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I know many people are praising this low ph gel cleanser but it is nothing great to me. yeah, it has a gel texture, low ph and doesn't strip out my face after cleansing but its just that. it has a tea tree smell which I like. I don't notice this cleanser helping with my breakouts and controlling them. It just cleanses my face well, thats it. I like low ph cleansers but I won't be buying this in the future. I'd like a low ph cleanser that controls my breakouts at the same time.

love these eye masks so much! it works in terms of making my eyes feel refreshed, energized and awake! It is also moisturizing, hydrating and plumping without being heavy or greasy or sticky. if you have tired/dry/aged eyes you might appreciate this product. the patches too stick on and adhere well without too much slipping. I've written a long review on it on my blog at:

I know many people are liking this but for me it is just an OKAY essence that makes me unsure if I want to use it again once I emptied the bottle that I have. snails are good for calming, moisturizing and reducing acne scars...but I don't observe much in terms of calming and lightening my post acne marks. It does act as a good moisturizer layer in my skincare routine.

this mask is pricey ($17/pc) and a WASTE OF MONEY. it is useless for me. the material is thick that it barely adhere, the sheet wasn't drenched with essence too and theres a tinge of alcohol smell to it so I can't really stand it while I have it on. I had it on barely for 5 min. there weren't any notable effects too. basically shameful for the price, bad material, bad adherence, bad essence.

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Ginseng Serum


this ginseng serum is meant for anti-aging, wrinkle improvement, making skin elastic, rejuvenating and nourishing. I'm 21 years old and I consider my skin as still youthful. I think that this serum is just okay, it provides a hydration layer in my skincare routine and THATS ALL. the texture dries a bit sticky so I had to wait 5~10 minutes before continuing my skincare steps. To be honest I don't think my skin benefit alot from this serum other than the hydration and anti-aging. I also noticed that this could be the cause of my new clogged pores. Many complained about the smell but it is bearable to me. to me it has a sharp ginseng smell and it doesn't linger after application. Some users find it too perfumey and strong for them. I've written a more detailed review of this at my blog:

when this mask was released by cosrx, it was so hyped just like any other cosrx products. when I finally get to try it recently, I find that the results are just OKAY and nothing great. the mask sheet itself is light pink in color, has a generic cotton material that is not too thick and not thin, it fits okay on my small face and adhere well while it is wet. the essence has a similar consistency to the cosrx snail mucin 96 power essence, it was clear and a bit thick, not runny. this mask leaves my skin calmed and moisturized. the calming didn't last until the next day as my breakouts was still inflamed and it wasn't so moisturizing that I needed to layer additional moisturizers.

So overall it just sounds like an OKAY mask to me. I don't think I want to repurchase it in the future.

I find that this product does a good job in soothing redness (eg. after extraction), but not so much on soothing big stubborn acne - you definitely need a more powerful product for this. You can use it as a leave on spot treatment where you mix it with your cream. it contains a number of centella derived ingredients which is good for soothing and anti-inflammatory. anyway the results don't justify me enough to purchase it when I run out. I did a longer review on my blog:

This is a sleeping mask that ends and seals my night routine nicely. I am oily so it can be a bit heavy for me to use during the day but at night I like how it moisturizes, hydrates the skin from night until morning, plumps up and brighten the skin, it also gives that slight dewy finish. This is a favourite sleeping pack of mine, it doesn't break me out too. It gives the skin the nourishment that it needs. longer review at my blog:

I love this serum, it is my favorite one among the other 4 variants. it helps to tame my pores, makes it look less visible and controls oil. it can be a bit drying since it contains BHA and it is a pore tightening product but it works for me without any irritation or breakouts. I noticed that I get clogged pores less too. really love this and I definitely want to use it again. I used up a bottle of it, miss having it in my routine!

this sunscreen is love! it has properties of evening the skin tone, whitening and brightening for me. it will leave a white cast if you have a deeper skin tone but those who have a lighter/fair skin the sunscreen will blend one with the skin color well. when I am lazy to wear makeup, I can just use this sunscreen to make my face look lively and I'm happy with the effects. the finish is natural with a bit of a sheen. it has a nice herbally smell to it too. indepth review at my blog:

I would definitely purchase in the future!

I love this mask so freaking much! it eased my redness, ultra moisturizing, makes skin radiant, glowing and brightened and soothes the troubled areas! it is infused with honey which has good anti-bacterial and healing properties which is good for acne skin. the packaging is on point too where it comes in an envelope/card form. for more photos head over to my blog post: I want alot of this masks!

love this toner! would definitely repurchase if it has a low ph...but as a toner it should be. it is clear, watery and has somekind of fresh smell to it. it leaves my skin soft, smooth and bouncy after using! love how my skin feels and it improves my skin's texture instantly.

I thought it was going to be my HG sunscreen....until I found out that it broke me out and I haven't even reached half of the tube! I had to discontinue using it. i like the light white cream texture yet it sets without producing any gresiness/oiliness on the skin. it absorbs fully into skin and I think it would suit for people with oily skin as well. It is cheap too (around USD 4~5 at beautynetkorea), too bad that it broke me out.

this eye mask is cute! it has panda faces printed all over it. it is scentless. it emits a heating sensation that lasted for 30~mins depending on the environment and temperate. the heating sensation claims to relaxes the eyes. as for me, I am not sure if my eyes are not a fan of the heating therapy or since that it was my first time, I didn't feel relaxed at all. I used it in hopes for it to help me to fall asleep as I hardly sleep, but it unfortunately didn't. maybe the scented eye masks would suit me better.

I am not fond of this product. other people seem to be liking it but I am kind of sensitive to it. it is a scrub in a round sponge puff form, has a band on one side to slip in your fingers and the other side to massage and scrub the face. the scrub part is darn sharp to me, eventhough I think that my skin is not thin but it feels like it is scrapping off my skin. I know that the exfoliation claimed to give a home spa effect. Since it feels sharp to me, I do not face to scrub my face vigorously, I think I might even bleed from it. After scrubbing, it just leaves my face clean and soft and it did grab dirty stuffs on the puff. It claims to give brightening effect but I honestly did not notice it. I wouldn't want to use this again, I prefer gentle exfoliation. Longer review at my blog:

this product is gimmicky in my opinion and I think that it is just for fun. the results are underwhelming. the top part of my face that it covered were barely moisturized nor give any brightening effect like its claims. after took off the bat mask, I feel like the areas just look the same. you can read my longer review of it herr:

I posted a long review of it on my blog here:

it comes with one pad which has a band to slip your fingers in and the other side of the pad is a flat surface where you massage or tap in the essence. the essence doesn't have a citrusy or orangey scent, it smells more like coffee/capuccino so if you don't like smell of coffee then you can get away with this. it leaves a sticky finish and requires to wait for 20~30mins until I can layer another moisturizer. it contains Ascorbic Acid (a form of vitamin C). overall, it brightens and revitalizes skin in an instant but one time usage is not enough to lighten acne scars or PIH.

I have the strawberry version of this one. I don't know what "sweet and delicious" smell that people are talking about because it smells like plastic! it has a hint of strawberry smell in it but mostly plastic smell. it breaks me out too. I checked its ingredients list and it contains AGAR for viscosity control. it also contains color dyes to make up the PINK texture. after knowing that it breaks out my face, I use it on my body, it is not moisturizing either. not recommended, bad product 

I used this a couple of times and it doesn't impress me. it barely done anything, I've used a more satisfying nose strips. This didn't even get out the slightest gunks in the nose, very unsatisfying. there are better nose strips out there except for this one.

I like this product as a clay mask, it has a tightening effect while it dries and it purifies my face after wash off. unfortunately this mask stings my eyes, so due to that I won't be repurchasing it. If your eyes are not sensitive, you might like this mask. the time to dry doesn't take long. it claims to deep cleanses the skin and purifies pores.

When I first took out the mask, it has a papery material which I thought, "shit, this isn't going to adhere well". The fitting looks small but it fits fine for my face. It doesn't stick well on my skin due to its material. Papery masks doesn't adhere well!!! Whats worser is that it has a plastic scent. The clear watery essence in the packet was however generous enough to slap onto my whole body, there was tonsssss and tonssss of it. I didn't keep on the mask for long, no more than 15mins if I remembered.Noted effects? Moisturized, hydrated, soft and elastic skin, atleast the effects are good and I had no breakouts the next day. too bad for the material, I won't use this mask again

This mask is enriched with Ginkgo Leaf Extract and skin activators ingredients and nutritional contents in the mask gives excellent skin adhesion and absorption. It carries oil and moisture, blocks toxic substances and gives skin moisture and elasticity. It is suitable for all skin types.

Mask was wet out of packet but not drippy, has somekind of herbally scent, which must be coming from the ginkgo leaf extract. Remaining milky essence in the packet was enough for my arms. Mask has a thin material and looks almost invisible! The fitting is perfect for me though it is small on the nose (which didn't bother me). Due to its thin state, it adhered well, sticks and folds well too. I love thin masks. Scent still lingered while putting on, so if you don't like herbally scent then I'm not recommending this. The scent is okay to me.

My skin became moisturized, hydrated, brightened and it gives a glowy and dewy effect. Cheeks feel softer and elastic too. It took a couple of minutes for the essence to fully sink in, but I'm alright since I like the results, would love to use it again!

The functions of this mask is to moisturize skin, provides skin calming, makes skin smooth, fresh and vital. It is recommended for people with dry and tired skin. The mask doesn't contain mineral oil and harmful ingredients.

It has a familiar pleasant aloe scent, mask was wet out of packet but not drippy and there was no remaining essence in the packet. The consistency is essence-like and clear. Its material is an almost thin cotton sheet and adhered well on my skin for about 20mins~My skin became moisturized and hydrated. I think it calmed my break out. It makes my skin become soft, plump and healthy looking skin, dries a bit dewy. No break outs after using the mask. It is just an okay mask overall. I like the aloe scent and a calming mask so I will purchase in the future!

contains Vitamins A, E, C and green tea extract. this makes my eye ares moisturized and refreshed after using it for 20mins. I was studying for exams and it helped to refresh my eyes so I can study longer. patches adhered throughout use which is a bonus. I did not notice any obvious firming effects but I still like this eye patch and I would purchase.

this is the nose strip that is commonly included when buying stuffs from Jolse for above USD 20. to me this nose strip is like any other nose strips~ it has that typical nose strip smell and works in extracting out my sebaceous filaments and makes my nose cleaner and clearer. nothing so major but I'd love to use this again. 

I love lemon and since the name of this product has lemon in it, I expected it to smell like lemons but it actually has that typical charcoaly nose strip scent. it works just like any other nose strip, nothing special from it and it did do a good job in clearing my nose from sebaceous filaments. I'd love to try this nose pack again, my nose the kind that doesn't have a strong concern.

taeng taeng means taut or to have a firm skin in a Korean slang. it is not exactly what my skin is needed right now, I didn't feel any firming sensation throughout using it. anyway the product comes in a syringe packaging, it is meant for a 15-days program use but I only managed to use it for only one time because it dispensed all of the liquid inside at once once I opened it. the serum has a clear thick snail mucin-like consistency. when I used it it made my skin softer and moisturized without being too much. I couldn't say much about the taengtaeng claims because I only used it once. it is good for moisturizing though.

this is the baddest mud pack I've ever experienced. It has a dark grey texture, dries like any other mud packs and has a tightening effect as it dries. after wash off, I was immediately gifted with acne and whiteheads. this happened during the first time usage and I immediately dispose the product. I don't know whats in it that triggered my breakouts, it was painful and I remembered that it was one of the worst breakouts I've had last year. it took quite sometime for the acne scars to heal. in conclusion, I will never repurchase and use this product again.

I am not sure how strong is the SPF/PA functionalities that this sunscreen provides because I don't have the bottle anymore but I love this sunscreen. the texture is white lotiony just like most Nivea products products. It doesn't have that strong typical sunscreen smell. it is moisturizing and protects my body from sunrays as I never experienced any burns. Nivea makes best body moisturizers in my opinion, their moisturizing capabilities just work sufficiently for my body. theres nothing really special to it, its just good, comes in a big bottle and affordable. I would repurchase this product.

I am one of the few people who dislikes this product~its because it barely did anything on me. I even used up 2 bottles of it and the effects are just the same, it doesn't do anything to my troubled skin and acne, I tried various ways when using it, I used it as a toner and spot treatment and it still doesn't work. No difference in acne size the next day and doesn't help to control my skin troubles.

the packaging is plastic bottle, 100ml lasts me almost 2 months when used it everyday. I applied it on my back and it helps with clearing up my body acne atleast. the way to dispense is through a pump. the consistency is clear watery with a strong smell of tea tree. if you don't like tea tree smell then you can skip getting this product. it contains alcohol so it has a hint smell of alcohol too. When massaged in, it doesn't really absorb into the face at first and it is a bit sticky and oily for me. but it fully absorbed into matte after waiting for 10~15 minutes, only until then you can layer more moisturizer. I did a longer review on my blog and a comparison on a similar product here:

these are hydrogel masks with beautiful packaging. the hydrogel surprisingly adhered very well on my face and doesn't slip at all. it is cooling upon application and all of the varieties provide the same moisture and hydration to my skin. I personally think drier skin types will benefit using these hydrogel masks. I did a longer review of these on my blog:


VVVIC Lip Scrub


this lip scrub is unlike any other. it doesn't have the granules that typical lip scrubs usually have but it is more like a peeling gel for the lips. due to the texture, it might suit flaky dry lips better so it won't bleed. it is really gentle and take off the dead skin on the lips well. lips feel softer and cleaner after using. it is not abrasive at all. I personally prefer lip scrub with granules because for me it is more satisfying. anyway it is still a good lip scrub if you are looking for a gentle one. longer review on my blog

this is my first time trying a neck cream. Compromised of ginseng, peptide complexes, adenosine, and other key ingredients, this anti-aging formula helps hydrate, firm, and tighten to reduce the appearance of fine lines. throughout using this cream, it does make my neck softer and hydrated without being sticky. the firming + reducing fine lines effects are slow in my opinion and I needed to add additional products to help with the firming effects. the cream has a nice pleasant smell. overall I just say that the neck cream alone is not enough for it to reduce my neck lines. I won't purchase. longer review on my blog:

SUPER LOVE THIS THING. mask is thin and super drenched with essence, the essence too smells sweet. I can keep on this mask for a long time since it is very soaked. after using this mask, my face is left brightened, super moisturized, hydrated and glowing! it can be sticky when you want to layer additional moisturizer on top but for me, using this mask as the last moisturizer step is enough. I need alot of this mask in my stash. It is great for a pick me up when your skin is looking dull and boring.

I love this essence because it works. its ingredients contain niacinamide for whitening and reducing redness, ginseng and adenosine for anti aging and preventing wrinkles and peptide complexes to retain moisture and provide hydration. all of its claims work on me. my skin gives a subtle glow when using this, it contributes to anti-aging and even help with reducing lines on my neck, it makes my skin softer and help to act as a hydration layer in my skincare routine. it is totally great but it is a bit pricey, costing USD 30 at 130ml. It is worth the splurge in my opinion, I may want to use it again in the future but as for now I am looking for cheaper essences. Longer review on my blog:

this product of purpletale is a favorite of mine. it is a convenient all-in-one skincare routine, it has 5 steps in total which are foam cleansing, ampoule, biocellulose mask, facial cream and neck cream. this package is helpful to bring when travelling so you don't have to bring alot of products at once. the cleanser makes my face feels clean, though I read that it has a high ph of 8~9 but my face weirdly didn't feel stripped. the ampoule has a clear thick texture that makes my skin feel softer. the bioceullose mask rejuvenates, moisturized, brightened the skin and also provide hydration. the facial cream is nourishing in a good way, same goes to the neck cream. using the whole step makes my skin brightened, dewy and glowing. its all you ever need if you have a dull skin. Good for travelling and reviving the face. I did a longer review on my blog all of the steps have purpletale signature scent which smells so nice and not overwhelming for me.

This product is provided to me by Amabie for free in exchange of my honest review. This ampoule claims to prevent and lighten dark spots. this ampoule does not break me out which is a plus. the consistency is actually a light white color, it doesn't really has a scent to it and a bit runny. after using the dropper straight on my face and massaged in the ampoule, it absorbs fully into my skin without any residues. I like to wait a few minutes after using this step before continuing with my skincare routine. It contains hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and citric acid for whitening. it is a bit moisturizing but in terms of lightening dark spots, I don't really notice it. probably because the citric acid is listed low in its ingredients. I hope with overtime usage I can see an improvement in my dark spots and my acne scars. Rather than lightening dark spots, I feel that it brightens my face as a whole instead, which is a good effect for dull skin.

overall I don't notice anything great about this ampoule yet. I hope to see an improvement by the time I finished it. thank you Amabie for sending me this ampoule to review :)

I received this cream from Amabie in exchange of my honest review. This cream contains a mixture of soothing and moisturizing ingredients, its first ingredient is aloe so you can expect some skin soothing done. theres also peptides in it to retain moisture in skin. the cream feels like a plastic jar, the cap has a mirror effect which is cool. The cream itself is light orange in color in the tub but when scooped out, it has a cloudy color. the consistency is a bit runny, it is a light cream after all. it smells a bit like orange peels to me. I massaged the cream on my face and it makes my face moisturized, hydrated and gives a slight dewy finish. I don't really feel it being soothing but it does its job in terms of being a hydrating cream. I don't find anything special about this cream, the price tag is pricey too (USD 42 at Alibaba), I can find cheaper creams that does the same job so I think I won't be purchasing this cream.

Thank you Amabie for providing me this cream for review :)

I received this item for free by Amabie in exchange of my honest review. The packaging of this product is gorgeous and sleek, which correlates with its expensive price tag. The body is hard glass which is fragile and a bit heavy. I only get to try this product for a few times unfortunately because I think it causes clogged pores, this is reasonable since there is algae extract in its ingredients list and algae is rated 5 in comedogenic rating. the essence contains rose water and rose extracts so it smells lightly of roses which is pleasant to me. the consistency is watery and clear. it also contains niacinamide for whitening and reducing redness. Product also claims to provide exfoliation and remove dead skin, I am not sure about this since it is intangible. the consistency absorbs fully and quickly into skin, leaves a matte finish without any stickiness. I can quickly layer another moisturizer on top without the need to wait. It helps to make skin texture more refined, increase firmness, radiance and clarification but I haven't experience much of any of these claims because I haven't used it long. I stopped using since I think it gives me clogged pores but I will try again when my skin has calmed. If your skin works well with roses then this product might work amazingly on you. I tried rose products before but it wasn't really effective on my skin.

Thank you Amabie for providing me this essence :)

After trying out this serum, I thought no wonder it is one of Innisfree's popular product. I love this serum, I have an oily skin and this serum feels very lightweight on my skin yet moisturizing and hydrating. I also love the fresh green tea smell of it. I have no complains about this product, it doesnt break me out too. Longer review on my blog

I provide a detail review of this famous cushion that took the Asian Beauty world by storm earlier this year at my blog I feel 50/50 about this cushion. it is great if you have a clear or less troublesome skin but if you have acne skin then it might not look nice and it can be cakey. the finish is dewy but not too much. applying it light handedly already provides a good enough of coverage. it evens the skin tone, whitens the skin and has sun protection. it lasts pretty long too. the probably con is that the cushion is not refillable and its shade is limited, there are no shades for deeper skin tones. I wish they will improve on this.

the texture applies smoothly, I felt a cooling sensation throughout using it which is nice for someone who lives in a hot country. its tightening effect during application is mild, not too tight. the cooling sensation is still there too after wash off, I like the feeling. after washing, I just feel that my face is cleaned. probably its other claims such as evening of skin tone and tightening pores will show after using it after a couple of times. I read that the tub version of this dries quickly, so I am taking into consideration to purchase this product. theres a mousse type of it but I am not sure if it provides cooling sensation too. I like it because of the cooling sensation. indepth review on my blog:

this eye cream has a cream texture that is not thick, it absorbs quickly into the eyes and making it plump and moisturized. I dont really have fine lines but I think it helps with prevention since I don't notice any wrinkles throughout using this product. it does nothing extravagant for me. I also dont really have deep dark circles so I cannot say how well it does in terms of brightening. I got bored of this product and wanted to look for another eye cream. Longer review on my blog:

this lip mask looks cute but I feel yucky when using it. it doesn't smell good, it smells like rubber. I  think that it is not too soaked with essence if I remember clearly. It doesn't adhere well on the lips so you have to lay down during application. I only had it on for a few minutes because I was annoyed by its weak adherence (or no adherence at all. it kept on slipping) and after I took off, my lips did feel a bit soft, plump and moisturized but thats it. nothing special. won't purchase. longer review on my blog:

This product is cute but it comes with a con. Its cap can't be really shut tightly in my case so it often come out when I put it into my bag or something, the size is convenient to be put in a big bag though. 2nd con is the spritzer, it sprays fine mist but I think the intensity is not satisfying, so I had to spray a few times for it to cover my whole face. the mist makes my face a bit moisturized, supple and soft, it smells fruity cute. however after a few hours, my face becomes tight. I have a few problems with this cute bunny mist such as its applicator and effects so sadly I am not going to get this product again. Longer review on my blog:

What I like about this mask is THE PACKAGING! It is reflective shiny gold. This mask is just an okay moisturizing and hydrating mask, no more special than that. I would purchase just because for moisturization. I remembered I used these masks for 7 days masking challenge, I used these for 7 days straight and the result gives me a healthy and moisturized skin, I got no breakouts too. Longer review on my blog:

this cleansing oil is made of 90% natural olive oil. i thought my skin would break out from it since I am oily and it contains alot of oil but it didn't break me out, I am happy and able to use this product until I emptied it. The consistency is oily ofcourse, not so thick, it is runny and efficient in removing impurities and makeup. I don't really like using it to remove my eye makeup because it gives me temporary blurry effect, but you can always use a different eye makeup remover. The face feels oily ofcourse after using but I always go straight to 2nd cleanser. It is a great cleansing oil that cleanses and emulsifies well. I think it will suit all skin types. I would repurchase this product. Longer review on my blog:

I LOVE these Ultru Im Sorry For My Skin jelly masks so much!!! This relaxing type is probably my favorite among them all, it soothes, relaxes and cools my skin. the material is like of a mesh, its a bit big for my face but its results are amazing so I dont mind. the essence of these masks are jelly type and its FULL of them inside the packet. some of the jelly can be squeezed out and store in a small tub, its good enough for 2-3 days use. its the best relaxing mask I've tried so far. I prepared a review of all the types at my blog

I LOVE THIS SERUM SO MUCH. it is my first time trying out vitamin c serum and my skin lovessss vit c. it makes my acne scars to fade faster for a just a week instead of a few-several weeks. its second ingredient is ascorbic acid which is vitamin c so you can tell the vit c content is strong there. the serum is a bit sticky after applying so you have to wait for 20mins~ for it to fully absorb then you can continue with applying other moisturizers. it also brightens my face and gives me a healthy glowing complexion. the only downside about this product is that you have to keep it refrigerated and use it quickly because it will expire after 2~3 months. If you are always at home and not travelling or commuting then it wouldn't be a problem. I would repurchase tons of these. read the fuller review on my blog:

I had a bit of high hopes for this product, infact I always have some hopes for whitening products because I am getting them to help fade my acne scars. I read reviews that this product is good in terms of evening of skin tone. yes, it does that to me but its effects were temporary, like only overnight until you wash off your face in the morning. It has a gel texture that absorbs into the skin and making it looking dewy and glowy. it is okay if you want to add some dewiness on your face though it is not moisturizing at all. it just gives that illuminating layer but not moisturizing. I emptied the tube and it didn't help with my acne scars. nothing great about this product so I won't repurchase. full review at my blog

this is one of the most effective eye patches I've ever tried. it claims to fade dark circles, restore elasticity, gives firming and brightening effect and hydrates and nourishes eye area, after using it, I must say it lived up 100% of its claims. the patches felt cool despite not putting it into the fridge before application. It adhered excellently throughout use without slipping. Full review on my blog with more photos I would love to purchase alot of these

I got the one in shade no. 3 Brown. usually most of Korean eyebrow pencils that are in brown colour appear straight brown or dark brown, but this one by Nature Republic appears yellowish brown and the colour looks light on my eyebrows, so it is not suited with me. anyhow, the application is smooth and pigmented. its not a bad product, it just does not match with my eyebrows colour. would be great for those who have lighter hairs. full review on my blog:

This would be a great product to those who have dry to chapped lips, but since I have normal lips, this product is just an OK product to me. It moisturizes and shortly hydrates my lips, my lips produces dead skin every morning, which I think is great because it cleanses my lips. I also use it to prep my lip makeup application. the texture smells like chewy strawberry candies, it is not sticky but it doesn't fully absorb into lips, so it can smudge during sleeping. I know this product is loved by many but its nothing special to me, my lips are still fine with chapsticks. full review on my blog:

yes, my skin looked brighter, felt moisturized, hydrated and plumped after using it overnight BUT it broke me out. Its too bad that many people are liking it but it gave me acne. The texture is light and I don't think it feels heavy and greasy. I liked its fresh scent. Full review at my blog:

this cleanser does amazing in pore cleansing, deep cleansing and removing impurities. my face always feel clean after using it, however it doesnt control acne as for me, it just keeps my face clean. a little goes a long way, theres like jeju volcanic clusters in the cleanser so it does a bit of exfoliation job. I liked this cleanser until I found out about its ph level, which is around 7. I would repurchase but due to the ph I am still considering. full review on my blog

I actually didn't know whether I am using this product correctly or not. It is a 2-step nose strip where first you use the nose strip and then apply the given ampoule to tighten the pores. it claims to instantly remove blackheads, whiteheads and unclog pores while tightening and cleansing in just 15mins. it also claims to reduce excess sebum.

First step is the nose strip. Instruction says to remove the nose strip while it is still moist, I didn't do that because I was only aware of the instruction after using, ha. The nose strip material is not the type that hardens like typical nose strips, instead it is like a mask sheet material (cotton), it was soaked with essence too. The collage shows my nose before, during and after application in sequence.

2nd step is using the tightening serum which didn't do much difference. the solo nose pic is my nose after using the serum, I think it emphasizes the appearance of my pores instead *face palm*. anyway Im glad that my pore size went back to normal after a day. I don't want to use this again, it didn't do anything. full review on my blog

I super LOVE the smell of this mask, it smells of sweet grapes! if this is what real wine smelt like then I want to smell it forever, the scent lingered during application and I didn't mind at all. The material is nothing special, felt like a generic cotton material, adherence was 50/50 because the bottom part didn't stick on well, the material felt prickly too, it was a bit uncomfortable and I felt the need to straighten the mask everytime I sensed the prickly feeling. fitting was fine, has eye flaps, mask was wet

I think I had it on for over 30mins, felt almost dried but theres some generous essence upon squeezing. The effects left my skin moisturized, hydrated and plump. I didn't observe any firming and soothing as it says on the packaging. the next day I woke up oily especially on my nose area and a pimple on my nose. I actually wouldn't mind to use this again because I want to return to its delicious smell but the material made me uncomfortable and it made my skin oilier, so I am considering.

Product was sent to me by Amabie for free in exchange of my honest review.

So this mask has ear lobes to provide some lifting effect but unfortunately I dont like the experience and the results are nothing amazing. material is generic cotton, mask was wet, smelt light of soap but it dissipates during application. there are ear lobs on the top and bottom part of the mask, so that it will give the face a 'lifting' effect by attaching to the ears. About the fitting, I feel that the length of the ear loops to the ears might be short for some, after attaching the loops to my ears, my eye areas became narrow, so it was a bit uncomfortable. the mask area on my upper lip area was close to my nostrils so it was a bit hard for me to breathe. my face doesn't feel so tight, overall fitting was OK and theres no oversized feeling

I had it on for 25mins, theres a plentiful of remaining essence for whole body. when I massaged in the essence, it produces light white soap...then it absorbed into my skin. so maybe the essence is almost a soap? I dont know, ugh

Results: skin felt smooth but the effect was temporary, it lasted for only a couple of minutes. non-sticky residue, not really moisturizing and hydrating and no lifting effect. Since the name of the mask contains 'white', I assumed that it provides whitening but I didn't see any difference. Felt a bit uncomfortable throughout use due to narrow eye and nostril areas, I wouldn't want to use it again if it made me suffocate haha and the results are a DUD for me. Product is provided to me by Amabie for free in exchange of an honest review.

If I could rate this product for 10 stars here then I would! This acne patch by Cosrx deserves more than 5 stars. Theres a reason why its so popular and overly raved, because it really works!! It reduces the size of acne, help to heal them and doesnt make acne scars looking worse. its just so perfect. I wouldnt mind buying a truck of these. indepth review can be found at my blog

I got mine in shade Rich Raspberry, it is a pretty bright neon pink colour, product is provided to me by Amabie for free in exchange for an honest review.

Application: some people may have problem with the handle since it is small and short but it is no problem for me. I can apply it easily on my lips, the tip is doe-foot shaped and it is flexible

Scent: smells like chewy strawberry candies! love smelling it

Texture: first it is like a thick tint, it glides smoothly and as soon as it dries after a minute or two, it mattifies and becomes smooth. its final finish is matte. It doesnt transfer and smudge at all once it mattifies, I kissed my hands and theres no transfer. I recommend moisturizing the lips with a lip balm beforehand so that it doesn't dry the lips or produces cracks throughout use. If you have dry or chapped lips, I dont think this product is for you since its not moisturizing, what I also observed is that it settles on cracks when I had them

Longevity: it wears off after a few hours but not completely, like theres a very minimal fallout, despite this, the lip colour stayed on long on me. It is not waterproof so it fades after eating or washing your mouth. It claims to last long from morning until night, I agreed with this while I was testing it out, but it will only disappear when I eat or drink. So basically if your lips is in contact with water, the colour deteriorates. It doesnt wear off ugly. I have normal lips so the product doesnt dry out my lips. Anyway it looks heavy when I apply 2 or more coats, so just try to keep it to one layer.

Overall I am happy with this product, I love its formula and I want to get more of the colours. I think this shade is flaterring on all skin colours. Thank you Amabie!

Tony Moly Floria line is their whitening and brightening skincare line. I first tested this peeling gel while I was in a Tony Moly store, I immediately sold out when the seller tested it on my hand and my hand immediately looked brighter. the texture is thick, has a distinctive nice smell and not sticky. I massaged the product on my face, it become gommages after being mixed with dead skin on the face. I rinsed with water after massaging and my skin appears brighter. Though it provides an instant whitening effect, I am not sure if it gives any long term changes on the face, eg. improving acne scars. Overall it is an OK peeling gel that provides whitening of skin tone in an instant. if its effects were long term then I would buy it again, but I didnt see much changes. an indepth review can be found at my blog

these are AMAZING lipsticks indeed. the texture glides smoothly on the lips, awesome colour payoff, finish for both is satin like and they are moisturizing. I dont have anything bad to say about these lipsticks, they cost just 1 pounds in the UK. how awesome is that?? I want to get more shades from this lipstick line. The center part of the lips fade after eating or drinking, but you can always reapply. It is easy to remove too and doesnt stain the lips. The shades I got are Rebel With Cause (dupe for MAC Rebel) and 100% Vamp. If you want to see more photos you can head over to my blog

this concealer works just okay but its not the worst. it is a stick type that glides smoothly on skin. it covers redness, eyebags, blemishes well but not that excellent in concealing troubled spots. I got mine in shade vanilla nude and it blends well with my natural beige skin tone. it is not hard to blend since it is smooth and creamy, the consistency makes it fast to finish the concealer though. its not so long lasting as my acne peeked out after hiding under the concealer for a few hours. anyway its not cakey nor drying. if you have minimal skin troubles then you might like this concealer. I have yet to find the best concealer for me. my blog post contains more photos on this concealer review

I dont like this bb cream. its consistency is like of a typical bb cream, its easy to spread, finish is matte, skin is left soft and smooth but if you don't moisturize enough before hand, it will look patcy and it settles on lines on the face. If you have flaky skin it will emphasize the flakiness. I feel that the bb cream is a bit thick. it has a faint sunflower-like scent. I got the shade natural beige, it blends well with my skin tone, has a medium coverage, managed to ease redness but not deep acne scars. it just doesnt have a moisturizing capability and it feels heavy on my face.

This is the best auto eyebrow pencil I have ever used. the colour is dark brown but it doesnt look too intimidating, it looks natural on my median thick eyebrows. the lead at the same time combs my eyebrow hair nicely and keeps them in place, it lasts for quite a long time too and I would repurchase this forever until I find a new good eyebrow pencil haha. full review at my blog

I like how this product smells lightly of cottoncandy. It doesnt do a good job in covering the pores, the texture is creamy, easy to spread and left skin feeling velvety. It does do a good job in controlling oil, but other than that nothing extravagant. It doesnt provide coverage nor brightening the skin and evening the skin tone. I actually hardly reach this product because my pores seemed tamed. If you are looking for a pore coverage product then I suggest checking out the Benefit's pore primer instead of this. This does nothing in covering and smoothening pores. Full review on my blog

This is my very first Neogen product and I would like to thank Amabie for sending this to me for free for review purposes. I would say that this cream is unique because it has 119 natural active ingredients including 49 black ingredients, this is true because the ingredients list on its box is super long, probably the product with the longest ingredients list I've ever tried. Thank goodness I didn't breakout from using it. It claims to restore skin's youthful volume, lifts and improves skin's moisture content, shine for a remarkable brighter and plumper complexion.

I've only been using it for a week so here are the results that I can say so far; it is indeed a highly-concentrated moisturizing product and makes my skin plump. I cant say anything about lifting effect because I am still young (hope to be young forever) and haven't observe any brightening effects yet. Its consistency is not cream, instead it is light gel/jelly type that sinks into the sink after a couple of minutes. the finish is a bit dewy and it doesn't cause oiliness. I can easily top off with another moisturizer after the cream sinks in because its not that heavy. its smell is amazing, I dont know how to describe it, not overwhelming to me. the gel has somekind of black bits.

The 'cream' is 80ml and comes with a spatula and its support, which makes the overall product lush. Packaging is sturdy hard plastic and I like the black theme of it. I hope to see a brightening effect soon after a prolonged use. I've been enjoying this product so far. I recommend this if you like a gel-based moisturizer, it suits to use both day and night.

Bifesta is famous for its makeup removers, its a Japanese brand. I fell inlove with this cleansing lotion because it removes face, eye and lips makeup perfectly without irritation. it left my skin feel refreshed and soft and no greasy residue. I thought the consistency is actually going to be a lotiony type due to its name but it is actually a liwuid form. it is affordable, comes in 300ml which is alot and has a stopper to prevent from spilling. I dont have complains for this product (though it has a  weird alcohol-like scent but I got used to it throughout use) and I would repurchase it many times. I did a full review of it on my blog

This contouring/shading is one of Too Cool For School's popular products, I saw so many Korean Youtubers using this so I just had to get it. I love the looks of this product, it is simple yet pretty. the colours are lightly pigmented which is okay but if you are a fan of strong contouring then this product is not for you. I use this to create a shadows on the sides of my face as well as on my jawline, hairlines and under the chin, I love how light the colour is, it looks natural. I just wished that it comes with its own brush and have more colour ranges available for different skin color. I love this product overall and I would repurchase. full review at my blog

I get acne and pimples so Ive been trying out many acne patches. this patch unfortunately did NOTHING for me, barely even anything. it can come off while I was sleeping at night. It may be thin and hardly visible but it just dont have a good adherence, it didnt do a good job in pulling out the puss too.

I remembered this cream was too moisturizing for my oily skin, I also remembered it hardly penetrated into my skin. so if you have dry skin I am sure you can benefit from this product. the texture is thick, cloudy and has somekind of fresh scent.

this cc cream is provided to me by Amabie for review purposes, it claims to be waterproof and sweat proof, I am actually not sure whether if it is sweat-proof or not because I didn't wear it that long but I do think that it is waterproof because I tested out with a face mist and it didn't seem to bulge, however I didn't test in a swimming pool so I can't tell. it is a 100% physical sunblock, but I cant wear it for long to observe whether it did good in blocking UV rays or not, read further below why.

It says that it is lightweight which I agree, it doesn't feel heavy and it can be used as a foundation base. the texture is light pink, creamy and easily spreads, unlike some sunscreens that are hardly spreadable. the cc cream whitened and evened out my skin tone, I think that my complexion became paler and it doesn't give coverage(not that it is its claims). the finish is dewy with glisters, as a person with oily skin, I actually do not like the finish because it feels greasy and I feel like it will make my face oiler after using it for hours. moreover it settles on my pores, my pores the kind that easily get clogged so I dont want to wear it for long. At the 'After' comparison photo, if you can see on my jawline, the cream balled up into boogers. the cream contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and collagen, which explains its whitening and moisturizing effects.

I don't like this cc cream eventhough it didn't irritate my skin, its just not for my skin type. if your skin is dry then this cream might benefit you with its Hyaluronic Acid and if you want to even out your skin tone, providing if your skin doesn't get clogged pores easily like mine. I was excited to try it out because this cc cream has the prettiest packaging. the body is hard plastic that has a pattern and pump application. I won't use it on my face again but I will use it on my body, it seems to work better because it doesn't ball up and my body can look prettier and glowing~

This is one affordable yet decent palette, the eyeshadows pigment are good enough because the pigmentation is there, you can make a subtle natural rosey look with this palette. It costs BND7(USD5) for 6 shadows + brush. the size too is small and not too bulky so it is great for travelling. I am not good with eyeshadows so this palette is a good startup to learn how to do eyeshadow. I dont have anything bad to say about it. Full review at

It is a gel-based mascara, I bought it because I wanted to use a mascara that gave me natural looking lashes for everyday look. One end is for the eyebrows and another end is for eyelashes. if you see from the before and after photo, it did groom my eyebrow nicely and made it stay in place while for the eyelashes it did enhance its length a bit. The gel dries after application but it was not really hard, just good enough. This product makes a good eyelash primer too. Full review at

I received this Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler in the shade Brown from Amabie in exchange for an honest review. Most Korean auto eyebrow products with the shade BROWN literally came out with the pure (dark) brown color, however it is not the case with this product. Instead of brown, the color is more like light brown/suitable for light hairs or blonde. The product is retractable and it produces noise when retracting it. The color is not as expected when I swatched, it is light and hardly buildable. in the swtach picture it is the most pigmented that I tried to obtain (can you notice the swatch?).

I tried it on my eyebrows, it looked natural that it seems like I dont have any eyebrow makeup on. anyway, I like it better if it is a bit darker so I can really define and emphasize my eyebrows, especially the front part. I style my eyebrows with the straight Korean eyebrow look but it is hard to square the starting of my eyebrow and make a visible straight line because the color is so light!! I already have some eyebrow hairs so I think the color will appear better on people with less eyebrow hairs. Anyway there no problem with the lead, it applies smoothly. The lasting power is kind of okay, the product is not the kind that I want in terms of color pay off. I have an auto eyebrow from Thefaceshop in the same shade (brown) and that one appears darker than this one (actual brown/dark brown color). I may use this if I want to go for a really natural look, but as for now I don't think I'll be using it often. Maybe I will use this for contouring my nose instead haha

Hands down to one of the best eyeliners I've tried so far for my oily + double eyelids. seriously it is very hard to find an eyeliner that suits with my eye type, and I guess I've finally found it! Solone Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown is one creamy yet smudgeproof and waterproof eyeliner. It glides on easily and doesn't budge at all once it is set, I only have to wait for a minute or two for it to set. Actually it still smudges onto my upper lids but that only happens when I didn't apply a setting powder beneath it. When I applied setting powder, it stayed put. I washed my face while having the eyeliner on to see if it will disappear, and it didn't! I had to take my eye makeup remover to remove the eyeliner completely. It will only come off by water ONLY if you rub vigorous enough, rubbing the eyes is not good anyway. When in contact + rubbing with water, it doesn't smear instead it just fades slowly beautifully without causing raccoon eyes.

I think this eyeliner is pretty much long lasting providing if the eyelids stayed matte and not becoming oily. I'm sure people with dry to normal to mono eyelids will like this eyeliner as well because their eye types are the kind that don't easily getting eyeliner smudge. The eyeliner is handy to be put inside a pouch, it also comes with a cute pink sharpener. The application may be creamy but the lead feels sturdy. I don't know how much this costs but I can see myself purchasing it in the future. I want more of this eyeliner. Thank you so much Amabie for sending me this product in exchange of an honest review. This eyeliner is amazing!!!!

this mask smells amazingly of a pleasant lush herbal-ish smell, I love it, I want my hair to smell like it~ mask has a plastic backing to allow mask to be positioned easily on the face. mask is soaked, has tiny gold bits on it. I believe that gold bits came from edible gold leaf. I should've try to eat the gold bits haha. its material is thin cotton and delicate, I accidentally torn a few parts while adjusting it. the size is unfortunately a bit big for me, but it didnt really me so much since it sticks and adhered well.

I had the mask on for 30 mins, theres barely any essence left on mask, I massaged the remaining essence on face. skin is left moisturized, plump and hydrated. My skin is bouncy most of the time so I cannot tell if the mask made any difference on elasticity of my skin. I think its effect will show better on mature or dry skin. a few of the gold bits remained on my face, I didn't even bother to wipe it off because I want gold on my face haha. Theres no tacky finish and it dries to matte with glow.

Next morning my face is brightened. however I noticed a small pimple on my nose. I hope the mask is not the cause of the breakout. this is overall a decent mask if you need some more moisture or restore skin elasticity, I would purchase if mask doesnt break me out. This product is sent to me by Amabie in exchange for an honest review.


Honest TT Mist


mist doesnt have a scent eventhough tea tree is its number one ingredient. it sprays just okay. When I massaged my face for absorption, it makes my skin feels immediately soft, moisturized, fresh, clean and supple. However after a couple of minutes, I noticed developments of small white bumps near my cheeks >< I am not sure whether it is triggered by the mist, I was also cleaning my room that night so it involves dust accumulating in the air and possibly sticking on my face. To be safe, I made a conclusion to not use the mist again On the box and mist itself, it is stated that the mist has a cooling effect, but I barely felt any cooling sensation. The description also said it helps to improve damaged skin from pollution. The dust sticking on my face is technically a pollution, but the mist does not help either. I found a review of the product by a different user where she said the mist moisturizes her face and does not break out her skin. The mist unfortunately broke out mine by giving me small white bumps and pimples the next day :( full review can be found at my blog

I was excited to try out this mask because I never used any masks from the Taiwanese brand TreasureC before. The name of the mask sounded divine, I love using whitening products because I have concerns for acne scars. Mask does contains bunch of moisturizing ingredients.

mask is SUPER THIN that it looks almost invisible. thankfully it comes with a front and back backings so it was easier to unfold, put and adjust the mask on my face. if it doesn't come with the backings then it will be hard to unfold and the mask might also tear, its material is thin delicate cotton. Theres a faint pleasant perfumey scent but it doesn't really bother me. Mask is soaked with essence despite being covered by plastic backings. fitting is oversized on my forehead and bottom part but it sticks on and adhered well on the skin, no annoying flaps were produced.

I had it on for 22mins, the mask felt almost dry, theres barely any essence to squeeze out, some essence remained on the face and I massaged the remaining for it to absorb into my skin. No instant whitening effect however skin is left moisturized, hydrated and soft. it dries to matte with a glowing face and no tacky residue. I tested this mask lastnight and this morning I woke up to lightened acne scars. I am happy to see that my acne scars are almost vanished, my overall complexion is whitened too in the morning. I do not know how much the mask costs but I would buy it if it is cheap since it helped with my acne scars. This product is being sent to me by Amabie for free in exchange of an honest review. I enjoyed using this mask anyway, I would recommend if you love thin masks and have concerns that requires whitening properties.

my first MAC lipstick and I am upset with the formulation. MAC Chatterbox is from their Amplified line. I love how the color is a vibrant pink, their lipsticks from the Amplified line supposed to be moisturizing. It is creamy, smooth and applies easy on the lips but then later my lips dries and cracks, it is just so weird. I like the color but I hardly touch the lipstick now because it dries my lips. the finish is kind of glossy. I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem. Anyway I think the color is flattering on all skin colors.

My first Chanel and most expensive lipstick in my collection. I love this lipstick so much, it is so precious to me that I rarely touch it. the texture is creamy, smooth and easy to apply on the lips. It does not entirely mattifies the lips, the finish is matte + a bit glossy. I love the deep pink berry color, I think the color is flattering on any skin tones. The lipstick is not drying hence it is moisturizing and long lasting, unless after you eat, it does transfer but its not a big problem for me. I want to get more of Chanel lipsticks now.

I am upset with this palette, I should've swatched the eyeshadows while at the store before purchasing it. The colors look nice but it is barely pigmented. only the last 2 eyeshadows are pigmented enough to be shown in my swatches. The light colours barely show for swatches and the color disappears easily.

I forgot what the shades that I've got for Etude House's Color My Brows, I think it was natural brown and light brown~ I don't really like these eyebrowcaras to be honest. they don't really pick up the color and it is hard to pick up the color from the tube. However it does help to lighten the eyebrows. It helps to keep the eyebrows in place too but this doesn't last long because the browcara doesn't dry hard on the eyebrows. I will like the product better if the color in the tube is easy to pick up.

I heard that this essence is a dupe of SK II essence and it seems to help with acne so thats why I bought it. The texture of the essence is watery and has no scent. I use essence after toner. I usually dispense the essence on my hands, spread them on my face and tap them for absorption. The essence absorbs fast on the skin and moisturizes the skin immediately without feeling greasy and making the skin feel soft, supple, fresh and clean. Since the first use, it really clears out blemishes by acne, old acne scars and brightens the skin! I looooveeeee what the essence did to my skin. It does not break me out too. I feel that my skincare game has changed since I started using this!

texture is clear watery and has no scent. It moisturizes my skin immediately without any discomfort feeling and The soothing capability is real! It soothes small pimples and swollen pores...I often dab the toner onto a cotton pad and let it stay on my skin for a few minutes, like a 3-minute face mask! I loveeeee the after-feeling of using the toner. My skin feels smooth and fresh. The toner does not give me breakouts too. the toner grabs residues well, with a help of a cotton pad. the bottle is made out of plastic, which is great because it is not too fragile like glass. it is affordable too for only around USD 2 at roseroseshop for 248ml. this is a great soothing and calming toner, I would repurchase and recommending it.

I think this was my first ever full size eye cream. the texture is white, lightweight cream and absorbs fast. it left my eye area moisturized and not drying. however after only using it for a few days, I started to get white bumps on my eye areas. I am not sure what it is. when I stopped using it, the bumps goes away after. I didnt continue application since then. this product may not suit me but I've seen that it does great on other individual's eyes. the cream is 30ml, affordable and will last for long. it has anti-wrinkle properties and I think it will suit mature eyes

clear gel, pleasant smell, gel absrobs fully into skin after awhile and doesnt leave any oily nor greasy residues. my oily skin felt moisturized, hydrated and looked healthy. it is lightweight, people with dry skin might need to layer more moisturizer if using this. contains snail filtrate but but the ingredient is listed further on the list. I like how it made my skin look healthy. Full review can be found at

I did not expect the texture to be a gel type since the product description says it is a 'cream'. The gel is clear and absorbs into the skin fast. It makes my skin feel fresh, healthy and moisturized. I've been adoring this cream only to find out that it deeply hydrates skin and reduces excess oil on the skin's surface while providing long-lasting moisture. It contains Basil Seed Extract which has high water retention power makes skin moisturized and balanced all day
How can a product that provides deep moisturizing capabilities does not give an oily/overly moisturized feeling on the skin?this product is amazing and definitely a rescuer for oily skin types. Since I started using this, no wonder my skin does not feel oily, greasy and heavy, instead when I use the product, it feels so light weight that it feels like I am not putting on anything, hence gives out a healthy face. I love this product for my oily skin

Texture is median-thick and not so runny. I detect no scent in this cream but theres tiny bits of gold in the cream.  I heard that gold is good for anti-oxidant though. I applied this after toner and massaged onto my skin. It is sooo moisturizing and as a person with an oily skin, I must say the moisturizing duty is kind of heavy for me. After a day of use, I noticed a red spot on my glabella(area between the brows, above the nose). Maybe this cream will work great on dry skin and if you wanna feel luxurious by treating your skin with gold, go give this cream a try, haha

It moisturizes my eyes instantly and making it feeling awake, fresh, hydrated and looking healthy. its texture is gel-type that has Laneige's trademark scent

I love the sleek black packaging, this is an eyebrow shaping kit that comes with 3 different shadows, a spoolie brush, eyebrow brush and blending brush. the 3 colours are ivory for highlighting the brow bones, and shades of medium to dark brown. from the swatches, colors appeared pigmented. even so, it appears naturally on the eyebrows. this is a great shaping kit that contains eyebrow makeup essentials (good if you are into eyebrow powders). I bought this for around RM45 (original price RM60) at Sasa, I think it is affordable and great. Cyber colors is a Korean makeup brand

this product is somekind of a magic tinted lip balm. product has no colour but when incontact with the body temperature it turned into a light glossy pink colour that looks natural on the lips. i feel that it is moisturizing and hydrating the lips as well. it smells like strawberry, which is nice and sweet. it can get a bit sticky when you apply with your fingers but you can wash it anyway. it is affordable and the small tub can lasts a long time!

I bought this type in hopes for it to calm my pimples, has a scent that is similar to tea tree, after using, I noticed that my pimples are less inflammed and later it healed. would repurchase

I think that the packaging is somehow innovative, as cushion type of concealer looks new to me. Twist open the cap and it will reveal the cushion concealer. The way to dispense the concealer is to dab the cushion onto the skin. Based on my trials, I think that it is kind of hard to get the concealer along with the amount that I wanted. The concealer is not creamy, hence, it is like matte that is hard to spread. I tried to conceal a pigment on my hand (refer to picture). It does cover the pigment but the concealer looks obvious that it sits on top of my pigment. Since the texture makes it hard to spread, it is not so blendable on the skin too. I tried to conceal my acne scars and red spots. The concealer does not cover much of it, it is still obvious. This fact is not so visible in the photos but the concealer is not blendedable and looks like it is lying on top of my skin. After awhile, the concealer wears off and reveals my acne scars again.

Totally wont repurchase.

it comes in a tube that is easily squeezed. The foam cleanser looks silky white in color, spreads easily on the skin, has a pleasant clinic-y with soapy kind of smell(I don't know how to describe). It does form foams when rubbing the product with wet hands. After cleansing, it leaves a clean feeling on the face. The cleanser does not make my face dry nor tightened, instead it feels moisturized. I know that the cleanser does a good job in cleaning my face as it does not leave much residues when I am wiping my face with a toner on a cotton pad. The foam cleanser has whitening properties but I hardly notice the impact on my face, it is hard to tell as well because I already have light skin. I would repurchase because it is gentle, left my skin moisturized and clean. 

I tried a sample of this and I love it so much, I have yet to purchase the big packaging. this has a milky white lotion consistency, smells heavenly like blossom + rose. it sinks well into my body and leaves my body feeling moisturized and soft. If you like products with flowery scent then I recommend you getting this one, I cannot stop sniffing it

I love this toner so much, it works great on my skin, no wonder its the bestselling product. the toner is clear, watery consistency, I think it has a low pH too, it is lightweight, absorbs into the skin fast without leaving any residues, it always left my skin feeling soft immediately after application. i think it does great in terms of oil and pore control as well. if i could, i would purchase 5kgs of this toner hahaha

calms to soothe, not sure if it delivers that but my skin didnt experience any breakouts the next day. my skin felt soft and suppler. would repurchase. more photos at

the blusher comes in a cream form, have to dissolve it into skin during application. the colour doesn't turn out so well on my skin, it looks faint and no colour at all. I feel like I wasted my money on buying the product. however if you pump alot, the colour will appear a bit~ but I just think that it is a wastage. there are other blushers where you only grab a bit of colour and it already shows its bright pigment~ this one is not bright, it is more like sheer. I am disappointed with this product. more photos at

the packaging is small which makes it portable to carry it in your bag. the eyehshadow glides on smoothly at first with awesome pigment. the coral colour looks natural and nice~ the colour is suitable as a blusher too. however, sooner or later, the eyeshadow formula started to become chalky. I don't know why, eventhough I close the lid all the time. I just hope that faceshop can reformulate it since the pigment and colour were great at first. more photos at

claims to improve on acne blemishes. the spot cream has a light gel consistency, I applied to my blemished areas. the spot corrector absorbs well into the skin without leaving any residues. after a long term use, it doesn't do anything in ightening my post-acne marks, not even a single bit. the spot corrector isn't drying, but it is a shame that it doesn't do anything to me. I won't repurchase. full review at

a clay mask that is not too tightening. I do not see any difference in it tightening my pores nor making it smaller but after wash off, my face feels soft and clean~ It doesn't feel too drying after wash off so I thought it would suit dry skin. full review at

After finishing one bottle of this ampoule, my thoughts is that it moisturizes the skin well, as well as delivering recovery system for acne scars. based on my experience, it does not prevent the acne from developing but it does help in recovering the post-acne marks in a fast manner! :) I use this product for day and night routine after washing and toning. The consistency is not too runny, smells pleasant and does not make my skin oilier, despite I have an oily skin. The application is hygienic and easy to dispose too :)

contains 92% snail fitrate, said to hydrate, improve fine lines and reduces acne scars and blemishes. has a whte light cream consistency that absorbs nicely into the skin while leaving skin matte and moisturized and no dewy finish. I emptied the 35ml tube, from my experience, I only observe moisturizing effects on my skin. not sure if it reduces fine lines because I am still 20 years old. I did not notice about the reducing acne scars effect, but it did improve my blemishes~ it is a nice product and I would buy again since it improves blemishes.

has a non-scented light gel consistency that absorbs well into the skin without feeling greasy, but it dries matte and moisturizing. it is not heavy for day use and oily skin. I noticed that it helps to reduce blemishes faster. I like this product so far.

Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector SPF50+/PA+++ can be applied as a sunscreen or makeup base as it provides correction to your skin tone, making it look even. it features a tube dispenser, the consistency of the sunblock is a thick cream that is in light pink colour and easy to spread. it blocks sunrays well during the day as I don't feel much penetration of heat on my body when I wear it. however it produces a little white cast after applying since it doesn't really absorb well into the skin. it does corrects the skin tone on the face but if you don't moisturize your face properly, it can accentuate on the dry patches. overall this product is just 50/50 for me, it does protect the body well from the sun. full review can be found at

This product claims to remove blackhead without the use of extraction method. the balm has a milky color and transits into an oily feel after dissolving it with message. I usually message the balm on my face for a few minutes until I am tired then I wash off with water. during the message, sometimes you can see the white gunks from the pores coming out to your skin, which is nice because it made my skin feels clean. not much of blackhead came out but if you partnered the balm with another blackhead remedy such as Cosrx Blackhead Liquid, then the blackhead will come out quickly during massage.

Full review can be found at

Ive got mine in pore control in shade natural beige. it has an awesome coverage with just one layer, covers blemishes and redness execellently, long lasting, provides pore control. can get a bit cakey if you apply too much, applying it minimally is still fine for me as the coverage is great. its a perfect cushion during summer as it offers SPF 50. suitable for oily skin as it controls sebum production. It is my first cushion foundation ever and Im loving it. The finish is semi-matte, it evens out skin tone too. More detailed review at



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