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This is very cheap, it has a white cream texture. Everytime after wash my face feels very dry, even when I apply a little I still feel very dry! 

I have dry hair type, so I chose this moisturizing shampoo, but after I blow dry my hair, my scalp feels very greasy, even when I rinse longer, it still feels greasy. 

The white foam texture makes the washing process very refreshing. It has no scent. It doesn't dry out my face which is great. 

I apply sunblock when I go out everyday, so I would use this cleansing oil to cleanse me face. This cleansing oil only suit people with dry skin, a little can go a long way, and it does not irritate my eyes, so great! 

My face get dry after wash, so I would use this toner to hydrate my skin. The texture is abit sticky but it has no smell, it feels very greasy when I  first apply on my face but after 2-3minutes it won't feel that way, my face became elastic and moisturized, I love this. 

I have dry hair and it doesn'get oily easily, I can see the shampoo really cleanses my scalp since there's no residue or stickiness after wash. But I don't really see the effect on my ends. 



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