About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: South Asian, Hispanic/Latino/Carribean, African/Black/Caribbean
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Don't Know
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Gray/White

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Lithuania
  • Ingredient Preference: Retinoid
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

This is a fantastic product! After a few time use I can see the improvement on my skin! Price is great, good product! 

This is great for dry skin condition! It's inexpensive and I've used three bottles, so effective!

This gel makes my skin very comfortable, does not irritate at all! After applying it for half a year, my skin became brightened with a nice glow and does not peel anymore! So great!

It's very comfortable to wash with this shampoo! My hair became so smooth and soft! It's a great product, recommend everyone to buy this! It lathers up easily a little amount can do the job! 

This is so great! It's cheap and it's the best I've ever used! I apply this before I sleep which is very moisturizing and it doesn't have a strange smell! 

This shampoo is great for people who dyed their hair! It really helps with fading, and the smell is great! Recommend everyone to buy it 

It smells very good! Natural and nourishing, great for every use! Easy to carry in my bag so convenient!

This is a great product! Gives my hair nice shine and smoothness! Great for people with damaged hair. 

This is a great hair masque! My hair dries out and splits easily! My hair condition improved after using this product! 

This shampoo is great and has a nice smell! It improves my scalp condition! I use it everyday, very comfortable!

This shampoo is great for people with oily hair! Very refreshing! Also very cheap, great product~

Seikkisei is very mild! Does not irritate my skin! With it's huge bottle, you can use it for a long time! It's a great product! Great for people with sensitive skin! 

This toner is very moisturizing! My face doesn't peel anymore after long term use! Great for people with dry skin condition

This lotion is very moisturizing! My skin is full of water! A little can go a longway! After a long term use I can see the improvement on my skin! 

This is a must have face wash! It's very moisturizing great for people with dry skin! It lathers easily and a little can go a long way, it's a great product! 

Great face wash! It's so refreshing and doesn't dry out my face, such a great product I recommend everyone to but it! The price is reasonable too.

I've used up three of these lipblams! Even though it not that cheap but the texture is great and scent is appealing

Great face wash! This huge bottle can last a long time! This face wash makes my face clean and bouncy! It's also very moisturizing, recommned it

It's super moisturizing which makes it different than any other products! You can save more by applying it with a cotton pad! It's super effective, recommend it! 

It's great for people with sensitive skin, mild and does not irritate my skin! Recommend everyone to use! Very cleasing too! 

This is a great face wash! It cleansees very well but does not dry out my skin! Great for girls with oily skin! It's also cheap, so worthed! 

This is so great! It's not harsh but cleanses very well! I don't have to use cotton pads with this, so convenient and great, recommend everyone to purchase!

Great lipbalm! The smell is natural, makes my lips moisturized and refreshed! I recommend this product

This series of skincare products are all great! I usually apply this with a cotton pad! Moisturizes well, great for people with dry skin. 

Great hair wash! Even people with damaged hair can get smooth hair with this shampoo! And it lathers up very easily , recommend everyone to buy it

This is a great product! Makes my hair very smooth! I use this once every 3 days. 

This is great! Such a natural product! It's very comfortable! It does not dry out my hair even when I use it everyday! Recommend everyone to buy it!

This is very comfortable to apply on, it's not greasy and very moisturizing! I usually apply at night and it gives me nice glowing skin the next day! It's not cheap but it's great stuff! 

This is so great, it's cheap but gives me profession care. 

This is a great toner! It does not irritate my skin, great for people with dry skin! It's cheap and can also be used as a face mask! 

This is a great essence, it's not greasy and very effective, not harsh on my skin. My makeup sets better if I apply this first. 

It's very moisturizing! I use it everyday to keep my face hydrated! It's great for people with dry skin condition, cleanses really well too. 

It's pretty moisturzing and does not irritate my skin, also it's not greasy which makes it very comfortable, I use it day and night! The size is easy for me to carry, so convenient.

This cream gives my skin a nice glow, it's very hydrating and revitalizes my skin, a little goes a long way. I recommend every to buy, it's cheap and great! 

It moisturizes my face and great for girls with drier skin tyoe, the price is reasonable too!!



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