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I would not recommend this

I love this entire line of SexyLook masks, and this flavor is no exception. I don't care much for the smell, but my nose kinda sucks, so it really doesn't matter to me too much either way. To me, the fit is awesome, and the ear flaps do help the sheet stay in place. Similarly, the size is just right for my face. I can comfortably wear it for about 45 minutes while going about my business inside the house and without it starting to feel dry. I honestly don't see much difference between the flavors in terms of effect; however, I do LOVE the effect they have on me. My skin always emerges softer, smoother, more soothed, and brighter. ••• Love, Vik ~ on IG

I love this entire line of SexyLook masks, and this flavor is no exception. I don't care much for the smell, but my nose kinda sucks, so it really doesn't matter to me too much either way. To me, the fit is awesome, and the ear flaps do help the sheet stay in place. Similarly, the size is just right for my face. I can comfortably wear it for about 45 minutes while going about my business inside the house and without it starting to feel dry. I honestly don't see much difference between the flavors in terms of effect; however, I do LOVE the effect they have on me. My skin always emerges softer, smoother, more soothed, and brighter. ••• Love, Vik ~ on IG

I don't know if Mizon products and I will never ever get along, but so far, everything I have used by the brand, has either been meh or clogged my pores. This eye cream belongs in the former category. Now, very few products for the eye area are able to produce very visible results because the skin is just so thin and fragile there, and no matter who you are, this is where your first fine lines will show. Some have it better, others worse, but those lines are coming... Gosh darn. So, anyway, it's very hard to turn back the hands of time with a topically applied product, and it's especially true for eye-area care. That said, some of these products are certainly better than others, some will wreak havoc on the sensitive and fragile skin, and some just don't really do anything. For me, nothing is what this Mizon eye cream did. It didn't irritate, it didn't dry out, just did nothing. Which makes it a miracle that I could even get myself to write this much about it... I am giving it two hearts because it didn't cause any adverse reaction, and because I am not heartless. :P

This is a solid product, which I seem to describe a lot of products by Benton as. See, it is a nice, light, slightly soothing, slightly hydrating product, but it's nothing outstanding for me. If you have a kickass routine and are looking to switch things around, just for the heck of it, I don't think this will add anything. If you're less particular (may I say, picky) about the skincare products you use, or you're just starting out, I really don't think you can go wrong with this essence if you're looking for a light hydrating step for your routine. It's nice; it's just not superior. ••• Love, Vik ~ on IG

I really feel like this is an average product in every sense of the word. The packaging, the color, the moisturizing effect - it's all average. I sometimes use it on days when I want that "your lips, just better" kind of look (since the color is very subtle, but it's THERE, which I like a lot,) but the nourishing can only be felt for a few hours, at most, and I don't feel like it has any kind of long-term effect. ••• Love, Vik ~ on IG

If your lips are in need of some major help, you really can't go wrong with this product. It's cheap, it's widely available, and while it tends to get a little sticky and thick, it is some of the best lip products to use overnight to get rid of dry, painful, flaky lips. Love, Vik ~ on IG

I remember back when I started on my AB journey, and I kept buying the poorest quality masks you could ever find, I thought this one was the bomb diggity. However, after upping my mask game, I found a lot of superior ones. I haven't purchased these for myself for a long time, BUT I still think they're solid masks. Sure, the sheet isn't the thinnest and I never had that "Oh, I forgot I was even wearing this" feeling. It is a solid mask, though, for it is soothing and hydrating, and there's no leftover residue, so it does what a solid mask should do. ••• Love, Vik ~ on IG

The last of the products that @amabiebeauty sent me to try from Malaysian brand Orifera, is their All Day Face Cream 🔆  Like the toner and foaming face, the star ingredient in this cream is also organic coconut oil, as well as numerous plant extracts, and it promises to hydrate and protect skin 🔆 It has a very strong, sweet-flowery scent, and it's quite thick, almost ointment-like, coming out of the tub; however, it thins out very quickly once it touches the skin 🔆  I feel it is more moisturizing than hydrating, and it would be better suited for dry to very dry skin 🔆 On my normal, aging skin it leaves an oily (albeit not sticky or "suffocating") layer that is just, well, too much 🔆  I feel like it does provide superior nourishment, the oil in it is just much more than my skin needs 🔆 I'll try it on my décolletage, too, which might sound like a demotion, but if you're over 35, I'm sure you've already realized how quickly the skin on the chest start aging, too... Love, Vik ~ on IG

Unfortunately, for me, it doesn't seem to have added much, if anything, to my routine, in the two months I used it every night 🍚 It's a very light, scentless product that reminds me more of an essence type product than a milky lotion/emulsion 🍚 For the second month, I actually started mixing it with my Hail Mary Vit C serum which is a lot thicker than this 🍚 Well, yeah, that's about it. It's kinda hard to source and on the pricier side if you're nowhere near Japan, and nothing happened during those two months that convinced me it was really worth it 🍚 Love, Vik ~ on IG

It's not your typical second-skin Taiwanese mask (that is, it's thicker,) but it adhered UH-MAZINGLY to my face 🍭It had a very slight, sweet scent at first (which I liked, so of course it dissipated very quickly) 🍭 It stayed wet for over 45 minutes, and left my skin exceptionally bright, smooth, and completely free of any residue 🍭  Love, Vik ~ on IG

The sheet is made of botanical fiber, and while it's thicker than those awesome second-skin masks, it adheres beautifully, and I really do like the fit as well (I only had to make that one lateral cut by the bridge of my nose which I have to make most of the time, anyway) 🌿 It does smell like a combination of mint and tea tree, which wasn't as pleasant as I thought it would be 🌿 It did tingle at first, but I'd used both a peeling gel and a clay mask, so I'm not sure it would if I hadn't 🌿 I left it on for only 20 minutes (because I was in a bit of a rush,) so there was quite a lot of essence left on my skin, and it took quite a lot of patting to absorb, leaving behind a film that wasn't visible, but obvious to the touch 🌿 My skin looked very happy and healthy, though: it had a nice glow to it, and it looked very calm 🌿 All in all, to me, there are pros and cons to this mask, and I'm not sure I'd purchase it for myself, but I sure am glad I've had the chance to try it 🌿 Love, Vik ~ on IG

I have lazy skin. It just cannot be bothered to shed dead cells, and despite the regular use of the CosRX AHA and BHA liquids (which I actually happen to like and feel like they've made quite a difference,) it does feel congested from time to time, so I do use clay masks ••• I grabbed this limited edition White Clay Masque by Velieve during one of the big HKC Plaza sales ••• I don't particularly like it ••• It is kinda drying, and I don't think it does a whole lot in terms of cleaning out my pores ••• Also, it's a pretty large tub at 150ml, and after the first few uses and the mask being exposed to air, it's already started quite obviously drying out, so I have no idea how long it's gonna be before I need to just throw it out ••• It came with a pretty cool spatula, though, so at least there's that ••• If I were you (or me in the past, filling up my shopping cart to reach the free shipping threshold,) I'd skip on this one ••• Love, Vik ~ on IG

on my list of#skincare products I have received from@amabiebeauty is the Self-Foaming Mousse Cleanser by Malaysian brand Orifera 💦 It promises "deep cleansing without dryness (...) minimizing pore appearance and leaving skin soft, refined, and visibly clear." 💦 Its star ingredients are organic extra virgin coconut oil, Vitamin C, and Peppermint Oil, and just like the toner, it hasn't been tested on animals and is FDA approved 💦 The bottle is made of sturdy plastic, which is not cheap-looking at all, and one push of the nozzle gives you a nice, big ball of foam that's enough for the face 💦 The one thing that kinda hit me in the face right away is the VERY strong peppermint scent; and, my nose sucks, so I can only imagine it could be way offensive for someone with a sensitive nose 💦 I don't have pH strips because unless a cleanser is very high pH, gives me the squeaky clean feeling, or makes my skin very dry, I really don't care if the pH is in the slightly high range. Thankfully, none of that happened with this product; it just left my skin feeling normal, and while it didn't feel hydrating, that's really not what I expect a cleanser - which is FOLLOWED BY my hydrating products - to be 💦 I'm still a little bothered by the scent, but I'm getting used to it. However, my skin is very resilient and typically non-reactive, so if yours isn't, I suggest you patch-test it first to make sure it doesn't react to the peppermint oil (or the coconut oil, which can also be a trigger for some) 💦 All in all, I quite enjoy using this cleanser in the morning 💦 Many thanks to@amabiebeauty for sending it to me to try 💕 Love, Vik ~ on IG

My first time hearing about the Malaysian brand Orifera was when the lovely ladies at @amabiebeautysent me some of their products to try 💋 Their Hydro-Energizing Toner promises to "energize, brighten, and hydrate" the skin with extra-virgin coconut oil, and chamomile and green tea extracts 💋 It is also FDA-approved, has not been tested on animals, and the brand's int'l HQ are in Florida 💋 It comes in a spray bottle, which I really don't like because of my ongoing eye issues, so I prefer to spray it into my palm and pat it into my skin, like I do with all my hydrating toners 💋 It is only slightly thicker than water, colorless, and mostly scentless (to me) 💋 It absorbs quickly with no residue, and it has an immediate softening and hydrating effect 💋 I think this is a nice, solid hydrating toner that could work for numerous skin types as a light hydrating layer in a multi-step routine 💋 While it claims to work for sensitive skin, there are many out there whose skin produces an adverse reaction to coconut oil (thankfully, that's not me, and I LOVE everything coconut,) so please keep that in mind before purchasing it 💋Thank you, for giving me the chance to try this, I can see myself reaching for it, especially in these cold months 💋  Love, Vik ~ on IG

Yup, this is the Kailijumei lipstick that's one of the prettiest things I've seen all year, so I was very happy when @amabiebeauty sent it to me to try 💕 I know that others have taken much nicer photos of it but my phone is my camera, so deal with it 💕 I typically couldn't care less about packaging, but this one rocks! First, it has a mirror. Second, first you have to push the top, which will then push out the lipstick itself on the other end. It was pretty fascinating to me, plus it should be rather safe for your purse 💕 Of course, there's the flower inside that makes for some quintessential entertainment, regardless of the fact that it actually does nothing, but it's SO pretty 💕 It smells sweet and goes on like a regular chapstick, except it eventually deepens in color AND dries down matte. This actually turned more pink than I'd prefer, but I understand that would most likely be a pro for many of you 💕 It also didn't dry out my very dry lips 💕 All in all, this is a lovely product that could work in many different scenarios from running errands or the office to some after-work drinks or dinner 💕 And, the FLOWER INSIDE. You can't beat the flower inside 💕  Love, Vik ~ on IG

The Double Care Solution Mask (Lifting) with marine collagen is the first mask I've tried from @doublenzero 👍 The material and fit are absolutely perfect for me, no adjustments and cuts needed 👍 The essence is milky, it smells quite flowery, and the sheet is drenched in it without making it drippy 👍 I removed it after about 40 minutes 👍 The leftover essence was quite thick and took a while to be absorbed by my normal skin, so unless yours is dry, I'd suggest you use this mask in your evening routine 👍 My skin was left visibly brighter and bouncy 👍 Strangely, it seems to have slightly irritated the skin on the outer corner of my eye (just one eye, though,) leaving a couple small, itchy bumps, which was unexpected for my skin is very resilient and non-reactive. I put some snail gel on it and it calmed down within about 10 minutes 👍 Other than this unexpected little hump, I think this is a great evening mask 👍 Love, Vik ~ on IG

This mask uses Red Ginseng Water in lieu of regular water, which I first thought was the reason why the sheet was light pink (instead of white,) but then I realized that the sheet was infused with camellia oil. 🐌 The fit is perfectly fine for me, not too big, not too small, I only had to make that one lateral cut by the bridge of my nose, plus fold it up on my nose, but those are adjustments I almost always have to make 🐌 The essence is thicker than water and has some gooey slimy quality to it but - thankfully - not as much as the Naruko mask (which has the stringiest essence EVER) 🐌 It adhered nicely to my skin and stayed put for over a half an hour 🐌 The leftover essence was a little tacky and it felt like it was sitting on top of my skin for quite a while 🐌 Additionally, other than my skin feeling soft, I didn't really notice any positive effects 🐌 This is an OK mask, but not one I'll purchase for myself (especially because there are much better ones out there that cost half as much as this one) 🌟 Love, Vik ~ on IG

This is an anti-aging, revitalizing product with a whole lot of traditional ingredients in it (I'll not even attempt to type them here because autocorrect will mess it up.) 🌟 I assumed that like all THOW creams I'd tried, this would be rather heavy and like it's for an older crowd 🌟 Side note: I'm 40. I don't feel 40. I have no idea how 40 should feel, but I know I don't feel 40. So, the "older crowd" is, I don't know, 60+? When I'm 60, it will be 80+, I guess 🌟 It felt very much like the Sulwhasoo Firming Cream (which I love using in my evening routine) in that it was rich and ultra-nourishing; however, I feel like this absorbed much easier. 🌟I was sure it would be too heavy for day wear on my skin, but within a half an hour, I forgot I was wearing it. 🌟 I didn't even think about it until I just washed my face and realized how EXCEPTIONALLY soft it felt. 🌟 As far as first impressions go, this was a superior one, and while I have more than enough creams to use right now, a large batch of samples of this is going on my wish list (the price of the full-size jar is like $200, so that's way out of my budget.) Three thumbs up! 🌟🌟🌟 Love, Vik ~ on IG

This morning's mask was the Extreme Brightening one from the Double Lifting series by the Taiwanese brand SexyLook 🔆 I received it from @amabiebeauty for an honest review 🔆 I'd used a couple other flavors from this line before, so I wasn't surprised to see the extra piece of sheet for the chin, and the four flaps you need to put over your ears to keep the sheet in place 🔆 While the sheet is definitely on the thick side, especially if you're used to those extra thin Taiwanese masks, but the flaps do their job perfectly 🔆 The essence is thicker than water, but thinner than gel, and thankfully, there's not much leftover in the pouch (I just think it's so wasteful when there is) 🔆 It smells really weird at first, I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but it dissipates very quickly 🔆 It is supposed to brighten the skin with the help of tranexamic acid and black pearl powder 🔆 The sheet felt dry-ish after about a half an hour, so I removed it 🔆 The leftover essence took very little effort to pat in, and my skin was left brighter (although not "extremely" bright) and very, very smooth and healthy 🔆 Just like the other flavors I'd tried from this line, this mask is a total winner in my book and I'll keep repurchasing these for both the comfort of wear and the results 💕 Love, Vik ~ on IG

Disclaimer: I have received this product in the Honey flavor from in exchange for my honest review • The essence is watery and scentless 🐝 The material and the subsequent fit are the weirdest I've ever tried, though. The sheet is so extremely stretchy that even the smallest attempts at getting it to fit right will stretch it to twice its size. No, I'm not exaggerating. Can you see the part around my eye? I'm one who keeps complaining about small eye holes on sheet masks. These one stretched all the way to my hairline! True story. All the holes stretched out so much so quickly that I think about half of my face was covered by the sheet in the end 🐝 It's a shame about the crazy stretchiness because the sheet is otherwise thin and it adheres nicely to the skin 🐝 I left it on for a half an hour, at which point the sheet was still pretty wet, I was just done with the fit. Which is a shame, really, because my skin was very visibly brighter and smooth, the leftover essence was easy to pat in and there was barely any residue 🐝 I think this would be such a great mask were it not for the strangely stretchy sheet, so while I really like the result, I wouldn't purchase it for myself 🐝  Love, Vik - on IG

This morning, I emptied my bottle of the Jeju Lava Seawater Essence 💦 I'd used it for almost five months, once a day, in my morning routine 💦 This is such a nice and solid product, a mostly scentless, medium-weight essence that melts into the skin upon contact with no residue, and gives it an instant boost of hydration 💦 That's all that it really does, though. There's absolutely nothing bad I could say about it, I believe it could work beautifully as a hydrating essence for numerous skin types (there's also a "deep" version for truly dry skin,) the price tag is acceptable, the bottle is quite large at 50ml, just don't expect it to be anything more than a nice hydrating layer in your multi-step routine 💦 As such, as solid as it may be, it's also replaceable. - Love, Vik - on IG

This is one of those invisible or second-skin masks that you can forget you're wearing. The essence is very watery and scentless, and there's a lot of leftover in the pouch (too much, if you ask me.) I can easily wear this for about 45 minutes before it starts drying out, and it leaves my skin very smooth and extra hydrated with no residue. This is a great mask for days when you feel like your skin just needs that little oomph. 💦 Love, Vik - on IG

(I got this in color 13, "Pinky Brown") • I very rarely talk about the packaging of a product, but since many like to carry their lipsticks with them in their purse, I need to mention that the packaging of this lipstick seems very sturdy, and the cap doesn't come off easily, so it should be ready for travel. • The color I chose, while I don't see the "pinky" part of the Pinky Brown name, is actually beautiful. If anything, I believe it has a very slight orange-y tone to the brown, but unlike a lot of Korean makeup, this isn't in-your-face at all. It is buildable, but even at its deepest, this is still a very elegant color. It indeed has a sheen to it, but it isn't offensive at all. It feels very moisturizing going on, and it doesn't accentuate dry patches or lines on the lips (and my lips always has those.) • If you don't blot, it will transfer quite a lot and - despite the claims - start fading quite quickly. • If you do blot, though, it settles into a very nice, "my lips just nicer" type of matted color that does stay on for a few hours (unless you eat or drink; those will accelerate the fading.) It is not the kind of lipstick that will last all day, so be ready to reapply it. • Love, Vik - on IG

This is a peeling gel; I love using those in my routine when there's no chemical exfoliation involved, for they are so much less abrasive than physical exfoliants that can cause micro-tears on the skin, and they help get rid of dirt, unnecessary oils, and maybe SOME dead skin 🌟 Not unlike pretty much everything from THoW, this product has a strong flowery scent and a golden sheen to it 🌟  It's as pleasant to use as any average peeling gel; however, despite the steep price point - also typical of the brand - I really didn't see any obvious results beyond what any average - and much cheaper - peeling gel offers 🌟  Sure, my skin was softer and somewhat brighter, but it was nothing compared to the "real life IG effect" I've had with the Su:m37 Amazing Peeling Smoother or the Sulwhasoo Snowise Ex Exfoliating Gel (both of which I have used a gazillion times thanks to large bathes of samples for sale) 🌟  If you are willing to shell out more money for peeling gels, I'd suggest you go for either of those two vs. this THoW one. Love, Vik - on IG

First, the fit and the sheet are both way inferior to a lot of other Taiwanese masks. The sheet is rather thick and rigid, and the eye and mouth holes are extremely tiny, so I always have to do a lot of tailoring to make it at least acceptable. The essence is the stingiest thing I've ever put on my face, and it tends to sting a little at first. It also smells - to me - very strongly of cheap soap. Also, there's quite a lot of leftover in the pouch, and be careful if you try to apply it over the sheet because you might end up like the star at the end of every adult movie ever, with sticky stuff hanging over your eyes... Eventually, the sheet feels like it sticks to my fivehead and cheeks like a suction cup, while it folds and is unruly everywhere else. The essence is obviously nourishing/moisturizing all right; however, it feels like it never absorbs perfectly into my normal skin, leaving an obvious layer of product just sitting on top. I know that the Naruko craze has been sweeping the AB community in the US since their online store with awesome deals opened, and I also know a lot of people like this mask. Alas, I don't...

This serum has no scent that I could detect, and it had the slimy consistency of the CosRX snail essence 🐌  Not unlike that product, this got absorbed into my skin quite quickly and had a sort of immediate softening effect 🐌  I'm probably not too excited about it BECAUSE it reminds me so much of the CosRX essence, and that one - I had to conclude after using it for months and months - did nothing for my skin, but it also probably means that if you liked that, you'll like this, too 🐌  Love, Vik - on IG

(Please note that I have only used samples of this product, so this is a "first impression" review) • This cleansing foam's thick, it has a golden shine, and despite its name, it isn't particularly good at foaming 📀  It did leave the dreaded "squeaky clean" feeling, so this definitely isn't for someone who's hell bent on the low-pH life 📀  It left my normal skin slightly drier than I prefer, but I usually don't sweat it because I follow cleansing with several light hydrating layers 📀  Surprisingly, my skin was also visibly brighter than a minute earlier, which was unexpected 📀  It also didn't smell as strong as most other THoW products 📀  The price of the full-price product is around $30 on Amazon right now, so that's not bad for the 180ml tube; however, I think there are even cheaper second cleansers that are better, so I wouldn't purchase it 📀 Love, Vik - on IG

I have to admit: I don't really have the place in my routine or life for cleansing waters, but I read a glowing review about this one, and it was less than $10 with shipping from Korea for 300ml of product, so I grabbed a bottle. I love that it smells like sweet green tea and it's like water, but I don't like that I feel like it leaves a residue on my skin. I am using it up as a first quick cleanser in the morning when I use a peeling gel or wash-off mask (which is then followed by my regular foaming cleanser - the Gentle Cleansing Foam Ex by Sulwhasoo these days - before I move on to the rest of my morning routine, but I could absolutely live without it. Love, Vik - on IG

(Please note that I have only used samples of this product and this is a "first impression" review) • I've read that the pH of this serum is around 6.5, so don't expect any actual peeling 🍵  The fourth ingredient is straight up alcohol and it sure smells like it 🍵  It's mostly light with a slight viscous feeling to it 🍵  It sank in quite fast and left no residue on my normal face 🍵  Sadly, it is a very unimpressive product, on first try, and I know there are much nicer ones out there in the same price range. I am having issues trying to imagine who and what kind of skin type it could be that necessarily NEEDS this serum, especially with the high alchol content and no actual benefits of peeling 🍵 Love, Vik - on IG

(please note that I have only used samples of this product, so this is a "first impression" review) • I was very happy that it smelled less strongly than the other THoW essences and that it sank into my skin much faster, too. Turns out, that is because this is a FIRST essence... Go figure 🍃  I'd say this is about the thickness of the Sulwhasoo FTE, so if you like that, this might be a good alternative if you're getting bored. (I prefer the watery-ness of the Purebess Galactomyces, personally.) You'll be getting the same dreamy hangbang-y scent! 🍃  This one also has several "royal oriental herbs" in small microbeads that you might be able to see in this photo and that makes it pretty interesting 🍃 The full-size product is actually not THAT ridiculously expensive as THoW products typically are (around $75 on Amazon.) If you do have that much wiggle room in your skincare budget, this actually looks and feels like something that would be worth it 🍃  Love, Vik - on IG

First of all, the size and fit of this mask are 100% perfect for me! I didn't need to fold, cut, or tailor the sheet at all, which hardly ever happens 🌟  The sheet adheres wonderfully from the first seconds and stays put while I go about my business inside the house 🌟  The essence is gel-like, and smells really weird (like burnt coil?) 🌟  I could wear the mask for almost an hour (on top of all my morning light hydrating layers,) at which point it was pretty much dried out 🌟  There's minimal leftover essence that takes only a few seconds to pat into my skin, and there's absolutely no residue left 🌟  My skin emerges exceptionally bright, smooth, even-toned, and healthy looking 🌟  To me, this mask was an absolute winner! I'll definitely need to grab some more of these! 😍  Love, Vik - on IG

It's your typical second-skin, barely-there Taiwanese sheet that comes with a plastic backing and adheres to the skin wonderfully 🙆🏽  The size is PERFECT for me, it's like they modeled it after my very face; however, the eye holes are teeny tiny, and I did some serious tailoring after taking the photo below to make it comfortable 🙆🏽 Strangely, there are no cuts on the sides, which is fine with me since the size and shape fit my face so well, I just found it weird 🙆🏽  The essence is watery, its kinda sweet smells disappears very quickly, and there's hardly any leftover inside the pouch (which I love because it tells me it's in the sheet) 🙆🏽  I wore the mask for almost an hour, at which point is was dry (hey, I was feeding the dogs and administering their meds, that requires all my attention) and the little leftover essence was very easy to pat into my skin, even though I was wearing my heavier night layers underneath 🙆🏽 I LOVED the way my skin looked: it was so smooth, and even-toned, and healthy-looking! 🙆🏽  Love, Vik - on IG

I tried this modeling pack in the propolis flavor 🐝  It smells like scented sand (I know that's not an actual scent but that's what scented sand would smell like if it existed) and tastes like sand if it gets into your mouth 🐝  It's really drippy at first, and I made quite a mess in my sink and on my t-shirt, but I think I might have used just a little more water than I was supposed to 🐝  It was very easy to remove, and I was positively shocked by how bright and healthy my skin looked and felt. It also made my lips so soft! 🐝  It felt like it would behave really well under makeup, so I believe this would make the perfect mask before an event, a date, or whenever you want to look really good 🐝 I was very happy with the result, and I should grab a few of these, just in case I ever go on a date again 🐝 Love, Vik - on IG

(Please note that I have only used samples of this product so this is a "first impression" review) • This morning, I tried the Botanical Nutrition Power Serum by Be The Skin 🌿  It smells very sweet and fake, and while I'm not sensitive to scents, it felt a bit offensive at first 🌿  It is quite viscous and silicone-y at the same time, and while it looks like it's absorbed by my skin in a couple minutes (on top of an FTE, a light hydrating toner, and two light hydrating essences,) it still feels SLIGHTLY sticky to the touch 🌿  My first impression is nothing, well, impressive. It might be better suited for dry skin types (mine is normal,) but the artificial and strong fragrance alone was enough of a turn-off for me 🌿  Love, Vik - on IG

These hydrocolloid patches by Uniderm are by far my best hydrocolloid patches ever. I know nothing about the brand, and I keep buying these from the same little seller on eBay. These don't budge, they're less obvious than the CosRX patches, and they're AMAZING at flattening even headless zits (I have no idea how that works, it's pretty magical.)

It is a 12-free (!) hydrating and moisturizing product that can be used in lieu of a last-step moisturizer or before it, depending on your skin's needs 🌿 It smells strongly of something sweet and flowery; it's very pleasant to me but might be too much for some 🌿 It goes on very smooth and absorbs into my normal skin beautifully 🌿 I've found that its greatest strength is its softening quality: if I use it at night, I wake up with plumped, baby smooth skin. On hot days, it also works well on my normal skin as a last-step moisturizer 🌿 Unfortunately, it's quite silicone-heavy, and it tends to clog the pores along my jawline if I use it for several days in a row. It's nothing tragic, it's not inflamed zits, it's just that my pores are no fans of silicones 🌿 So, I use it about three times a week, and since you don't need much and it's a generous 140ml bottle, to make sure that I don't go past the after-opening expiration date, I also use it on my décolletage every day, and it's made it so soft 🌿 All in all, I think this is a very solid moisturizing, smoothing product for those whose skin doesn't mind 'cones, and I think this might work really well as a stand-alone moisturizer for younger people whose main goal is prevention 🌿

Love, Vik - on IG

This is a great chemical exfoliant that's potent, yet gentle enough for everyday use for a lot of people. It has helped my skin in two ways. One, it has made it so much smoother and brighter, by helping it shed dead layers without the visible peeling of the skin often associated with chemical exfoliation. Two, it has finally freed the stuff in my closed comedones that were stuck underneath said dead layers, creating whiteheads. I use it about 4 to 5 times a week, depending on what my skin looks like it needs, and it's been a major game changer in my skincare routine. If you're new to chemical exfoliation, please make sure you introduce any chemical exfoliant gradually and let your skin adjust. Also, with chemical exfoliation, the daily and diligent use of sunscreen becomes especially crucial. - Love, Vik • on IG

I used to love this powder when I started on my AB journey, for I had serious issues with oiliness, and this acted like a real-life IG filter as soon as I applied it, and kept my excess sebum at bay for several hours. As soon as my skin became more balanced and went from extremely oily to normal, I realized I could no longer use this, for it was very drying and really accentuated lines and wrinkles. So, try it if you have oily to very oily skin (and it's not dehydrated,) but you kight want to stay away if your skin is normal or drier. • Love, Vik - on IG

Meh. I understand this is a terribly popular BB cream, I just don't understand why. I use the color #27 and it would be an OK-ish match for my skin tone if it weren't for the strong gray cast it leaves on my face. It never really goes away on me, and it gives me a sickly color. It also transfers very easily (so don't wear it with anything high neck, like a sweater or a jacket,) settles into fine lines/wrinkles, and doesn't provide a mind-blowing coverage. I know many people enjoy using this, but it really hasn't worked for me, unfortunately. • Love, Vik - on IG

The smell is pretty strong, the sheet is rough and surprisingly dry (not dry dry, but certainly not drenched in the essence,) the fit is not awful, but it was made for people with teeny-tiny ant eyes. • As you can see in the photo below, I had to cut across by the bridge of my nose (which I usually do, anyway,) and pull the whole thing up so that I can actually see out from behind it. I am also not sure why there is a lateral cut on the nose part (I didn't do that,) but I am sure it has its benefit. Somehow. • The mask felt like it had dried out after about a quarter of an hour, but when I removed it, there was still some essence left to massage in. On a positive note, it wasn't sticky and didn't feel like my skin was suffocating under toomuchstuff like some other masks have. • Obviously, I couldn't have been expecting too much from a mask this cheap, and it didn't do much, indeed. On the plus side, the leftover essence sunk in really well (maybe because it was mostly H2O) and didn't leave a sticky feeling. • Love, Vik - on IG

This mask is superior to a whole lot of masks in the same price category (that is, possibly the cheapest sheet masks you can buy.) • It also has a strong, artificial scent (although not as strong as the others,) but the essence is milky (which I love,) the fit is much better, and the sheet itself is much softer than most. • It stays comfortably moist for about a half an hour, and while the essence left behind feels quite thick, initially, it takes much less effort to tap it in than expected. • It leaves my skin ultra-moisturized, and it's a great value for the price, both in terms of effects and the masking experience itself. • Love, Vik - on IG

This review is about the Pomegranate flavor • The mask is on OK fit, but nothing to write home about. It adheres quite nicely to the skin, though. It was nicely drenched in essence, leaving next to nothing inside the pouch once I removed it. • I could leave it on for about a half an hour before it started coming off, all limp and dry, by my chin. • The result? Honestly, the usual: no better or worse than even cheaper masks I have tried. I agree that comparing each rather cheap sheet mask to other rather cheap sheet masks will never result in a huge surprise. They plump my skin, give my face a very healthy, unified color and make it soft, but that's about it. • I'd say stay away from this one, though, because of the seemingly high content of denatured alcohol. I am sure you can find other inexpensive sheet masks on the market in which it is lower on the ingredient list. • Love, Vik - on IG

This is a review of the Honey flavor, which is the only one about which I seem to have any notes left, but I recall all of the flavors I tried to be pretty much the same masking experience. • The material of the mask is pretty rough, and it was obviously made for someone with a wider face than mine. I hate it when a sheet mask wants to crawl into my ears... • It first seemed rather dry and I even double-checked that it hadn't expired yet; that is, until I took a peek into the package and realized just how much essence there was left. A lotNot sure if it is because I store my sheet masks upright (even though I can't recall having this issue before) or because the material just isn't as good at soaking up the essence as it should be. I suspect it might be a little bit of both. • I patted all the essence (a whole lot of essence, in case you missed that part) on the mask, hoping that it will seep through and all the way into my skin. This way, I could leave it on for well over 20 minutes, which isn't very impressive. • My face felt very sticky when I finally removed the sheet, and no amount of - increasingly aggravated - patting seemed to help.
It took my face about 20 minutes before it felt smooth and I no longer thought the essence was suffocating my skin. Once this happened, though, my skin was supple and looked truly healthy. Then again, that's pretty much how it feels after whatever sheet mask I use. I never purchased another one of these again. • Love, Vik - on IG

(Disclaimer: I have used a 40ml deluxe sample of this product, which lasted me almost three months.) • As you can see, my sample tube wasn't quite as fancy as the original packaging - which also includes a ginormous amount of 245 ml of product, - but it was efficient and hygienic, and certainly more convenient than having to decant product from tiny pouches. • Even though I have used up all of it already, I am still unaware of its pH level, and neither was I able to find out about it for certain. A blog called The Beauty Imprint claims it's 6.5 or 7, while the owner of LoveAt1stShine says it is both 7 and 9, all in the same blog post, so it's still a mystery. Just based on my own experience, and how this cleanser made my skin feel, I'll assume that the former post is likely accurate. While a pH level of 6.5 to 7 is on the higher end of what's now considered acceptable in much of the Asian Beauty blogosphere - potentially on the lower end of "I won't put it on my face, nuh-uh!", - this cleanser never made my skin feel tight or stripped. • It lathers beautifully - and you really only need a small amount of product, so if you end up buying the full-size bottle, it might actually last forever, - it cleans really well, and it makes my skin soft. Really, it does everything I need for a foaming (or second) cleanser to do. • The smell is a little hanbang-y, but that's to be expected from Su:m37. Besides, my sense of smell isn't the greatest, so unless a scent is absolutely atrocious, I will not have an issue with it. • Love, Vik - on IG

(Disclaimer: I used this after the Steam Pore Pack, and the two products work wonderfully together; I believe that they're better together than separate.) • Its consistency is more that of a clay pack, so it isn't quite as easy to spread, it's very cool against the skin, and it smells slightly minty. • After the recommended ten-to-fifteen minutes, it's not as simple to remove as the Steam Pore Pack; however, it's nowhere near as bad as most Western pore masks I had used. It does take a little work, but it's worth it: once my skin is clean, it looks like I had used a real-life Instagram filter on it. My pores do seem smaller, and my skin is very matte, yet healthy-looking. Any redness is gone, and it feels like it's a brand new, fresh canvas, if that makes any sense. • Love, Vik - on IG

(Disclaimer: I used this before the Original Pore Pack, and the two products work wonderfully together; I believe that they're better together than separate.) • The "hot" pack goes on very smoothly, is easy to spread, and does make you feel like it's warming up your skin; and, not only for the first few seconds like the Innisfree Sea Weed Capsule Pack does. It's not uncomfortable, though, and since the mask is so smooth, I accidentally left it on for longer than the five-to-ten-minutes recommendation, which I don't believe made any sort of difference, given that the other times I had used it, I had followed the instructions to a T. • It is very easy to remove - I used cotton pads soaked in water, and finally got rid of the leftover by splashing my face with warm water, - and it leaves my skin super-soft. I didn't see much of a difference pore-wise, but my skin seemed to love this stuff. • Love, Vik - on IG

As usual with luxury products, I went for a ten-piece sample pack from a trusted eBay seller, decanted it all into a jar. • I never use it on a cotton pad; I tried it the first time around, and even though I had no idea what I was supposed to feel, I wasn't feeling it. I just like to put it directly on my face first, then start lightly massaging it all over until it gets all clumpy. When I am done, I wash off the residue with lots of water, and then start ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how it seems like I have applied some real-life Instagram filter over my skin. • True to its name, this product is truly amazing. For just a tad bit over USD 30.00 in well-known online stores like KoreaDepart or YesStyle, I'll say (and I am cheap) that even the 120 ml full-size bottle is absolutely worth the price. • I know many Asian Beauty fanatics struggle with the problem of having a hard time which product does exactly how much because we tend to layer a gazillion things on our faces. For this reason, I will not be able to tell you if this peeling gel alone has made any real difference in my skin overtime. However, I can say with absolute certainty that the immediate results alone make it an exceptional product in my jungle of products. • Love, Vik - on IG

This was the first ever Korean clay mask I had used, and I had just started on this journey. Back then, my face was always an oil field, no matter what I did, no matter how expensive Western products I used (I am assuming those awful toners that were basically water mixed with alcohol, were doing my skin no favors, either.) It was also summertime, so alltheoil mixed with the sweating... Yeah, it wasn't a good look. • At first, this mask felt like the myriad of Western clay masks I had used; it's rather rigid, not a whole lot of fun to spread, and smells mostly like sand (if sand has a smell. I don't know. My sense of smell kinda sucks.) It is also a pain in the butt to scoop out of the jar container, so I always use a spatula (with which it doesn't come.) • The first main difference I noticed, is that it didn't start pulling at my skin as it started drying. It didn't feel uncomfortable like all those drying Western clay masks that always felt like they had formed a layer of concrete on my skin which would only be able to be removed by tools that contractors use. (I have no idea what they are. A scraper, maybe? You get the picture...) • The next surprise came when I started removing it. I did not need a scraper! Now, this is a clay mask, so I will not pretend that it just slid off of my face like baby oil. However, when I started washing it off with water, it actually did wash off. My previous experiences with clay masks had included them not budging for what felt like forever. • The third, and final, enjoyable surprise was how my skin felt after using this mask. Unlike the aforementioned Western clay masks, this one didn't suck alltheoils out of my skin; in fact, it felt soft and happy, while it was, indeed, free of all the excess oil, and my pores did seem smaller. • I no longer use this product, not only because my skin no longer needs it, but also because it got past its one-year after-opening date and I had to throw out the little I still had left, but I still think fondly of it, and I consider it a great clay mask for those struggling with oiliness. • Love, Vik - on IG

The essence smells very flowery, even to me whose sense of smell is pretty busted. I don't really mind, but I can see how others might. However, this is the best-fitting sheet mask I have ever tried in my entire life. Ever. • It really did feel like a second skin. It was perfect. So perfect that I was all sad-like when I realized it was time to take it off, after about 45 minutes. And, I normally cannot wait to take off a sheet mask. • I didn't have to do anything to it. No little cuts or tears, no constant adjustments (I can't just lie down, so I wear sheet masks while going about my business.) I just put it on, it stayed on... and it was perfect. • What blew my mind was that even as it was drying out, it didn't start detaching in all kinds of weird places. I was wishing I could wear this for hours. • The leftover essence felt thick and oily, but it sunk into my normal skin in about five minutes. • Interestingly, I didn't really see any fantastic brightening effect; what it looked like, once the essence had sunk in, was almost as if I had applied a real-life Instagram filter. My skin was extremely soft - and, if this makes any sense, not only to the touch, but visibly soft. • I wish I had saved it for a day when I actually leave the house and don't go to bed within an hour, but it just looked so fancy that I wasn't able to resist trying it. • Love, Vik - on IG

This mask's star ingredient is bamboo sap water, which - according to FutureDerm - has very limited research behind it as a skincare ingredient, and "as far as anti-aging and potential limitation of melanin production, initial studies are promising, but limited." I am fine with that. The same can be said about snail mucus, and it's been amazing to my skin. • It all probably doesn't even matter that much since not only is it the fourth ingredient on the list (behind every mediocre sheet masks' first three ingredients of water, glycerin, and butylene glycol,) according to the packaging, it takes up no more than a measly 1 percent of the essence. Meh. • And you know what? Even that I would have been fine with. After all, this type of an ingredient list is typical for most mediocre sheet masks I have ever used, yet they have all hydrated and temporarily plumped my skin. • What I was absolutely not fine with, was the atrocity you can see in the photo I am attaching. This is possibly the most ill-fitting sheet mask I have ever tried. Ever. • One of the reasons I am not crazy for sheet masks, is that it really annoys me when one doesn't fit perfectly, which they hardly ever do. However, I can usually fix it with a few cuts here and there, and make them sufficient enough where I can stand wearing them for about 20 minutes. This wasn't the case here. As I was desperately trying to make it fit to a point where it's at least bearable, it just fell apart. • It was absolutely impossible for me to keep it on my face for over five minutes because it was just so awful. Which is a shame, really, because - despite the thoroughly unimpressive ingredient list, - even after such a short time, I could tell that my skin actually liked the essence. So, I patted it in, and tried to forget that this product ever existed. • Love, Vik - on IG

I got this in color RD807 Candy Red • First of all, I think that we can all agree that this lipstick is damn cute. With its light pink packaging and heart-shaped, well, lipstick, I can see how every 15 year-old falls in love with it. Granted, I am 40, but hey, I still like the occasional cute thing. • I cannot say that the heart-shaped end makes application any easier; it is actually slightly tricky until one figures it out. Remember, though, that I am not well versed when it comes to lipsticks, so it might be easier to get a hang of to those of you who apply lipstick much, much more frequently than I do. • I will say this lipstick is nicely pigmented; then again, I am used to tinted lip balms, so this might not be anything extraordinary for the lipstick aficionado. I can see anyone wearing it to run errands without looking "made-up," to work without looking out of place (I guess that also depends on your line of work, though,) to dinner (more about its lasting abilities later,) or even on a night out. • I am not great with nuances when it comes to colors, but I feel like this particular color has an orangey undertone that I wasn't expecting to see, based on the swatches available online. It's not outrageous, and it might just be my imagination. • If you do blot first, the staying power of this little lipstick can be pretty impressive. The first time I wore it, I applies it in the morning, went about my day, went over to my father's house for lunch with the dogs, and there was still quite some lipstick left at around 3 PM. The color also fades gradually, so it really isn't obvious. • It does feel very silky when applied and doesn't settle into dry cracks. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips at all, either. All in all, it is a surprisingly comfortable product to wear. • However, I will say this - and it might easily be a coincidence in the wintertime, - the day after, my lips do feel drier than before. I do not know if there's anything on that impossible to understand ingredient list that might, in the long run, cause some dryness, or it has been, indeed, a coincidence. • Love, Vik - on IG

I can't believe I had never reviewed these before! I say "these" because I have several colors of the Jewel-light eyeliners, and I love all of them. Some are more sparkly than others; and the light ones are awesome for brightening under the eye (and thus making your eyes look larger, younger, and more awake,) while the darker ones can be used above the eye - as your regular eyeliner, except the sparkles make those special and not at all "regular." The staying power is pretty great, especially if you use an eye primer. I am not a big makeup person (I used to be, I just can't really be bothered anymore,) but 9 out of 10 times I want to use an eyeliner, I find myself reaching for one of these.

I used a large sample of this sleeping pack in lieu of my night cream for a few weeks. It is a very thick, very rigid cream. Once you apply it on your face, though, it becomes quite oily at first, making it easier to spread, and sinks in rather surprisingly quickly, in about five minutes. The slip is amazing, and it makes application much easier. • I am even wondering if it could be used as a massage pack, given that one uses a larger amount than normal. However, it's juuuuust a little too pricey for that. • I don't think the crappy cell phone photo below shows this pack's "rigidity," but you can see how it starts melting as soon as it comes in contact with my fingers (which are always pretty cold.) • It did make my skin very soft, and that softness lasted until the morning. It is very hard for me to judge its moisturizing/hydrating benefits, since - and I know this is a "problem" many of us struggle with - I use several light, hydrating layers, both morning and evening, under my cream, so a finishing product has to be very exceptional to produce very obvious results in this aspect. • I neither can vouch for its "whitening" powers, since AB products have been wonderful at lightening my sun spots and giving me more of an even skin tone in general, so I don't have high expectations in this regard, either. • In the morning, my skin always felt very soft, and my face looked well-rested (which the rest of my body never feels like.) • I never noticed any extra whiteheads, which is something that typically becomes obvious after two-to-three uses with silicone-heavy products like this one. • Love, Vik - on IG

This sheet was not drenched in essence at all. What's strange is that there was practically no essence left in the pouch, either, so I have no idea where 21ml of *stuff* has gone. • So, the sheet was rather dry-ish, and while it was a surprisingly good fit (where I didn't even have to make that lateral cut between my eyes,) the material was nothing to write home about. It was thin, which is like, but it was still rather rough. • After about a quarter of an hour, I felt the sheet starting to dry out, so I removed it and patted in the leftover essence. • As for the performance, I regret to say this was only a mediocre mask for me, and while it did temporarily plump my skin, I do not feel that it did much of anything that would make me want to use it again. • Love, Vik - on IG

Positively surprised is what I was with this mask. There is quite a lot of essence left in the pouch, despite the facts that 1. it only contains 20 ml, and 2. the sheet, once removed, is beautifully dripping. Speaking of the sheet itself, to me, it is surprisingly nice for such a cheap mask; it's thin and adheres to the skin wonderfully, and it's stretchy enough where I can nicely adjust it to fit my face. Except for the eyes, of course. With the vast majority of sheet masks, I have to make a lateral cut between the eyes, but that's OK; it's very easy to do, and it makes most masks fit much nicer. • I could wear this mask for over a half an hour - which is a good amount of time for me, since I usually end up looking for excuses to remove sheet masks, - and it left my skin very smooth, very peaceful, and very rested. The leftover essence sunk in nicely, and didn't leave behind any yucky layer. • Love, Vik - on IG

(Disclaimer: I had a ten-pack of samples of this product. As you will see, I ended up not using them all.) •  It has a thick, oily, lotion-like consistency that I never felt had truly sunk in while I was testing it. It does have a pretty intense scent (my sense of smell is pretty busted, so I won't be able to describe the scent in detail; however, I can tell you that if I say it's pretty strong, then it's pretty damn strong.) • After three nights of using this product in lieu of my night moisturizer, there was suddenly a thin layer of oil covering my face, and it just wouldn't go away. The good thing is that it wasn't the type of nasty, dirty, suffocating, excess sebum-like layer I had been used to, before embarking on my AB journey. But, it was a layer of oil, and an extra layer of oil is not something I particularly want to return to. • I know that it is a "look." There was an episode of the Beauty Bible where they talked about how bad excess oil was, and the expert's face was so shiny I almost felt bad for her. I understand that this is a look some women find not only attractive, but desirable. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I have been enjoying my layers of hydration without the excess sebum/oily look, and I am not planning to try and achieve something completely different. And so, sadly, I quit this product after using it nightly for a week. • Love, Vik - on IG

This product is like a sheet mask (or ten tiny sheet masks, to be precise) for nails. You get one "mask" for each nail/finger, each is soaked in a slightly milky and classical body lotion-smelling essence, you pull one onto each finger, and then you wait. • Now, I have had a couple issues figuring this out. • First, I wasn't paying attention to the fact that each little cap (I'll call these "caps") was of a slightly different size, and ended up with the one for the thumb, on my pinky, so I had to do some rearranging. • Second, either side of each cap is of a different texture. One (that you will see in the photo below) is rougher, the other, soft and somewhat "padded." • I started with the rough side on top (it is also longer than the soft side,) then decided to turn the caps around at around the ten-minute mark. Having tried both, I am still unsure which way is supposed to be up, and the directions are of no help. • The 15-minute wait time is acceptable, even for someone as impatient - with slight attention span issues - as I; just make sure you're ready to really not do anything for 15 minutes. No phone calls, no trying to grab a glass of water, no having to use the bathroom. Needless to say, I did receive a call in the middle of my mini mani session. These babies do notwork with touch phones. I tried... • The "after experience" is very sheet mask-y, too. • You have some leftover essence that you need to - in this case - rub in. • Like with most sheet masks, it feels slightly tacky at first, but I am happy to report that the essence does soak in beautifully in about five minutes. • The results are sheet mask-esque, too. The surface of the nails and the surrounding skin receives an instant burst of hydration and is smoothed. It's pretty. • Unfortunately, just like with sheet masks, the results are only temporary. And, just like with sheet masks, unless you use it on a daily, or almost-daily basis - in which case it becomes a pretty damn pricy hobby, - said results will not stick around. • Love, Vik - on IG

(I got this in color #25 Deep Beige) • Like each and every Sulwhasoo product I have ever had the pleasure of holding and smelling, this cushion is in an absolutely gorgeous, heavy, elegant case, and the cream inside smells just slightly hanbang-y, which I love. • For some reason, I am having an easier time finding the right amount - as in "not too much" - of cream to apply, than I have found with other cushions. Also, the light patting of the sponge against my skin does seem to do the job; whereas, with other cushions, I often ended up using too much product and therefore achieving a very unflattering, cake-y finish, or just having a hard time applying an even layer. • Neither was an issue with this cushion. • Even though it is only a shade or two darker than your typical "darker" kind of cushions (as well as BB and CC creams, which are always too light for me,) and while I am admittedly pretty much half-blind when it comes to figuring out skin tones, and undertones, and overtones, and what-not, this cream seems to be a close-perfect match for me. As time goes by, and it sinks in (plus most likely somewhat oxidizes,) it is practically unnoticeable; it's that "my skin, only better" type of feeling. • It gives my skin a finish that is just a tad bit dewy; not dewy where I feel like a disco ball or think that all these Western people will assume my skin is oily (because they fail to realize that unltra-dewy doesn't equal oily,) but dewy where it looks just very, very healthy, and feels very, very soft and peaceful. Which is my main skincare goal. • Love, Vik - on IG

There's a whole lot of essence in the pouch. I put a lot of it on my neck and décolletage, and there was still more than enough left to pour over the sheet itself (once it was on my face.) • The essence is halfway between watery and milky, which is a perfectly fine consistency, if you ask me. It smells like fermented flowers (is that even something that exists?) but the scent eventually goes away. • Like the description says, it's a two-piece mask. You're supposed to put on the upper part first, which I certainly did the other way around. Either way, it worked perfectly. If you have ever had a facial (it's been a very long time for me, but I am pretty sure they still do it,) you know the part where they put a warm towel over your face and it hugs you like a second skin? Well, that's what wearing this mask reminded me of. While the sheet isn't the Taiwanese second-skin type - it's thicker than that, - it hugged my face absolutely perfectly, staying in place like it had been born to be there. (Which, I guess, it kinda was.)  • While I usually have issues with the fit of sheet masks, this was just perfect; and, because of its two-piece nature, I believe most people can manipulate it where they will have a similar experience, despite the difference in facial shapes and sizes. • I could happily go about my business inside the apartment while wearing this mask, and it wasn't going anywhere. In fact, it was exceptionally comfortable to wear, which I hardly ever say about any sheet mask.  • I had it on my face for 40+ minutes, at which point some parts were trying to dry out, but I had expected for there to be a lot of essence to pat in. Nope. There was hardly anything - my skin had happily eaten up all the cocoon-y, ginseng-y goodness. • Once the very little essence still on top of my skin was gone (it was probably 30 seconds of patting; nothing, really,) my skin looked pretty damn fabulous. It was visibly lighter/brighter than less than an hour earlier, it was silky smooth to the touch, my finest lines were (temporarily) gone, and overall, everything was very plump and bouncy. • Love, Vik - on IG

I have this in color #4 (Juicy Cherry,) and I am sure I am not the only one who originally purchased it for the cute packaging. Other than that, though, it's a very average and forgettable product for me; so much so, that when I just saw it pop up as a Daily Obsession on the front page of Amabie, I realized I had it SOMEWHERE, but couldn't remember when I had used it last, and wasn't sure where exactly to go and look for it. I did find it (I wanted to check the color I have,) and I smeared it on my lips again, and was reminded immediately why I had forgotten about it. Don't get me wrong, it's an OK product. It is very faintly tainted, it is sort of glossy, and it - at least the cherry color that I have - gives my lips a nice, healthy tone and glow... for about a half an hour. Then it starts fading. Forget eating or drinking. Yeah, it's also slightly hydrating, but nothing to write home about, for me. See, it's just OK for me, in every aspect. It's inexpensive and the packaging is cute, and it's fine to carry around and reapply on days when you really only need some sheer pigmentation, but I am sure I am not going to repurchase it. Love, Vik - on IG

If your skin likes hyaluronic acid (HA,) it will LOVE the premium lotion from the Gokujyun line bu Hada-Labo. It includes HA of five different molecular weighs, so it will drench different layers of your skin with pure hydration. I use a generous amount on my normal skin every night (the Japanese "lotion" is a toner or skin, so you'd use it after cleansing and before your essences/serums,) and I wake up each morning with skin that feels like I have JUST splashed it with water. I really do think that it boosts the effects of my light hydrating layers, too, and helps my skin retain as much water as it possibly can. To me, this isn't heave or sticky at all, although it does feel somewhat viscous going on. It absorbs beautifully. This is absolutely a must-have in my night routine. - Love, Vik - on IG

(Disclaimer: I have only used samples of this product) - 

It bubbled up just enough and felt quite moisturizing while I massaged it 🐣  It did leave a SLIGHT feeling of squeakiness, so I'll ASSUME (no pH strips) that it's probably not low-pH, per se, but within a range with which most skin types are fine 🐣  It actually left my skin really soft 🐣  After a couple minutes, though, I could feel that it could no longer wait for the hydrating/nourishing part of my routine 🐣  Love, Vik - on IG

(Disclaimer: I have only used samples of this product) - Like all Korean BB/CC creams/cushions, this goes on too light for my skin tone but settles in a few minutes 💕 Once it does, my skin looks more even-toned (don't expect it to fully cover serious discoloration, but it can mask those really well,) soft, healthy, and dewy (without looking greasy) 💕  It has sort of a fluffy texture that doesn't just sit on top of my skin 💕  It gradually fades over about six hours, during which it doesn't collect in wrinkles, and it keeps my skin very healthy-looking 💕  This is possibly my favorite product from the BB/CC cream/cushion category I've ever tried (along with an O Hui CC cream that I can no longer buy samples of) 💕 Love, Vik - on IG

(Disclaimer: I have only tried some samples of this product) 

The scent is very strong - as kind of expected of a HoW product - but this one is so beautifully flowery to me, and it makes smearing it on such a luxurious experience 👑  It's thick, viscous, and almost snaily-gooey 👑  It takes a couple minutes to be absorbed by my normal skin, and while it does feel like there's a very little viscous residue left, it's not sticky at all, and my skin feels ultra-nourished 👑  It also doesn't leave any visible residue; in fact, it almost seems like it has a slight mattifying effect, which is quite trippy given how nourishing it feels 👑  Probably not for oilier skin types or hot days, I think this would work best for drier and/or aging skin 👑  I'm pretty impressed, and I might eventually buy a bigger batch of samples (the full-size price is WAY out there for me) to see what it can do with long-term use 👑 Love, Vik - on IG

This was a completely blind purchase off of eBay. I'd never tried anything by Ishard before, and I still know very little about this mask since all important information on the packaging is in Korean.
The essence is watery, it smells faintly sweet but it dissipates in a few seconds, and there's very little left over in the pouch (which I like because I guess it means it's in the sheet itself.)
The sheet is of medium thickness, but it's very stretchy (almost feels like cloth, and I mean it in the best way possible,) and it has a lot of pre-made cuts which all make it very easy to manipulate to fit one's face. It's very clingy and I could go about my business inside the house without it slipping or moving.
I wore this mask for 40+ minutes. There was very little leftover essence which took very little patting to be absorbed completely, without any sticky or oily residue.
This mask was a very nice surprise, for it left my skin bright, hydrated, and smooth. I'll have to see where I can get other Ishard masks to try.

Love, Vik - on IG

Holika Holika is always a hit or miss for me, so I was apprehensive when I received this mask as a freebie with an order of sheet masks, but I ended up being happy with it. The fit wasn't as bad as most other masks for me (and "not as bad" is often the best it gets in that department,) the material was comfortable, and the sheet stayed wet for well over a half an hour. My skin did look plumper, healthier, and SOMEWHAT brighter after wearing it. I did leave a heavy-ish residue on my normal skin, so I'd suggest using it at night.

Love, Vik - on IG

Until reading the couple previous reviews here, I'd had no idea this was supposed to brighten/lighten post-acne discoloration (I don't really see any of the start ingredients do that, but please do correct me if I'm wrong.) I use it to calm down active zits (which, thankfully, I don't have many of, it's more like the occasional one or two during that time of the month) and I feel like it works exceptionally well for that. I'd use this during the day (it does leave a bit of a shiny residue, but it's not that obvious) and a pimple patch at night, and my occasional zit goes away WAY quicker than it normally would. The only reason I took off one little heart in the rating is because it smells heavily of alcohol.

Love, Vik - on IG

I used up a bottle of this, and loved it at first. Then, as I kept trying and testing other products, and had more of a base for comparison, I realized that other than some VERY light hydration and some immediate softening, it wasn't actually doing anything for my skin. Whether it was my growing disdain that it felt, or my skin had just had enough, just as I was finishing the bottle, I noticed that my skin started tingling and turned really red each time I used it. So, I ended up just using this up on décolletage. 

Love, Vik - on IG

My skin LOVES galactomyces (as demonstrated by the fact that the FTE that has worked best on it so far is the Galactomyces 100 by Purebess) and it HATED this product. First, it smells putrid and it leaves a very, VERY strange, non-sticky residue on my skin. It's like I have this extremely thin, extremely dry mask on? It's hard to explain. It's awful. Worse than that, my very non-reactive skin broke out in angry, inflamed zits along my jawline after the second use (nothing new added to my routine, so I know it was this little devil.) I have no idea what it was that caused it (oftentimes, it's not a single ingredient, it's the formulation of the product that makes one's skin act up and protest,) but since using it was so unpleasant anyway, I don't really care, to be honest. It just didn't work for me at all.

Love, Vik - on IG

Sure, Vitamin C is a great skincare ingredient, except it will do absolutely nothing in a 5% concentration. The reason why other products have such a high concentration is because they NEED to. That's just the way ascorbic acid is. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this product - I think it's probably a nicer-than-average light hydrating serum, I just hate the false marketing claims. It is actually way oilier, out of the bottle, than I had thought, and it does need some time to be absorbed into my normal skin, which makes me wonder whether it would be too viscous for people with oilier skin types. It does produce a very nice hydrating and soothing effect, and my skin is more supple after using it. You get 50ml in a bottle, which will last you quite a long time, and it actually makes the price quite reasonable. I just don't think this is an OUTSTANDING product, and I was kinda glad to move on when I used up my bottle.

Love, Vik - on IG

I'm very conflicted about this product. I want to love it so badly - and I DO love using it. It feels luxurious and smells like a dream! It absorbs into my skin quite quickly, and leaves no residue behind. HOWEVER, I also don't think it has done anything spectacular for my skin. I had had a gazillion deluxe samples, and I also received a full-size bottle as a gift (squeeee!) so I have been using it for over a year. I tried other FTE's here and there, and the way cheaper Purebess Galactomyces 100 one is the only one that has made a very visible difference to my skin. So, while I love USING this product, I don't feel the barely-there effects it has on my skin warrants the price, or even makes me want to use it much longer.

Love, Vik - on IG

I always need to have a bottle of this at home, in case of an emergency! I had second-degree burns on my right hand last winter (I need to stay out of the kitchen,) and I used this - and nothing else - on it every few hours. Not only did it help with the pain - albeit temporarily, - my burn (which covered about half of the top of my hand) healed extremely quickly, and you could never tell that it was ever there! I also use it after shaving, on random skin rashes on my body, even as a light conditioner/soothing product on my rescue dogs after bathing them. Oh, and I absolutely adore the aloe scent! This is a must-have product for me.

Love, Vik - on IG

This is a very silicone-heavy, medium-weight gel that has an immediate smoothing effect due to them aforementioned silicones. Which are the same ingredients that have the tendency to clog pores which is exactly what they did for me. Other than the r/asianbeauty cicle-jerking (for which I also fall so many times) and the fact that Mizon products are cheap and ship for free on RRS (so you KNOW everyone gets a few of them with their first RRS order, especially when they're new to AB and don't have a whole lot to compare products to,) I have absolutely no idea why this would be as popular as it is in the Western AB world. It is average-at-best, and there are so much better products out there in the same price category. It MIGHT feel nice to someone with extremely oily skin whose pores don't get clogged by a lot of silicones, but other than that, I am not perfectly sure who would use this. Sorry. :/

Love, Vik - on IG

I keep receiving samples of this with every other order from Korea and I just want to scream, "Stop, already! I hate this!" It is a cheap, useless facial cream that I don't think provides any long-term benefits, however, it does cover your face with an awful, strong, and noticeable white cast (think Halloween and ghosts. Boo.) It doesn't get absorbed by my normal skin, it's like some sort of freakish clown paint, and I am pretty shocked that it has been on the Korean market for so long. At this point, I keep throwing out the samples I get, and you couldn't pay me to use this, let alone me spending my own money on it. No, Sir.

Love, Vik - on IG

This is a fine toner for pH-balancing. Of course, this isn't an active itself (for the concentration of each the AHA and the BHA is too low,) even though it's low-pH - but that's what makes it a good product to use before a pH-dependent active. I absolutely hate the spray bottle (should I get it in my eyes, or spray half of the bottle somewhere other than a cotton pad? stupidest idea ever for a toner of this kind!) so I always decant it into a regular toner bottle and use it on a cotton pad. I doubt it has any real skincare benefits, and I have seen a lot of people with drier/more sensitive skin complain about how harsh it was for them; for me, this is nothing more and nothing less than a pH-balancing product. For that, it works. For anything else, I don't think one should expect too much.

Love, Vik - on IG

This is such a nice product! It's a very lighweight toner that's toner-like in consistency, and it smells so much like sweet tea (which I love but I understand it might be slightly offensive to those with a sensitive nose.) It absorbs immediately and it provides a wonderful layer of light hydration without stickiness, oiliness, any sort of residue. It also has an immediate calming effect; however, I am not sure about the long-term calming benefits for I, thankfully, don't suffer from acne. 

It is simply a solid product that's not particularly magical, but it can find its place in the routines of many a different people.

Love, Vik - on IG

I've been using this toner for a few months now, in my morning routine, and it adjusts to the change of seasons wonderfully. It's light enough for the summertime, yet potent enough for when the weather turns colder. It smells like fermented flowers (which might not sound good, but trust me, it is,) which makes applying it that much more of an enjoyable experience. It's watery-viscous (if that makes any sense,) halfway in thickness between water and your average essence, and it absorbs very quickly, making my skin feel like I somehow injected water underneath it. It's a great little product (and there are large batches of samples available online, so I never pay full price. ;))

Love, Vik - on IG

I'd had such high hopes for this product, for - by all accounts - it sounded like a very solid, effective, and stable Vitamin C serum. When I used it over my entire face (you can use it on individual spots or the entire face, according to the directions,) it made my skin pretty angry, so I settled for every other day. It goes on very oily - it does look like some very thin oil, coming out of the tube, - but it is absorbed without any residue in a few minutes (that's where I like to wash my teeth, so that I can give it some time to disappear.) Unfortunately, it has done absolutely nothing for me, in terms of brightening/fading my sun spots and other discolorations. And, I have been using it every other morning for months and months (the tube might seem small, but it will last you a LONG time.) The one thing I have noticed is that it works pretty well on the occasional zit, making it go away much faster than it would on its own. 

Love, Vik - on IG

This treatment is an absolute miracle. The tiny tubes may look, well, tiny but one is enough for about four uses, so they last quite a while. I use this product once a week to once every two weeks, and it keeps my previously oiliniess- and flakiness-prone scalp that felt sort of "congested" so fresh! It tingled way too much the first time, to a point where I thought it was doing something freakish, but as the skin on my scalp got cleaner and healthier, the tingling gradually faded. I cannot think of a single type of scalp skin that wouldn't be grateful for these little treatments, but I can imagine these might make the most obvious difference for those with oily hair and/or dandruff.

Love, Vik - on IG

My favorite sunscreen ever. Others have said everything about it on here and other corners of the Interwebz, too: it's very lightweight, it disappears into the skin, it's affordable and readily available outside of Japan as well, it provides quite solid protection. No complaints here. :)

Love, Vik - on IG

To me, this is a cheap, awful product. The scent is absolutely offensive - and I am crazy for coconut, but this is so strong and chemical that I cannot imagine leaving it on my face overnight for the fear of it doing something terrible. So, I tried it as a wash-off mask, but the leftover residue was so thick that I had to double-cleanse to get rid of it. It's basically a LOT of cheap silicones with water and some hydrating ingredient and a whole lot of suffocating fragrance. It is by far one of the worst Korean products I have ever tried.

Love, Vik - on IG

This is a three-step mask that promises to "make the skin moisturized, healthy, and smooth by promoting skin elasticity" with star ingredients like adenosine, hydrolized collagen, ubiquinone (AKA Coenzyme Q10) as well as numerous plant extracts.
Step 1 is an Ampoule (1.5ml). It smells very strongly of something I can't quite put my finger on, but it dissipates, and even though it's thick and quite a lot, it gets absorbed very quickly. I don't have the full ingredient list, but this feels pretty siliconey to me.
Step 2 is a Sheet Mask (22ml). The material is of medium thickness and stretchy, and very easy to manipulate in ways where it finally fit my face as well as a sheet mask ever will. Of course the essence smells like sweet tea to me (what doesn't, these days?) The sheet clings to my skin very comfortably, and it stays wet for well over a half an hour. The leftover essence requires very minimal patting and absorbs with no sticky residue. My skin is left exceptionally plumped, even-toned and healthy-looking.
Step 3 is a Night Cream (2ml). It's barely thicker than the ampoule and there's a whole lot of it. It smells flowery, and it's definitely siliconey (which I don't like.) Despite the amount, it absorbs pretty fast.
All in all, this was a great masking experience for me. The Night Cream was my least favorite step, though, and I'll most likely skip it when I use this mask again. My skin looked pretty awesome after Step 2, anyway, so I don't even need it.
Love, Vik - on IG

The essence is runny and the little soapy scent it has, dissipates quickly • The sheet is thin, adheres to my skin very well, and it doesn't move even if I go about my usual business in the house • The fit did require some tailoring, especially around my eyes/bridge of the nose, but the size is perfect for me (I hate it when sheets cover my hairline,) so I can't complain • There's very little essence left in the pouch and the sheet is soaked, which I love, although it did drip a little around my jawline, so if you use it in the morning, put on your work clothes AFTER you're done with this mask • After an hour of wear, the leftover essence first feels kind of greasy and takes a while to absorb, but once it does, my skin is left hydrated, plumped, healthy-looking • I do have some ethical concerns about using bird's nest in cosmetics; if it weren't for those, I would definitely purchase more of this mask. That is also the reason I couldn't help but take a heart off, in the rating.

Love, Vik - on IG

I have so far used the one against puffiness and the collagen one.

I have noticed absolutely no difference between them as far as results go.

Each one is extremely easy to use, for it's one of those "sticky" ones that aren't messy and stay in place. 

Make sure you don't place it too close to the eye because it's somewhat firm and might be uncomfortable when you blink.


Other than the clock, there was no indication of when it should be removed.


Both made my undereye area extremely soft; however, I didn't see much improvement in terms of, well, anything else. They might actually work better if you throw them in the fridge for 15 minutes or so before using them.

Love, Vik - on IG

The essence is thin and it smells very strongly of some sweet flowers (I know nothing about flowers - as apparent from my calling them "sweet" - but it could easily be the scent of water lilies) 🌼  The sheet is very thin and very clingy 🌼  I love that it's a small mask, and it doesn't cover half of my skull (OK, I'm exaggerating but really, if I want to use something on my hair, I'll use hair products, thank you very much.) I did have to do some major tailoring around the eye holes, though, because they are TINY. Oh, the essence also TASTES sweet; I know because the mouth hole is tiny, too 🌼 After a good half an hour, the sheet was mostly dry. The leftover essence on my skin required some patting, and it felt slightly oily and sticky for about 15 minutes, at which point it had melted into my skin 🌼  I didn't see much brightening, but my skin was very supple and chok-chok, and it looked nicely even-toned and healthy 🌼  I'm definitely giving this one two thumbs up 👍

Love, Vik - on IG

I got this in color #2 Juicy Plum.

This lip balm is in a rather heavy, well-built, but elegant packaging whose cap closes tightly, so it should be safe to carry around in a purse.
It has a very detectable, very pleasant - to me - berry smell; if you have used Laneige's overnight lip mask, this scent will not be unfamiliar to you.
I do not think the shade has anything to do with the color of plums, like the name would suggest.
At first glance, the tint is barely there. You would think that it would make no real difference when worn on your lips; however, you would be mistaken.

For one thing, the color is somewhat buildable. Of course, do not think lip tint or lipstick buildable; however, the tint does become more obvious as you apply more than one layers of this product.

Also, and I have no idea how that works, but the manufacturer's claim of "tint reacts to moisture thanks to the moisture tinting effect" - whatever that means - must be true. The color does become more obvious a minute or two after one is done with the application itself.
This balm - unlike other, similar products - doesn't feel sticky or tacky at all; it is, in fact, very smooth, light, and soft on the lips. It does feel very hydrating, too, as if I have injected water into my lips.
It fades gradually, over four-to-five hours of regular wear, and because of its texture and color, it's very easy to apply even if you don't have a pocket mirror with you.

Love, Vik - on IG and

After my lackluster experience with the Annie's Way Honey Deep Moisturizing Jelly Mask, I wasn't sure jelly masks were even my thing at all, anymore.

But, let me talk about the packaging before I continue.
It's something I barely ever mention, unless it's really bad. In this case, it's really bad.
When I won three of these pouches on an eBay auction, I thought these were deluxe samples, similar to those of the aforementioned Annie's Way mask. However, once I looked it up, I realized that no, they weren't - the "full-size product" is eight of these pouches in a cardboard box, similar to the brand's sheet masks.
The pouches are not resealable (like some dog biscuit bags,) and given that I used the contents of one five (if not six) times, I find it hard to believe that someone has a big enough face where they can use the entire pouch's worth in one sitting.

This makes no sense.
Like I do with all the sample batches I buy or receive as freebies, I decanted this product, too.
Then, I tried to figure out how to make it work.

Unlike the aforementioned Annie's Way mask, this is less obviously gel-like. It actually feels like a sleeping pack, to me.
First, I applied a thick layer and waited, then washed it off. (Even in the case of the Annie's Way jelly mask, I really, reallydidn't get the whole concept of scraping anything off of my face with a spatula. It just sounds terribly harsh, plus it didn't even work when I tried, so I stuck to washing it off.) Sure, my face was slightly softer, but it was nothing to write home about.

The next time, I tried applying a thinner layer, waited, washed off. Getting it off of my skin with nothing but water was easier this way, but the result was similarly underwhelming.

So, the third time, I applied a thin layer, massaged it until I had barely anything to massage anymore, waited, washed it off. This where this product's likeness to sleeping packs comes in, and it actually makes me wonder if it could, indeed, be used as one. (I am not suggesting it should be. Nothing in the description suggests that it's anything else but a wash-off pack.) My skin is very welcoming to this mask, and all that's left behind is a very thin, matte layer, not unlike that left behind by many sleeping packs. When I use it this way, and wash it off after a half an hour, my skin does look a little brighter and is definitely softer than it is with the previously mentioned application methods.

All in all, I will use up the remaining product, but I do not feel like it is anything more than a very mediocre mask, and I will not repurchase it once it runs out.

Love, Vik - on IG and

This mask is possibly the thinnest clay mask I have ever used, and I say that as a positive. You know how clay masks tend to be rather thick, which makes them a pain in the butt to apply, and it then takes a whole lot of patience and splashing to wash off?
Well, that's not the case with this one. It applies very easily, and it doesn't have an offensive clay smell (then again, it might. I wouldn't know since my sense of smell is really busted, so don't take my word for anything scent-related.)
It does have tiny little grains in it, which I will just imagine are actual grains from actual clay; they could easily be some sort of addition for the sake of the whole natural clay experience. If they are, the manufacturer did a great job at making it feel like you're in some secret cave on a secret beach near Korea, gathering the infamous clay and slapping it all over your face because the elders claim it will make you live forever...
Anyway, you get the picture.
I can see why the instructions say to use this mask 2-3 times a week, even though clay masks tend to be drying, therefore most people cannot use them this often.
See, this mask isn't drying at all. I have used it about five times, each time just applying a rather thin layer, but none of those times did my skin feel tight and dry. (For reference, I now have what I'd call normal skin; if yours is dry, you might have a different experience.) 
It actually made my skin surprisingly soft and calm (for a clay mask,) and it never felt harsh in any way.
No, there's nothing negative I can say about this product, really - and, still, I am not planning on repurchasing it. See, it's a middle-range mask when it comes to its price, yet I do not feel like it did anything spectacular; certainly not anything that clay masks that cost half as much, cannot do. 
Sure, it's a nice product, and it seems to be able to calm one's skin. 
I am just not sure it's worth the price.

Love, Vik - on IG and

First, I would argue with the claim that you can wear these foot masks like socks.
Unless you're Big Foot, you can't. They're big; granted, I have tiny feet, but trust me, they're big.
There's also nothing with which to secure them around your ankles, so they will fall off.
Actually, you might fall first, since the serum inside these packs - whose material is slightly similar to that of plastic bags - is slippery, and if you want to walk around wearing these, you'll soon find yourself ice skating around the house with no ice.
Unless, of course, you have ice in your house. Which I really don't think you should.
However, you can pull your socks over the booties, which will secure them, allow you to walk around, and will give you fat ankles, so don't do it on a first date. Unless your date is into fat ankles.
Now, wearing them under my socks was actually so comfortable that I absolutely left them on for longer than recommended, thinking that I was doing a good thing, but really, I wasn't. My poor feet looked like they do when I take a bath that's just ten minutes too long, from being forced to soak in a watery essence for well over a half an hour.
However, that was my fault.
The immediate result wasn't mind-blowing. Sure, my feet were better hydrated and softer than before, but not in a way that would make me quickly order ten more of these packs and declare my undying love for the product.
However, now that a few weeks have passed, I have to say that I have been impressed with how my feet have looked and felt. I haven't paid much attention to them, other than a slight pumice stone scrub on the heels and big toes twice a week, while sitting in the bath tub, but I have noticed that they hadn't felt this soft in a long, long time. And, they're continuously soft, despite the fact that I don't use creams on them. (I hate the feeling of cream on the soles of my feet. That's my personal Guantanamo.)
And, that's pretty impressive from an inexpensive product you only use once.

Love, Vik - on IG and

I got this in color #3 Pink Beam.
This product has a spongy end with eye shadow, and an eye pencil, in a matching color, on the other end of the wand. The latter is retractable, so there's no need for a sharpener, making it pretty convenient to use.
I have seen others complain about the eye pencil part not being soft enough, but honestly, I haven't noticed it. It's not as soft as my favorite Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner, but it's a lot softer than the Lioele Glittering Jewel Liner - if that comparison is useful to anyone.
The #3 Pink Beam is beautifully sparkly, but not obnoxiously so, therefore you won't look "overdone" if you wear this when you're only running errands. I think it can work in most office settings, too. It will not give you some sort of dramatic look - think cat eyes - when you go out to party, so if that's what you're looking for, this isn't the product for you. It's pigmented just enough where it helps open up your eyes without being obvious that you've put work into getting them to look that way.
I absolutely adore this color combination, and reach for this product often, especially when I haven't had enough sleep, and need for my eyes to look more awake than I feel.

Love, Vik - on IG and

This emulsion is rather thick, and it has a rather strong flower-y smell with a hint of hanbang in there - I think. I have to keep mentioning that my sense of smell is pretty bad, so take anything I say about scents with a pinch of salt. One thing is for sure: if even I say that something has a strong scent, then it has a strong scent. Just to give you an idea: still today, I don't think the CosRx AHA liquid smells like anything at all. (If you don't have it: it's made more than one person gag, apparently. I don't know. I don't think it smells like anything.) So, there's that...
As much as I could figure it out (Su:m37's website is practically useless,) the Secret Repair line is aimed at mature and dry skin, which mine really isn't, but I never let small obstacles like this deter me. In fact, this emulsion has worked great for me in the cold winter months, and I was just telling my father's wife the other day that I was hoping it would run out by the summer because I could tell it would be too rich for my normal, 40-year-old skin when it's hot outside.
It is quite viscous, and it always takes a while to sink into my skin. It does leave a slightly shiny-looking layer behind, by somehow, my CosRx snail AIO cream (which is currently my day cream) helps it settle. I can see how this would feel extremely nourishing for dry skin but it feels a little too heavy for my normal skin, and I would certainly not suggest someone with oilier skin use it.

Love, Vik - on IG and

I was happy to see niacinamide - otherwise known as vitamin B3 - as the fourth ingredient on the list; it makes me believe that there's more than 1 percent of this anti-aging and barrier-building ingredient in the essence.

Out of the pouch, I was surprised by how thick the essence was; the sheet was fully saturated, to the point where there was no essence left behind, and it made it tricky to unwrap the sheet. Once I did, though, and I put it on my face, I was positively shocked about how well made it was.
The sheet material is thick, but very stretchy and perfectly soft, so it was very, very easy to not only fit it to my face, but also to go about my business without having to worry about it sliding around and starting to come off in all kinds of extremely annoying ways.
My biggest hurdle with sheet masks is that they very rarely fit perfectly, and it tends to trigger my slight OCD, and - quite simply put - drive me so mad that I have no other choice but to remove them before their time is up.
That wasn't the case with this mask, and that's possibly the biggest - and least often experienced - pro I can ever say about any mask.
I did have to make a lateral cut by the bridge of my nose, but I am used to that, and it makes masks a lot more comfortable to wear for me. Other than that, you can also tell that it adhered beautifully to my skin, and it stayed that way for the half an hour I was wearing it. (Side note: I know many like to wear their masks for much longer than that. To me, about 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time. Longer than that, and I have a hard time not starting to fidget around with the sheet.)

As for the results, they were typical of average sheet masks. My skin was plumped, soft, and generally well-rested. The leftover essence was slightly tacky at first, but did sink into my skin after some patting and about five minutes. As usual, I had applied all my serums, essences and lotion underneath, so there was quite some sinking in to be done.
I could wear this mask - followed by my hydrating cream - in the morning without feeling like my skin was suffocating underneath too much essence, afterward.

Love, Vik - on IG and

When the description says it's an "essence-type" toner, it's not lying. This toner is way thicker than water, and probably closer in its consistency to what many would consider an essence.

Just like the emulsion from the same line, it does have a rather strong, flowery scent to it; just how strong, I won't be able to tell you, since - as I like to point out each time I even mention a product's scent - my sense of smell is quite busted, and lots of products don't seem to bother me as much (if at all,) scent-wise, as they seem to do a lot of others. What Ican tell you for certain, is that this toner definitely does have a scent (see, if you ask me, the CosRx AHA liquid doesn't, even though it's apparently many people gag, so...) and it may or may not be too much for someone sensitive to perfume-y smells; however, it certainly isn't as strong as that of the emulsion from the same line.
I have been using this toner after a first essence, twice a day, for several months now. While it is definitely thicker than water, it sinks in beautifully, albeit not as quickly as many a toner. Now, I am only talking about 30 seconds (vs. a few seconds,) so it's nothing earth shattering, and it will not make your routine longer, really.

This toner has an immediate softening effect about it, which I absolutely adore. It does sink in fully, and in no way interferes - in a bad way - with the further hydrating steps in my routine that follow.
While I am kind of over the emulsion from the Secret Repair line, I am in love with this toner. How much it does on its own, I won't be able to tell you, since I am in the same shoes as a lot of other AB enthusiasts where I apply several light, hydrating layers of product, both in the morning and the evening, so however carefully I try to space out the introduction of new products into my routine, it is getting harder and harder to tell which light layer is doing more than another.

What I can tell for certain, though, is that while the emulsion from the same line is obviously geared toward more mature skin, as nourishing and immediately plumping this toner feels, I believe it can be the right product for a broader range of skin types; possibly almost any, other than very oily (as long, of course, as yours isn't sensitive to any of the ingredients.) It provides a sense of deep nourishment without being heavy, and it never felt like it was suffocating my skin in any way.

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Looking at the ingredient list, it's a whole lot of ingredients, a whole lot of silicones, not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on as far as the top of the list goes, and the two types of ceramides are lost somewhere in the middle, meaning that there's tiny amounts of them in the product.
Also, ceramides are supposed to be too heavy for anything but truly dry skin.
So, I didn't have high hopes for this cream.
However, I ended up really liking it. As you can probably tell, it's a heavy, rigid type of cream; but, once you spread it on your face, it doesn't feel heavy at all.
Granted, I never used large amounts of it at a time but the amounts I did use, sank into my skin beautifully, within no more than a minute. I have seen (read) other people who hated it, claimed it left a thick and uncomfortable layer, messed up their makeup, all that - I never experienced any of that. In fact, it made my normal skin feel very healthy, and left it very, very soft.
YMMV, as always.
I like it so much that were it not for the large amounts of silicones (which make it likely that using this cream would cause clogged pores on my face, in the long run,) I would absolutely get the full-size product, and I am little sad that I couldn't find more sample packs than the few I have used.

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When I clipped the corner of the first pouch, and dispersed the cream, I thought it had expired, for it smelled like straight alcohol, and it had a very strange consistency where half of it was jelly-like, with some thicker cream mixed into it.
However, not only did my samples have the expiration date very visible on them (which I really appreciate and rarely see with samples,) when I looked up the full-size product online, I saw that this was, indeed, how it was supposed to look... 
It makes me wonder if the cream-looking substance is what the description refers to as "ceramide capsules." I don't think I'll ever know for sure.
Now, given that I made as sure as one could that my samples weren't expired, and the product still smells like straight alcohol, plus that it is listed as the third ingredient, I have to say that this cream was highly disappointing.
One could argue that this cream is not aimed at dry skin. However, I just find it hard to imagine what type of skin could benefit from so much alcohol. Remember when you used to slather on your face those awful Western toners that were practically nothing but watered down alcohol (OK, alcohol'ed down water?) Oh, you know you did do it at one point in your life. Now, that really wasn't good, and I don't think that a Korean cream that smells like the alcohol I use to clean my empty cosmetic jars with, is any better.
I first used it after sheet masking and having a lot of thick leftover essence on my skin, and as soon as I applied this jelly/cream, my face went all matte. Which I don't mind, really, I just don't want to think about how much that was due to the drying effect of alcohol.
Don't get me wrong: I am not an alcohol hater (even though I don't drink.) I know that good alcohols in the right formulation can have their benefits. But not this much, for goodness sake. I don't want my face cream to smell like rubbing alcohol; I just don't. It might feel nice for someone with very oily skin - even though, again, I doubt that it's actually beneficial, other than some sort of instant gratification that happens. The ingredient list (see the analysis I linked above) does reveal a few potential triggers (albeit, YVMM applies.)
So, I don't see how the claims that it's good for all skin types and ages, could be true.

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I have only used this lotion about 8-10 times, so I won't be able to tell you whether it produces miraculous results you would expect from a product with such a high price tag. 
What I can tell you, right off the bat, is if you are sensitive to strong scents, you might want to stay away. I have pointed it out numerous times on this blog already: my sense of smell is pretty busted. Hardly anything bothers my nose, unless it is very strong and unpleasant, or smells anything like vinegar.
While this lotion passed the latter test, it certainly failed the former. It has a very, very strong smell... of something. I'd say it's flower-y? Like, imagine a huge bouquet of 15 different kinds of flowers. Then throw in something slightly yeasty, and bam, you have this lotion!
I will not say that it bothered me too much, but I can imagine it would bother people with more sensitive noses a whole lot more. And, let's face it, I'll assume pretty much everyone's nose is more sensitive than mine.
Coming out of my 4 ml sample bottles, this lotion is quite thick, and its color is that of peed-on snow. Yeah, sorry about that. I could have also likened it to mucus, and that would have been even more gross. Oh, wait a minute...
I have been using it on top of my light hydrating layers and under my face cream, both mornings and nights, and it feels pretty thick on my normal skin. By far, this layer takes the longest to sink in (longer than either my day or night cream,) which isn't ideal when I am in a rush to get out the door. It's quite viscous, and I feel like it first suffocates my skin a little. 
Once it sinks in, it leaves my skin looking healthy and glowing.
I feel that this lotion would be a better fit for someone with dry (or even very dry) skin. While I do like how my skin feelseventually, to me, this feels to heavy at first, and more like a cream than a lotion, in its consistency. 
I will be using up the rest of my gazillion samples, but I won't go out of my way to grab new ones. 

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I got this in color #4.

It looked more brown in the original eBay listing, so I was surprised how purple-ish it looked when I received it. I didn't mind, though; the color is absolutely breath-taking! I know tastes differ, but for me, as soon as I opened my little package, I was smitten. 
While taking photos and smearing it on my hand, I realized that it was, indeed, more brown-ish under artificial lights, and a lot more delicate, silky, and purple-ish under natural light.
This is a gorgeous, gorgeous eye shadow that is extremely silky-looking with the perfect amount of sparkle where it can be worn during the day as well as a night out, without some sort of professional knowledge of makeup application being a requirement.
In fact, I usually just apply it with my finger, all over my eyelid. This shadow is like that delicate princess who comes from money, receives the best education, wears the most luxurious dresses, and is even deliciously beautiful, yet she remains honestly modest, and she has no clue how exceptional she is.
This here is the eyeshadow equivalent of that princess, my friends.

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I got this in color #1.
This lip balm, unfortunately for me, smells nothing like ginger, though. All I can smell is orange. I don't hate it, but it isn't one of my favorite scents. (Like, you know, ginger. :)) Unless it's Christmastime and I have some orange oil in one of those little burner thingies. But, I digress.
As the product claims go, it really does melt on your skin, and it has a great slip, making it very easy to apply. The tint is the perfect "amount" for me (here I go, pretending to know any sort of makeup talk.) It does give my lips a nice, sheer, healthier-than-on-their-own color without being too in-your-face obvious. 
I will say, though, that the actual color is nowhere near as strong as the advertisement would make you believe. Not only is it a much softer color in real life, it is also less red and more pink.
I am fine with the softer and more pink-ish color, even though I am kinda in love with what it looks like in the advertisement. But, I will live.
As for this balm's other qualities: unfortunately, I do not think it's any better than your average lip balm. It doesn't stay on your lips for more than a few hours (forget about eating!) and it doesn't seem to do any more to my dry lips than any cheap (Western) drugstore lip balms have. I can see it work better for someone whose lips are less prone to dryness, but it just isn't enough for me.


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First, it was very comfortable to wear. Just like other black masks I had tried, it clung very closely to my skin, it fit nicely, and it didn't move around while I indeed did (I never just relax while sheet masking; I simply find things to do around the house.)
It smells like perfume or soap, but it didn't bother me. (Which doesn't mean it won't bother you, since I am quite famous for my poor sense of smell. If you ask me, the CosRx AHA liquid doesn't smell like much of anything, even though everyone else seems to think it smells putrid.)
I could wear this mask for about 45 minutes without any issues (discomfort or otherwise,) and when I removed it, it took very little effort to pat in the little essence that still remained on my skin.
I have to say that for me, it actually lived up to every claim the manufacturer had made.
My skin looked exceptionally smooth, soothed, plump, and healthy. While the essence is sort of tacky, it sunk into my skin easily, and didn't leave an uncomfortable film. I was very happy with the results, and I am glad I had won a five-pack of these on an eBay auction; even though they're reasonably priced as it is, so I will most likely grab some more once I am done with the rest of the ones I currently have.


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I have this in the color Berry, and I am absolutely in love with the packaging. I mean, it is ridiculously cute. Sadly, that is about all the positives I can say about this product. For me, it's too sticky for comfort and it doesn't provide adequate hydration. It is also a pain in the backside to get it out of the otherwise supercute pot. It, unfortunately, was barely more than some skintertainment for me.


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Before I tell you about my experience with this mask, can we just take a moment to admire the packaging? I know that a lot of Korean (and especially Taiwanese) sheet masks have to-die-for packaging, but I think Beyond takes it to a whole new level. If I were artsy-craftsy (which I am not,) I am pretty damn sure I would throw together an adorable picture frame and turn the front of this pouch into a piece of art. I mean, LOOK AT IT!
Mask sheet packaging porn aside... This is a very, very thin mask, which I really like because it's more likely that it will act as a "second skin" and adhere very well to the face; however, you also need to be careful when unfolding it and then adjusting it on your face, for it can tear easily. Mine didn't, and even the fit was pretty good. I didn't have to grab my Sheet Mask Cutting Scissors, and there were several large cuts along the edge of the sheet, which made adjusting it very easy.
The essence was sort of between your regular, watery sheet mask essence and the more gel-like kind. The sheet wassoaked, and I could easily leave the mask on my face for over an hour without it drying out or moving all over the place, requiring constant adjustments.
Once I removed the mask, my skin was very smooth, plump, and looked healthy. There was more leftover essence in some parts of my face than others, and it was a little tacky until it fully absorbed. I think this mask is best used at night (which is what I did,) since the essence might too much for some. (Granted, I always layer my first essence, a hydrating toner, and at least a couple different serums/ampoules as well my Mamonde Camellia Oil under sheet masks, so there is always a lot of product my skin needs to drink up.)
I followed it with my CosRx snail essence and Berrisom collagen cream for the night, and woke up to exceptionally smooth skin. This might not be a life-changing product (unless you can afford to use it every night, in which case it might even be life-changing, but I'll never know,) however, it is a very nice sheet mask that I will remember for more reasons than one (OK, one being the packaging,) which is saying a lot since I forget most sheet masks as soon as I remove them from my face.


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While I do not have the complete ingredient list for this product (and I am OK with that; I had spent almost 40 years on this Earth not paying attention to it, before I got into AB, and I am still alive and my kin hasn't fallen off, so I guess it's perfectly fine if it still happens sometimes,) I can tell that it's not your typical silicone-heavy sleeping pack. Not unlike my great love, the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask (of which I will have to buy a large sample pack again,) this Hera product is also of the more creamy, viscous kind. It obviously does have oils in it (most likely others beyond the shea butter, too,) which makes it very slippery, and because of which there's a slight, but not at all uncomfortable or annoying film left on my skin. I don't mind it at all, for it makes this mask feel even more nourishing.
I have been using this mask as a sleeping pack for a few weeks, two-to-three nights a week, in lieu of my night cream. It has a slightly floral scent, but I only know it because I checked before sitting down to write this review; otherwise, I wouldn't have even noticed. Whenever I use it, I wake up with exceptionally soft and subtle skin, in the morning. My skin loves it, and apparently eats it all up within 10-15 minutes of me finishing with my evening routine. What's even better, my pores don't protest against it, like they do against the majority of sleeping packs I have tried.

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After leaving my last pair of moisturizing booties on for too long, and successfully making the skin on my feet look temporarily like that of a floater, this time I was determined to actually follow the instructions.
The booties are made of some sort of soft-ish plastic material, which is fine by me. What I found strange is that there was some essence on the outside of each as well. It made putting them on a bit of a pain in the backside, for I was trying to not smear the essence over everything in sight.
The next challenge was the stickers on the sides that you use to help keep the booties in place. What I am pretty sure happened is that there must be two different ways to go about removing/attaching these stickers: one right, and one wrong. As expected, I chose the wrong way. Now, I won't be able to tell you what exactly I did; however, I can tell you that it's really not that complicated for an adult to kinda mess up these stickers. So, just don't do it - whatever it may be.
Now, despite the facts that 1. the booties had essence on the outside, and 2. I messed up the sticker on one, it actually helped tie them around my ankles pretty well, which goes against pretty much everything I ever knew about how things work. However, at the end of the day, it's a plus, even if it confused the hell out of me.
Since there was no way I was going to lie down with my feet in the air (so that I wouldn't get the essence on everything around me) for a half an hour, I simply put some badass Spiderman socks over the booties, which temporarily made my ankles look swollen, but allowed me to walk around the house and, you know, do something other than stare at the ceiling.
I am not posting some meh close-ups of my feet before and after the treatment because, honestly, you wouldn't see much of a difference. Despite the promises on the packaging, it didn't feel like this mask provided "intense hydration" and my skin certainly wasn't "silky." Sure, it was slightly more hydrated than a half an hour earlier, but no more than it would be right after using any kind of regular foot cream (or, well, any kind of moisturizing cream.) 
I hate knowing there's cream on my feet (I have no idea why even the thought makes me feel uneasy,) so I really don't use one on my feet as often as I probably should. Which is why I got this mask; I thought it would provide me with longer lasting hydration than a foot cream would.
It didn't. It was meh. It was slightly hydrating, but by the next morning, my feet looked exactly what they had looked the previous morning, pre-foot-masking. And now, suddenly, I am out of words. I would love to write something memorable about this mask to finish off this review, but I can't. Because it's really just as mediocre as they come...


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I got the Strawberry Fondue palette.
There are lots of things I absolutely love about this palette.
First, the colors are absolutely adorable. They remind me of summer and ice cream and happiness. They are pigmented enough where they will look lovely when worn, but they are not so strong that one bad move will just mess up your artwork and make you just take it all off and start from scratch.
The colors are very much buildable, and you can customize the strength of each based on what the occasion is.
You can wear these during the day in the office, at a family gathering, or a night out - you name it. Because the colors are very different, yet in perfect harmony, you can create very different looks with them, depending on your mood. You can create a cat-eye look, or a very pink, very girly one - and everything in between.
The sparkly colors are beautifully sparkly, but not obnoxious or cheap-looking.
If you are like I, and you can't draw a stick figure, can't visualize things, and makeup tutorials are like a foreign language to you (you get the picture,) I am positive you will not have a hard time creating different types of beautiful eye makeup with this palette. I didn't, and I am all the things outlined above...
I have always used these eyeshadows with the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, and I never had any issues with them crumbling or setting into those damn folds.

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I got this in color MRD02.
The packaging is cute. It's small, you can carry it in your purse or attach it to the side of your shirt pocket (yeah, I have no idea how to properly say anything fashion-related) like a pen; the cap seems attach in a sturdy enough way where you won't have to worry about being left with, well, just a cap.
The color, though... It's time for a confession, I think: I just don't like the majority of Korean lipstain/lipstick/lipyounameit colors. I feel that most of them are too vivid, and I feel like I am looking at someone else's face when I wear one and look in the mirror.
Now, that's not the fault of Korean lip products. I don't think it's my fault, either. However, I have had to come to the conclusion that as much as I adore Korean skincare products, a lot of the makeup is a hit-or-miss, for me. It could easily be the color of my skin, or it could easily be the fact that for the first almost-40 years of my life, I hadn't used vivid colors on my face. I had left it for clowns, and deep inside, I am quite sure I believe that's whom they're for.
Now, of course, this will not be helpful to you; whether someone likes the shade of a makeup product or not is the true definition of YMMV in skincare.
So, as far as the quality of this A'Pieu product: I think it is what you would expect of one that advertises itself as "basic care" for young adults. Despite the claims, it's neither moisturizing, nor long-lasting. The positive is that it's very easy to apply, and since it's also easy to carry around with you, you can keep re-applying and perfecting it all you want, all day long. There isn't a whole lot of product in there, so you will probably run out rather quickly; however, it's inexpensive.

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True to CosRX form, the packaging is very simple, and - dare I say - boring. The tin toothpaste-tube-like container is a bit of a pain in the backside since you cannot really store it upright unless you do something like putting it into a glass like you would, well, a tube of toothpaste.
Also, the smell. My sense of smell is busted - like, I can barely tell that there's a scent to one of my favorite products, the CosRX AHA lotion, while messes seem to claim that it makes them gag and want to wash out their entire heads from the inside, - but man! This thing smells awful. It actually smells like OTC joint-creams I have used. I have to admit it felt very strange thinking I was putting joint cream on my face.
But, who cares about all of that when one is promised baby-smooth skin by the morning, yes?
I should have known something was not quite kosher when about 10 minutes after putting this cream on my face - as the last step of my evening routine, - the side of jaw started itching, and then very quickly a mosquito bite-like, red bump appeared. Since nothing seemed to happen on any other part of my face, I decided it was perfectly fine to spend the night with this cream on, because 1. baby skin, and 2. I had been so excited about it that I actually pre-ordered it, so it just had to be amazing.
Unfortunately for me and my skin, amazing it wasn't. When I woke up, I had two angry, itchy, deep, watery puss-filled zits. About a week or so later, I tried it again - with the same result.
Now, that is not to say it's not a good product. The ingredient list is quite solid. I don't see anything on it that I hadn't tried before. It did make my skin supple and soft by the morning. Something in the formulation, though, just does. Not. Agree. With. My. Skin. Period.
However, it is a wonderful foot cream. I don't know about you, but I hate using foot creams. One reason is I feel like my feet are suffocating. I am sure some of it is in my head, but that doesn't really change anything. The other reason is - and I apologize for the possible TMI - that a lot of foot creams give me F.O. (just like B.O., but on the feet. Yeah, I just made that up.) While this cream isn't particularly effective on the driest parts of my feet, it makes them very soft, healthy-looking - without the added F.O.
Just in case you're as unlucky with this product as I am, and need to find another use for it.


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This mask pack has 30ml of essence, 20% more than your average pack. I expected the sheet to be drenched in essence, and for a lot of it being left over in the pouch. I was wrong about both.
The sheet does have a plastic backing, which makes unfolding easier. It's nice; however, I don't think it's absolutely necessary since the sheet is not thin, so it should be easy to unfold without the backing.
Just like the majority of Taiwanese sheet masks I have tried, this one was also too wide for my face. Instead of trying to cut it, and cutting my hair in the process like I had done before, I simply folded the sides back, and that made it perfectly fine. Despite the relative thickness of the sheet, it was actually quite comfortable to wear, and I could leave it on for nearly an hour - while going on about my business inside the house - before I felt like it was starting to really dry out.
When I removed the sheet was when I was really surprised. There was some essence left (I had also layered several other serums/essences before putting on the mask,) and it took only about ten seconds of patting for my skin to drink it all up, with absolutely no residue left. My skin looked as if I had just had an expensive facial. It was perfectly soothed, plumped, even-colored, and my deepening frown wrinkles looked about 50% less deep - it is not a scientific number, but I do believe I am not exaggerating.

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First, I rarely talk about the smell of a product because I kind of suck at telling scents apart; ask me about the smell of the CosRX AHA lotion that most everyone seems to find putrid, and I'll tell you it basically smells like nothing. That said, the scent of this cream was first strange to me. I couldn't quite place it for days, even though I knew I knew it. Then, one night, it hit me: to me, it smells like animal fat that my grandmother, may she rest in peace, used to use for cooking.
I know that sounds pretty gross (the realization made me throw up a little in my mouth,) but it's not overwhelming, and a couple of months into using this cream, I don't even notice it anymore. (I haven't noticed it for a while.)
It is a thick cream with a lot of slip, and a slight residue left over. I use it at night only, so I am not frugal with the amount I slap on my face. I tried to use it during the day, too, but it made my normal skin feel oily within a few hours (and those weren't hot days.)
It has mango seed butter, bergamot oil, and macadamia oil in it, so I can see it work for both day and night for dry to very dry skin types; for normal, aging skin types for the night; and, well, never for oilier skin.
As for performance, this is a great product, and I believe it does what it claims to do as well as any topical skincare product can. It's not botox-in-a-bottle, and it won't make deeper or deepening wrinkles disappear overnight. Or, ever, really. It does a great job at plumping the skin where, with regular use, those lines/wrinkles do look much "shallower," though. It is also wonderful at making my skin exceptionally soft in the morning.
I haven't experienced any adverse reaction, and even my large, clog-prone pores haven't protested.
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I absolutely love black masks. They always seem to adhere so much better to my face than "white masks," and since I have issues with things not fitting properly (to a point where I cannot wear an ill-fitting mask for more than a few minutes because it just drives me nuts,) this was certainly a huge plus for me.
The essence is, I would say, of medium thickness, and there's just the right amount of it in the pouch. The sheet seems to be able to retain most of it, so you're not left trying to figure out what to do with the leftover essence. It, by the way, smells slightly of baby soap. I think? (My nose is weird.) That's certainly not the most pleasant smell, but it wasn't anything offensive to me.
I wore this mask for about 45 minutes, by which time the outside was rather dry; however, there was still some leftover essence on the inside as well as my skin, so I think one could wear it for even longer. It was easy to pat in, and there was no tacky residue left once my skin absorbed it (which took no more than five minutes.) 

As far as the claims go: 

  • I didn't have excess oil to begin with, and I have no idea if it helped prevent future breakouts • it certainly felt like it helped balance the skin's water and oil secretion because mine looked healthily matte, if that makes any sense • how it could open, clean, and tighten pores all at the same time, is a mystery to me, and I am pretty sure it didn't do all of that. However, my pores looked less offensive than before • it did feel hydrating and soothing • it did reduce skin dullness, and while my skin wasn't exactly radiant, it looked exceptionally healthy.

That one zit that prompted me to use this mask, in the first place? It was visibly less angry. No, it didn't POOF!disappear. I wish there were anything that did that. But, it did seem flatter, and it was less painful. (Side note: I had put a very thin layer of a clay mask over the pimple for the night. This is my go-to method for the occasional deeper, painful zit that is several layers underneath the surface. With the "overnight clay mask treatment," it is very rare that it doesn't come to the surface by the morning. Which is what had been going on here, prior to masking.) Over the day, it did eventually become slightly more red and visible again, which is to be expected (for me, anyway. This keeps happening.) However, I do like the immediate effect this mask had on it.

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It a hydrogel mask. It actually reminds me of those drier eye patches. There's no dripping essence here, and it pretty much sticks to your skin, as it it had some sort of glue on it.
Needless to say, this mask was begging for doublefisting, so I slapped a trusted Innisfree Acai Mask on my face, then waited. The V-line mask didn't feel like anything - meaning there was no tingling or any other sign that it was working some sort of magic, - and it didn't pull at my ears as much as I had expected it to, even though it was obviously quite tight.
When I removed it... well, nothing happened. My jawline/V-line didn't seem even slightly tighter than it had been a half an hour or so earlier. My skin was nice and soft, but it's nice and soft when I apply on it the extra essence from practically any kind of sheet mask, too.
Unfortunately, I was right in my initial apprehension. This mask didn't help my sagging-skin-around-the-jaw issue at all. Not temporarily, not in any way, shape, or form. I understand that keeping the area hydrated can have anti-aging effects (maaaaybe some firming, but most definitely preventative,) but don't we all put our essences, lotions, and cream there, anyway? I know I will keep doing just that...
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As soon as I got my grabby hands on this mask, I knew I wanted to try it. Given that we were sitting around my father's dinner table, I decided to slap some on my left hand. See, I was curious about something. I really love the Hera Age Away Intensive Mask, which can be used as a wash-off mask as well as a sleeping pack. I use it at night, and my skin is always truly soft and happy in the morning, so I would think it a terrible waste to wash it off after maybe a half an hour. So, I have been wondering if maybe, just maybe this History of Whoo mask could be left on overnight as well.
Other than the Deer Velvet Extract, I see absolutely nothing in there that I don't see all the time in facial creams that stay on one's face all day. (Please, do correct me if I'm wrong.)
This mask is very, very thick and heavy, not unlike trying to spread actual honey on your skin. As the manufacturer claims, it does heat up, and it heats up very impressively. If you have ever tried the Innisfree Seaweed Mask (the one that comes in the little pod,) well, this one heats up a whole lot more. Eventually, the sensation dissipates, but it's fun while it lasts. 
The heaviness and stickiness, they don't disappear. A good half an hour into my little hand-experiment, I could still feel a thick layer sitting on top of my skin, even though I could tell that a lot of the product had already sunk in. The strong flowery-honey scent (which I didn't mind at all and had been prepared for, since all History of Whoo products I had ever tried, were very strongly scented) lingered as well.
Over an hour into my experiment, my skin suddenly felt really itchy, and where the mask was covering it, started turning red. I have very non-reactive skin all over my body, so that was an unexpected turn of events, especially so long after applying the product. I immediately washed it off with soap and water, and the redness disappeared in about 10 minutes.
What caused this reaction and why? I have absolutely no clue. However, I am glad I tried it on my hand first, and didn't risk leaving it on my face overnight. I know that's not what I am supposed to do, anyway, but I just had to try...
So, you might be wondering how it works when used appropriately, yes?
Let's see whether it lives up to its claims:
  • • it is indeed a very warming and moisturizing product. The warmth generated is impressive, and it leaves my skin ultra-soft and plumped;   
  • • most likely due to the warming effect, it does feel very energizing. Because of how it must affect blood flow, my skin looks truly revitalized;    
  • • the scent is strong, all right. I do not find it "physically and mentally" relaxing at all; in fact, I can see how it would bother someone with a sensitive nose.

    Love, Vik - on IG and

First, if you're sensitive to smell, you might want to skip this one. My nose is very weak - I always bring up the example that I don't think the CosRX AHA lotion that so many say smells putrid, smells like much of anything, - but the scent of this mask hit me pretty hard at first. I really cannot place it; I want to say charred something. Charred human flesh? I have no idea what that smells like, but this is what I imagine it to. It is very strong at first, and I have no idea which ingredient could be causing it. (My mask's expiry date wasn't for another year and a half, so I'm pretty sure this is simply what it smells like, period.)
Other than that, this isn't a bad mask at all, and certainly not for the price. The sheet is of medium thickness, but it adheres very well to the skin, and I could go about my morning business (which includes throwing a set of washable wee wee pads into the washing machine, making breakfast for the dogs, and the like - so there's a lot of moving around involved) without it falling off or feeling uncomfortable. I like the size, too; I think I have a small-ish face (maybe?) just based on the fact that most sheet masks cover my hairline (which I hate.) It did sting just a tiny bit at first, but since I may or may not have overexfoliated my skin (bad, bad me,) it really didn't surprise me in the least, and it went away pretty quickly.
As for the results, I'd say this is a god mask for everyday purposes. It will not change your life, but it does what's generally expected of a sheet mask: it hydrates and plumps the skin. I used it in the morning, and the leftover essence was very easy to pat it, and it left a matte, silky finish - no sticky residue here, - so it certainly didn't feel too heavy for "day wear" on my normal skin. Just based on the finish, I will assume that it's fine for morning use even for oilier skin types.


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First things first: obviously, this is a mineral oil-based first cleanser, and as such, would be problematic for those whose skin just cannot deal with mineral oil. Even though an oil cleanser stays on the skin only for a short time, I have seen a lot of people with this sort of sensitivity break out from using some of the most popular, but mineral oil-based products, so if you aren't sure whether you have this issue, patch test this oil cleanser first.
This is such a pleasant product to use! It's fairly thin, it smells exceptionally nice - sort of like sweet green tea, I assume, but my nose sucks, - it spreads truly easily, and emulsifies perfectly. After the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, which - as effective as it may be - smells like cooking oil and is thick as all hell, using this one is like a spa mini-experience.
I fell in love with this product the first time I used it. Now, I use a separate eye makeup remover (I have no idea why. I guess 20+ years of being used to something just doesn't change overnight,) and I don't use a lot of makeup at all, anyway, let alone waterproof makeup, so I wasn't sure how it would do with those. My arm-makeup-test (on my blog) proves that it actually has a very good cleansing power.
It is very affordable, it works, and it's a joy to use. This is, honestly, the first product I have ever tried by It's Skin that actually impressed me. :)


Love, Vik - on IG and

First, the smell. Holy wow! THE. SMELL. It's heavenly. It's like slapping fresh, homemade strawberry marmalade on your face. And yes, I absolutely did taste it; it's not like I gulped down a spoonful, but I did try a teeny-tiny little bit just to make sure that I shouldn't eat it.
I shouldn't.
It's a very emollient product, slippery and oily, and rather easy to spread. There are small pieces of brown sugar and strawberry seeds for physical exfoliation. The former slowly dissipate (and I mean slowly,) but the latter don't budge, and they are not extremely gentle. If you use chemical exfoliants and/or are prone to some roughness when it comes to spreading stuff on your face, proceed with caution. We are not talking apricot scrub level here, but you can hurt your skin, depending on its resilience and your, well, "style."
I usually use a medium-thick layer on dry skin, and very gently massage it; that way, it's more about getting a little extra blood flowin' than physical exfoliation, and I like it that way. I believe that more would be too much. I then usually leave it on my skin for however long I need to take care of the dogs' morning needs, wash it off with lots of water, and proceed with my morning routine.
This mask always makes my skin extra soft. It doesn't become exceptionally smooth, or even-colored, or plumped, but it is smooth as a baby's butt. It remains that way for most of the day (I like to use this on Sunday mornings, don't ask me why because I have no idea.) I am not sure if it has any real long-term benefits, even with regular use, but it's a very peasant experience with some obvious-to-the-touch short-term benefits.

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In my experience, black/charcoal masks tend to adhere to the face as well as extra-thin silk masks, and that was the case here, too. Which is very important for me because a mask can have the greatest freaking ingredients in the essence on the planet, if it doesn't fit right, it annoys the hell out me and I simply. Cannot. Keep. It. On. My. Face.
Thankfully, that was not an issue here at all.
My sense of smell is busted, but even I could tell immediately that this essence had a very strong soapy scent. Thing is, if I can smell it and conclude that it's strong, chances are most people will agree (for their nose must be better than mine.) To me, it wasn't anywhere near unbearable, but it certainly wasn't pleasant, either.
The sheet was dripping with essence, but it wasn't too much where it keeps getting into my mouth or jumping into its death from my chin, and there was practically none of it left inside the pouch, which I like because I don't have to try and figure out how to get it out without spilling it all over.
I could wear it for over 45 minutes without the sheet drying out.
So, all of this is pretty good, yes?
Unfortunately, as fine as this mask was to wear, I was just as unimpressed when I removed it.
The leftover essence was very sticky/tacky, and it took a long time for it to sink in - say, an hour or so (by which time most of probably simply evaporated vs. sunk in.) Once it did, it was fine, but if you are planning to use it in the morning on a day when you do have to leave the house, well, you might want to think twice.
Despite its whitening and brightening ingredients and claims, I saw absolutely no effect in that department. None whatsoever. While I don't have before/after photos to show you, I know and keep checking on my skin too well to not notice these sorts of changes. Given that there's any.
There wasn't.
Is it hydrating? Very much so. My only issue is, 99% of sheet masks I have ever tried, have been great at wonderfully (albeit temporarily) hydrating my skin. So, meh, to me that's a given.

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First things first: while this is - in my opinion - rather pricey for a lip product, the 20g of cream in the pot will probably last you forever. Because it is quite thick and waxy, you really won't need (or, like I, be able to really deal with) a lot of it for each use. My pot is still about 2/3 full, and I have been using it relatively regularly for about four or five months. So, if it ends up working for you, I am pretty sure you can get a year's worth of use out of it, which makes it very affordable. A dollar to a dollar and a half - depending on where you buy it - a month is not bad at all.
Second things second: this cream smells heavenly, as long as you're into sweet berries. I am, and this is wonderful. It is not an artificial scent either, unless you consider, let's say, creamy berry ice cream scents artificial.
Nah, it's awesome.
For me, though, the joy of using it stops right there.
I do not like that it's in a pot. It's a sticky, waxy product that would be so much more easier to get out were it in one of those little chapstick-tubes. Yeah, you might end up with some residual product that you cannot get out, but let there be no bigger problems in life!
I love the silicone spatula it comes with, except the cream itself is so sticky (think thinner honey) that unless you clean your spatula very throughly after each use, making sure that allthestickiness is gone, you will just end up with a mess. This silicone spatula, as nice as it feels if you use it on your lips, is certainly harder to keep clean than a small plastic one, so if you insist on using one, I'd stick with the latter kind.
As dry as my lips normally are, this treatment doesn't really sink in (and yes, your hair will absolutely get stuck on your lips when wearing it,) it just creates a thick, waxy (have I said "waxy" too many ties already?) layer over them. I can really only put it on right before going to bed, otherwise it really aggravates me. Even then - I am a side sleeper - I have to pay extra attention that I don't smear it all over my pillow.
As for its claims of helping one get rid of dead skin on the lips while deeply hydrating them, it does deliver - overnight. Even when my lips are at their worst, if I put on a thicker layer at night, I wake up to smooth, hydrated, plump lips.
However, I have to be very consistent because my lips start deteriorating again if I skip a night. 

Love, Vik - on IG and

The serum itself is runny, yet quite viscous, and I haven't been able to detect any sort of smell.
Three to four small drops have been enough for my entire face, so at the end of the day - and especially if you have a bigger beauty budget than I do, - the price is probably not that outrageous, since a bottle should last you quite a while.
I feel like it has done exactly zilch for my skin.
It should have. Based on the ingredient list, it really should have.
Because I have been using it for several months, that time included both cooler and warmer weather, and still, I could only use it at night, on my normal skin, because I never felt like it really sunk into my skin. Sure, it did leave a "glow" - the sort of glow that any product some of which kind of just sits on top of your skin, leaves.
As for the other product claims - improving dullness, evening out the skin tone, smoothing out the texture, and revitalizing, - I honestly have not seen anything at all.

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It's a very watery, light product that absorbs without leaving any trace. It actually feels like patting water into my skin, except it smells like some flower-y fermented goodness from the gods. On my normal skin, this is the perfect toner in my morning routine as it adds absolutely no heaviness at all.
Is it something that I feel completely reformed my skincare routine and life? Could I not live without it? No and no. Mind you, I don't expect either of toners. In fact, I have found very few individual products that I feel did that on its own. (I guess those gems are what you would call HG's, and it's not just a strange coincidence that people have very few of those.) However, this toner is perfect, to me, for what it is for. It's called a "refresher" because that's exactly what it feels like. It's a fresh, light, fast-absorbing layer of hydration in the summer.
That's all it does, but it certainly does that well.


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Not unlike the other My Scheming masks, this one comes drenched in essence, dripping all over the place, and there's so much leftover essence in the pouch. Again, I feel like this is just unnecessary. Even if I clip the corner of the pouch, pour the extra essence out and put it on my face to a point where it just physically cannot take anymore, I still have more than enough left for both of my arms.
To me, this My Scheming flavor has a fermented scent to it, for no apparent reason. I don't mind it at all; the scent alone tells my brain that whatever it is, it is working. If that's something that bothers you, though, well, then you might be bothered.
The fit is typical of My Scheming masks: too wide on my face, and just plain wrong around the bridge of my nose. And I am fine with it because the material is extremely thin and it clings to my face as if its life depended on it (which it kinda does, if you think about it; once it's off of my face, into the trash bin it goes, and its life is over. I don't know why I just thought about something so goshdarn depressing.) Despite the fit issues, it does feel like a second skin to me, and I can walk around and take care of the dogs while wearing it without it starting to detach and feel uncomfortable. That, to me, is pretty much the best thing a mask can do: not only making the wear-time bearable, but actually making me forget that I am wearing it.
In that sense, I have yet to find a mask with better material and adherence than those by My Scheming.
I can wear this (and most other My Scheming masks I have tried) for 45+ minutes, comfortably, before it starts drying out. What I love about this particular flavor is that it is the perfect morning mask, for the leftover essence requires minimal patting, and within a few minutes, all of it feels to have absorbed into my skin, without leaving any sort of heavier residue. In the morning, I can wear my day cream (or, on the hottest days, my last-step emulsion) over it, and I don't feel like it is too much.
As for the immediate effects, they are not life-changing, but they're certainly solid. My skin always looks more even-toned (which is one of my goals) and "peaceful," if that makes any sense. It also feels generously hydrated (again, without any sort of heavy, oily feeling) and plumped.


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This product turned out to be exactly what I had expected: nothing to write home (or on a blog) about. As soon as I put it on my dry skin and started lightly massaging it, it created those tiny cellulose balls on my face (too tiny for me to take any relevant photos about it) and larger balls on my fingers. This exact same thing has happened with the vast majority of peeling gels I have ever tried.
The word "aroma" (also in the product's name) reminds me of mysterious, alluring scents, but this just smelled like some cheap flowery perfume. I don't really care all that much because I am just generally not good at, well, smelling, but I can see how it might be sort of offensive to some.
The result, again, was very similar to other, lower-end peeling gels'. It did make my skin softer to the touch, but it certainly wasn't like a real-life Instagram filter.
I, in fact, no obvious visual results, which makes it a below-average peeling gel.


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Despite my earlier hopes, this is not the light, airy type of gel moisturizer. It's thick and sticky. I see why the instructions suggest that it can be used as a sleeping pack. It does feel like a "second skin" in a way a sheet mask would; except you'd never wear a sheet mask all day.
If I wear it during the day, it takes a good hour for the stickiness to disappear, so it's certainly not for early mornings when you need to get out the door quickly. Using a mattifying sunscreen (like my favorite Biore Watery Essence) over it does help tone down the stickiness, but it doesn't help the feeling of stickiness, if that makes any sense.
So, I will not say this is the most pleasant moisturizer to use; however, there are two things that make it pretty damn amazing.
One is the consistency. Out of the jar, it's a jelly-like, viscous, thick gel that immediately feels like it melts when it touches your skin. No, it doesn't become watery (if it did, it wouldn't be so sticky,) it just becomes more like watered down glue? Obviously, I am having issues trying to explain what its consistency is like, and that's because I had never ever used anything similar in my life. In the jar, it as soon as you have scooped out the product you need (because of the consistency, it's actually a pain in the butt to figure out what sort of spatula to use; it also comes without one,) the remaining gel immediately goes back to its original shape. It's pretty magical.
Other than the fascinating consistency, what makes this product stand out is how well it works. If I use it at night, I wake up with extremely plumped, hydrated skin (with none of the extra oiliness.) My fine lines are smoothed out, my skin is very healthy-looking. Similarly to the Hadalabo Gokujyun α 3D Retinol Firming & Lifting Milky Lotion, using this gel moisturizer before I go to bed makes using sheet masks completely unnecessary. 


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This Secret Nature wash-off mask comes in a generous 100g tub made of sturdy, but humble plastic. It comes with a pretty handy spatula, which is awfully useful - unless you like to get clay mask under your fingernails.
While this product can apparently be used by those with sensitive skin, the scent is not for the sensitive-nosed. It does have that sort of stingy clay mask scent; it's nothing shocking but I think it might be a little offensive to some. (Then again, don't trust me on this one. I really suck at smelling things.)
The mask itself is very easy to spread, and depending on how much product you use, it dries down in 15+ minutes. I'll admit I used more each time than I normally would because the expiration date was coming up before the end of the year, and the jar is pretty big. It is the summer, plus I also had a few zits due to two different CosRX products (which was totally unexpected not only because my skin is totally non-reactive, but also because CosRX is famous for their short and clean ingredient lists,) so there were weeks when I used it as many as three times (on my normal skin, I don't use clay masks more than once every week or every couple weeks.) This way, the jar still lasted me a couple months, and given that it's a very affordable product, it's a good amount of time.
As for the product claims, no, I do not think it did anything for wrinkles and fine lines; however, that's absolutely not what I'd ever use a clay mask for. 
Also, no, it didn't make my pores smaller simply because nothing you apply topically, will. The size of your pores, at any given time, is a given. They can only get bigger... Unless you have laser treatments done, they will not change. They will, however, appear smaller and less in-your-face if you keep them clean.
As for the rest of the claims, like sebum control, purifying, soothing, and helping you achieve a clearer complexion, I'll go with a definite yes.
Now, the effect of any mask (whether wash-off or sheet) is only temporary, so you shouldn't expect to use this product once and be able to say buh-bye to all your messed-up skin blues. Used regularly (depending on your skin type,) it does help you achieve all of the above.

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The pouch is large, and unnecessarily so, which seems to be the case for a lot of hydrogel masks, and I have no idea why. See in the photo above how little of the packaging the sheet and essence make up? Yeah, I don't get it.
There is a lot of leftover essence once you remove the mask, which is the most wasteful aspect of sheet masks (other than packaging and price.) Just like most everyone seems to, I end up smearing the essence all over my neck and chest and lower arms and even my legs, but it's just, you know, a waste... The essence in this case is colorless and watery, the sheet well-soaked, and I couldn't detect any real scent to it.
The sheet has a medium-to-thick material, and it doesn't feel like a lot of very thick hydrogel masks I had tried. It adhered to my face quite well, but it certainly isn't the My Beauty Diary or My Scheming type of "second skin" sheet: you will absolutely not forget it's there while you go about your business inside the house.
The size, for me, is just right. The fit, though, isn't. It could easily be just me, though, for I often run into the same issues with sheet masks: the holes for the eyes and lips are way too small, and the fit on my (admittedly tiny) chin is just weird. Again, it's probably my cartoon-ish face.
While it really isn't what I would expect of a typical hydrogel mask, it does start sliding down on my face after a while. (Yeah, I wish I were normal enough where I could simply lie down for a half an hour or so, and just enjoy the sheet masking experience. I am not. I always keep doing stuff while masking.) I left it on for over 30 minutes, and while most of the sheet was dry-ish, there was still a lot of essence to be soaked up by my skin. It left a thick, but silky residue, if that even makes sense.
My skin, as with the vast majority of sheet masks, was soft and plumped afterwards.
However, as for the brightening claim... Strangely, my tone seemed about two shades darker once I removed the mask, which is just weird. Maybe there is an ingredient in there that made it looked slightly flushed? No idea. It didn't last long, in a couple hours my skin tone went back to normal, and it didn't feel like it was some sort of adverse reaction. I am really curious if anyone had this experience.


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First of all, if you can't stand strong scents, you might want to stay away from this. Even though Su:m37 claims they don't add fragrance to their products (which I have no reason to doubt,) they usually have a strong scent that might bother some. I really don't mind it for two reasons: one is that I suck at smelling, so unless something is absolutely atrocious, I couldn't care less. Two, this essence smells like fermented flowers, and just the idea of putting anythingfermented on my face makes me feel like I am doing the best thing possible, ever. 
Unlike the name suggests, this is certainly not a light, watery essence. It's a thick gel that takes a little while to sink into the skin. For that reason, I like to use this at night when I wear the heavy-lifters from my skin care wardrobe.
This is a nice addition to my routine, but I honestly cannot imagine the type of skin that would be unable to exist without it. At 90% off, it was well worth it, but I just don't feel like this is an $80+ product. Earlier, when I had used up my gazillion of samples, and added something else to my routine in its place, my skin didn't notice it.

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The essence in this mask has a lot of ingredients typically used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine, but I have to admit that I have found little to no evidence (Google is my BFF) that most of those ingredients have any sort of proven benefit when applied topically on the skin.
Of course, that doesn't mean they indeed don't have such benefits; it's simply that I feel like most of it is marketing... There are, though, some usual and proven skin care (and sheet mask) ingredients in there like Glycerin and Butylene Glycol and Sodium Hyaluronate, which we know do work. Problem is - if you're looking for something exceptional - that they're in pretty much every type of sheet mask currently on the market.
The packaging is quite nice, and I really like the quiet but well thought-out design (OK, minus the panda bear which I have no idea what it's doing on there, but at least it's cute.) 
As usual, there's leftover essence in the pouch; thankfully, not so much that I couldn't comfortably smear it all over the sheet itself once it was on my face.
The sheet itself is thick (apparently, made of eucalyptus?) and quite hard to "mold." To me, this wasn't a comfortable sheet to wear at all, despite the cute little pattern, which made no difference whatsoever, anyway.
It is extremely wide. Using sheet masks has made me realize that I probably have a slightly thinner-than-average face (which is so weird, I have always thought of myself as someone with a wider-than-average face,) but this is way too much... In the photo on the right, you can see that it covered a large part of my (small) ears, while it was mostly fine on my forehead and my smaller-than-average chin, so I honestly don't know what type of face shape this would fit.
That, of course, meant that the sides just kept dangling, and it wasn't quite right even after I had folded them back. 
To my surprise, after the first couple of minutes, most of the sheet clung very firmly to my skin, which made wearing somewhat more bearable.
The sheet wasn't as saturated as what I am used to with thinner masks, and by the 30-minute mark it felt mostly dry-ish. There was quite some essence left on my skin to be patted in once I removed the sheet. It first felt quite thick, but within 10 minutes, it suck nicely into my skin and left it very soft, supple, and there was no residue left. (I have normal skin, and I always layer several lighter hydrating products underneath sheet masks.)
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I am absolutely in love with this product.
It comes in a small, no-frills 50ml bottle. I first actually thought that I had received a deluxe sample, for such watery essences typically come in larger (as much as four times this big) bottles. But, as I decided that I wanted to purchase it for myself and started looking around to see where I should buy it, I realized that nope, this is the full-size product.
Yes, it is small, but it is typically less than $10 with shipping included, so it's all good.
Unlike most other skin care products, this is only good for consumption for - I believe - a year after the manufacture date. As much as I could dig up tells me that while there are no preservatives added, the actual filtrate itself does include non-disclosed preservatives. Still, I am just letting you know that if you happen to fall in love with it as much as I have, make sure you don't go ahead and hoard numerous bottles at a time, for you might not be able to use it all up before it expires.
As I have briefly mentioned before, it is a very watery product, which I tried to demonstrate in the above photo, and totally failed. This is all I could do with my cell phone. So, you will just have to believe me: it feels and smells just like water.
Once applied on the skin, it sinks in almost immediately, not unlike what you would expect H2O to do, and leaves behind absolutely no residue.
It is a very easy and pleasant product to use, but that alone wouldn't make it a stand-out product (I mean, the only reason I really use the Sulwhasoo first essence is because it is such a joy to put on my face, and it still doesn't save it from scoring lower on my imaginary FTE list than this Purebess essence.)
So, why do I love it so much?
Because this is the first FTE that actually produced real, obvious results on my skin.
I am not acne-prone, but every now and then I have a zit pop up, mostly on my chin area and mostly around my period. I am extremely prone to hyperpigmentation, and I still sometimes find myself not being able to resist picking at a zit (or even a lone blackhead,) which always results in "skin darkening" that, in my case, usually takes weeks to finally even out.
That is, it used to take. I hadn't added anything new to my routine that could be responsible for this, other than this Purebess essence, but unlike previously, my latest self-inflicted skin discoloration took only about a week to disappear. Which might seem like a long time to some of you, but it is extremely fast in my case. I thought long and hard about it, and there's simply nothing else that could have caused this change - a novelty that has kept happening over and over again since I started using this product. It hadn't happened with other FTE's, and it never even happened with the Melano CC essence for which I'd had such high hopes (for some reason, Vitamin C in general simply might not be as effective for me as it is for so many others. Which is sad, but I'll live with it.)
This alone makes this FTE a must-have in my current routine.

This is a pretty good scrub IF you are careful with it. It can be awfully abrasive (and make microscopic tears on your skin) if you are not careful, so make sure that you only use it on wet skin AND add plenty of water before starting to massage it and washing it off. The effect is great - it leaves your skin very soft, just like the strawberry version, - but it's also very temporary for me (a few hours.)


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I have collected four deluxe samples of this from random orders, and have been using them for a few weeks. The good: it smells nice and herbal, it has a nice slip for a comfortable massage, it didn't cause any adverse reaction (then again, very few products ever have, thankfully), it rinses off well • The bad: it never removes all my BB/CC cream, it makes my skin feel a little tight. All in all, this to me is an average first cleanser.


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Meh. The good: it is at a good pH of about 5 • The bad: it smells putrid, it doesn't foam or clean well, it makes my totally non-reactive skin red each time I use it, despite the good pH it still feels somewhat drying on my normal skin. It is also utterly boring. I don't really get the hype, honestly; there are much better cleansers out there.


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I am a huge admirer of Sulwhasoo products in general, but I don't enjoy using this cleansing foam as much as I thought I would. My main issue with it is that if I use more than a little (which I understand isn't a scientific amount) it takes some elbow grease to remove all of it, and I keep feeling like there's some leftover residue.
It doesn't feel high-pH (especially after using Hera White Program Cleansing Foam which gave me that loathed "squeaky clean" feeling I hadn't felt for so long,) but that alone won't make me fall for it.
I'm a Sulwhasoo fan but this just ain't nothing to write home about, for me.

This mask doesn't make my (normal) skin dry, and while it doesn't seem as effective as some other clay masks, in terms of pore cleansing, it's also not as harsh, so it's the perfect middle-of-the-road type of product for me. My skin is always smoother, healthier-looking, and more even-toned after using it.


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This sunscreen is highly scented and the white cast at first is NO JOKE. It does settle down after a while and makes my skin look dewy (those with oily skin might find it a little greasy but it works great on my normal skin.) I tan extremely easily, and I think I did catch a tan yesterday, so I'm not sure this is the best sunscreen out there, and for that reason I will not repurchase even though I enjoy wearing it (once the smell and white cast both disappear, that is.)


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The good: affordable, cleanses well • The bad: extremely high pH (over 9,) which strips the skin of healthy and necessary oils and allows for certain bacteria to form. I would definitely not recommend it. 


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The good: affordable, bubbles up quite nicely, easy to use, cleanses well • The bad: while I don't have pH strips so I couldn't test it, it leaves my skin very tight and "squeaky clean" (which is a bad thing,) so it must be pretty high pH, making it a terrible choice for people with dry or acne-prone skin. Stripping one's face of all the beneficial oils twice a day is really not a good idea, folks!


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I got these when an online k-beauty shop offered an unbelievable deal (normally, these are over $25, and they were selling for around $3 which is awesome.) 

The colors are beautiful - as expected from a Korean brand, not crazy pigmented, but two have a gorgeous shimmer - and they last surprisingly well, even on my oily lids. Do I think these are really good eyeshadows and lovely colors? YES! Do I think they worth their original price? Nope. However, if you have money to burn or you find a good deal, this is a very solid product.


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I actually bought 20 of the Jinyul Eye Cream samples to use as a full-size product because the original price is WAY up there. It's a thick, almost balm-like cream that sinks in surprisingly quickly, so I use it both morning and night. That way, one pouch is enough for 5 to 7 days, so these are gonna last me a while. Unlike the vast majority of eye creams, this does seem to produce some visible, albeit barely so, results in terms of lifting my lids (which I need at the tender age of 40 and which is my main issue in my eye area.) Not as obvious as my beloved Sulwhasoo Goa Eye Cream (which I had to give up on when I had a mostlikely unrelated eye infection,) but it's certainly been an outstanding product in terms of at least SOME results.
If I had the means to purchase the full size product, I'd probably be able to afford some fillers or such which I'm pretty positive would produce the most obvious results, though.


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Honestly, I've been struggling to use up these masks for months. I hate these non-resealable pods (I know other brands use the concept, too, and I have no idea why - they're annoying and extremely wasteful.) The differences I've noticed between the four flavors are scent (which I happen to like) and the colors of the little bubbles that disappear once you massage the mask into your face. (This is my last pod - finally! - which is the cactus flavor.)
The one thing they all have in common is that they have done exactly nothing for my skin other than some very temporary softening that I'll get from most serums anyway. So, yeah... No.


Love, De.La.Seoul at

The packaging is amazingly gorgeous, so if I weren't such an animal, I'd most likely save it 🌺  The essence is halfway between watery and milky (watery milk?), and it smells strongly of flowery sweet soap at first, but it dissipates quickly 🌺  The material is of medium thickness and it adheres to my skin really well 🌺  I had the usual issues with the fit (nose flap too long, eye holes too small) but I'm pretty sure my own skull is to blame for it, and at least it isn't as big and flappy around my chin as most masks 🌺  The sheet started drying out on my cheeks around the 30 minute mark, and it felt like it was ready to be removed after about 45 minutes 🌺  The essence felt quite viscous as I spread it around but was completely non-sticky 🌺  It took quite a while for the essence to sink into my normal skin, and it left it exceptionally soft and supple, although I didn't notice any other visible effect 🌺  I believe this might be too moisturizing for oilier skin types, and depending on the weather, it might not be the best choice for a morning mask for normal skin, either. It's not heavy at all (I'm looking at you Naruko snail mask, you damn near suffocated my entire brain with that essence!) but it's definitely moisturizing vs. "just hydrating" 🌺  All in all, to me this is a better than average, affordable mask that has a very potent moisturizing power without being too heavy 🌺


Love, De.La.Seoul at

I saw someone post the other day that they'd sampled this Yuja Water Serum at a physical store and found it extremely sticky. On my normal skin and on top of a couple other serums/ampoules, I felt absolutely no stickiness at all. Other than a very yummy lemon tea scent, what I felt was some hydration and, unfortunately, silicones. Granted, dimethicone (which I know I'm not the only one whose pores it tends to clog) is towards the top of the ingredient list. I had enough in a sample pouch to use this serum twice, so I certainly cannot report on any potential long-term effects. I love the scent, the serum disappears into my skin very quickly and with no leftover residue, but I would not purchase it because of the while-not-extremely-high-but-most-likely-high-enough-for-me-to-feel-uneasy-about-it dimethicone content.


Love, De.La.Seoul at



Unfortunately this doesn't smell like berries at all, unless we are talking rotting berries 🍒  It's a very, well, watery toner which packs a nice hydrating punch 🍒  It takes just a little while to be fully absorbed 🍒  That's it, really. I've found absolutely nothing memorable about this product - not the scent, the texture, the immediate effect - and I'm pretty sure that were it not for this post on which I may or may not look back at some point in the future, I'd forget ever trying it very quickly 🍒

Love, De.La.Seoul at

This peeling gel smells like glue and the texture is like runny hair gel, so that wasn't a very promising start 🐣  Because of its runniness (which is probably not a word) I expected it to soak into my skin (which was a somewhat scary thought,) but it started balling up ever so lightly within seconds 🐣  The little balls were totally non-abrasive (which I like) and it was a pretty smooth massaging experience 🐣  Surprisingly, once I washed it off (with my Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam EX) my skin looked surprisingly healthy, smooth, and even-toned 🐣  I assume it was more due to the ingredients (which I haven't looked up yet than actual peeling, but I did like what I saw much more than I'd expected, so I might even go and eventually purchase this one.


Love, De.La.Seoul at

This essence is very viscous and first feels slightly suffocating. Just like pretty much everything by the brand, it has a very heavy flowery scent that is guaranteed to bother those with a delicate nose (which mine isn't.) It gets absorbed into my normal aging skin within a couple minutes which is a nice surprise given how heavy it feels at first. This is probably best for folks with dry skin; I can wear it on my normal skin now that it's suddenly cold out there but my face does get oilier than it should by the end of the day.


Love, De.La.Seoul at

I dare not to say that the essence smells like sweet tea to me (because just about everything new smells like that to me these days,) but it's very faint and dissipates quickly. 💦  There's practically no essence left in the pouch which I love because it means it's all in the sheet. 💦  Which is of medium thickness and adheres beautifully to my skin from the first seconds. 💦  The fit is as perfect on my face as it will ever be. I love that it doesn't cover my hair and it is a great fit on my nose and chin, too, which sheet masks never are. 💦 I wore it for well over a half an hour during which time it didn't move or slide and was very comfy 💦  The leftover essence was sort of heavy and sticky on my normal skin, so to me, it might work better as an evening mask. 💦  As for the results, they're average sheet mask results with plumping and hydration, but the exceptionally comfortable wear (for me) has pushed this into the slightly-above-average category. 💦


Love, De.La.Seoul at

This is the third and last of these masks that I have used, and each time, I've been left unimpressed. The scent is very chemical and it lingers, the fit is all right, though, and it clings to the skin OK. 👍  However, it NEVER bubbles up on me as much as it does in marketing photos AND some blog entries I have seen; what you see in the bottom right corner in my photo is the MOST I can get it to fizzle. 😫  The essence is thick and sticky, and it's one of the few sheet masks where even the instructions say you can wash it off if you feel like it, which is what I prefer to do with this one, and that makes this, essentially, a wash-off pack. 💦  I've never noticed any impressive results, either, so I'm kinda glad I've worked my way through my "stash" of three of these.


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This is the cheapest line currently produced by Ryo, but don't let it fool you! This treatment - just like the shampoo - is wonderful for thin, fine hair. The smell is divine (it's a strong ginseng scent, so if that's not your thing, Ryo as a brand might actually be a no-no for you,) and it immediately makes my fine hair feel so much stronger. I like to layer it on, then put on a plastic cap and leave it on for as long as I can, and it makes my hair so soft yet strong.

Love, De.La.Seoul at

I am biased when it comes to Ryo products because I LOVE all of them, and this shampoo is no exception even though this is possibly the cheapest Ryo product out there. It smells divine (a very strong ginseng scent, so if that's not your thing, the entire brand might be out of the question for you) and it makes my fine hair immediately feel stronger and fuller. Works great with the treatment from this same line.

Love, De.La.Seoul at

I love this wash-off mask, for it brightens, softens, and smooths my skin immensely - albeit, obviously, temporarily. For me, this is the perfect pick-me-up mask in the morning or before an event (I suppose. The only events I frequent these days are adoption events.) A+

Love, De.La.Seoul at

At first glance, it seems very much like the Losec Therapy Essence by Su:m37: it's thick, viscous, and obviously aimed at drier and/or aging skin types. It also has a very heavy scent, which I personally don't mind and is typical of the brand. The main difference I've noticed is that, unlike the Losec one, it doesn't make my normal skin oilier by the end of the day (I've used both in the morning.) While they're very similar, out of the two, I'm leaning towards this one for sure.

I'll be honest: I never understood why this product was so popular but I guess that just proves that skincare is a highly personal experience.

It is highly scented, which I don't mind, and it goes on without stickiness. However, that is because it's a VERY silicone-heavy product which can clog the pores of those who are prone to it. (Silicone-heavy products also give you an immediate smoothing effect but it's more like makeup than skincare if you know what I mean.) I am one of those people, so within a couple uses, this gave me closed comedones. No bueno.

Love, De.La.Seoul at

I've used this eye cream from the Losec line for five days, twice a day. Just like everything else I've tried from this line - including the essence, the toner, and the cream - it's very thick. It does absorb rather quickly, though, and doesn't make my oily eye lids any oilier, so it can certainly be used in the morning as well as at night.

Whether it does have even slight plumping effects, I'm not sure (very few eye creams, in my experience, produce visible results, but I am convinced they're very much necessary for prevention.)

What I have noticed, though, that my eye area is slightly more puffy than it is otherwise (and puffiness hasn't been a concern to me so far, thank goodness,) so I personally will not purchase any samples of this to use long-term.

(I have used samples of this product)

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This was the one product that made me a Hada-Labo junkie. It is extremely hydrating and used at night (and/or under a sheet mask,) I wake up in the morning as if I had JUST splashed water on my face. It is kinda sticky, though, so I personally wouldn't use it during the day. (Interestingly, the Premium HA lotion sinks in faster than this one, which I thought it would be the other way around.) They sell 20ml sample bottles on eBay if you don't wanna go for the full-size product right away; it's definitely worth a try!

Vik @ •

I used a bottle of this serum last summer, and I still don't think it ever did anything for my skin. I am not acne-prone, so I cannot tell you if it helps keep zits at bay, but other than a very light later of hydration, it didn't add anything to my routine. On the positive side, it sinks into the skin very quickly, and I experienced no negative reactions while using it.

Vik @ •

I am struggling with using up my bottle of this cleansing oil. It's quite good at removing makeup (I don't wear heavy makeup, and it does remove what I have on,) but I find absolutely nothing pleasant about using it. 

First, it smells like cooking oil.
Second, it doesn't have an outstanding slip.
Third, it doesn't emulsify as well as a lot of other cleansing oils on the market.

I fell for the hype, and I regret having purchased this. There are so much better and more pleasant first cleansers out there at the same price point.

Vik @ •

I got the pomegranate flavor, and it did give my lips a very healthy tone - you know, that "your lips but better" kind of feeling. That said, I doubt this does anything in terms of moisturizing dry/chapped lips. It might very well be enough for "normal" lips (that is, lips without any real issues when it comes to dryness,) but if you need a truly nourishing/moisturizing product, this one isn't it.

Vik @ (

I love fermented EVERYTHING, so while the full-size product is out of my price range, I did get a deluxe sample that I was able to use twice a day for over a month. It is very pleasant to use, for it's almost water-like and sinks in very quickly, leaving behind no residue, only a light layer of fresh hydration. My issue with it is that other than that, I noticed absolutely no real difference in my skin. It was brighter or dewier, it wasn't more hydrated or plumper, it basically wasn't anything more than it had been with MUCH cheaper first essences. YMMV, I guess.

Unfortunately, the smell and consistency make this lip balm absolutely unbearable for me, even though it does hydrate my chapped lips when I use it at night. The stinging goes away quite quickly, for me (even though I am not sure why it should sting at all,) but the smell to me turns into something you would put into an oil lamp? (I know, that might sound random.) All in all, while it's an effective product, it's just near unbearable to actually wear, which is a shame.

You really don't need to work a foam net as hard as you might see in videos about this product, as it foams up pretty nicely on its own. It's also quite good at removing dirt and grime (although I would certainly encourage you to double cleanse at night.) However, please be aware that its pH is 8+ so it really isn't ideal at all, especially if you have drier and/or acne prone skin. It always left my normal skin "squeaky clean," and that means it kept stripping it of the oils the skin needs to be healthy.

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• Claims: firming, softening, freshening, whitening
• The feels: smells like Welch's grapes, viscous, silicone-y
• The good: easy to apply, good for travel, quick
• The bad: made my non-reactive face sting a bit, silicone-heavy so I had to double-cleanse afterwards (my pores no likey 'cones)
• Result: surprisingly soft and even-toned skin
• Verdict: good for a quick pick-me-up, makes a great morning mask - IF your skin doesn't freak out while you're wearing it!
(Disclaimer: I received this product from for an honest review)

Vik at De La Seoul (

First, let me tell you about my experience with the booties. First, they are HUGE. I mean, I have tiny feet, but I swear these were made for a Yeti. The material is also very plastic-y. The essence inside smells like straight alcohol, and it's cold.
I ended up putting socks over the booties, and this way, I could actually walk around.
I left them on for an hour.

As expected, nothing really happened for the first couple days, other than the fact that each night when I took a bath, my feet felt really soft.
By day four, my feet looked and felt very dry, but still, no peeling had started.

It was around day six that dead skin started coming off. As creepy as it looks, I can echo others' experiences where it is not painful at all; what's more, my feel didn't even feel sensitive. I wore sneakers and socks on these days.

By day eight, a lot of skin had peeled off, and let me tell you, it all made for a few very messy days. I would wake up with pieces of dead skin all over my bed, they stuck to my socks, and made my towel - post-baths - pretty gross. Still, no discomfort or pain whatsoever.

By day ten, the peeling was pretty much over. My feet did feel somewhat softer than before, but I have to say the difference wasn't quite as impressive as I would have thought, given how much skin I had gotten rid of.

A couple of days thereafter, I also used a moisturizing foot pack (that I may or may not review later, for it wasn't really impressive,) thinking it would be exceptionally helpful for all the fresh skin. However, I have been let down.

A week or so after the peeling had stopped, my feet were back to their pre-peel state. Now, they weren't awful to begin with, but I couldn't have won any foot modeling contracts with them. And, I still wouldn't. They are OK. The skin on my heels and around the nail on my big toes, are dry again. Just like they were a couple weeks earlier.

Because the peeling itself is so visually pleasing (sure, it's creepy, too, but it's also pleasing,) I really expected to see some obvious changes that stay around for more than a week. Alas, I haven't, and I am not sure those days of leaving dead skin just about everywhere, are necessarily worth the lackluster results.

Vik at De La Seoul (

This was one of the very first snail mucin-based products I have tried, and honestly, I have yet to find a better one.
It comes in a huge 100ml jar (the first one came without a small spatula, the second one came with one, so whether it's a question of luck, or they decided to add it, I don't know.) It's plastic and boring, and it will last you quite a while. I am pretty sure it took me at least a half a year, if not more, to use up the first one I had.

I have yet to find a snail mucin-based moisturizer with a higher concentration of the goo (the 92 in the product's name refers to the Percentage of Snail Slime, yo!) The ingredient list is short and concise (as expected of a CosRx product,) so there's nothing there to disturb the holy gooeyness. Which is why the cream itself is, well, gooey. (Like I clumsily tried to demonstrate in the photos above.)
Don't let it fool you, though! Once you spread it all over your face, instead of something sticky, it turns into something silky. Not silicone-y silky, though (I hate that feeling, and it makes me think more of a makeup than a skin care product,) but soft silky, if that makes sense to anyone else but myself.

I have normal skin, and I use quite large quantities of this (say, twice of what I would of my favorite nighttime moisturizer, the Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream.) While it does take a while for all of it to sink into my skin, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy in the meantime, either. It eventually just disappears from the surface of my skin, leaving behind some wonderful softness.

As much as I enjoy using it and the softness it provides, I have to admit that I am not sure it does anything else. Again, I have normal skin, so I don't need an extra-super amount of moisturizing (I will take all the hydration I can get, thank you very much,) and neither do I have issues with acne (it certainly doesn't clog or irritate my unfortunately large pores, though.)
It is simply a very nice product, which I am not sure is necessarily the best a product can be, but it sure is better than your average moisturizer.

Much love,

Vik at De La Seoul (



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