Hi everyone! I'm Sanny and you can find me @curiousnaily on instagram too!I am obsessed with skincare and also on a journey to destroy all my pimple enemies and remove any evidence of their existence(PIH)! I am from Toronto, Canada and I would love to make new skincare lover friends from all over the world <3

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General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Canada
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Retinoid, Vitamin C, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This mist was sent free to me by Amabie in exchange for a honest review.


I am not much of a mist person but I was very excited to get this since I will be travelling to Hong Kong this summer and I wanted a mist for the long plane flights! The size is perfect too! The mist was very fine and no eyes were harmed in the process thank goodness. I was very surprised to see such an essence-like texture, it felt like a hydrating toner/essence but just in the form of a spray bottle. I have been using this as my lazy-outdoors hand "cream" since traditional hand creams are sooo oily. But this mist provides enough hydration to my hands, even if temporary, and keeps them oil-free. It is also a great product to use in my routine when I am feeling lazy and just want to spray some hydration goodness unto my face. I have recently gotten a gym membership at my school and I plan to wipe my face after working out, then hydrating with this spray, I can't wait to see how it goes! Overall, this was a very basic spray, it does its job but it doesn't seem to be worth over 15 USD in my opinion, and I would probably not pay that much for any mist to be honest.

🍐Didn't smell like pear to me, but it did smell like flowers
🍐Fit was ehhh okay
🍐Very cooling and woke me right up
🍐Left it on for 40 minutes
🍐Mask wrinkles on my face 😒
🍐Essence absorbed very well and didn't leave tacky feeling
🍐Slight brightening effect and decrease in redness

I give this mask a 8.5 / 10 💕

Quick Thoughts:
🌻35 ml of product is SO much!!!
🌻Love the packaging, much more sanitary and convenient than the tub versions
🌻Very cooling and refreshing
🌻Left it on for an hour
🌻Gently scraped it off with the spatula
🌻Some thin layers of the product on my face were dry and "unscrape-able" so I had to rinse those off in the shower
🌻After showering, my nose pores looked less black? 😂 the blackheads/sebacious filaments were peeping out too so I managed to get alot of them out with my fingers gently
🌻I also got 2 major clogged blackheads out from my cheeks, man were those suckers huge

Conclusion: I enjoyed this mask very much and I just stocked up on alot more of these masks in the honey, aloe, and arbutin&hyaluronic acid flavors 

I haven't used a toner in like...years 😂so I got this matching toner for my snail bee essence. And lemme tell you, I like this benton product the most!!!😍 My skin has been so happy and calm this week ( it's either bc of this toner or the fact that I started taking probiotics haha). But I use 2 pumps of this after my FTE and just from these two products, my face is already bright, plump and glowing! Maybe skin loves thin hydrating layers 😞 I find this to be more hydrating than the FTE ( or maybe it feels this way because it's working together with the FTE). But I'm loving this toner so far😌

 (used for 1 month):
Hmmm not sure if this is helping alot but I do find my recent blemishes to heal alot faster( or is this all in my head😂). It's a gel texture that gets sticky if you apply too much. Since this essence is so tiny 😡, it is kind of my "spot treatment" for my acne areas(cheeks+any other pimples). I'll have to keep using this longer to see if it actually works.

The one I used was the pink packaging one.

Fit: Was almost perfect! And it adhered soo well to my skin as well
Material: Soooo soft, sooo good, soooo comfy like a blanky

Left it on for 40 minutes and the brightening wasn't very obvious. There was also a slight film left from the linings of the mask around my mouth area. This mask made me look scary, didn't deliver amazing results and didn't make me sexy like the girl on the packaging BUT the experience was worth it! The material is soo darn good and soft and it was so easy to adjust and fit my face. I'm in love with black masks now (or maybe just the ones from this brand) I give this mask a 9/10 💕

Fit was not too bad, I managed to make it cover most of my face comfortably this time. Left it on for half an hour. The essence was slightly sticky after taking the mask off. Saw a slight reduction in redness and face was no longer tight (I'm really dehydrated lately). I give this a 8/10 💕

Scent: Although it's also honey, it's a different smell from the papa recipe one. This one smells like actual sweet honey while the paper recipe smells more artificially sweet in my opinion ( but I actually like the papa recipe more 😝 this one smells so much like real honey that I'm scared ants will start crawling towards me)

Fit: Was just okay, didn't cover my entire forehead. The foldings of the mask was so permanent that it also left mask marks on my face after taking it off.

Left it on for 30 minutes and the the results I saw were: even toned complexion, slightly less redness, and hydrated skin! I give this mask a 8.5/10 💕

As soon as I tore the package open, I could smell the scent already. 🍯So sweet...and FREAKING DELICIOUS!!! Then the fit was just surprisingly so nice too. Thicker material than my scheming or Lovemore silk masks and I actually like it more this way. It also fit oh so snug to my skin 😻 It has a smaller "surface area" than the my scheming masks, which is great because that means there's less wrinkles and air pockets. Although there's less mask area, it still somehow managed to cover most of my face(and most importantly, my forehead)! I'm very impressed.

Left it on for 30 minutes and there was slight brightening, but the hydration was great and my skin tone looked more even! Then...I proceeded to slather the rest of this delicious essence all over my body and trust me, I have never been so excited about using leftover essence before....I might have even thrown away leftover essence without using them in the past🙈 I give this mask a 10/10 💕 

The snail essence has such a slimy and goopy texture that I absolutely love! I used to pump out 2 pumps before but now I only need 1-1.5 pumps and then I mix it with a couple drops of shark sauce and I swear, it's the best combo ever! The sliminess soothes my skin so much and it provides light hydration that won't clog out my pores. I love this product! 

This was a fun and awesome clay mask and my skin felt so clean after using it. I felt like all the excess oil on my face was sucked out so my products absorbed much better afterwards. The next day, my skin was matte after my AM Routine but it didn't feel dry! So I guess my face was balanced out after this? Lol I definitely like this clay mask 👍

It's refreshing💧 and cooling. I left it on for only 15 minutes because ehh it wasn't that comfortable and I didn't want the alcohol staying on my face for so long. But then I got an itchy feeling on my face after taking it off....Giving this a 5/10 </3

The scent is kinda herbal to me, but it didnt stay for long. I like the smell of the Illi moisture sheet mask more. Skin does seem to be slightly less angry when I took it off 40 minutes later. I like this but I don't love it. It gets a 8.5/10💕

 I love the fit, the hugs this mask gives my face, and the nonsticky finish I get afterwards! I find silk masks to be most suitable since they fit well and cover my forehead and also give just enough hydration without making me oily. Left it on for half an hour and it brightened and made me look FRESH!!! This gets a 8.5/10 💕

I had a terrible experience with this mask because It's for dry skin but I DON'T have dry skin. ☺ and this was just way tooo rich for me and after taking it off, I spent 5 minutes patting the essence and it still didn't absorb 😔 However, after another half an hr,my skin finally soaked in the essence and my face looks plump , even and slightly brightened. In conclusion, an unenjoyable experience for just okay results= not worth it... I give this mask a 6/10💕

Fit was great, my entire forehead was covered 👍 There was a pleasant yet subtle scent. Left it on for 35 minutes. Face looked more hydrated and brighter afterwards. I actually really like this mask 😊 I give this a 9/10 💕

The cosrx centella blemish cream is soo gentle as a spot treatment and I love dabbing tons of it on my acne every night before I sleep. Although I look scary with my white cheeks, I feel so protected from bacteria and other harmful things since the thick coat of blemish cream is acting as a physical barrier for my acne, while at the same time healing it. Since it's gentle, it also works slow and steady. I had some red(and maybe painful) bumps on my cheeks and it took at least three nights of using this to see obvious results. But the results were great! The pimples flattened out completely; leaving only some light PIH.

There was barely any scent, which is good, less irritants for my face. BUT the fit was horrible. Usually I could stretch other masks a bit to cover my forehead as much as possible, but when I tried pulling this mask up, it wouldnt work caz the nose hole was pretty low and would ride up if I kept pulling up ( I hope I make sense). But the material was very comfortable (it was also a light pinkish color). I kept it on for 25 minutes and kept massaging my face with the essence on the naked part of my forehead sigh. Afterwards, I took it off and yep, other reviewers were right. No brightening effect at all, I actually even got darker! ( this happens when I apply cream or when my face is hydrated, weird). So yeah this mask does what it claims to do which is hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. My face was so saturated that after applying the cosrx birch sap lotion, I needed to keep patting to make my face less sticky. And then my cosrx centella blemish cream isnt absorbing right now and its just sitting on top of the juicy layers underneath ( the blemish cream usually dries matte when i dont sheet mask). So in conclusion, although this mask was not bad and VERY hydrating, I dont think its worth the price. This mask gets a 7.5/10💕EDIT: I just looked in the mirror and although I don't look bright, my face is so plump right now!!!Adding 0.5 to the score lol

The reasons why I like it is because:
1) (and most importantly) It hasn't broken me out so far lol.
2)It smells like lemon pie to me but my bf said it smelled like coca cola lol so I guess that's a good thing?
3) It sinks in nicely and gives a matte finish while giving enough hydration without drying out my face.
4. All I need is one pump!! Whoo, this 100 ml is gonna last me for a longgg time.
5.I love how this bottle looks since the lotion is white while other cosrx products are transparent. This makes the stickers on the bottle sooo much more prettier! 😍
6. Very affordable and more hygienic compared to my Cosrx Honey Ceramide Cream which I love as well, but I don't have the urge to reach for the cream anymore because this lotion is 👌 and all I really need for now💕

The fit was alright, I'll never find a sheet mask that can cover my whole forehead. As soon as I took the mask out, I was in love with how it smelled! It smells so good! Even my little sis next to me said it smelled nice. I also like how the essence isn't sticky like other masks.
I give this a 9.5/10 for its amazing smell, pretty packaging and awesome experience.💕

There was definitely a scent, but my nose sucks so I can't describe it but it was the good kind of smell. As for the material, I actually like it! Very snug on my skin and barely any of those wrinkles or skin pockets I get with other masks. I kept it on for 20 minutes. No brightening effects for me, sadly. But it was definitely very hydrating and moisturizing.This mask gets a 8/10💕

Whenever I see my face looking dull, I decide to exfoliate and mask with this skinfood Rice mask wash off! I actually use way too much everytime because I believe that the results will be more obvious that way😂 Anyways, I take out a whole chunk of it, apply it on my face, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes then I massage it for a few minutes to exfoliate. While I rinse it off, I could feel how smooth my skin was😍 Then when my skin is clean and all moisturized. My face looked so bright and it was GLOWING 🔦Like omg; I feel so much more fabulous afterwards

This mask was really wet! Uh I mean like, it had LOTS of essence💧. like seriously. As soon as I had it on my face, the essence kept leaking into my mouth. Had it on for about half an hour. When I took it off, there was no stickiness so it absorbed pretty well. BUT man does this mask really brighten. Since the mask didnt cover my whole forehead ( #bigforeheadproblems ), that uncovered part was way more darker than the rest of my face. It was super obvious. It was just like this dark patch of skin on the corner of my forehead that didn't get any love from the mask. Does this mask have bleach or something lol. It worked so well. I think this would be great for when I need to prep for special events.

Never tried any #tonymoly skincare products but I had to try their sheet masks after hearing great reviews on them! Sister's grad tomorrow so I wanted to look a bit more decent :') This is the Red Wine 🍷Mask sheet for Pore Care.

Thoughts: I gotta say, this was not bad!!Im not disappointed at all. Im not sure about the pore care part, but my face looks more bright and plump when I took it off 20 minutes later! I like it because the brightening effect I got didn't make me look sickly yellow ( which happens to me for most masks), but it made me have this healthy even skin toned glow!



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