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About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Coily
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This is Biotherm's star product, I bought it in duty free for 760NT, they have a similar product but that one contains grains, so people with sensitive skin have to be careful not to buy the wrong one. It'll be too harsh for your skin and you might get redness.

This face wash is very mild, does not irritate my skin at all and it lathers easily. It has a nice light scent, the only downside is it's not cheap. 

I bought this in the store for 3380NT/50 pieces and it comes with a essence, so basically it's 68NT per piece. It's not cheap but this is not too nourishing that makes me grow meat bumps. The sales lady suggest me to apply it for the whole night, and also cook it in hot water then apply it on my feet but I'm too lazy for that so I didn't try. 

If you apply it when you sleep it won't really fall off if you're lying on your back. 

I bought this face mask when I was in Korea this January, it was on promotion so it's only 16NT per piece. It's very moisturizing and refreshing but it has a strong smell which I don't enjoy. But based on it's cheap price and moisture I would still use it, does not irritate my skin~ For your reference. 

It's sold for 1680NT/50ml, the star product of Biotherm. I use this as a lotion, apply after toner. It doesnt have the grease like lotions do, it's more smooth and cooling which is very comfortable. People with sensitive skin can also try to use it, the only thing is that it's not cheap~~

It's 6000NT for 50 pieces, it helps lightens my dark circles. I used it myself and see the difference, but you have to use it consistantly, but if you sleep late and get too exhausted, the circles might come back. 

It contains herbal extracts that sooths my skin. The texture is very cooling which is great during summer. I usually apply it on my face for 15-20 minutes then wash it off, it has a nice herbal smell. People with sensitive skin can also use this. It costs 1180NT, I think you get what you pay for, since you're putting products on your face, don't pick the cheap ones. 

The gel contains amino acid - Moisturize and clear my skin

Lactic Acid Extract- Soften and sooths my skin

Revitalizing Agent- To exfoliate my skin.

People with sensitive skin should only it use it once every 7-10 day, after exfoliating your skin, it absorbs better and give you a nice glow. This is sold for 2180NT, it's refreshing and does not irritate my skin, I always use this to exfoliate my skin, recommend it!!

People always say, cleaning comes first then skincare. If you didn't clean you skin properly, no matter how much makeup you put on, it won't absorb. Thats why I recommend this cleansing mousse, people with sensitive skin can also use this. It contains cucumber and Chamomile extract which helps to sooth and treat my skin. The texture is very mild and smells great. This is a great product for lazy people, cleanses your face and gets rid of makeup with just one bottle. It's sold for 1080NT at their official website, I suggest everyone to stock it up during annual promotions. 

It contains collagen, fibroin and apple extract that can help balance the hydration of my skin. Keeps my skin hydrated. It has a light apple scent, also great for sensitive skin~~

This is my go to essence, it contains 8 different amino acids, seaweed extrract and cactus extract. I really trust this product. It's very nourishing and moisturizing, gives me soft bouncy skin, I love this product, already bought at least 10 bottles. Highly recommend it!!!

This toner has a very light smell, the texture is refreshing and not greasy, but the price is about 1500NT which is kind of expensive so I eventually changed my heart~~

It's feel abit greasy when I apply it, and it's not very absorbing, just ok. I bought this during a discount for 200NT, usually it's 800NT. Even though it’s an aesthetic medicine brand but there are other better products. Just for your reference~~

It's moisturizing, nourishing and not greasy, it's a star product of this brand. It's natural and lightweight. The essence is not greasy too. 

It's very moisturizing and does not irritate my sensitive skin~~ But remember to avoid the eye area, sometimes when it's too nourishing your skin will grow little meat lumps. The whitening effect is just ok, but maybe it's because I have pretty white skin so it's not obvious. 

I saw alot of website promoting this product saying that it's a must have from Japan, so I asked my friend to but it for me the price is around 140NT. The texture is pretty lightweight and does not irritate my skin, it's very cleansing but it tightens my face, maybe it's because it got rid of all the oil on my skin~~ That's my opinion!

This cream cleanser is highly recommended in Korea, it has a cream oil texture, I didn't think it was that amazing, it's not very cleansing. And due to my pily skin, I think it's too oily for me. I don't recommend it!! It's about 700NT - 1000NT in Korea.

The texture is abit sticky but it blends really well, it has great spf but not greasy at all. The price is around 500NT - 800NT, but it only contains a little amount, so for people who wants to use regularly it might not be affordable, or wait until it's on discount. 

PS: A little reminder, when you open a sunscreen product, finish the whole bottle asap. 

It create nice fine bubble when I just rub it gently, this products can help with acnes because it contains anti-acne agents. I think you can use it depending on your skin condition. 

This lipbalm has no color but it actually changes my lip color. It's very natural just like a light layer of lipstick, but not too much. It's not cheap, on January 2016 I bought it for 100NT in Korea. 

This mask stays very well on my face. It's moisturizing and not greasy, I have sensitive skin but I have no worries with this mask~ It's not cheap, 150NT for one piece so buy it when it's on discount~ 

This can color correct my skin. The texture is not greasy at all and it does not leave any residue on my face, which is a big plus. I really love this brand, they don't usually do promotions, one tube is 1500NT, so but it when they have discount!! In case you need it~~

If you're thinking of a product thats cheap and great this must be it, it's really a great product. I have sensitive skin and this does not make me uncomfortable or breakout. The price is about 79NT - 120NT, for your reference. 

A little goes a long way, I can use this bottle for half or one year, so 500ML it's a very worthy product. Great for lazy people because it removes makeup and cleanse the face at the same time. It is a mousse texture, you don't need to rub heavily, the makeup will come effortless, thats why I recommend it!! You can buy this for 2800NT in their store, sometimes during promotion you can get two bottles for 2800NT, buy one get one free, it's very cleansing.

It's kind of expensive but it's really great. It cleared 70% of the blackheads on my nose, so amazing. When I didn't go to my skin treatment, I would use this to reduce the balckheads~~ It's 45NT -60NT per piece in Korea, but it's 120NT if you buy it in Taiwan. 

Private part are just as important as your face~~ So I have to take care of it. This is my first time using this brand, it does not irritate my skin, and it's a gel texture which is mild and cooling. 

This product is not very worthed compared to other brands, it leaves residue on my face... and it's really cakey. Nowadays people like clear and light makeup, this is not meet my standard. I think it's a fail 0.0

The first spray has a very strong smell, then after some time it becomes in to a great light smell, I personally love it, it's about 700NT - 1200NT for your reference. 

This product is cheaper in Japan, it's refreshing and not greasy, one of my favorite product. It lathers very quickly and easy to carry during travel. 

I bought this little bottle for 450NT, the big bottle cost 500-800NT which is not cheap. But it really does the job, I don't get tanned easily after applying this ( Compared to other brands.) 

It my number one inexpensive lotion, I apply it on my feet and body, very nourishing. 

It's mild, and it's pretty moisturizing. 

It's mild but I don't think it cleanses very well, still have some residue on my face. 

I think this is very normal, you can try but I don't recommend it. 

It's very nourishing, I recommend it~~

People with sensitive skin better not use this, it is abit aggressive.  It's better for people with oily or acne skin condition. 

It's pretty moisturizing when I apply it, but I wouldn't put it on for too long. 

My face became tight and dry after I used this, I don't recommend it. 

I recommend this lipbalm, it's sold around 100NT. It's so cheap, but it's moisturizing, not greasy and longlasting. You don't have to keep on re-applying. Put a thick layer before you sleep then you will have nice hydrated lips the next day~~

The color is great but not very long lasting. 

It's inexpensive and the scent is not aggressive. Great. 

I don't see any obvious results, I do not recommend to buy this. 

It's cheap but not great, it's not absorbing. 

It's refreshing and mild, but compared to the price it's not really worthed, it's about 1500NT. I didn't think that it made my skin whiter... But if you use it as a toner it's great, but don't be excited about the whitening effect. 

The price is ok, the masque is great, it's not greasy and stays on well! 

It's cheap but I don't recommend it, it doesn't clean very well. 

It's so mild, very suitable for sensitive skin~ But it's quite expensive!!



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