About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Permed Wave/Curls
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Nail junkie
  • Age Range: Under 18
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This YSL lipstick is so moisturizing, gives me watery lips. I bought #15, it's like a nude coral color, very supple great for people who don't like bold colors. 

I bought shade #52, it got really famous because of Korean star Ji-hyun Jun wore a similar color. The glowing peach pink color is so beautiful! But it's not that moisturizing and easy to show lip wrinkles. 

I was so amazing with this lipstick, it's abit moisturizing and the color payoff is great, I bought #11, it's so pinky cute, I don't have to wear full makeup to apply this lipstick. I bought it during a discount for about 300NT, so worthed, I highly recommend this lipstick!

I bought the color #1, the texture is purple but when I apply it on my lips it has a little pink in it. Great for ombre lip style and it's longlasting and does not fall off!

I bought the color #708, not many people picked this color but I think it's useful. It's more a berry red color which is very catchy, but it's so dry, I have to put on a thick layer of lipbalm to apply this lipstick

I always want to but an orange lipstick so I picked this moroccan neroli color #12, it's so orange and I'm so satisfied. The lipstick is pretty moisturizing I don't need to apply lipbalm first. It's inexpensive too. 

I like this eyeliner gel, it's smooth and easy to apply. But it smudges, I have to re-apply the outer corner of my eyes. 

I bought it during a buy 1 get 1 free promotion, I picked the RD310 it's glitter red which is so beautiful when I apply, great for parties and performances event. 

I bought the color #03, it's a natural orange color, and it's a nice blush, just a little can give me good color payoff, I think it's better than pink or other color to use daily. 

This mascara is not water-proof, the color payoff is ok not amazing. After some time, I get panda eyes so I guess this is not for me. 

I think everyone has one, it's easy to carry and so cheap, great to set my makeup and a little can go a long way, so worthed. 

I've used up so much fake double eyelid stickers, this one is easy to use, and I only need to use half of every piece so I can use for a long time. 

Many people recommended this eyelash curler, after discount the price is less than 150NT, it's pretty useful, but this curler does not fit my eye shape, I'll be looking for a better fit. 

I don't have a good impression of this eyeliner gel, it's hard to apply and the pen breaks easily. I didn't want to waste it but it just keep breaking, I would not buy it again. 

This product is so great, only for 39NT, not only I apply this on my eyebrows, also apply it on my eyeliner. I tried to exercise for 2-3hours and  sweat so much and it only came off abit, highly recommend this product. 

I have very oily skin, I saw some recommendations about this product about it can help blot oil and prevent acnes, thats why I bought it. Remember to hydrate your skin before applying, it sets better if you apply with a oil blotting primer. It's inexpensive, recommend this to people with oily skin. 

This eyeliner has been recommend by alot of people, I also think that it's great. It doesn't smudge and gives good color payoff. A little amount can do the job, I would purchase it again!

This air cushion gives good coverage, the texture is more matte so it doesn't have any glow on my face, it's still looks great. The downside is that it becomes oily and makeup creases, and it's very dry, it's not very worthed. 

I bought this in Japan, alot of people recommended this product for it can help prevent acnes and it's cheaper in Japan. I am very satisfied with this product, it gives me good coverage and sets very well. Recommend people who are worried to have acnes. 

This is a famous product from Japan, I thought I was good on the first place, but my sensitive skin got abit tight after wash, it's small so it's easy to carry, I think it's not that worthed like everyone is endorsing. 

It cleanses very well, I just need to use it twice to remover heavy makeup, the tube is very easy to carry around, so convenient. 

I heard alot of people recommending this product so I bought it. It does cleanse but when it comes to mascara and lipsticks I need to cleanse multiple times. I don't really recommend this product. 

Alot of people are saying that this can compare with SKII's essence, their pricing is very different but I think it's good, it makes my face clear and refreshed. I doesn't give me acnes or pimples, I think it's good. 

I bought it in Watsons with a discount, less than 1000NT. Even though the brush is not as amazing as the expensive ones, but it does the job. I should say it's pretty worthed, if you're looking for a cheaper product this could be it. 

This is a moisturizing lotion, I bought it when I was in Japan during winter because it was so dry, but I think this lotion doesn't suit Taiwan's weather. It's thicker than regular lotions, it's great to use during winter, but it'll be too stuffy in summer. 

It comes out as a bubbly mousse, so you won't have to lather up yourself. It does a nice job on cleansing and does not dry out my skin. This is so far my favorite face wash!

This lip balm is hydrating, longlasting and not greasy. The size makes it easy to carry around, but I think the amount is too little, it's out pretty fast, but I would still recommend this product!

It's very moisturizing! I've been using it since middle school, I usually apply it before I sleep and keeps me moisturizied all day. A little can go a long way. The only downside is that I need to use my hand to apply, but I still love it. 

It has a nice scent, it's easier to cleanse with a cotton pad. You can use it after you wash your face it will get rid of the remaining dirt. It's not harsh on your skin too, fits for people with sensitive skin.

After I used the tester I decided to buy the product. It's a liquid watery texture with a green tea scent. It's very refreshing and not sticky at all. I would repurchase it again. 



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