better than the light version. i think my skin was glowing when i used the original one, but now, it's just ordinary. as for the rate of usage, since this one is pretty runny, i use it quicker than the original one. i've used this for two months and a quarter of the bottle has gone. and this is the 150 ml one, while i used 80 ml of the original one for more than 6 months.

bottom line, i like the light version as much as the original one, but i think the original one will be more suitable for me now than the light one. but i don't know if i'm gonna repurchase this, since i've been curious about the face shop the therapy anti aging line, and they have first serum too. so i will wait around and then decide which one to buy later.

the packaging: since it's quite some time, i already lost the box. all i can remember it has the same color as the mascara tube, which is yellow and black. the other version is pink. so it makes it easier to differentiate between them. there's also instruction and picture about how to use it at the back of the box. in english too. yay! the mascara tube is plastic, yellow and black. the yellow part is the part where you can twist the body to change the step, from 1 to 3. there's a "stop" indicator at the lower part of the body.

the color: mine is black and it's very dark black. very intense.

the product: the formula is on the wet side. it's very wet when i got it the first time that i had difficulty using it. it will smudge all over my eyes area, and it's very hard to keep my eyes open all the time during waiting time. but as time goes by, it gets slightly drier. but it doesn't get any more drier than that, which is weird. the wand has a curve shape, with shorter bristles on the hollow part. now, i might be wrong, but lately i observe it more and i think it has fibers in them so it will add volume to eyelashes. the more you twist the wand, the fuller the bristles, or so i thought.

the result: since the formula is wet, it's very easy to smudge and clump. on the first step, i immediately notice the added length and volume to my eyelashes. with the second step, it gets slightly curled (i don't use any eyelash curler). but it clumps easily. and with the third step, i get the spider lashes. seriously, it's hard to achieve the fuller look without clump since the formula is wet. and even though this one isn't waterproof, cleaning it is still troublesome. you have to use separate eye makeup remover before using cleansing oil or cleansing water to completely remove the mascara.

definitely a good mascara, it delivers the promise to add volume and curl, but the formula is not to my liking. it keeps making my lashes clump together. i think it will work better if you have sparse eyelashes. or you already have long eyelashes. but not on me. and i don't test the durability of this mascara. but it doesn't flake on me. would i repurchase? no. would i recommend it? not really. but considering this is my first asian/korean mascara, i think i will try another mascara from other korean brand too. it seems promising.


the packaging: it comes in a plastic bag with a small booklet inside. everything at the back is in japanese, but luckily they write the shade name in english (unlike other products that even the shade name is in japanese, which is troublesome since i have to google it). the eyeliner itself comes in pen shape. each one has the color of the shade. since i bought the deep brown one, the pen also comes in brown.

the color: mine is deep brown, which is basically brown. and i have to say i'm quite disappointed since i thought it will be like dark brown, but it's more like reddish brown. too light for my preference. on my lid though, it's darker than my hand swatch but it's still brown. so it's suitable for daily use. not too dark and not too light.

the product: the applicator, at one glance, looks like felt tip. but when i swatch it, i was surprised since it was brush! and i have to say the brush is amazing. even though it's not super rigid like liquid liner brushes, it maintains its form when being used. since it's a brush, it's easy to draw line in various thickness, from thin to thick. fyi, there are 4 shades available, super black, black, brown black and deep brown. mine is deep brown.

the result: at first, i was confuse. there's a picture at the back that gives illustration about the eyeliner. there's also a text saying "shut out" and "easy off". i was confuse what that means. then i found out that this eyeliner is waterproof but easy to wash off. quite contradictory right? turns out, it means that after it's being set or dry, it's supposed to be smudge proof or waterproof. even though you cry or splash your face, the eyeliner won't budge. but you don't need separate eye makeup remover to wash this eyeliner. just warm water will do. when i tested it, i didn't wait for it to dry and i smudged it. on my lid too. you have to be careful. don't open your eyes unless it's dried or it will smudge on your lid. especially if you have oily lid. but once it's set, it will be long lasting. i use it for about 7 hours and it's still there. even though i didn't use any makeup primer or eyeshadows. so naturally using primer or eyeshadow (especially the powder one) underneath will make it more long lasting.

so definitely love it! in fact, i don't think i'll ever go back to gel pencil eyeliner again. this one is super easy to use, even for every daily use. i can use it to line my upper eyeline easily, and draw kitten eye, cat eye.. super easy. plus it comes in brown which turns out to be perfect for daily use. beginner, if you feel you can't use liquid liner, try this and it will change your mind. i definitely will repurchase along with other brand too.. this might be my favorite for now, but perhaps trying others might change my mind. so i have to try the other too to be sure. unfortunately, i can only get it if i went to japan or bought it online. and online shops tend to sell a little bit expensive. so definitely will grab more when i go to japan again.

the packaging: the mono eyeshadows come in tiny transparent square plastic compact. again, don't drop it. although it feels sturdy, it might break. this is the matte finish, and it has the word "matte" imprinted on it. there are several finishes for this single eyeshadows, matte, shimmery and even metallic. since this is my first single eyeshadows, i have no idea if the size is decent or too small or too big.

the product: it feels smooth to my touch. very silky smooth. and i can swipe and swatch it easily. even though this is a matte shade, it doesn't come patchy on my skin. i can use my finger or my brush to use this shadow. no fallout, it doesn't too powdery either.

the color payoff: i've read or seen that someone commented that this eyeshadow is true to pan. it means the color that you see on the pan translates to your skin just the way it is. you know sometimes the color on the pan doesn't translate well when you apply it to your eyes, but that isn't the story with this eyeshadow. it looks peach on the pan and it looks peach on my swatch. and even though this is a light color, i only need two swipes to get it shown on my eyes. pretty impressive.

the result: it looks nice on my eyes, it doesn't have fallout and it holds quite well too. even without primer, this color can hold up to 3-4 hours. without creasing.

this is a win for me. i can see why everyone keeps recommending the single eyeshadows. it's great for such a cheap price. and there are a lot of color selections and finishes. if i haven't bought makeup revolution palettes, i will come back and buy some more. if you're on tight budget and think eyeshadow palette is not for you, then definitely try these.

the packaging: honestly, i like the packaging. it comes in a sleek black compact, the name of the product is printed at front. when you open it, you can see the mirror inside the top part and the pressed powder at the bottom. it's simple but it doesn't look cheap. although some said that it's not very sturdy. so perhaps i should be careful not to drop this powder.

the color: it's transparent but there's a little bit color into it. unfortunately, it's quite light so perhaps medium to darker skin tone might want to try this before buying it.

the product and result: the powder is finely milled. it's super soft and buttery. i've used it with powder brush and makeup sponge, and both works fine. with powder, it gives more natural finish, but i have to build it up to cover my face. i use my elf powder brush, but unfortunately, it doesn't give me the result that i was hoping for. sometime i can see the brush makes streaks. i just like it better with sponge. it gives more coverage, however, it's also make it more artificial, if you know what i mean. my skin will look ridiculously flawless, super smooth and bright. that's why i say i'm not sure it's completely translucent. as for the sebum control, it falls short in my opinion. on normal days, my nose will start to be oily after 3 hours or so. on hot days, i predict it might be quicker. on my first day using this, i retouch my face after 3 hours, and i didn't remove my makeup. and as result, it breaks me out. as for the waterproof part, i remember seeing this in kbeauty show, and the makeup artist used this powder as setting powder after everything is done and he dipped the model's face into a bowl full of water and then he patted the water from the model's face. and miraculously, the makeup is intact.

so, given the price, this is a decent powder, but for super oily skin or medium to deep skin tone, i don't think it will be suitable for you. as for me, it's okay for now, but if i can get my hands on the other powder, i might try it to compare which one is better.

the packaging: it comes in a transparent plastic compact. you can see the palette from the outside so obviously no mirror. the highlighter is smaller, and the contouring shade is bigger. it's logical since you use more contouring than highlighting. there's instructions at the back, with pictures and all. pretty handy since it's quite small but they managed to put the instructions there. i remember that sleek put instructions as well, but in separate booklet. again, it looks sturdy but some said don't drop it.

the product: when i swatch it using my finger, the highlighter feels hard but after a few rubbing, it gets easier to pick up the pigment. while the contour powder is more buttery. it's not powdery at all which is good. the color payoff is good too. but again, it's similar to the blush. using hand, i make a good swatch. but put it on my face, i need to put several layers to get it shown. the size of the palette is similar to sleek, the highlighter is slightly bigger than sleek, but the contouring is smaller.

the color: the highlighter is pearly white. although ashy radiance is meant for fair to light skin tone, i think the highlighter isn't even suitable for fair skin. it's way too white for any skin tone. i think it might be better if it's more champagne to gold highlighter, rather than pearly white. the contour however, is another story. it's a ashy brown, just enough grey in it so it's suitable for contouring without making anyone looks muddy. when i compared it to sleek, the highlighter seems similar, but sleek is a bit more champagne. while the contour powder on sleek is slightly more orange.

the result: this powder gives subtle contour and highlighting. perfect for daily use. although i have to say it's more difficult to get good result from the highlighter. as for the contour powder, it's very good. but you might have to put layers of products to make it show.

this is a 50-50 win for me. i like the contour part since the shade is more suitable for me now. enough grey in it, and it's subtle enough so i can build more layers as i feel comfortable without being afraid of looking like a clown. the highlighter, however, is another story. i've put several layers to make it show but it's still very subtle. and the color is not to my liking. and i've read that many people also dislike the shade choice. i think catrice should put that in their mind and produce something new. as for me, i'm glad i pick this up. i'm learning about contouring more than before so it's not a waste of money. plus, it's super affordable. as for recommendation, definitely pick ashy radiance for fair to light skin tone, but pick the other one for the highlighter.

the packaging: it comes in a transparent plastic compact with the name of the product printed at front. since it's transparent, you can see the pretty chevron pattern of the blush from outside. it has no mirror and there's a description at the back of the product. i think it's sturdy enough but some people said that it might not survive many fallings, so i suggest handle with care, don't drop it.

the product: the blush itself is very pretty. it has this chevron pattern. the top and bottom part has darker color, while the middle part is lighter. it has subtle shimmer in it, very subtle that it's barely shown on my face. so you don't need to worry about being shiny like disco-ball. you can swatch each color, but i prefer combine them both. it's very buttery and soft to touch. and it doesn't too powdery so it's not too messy to use. unlike other cheap blushes that tend to be very powdery. talking about lasting power, this one doesn't last long. about 3-4 hours on combination oily skin in hot weather. but it doesn't vanish completely. you can still a sheer color after a few hours, so if you like more vibrant blush, you might have to retouch.

the color: i know the name is coral, but i think it translates more like pink to me. the darker one is pretty pink-coral, the lighter one is pale pink. when both is combined, i think it translates to a pinkish coral. my previous blushes are nyx mauve and nyx pinched. and this one is in between those shades. so i'm glad i pick this one.

the result: i use my elf angled brush to use this blush. i've read another review that suggest using a dense brush otherwise the pigment won't show since this blush is very subtle. but my elf is enough. it can pick up the pigment just fine. although i'm agree about building it up. i have to put several layers to get it shown in my swatch photo. but in daily life, it's okay for me. it's perfect for giving my skin the right amount of flush to give some life to my pale face.

definitely didn't regret my choice picking this up, although i don't think it might suitable for everyone. if you are light to very fair skin, then this blush might work for you, but if you have medium or darker skin tone, this blush won't do you any good. if you like matte blush, then skip this since it has fine shimmer in it. although it's not ridiculously glittery or shiny, but still it has shimmer in it. and if you like more options in shades, then skip this as this line has only 3 shades so you have very limited choices. although i think catrice doesn't have many shades in their blushes, aside from this line. as for price, it's super affordable, and for that price, i'm happy to see the result. 

the packaging: it comes in regular sachet, white background with the picture of the main ingredient at front. at the back there are descriptions in japanese. and also the number and name of all masks from pure smile (unfortunately it's in japanese).

the scent: it doesn't smell like soybean, unlike sana facial wash. this one smells floral, but not too fragrant though.

the product: it's made of medium thickness cotton. if you're used to taiwan mask sheet, then this one will fall on thicker side for you. but if you're used to korean mask sheet, than this one might feel the same. and if you're used to japanese masks, especially the one that's meant for daily use, then this one is slightly thicker. the fit is the same as the rest of this line. it has okay fit for me, but weird bottom eye flaps which is annoying and nose slit that i think it's useless. the essence is clear type and just enough. at first it feels like it soaks perfectly, but after around 10-15 minutes the edges will start to dry.

the result: i have to say that among all the other that i've tried so far, this one is the one that i like better. it's moisturising enough, soothing and also brightening. the effect can be seen almost instantly. and the next morning i can still see it's still brighten my face. but don't hope too much. it's just temporary effect as usual. oh, and it doesn't break me out.

overall, it's an okay mask to try out. it's cheap, and it works for daily use. don't expect too much as this mask is intended to use daily to get best results. this is not "one night wonder" type mask that you can use before special event. i also think it might suit most skin types.

the packaging: it comes in a frosted glass-like jar. at first i thought it was glass, but my husband said it was acrylic. i don't know.. all i know it's kind of heavy like glass but it doesn't sound like one when i knock it. and then there's always a spatula and a lid to seal the compartment. talking about the lid, it's cute since it has heart-shaped bit to lift the lid.

the scent: i think it smells like ginger or ginseng, but not as strong as sulwhasoo. but it lingers for awhile.

the product: the cream is light peach, and i think it has similar consistency with olay. it's thick but not as thick as sleeping pack. it spreads easily on my skin and absorbed quickly too. on my drier day, it absorbed well and doesn't stick on top of everything else that i've put before. no sticky feeling. but when i use sheet mask and put several layers of hydrating product before this cream, it will absorbed slowly and leave slightly sticky feeling. the sticky feeling is still there when i went to bed after putting this cream on my face.

the result: i have to say that this one is moisturizing enough. similar to olay. i can't say that it gives better result than olay since i don't notice any difference. although my skin is more glowy than before, i can't credit it solely to this cream since i also use a bunch of other products and i use mask more regularly than before too.

anyway, it is a great night cream, it will give you enough moisture to seal all the hydrating product you put on your face before and maintain it overnight. your skin will glow and bouncy in the morning, but without unnecessary greasiness. i can say that i think it's suitable for most skin types, from dry to combination skin. but for oily skin, perhaps you might want to try a sample if you can get any. as for anti aging property, i don't have any fine lines, so i can't say for sure. but i use this for prevention, and seeing that i don't see any lines, i can say it might work as anti aging. as for price range, this one is on the pricier side, even though not as expensive as sulwhasoo. so considering that it's not so different as my olay, i don't think i will repurchase this since i can get same result with cheaper olay. oh, and i don't get any breakouts from using this cream. i don't think you don't need to worry about this cream being double fermented since i don't experience purging nor breakouts of any kind.

the packaging: it comes in white tube with beige color. flip top. and it comes in big size. actually not big size, but since i always got big size korean facial washes, it makes me get used to big size so i'm grateful that this comes in big size. unfortunately, it doesn't come with a seal on the opening, unlike korean products. but they do seal the whole tube, so probably they substitute the seal of the opening with the whole tube sealing. there are texts at the back of the tube, but everything is in japanese, so i don't know what it's about.

the scent: okay, this is probably my second scentless japanese product. although i'm not completely agree with fragrance less. with bifesta and hadalabo, it's completely scentless, but this facial wash, i can smell a hint of soy scent. definitely subtle, very subtle. so it's suitable for sensitive nose.

the product: the first time i tried it, it's a white cream, pretty dense. but i read reviews about it being on the runny side, which puzzled me since mine is pretty thick. and then i only got to try it for 2-3 times before receiving himalayan, and then i had to use himalayan facial wash since i have to review it first, so after finishing my review, i finally get the chance to try it again. and it's become runnier. i don't know what cause it. i don't think there's water slipping inside, so i definitely have no idea how it becomes runnier than before. and i keep using it and it doesn't become any runnier than before, so i guess it's the real texture. it foams easily, but not too much.

the result: i don't use it as makeup cleanser, although i think it helps clean the makeup residue. as second cleanser, it's gentle enough. but i read somewhere that it has high pH? (correct me if i'm wrong). but it gives me squeaky clean feeling, but not stripped too much. it doesn't dry out my skin. so i guess being high pH is true but somehow the japanese can make it gentle enough.

honestly, it's cheap and it's gentle so i think it won't hurt trying it. even if you have sensitive skin. but i don't think i will repurchase it since i like to try new facial washes. plus i just found out that it has several lines. i'm particularly interested in the moist line, the one with added q10, added retinol line. so i'd probably get them if i can get my hands on them.

the packaging: it comes in regular sachet, white background with the picture of the ingredients at front. at the back there's descriptions but everything is in japanese.

the scent: okay, it smells floral but not rose-specific. fortunately, it's not overwhelming.

the product: the fit is similar to other types, although i still can't get used to the bottom eye flaps. and the nose slit. perhaps it's supposed to help those who have high nose, but they didn't cut the end, so we have to cut it ourselves or what? the chin is bigger as usual, but they have slits on it so i can adjust it just right. it has clear essence and quite generous. luckily it's not dripping down my chin. it has cooling sensation, adheres well and i used it for about 40 minutes. the edges dried quicker and once it's starting to dry out, the chin part will hanging loose. sometimes i hate it. sometimes it doesn't bother me. oh well.. it's just a matter of preference i guess..

the result: it's definitely moisturising without leaving any sticky residue. with the vitamin one i only feel the moisturising effect, but this one, i can see a little bit brightening effect.

this one is definitely go to my "okay" categories for sheet mask, it's not extraordinary, but it doesn't bother me either. it moisturises my skin and brighten it slightly. another pro: it's cheap.


his is the first sample of skin79 that i bought and somehow i wanted to try this one first. many say that this is suitable for oily skin and the shade suits pale skin, usually like mine.. sooo.. here we go...

this is what's written on their us website: color- light beige, SPF50+ PA+++, skin type normal/oily.

this bb cream is created to fill the gap in shades for those who has lighter skin, like me. and this one doesn't have gray cast in it, more yellow tone, which is like foundation.
texture: it's creamy consistency, but not as thick as foundation.
color: yellow undertone. somehow it matched my skin face perfectly, but on picture, it made me look pink. hmmm..  yellow undertone will be appreciated for those who doesn't want to wait for oxidization.
*update: after quite some time, i think when i applied it first, it looked a little bit lighter for me, but when i came home, it melted literally.. and somehow my cheek redness shown.
coverage: medium coverage, and also buildable. it can hide my redness and acne scars, but i don't want to build it too heavy to cover my dark spots. since it looks like and feels like foundation, i'm afraid that building this product will make it cakey at the end.
finish: satin finish, not too matte, but a dap of powder will solve it.
scent: err.. i can't pick up noticable scent, but it means this one either has no particular scent or bad smell.
as for the result, i will have no saying about it since i write this review based on samples. as for my bb cream list, this one also definitely goes into the list.
*update: jun 5, 2014: oil control is pretty bad on hot days like these days, so i probably will pass this one. right now i'm trying the hot pink one, and hopefully the oil control will be better than the vital orange. 

from the, this bb cream features are:
1. skin treatment: skin-friendly skin pilids and amino acid complex peptides strengthen the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the skin by restoring its natural balance.
2. perfect 12-hour coverage: engineered with micro-multi roll-grinding technology to create super fine particles that work with skin-smoothing botanical ingredients for lightweight, long-lasting coverage for up to 12 hours.
3. gentle formula: hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and free of parabens, mineral oil, GMOs, triclosan, benzophenone, and alcohols, it also contains an organic natural healing complex certified by ECO-cert.
4. moisturizing: contains a skin-regenerating peptide complex, skin-soothing gingko leaf water rich in antioxidants, and a 50-kind botanical complex for intense moisture and nutrit/NWion.
color: i've only tried once. usually i try once in the evening, and one at noon. i've just tried this evening. and it looks like it was a match, though i read in another blog that missha shade 21 is suitable for light medium skin tone, and in mac shade, for NC/NW 20-25. well, according to MAC BA in singapore, i was NW/NC 15. and it should match with missha 13. but since i don't have the other shade, i can't compare it. well i try again tomorrow and we'll see if it is still a match.
#update: i used it again this morning and it looked like it was a match for me. this bb cream tends to be more yellowish than my bodyshop. 
texture: it is creamy, but thinner than foundation but thicker than cc cream.
coverage: well, i must the coverage almost nearly as my foundation, but a bit sheer. just like my bodyshop. it covers my redness and dark circles, but not cover my dark spots entirely. 
oil control: this is an important aspect for me. i've searched for foundation that can stay on my face without making my nose shines for more than 4 hours, and so far i was unlucky. but this one seems promising though. i tried it on for 4 hours and only the tip of my nose gets shine after 4 hours. but i use this bb with powder. so probably the powder also helps.
scent: oops.. i forgot to test the scent. but if i didn't notice it, then it isn't bad.
finish: it has dewy finish which i don't really like, that's why i put powder on top of it.

the packaging: it comes in a box. i think the box is made of recycled paper, but i can't say for sure. they wrap the soap bar in a plastic. there's a little text at the back of the box, but everything is in japanese so i can't say what it says.

the scent: i don't have any idea about moon peach leaves. all i know, reading herbal soap, i was thinking that it might smell like medicine. but thankfully it's not. and don't worry, the scent is very subtle. i try to sniff pretty hard and still i can't decide what kind of scent it is.

the product: the soap is in bar form, and it's circle so it's easy to handle. the size is about my palm, so it's easy to grab and use. i don't have any net or anything else, so i just use my palm to make it bubble. just splash a little bit of water and then rub the soap and it will bubble easily.

the result: i can say that it's gentle enough. i was washing my face the other day and accidentally opened my eyes, and this soap doesn't stink me in the eyes. after using this soap, my face feel squeaky clean, but not as squeaky as the sana one. i only use this as second cleanser, although some say that it can remove makeup, but i don't try it. but it can remove non waterproof sunscreen, so i guess it can remove makeup residue (non waterproof one, of course) easily too. as for acne preventing property, i can't say for sure since i don't have any breakouts during testing this soap. although i use some detox masks, none of them causing purging, so i cannot be sure about this.

overall, this is a decent face wash. it's gentle and bubbles nicely, doesn't have strong scent, and cleans decently. price wise, it's cheap too. but considering that it comes in a bar form, i don't quite like it. i don't have any soap bar container so i just put it on the soap dish which is attached on my shower head so it means i leave it on open space. in my bathroom. i don't think it's hygienic since it's mostly humid in my bathroom so i don't know what kind of germ that might hop on this soap bar. so i'm concern about hygienity of this soap. but other than that, if you like soap bar, considering the price and the longevity, then try it. even those who have sensitive skin can try this if you don't mind with bar form. as for me, i won't buy it, i prefer something in tube. but thanks amabie for sending this to me. it's a decent bar soap, but not for me.

even though i receive this for free, everything that i say here is completely honest. so, upon receiving the package, i have no idea nor have heard of this brand. turns out it is a taiwanese brand, and i think they didn't sell anything online yet. so no wonder i can't find anything anywhere. and if you google it, you might not find it. but the brand has facebook page and a website under the company name, so feel free to visit and find out more about it.
this is the description from their website: with very special and rare ingredient "crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate" can help anti-aging, reduce wrinkle and skin rash, makes your skin looks and feels younger. ingredients: crithmum maritimum callus culture filtrate, coenzyme a, lecithin, tocotrienols pseudoalteromonas ferment extract, collagen, chondrus crispus extract, sodium hyaluronate, carbomer, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, butylene glycol, methylisothiazolinone, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, water.
a little bit about the main ingredient, it's sea fennel stem cell extract. it's 100% plant based ingredient, it has high consistency of antioxidants to support the collagen production of the skin and slows down the disintegration of collagen. the other extract, chondrus ciprus, is a red algae, which is also an anti-aging agent.

the packaging: it comes in a green cardbox. the lovely ladies at amabie give me their booklet too. the essence itself is in a green glass bottle with a dropper. the dropper is a troublesome for some reviewer that received it earlier than me. by the time i got it, the ladies from amabie sent me video link about the instruction to use the dropper and i followed it and it works. i don't have any problems with the dropper. the trick is to pinch the dropper for a few second so it can suck the essence. the box has similar description as the mask. it has the description and ingredient for all the essence variant. and the only way to know which one that you have is to look for the bullet sticker. i had hard time finding out which one that i got at first, but then i realize the bullet sticker. On the back of the bottle you can see the tiny name written on it, so you can check the type of essence that you have. But other than ingredients list, everything is in mandarin.

the scent: okay, i try to sniff it but my nose can't pick any scent. perhaps it has some scent but very subtle.

the product: the essence is a milky white with serum-like consistency. since it's thick, i use it in my serum slot. it takes awhile to completely sink in too. but once it's absorbed, it doesn't leave sticky feeling. since it's quite thick and need some time to be absorbed, i only use it at night.

the result: the immediate result that i can feel is the moisturizing part. it really boost moisture in my skin. i've been using it every night, replacing my snail AIO, and i can see that my skin is moisturized better with this serum. after almost 3 weeks using this essence, i can see that my skin is plumped too. luckily, i don't have any breakouts during using this essence.

i think this is a great essence to boost moisture and plumping your skin. it can work well as anti aging agent. i think it is suitable for any skin types, but for super oily skin, perhaps you might want to use this night time only. like i did. i'm really thankful that i get to try this essence since it works well. 

description from their website: contains triple moisturizing essences. the unique 3d structure can keep the water in your skin for a long time. ingredients: sodium hyaluronate, saccharide isomerate, chondrus crispus extract, butylene glycol, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, methylisothiazolinone, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, water.
a little bit about ingredient.. chondrus crispus extract is irish moss, not moss literally, but a type of red algae. it's believed to contain vitamin a, e, k and help to soften the skin, reduce wrinkles and treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. it's also an antioxidant too.

definitely love the mask. and i highly recommend it to everyone. simply because it works and it doesn't feel too heavy even though it's super moisturizing. but on the down side, when i look at their website, i found out that this one is sold $550/10 pc (1 box)! i don't know if they put wrong currency, but if it's right, then it will be the most expensive sheet mask that i've tried. so definitely thank you amabie for giving me the chance to try it. if you're eager to try it, i think you have to be patience since this brand is unknown to beauty world. 

the packaging: it comes in similar designs, white sachet with the main ingredient pictured at the front. in this case, it's strawberry. at the back, there's descriptions but everything is in japanese.

the scent: reading strawberry as the main ingredient will definitely make you think that it will smell like strawberry. well, it has a hint of strawberry scent. but not as clear as my TBS strawberry body butter. in fact, it's very faint. which is slightly disappointing for me.

the product: the material of the mask is the same as the vitamin one, a slightly thick cotton but very flexible. the fit is similar as the vitamin one. it has slit on the nose which is useless to me, and weird bottom eye flaps which is also useless. the forehead is okay, the cheek is okay too and it has slits. the chin is bigger and it doesn't have slit so sometimes the essence could drip down from the chin part. the essence is clear and generous, a bit dripping at first but not super annoying that i have to lay down the whole time.

the result: the moment i put it on i can feel the cooling sensation on my face. it adheres well but when it starts to dry up, the edges loosen up easily, especially the chin part. it will hanging down on your chin. i use it for about 40 minutes and the center will still a bit moist but the edges are dry. afterward no sticky residue and all the essence will completely absorbed in about 5 minutes. definitely moisturize and slightly brighten, but the effect is temporary.

again, this is a decent sheet mask for boosting moisture and slightly brighten your face. it's a nice to have one of these in your stash. another plus is it's cheap. so grab one, grab a bunch, it won't hurt your wallet.

the packaging: it comes with cardboard backing just like toothpaste packaging. there's descriptions at the back but everything is in japanese, so i don't understand anything. the sunscreen itself is in blue plastic tube with screw top. it has spout to dispose the product, and the opening is just fine, not too big not too small. compared to the gel version, this one is smaller since it only comes in 50ml, while the gel version has 90 ml of product. this one is also upside down just like any other sunscreen, but the gel one is upright.

the scent: although it's said that it has fresh fruit scent, but for me, i think the gel version has a stronger lemon-y scent. the essence version does fruity scent, but very subtle.

the product: the essence is pearly white just like the gel one, but it's more viscous. the gel is runnier. somehow it makes me use a little less with the essence since it's thicker. it absorbs quick too, just like the gel one. it's sticky but after it's completely absorbed, it won't be anymore. it doesn't leave white cast.

the result: as makeup base, this one works fine. it won't pile up under makeup, and it leaves dewy finish. some said that the gel one is more matte than the essence one. for me, i don't feel the difference. if i use powder, my nose will start to shine after 3-4 hours. but the rest of my face is okay. and that works for both the gel and the essence one. so i will say both the essence and the gel one works on my combination skin. as for the protection property, this is a daily sunscreen, which means that you should put other sunscreen when you are outdoor or having sport. and i have bad experience with both the gel and the essence. when i went to hongkong, i thought using the gel one on my face and my body is enough since it's cloudy, but i was wrong. i got sunburn. and it happens again when i went to japan. i only use the essence and some other sunscreen that i bought there and it was raining but i still got sunburn when i was back home. so definitely indoor only sunscreen.

i know this might be an old news for you, but i don't think i can ever pick one over the other. i like them both, the gel and essence version. as for the newer version, since so many people dislike it, i didn't try to buy one and try it myself when in japan. instead, i pick anessa and kose suncut. hopefully i can find other sunscreen that i like just like this biore uv aqua rich watery gel and essence.

the packaging: it comes in a little white plastic tube. the design is pretty simple, just like the peeling gel. the label at front and description at the back, unfortunately it's in japanese. oh and by the way, it's tiny, just 30 ml per tube.

the scent: okay, i've been used to scentless products by now since most japanese products that i've tried are scentless.

the product: the korean might be innovative in using exotic ingredients, like horse oil, snail and starfish, but i have to give it to the japanese for being innovative in the product making. the texture of this cream is originally a gel, milky white like candle droplets, but when you spread it on your skin, it turns into water droplets! really amazing.. and definitely it will absorb easily onto your skin. and once it sinks, you can feel the hydration boost that it gives. the whole tube lasts for a month for me.

the result: i use it day and afternoon to replace my emulsion since i was run out of it, and at first, i don't think it's enough since my t-zone is starting to become oily again. but then, after about two weeks, perhaps my skin is adjusted, or it's my night cream that helps in the moisturizing department, but somehow my t-zone is starting to normalize again. a little bit. it's still a bit more oily than usual, but not that bad.

although many people praise this cream, somehow i'm disagree. it's not hydrating enough for me. i don't feel anything once it's absorbed completely. i tried using it on my hand, and it doesn't work either. i don't feel added moisture whatsoever. so, perhaps it was me that doesn't get the miracle. but since it's a hit for many people, perhaps you should try it yourself. but since it's hard to get, you might consider buying a peeling gel so you can try the cream. it's not a bad idea considering the peeling gel is really a good stuff.

i got this mask as one of the goodies that amabie sent me along with the kailijumei lipstick. although i received this for free, my review will be completely honest. i'm sorry for the late review since i misplace it somewhere. i've just moved into my new house when i received this so it got misplaced somehow. anyway, this mask promises to hydrate and lift your skin. it will brighten and moisturize your skin.

the packaging: it comes in white-pink sachet with the picture of the duo lifting mask at the front and description at the back, unfortunately all text is in mandarin. that's why i get difficulty to find out what type of mask this is.

the scent: all i can say that it doesn't smell like wet tissue and more like floral scent. not overwhelming so it was pleasant to use this mask.

the product: it's made of thick but stretchy cotton. it has two ear loops, one from the face part and the other one from the chin part. at first i thought it won't fit my face, but surprisingly it did. the double ear loops make sure that the mask won't budge even though you walk and jump around your house while using this mask. for me the fit is okay but the nose part is lifted a bit since i have to pull the ear loops a bit. the essence is milky white and very generous. there's excess but i don't know whether it's enough for another table mask or not. luckily the essence doesn't drip at all. since the ear loops also have essence, it makes my hair wet and irritates the back of my ears which make them itchy. it can last about 40 minutes and the edges' still wet. but after taking it off, it only took 5 minutes to dry completely.

the result: the first thing that i noticed after taking the mask off is the firming feeling. more like tightening all over my face. then i see the brightening effect. although not as bright as the annie's but it's still visible for me. as for the moisturizing, i don't quite feel it. in fact, it will give you matte finish, which is weird.

overall, this is fun to use if it didn't make my ears itchy. but i will try more from this one if i can get my hands on them. thank you amabie for giving me this mask!

ever since i saw the advertisement, i wanted to try it but living in my country is suck since it will take forever until the new product released in my country. so when i went to japan and saw this, i grabbed this instantly. the tube is chubby like any maybelline mascaras. the difference is the color, this one is rosy gold. now, mine is the non waterproof formula. be careful though since the waterproof version has similar design. the wand is similar to loreal butterfly mascara which i loved. it was made of plastic and each bristles can be seen easily. and it doesn't pick up too much product that might clump my eyelashes. the wand has two sides, one has slightly longer and curved bristles while the other has short comb-like bristles so it's supposed to help curl and lengthen your eyelashes. it really helps separate my eyelashes. i don't experience any clumping if the mascara is still wet. but if you apply more coat after it's dried completely, it might clump. it does help lengthen my eyelashes so i use it on my lower lashes as well. but it might be uncomfortable to use on lower lashes because the weird shape wand. as for the volume, i don't think it help much in the volume department. i've tried using it without curling my eyelashes first, and i think it doesn't help curling my eyelashes. you still have to curl your eyelashes beforehand. i don't use this all day, but for around 3-4 hours, there's no flakiness caused by this mascara. since it's not waterproof, it comes off easily too. so definitely love this mascara.

this toner comes in a white plastic bottle with flip top. no english text, only japanese. this is the second or third japanese products that i've tried, and all of them have no scent at all. it's good for those who are sensitive with fragrance. and just like other toner, it looks like water and has the same consistency as water. but when i apply it on my face, i can feel that it's slightly slippery and slightly sticky. but keep tapping it and then the sticky feeling will be gone. this one is famous for its hydration considering it has 3 different types of hyaluronic acid. and i have to agree that it really gives me moisture so my skin feels soft and bouncy and keep it hydrated all day. but it becomes boring. luckily, it's cheap so perhaps you might want to try it yourself. but for me, i will change it for FTE since FTE will give me brightening and hydrating effect in one product.

description: refreshing gel face mask infused with real rose petals, rose essence, rosehip oil and organic community trade aloe vera. it's formulated without parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil. reveal skin that's replenished with moisture and visibly smooth with a youthful dewy appearance. 

it comes in a big glass jar with screw top. since it comes in a glass jar, it's heavy so it's not travel-friendly. it doesn't come with any spatula or anything to scoop the mask out. you can use your finger or your own brush. this one is really fragrant, it has floral scent, but i'm not sure whether it's rose scent or not. the mask is a jelly type, it will wiggle if you shake the jar. for me, it looks like strawberry jam. now, they say that there's a real rose petals inside, but all i can see is a reddish pink speck. don't know if it's rose petals or not. it's easy to scoop out of the jar, but since it's quite runny, it will spill back easily to. but not runny enough so it won't slide on your face. i have to put quite generous amount of this mask otherwise it will dry on my face. i wait for about 15 minutes then wash it off. it's easy to wash off. after using this mask several times, i can feel that my skin is softer and more supple. although it works, i think this mask is overpriced. i can get the same hydration from innisfree capsule recipe pack. but it's still a lovely mask and if you're vegetarian, this mask is safe for you since it's 100% vegetarian. as for me, probably after finishing this one, i won't repurchase. 

claim: contains 3 times more of highly moisturizing ingredient lipidure. it's also rich in royal jelly extract and sweet marjoram to keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and rich. the new sheet is easy to unfold and it stays on the skin with a softer touch. no slit in the sheet as it's made to fit the contours of the average asian face.

like other lululun masks, this one comes in pack. mine is 7 masks in a blue ziplock pack. there's another option, the 42 which comes in a box. unfortunately, no english text, only japanese. i don't know if my nose is messed up, but when i sniff it, it smells like naturie hatomugi skin conditioner, which is weird. the mask is made from thin cotton mask, thinner from my usual korean mask. the fit is okay for me, but the cheek part is slightly narrow for me, but it's okay. the essence is a clear type essence and quite generous. there's still excess after i finished all of it. but it wasn't enough for another tablet mask. i can feel the cooling sensation the moment i put it on my face. and it's quite moisturizing. more than the pink one, but less than etude's collagen mask. i can also see some soothing effect since it removes the redness on my face that was caused by freeman mask. it's nice to keep this around since it's perfect for everyday use. really recommend for every skin type. 

i got this pact from a giveaway, but my review here will be completely honest. i don't know how the packaging will be if you bought it yourself, but as for me, i received the pact in a patterned cardbox, while the pact itself is all black with letter M on top. inside there's a mirror and dotted surface and a button at the bottom to push the cc/bb cream out. and a beauty sponge. i didn't receive any refill from the cushion nor the sponge, but perhaps if you bought it yourself, you might get a refill. now, since the cream will come out from the dotted surface and not from cushion like any other cushion, the refill will be bulky since you have to remove the entire bottom compartment of this pact. on the bright side, it's more hygienic since you can control the amount of cream that you need so there won't be any excess on top which will make the pact still clean. and no damp cushion so don't worry for those germ-phobic. once i push the cream out, i can smell fragrant scent that will still linger after i put it on my face. if you're sensitive to fragrance, this might bother you. this pact only comes in two shades, 21 and 23, and mine is 21 (i am usually NC 15). it matches me perfectly. it has medium coverage, it can cover my redness but not my acne scars completely. the puff also works well, although i still prefer missha's one. this one gives dewy finish, so when i like it matte, i will powder my t zone. it will last for about 3-4 hours indoor, and will vanish quicker outdoor. it's a good cushion, especially since it's more hygienic. but it won't be suitable for many people since it only comes in two shades and has fragrance in it. plus it's kind of bulky so it's not that travel friendly compared to other cushion. other than that, i suggest you try it. 

in order to celebrate new year, i decided to dye my hair on new year's eve. i bought this when i went to japan last july, and i didn't have the chance to try it until now. actually i was looking for the raspberry or rose tea brown, but i couldn't find it there so i decided to get the elegant peach one. 

it comes in a cardboard box, with the shade color on top and instruction at the back. unfortunately, everything is in japanese, even i have to google translate to find out the name of the shade when i bought it. inside, there are two bottles, a pair of latex gloves, instructions, and a card to spread the product for allergy test. instructions are in japanese, but there's pictures, or you can just youtube it. there's also a sachet of a rinse off after treatment, which is probably a conditioner. now, i'm concerned about the scent since i have a little baby, i was afraid that it might bother my kids. but afraid not, since it turns out it doesn't have that strong ammonia scent. the first bottle is dark, which i think is the dye. and the second bottle is transparent, so i think it's the diluent. all you have to do is pour the first bottle's content into the second one and turn it upside down about 5 times before replacing the cap with the pump that's available. start with dry hair, comb it first so no tangled hair. don't forget to put a cape or unused towel on your shoulder and put balm on your skin near your hairline, ear, and neck so it won't stain. pump the hair dye on your palm and lather the bubble on your hair, start from the parting down to the ends. then after spreading the bubble all over your hair, put it into a big bun on top on your head and leave it for 30-40 minutes. i waited for 30 minutes then wash my hair and put the rinse off treatment. i don't know what went wrong, but unfortunately, the color didn't show that vibrant. i might say that it's less vibrant than i was expected. but outside, the result is pretty clear. and i'm glad that the color applied evenly all over my hair. definitely recommend this for those who want to dye their hair themself, at home, and for any beginners. it's super easy to use and no fuss. recommend more if you're asian since i've read somewhere that it's formulated for asian hair. so will try other shades too after i'm bored being a reddish brown head.

the claim: prevent rough skin and tightens firmly the skin. suitable for dry and oily skin. 

this mask comes in regular sachet, white background with the ingredients pictured at front. when i open it, i don't smell alcohol, unlike other masks, but i can't specify what kind of scent it is. the mask is quite thick and somewhere between rigid and stretchy. the fit is ridiculous. it has eye flaps from the bottom part! pretty weird, if you ask me. thankfully it has slits so you can adjust the mask on your face. the essence is clear type essence and quite generous, no excess though. the moment i put it on my face, i can feel the cooling sensation. i put it on for about 40 minutes and it's still moist on the edges. after taking it off, it only takes 5 minutes to be dry completely. i can feel that it hydrates my skin without making it sticky. i can't say anything about brightening though. it's an okay mask, feels like korean masks that i've used before. perhaps because it's manufactured in the same factory as some korean brands. i think it will suitable for all skin type. don't hesitate to grab this since it's cheap.

I only tried a travel size of this. the claim: clay mask helps absorbs oil, clarify and clear clogged pores. a quick fix for dulling skin, draw impurities from skin and clean out clogged pores. the travel size comes in an irregular shape sachet and it's quite big compared to other samples. one thing that i like about freeman masks is their mask smells nice, and this one too, but i can't specify what kind of scent it is, i think it's floral, but i'm not sure. the other thing to love about freeman masks is their color. every mask comes in vibrant and lovely color. this one is teal. vibrant and lovely. the mask itself is creamy, creamier than avocado one in fact. and it spreads easily and wash off easily too. i can feel cooling sensation when i put it on my face. if i keep using it to my whole face, one sachet will last for about 4-5 uses, but since i only use it on t zone only, it gives me more than 4-5 uses. and it doesn't dry out even when i transfer it to a clean container. this one will definitely pulls out gunk and impurities from your pores. so be careful not to use this before any important event. the first time i used this, i experience purging, but nothing on the second one, and the next one. afterwards, i can feel it cleans my pores, reduce my sebum. so i have to moisturize heavily afterwards since i use this at night. definitely love this. i like how it makes my skin refreshed. i always reach this when i think my skin needs some lift. my favorite combo is using this on t zone and the body shop rose mask on the rest of my face. the last thing to love about freeman masks is they're cheap! so definitely recommend this to every one. 

i received this mask from amabie for free, and in return, i have to review it honestly, so everything that i say here is completely honest. claim: revitalizing jelly masks treat skin to continuous moisture combined with a whitening effect to minimize dark spots and even out skin tone for a fair and translucent complexion. 

the packaging: okay, the full size comes in a big tub. but i got a sample/travel size, which is in a plastic sachet and the exact label as the full size one. and there's instruction on the sachet in english. which is great since i don't know what this mask is.


the scent: if you don't sniff pretty hard, then you can't smell anything. but since i did, i can smell silicony/plastic scent, which is kind of disappointing me since i was hoping for a relaxing mask, probably with nice subtle scent to end my day..


the product: the mask is transparent jelly. it looks like jelly, feels like jelly. so i'd better be careful with it since i got two very curious toddlers around. can't risk having them taste the mask! anyway, i've read somewhere that you can get a spatula if you purchased the full size jar, but since i only got a sample, i don't have any spatula. and let me tell, the spatula is essential. first, the application is way better if you're using spatula. you need to spread it thickly and evenly, and i've tried using my finger and it didn't work well. didn't try using a brush since i think the jelly might slip within the brush's hair and it will it difficult to rinse. second, the instruction said to leave it for about 15-30 minutes and then scrape the mask off using spatula. yes, you have to scrape it, and i've also read that you might accidentally scrape off blackheads and whiteheads as well. since i don't have any spatula for mask, i use tiny spatula that was meant to scoop out my cream (i have spare..), and since it was tiny, it wasn't ideal, but it helped. i can scrape the mask off, but unfortunately since it isn't big enough, i don't get to scrape off any blackheads. i don't have whiteheads at the moment, so no whiteheads being scraped off too. okay, since i don't use spatula to put it on my face, it's difficult to get it to the thickness as suggested. some areas are thinner than the other part, which resulted in uneven drying time. some even too thin that it dried up like a peeling mask. i don't know why, but i feel a little bit of heat and tightening feeling after i put this mask for a while. and i can feel that the mask is drying on my face, but i can still touch the wobbly jelly on the surface, which is a weird experience for me. one sample contains 40 ml of this mask, and i think i use half of it. 


the result: the immediate result that i saw was the brightening effect. although i often say that i'm too pale to see any brightening result, but this one is pretty clear. after scrape and wash it off with water, i can see it brightens my face. as for the moisturizing property, i rate it average, not too moisturizing for me.


note: i managed to persuade hubby to try this mask since he had worse skin than me. but i inspect his skin, and he doesn't have pimples or apparent blackheads, so it's kinda difficult to judge the mask's effectivity. however, he has redness and a few fatty bumps, and when i scrape the mask off, the bumps loosened and the fat tissue popped. and then he usually has to pinch his nose really hard to get the fat tissue out from his pores, but after using this mask, it gets out easier. and obviously, less redness and more brightness. he looks white! but unfortunately he didn't want me to take his picture. so i can't show you the result.


so i definitely recommend you to try this mask if you have the money to splurge since this mask is quite expensive. and even though the label said that his mask is for dry skin, i think it will suitable for oily or combination skin too. no wonder this one becomes best-sellers. my only problem with this mask is the spatula. it really need a spatula to use and scrape off this mask, other than that, i really like this mask.

disclaimer: i got this mask from amabie to be reviewed for free, and in exchange i have to write an honest review about it, so my review will be totally honest.

first of all, i never heard foodaholic and i never tried any 3D masks, so i'm glad i got this mask since it's new for me. what it claims: red ginseng extract to recovers damaged skin and helps to maintain the skin healthy and glow. red ginseng to help restore skin strength after being damaged by stress, pollution, debris and weather. if you have experienced harsh weather or environment or would like to relax after a long day of work, this mask will be sure to cure you from your troubles. also helps maintain firmness and smoothness. benefits: nourishes, improves elasticity, revitalizes, help the skin's metabolism, restores skin, relaxing, maintain firmness, smoothens skin.

the packaging: it comes in regular sachet with the main ingredient pictured at front. so obviously for this one is ginseng. and there's english text at the back as well as the instruction. and it's not ridiculous unlike SNP one.


the scent: ugh.. let me remind you before you decide to buy this, it has STRONG ginseng scent. really strong. after i rip the sachet off, the ginseng scent hit my nose instantly. just like my ryeo hair pack, this one has similar scent. and it lingers, which is annoying since i have to keep it on my face for about 20-30 minutes. it makes me dizzy at first actually.


the product: this is my first experience with 3D mask. thanks to the slit around the mask, i can fit it nicely on my face. although the nose part is too pointy for me. i think it will be too pointy for most asian. but other than that it's okay. it's made of cotton but it's not as stretchy as etude or innisfree. the essence is clear type essence, and it's enough. drenching the mask without making it dripping all over me. there's a cooling sensation when i put it on my face. i use it for about 25 minutes and the cheek and chin part has dried but the forehead is still wet. after i take it off, it only take a couple minutes for the essence to soak in.


the result: since i only have one mask, definitely can't say anything about firmness. but i have to agree that it will nourish my skin since it's moisturizing enough. i can feel my skin a lit bit sticky but after awhile it will be gone. and i also believe it revitalizes my skin too. i can see it's a little bit brighten after using this mask, but i think the effect is temporary.


so if you like ginseng and not worry about strong-scented mask, then try it. or you can try their other option from this line. 3d mask is a good option for those who hate the short nose part from ordinary mask sheet. as for me, i won't purchase this one since i can't stand the scent and i'm afraid my kids will too. but thank you amabie for giving me the opportunity to try this mask! 


this is another product from the first line from nature republic. the first line is their fermented line. the claims: it includes fermented yeast extract and herb complex. naturally fermented ingredients revitalize skin. moisturizing, tightening, cleansing dead skin cells, and controlling sebum. brightens skin and vitamin capsule brightens overall tone. the ampoule essence is supposed to be use after the essence. i only use a sample of this, and it comes in simple design, just white background with just the text on it. the full size product however, has similar design as other fermented products from other brand. although it's a fermented product, it doesn't smell like one. in fact, i think it smells like medicated gel cream. and it is a clear gel cream, pretty thick for an essence. normally an essence is quite runny, watery or slightly more viscous than water, but this one is different. but it's absorbed quickly and doesn't leave sticky feeling afterwards. i'm glad that i don't experience any breakouts from using this, no purging too. since i only use a sample, all i can say that it helps maintain my skin moisture level, but no brightening effect. perhaps it needs longer time to prove its brightening property. i think this one will suitable for all skin types. and it's cheaper from the famous SK II, so you might want to try it if you're looking for a dupe. 

i was planning to buy the etude house eyebrow pencil, but i read somewhere that it's going to be discontinued, so i decided to buy this instead, and i have to say i'm not disappointed. it's a triangular automatic eyebrow pencil so you can adjust the angle to make the inner eyebrows thick and the outer part thin. soft texture that completely adheres to the eyebrows and more powerful long lasting abilities. it comes in a dual automatic eyebrow pencil, one side is pencil and the other side is a spoolie. it's practical and easy to use, very helpful for a beginner like me. it comes in 5 shades, and mine is black brown so it's pretty dark, but it's okay since i have dark hairs as well. i have to agree about the long lasting part, but when it's freshly applied, it's smudged easily so i can remove any mistakes instantly. overall, it's easy to use and it comes with spoolie so i can soften any harsh lines with the brush. it's really similar to etude's so i think it's a great substitute. 

this is another sample review. the gold caviar line from skinfood is targeted for anti aging. be careful though since there's a gold caviar collagen line with similar design. what this serum claims: a total care serum that takes care of the wrinkles, nutrients, resilience, and moisture at the same time with the russian caviar extracts and gold ingredients. the full size comes in a luxurious bottle. the gold caviar has gold and cream color while the gold caviar collagen has purplish tone. so be careful to read the label since the design is really similar. the serum smells good. fragrant but very subtle and comforting. it's a whitish gel cream, and i think the consistency is similar to laneige sleeping pack, but more toward gel consistency. it's absorbed quickly and doesn't feel sticky afterwards. i only use this serum at night and using a sample can't make me to judge about the anti aging property. although it's moisturizing without making my skin greasy. i can feel my skin softer and more supple so i guess it will help prevent wrinkles. and although skinfood is a middle range price, this line is slightly pricier.

i always in the search for a decent eye cream, and this one is pretty famous when i start my journey into korean skincare. the claims: containing arbutin and the extracts of omega 3-rich salmon roe produced in hokkaido japan, this eye creams brightens and relieves dark circles around the eyes. it comes in a glass tube without any spatula. and it's 30 g. it's too much for me. so it feels like forever using this eye cream. i don't think it has any scent. the cream is a dusty pink, pretty thick and it took ages to be absorbed. i even pat it like crazy every night, that's why i can't use it in the morning. it doesn spreads easily like water but it doesn't sink in. although it has brightening label, it doesn't give any instant brightening effect. and i have to admit it does help fighting for dark circles in long term. although it's pretty thick, it's not so moisturizing. so i don't think it will help fighting against fine lines. so i won't buy it again, but perhaps it might work for you since there are a lot of people who love this cream.

this capsule pack is perfect for people like me who get bored easily since you can get 2-3 usages from a single recipe pack and you can move on to other type faster. this is the description from the website: a strawberry yogurt mask to brighten and hydrate skin. exfoliate and moisturize skin with strawberry yogurt ingredients. enriched sizzling formation provides skin solutions. wash-off pack after rolling massage on skin. 

so, it comes in a cute little capsule and after opening it, you can slip the cover to a little slit. but it's not ideal since it might open again and dry the mask. i think it will be great if it comes in a resealable packaging. the texture of the mask really similar to yogurt. and it smells like one too. it's hard to resist myself not to lick it. it spreads easily on my face and i never had any other wash off mask other than the clay mask so i was a little bit confuse when i used it. i was hoping it will dry out on my face but it didn't. after washing it off, i notice that it really hydrates my skin. i feel my skin become supple and moist. after couple usages, i can notice the brightening effect too. although i don't think the brightness doesn't last long. i think it's ideal for any skin types  but perhaps for oily skin, you might want to adjust your night regime after using this mask. overall, it's fun to use this mask. i will try other types as well. 

this mask contains superfood acai berry extract, essential fatty acids and various vitamins, providing antioxidants to deliver young and healthy skin. it comes in standard sachet that has the picture of the main ingredients in front of the sachet. i can't say anything about the scent, it's nothing weird though and no wet tissue scent too. i don't know how acai berry should smell like so i don't know whether it's an acai berry scent. the fit is okay for me, though it's slightly smaller than innisfree one. the essence is pretty generous but not too much. it dries up after 15-20 minutes. the acai berry one is supposed to deliver young and healthy skin, but since i only use it once, all i can say that it makes my glowy and moist my skin. a pretty standard mask.

this is the upgraded version from the famous etude house wonder pore freshner 7 in 1, which is the 10 in 1 version. the 7 in 1 offers benefits like removes leftover makeup, lightly acidifies skin to optimal pH 5,5, controls sebum, minimises pores, treats uneven skin tone, maintains skin elasticity, hydrates skin. the additional benefits are smoothens skin texture, gets rid of impurities and dead skin cells, refreshes and cools the skin. i think it's too much to offer. the full size comes in two sizes, 250 ml and 500 ml. i only tried the sample version which comes in 25 ml. the 250 ml has a flip top while the 500 ml has a pump on top. let me warn you, this one contains alcohol and it smells like one. well, not that strong though. the toner is clear and looks like water. i use this twice a day and i can say that it's not drying considering it has alcohol in it. it also helps me control my sebum production. but as for minimises pores, smoothens skin texture and so on, i don't have anything to say about that. as for hydrating, i think it hydrates since it doesn't that drying. i think it will suit every skin types, but if you don't like alcohol in your skincare, then skip it.

this is my very first cushion and it was the summer edition from innisfree at that time. this edition has two version, the long wear which is targeted for oily skin and give matte finish, and the glow version one which is for dry skin and gives dewy finish. the claims: a long wear cushion that creates smooth, fresh and bright skin that lasts long, without being smudged by sweat and sebum. 

the cushion comes in a plain white compact case and the cushion is refillable but unfortunately, it's not interchangeable with amore pacific's family cushion (etude, laneige, etc). lately i discovered that innisfree is stingy compared to missha since they don't give extra refill when i bought the cushion, unlike missha which gives an extra refill. it has mirror inside so it's perfect for travel. the puff is okay, but after using several cushions, i think i like missha puff better. at first, there are only 3 shades, 13,21 and 23. but lately they added 31 for deeper skin tone. mine is 21 and it fits nicely although sometimes i think it's a yellowish or slightly darker on me after several hours. since it contains green tea, it smells nice, calming and not overpowering. as for coverage, i think it has light to medium coverage. it covers my redness but i have to use separate concealer for my dark circles and blemish spots. it does give matte finish and lasts quite some time though i don't think it will last for 12 hours. since i have combination skin, it works perfectly for me. but i think it might be too drying for dry skin. oh and it takes time to five the matte finish, so i still powdered my t zone and eyelids since i once found it creases on my eyelid. overall i think it's perfect for combination skin or those who live in hot and humid weather or in summer time.

this hair pack contains organic argan oil, rosehip oil, and evening primrose oil. it offers intensive care to damaged hair by blow dry, perm and hair dying. before talking about this hair pack, let me tell you my hair condition. it is always frizzy and i had it straightened couple times but several years apart and i dyed it once. so all of those can contribute to my hair being dry. that's why i'm hoping this can help me. it comes in a big tub and it smells good. really goooddd. i like it since it makes my hair smells nice too. the pack is a white pinkish cream, pretty thick like any other hair mask. it spreads easily on my hair. i use this mask once a week and it took me almost a month to notice that my dry ends started to behave. the first time i used this i had several split ends  buat after a while i didn't notice any split ends anymore. overall i'm happy with this mask. it's cheap and it works for me. 

this is one of "it's real squeeze mask" from innisfree. the claim: real source mask with fresh moisture squeezed from cucumbers to provide plentiful moisture to dry skin. cucumber contains effective ingredients that make your skin clear and vital as natural moisture itself. this triple layered sheet has a long-lasting moisturizing effect on the mask so that the essence can be absorbed into your skin and nourish it.

like the other mask from this line, it comes in a white sachet with the main ingredients pictured at front. the fit is slightly big for me, but it's okay. the mask is drenched in essence so it doesn't dry out even after almost 30 minutes. i can feel cooling sensation when i put it on my face and i can smell a hit of cucumber scent from this mask. but it also smells like wet tissue but the alcohol scent isn't as strong as the other mask. this one is clearly for dry skin since it's very moisturizing but not sticky. i even skip my night cream since i'm afraid that it might be too much after using this mask. the next morning i can feel my skin is still moist but not greasy. so definitely not for me but i think it will suit dry skin or those who are going on a long flight. 

this foam contains charcoal that claims to clean impurities, makeup residue and sebum inside pores with its maximum absorption and rich foam. it is targeted for oily to combination skin, with pore and blackhead. it comes in a big tube, 170 ml. usually common brands like etude and face shop have english description on most of their products, unfortunately this one doesn't. it only has korean texts on it. it has subtle scent but i can't determine what kind of scent it is. all i can say that it reminds me of drugstore foams, like men's facial foams but i forget what brand. the foam itself is a greyish silver cream that lathers easily. some said that it has microbeads in it, but i can't see nor feel it. if they do have beads, then it's a lot smaller than etude's. it cleanses well and not drying my skin. although some said that it has whitening effect, i don't experience it. overall i think it's really suitable for combination skin but it might be too drying for dry skin.

the first line from nature republic is their fermented line. it includes fermented yeast extract and herb complex. it's for moisturizing, tightening, cleansing dead skin cells, and controlling sebum. it contains 87% of fermented yeast ingredient. it helps next products' absorption. i only tried the mini size one, so this is probably just an impression. it comes in a mini white plastic bottle with brown screw cap. the mini size has the same designs as the full size product. although this is a fermented product, it smells nice with a little hint of alcohol, but it doesn't linger. the product is a clear watery toner, just like water so it's easy to absorb. i use cotton pad so i can see that it also helps cleaning remaining dust or dirt on my face. and it really helps controlling the sebum. it's also moisturizing but for tightening the skin? i can't say about it since i don't use it in long term. fortunately, this one doesn't break me out. or purging. but it doesn't have the special thing that make me want to buy it. it's just an ordinary toner with extra benefit, so i won't buy the full size.

the pomegranate line from skinfood is targeted as anti-aging. keep in mind that i only tried the sample. the full size product comes in a bottle with magic powder on the cap that has to be mixed with the liquid before using it. unfortunately, the unique characteristics doesn't translated into the sample. the sample has the bottle shape, but no magic powder. i think they have mixed it previously. i think the serum has pomegranate scent, a bit fragrant but i can handle it. the serum is a white and gel-lish in consistency. it's easy to absorb and doesn't leave sticky feeling. once i use too many of this serum, and it becomes sticky. i can feel it moisturizes my skin enough and i believe it's the common properties of any anti aging products. but i can't say about the complete effect since i don't use it long enough to prove it. i think it will suit any skin types, but for very oily skin, you might want to try the sample first. talking about the price, this one is one of the skinfood's pricey products.

the whole apple line is very confusing since there are sparkling apple line, smooth apple line, and another apple line for men. but i don't know if all the lines are still available since skinfood has revamped this line recently. please keep in mind that i only tried the sample. the full size bottle is made of glass and some said that it's difficult to get the product out. the sample however, has apple shape. cute. it also smells fruity and nice, but i think i can smell a bit of alcohol in this toner. it's a clear toner, just like water. it's absorbed quickly onto my skin. this toner is supposed to help with sebum and oil, and i have to say it really does help with the sebum production. it can also helps clean some dirt on my face. afterwards, i can feel my skin drier than usual, but not too much. i think this will suit you if you have oily skin and don't have problem with alcohol in your skincare. but if you don't like alcohol, then skip it. also i don't think it will suitable for dry skin. 

this is one of the famous products from skinfood. although the famous one is the original black sugar, but strawberry one is also popular. it comes in a big plastic jar with screw top. there's english description on the jar. once you open it, you can smell strawberry scent. like a strawberry jam. very tempting to lick it, but don't do it. the mask also looks like strawberry jam. it's a little sticky and grainy since it has scrub beads inside. but it isn't as harsh as the original one. i have to say the scrub is quite gentle. although you can mix it with water or toner if you feel it's too harsh for you. the scrub is gentler than the scrub foam. after using it, i can feel my skin is softer. the other difference with the original one is this one is moisturizing. so after using it, i can feel my skin damp. this is just preference, but i like my skin feels clean after using a scrub. but if you have sensitive skin, love strawberries, want moisturize skin even after a scrub, then try this one. plus it's cheap and a little goes a long way, so it's very economist. 

this is one of their alphabet mask sheet, which is now discontinued (it's changed into "i need you" line and then the "0.2 therapy" one). this mask is supposed to contain nourishing korean ginseng extract, enhancing youthful complexion by revitalizing exhausted and lifeless skin. the packaging is quite simple, and it has the main ingredients pictured at front. now, seeing korean ginseng as the main ingredients, i should've guessed that it will smell like one, but let me remind you, this one is smell like a medicated ginseng mask sheet. not too strong, but since you have to put it on your face for around 15 minutes or so, you might want to keep that in mind. you will smell the ginseng scent for 15 minutes. if you can't stand the scent, then skip it. i forgot about the fit, but i think it's smaller than the other variants in this line. the essence is very generous, but somehow in 15 minutes, the essence has moved to my skin. not all of it being absorbed though. when i remove the mask, the mask is quite dry, but my face is still drenched in the essence. i do massage it afterwards, but it didn't help with the absorption. the essence still sits on my face. since it has generous essence, i think it will nourish my skin, but for revitalizing? it will need more than one usage to prove it. unfortunately, i don't like the scent so i won't buy it again.

this cream is a moisturizing anti oxidant cream with eco friendly jeju fresh green tea and greed tea seeds. this cream rich in moisture and helps keep the skin healthy and moisturized without stickiness. actually there's a 2014 upgrade for this cream, but since i only try the sample, i don't know which version that i tried. i think it has green tea scent, but it's not overpowering. refreshing but once you apply the cream on your face, the scent will dissipate quickly. the texture of this cream is somewhere between gel and cream, but more on the gel side. it's light and absorbed quickly into my skin. it will give glowy finish, but not for long. it really is watery and doesn't sticky at all, just like advertised. i use this cream as night cream, and it works perfectly. i think it will be suitable for oily/combination skin as night cream, although it might work as day cream too since it's very lightweight. all i can say that this one gives my skin the moisture it needs without being greasy.

this toner contains 10% of sun-kissed tomato extract and stabilized vitamin C derivative, a brightening toner that promotes pure, bright skin. now, i only tried a sample version that comes in tiny plastic bottle with screw top. the opening is wide enough to pour the toner out. the bottle is transparent so it's quite difficult to read the printed text on the bottle. it has fragrant scent, but not tomato scent, and it's very subtle. it's a clear toner, liquid like water and it's easily absorbed. i think it contains alcohol since i feel similar feeling with etude house wonder pore freshner. the toner can also act as a residue cleanser since i can see debris on my cotton pad after using it all over my face. if you're looking for instant brightening product, then this one is not for you. most korean product that has "whitening" label usually works to brighten. it will make your face more radiant, not whitening literally. but i can't see it. all i know it's refreshing and doesn't cause breakouts on me, but other than that, i don't feel any benefits from this toner. it also doesn't help much with sebum and pore problems. i think it will be okay for oily or combination skin, but for dry skin or those who are sensitive to alcohol, trying a sample might be better.

this mask contains rice extract that brightens up dull and rough skin for smooth and healthy skin and purifying. like the rest from this line, the mask comes in sachet with the picture of the main ingredients up front. when you open the sachet, you can smell nice scent, and i don't think it's the rice scent. i have problem with the fit. the nose part doesn't cover my nose completely and the upper lip part always falls down even though i've been lying down the whole time. the eye holes are smaller. the essence is generous but not too much. i can feel cooling sensation when i put the mask on, and after 20 minutes or so, it starts to dry off. after taking it off, i can feel it hydrates my face but i don't see any purifying effect. perhaps it takes a couple of usages before seeing the purifying effect. 

this is actually one of many famous products to get from japan. it's a must buy when you visit japan. it's their famous foot exfoliator. although many korean brands also have similar foot exfoliators, i believe this is the original one. the box is pretty simple, but you have to read carefully about the size of the boot mask and the waiting period time. mine is 27 cm and 60 minutes waiting time. although they put an instruction pamphlet inside, everything is in japanese, so i can't read it. but fortunately, there are pictures. and other reviews. the boot masks comes in a foil package, and the moment you open it, you can smell very fragrant scent. the mask comes in a plastic boot shape, the essence is already on the mask (unlike the korean one which you have to pour the liquid into the boot), and once you put your feet into the boot, you can feel cooling sensation. my husband used it for 60 minutes and both are still wet, so he told me to put my feet in and wait for another 40-50 minutes. afterwards you just wash your feet with water. 

since my husband's feet skin was thicker, his started to peel around day 3-4 and it peeled in a single skin layer, quite thick. while mine started to peel off around day two and it peeled off in tiny bits, so it's quite messy. if you don't want the mess, just put socks during peeling off period. after a week, nothing will come off again and i have to scrub the remaining dead skin. afterwards, i can feel my feet are smoother and softer. like baby foot. my husband's happy with the result too. it really work peeling dead skin off without any pain.

this masks is supposed for soothing and calming sensitive skin. the packaging is a simple green sachet with the dragon picture at the front. the mask itself is a rather slightly rigid cotton mask with dragon pattern printed on it. the fit is okay, slightly narrow cheek but it's okay for me. the essence is a clear type essence and very generous, but not generous enough to soak an extra tablet mask. although the amount of essence is quite generous, unfortunately it dries easily on my face. around 20 minutes or so. and afterwards, i don't need to wait long before moving on to the next step. it's not hydrating enough, and i don't have redness problem when i used this mask, so i can't judge the soothing effect from this mask. definitely not a keeper for me, but if you buy character masks for fun, then try this since it's cheap.

this sunscreen and its sibling are supposed for sensitive skin. it comes in a light green tube with a screw top. what surprised me is this has quite fragrant scent. i think if it's meant for sensitive skin, usually it doesn't have any scent. but for me, the scent doesn't bother me. the sunscreen is a gel type that glides easily on my skin. after being absorbed, it will leave my skin moist for awhile without being sticky or greasy. no white cast. since i never got burn using this sunscreen, so i think it's quite effective. unfortunately, since i have combination skin, putting makeup on top of this sunscreen will make it quicker to become oily. but it's okay. 

the bottle is cute. it has apple shape with long blue metallic handle. the bottle handle is also act as the wand handle. the wand itself it a doe foot applicator, very similar to elf applicator. the weird shape bottle has its disadvantage since i can't scrape the product to its last bit. i think it doesn't have any scent, but usually an eye product doesn't have any scent. the primer itself is peachy beige in color, no sheen or shimmer in it. it's slightly on the runny side and takes a while to dry. tapping it on your eyelid makes it dry faster. i've tried this with my pencil and pen eyeliner. it doesn't make my eyeliner sharper or brighter, but it helps my eyeliner to stay put. no to little smudging. as for eyeshadows, lighter color doesn't show any changes, but for darker colors, it is more vibrant with this primer. so i'm quite pleased with this eyeliner.

this is a combo sample of the seed cream and an eye cream. i believe the green tea line is the famous line from innisfree. and there's an upgraded version of this line, but i don't know if the sample that i tried was the older one or the newer one. and like all their green tea line, this cream smells wonderful, and it doesn't smell like green tea. the cream is a gel type cream. it's thick, but not as thick as the orchid enriched cream. it's absorbed easily and leave glistening trace on my skin. no sticky feeling afterward. it's moisturizing, and for oily skin, it will be perfect as night cream, but for dry skin, you can use it day and night. it's a nice cream that suits all skin types, but it's not interesting enough for me.

please note that this is another sample review. the sample sachet has the same design as the full size one. the sachet is considerably big, but since you will need a good amount of this cream to remove all your makeup, so one sachet can be used twice. the cleanser has a floral scent and i like it since it helps me to relax a bit while cleansing my face. i've never used a cleansing cream before, so i don't know how the consistency should be, but compare to my moisturizer cream, this cream cleanser is on the runnier side. more like a milk cleanser. i can spread it on my whole face easily and massage it to dissolve my makeup. i didn't use mascara while trying this cream cleanser, so i can't say whether it can remove mascara. but it surely can remove eyeliner. 

i've read somewhere that cream cleanser is more suitable for dry skin and i'm agree about it since i can feel there's a layer of moisture on top of my face even after i wash it with lukewarm water. i don't like the feeling since it makes me unsure whether it removed my makeup completely. this cream cleanser can surely removes bb cream, powder, eyeliner and lipstick, but i don't think it can remove waterproof makeup. talking about the ingredient, rice is known for its brightening properties, but this cleanser didn't brighten my face.

i only tried a sample of this sunblock. it comes in a sachet that has the shape of the full size bottle. remember to read the label correctly since it has a sibling, the mild type one that has the same design as this one. it doesn't smell like typical sunscreen and very subtle so i can't smell it once i put it on my face. this is a milk type sunscreen so it's slightly watery. it takes some time to be absorbed and doesn't leave any white cast. it gives dewy finish, that's probably why it makes my skin looks greasy but a touch of powder can help. this one is waterproof so make sure to clean this using oil cleanser or something like that. i was testing a cream cleanser at that time along with this sunblock, and apparently it didn't clean well, so i had breakouts because of this sunblock. so definitely not like this sunblock since it's hard to remove. 

oh no.. this is another luxurious brand so i'm glad i got the chance to try out the sample because no way i'll but the full size product. the price is too expensive for my wallet. the sample comes in sachet with matching design as the full size product. the eye cream is pretty thick, beige in color. it ill leave watery trace and easily absorbed. it smells nice, and very subtle, so it's a relief since usually eye products don't have any scent. since it's thick, it's very moisturizing, even more moisturizing than innisfree green tea seed eye cream. although it's not greasy, i prefer using it night time only. the major bummer is after 3 days using this sample, my eyes area are irritated. like allergic reaction, small bumps and itch. fo i stopped using this cream and wait for another 3 days before going back to my old eye cream. i think those who have dry skin or aging skin might benefit from this eye cream. but again, if budget is your problem, then you might want to try the sample first.

i only use a sample of this sleeping pack. the full size version has banana shape, which is cute. the sample also has the same shape too. and the scent.. it screams baaaannanaananaaa (think minions) it makes me smile like idiot when i smell it. certainly amusing. the sleeping pack is a yellowish white cream, pretty thick but easy to apply on my skin. and it's easily absorbed too but it might take a while to sink though. no sticky feeling afterward. and even the next morning, i don't find my face become greasy even though it's very moisturizing. but if you have oily skin, you might want to use this every other day. but sadly, this one doesn't offer anything else other than moisture. nothing special.

i bought this one for my sister but i decant a bit so i can try it myself. the full size product comes in a pink plastic tube. the product is a transparent gel that has floral scent. the scent is very subtle and once you applied it on your face, you can't smell it. the cream is absorbed quickly and leave glistening trace behind, but no sticky feeling. i only use this as spot treatment for acne. although you can use it as moisturizer and even sleeping pack. when i use this as spot treatment, it will mature the acne quicker and then dry out the acne. but if it's a sebaceous acne, i don't find it helping with the acne at all. let me remind you that this one is a multi function one, since you can use it not only as your face moisturizer or sleeping pack, but also on almost everything else. on wound, on mosquitos bite, anything. i suggest you try it since you can use it on your body if it doesn't suit for your face. 

i used sample of this emulsion. it comes in tiny bottles, about 4 ml each. the sample bottle has the same color and design as the full size product. this tiny bottle has tiny openings too, which sometimes become pain in the *ss to get the product out, but since this emulsion is quite runny, it's easy to get the product out. the emulsion is a white runny lotion, so it's quite easy to be absorbed and doesn't leave sticky feeling once it's dried completely. it has fresh, aquatic scent that's refreshing. when i first used it, it seems like it wasn't enough. my skin is producing more sebum than usual so i topped it off with my usual moisturizer. but after a few days, my skin becomes greasy again so i stopped the moisturizer and i was right. i got two bottles and it lasted about 20 days or so. it moisturizes my skin nicely, and at night, i use my night cream on top of this emulsion and the next day my skin will be plump and soft. the downside is missha has stopped producing this emulsion, what a shame.

i was looking for sunscreen that can be used to re-apply my sunscreen. i was torn between powder sunscreen and spray sunscreen, and at that time i think spray is fun and easy to use, so i bought this one blindly since i couldn't find proper review about this sun spray. and let me tell you, it's a bad idea. the sunspray comes in a tin spray bottle. since it's a spray, i shake it a few times before spraying it. i don't now how far or how close i should spray it so i tried it both. when i spray it too far, i can't see any product on my hand, which make me wonder if i spray enough? but if i spray it too close, i can see a streak of sunscreen on my arms and then i have to rub it to spread it evenly. it's beige-colored sunscreen and it's visible if i didn't rub it. now, talking about my mistake, i was looking for a face sunscreen, but turned out this one was for body. now, i have a system that i can use my face products on my body but not vice versa, so i didn't dare to try this on my face. now since it's an aerosol product, it also smells like hair spray. heavy alcohol and very aerosol-ly scent (if you know what i mean..) usually my body sunscreen is waterproof, but this one, doesn't have the waterproof label on it so i'm not sure about it. and as for the cooling feeling, it feels cool when i spray it but a moment later the cooling feeling is gone. the cooling sensation is gone quicker than the cushion bottle one.

the sample comes in a sachet, but the full size version comes in a glass bottle with a metallic screw top. the sample has the same design as the full size version. the emulsion is a milky white lotion, but on the runny side. it glides easily on my skin and absorbed easily too. it doesn't leave sticky feeling. since it has "berry" in its name, i was hoping that it will smells like one of those berries, but it's definitely not a strawberry (it doesn't smell like my body shop strawberry body butter), but at least it's fragrant and nice and not too overwhelming. the emulsion gives me fresh feeling but it's not moisturizing enough. if you have dry skin, aging skin, or during winter, then this emulsion won't be enough for you. but for super oily skin or live in hot and humid area, this might work for you. or for teenager.. since it's very light.

this is another sample review. the sample comes in basic square sachet that has similar design as the full size product. when i used this, i had stuffy nose, but i managed to pick sweet fruity scent, perhaps because they're trying to make it smells like grape. the toner, however, is the first toner that i've tried that didn't have water-like texture. basically, it's a clear gel-like so i don't need cotton pad to apply this one. even though it's absorbed quickly, there's a slight sticky feeling afterwards. some people said that this platinum toner has platinum dots, just like the gold specks in the gold caviar line, but too bad i didn't get that much, not as much as the gold caviar one. i have combination skin, so i only need a little for my whole face. i was afraid of using too much product as it might make my face greasy if i topped it with my moisturizer. especially when it's hot and humid. i think those who have dry skin or aging skin or during winter time might benefit from this toner, but for combination or oily skin, i suggest you try the sample first.

the whole line of this mask has similar design, white base sachet with the main ingredient picture at front. the mask is thicker than etude's but i prefer the cutting compared to etude. when i read "manuka honey", i was hoping it will smell like one, or at least something sweet, but i was disappointed. this one only smells like wet tissue. the essence is a clear type essence and pretty generous (but not dripping to my neck). after using this mask, i can feel my skin is moisturized, but not as i hope it would be. honey is famous for hydration and anti inflammation, but this one only give moderate hydration. another con for this mask is it stings my eyes. i've been experienced the similar stinging feeling from etude, but this one holds longer. so if i want deep hydration, i will find something else.

this cleanser comes in a brown plastic tube with a flip top. the first thing about this cleanser that disappoint me is the size. i'm used to big sizes, but this comes in a tiny 60 ml. the confusing part is the scent. some bloggers mentioned that it smells floral, but i don't think it smells nice. i even think it smells rather unpleasant, although for a short time. the cleanser is a white cream with pearly appearance, which looks luxurious. it's sticky like slime. you have to rub it with your hands with water to make it lather up before using it on your face. although i can't check it myself, one blogger mentioned that this cleanser has high pH. i don't use this as first cleanser, but as second cleanser, it works just fine. no stripping clean feeling afterwards. i always think that snail products will help with acne problems, but this foam doesn't help me from my hormonal acne due to birth control pill. it also doesn't help with the clearing up process. so definitely won't repurchase this one.

i only sample of this product. it comes in golden brown sachet, and you have to be careful because there's a "gold caviar serum" which has the same design, so make sure you read the label carefully. but if you pay attention, the gold caviar collagen has purplish hue for the full size product. the serum smells fragrant, i think floral scent but very subtle. you can't smell it once you put it on your face. the serum itself is slightly viscous, clear with gold specks in it. when you applied it, the gold specks will vanish and it will make your skin luminous. since it's rich, it will take a few minutes to be absorbed. the result: it's very moisturizing, so i think it will help to prevent wrinkle. although it's very moisturizing, it doesn't make my skin greasy the next day. 

i got the 7 sheets in a pack one. this time it is white ziplock. like the pink one, this has baby wipes scent. the mask also has no slit on it. the eye holes are smaller compared to etude or innisfree. but everything else is a fit for me. the essence is a clear type essence, enough for 7 masks. and i always flip a couple times to make sure the essence is distributed evenly to all the masks remaining in the ziplock. this mask will dry about 15 minutes, perhaps because it's quite thin compared to korean brands, and it's meant to be used daily. that's why you can't notice instant effect from this mask. but after using the whole package, i can see that my face is clearer and hydrated enough. but the hydration given is less than the pink one, perhaps because this is meant to brighten, not to moisturize.

i bought this eyeliner after watching its review in a korean beauty talk on youtube. i've used another gel eyeliner before, similar to this one and i don't like it. but since it got so many positive reviews, i decided to try it. it comes in a plastic bottle with a long handle that also act as screw top. the handle actually has the brush. if you remembered, revlon also had one like this. i got the black one and it's very intensive. one stroke is all it takes. the formula of this eyeliner is creamy, soft and easy to load on the brush. it gives smooth lines since it glides easily on my eyelid. i have an oily lid, so usually my eyeliner will smudge. but this one is a gel eyeliner, so i have to give it a little time for it to dry. but once it's dried, it won't smudge. and with primer, it can even hold longer. since it's smudgeproof and probably waterproof, i have to use separate eye and lip remover to clean this eyeliner. now about the brush. usually the free brush that comes with an eye product is a waste. but this one, the bristle is soft enough and it doesn't hurt my eyelid. but this brush can't exactly control the thickness of the lines it produce. but i do hope the handle is longer since it's difficult to hold it steady since it's short. another cons: i don't think it's suitable for tight lining. 

this is a peeling mask. i don't buy the full size products, just a packet of sachet since sulwhasoo is a high-end brand which means expensive. they also have a deluxe sample of this mask too if you're interested. one thing you have to keep in mind before buying this mask is the scent is very strong. it has this ginseng or medicated scent which is a signature scent of sulwhasoo. but this mask has stronger scent than its sibling, the overnight vitalizing mask. the mask itself is golden brown in color and very sticky so it's very hard to spread it evenly on my face. and since it's a peeling mask, you have to be careful not to apply it on your eyebrows or near your hair. i need the whole sachet for my whole face since i've tried using it thinly and it won't peel off. after peeling the mask off, i can feel my skin is softer. i also think that it helps cleansing my pores too. since this is the only peeling mask that i've tried, i don't know if it's worth the money. but i can say this one works what it promises to do. 

i bought this as substitute for my elf lip scrub. this one comes in a squeeze tube like the lipgloss. it has this cute girl pictured at the body of the tube, very cute. the product is disposed through a small hole on the slanted tip. and this one smells like peach. but it doesn't taste like one. i think they have to fix this. if you make something that smells delicious to lick, then you'd better make it delicious enough to lick. the lip scrub is a clear lipgloss like with grains inside. i can't see it but i can feel it. since it's lotion-like, it's easier to rub on my lips than the elf one. and it's easier to clean too. and it's effective in sloughing off dead skin off my lips without being too harsh. i think this might come in handy considering matte lipstick is still on trend.

i got the 7 sheets in a pack. it comes in a pink ziplock foil bag with all the sheets inside, so be careful when storing it. make sure the zip is closed tight. the scent of the mask reminds me of baby wipes, nice and soothing but very subtle. slightly floral too? this mask doesn't have any slit. the fit is okay. the forehead part is okay for me but if you have high forehead, then it will fall short for you. the essence is enough and distributes evenly but i used to flip it a couple times before opening it to make sure the essence distributes to all the masks. but compared to korean masks, the essence is less than the korean one, perhaps because this was meant to be used daily. this mask gives enough moisture since it's meant to give moisture, but it's more hydrating after couple usages, not in an instant like the korean masks. i think this is perfect for travelling or to keep on your bedside.

This hair essence comes in a purple plastic bottle with a weird looking shape top (like antenna or something) and it has long transparent plastic with round tip inside to dispose the product straight to your head. i've tried the hair pack and this essence from the same line, and both have strong scent, like ginseng. did i tell you that it's very strong? and it will linger too. the essence itself is a yellowish liquid, and i can feel cooling sensation when i applied this on my scalp. but the cooling sensation didn't hold as long as the hair treatment's. i used this various ways. although the suggestion is to use this on clean hair, twice a day and then proceed with scalp massage. i've used this on wet hair on crown only, on wet hair the entire scalp, on dry hair on crown only, on dry hair on crown then followed with scalp massage. and i've reached conclusion that the best way to use this is on wet hair on hairline and on temples where my hair is thinning since it didn't cause my scalp oilier than usual. and i only use this on the day i wash my hair. although both are good for helping with hair loss issue, i prefer the hair treatment somehow. 

this is the upgraded version from the original black sugar perfect first serum. keep in mind that the upgraded version has two options, essential and light. mine is light since i assumed it is more suitable for combination/oily skin. it comes in a brown glass bottle just like the original one, the difference is the label. the label is also differentiate the essential (the yellow label) and the light one (the white label). after you open the screw cap, you can see the plastic separator with a hole to dispense the product. another difference with the original one is the scent. the older one has stronger scent, like alcohol scent. but the newer one has subtler scent.

the serum itself is gold brown liquid so using cotton pad is very suitable. if you bought the full size, you can get a box of their special cotton pad for free. the cotton pad is very crucial since it has two sides, one for exfoliating, one for patting the serum in. this serum acts more like a booster for me, it helps my skin to absorb the next product better. it also helps controlling my sebum problem and make my skin radiant. 

for complete review and pictures, read it on my blog:

this mascara comes in a long black tube, bamboo-like. very thin for my preference, perhaps because i've been used to holding chubby mascara tube. but this slim feature might be beneficial if you travel often and have packed makeup purse since it can slip right in your makeup purse. the wand is also slim with synthetic comb-like brush but very short bristles. i can even bend the wand if i'm not using it carefully. very fragile and unstable. this mascara is not waterproof and considerably more wet than my usual mascara. it also doesn't dry out as fast as i want it to be. since it's a straight wand, i'm having difficulty to reach my inner and outer lashes. this mascara help lengthen my lashes, but it doesn't give any volume or hold curl really well. i have to curl my lashes before using this, not ideal for a mom of 3. so probably won't repurchase.

I bought this when we went to melbourne 3 months ago and we didn't bring our entire baggage due to some trouble, so i had to buy my skincare, including face wash, and this is what i picked. since i've been used to korean cleanser, somehow using this face wash reminded me about my past days when i haven't discover korean beauty. it comes in a blue plastic pump bottle, easy to dispense the product. the bottle itself is not that opaque so you can put it in the direction of sunlight to see the remaining product inside. the cleanser itself is a milky white gel-like, which foam nicely when in contact with water. it has fresh scent, like marine-like scent. it is said that it can remove even eye makeup, and i have to agree that it can clean my gel eyeliner (the pencil one) though it stings my eyes when i do that. but i haven't tried cleaning my mascara with this cleanser only, so i don't know whether it can clean waterproof stuff. i don't have pH test, but i think it doesn't have low pH since i can feel my skin become squeaky clean, but not too stripping though. overall, it's a decent substitute for emergency days, but if i can choose, i won't buy this again.

the cleanser comes in a white plastic tube with a flip top and it comes in big size, which i like. this is the first unscented product that's really unscented. i think it's good for sensitive people. but for me, i like subtle nice scent on my face wash. the cleanser itself is a clear gel foam. it doesn't bubble as much as the other foam cleanser. this one has low pH, but since i don't have trouble skin, i can't say about its ability to help prevent acnes from forming. all i can say that this one doesn't strip at all, and slightly moisturizing afterwards. i really recommends this cleanser for those who have sensitive skin or trouble skin. 

for complete review read it on my blog:

this special edition comes in a set. the box consists of one cushion and extra refill, the cushion cell and a cushion puff, one each. if you bought this set earlier, then you will get two cushion cell refills, but i bought the later edition, so i only got one extra. i bought #21 which is a good match for me. and this one doesn't oxidize as badly as their usual bb cream. the coverage is medium one and it won't cake if you put another layer. it covers redness and acne scars, but you will need additional concealer if the scars is quite dark. it has dewy finish, but it holds well even though i don't dust powder all over my face.

for complete review and photos, read on my blog:

i never use korean makeup product, so when i ran out of my loreal gel eyeliner, i decided to buy this one since it's quite popular at that time. the packaging is quite simple, cardboard box and the pencil eyeliner inside. the pencil has a cap and a bottom part that can be taken off, which hides the sharpener. you need to twist the pen to get the eyeliner out. jazz is a dark brown color, very vivid and vibrant just in one stroke. and very smooth, it glides easily on my eyelid. it takes time to set though, but once it's set, no transfer (but i use eyelid primer and dust powder on top). once i was in a rush and use this bare, and it transfers to my eyelid. this one is a soft eyeliner, so i get dull easily so i have to sharpen it frequently, especially if i want to make a wing eye. and don't hope for thin line since it's a pencil. i used this on my waterline, and it gets dry after a couple hours. it irritates my eyes, so perhaps avoid using this on your waterline if you have sensitive eyes.

for complete review and pictures go to my blog:

please note that i'm using a sample only and i didn't know that this one is a cream to foam cleanser when i used the sample. the sachet sample shape is similar to the tube shape and has the picture of the full size product at front. i've tried another snail foam cleanser (from different brand) and it has unpleasant scent but this one has a floral scent. very nice and subtle. since i didn't know that it's a cream cleanser, i thought it's just a thick milky white foam and slightly sticky at first. and it foams nicely too. i didn't try it as makeup cleanser, but as a second cleanser, it works just fine. and it doesn't strip my skin off. 

for complete review and pictures, read it on my blog:

this is another sample review. it comes in regular sachet with the picture of the full size at the front. it's quite big than the usual sample, but i don't think it contains more product inside. i think it's quite fragrant, more like marine-scented product, but not too overpowering. the cleanser is more like gel-like, cloudy white and it foams nicely. unfortunately, i use it the wrong way. it's supposed to be used on dry skin since it's an oxygen cleanser like the faceshop one, but i use it on damp face which make it not foam as much as it's supposed to be. but it cleanses well and not so stripping. 

for complete review and pictures, you can read it on my blog:

i only try the sample so this is probably just an impression. this is supposed to be all in one product, and this one promises a lot. the sample comes in square sachet with the picture of the full size version at the front. i don't notice any scent but i was flu at that time so probably my nose wasn't working. the cream is a milky white gel cream, quite thick, like jelly. it takes some time to be absorbed and leaves matte finish after being completely absorbed. no sticky feeling afterwards. the only thing that this cream does is moisturizing, despite all the promises that this cream can do. even though it's moisturizing, i don't think it will be enough for dry skin gals. 

for complete review head to my blog:

i bought this mainly because i was curious about its cooling effect, and being in indonesia, which is summer everyday, makes it perfect to try this cooling cushion. now let's first talk about the packaging. it's quite unique since i don't find anything else similar to this cushion bottle. it comes in a can bottle, with a compartment part on top to put the cushion puff and to spray the bb cream to and a toggle with on/off marks. there are only two color options, mine is no 1 since i thought it will be lighter and more suitable for me. even though they say that this one helps control sebum and oil on our face, but i think it gives semi matte finish. and if the weather is extra hot, it will melt after 4-5 hours, even quicker on oily face. the cooling effect only happens when the puff is on your face, and it doesn't hold whatsoever, so i think it's useless. as for coverage, i have to say it has medium coverage since it can cover redness and light spots, but not my acne scars. the one thing that i didn't like is the scent. since it's aesorol product, it also smells like hair spray. and it's very strong. i have to hold my breath when i used this cushion bottle. 

for complete review and pictures, you can head on to my blog:

First of all, the name is weird. it's supposed to be "anti wrinkle", i think. basically it's a quite thick, but not rigid cotton mask with tiger character printed on the mask. it has strong wet tissue scent like many other mask sheet do. the fit is okay for me, but the cheek part is slightly narrow for me, but it's no problem. the essence is a clear type essence and quite generous, but not too much that i can soak my tablet mask with. used the mask for about 30 minutes and then massage it for 1-2 minutes and it's dried already. for an anti-wrinkle mask, it's not too hydrating. in fact, i can't see any difference with the otter one. 

for complete review and pictures, read on my blog:

please note that i'm using the travel size version. this mask is what you get when you mix your scrub with clay mask. it's creamy but it has gritty texture from the scrub. one thing that i like from freeman is they make their mask in different bright colors. this one comes in baby pink color, which is lovely. the scent is also refreshing, like fresh apple, which make using this mask become enjoyable. actually, the 4-in-1 label is a bit too much since i think it only works as scrub/mask and scrub/facewash. to use it as mask (and toner, as they stated it), simply put it on your dry face and wait for about 15 minutes then face it with warm water. this is the ordinary way to use clay mask. since it's creamy, it's easy to spread on and wash off face. as face wash, put it on damp face with damp hand and use it like facewash. actually, i used this as mask at first, then add a lot of water and scrub the mask off my face. that way i can use them as mask and scrub wash in one go. however, use a lot of water since minimal water can cause dry scrub which can cause redness due to overexfoliation.

for complete review and pictures, head on to my blog:


i got this as freebies along with kailijumei lipstick that's provided to me by amabie for review. although i received it for free, my review will be completely honest.

the packet is ordinary like any other sheet mask. there's an english description at the back. i don't know how tea tree should smell like, but it smells different from tea tree product that i've used in the past. but don't worry, it's not annoying. the essence is generous, in fact it keeps dripping from the mask so even though you lie down, the essence will keep dripping down to your neck. quite annoying. but the excess' still not enough to soak a tablet mask. the fit is okay, but the chin is slightly longer so that's why the essence is dripping like crazy to my neck. i use it for about 30 minutes before taking it off. for me, it's just moisturizing, but my skin wasn't at the right condition to test the mask since i don't have any redness or blemishes, so i might have to try it some other time to prove other promises.

for more pictures you can head on to my blog:

this AIO comes in big jar with screw cap, spatula included. it smells very fragrant, so if you're sensitive to fragrance, you might want to skip this. but it doesn't annoy me. the texture is quite runny, so it's hard to scoop the product using the spatula. i decant the product to a pump bottle and it's perfect. it's easy to spread and takes some time to be absorbed, but once fully absorbed, it doesn't give sticky feeling. i use this AIO in my essence/serum step to boost hydration to my skin and it gives me just that. might not enough for dry skin, but for normal or combination skin, you can try this one.

for complete review you can head on to my blog:

this mask is from i need you line, and the coenzyme q10 one is supposed to help to protect skin's natural elasticity to enhance a firm complexion with a healthy glow. like the other masks from this line, it comes in boring rectangular sachet with the main ingredients pictured at the front. usually etude masks smells like wet tissue, but this one didn't have strong wet tissue scent. the cut for eyes and nose are okay, but the cheeks are too big for me. it feels cool when i put it on my face. the essence is quite generous, but not too much excess. i had to lie down so it won't slide from my face, but the excess didn't drip. it's moisturizing enough, but as for firming effect, i can't say anything about it. the moisture lasted until the next morning. if you use sleeping pack, then it will help lock the moisture better. for pictures and complete review, head on to my blog:

please note that i'm using the travel size version, that comes in irregular shape sachet. quite big, around 15 ml per sachet. for golden grain brightening mask, it comes in bright yellow color. when i read the description, it has vitamin c, so i was hoping to sniff something citrusy, but turned out it only smell fragrant, very subtle and not citrusy at all. the mask itself is a transparent gel with gold specks. it's quite runny so i can easily spread it on my face. don't apply too close to your eyes because it stings. when it's freshly applied, i notice there's a slight cooling sensation. this mask is supposed to hydrate and brighten, but it didn't do as it promised. it doesn't hydrate much, and i didn't see any brightening effect too. 

for complete review and photos, head on to my blog:

please note that i'm using the travel size product. the travel size comes in an irregular shape sachet with color and design exactly like the full size product. for avocado and oatmeal, it comes in bright green color with the picture of the main ingredient, which is avocado, pictured on the sachet. the mask itself is green too.. light green, which is surprising since both my clay masks are sad and not this pretty. it's really creamy so it's easy to spread on my face. but it also dries very quickly. one sachet can lasts couple usages (if you use it full face), but since i only use it on my full face once and only on t-zone for the rest of the sample, i can get 4-5 usages. 

there's a slight cooling effect when applied on my face and it has subtle avocado scent, which is good since both my masks didn't have pleasant scent like this.  it's easy to wash too, and after that i can feel my skin softer and cleaner. i think it has good sebum control too but since i don't have that problem anymore, i can't vouch for its effectiveness. another plus: it's cheap! 

for complete review, head on to my blog:

it comes in a cardbox with english and korean texts, the bottle itself is a frosted glass bottle (the radiance one is pink, while the firming one is peach), with a silver cap. once you remove the cap you can see the pump to dispose the product. it doesn't have weird scent despite it being a fermented product, in fact it smells fresh and refreshing. the texture is somewhere between a runny cream and a thick serum. it's easily absorbed and leave glowing trait behind. it moisturizes my skin well without being greasy and no purging at all.

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this one comes in a regular sachet with the main ingredient pictured at front of the sachet. and just like a few other masks from this line, it smells like wet tissue. it will linger for awhile, but half-way through it, the scent was gone. the eye holes are a little bit smaller than the other, but everything else is okay. it has clear type essence and pretty generous. i still have some essence left in the sachet. 

it's moisturizing enough and it doesn't take a long time to wait before all the essence is dried up after taking of the mask. as for the brightening effect, since i'm quite pale, i don't notice any brightening effect on me. read my complete review on my blog:

Please note that i received this lipstick for free in exchange for honest review so i will do my best to review this lipstick honestly. I received the summer simplicity one, so it’s different from the original one that has been hyped on the web.  The original one is packaged in a red tube, with a button on top of the tube so you can click it open.  While the summer version is like ordinary lipstick.  It has transparent plastic cap, gold body and a label on the bottom, only the shade number, no name or whatever (the original one has name, while the summer one only numbered, and mine’s is #3, which is orange). It also comes in plastic box, while the original one comes in blue box. No wonder though since the summer edition is cheaper than the original one.   

The shade: the summer version has 6 different colors, mine is #3 which is orange. Let me remind you again that it’s the color of the lipstick and the flower, but not the shade of the lipstick. mine swatches pink, just like the website has stated.t he product: the lipstick is clear, colored according to the number. #1 is red,#2 is purple, #3 is orange, #4 is green, #5 is blue, #6 is pink violet. No gold specks in this summer version, while the original one is clear and has gold specks aside from the dried flower. I have to say that the original version looks more fancy. the summer edition looks more lonely.  The flower inside, the color swatches pink on my hand, bright pink, slightly more blue tone.  On my lips, one swipe doesn’t show any color at all at first, but two swipes slightly show a bit pink in color, like my lips but pinker.  Then after waiting a few more minutes, it becomes more bright pink, fuchsia/pink in my opinion. but not that bright, like a tinted lip balm.  

The result: I think this is more suitable to be called tinted lip balm rather than lipstick since the color is very sheer and it feels waxy like lip balm. Although it gives moisturizing feeling, it doesn’t moisturize my lips at all. In fact, it dries out my lips after the color vanishes from my lips. Don’t hope for long staying power since it’s quite sheer.  Without eating and drinking it only holds for 2 hours, and even quicker with drinking and eating.  And to my surprise, it sets into line as it vanishes from my lips.

In short, I’m glad that I get this for free since there’s no way I would spend that amount of money to buy this lipstick, so really, thank you Amabie for giving my this lipstick to try. Visit my blog for more pictures: summer-simplicity-lipstick-3.html

this sleeping pack comes in a tub, but there's a separator that has a clip to store the spatula that comes with it. pretty neat! it prevents us to lost our spatula. and the honey is real. it smells like honey.. for real this time. since this is a sleeping pack, it's pretty thick , almost like balm, but it spreads easily on my skin. and it's being absorbed pretty quick too. but it doesn't leave me greasy the next morning. 

and it works well too. it moisturizes my skin without being greasy. and i have to say that it's not for dry skin or aging skin only. i have combination skin and it works well for me. and it doesn't break me out. read my complete review on my blog:

this is another vitamin creams from skin&lab. vitamin e is supposed to be moisturizing. it's marketed toward dry skin or aging skin. it comes in a plastic squeeze tube with black screw cap, just like toothpaste. and it's quite tiny considering many of my korean skincare products come in big size. the cream itself is white, and smells like plastic. pretty weird scent. but once you applied it on your face the scent will dissipate. it's quite thick, and give moderate hydration, that's why i think it won't be enough for dry skin. and for combination or normal skin, don't worry to try this cream. but i still prefer it as night cream since it's quite thick and take some time to sink in. 

for complete review, head on to my blog:

another mask from i need you mask series from etude house. this is another emulsion type mask. the essence is milky white and quite generous too like the collagen one. the mask is as thick as the collagen, but thicker than the lemon one. it also takes approximately more than half an hour to be dry. and then it takes a long massage time to be absorbed. and the morning after i can still feel a layer of moisture when i wash my face. the fit is bearable, and the scent is like wet tissue, so again, if you're sensitive to fragrance, keep it in mind.

it works well for moisturizing my skin, but i think it will be more suitable for dry skin girls. for complete review, head on to my blog:

this is one of etude house i need you mask sheet series, but weird thing, even though it's the same line, the fit is different for each variants. for this one, the cheek part is bigger as usual. it's an emulsion type essence (milky white) and quite generous. very moisturizing, i use it up to 40 minutes and it's still slightly wet. after taking it off and massaging the essence, it still takes a long time to be absorbed too. plus the mask smells like fragrant wet tissue, slightly annoying. stay away if you're sensitive to fragrance. the next day i can still feel a layer of moisture when i was my face. recommended for dry skin.

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this is the original version of the black sugar perfect first serum, before they reformulated it and change the name and add "2x" at the end. this works like first essence, so you should use it after washing your face and before everything else. if you buy the full size version, you will get a box of special cotton pad to use with this first serum. the cotton pad has two sides, one for exfoliating and one for patting the serum onto your skin. it has their distinct sugar alcoholic scent, so if you're sensitive to scent, then try the sample first. 

the original formula is slightly sticky, so make sure you shake it before using it. it moisturizes my skin well, but doesn't make it greasy. but somehow, the original one doesn't give me the glow like the newer version does. for complete review head to my blog:

this is a famous exfoliator from japan. it's popular because it's effective yet very gentle on your skin. it comes in a white transparent plastic bottle with a pump so it's easy to use. it's scentless but really neutral, not like the hadalabo that has foul smell. it's a white gel, and once you massage it on your skin it will slough off the dead skin on your face. no need to rub hard. i can feel my skin smooth but not squeaky clean afterward. even though i use BHA and exfoliating toner, i don't experience over exfoliation with using this once a week.

if you want to know how to test if it's really dead skin that's been slough off by this gel you can head to my blog:

another character mask, but this time it's better than TFS one. the fit is okay, only the cheek part a little bit narrow for me. clear type essence, pretty generous but not too much. scented but not too overpowering. but for a mask that promise hydration, this one doesn't moisturize very much. standard hydration that you can get from any mask sheet, but i won't mind having this mask again. 

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it comes in tiny sachet that can be opened and closed like wet tissue sachet. i bought the 22 usages, and all of the eye masks are inside that sachet. so yeah, for you who have concern about hygiene, perhaps you should avoid this one. since all of them are packaged inside one single sachet, you have to use it as quickly as possible once you've opened the sachet. 

this is the only japanese products that i've tried so far that's scented. like a wet tissue. the mask itself looks like crescent, fit my under eyes perfectly. but don't put it too close to your eyes, because it stings my eyes once. there's not so much essence on the mask, about 10 minutes and it will be dry. but sometimes, i can still feel the essence on my fingertips, so i decided to cover my cuticles with it afterwards sometimes.

it's cheap, but you have to use it frequently to see the result. and i have to say it's not that impressive either. i can only feel that it moisturizes my under eyes. no effect on dark eyes. 

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this is an exfoliating toner, but very mild. it comes in a big white plastic bottle with a flip top. it's supposed to be scentless but i think it smells a little bit like rotten egg, but very subtle (according to my bad smelling sense). the toner is transparent, water-like in consistency. i applied it using cotton pad, and i can see there's some dirt on the cotton pad when i first use it. lately, it's not as dirty as my couple first usages. 

i don't know how to measure the efficacy of this toner since i don't have acnes for months, but this one is really mild. i'm not experiencing over exfoliation even though i used BHA every night. but i think the combination between BHA and this toner slightly changes my skin. i don't experience problems with sebum anymore, and i have to use layers of hydrating products afterwards at night. i don't mind though, since i have sleeping pack to finish. but if you have dry skin, perhaps you should proceed with caution.

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i've tried the original version and i loved it. then innisfree released the newer version, the light one, which is supposed to be for oily skin, perfect for summer, so i tried it considering that i have combination skin. but lately, my skin is behaving, more toward normal, so somehow it changed the way i feel about this first essence.

it's watery in consistency, not sticky like the original one. as for scent, i think it's scentless, no annoying fermented scent. it's easy to spread and absorbed. as for hydration, i think the original one hydrates more than the light one. i do agree that the light one will give you hydration without being greasy, perfect for oily skin. as for the brightening effect, i think i experienced the glow from the original more than the light one. 

for complete review, head on to my blog:

the mask is like paper, but a little bit more rigid. the eyes' holes and mouth hole are big, wide cheek area. i don't feel comfortable with the fit. the essence itself is clear, generous but not too much. the scent is nowhere near honey, in fact i think it's more like wet tissue than honey. i used this mask for 30 minutes and it's still wet. it surely give moisture and make my face slightly sticky after i removed the mask. the sticky feeling still there in the morning when i faced my face.

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this cream is supposed to prevent aging process with the benefit of retinol as the source of vitamin A. the cream itself is pretty thick, but not as thick as the vitamin e one, and it's quite watery. it's easy to spread on my face and absorbed easily too. didn't leave sticky feeling afterwards. it has distinct scent, but i can't specify the scent. not too overpowering though. i've used this about two month and other than hydration, i don't see any other effect. i've used this separately with vitamin e and mix together with the vitamin e, and so far i don't feel any difference in application method. my only cons is the size, it's quite small for that price tag.

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this is one of the 4 natural color clay mask from missha. the firming one is in purple tube, like a toothpaste tube, which make it easier to squeeze the product out and control the amount of product that you want to use. i was hoping to see a purple clay, but it's not as vibrant as the ads. it's easy to spread on my face but even after leaving it for almost 30 minutes or so, it didn't hardened like my innisfree clay mask. since it wasn't hardened, it's easy to wash off. i don't see any obvious result after using this several times. but it doesn't dry me out, but it also doesn't moisturize my skin. 

if you want to read my full review, hop on to my blog:

this is my first experience with cleansing water. i use the bright up one, and i like it. it cleanses my sunscreen and non waterproof makeup well, but for eyeliner or waterproof mascara, i still use my makeup remover or cleansing oil. this cleansing water can remove stubborn makeup, but it requires a lot more than cleansing oil. i don't like the pump, it splashes the product everywhere so i decant it to a pump-on-top bottle and it's perfect! no more mess.. so far, i like it for everyday use, but for heavy makeup, i still prefer my cleansing oil.

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