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Very cute product! It's an everyday item that I carry around in my purse. The smell is nice and it does moisturize my lips for a bit. However, it isn't a lip gloss. It's more of a VERY lightly tinted lip balm.

I don't have anything bad to say about this toner, but there isn't anything special about it. It smells nice, but it doesn't seem like it has done much for my skin.

Literally stays on all day, even through sweating at the gym and shedding a few tears. I have tried other eyeliners, but I always end up back with this Stila eyeliner. The tip is easy to control and makes applying eyeliner easy. I am able to make thin, neat lines with this tip.

This is my first eyebrow pencil and it has been very user friendly with the twist up feature and with the angle of the pencil. However, the spooley does sometime brush too much of the color away. The price is also a big turn off.

The Pure Grace scent is what made me purchase this product. After applying it, I smell like fresh laundry. The smell is very light and it's a perfect after shower lotion. The lotion is moisturizing and it's doesn't leave a sticky feeling on your skin.

Love this hand cream! It's moisturizing and it has a very simple, scented smell. It doesn't leave your hands oily, which is one thing I can't stand about most hand creams. The only down side is the price.

I use this cleansing foam with my Clarisonic at night and use it just as a face cleanser in the morning. I use a very small amount and it gets really foamy cleaning all parts of my face. I'm not sure how much brighter my face looks from this product, but it does leave my face feeling clean and soft. I also enjoy the smell of this face cleanser.

My face has never felt so hydrated! This product is actually a gel-cream. At first, the consistency of the product concerned me because I thought it would make my face greasy. However, the product actually quickly absorbed into my skin without leaving a sticky feeling. It leaves me with a fresh feeling and my skin has been noticibly softer. I use only a few dabs both in the morning and evening.



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