I'm 36 years old, and dealt with chronic illness and depression for such a long time that I just gave up and stopped taking care of mysel. I've gotten back into skincare and makeup as a means of self-love and to bring back my confidence. 

About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White, Native American, Hispanic/Latino/Carribean
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Paraben-Free, Vitamin C, Mineral, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This mist comes in a heavy metal mist bottle which makes it nice for travel because it doesn't pop open, or get banged up easily. It's quite pretty, in my opinion. The mist inside has a light fruity scent. It is mostly watery with just a slight viscosity to it. It sprays out in a fine and uniform mist. I have found better results with this by patting it into my skin rather than just letting it sit on my face. It is soothing for my dry skin, and does boost hydration a bit. It is nothing amazing. The best use i've found for this is refreshing my makeup during a long day. I have dry skin and at the end of the day my base makeup can begin to look a bit bad. Used very sparingly this can put that glow back into my makeup. While this is a nice product if you find yourself getting dry between skincare routines, I likely wouldn't repurchase this. It was an impulse buy and while I do enjoy it when I use it, I frankly just don't find this to be an essential item for me.

The material of this mask is thick and soft. It adheres well to the skin with only some lifting at the chin. The proportions are just right for my large, but small featured face. The eye and mouth holes are well placed, and sized. The esence is milky and lotiony. It smells very peachy and fresh. It stays moist for about 30 minutes. This is  a low priced mask, and I didn't expect very much from it, but I was wowed. This mask felt deeply nourishing, left my face looking calm, and bright, while providing deep moisture and skin softening. I have very dry skin, and milky masks like this one are necessity in the cold winter climate. I would repurchase and recommend this. 

The material of this mask is thick and soft. It adheres well to the skin and conforms easily to the curves of the face. There can be some lifting at the chin. This mask fits my broad and large face well, but they eye and mouth holes are perfectly proportioned and placed for my face. The essence is milky, slightly runny, like an emulsion. It smells like milk candy. The mask stayed damp for around 30 minutes. This mask provided a great moisturizing, skin softening effect, and left my face plump and glowing. There is somewhat of a brightening effect as well. It's a simple mask, with a simple purpose, but it completes that purpose very well. It's definitely worth the $1 price tag to me, the packaging is cute, so I will likely repurchase this, not just for myself but as a gift for beauty friends. Moisturizing masks like this are good to have on hand. 

The material of this mask is thick but soft. It sits well on the skin and conforms to facial curves well, although sometimes the chin lifts. The fit of this mask is fantastic for my rather large face, but smaller features. The eyes and mouth are well placed and proportioned. The essence is milky and lotiony feeling. A real treat for the dry, cold, winter climate that I am living in. I have dry skin and winter makes it worse, which makes me prone to rough patches and flaking. The lotiony essence of this mask smells more like coconut to me than chocolate. It stayed moist for about 30 minutes.  It did smooth my skin to some degree but  the effect wasn't amazing. It did leave my skin feeling moisturized, plump, and gave me a nice glow.  I would repurchase this, because I bought it for $1 and where masks for $1 are concerned, this is really good, and even though it smells more like coconut than chocolate, I like coconut scents. 

I have been using the Purlisse balancing moisturizer for about one month. The first 2 weeks I tried it as my main moisturizer, but for my very dry skin, in the middle of the frigid Indiana winter, it just isn't moisturizing enough.The consistency is light like a lotion, and has a very slight almost citrus type scent. It absorbs very quickly and always leaves my skin soft and smooth, but for me this lightweight moisturizer is more of an emulsion step. I do feel that in warmer months, I could use this on its own as a daytime moisturizer and it would provide adequate moisturization. This may be better for oily and combination skin types as it is moisturizing and smoothing without being heavy. I do love how quickly it absorbs into the skin and how light it feels, but for winter, I need something more occlusive. Overall effect for the month that i've used this, hasn't really created any noticible changes in my skin, but it is a nice product for layering because of the light weight feel and quick absorbption I feel like I'm adding more moisture to my skin without adding another layer of heaviness. There is no tackiness or oily feeling, and honestly, it's one of the most pleasant moisturizers I have as far as how it feels on my skin. If they made a deep hydration version of this, I would certainly want to try it, but it's just not moisturizing enough for my skin for me to want to purchase it for myself. I received this to try as part of the Amabie A list. 

I have very dry skin, especially in winter. My eye area can become so dry that it is painful, flakey and just a mess. I think I may have used this eye serum a bit differently than most. I look at serums as a layering product, so I was using this serum in addition to my usual eye cream. This serum has a light gel cream consistency, absorbs quickly and feels light. For those who don't have very dry skin, and even for those that have an oily eye area, this is a great thing. For dryer skin I would definitely consider this a layering product. It does provide moisture but on it's own, in the winter, for me, it just was not enough. It is however, very gentle in that area, and did not burn even when my eyes were sensitive. I have had trouble finding eye care products because a lot of them sting me. This one did not. It did lighten up my dark circles some, and my fine lines are lessened, after using this for a month. I do have a couple lines that are getting deeper, this helps a little but it's not a miracle product. If you're looking for a product to layer in and try creating a more intensive eye care routine, this may be a good option. For me, personally the price for the results is prohibitive. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything particularly wrong with this product, but nothing about it was a, "wow." I will certainly keep using the bottle that was sent to me for review as part of the Amabie A list. However, it isn't something I would purchase for myself, because it's very much at the top end of my price range for any product, and for the price I expect to be wowed. 

This big bold green cucumber gel may be one of the funniest looking products that I own. It's quite a surprisingly large size, and it even has little bumps like a cucumber, even though the shape really reminds me of something else entirely. Inside is a clear gel that melts into the skin leaving a watery and cooling sensation. It smells like freshly cut cucumber. It absorbs fast but it can also leave behind some tackiness, especially noticeable on the hands. It is not summer where I live, but I have a medical condition that often leads to a kind of skin and deep tissue infection in one of my legs. It makes the skin become inflamed, painful, and red, very much like a sunburn. This feels super super cooling and so so good when my leg is acting up. It's also very nice on the body at the end of a long day, and especially cooling on hot tired feet. While the cooling effect is very good, this doesn't provide the kind of hydration that most aloe gels do. It does give some moisture and ultimately leaves my skin soft and smooth, but I prefer aloe gels where moisturizing is concerned. It's a fun item to own with a very silly shape, and makes a shocking and funny gift, with a useful effect. The product inside is good. Nothing amazing and leaves my hands a little sticky so 3 stars. 

I was so excited to recieve this mask as part of the Amabie Alist. I've wanted to try this mask for a long time. The packaging is so pretty, and what sounds more luxurious and soothing than blue lotus?  The sheet material of this mask is thick. It isn't stiff, but it's also not soft. The fit is good for my face. The mask is really just large enough for my big broad face. The eye and mouth holes are small but a good close fit for my face. The nose, eye and cheek junction tented quite a bit and I had to break the mask at that point. This mask is indicated for intensely moisturizing, nourishing, and renewing the skin. My cheeks get very dry in the winter and having a mask lay flat on my cheeks is important but I have a high nasal bridge so I have to snip or break most masks. It adheres closely to the skin but because the material is thick without much softness or stretch, it bubbles and bunches if you move your face. This mask smells wonderful. It's fresh and bright with notes of green tea. The essence is watery but slightly viscous. There is only a slight amount left in the pack. I wore the mask for about 30 minutes. It was beginning to dry at the chin and nose areas. 

The overall effect of this mask is deep hydration, more than moisturization in my opinion. My skin was left glowing without being dewy. This minimized my pores to nearly flawless, left my skin extra soft and smooth, and had an absolutely clean feeling finish. The essence fully absorbed with no sticky, tacky or oily feelings. Just fresh, soft, smooth, and glowing skin. I think around 4.5 stars may be more acurate for how I feel. My main issue with the mask is that I wish the material was better so that it would adhere to the skin better if I talk, laugh, smile etc. I also wish it was more moisturizing. It did plump my skin with clean hydration and this makes it good for a day time routine, but when it said intensely moisturizing that made me think it was best to add it to a night time routine. All in all it's a great mask, but these are pricey, and i am still unsure if it warrants the $8 per mask price tag. 

Thank you Amabie for sending me this mask free to review as part of the Amabie Alist. 

I haven't used a lot of bio-cellulose or hydrogel type masks. This coconut bio-cellulose mask line from leaders has been pretty hyped, but generally has a bigger price tag than I'm willing to pay. I did find some on sale and everything melon flavored needs to be on my face. At first I was disappointed, because this mask does not smell like melon. It has a powdery scent that I hate. It was a dirty trick. Despite the smell, the mask was good. This thin bio-cellulose mask comes nestled between 2 sheets, you are supposed to lift off one side only to place the mask on the face, then remove the other backing. Removing the first backing was a little tricky, because the mask is stuck pretty well to both backings. After that I more just had to lay it on my face, near how it was supposed to fit and peeel off the other backing. It took me awhile to get this adjusted to fit my face properly. The eye holes are bit close to the outer corner of my eye and needed a snip. The nose tented alot and I needed to cut the mask along the side of the nose, where the nose cheek and eye area meet. The mouth is a bit too low and the strip that is meant to go on the skin between the upper lip and the nose, wanted to be in my mouth. It did take me time to get this mask on properly, but once it was on, it was very comfortable and started to really adhere nicely to my skin. I wasn't paying attention to the time and kept this mask on for a little too long. I don't suggest doing that because it almost ends up like a peel off mask if it dries down too much.  One thing about this bio-cellulose mask that really surprised me and is so different from cloth type mask sheets, is that the parts of the mask that fit closely on my skin dried out more quickly than the parts of the mask that were lifted away from the skin, like the outer part of the orbital socket. This is an indication that all the goodness from the mask is soaking into my skin more than it is being dried by the air. That is a very good thing. This mask left my skin very moisturized, soft, dewy, and glowing. 

I am not sure I would repurchase this variety of masks though because I really wanted a melon scented mask not heavy sweet powder. 4 stars because I hate how this smells and it's an expensive mask. I should like how it smells, and while it does give excellent moisturizing and hydrating benefits, it takes a good bit of adjusting. I feel there are a lot of masks that give this kind of result. It's a very good mask, aside from the smell, but it's not a super-amazing holy grail item for me.

I like L'affair masks as affordable, every day masks, with high functionality. I picked up one of these 3 step masks because I like to have masks with steps around for days when I need extra focus in one area. I have dry sensitive skin, and the Indiana winters can be very harsh. I'm especially sensitive with cleansers and sometimes, the dryness and sensitivity created by the cold and wind makes it difficult to deep cleanse my skin without causing even more irritation and dryness. 

That brings us to the first step of this mask, the foaming cleanser. This cleanser is very thick and rich. I used it with a konjac sponge because this works better for my skin, with this type of cleanser. The cleanser is unscented.  It created a somewhat rich lather, but not as creamy as a lot of Korean cleansers that I've tried. It did, however, deeply clean my skin, and leave it feeling quite refreshed without being overly drying, or stripping. 

The Ampoule is a thick heavy gel. Surprisingly thick for an ampoule. There is a lot in the little ampoule packet, more than what I needed for one application. It soaks into the skin easily, and cleanly. 

The mask is that thick, soft and velvety material that I've come to love about black masks. The fit of this mask as a whole seems slightly smaller than other L'affair masks, but it was still alright for my face. The eye and mouth holes are well sized and well placed, but I could have used just a tad more material on the sides and forehead. The nose tented a bit with this mask and I had to cut it where the eye nose and cheek area meet. It's a quick simple adjustment and I have to do that with a lot of masks.

The essence is watery but viscous, and has that bright sort of berry generic sheet mask scent. It kept the mask moist for 40 minutes, and there was a handful of extra essence left in the pack. It absorbs fully and quickly.

Overall effect was good.  Bright, even toned, soft, hydrated skin. 

I would repurchase this, it's very reasonabley priced for a 3 step black mask, and it did what I wanted it to do. 

The Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera line, is formulated to gently moisturize and protect dry sensitive skin. I have been loving the foaming wash and ultra toner from this line, so when I saw the sheet mask, I had to have it. I used this mask on Thanksgiving weekend, after a day playing outside with my nephew. The Indiana air is dry and cold this time of year, and my face was feeling a little wind chapped, rough and red.  

The mask sheet is thick, soft, and has some stretch. It forms and hugs the face well. The eye and mouth holes are leaning towards the small side, but for my face were perfect, offering some coverage to the brow bone and undereye without being in my eyes. The mouth hole is pretty small. I don't have a very large mouth and it did fit quite close. The lip strip did partially cover my top lip, so no drinking hot cocoa while masking.

The essence of this mask is a thin, but not runny lotion type essence. It has a spicy, sweet, ginseng scent but not quite as strongly scented as the other products in this line. The mask holds on to the essence well, and stayed well moistened for 30 minutes. It probably could have gone 40 minutes. There is about a teaspoon of extra essence in the pack, but it spreads easily and is enough to cover the neck well. The essence does not feel as heavy as I expected, and absorbs surprisingly quickly for a creamy essence, leaving a non-heavy and clean feeling finish. 

Overall effect of this mask was some moisturizing, though not as deep as I had hoped, good hydration, a good skin calming and toning effect. It's a very nice moisturizing mask without feeling heavy or greasy. I was hoping for a little deeper moisturizing effect because it is a cream mask, but I think the lightness could make it suitable for daytime as well as night. The downside to this mask is it's price tag. It can be a little bit pricey to use as a daily mask, but it would be more the type I want to keep around when my dry sensitive skin needs extra attention. I am on the fence about whether I would repurchase this or not. I frankly really like this line of products, but I have also found deep hydrating creamy type masks for less. However, this line has one of my favorite smells ever, and while that isn't functional for skincare, it does count towards the experience.

The packaging of this mask has an aesthetic that is unique from other The Creme Shop Masks, it bears mentioning because the Chia Seed products are actually part of an individual line of products, and the mask material, and fit are different from their fruit based line. The material of this mask is thick, but it is soft, and not stiff at all. It adheres well to the skin and is comfortable to wear. It fits my broad face quite well, if even a bit large. The eye holes on this mask are quite large and do not offer any coverage to the brow bone or under eye area, unless using the eye flaps. While I appreciate that the eye flaps are there, they aren't sized well and don't really offer much extra coverage.  The mouth hole is also a bit large, but the strip between the nose and mouth is a good size and doesn't cover my top lip. The chin is also covered but there is a good bit of space around the mouth. It adheres well to the skin without much lifting or need for adjustment. The essence is watery, and has a fresh, bright, lightly floral scent. It reminds me of the fragrance used in many green tea type masks. It keeps the mask well saturated and moist for about 40 minutes, and there is about a tablespoon left in the pack. The essence takes some time to absorb. It was sticky for awhile, then tacky for quite some time before leaving my face feeling plump and soft. The overall effect is good hydration, but not much more. I was hoping, because this was a seed mask, that the essence would be a bit heavier and more deeply moisturizing.  I bought this for a dollar and at that price I might repurchase it. I initially purchased this hoping to add it to my night-time dry skin routine, but it could be good for lighter day time needs. It's not a bad mask, there just isn't anything remarkable about it, save for the softness and comfort of the sheet for the price.

I'm kind of between 3 and 4 stars on this mask.  The fit is good, almost perfect for my broad face. There are even eye flaps but I usually multi-task when I mask so I didn't use them. The material of this mask is thick, and somewhat stiff. While it does adhere to the skin well, I found the material more stiff and rough than the character mask sheets that the creme shop uses. So, that was rather dissapointing for me. It also lifted from the chin quite alot and just wouldn't stay there. The essence of this mask smells vaquely lemonade-ish. The scent is a lot more lemon detergent than lemonade.  It is not off-putting but it didn't give me the summer lemonade vibes that I was hoping for. The mask stayed moist for about 40 minutes. Upon removing my skin looked bright, and glowy. It left my face with a hydrated refreshed feeling. The essence takes a little patting encouragement to absorb, and a little time. Until it fully absorbed. it felt quite sticky, but once it did my skin felt soft, and clean. So the essence is good, it just smells funny, and the mask has a good fit but the feel of the mask itself isn't great. I got these in a box of 5 for 5 usd. At that price I'd say they're worth it, but, I wouldn't pay much more than that because I believe there are better masks out there for just slightly more money. 

I don't have acne. I get occassional blemishes here and there, but not enough to need a full face treatment. As many ac care products tend to be a bit drying, and I have dry skin, I don't keep much in the way of ac treatment items around. I had been looking for a spot treatment that wouldn't cause dry spots, and a friend gifted a pack of these to me. She said to use them once the blemish comes to a head and looks like it will drain soon, or to use them if you pop a pimple. Due to weather changes, and stress I've had quite a few little face demons popping up along my jaw line, recently. So I tried out these patches. Lucky for me they come in several different sizes on a sheet. A variety enough for tiny baby pimples, and big monster volcanos. They're a clear plastic backed item, and almost feel like a hydrogel patch on the skin. They do not sting or burn at all, and they don't leave dry patches on my skin. I leave them on overnight usually, and when I wake up, the patch has a yucky white spot where the head of the pimple was. The blemish will be much smaller, but is usually still red. These tend to work better for me on smaller blemishes and not quite as well on the Mount Vesuvius kind. All in all it shrinks and shortens the life of blemishes, but I still need soothing type care to reduce their redness.  I will definitely be keeping these around. 

This mask bundle comes in a book style box, with a pull out tray. Inside are 8 every day bouncy sheet masks. (who doesn't want bouncy skin every day?) 8 melting nose strips and a monthly foot peel. 

Every Day Bouncy Mask - The sheet is very thin, soft tencel sheet. The fit is quite generous, and I can't imagine this mask being too small for anyone. The eye holes are quite large, and do not give any under eye or brow bone coverage as most sheet masks do on my face. The slits beside the nose and cheek area are quite deep allowing for a flat fit with no tenting, even over my high nasal bridge.  The mouth hole is pretty large too. There are plenty of slits at the side of the mask for adjusting, and because the mask is so thin, it doesn't bunch up if you need to fold it a bit. The adherence of this mask is just about perfect, you can smile, drink and snack without needing to adjust the mask. The essence is a scentless gel, that turns to liquid once heated by the skin. It contains superstar ingredients like galactomyces ferment filtrate, propolis extract, honey extract, and sodium hyaluronate. There is a lot of essence left in the pack, and it sinks in quickly and feels wonderful. This mask was moist for near an hour. The essence didn't take a lot of encouraging to sink into the skin once the mask is removed, however it did leave a slightly tacky feeling on my skin. It did not interfere with absorbtion of my other skin care products.  The results of this mask were hydrated, soft, bright, glowing skin and very minimized pores on my cheeks. I mean flawless. 

The blackhead melting nose strip - It's a soft sheet mask like material soaked in watery essence. It is a generous size and I feel could accomodate larger noses. The essence is watery, and smells like minty lemon balm. It is somewhat drippy, like some dripped down to my mouth. It feels very very deep menthol type cooling sensation with a bit of tingling but it does not sting, and is not painful. I am not prone to blackheads on my nose, but I do get sebaceous filaments which can make my pores appear enlarged, this did pop out some sebaceous filaments and minimize the pores on my nose. It was also very moisturizing. 

The monthly new feet peel - These booties are generously sized enough to fit my big ol' US size 10 feet comfortably, even on my lymphedema leg, in which my foot was swollen. I have very dry skin, and my feet are gross. I'm not going to lie, they're dry and gross. I have calluses, and my feet are so dry, i even get dry tight skin on top of my toes. The bottoms of my feet are calloused and always look yellowish and dirty.  I left these orange scented booties on for about an hour. After I took them off I wiped down my feet and already seen some progress in softening and flaking off of calluses, and where my feet are not callused they were softer and smoother.  This didn't cause any pain at all, and i'm hoping with time those calluses will flake off all the way. 

All in all this is a great bundle of masks, in a super cute package. The packaging is such that it could be convenient for travel, or make a very pretty gift. They sell this on amazon for about 22 usd, and in my opinion it's well worth that price. 

This affordably priced Taiwanese mask did not dissapoint. The mask is very thin, and despite the small and easy to store packet size, comes on plastic backing which makes it easy to unfold. The essence is watery and smelled very much like green tea, with some of the deeper tea notes as well. The fit is nice, but the eyeholes are slightly narrow for me, however this mask has small slits in the corner to easily adjust the eye area, so it worked out fine. It stayed moist for 30 minutes, and the essence absorbed quickly without much patting needed. There is a handful of extra essence left in the pack, and it smelled so nice that I wanted to put it everywhere. This left my face hydrated, refreshed, slightly brighter and more even toned. It's a good choice as a modestly priced daily mask if your main skin concerns are moisture, and tone. I paid about $1 for this mask and at that price I will definitely buy it again, and recommend it as a good cheap mask

The packaging of this cream speaks of dark luxury, and the texture and scent match that feeling.  This is a luxurious, thick, rich, butter-like cream, which has a woodsy amber rose fragrance. The fragrance is quite strong. This cream is very rich and it only takes a tiny amount to be effective. Despite the heavy texture it absorbs into the skin well when small amounts are used. If I use too much it does pill a bit.  It moisturizes and softens the skin well. Over time, this product improved skin texture, moisture retention, uneven skin tone, and left my skin looking brighter and healthier. I didn't notice much reduction in the fine lines I'm beginning to get around my mouth, however, I find this cream quite valuable for the improvements in texture, tone, and moisture retention. I would recommend this if you love deep rose perfume scents and need improvement with skin tone and texture. I'm not sure if I would repurchase it because of the scent. 

This product is a thick slightly green tinted clear gel. It has a refreshing cucumber scent and feels cooling as you put it on. It spreads easily, and isn't too runny. It takes about 20 minutes to dry down completely and does seal down tightly. This mask is meant to moisturize as well as deep cleanse and it did leave my face soft and smooth, but I don't feel it was very moisturizing. I'm no stranger to peel off masks. I do like them, even if at times peeling them can sting slightly. This is probably the most painful peel-off mask that I've tried. If you get this in any hair that you'd like to keep, don't pull it. Wash it off. I'm missing the corner of an eyebrow, but that is my fault for not being more careful. All in all it does a good job and cleaning pores, and will remove small flakes. I don't think I will use this again personally simply because of the ouch factor. 

The best thing about this mask was the smell. It's slightly herbal and pleasant. The mask material is terrible. It's thick papery and stiff. To make matters worse it was barely damp. Kind of felt like the mask had already been squeezed out. It would not adhere to my face. I generally multitask while I sheet mask but it was impossible with this mask. The eye holes, mouth hole, and over all fit were ok, but the lack of moisture and the poor material made the mask want to fall off my face. It does have eye flaps and I suppose that's a good thing because you're best off to use this one laying down. This mask done nothing for my dry skin. Didn't notice any effects at all. I would not repurchase this mask. I would not recommend it. There are far better masks out there for the same price range. 

This yogurt mask has a very thick heavy white cream, dotted with a very few small purple pearls, which do break open but I'm not sure what their function actually is. The mask smells like grape kool-aid, or grape jolly rancher candies. It did sting my skin a little and left some red blotches, which happens to me with a lot of yogurt masks and with just plain yogurt. It moisturizes well, and softens the skin. It's rather difficult to wash off entirely, and leaves a film on the skin unless you spend a lot of time rinsing your face, or cleanse after. 

Every time I take out one of these 0.2mm air fit masks, I remember just how much I love the mask material and fit. The material is very thin, and silky soft. These are easy to get a good fit without any struggle, and they adhere well to the skin without bubbling. I can talk and laugh in these masks. For my face shape and high nose bridge, there is a slight bit of tenting at the sides of the nose but it is only slight. The essence of the Hyaluronic acid mask kind of smells like lemon dish soap. I'm not particularly fond of the smell but it wasn't very strong and after the first couple of minutes I didn't notice it anymore. There was a palm full of extra essence left in the pack, and the mask stayed well moistened for 40 miutes. I could have left it longer, but it's winter and my face got cold. The effect was some much needed hydration and plumping on this cold November night. It did seem to brighten my skin just slightly, but most of the masks in this line do that for me. It did take a few minutes to fully absorb, and until it did, it left my skin slightly tacky.  For my dry skin, in the dry winter weather, I would definitely use this mask again. 

This cleansing pad is meant to be a 4 in one pad to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and hydrate. The pad has a finger pocket, a rough side for the first cleanse and exfoliate step, and a smooth side for the toning and hydration steps. It's a good idea but terribly executed. The pads are dry, no essence or moisture or sign of actual product on them. I thought I had a bad one, the first time on I opened. So, I checked expiration dates. Mine do not expire until 2018. I thought maybe I got a bad packet so I opened another. It was completely dry too, with no sign of essence save for a citrus orange scent. This dryness makes the exfoliating side too harsh on the face. There's no gliding, and the whole thing just seems absolutely pointless. I recieved this as a giveaway prize from the company. They had pricing stickers on them. They sell these for $1 per pad. I would not buy these, and I wouldn't recommend them at all. 

This moisturizer is a light lotion. It has some pearlescent particles to it, that add to that glowy skin look. It is fragranced, but the scent is light and fresh. It absorbs ok, but if you get a bit too much it can pill up. It's not a very heavy moisturizer and in the colder months I need something heavier for my dry skin. My mother is 57 years old and she has used this for a long time, and it helps her age spot hyperpigmentation. She has normal skin and likes this as a day time moisturizer year round.  All in all it's a nice brightening moisturizer at an affordable price. It doesn't do what some asian whitening products do. It's more for that glowy skin look, and to a degree, helps with sun damage and age related hyperpigmentation. 

This is a clear and slightly thick serum. It has a very light sweet scent. It absorbs quickly and leaves a clean finish. This is meant as a hydrating serum and it does add a nice layer of moisture. It says for all skin types, but I would recommend this for dry skin types that need an extray moisturizing and hydrating step. There isn't really anything special about this serum. It does the job it's supposed to do and has a very reasonable price. Because I have dry and somewhat sensitive skin, I would repurchase this, because my face needs a good moisture care routine. I'm sort of torn between 3 and 4 hearts. It does what it's supposed to do, and the price is good, but it is not a remarkable save your face kind of product. 

The material of this mask is soft but thick. It adheres well and almost felt form fitting. It's a wonderful fit for my face, and stays moist for about 40 minutes. The essence has a bright citrus scent, and there is some left in the pack.  The mask is very well colored and playful, but the grey bottom made me feel like i looked Like I had a beard.  It brightened my skin very well. It left me fresh faced and glowy. However, I found it a little drying. A follow up with a good moisturizer will fix that problem. While this is a character mask and so fun to use at night with friends, you may want to hang on to this one for day time use, because it really made my skin look lovely. I would happily use this again and recommend it. 

This mask is so brightly colored and super super cute. The eye and mouth holes are perfect, the fit is generous enough for my large face, and doesn't have that way too long and way too narrow fit that most character sheets seem to have on my face. The material is thick, but very soft. It adheres beautifully, and doesn't feel stiff. While I loved the look, fit and feel of this mask, the scent is almost unbearable. It has that very strong, cloyingly sweet, powder scent. The scent did not go away even after I finished masking. Honestly it made me want to wash my face. The smell didn't go away until my shower the next morning. I know some people really like this scent, but I do not like it at all. The mask stayed moist for about 40 minutes. It left my skin plump, hydrated and soft. All in all, this is a top notch character mask, in my experience. However, because of the scent I would not purchase this or recommend it to anyone that does not like that powdery smell. If they changed the scent, I'd use it again for sure. 

This racoon mask is super cute, with a generous enough fit for my large face. Most character masks do not fit my face well at all. This one was a perfect fit, and the material is very soft. The gel like essence has a perfume berry scent. There is enough essence left in the pack for the neck and chest. The mask stayed moist for a good 40 minutes which in my experience is pretty amazing for a character mask. The result was soft, glowy, bright, hydrated and refreshed skin. This had a result that would make me re-purchase even as a plain mask, but as far as cute character masks go the results were surprising. I would recommend these and repurchase them, for fun times with friends or for those super cute sheet mask selfies. 

The mask material on this is sort of medium thin. It's thin but not as thin as some masks. It is soft and not stiff. The fit is good, but even a bit large for my large face.  My first problem with this mask is that the essence was a very thick jelly, which feels good on the skin, but did not distribute evenly at all on the mask itself. There is a huge amount of jelly left in the pack, so I spred it over the mask for even distribution. It did not get drippy. The jelly is very thick. It smells kind of floral and berry-ish. It's sort of a generic sheet mask smell. I don't know what it is but I've smelled some other masks with this exact smell. After smoothing the remaining gel in the pack over the mask it stayed very damp for over an hour. It moisturized and softened my skin so well that I didn't feel I needed my night time moisture care routine, even on my dry skin. It also made my cheeks appear nearly poreless. However, this is supposed to be a brightening mask and it really did not provide any noticable brightening effect. I think because of the deep moisture, pore minimization, smoothing effect, and clean finish this could be a good mask to use before makeup, but there are a lot of masks that provide this. These masks are around $5 per mask, and while I do feel that it's a really nice mask, it wasn't anything amazing. I can get the same effects from a cheaper mask and would not purchase this, for that reason. Call me cheap, but if I pay $5 for one mask, I want it to feel like something really special. This was just good. 

This is an easy to use yogurt mask with enough in the pack to get two good uses out of or one very thick coat. It smells lightly of strawberries and cream but almost a bit artificial kind of like strawberry nesquick. It has a smooth, rich and creamy consistancy with a few red microbeads dotting the product. I'm not really sure what their function is, but they do break open, so I wait until after Ive let the mask sit for 30 minutes, then massage it in to break the beads. For my sensitive skin, this mask does cause some red splotchiness. This is typical for me from yogurt masks, and the same thing happens if I apply fresh organic yogurt to my face. So that is a me thing, more than a product problem.  While this is moisturizing and smoothing, because it is so rich, it can be difficult to get it to rinse clean without re-washing my face. I don't feel that this is a miracle product, but I do feel like it gets a nice job done of softening and brightening up my complexion at  very affordable price. I'd recommend this as a weekly sort of treat if you're just looking for a light bit of exfoliation from the lactic acid and deep moisture. 

The material of this mask is thick but comfortably soft. The eye and mouth holes are well-sized and placed and the fit is generous enough even for my large face. There is slight tenting on the nose but that is usual for me, as I have a high nasal bridge. It adheres well to the face including the chin, with some minimal bunching and lifting at the edges. Overall the fit and feel is good for me. Not perfect, but not uncomfortable. The essence is watery, and smells lightly of ripened honeydew or canteloupe. Like the scent you get from an actual melon, before cutting it. Think as though you were smelling a canteloupe to check it for ripeness. It really reminds me of being on my grandfather's farm and helps me kick off the autumn into winter blues. The mask was nicely damp for 30 minutes. and had about a tablespoon of essence left in the pack.  Upon removing my skin was well hydrated, soft, and brighter. This mask is kind of skin refreshing, and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue. Felt really fresh faced. I'd recommend this as a day time mask. 

This little konjac sponge is super squishy, and while it's porous it has a very silky smooth texture to the actual material. It has a small loop for hanging the sponge when it isn't in use which helps keep it clean. If it dries out it does become hard, but once you wet it again, it's back to the squishy jelly sponge. The form and size are perfect for my hand and it's very easy to cup and make small circles without pressing into my skin. This is a beautiful product used with just water for my morning cleanse routine.  This cleanse off any dust and residues left from my night time routine surprisingly well, and it feels so good and refreshing on my skin. I was concerned this could be too drying for me as it has bamboo charcoal, but it's really not. It makes my sleepy eyed morning routine so fast and simple, but it also works beautifully with my foaming cleanser for night time cleansing. I think this is one of those products that I don't necessarily have to have, but it feels nice on my skin, and it works very well. It has also been a real face saver when my skin is irritated and I don't want to use a cleanser. I feel like this is more gentle  than simply rubbing my skin with my fingers and more effective than just rinsing my face. 

This is a peeling gel that combines an herbal gomage gel with a bit of mechanical exfoliation from rice powder. The smell is very light, and slightly minty.(and my cat wants to eat it.) It smells refreshing and also feels refreshing on the skin. This works fine if you're wanting to do a quick peel, and just massage it until it  begins to ball up, but it works even better if you let it sit for a minute or two. I have dry and somewhat sensitive skin. Mechanical exfoliators can irritate my skin but the mechanical exfoliator used in this herbal peel is very fine, and actually feels good. It didnt cause me any redness or irritation, when used properly, but if you get crazy about making the little gummy balls peel up, you can overexfoliate with this. This peel is effective at leaving my skin soft and smooth, without being too harsh. It rinses quite clean with just luke warm water. The only negative that I have noticed with this product is if you have a lot of peach fuzz on your face, sometimes the little gummed up balls can get stuck to it. I have a good bit of fuzz around the edge of my face, and have to make sure I take a bit of extra time making sure this area is well rinsed. Using this 2 or 3 days a week is quite enough to keep my skin soft and free from dull looking dead skin. It only takes about 2 pumps to do my whole face, so a bottle should last me quite a long time. It's also very reasonably priced. So, I would repurchase and recommend this. 

These metallic liquid lipsticks have the same lucious formula as the palladio velvet matte lipsticks, but with a subtle metallic shimmer. They glide on smooth and creamy. They give good solid, non patchy color in a single coat. They don't dry out my lips, and they don't accentuate dryness or flakiness the way that some matte lipsticks can. They give 4-6 hours of wear without caking or flaking, but are somewhat transferable, and take a little time to dry down fully matte. The colors in this line are beautiful but the metallic quality is very subtle. It makes them a good option if you want a daytime or more subtle metallic lip look, but if you're looking for the bold foiled or glitter lip look that some other brands are doing, I wouldn't recommend these. I was hoping they would have a bit more of that metallic look. That being said, the basic formula of these liquid lipsticks is still very good and they wear fantastic. It's a good product, but I wish it was more bold.  The metallic particles it does have is making the photos look wet. it's just a really subtle glitter. I like them, it just wasn't what I was expecting. shades pictured are Ritzy (a pink red) and Lavish (a deep red) 

These have become my favorite matte liquid lipstick. The formula glides on creamy and smooth. It gives a good solid, highly pigmented cover in a single coat. The formula does not dry out my lips, and has never become cakey or flakey. They do take a good bit of time to dry down to a complete matte finish and still give just a little sheen almost like a demi-matte finish. It looks velvety as the name suggests, and has a barely there wear. They are even good when my lips are dry and flakey and still wear nicely, which is part of what I love about these. There is some transfer but it gives a good 4-6 hours of wear even after eating lunch. I own 3 of these matte lip creams, and two of the metallic matte lip creams from this brand. The formula seems to be pretty solid for all shades, as far as my experience goes. While these are aloe infused, they don't seem to add any moisture to my lips, but they don't dry them out either, so I'm ok with that. If you're looking for an easy wearing matte lipstick that wont dry up your lips or your bank account, I recommend these. The three shades in photos are Raw Silk (a pink-brown nude) Damask (a deep and dark purple) and Tapestry (a deep vamp brick red) 

This eyeshadow quad has 4 pigmented, silky smooth shadows, which lend themselves well to more neutral day time looks, but can be easily turned toward a more sultry night-time eye. There is a shimmery chocolate color, a shimmery copper, a matte tan, and a very light shimer taupe. The chocolate and copper shades are highly pigmented, and can create a very dramatic look, while the other two colors are more soft and subtle. While the lightest shade is a bit softer it still makes for a quite striking brow and inner corner highlight. They have an easy wear and don't necessarily need foundation or an eye primer to wear beautifully, which is very nice for creating soft and simple looks. They also don't seem to accentuate and settle into my fine lines, and do not leave fall out on my cheeks. While these are a powder formula they do contain some skin loving botanicals such as jojoba seed oil, shea butter, apricot kernal oil, chamomile extract, ginko extract, panax ginseng root extract, and aloe leaf juice. All in all these are great eyeshadows and are very affordable. I don't know that being herbally infused does much for my eyes, but it's worth a shot if I can at least try to have some skin care in my makeup. 

Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea Cream has a smooth gel texture, and a scent that does have some alcohol qualities, but also the top perfume notes of green tea. I've been using this for about 3 weeks, without irritation or breakouts on my dry and sensitive skin, despite the alcohol scent. The gel is a good thickness and doesn't get drippy. It seems to melt into the skin and spreads fairly well, without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling. This doesn't pill up like some gels creams I've used, which I love. Used sparingly this makes a great day time moisturizer and works well under makeup. As the weather has began to turn colder where I live, I have loved using this at night to kindof seal everything in. I apply it more thickly at night, than i do during the day, and it still absorbs well, and my face feels clean, not occluded and icky. The best part is, when i wake up my skin is still soft, smooth and hydrated. It's a very lovely moisturizing gel cream, but it doesn't seem to do a lot more than moisturize. As moisturization is one of my main skin concerns, but I hate heavy feeling products, I really like this. My skin likes green tea flavored things, and responds well. I would purchase this for myself, and recommend to any green tea devotees looking for a sort of moisture locking gel. I recieved this free to review from Amabie as part of the amabie a list program. 

The packaging on this product is beautiful, brightly colored and feels special. It would make a great looking gift, and I just love product packaging like that. This Serum has a pump, so it's easy to know how much to use. It's a thick fluffy white cream, which has a subtle sweet scent. I've never encountered a serum with this thick of a consistency. The creamy serum also has pearlescent particles that give my skin a luminous glow. I'm 36 with dry skin, and I have some issues with collagen loss related pore enlargement. Most products with that pearlescent finish only serve to highlight every single visible pore on my cheeks. The luminous glow in this product is subtle enough that it doesn't highlight my pores, but is still noticible. Along with the luminescence there is also an almost immediate brightening effect that lasts all day. The two things together can even make my 36 year old skin have that sort of transparent ethereal glow. To top it all off it adds some needed moisturization as well, and wears good under a tinted moisturizer. With heavier foundations I find that the subtle glow this gives can be lost. However I am not a makeup every day person. I am a skin care every day person, and this really gives my skin a healthy youthful glow, when wearing nothing with it at all. I love this product and if you want whitening and a subtle pearl like shine, I would recommend this, even for those of us with aging skin, who normally find our flaws accentuated by shimmer. I recieved this from Amabie, free to review, as part of the A list program, and I'm glad I did, because, wow. 

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence features Galactomyces, a form of yeast extracted from rice wine or beer. Fermented ingredients are said to be more concentrated, and more bioavailable to the skin. This watery STE features a list of skin loving ingredients that is very natural, simple and quite impressive. This reminds me somewhat of a face splash product I encountered years ago, and have always missed. I never found anything like it again until now, and this is even better. I like to take a bit in my palm and slowly pat it into my face, more than using a cotton pad. I have dry and sometimes sensitive skin, and I use this directly after, cleansing. It feels very refreshing and instantly gets rid of any tight dry feeling from cleansing. If I have previous irritation, I have had moments where this stung for 1 or 2 seconds as it began to soak in. However it was very short lived and left no risidual redness.  This is my 8th day using this product and my skin is already so much softer, smoother, and dare I say glowing. I also feel, especially during my day time routine when I use lighter moisturizers, that my skin maintains moisture levels better. I really like this product. This was given to me by Amabie to review, and I already plan to buy another. It's so easy to use, feels good on my skin, and I really wish I could let  everyone touch my cheeks. They're so velvety now. I can put a photo but it's hard to show just what this does. So the photo is directly after using it. 

I love Rilakkuma. So cute. So adorable. So much so, that I thought of just hanging on to this mask for the cute factor. I'm really glad I decided to use this. I used this mask after deep cleansing. My skin is somewhat dry and sensitive and when I deep cleanse it needs extra love. This is a regular sheet mask not a character mask. The mask material is moderately thin, and soft. The eye and mouth holes are both rather small but they are well placed, and the mask overall was still a good fit for my large and broad face. It adheres very well, and fits closely on the skin without much bubbling or lifting. The essence is slipper, watery, and has a light, sweet, citrus scent.  There is about 2 teaspoons of essence left in the pack. The mask was damp for an hour, and upon removing, the essence took just a little massage and patting to fully absorb.  The effects of this mask were fabulous for me. It provided a very clean, soothing, plumping, hydration and moisturization. This also made my skin very soft, bright, and glowy. I would purchase this mask. Definitely recommend this one. It's super cute and it worked so well. 

I received this mask in a package as part of the Amabie A-List program. I'm so glad they sent me this, and hope they send it out to more people because it's so great.

This etude house pudding tint, is a fairly convenient lip tint, in form. It is a thick creamy pudding consistency. It does have a light grapefruit scent, that I found pleasant.  It glides on a lot like a liquid matte lipstick does. There is a tiny spoon / spatula included, but it is not a very effective device for even application of the product. It is small and can be very precise but the form and product don't work well together. A lip brush is difficult to use with this product and I really wish it had a small doe foot applicator instead. The best way I've found to apply this evenly is with my finger tip, but it doesn't come off easily with just a tissue and requires either hand washing or a makeup wipe. The color is a pinky coral. It's bright, but not garishly so. One problem this product does have, is that it's somewhat patchy, especially if you have dry lips. The problem is compounded in that the formula itself dries down, and is drying on the lips. The patchiness can be somewhat ameliorated with exfoliation and use of a lip primer. It is somewhat transferable and needs reapplication after 3 hours or so, or after eating and drinking a lot. I'm torn between 2.5 and 3 hearts. I love the form, the scent, the overall consistency of this lip tint. The color is beautiful, but it is patchy and it dries out my lips. All in all because i have dry lips, I would not purchase this shade again. I am interested in trying a shade of this tint more close to my natural lip color. I believe it would look less patchy.  I recieved this etude pudding tint free to review as part of the Amabie A List program. 

I love the material of this mask. It is thick, cottony, soft, and somewhat stretchy. I know a lot of people prefer thin mask material because it usually adheres better to the face. However, because this mask is so soft and somewhat stretchy it fits very close onto the skin, and kind of feels like it's hugging my face. They eye and mouth holes are perfect, the lip strip is the perfect width and placement for my face. It covers the area between my mouth and nose without covering my top lip. The nose is just the right length for my face. In general I have to fold the nose up some on most masks because they are too long, so it may be short for some people.  I can eat granola bars, play video games, and talk in this mask without having to adjust it all the time. The mask is well soaked with aloe scented watery gel essence. There is a good handful of essence left in the pack. While the mask is on it feels very cooling and soothing. After taking off the mask, a lot of my skin irritation and facial redness from some adventures with glycolic acid was soothed. My skin felt soft, moist, and was less red. It's a little tacky while patting in the essence and needs a few minutes to fully absorb. I have dry sensitive skin, and this mask is heaven when my skin is irritated. I would repurchase it and recommend it. 

The material for this mask is average. It fits close to the skin and adheres well. The overall fit is large, it's very wide, with large eye holes. The mask is soaked well with watery gel essence, with just a small amount left in the pack. The scent is light and refreshing, but not really tomato-y. The mask stayed moist for about 40 minutes. This did moisturize my skin well, but didn't provide much whitening. This left my skin dewy and soft, but also a bit sticky. Despite the slightly sticky feeling it didn't seem to intefere with the absorption of my other skin care products. Overall this mask is ok, but I didn't feel there was anything special about it. Just average. 

This is a black sheet mask specifically for the eye area. The mask is very very soft, and black. It comes attatched to a plastic separator so it is easy to unfold. It is soaked with watery essence. The eye holes were a perfect fit for me, and got very close to my eye without letting essence get into my eyes. It adheres very well, and stays moist for at least an hour. I picked up these masks because the skin around my eyes can get very dry, to the point of being uncomfortable. This mask moisturizes so very well, and plumps out the kind of fine lines that can be caused by dry skin and dehydration. They also reduce the dark circles under my eyes a little bit which makes them easier to conceal with makeup. This was very very moisturizing, but for oily skin types or people with an oily T-zone, it may be too heavy. They were quite affordably priced, and a good alternative to hydrogel patches for someone like me who needs moisture in the whole eye area, not just underneath. I already plan to repurchase another pack. This saves me from having flaky skin under my brow bone. 

The Nature Republic Real Nature series, has an average sheet mask material. These are somewhat thin, but not the thinnest. They aren't papery, but not very soft either. Just sort of average every day mask material. These masks are wide fitting, and the eye holes are pretty big. I have a wide face, and the mask required some folding at the edges even for me. One of the things I really love about Nature Republic masks is the scent. This one did not dissapoint. The watery gel essence smells like a fresh cup of good green tea. There is a little extra essence left in the pack to enjoy spreading elsewhere. The mask adhered well until it began to dry up at the 30 minute mark. This mask was moisturizing, a bit brightening and it soothed down a terribly large blemish, from bright stop light red to a slight pink. It was so swollen and inflamed. I was impressed by how much this mask calmed it. The essence takes a little time and patting to absorb. Overall, I feel that this is a good green tea mask and it gave me what I was looking for. 

The material of this mask is average, it is not the thinnest or softest mask, but just every day ordinary. The fit is ok. These masks are wide, and somewhat large even for my large broad face.  The essence is watery gel with just a little left in the pack. This mask smells absolutely incredible and is probably one of the best smelling rose masks that I have tried. It smells pretty close to real roses, rather than rose perfume. It stayed damp for about 40 minutes, and took a little time and some patting to fully absorb. My skin felt refreshed and hydrated after this mask. I have repurchased this, and also gifted it, because I really think it's a great mask for low price point. 

This toner is formulated for dry sensitive skin and has a milky gel consistancy. It smells woodsy, sweet and herbal. 2 pumps is enough for my large face. It absorbs easily into my skin, and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. The rest of my skin care routine absorbs well after using this. I've added this to my skincare routine about 2 weeks ago and it does seem to be helping me retain moisture better. I don't think it's a remarkable toning product, but it has been really good for my dry sensitive skin. I love how it smells, so I will keep buying it, and recommend it to dry sensitive skin types. 

This foaming cleanser is formulated for dry and sensitive skin. It contains ceramide to help moisture retention and rucola extract to restore skin vitality (that glow) This is a liquid cleanser with an aerating pump, which pumps the cleanser out as a light foam. It smells sweet, herbal and woodsy. Two pumps of the foam creates a substantial smooth light lather on my face, and doesn't just dissapear like a lot of cleansers of this form., It cleans up any residues left from first cleans steps quite well. I have sensitivity and dryness issues with many foaming cleansers and it has been difficult for me to find one that I really liked. This does not dry out or strip my face. I don't find it moisturizing all on it's own, but it does not dry me out, and leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean, and soft. I've been using this for about 10 days, and I feel like it has really helped with my dry skin, because I'm not drying out my face every time I cleanse. The bottle is fairly generously sized, and I'm not using much actual product at all for each use, so it should last a long time. I do plan to repurchase this, and recommended this highly for people with dry sensitive skin. If you dread cleansing foam because it dries you out, this one just might change your mind. 

This serum is thick and somewhat creamy. It has a feeling when applied, very much like a water drop cream. Like it's melting into your skin. The watery feeling is cooling and soothing. This provides big moisture without feeling too heavy or greasy, and soothes redness to an extent. My redness was not completely removed but it did help. I would recommend this product for dry sensitive skin types, like mine. I was only able to try a sample of this for 5 days, and I do intend to purchase the full size product. 

This stuff is face magic. You can use it lightly as a primer. It will also function as a cream makeup remover, and does quite well, even with eye makeup. I've applied a thick layer of this, to use as a sleeping pack and when I woke up, washed my face, my skin was bright, dewey, and very even toned. If you're into beauty products with multiple uses, embryolisse lait creme concentre is a must have. 

I own both Kitten Heels and Life's a beach of the liquid suede line. The formula is thick, creamy, goes on fairly smooth, and dries to a true matte. Kitten heels provided a good solid color in one coat, but Life's a beach was slightly patchy. So, I think there are some discrepencies in different color formulations. These aren't terribly drying for a matte lip cream, and provide several hours of wear. They are transferable and generally will require re-application after eating. They're very affordable, and for me have been worth the price. They come in a variety of shades ranging from soft nudes to brilliant bolds.

This has a nice fruity top note, with a woodsy deeper bottom note without being too heavy like many woodsy noted perfumes can be for me. I love this as an every day signature scent, there's something about it that is just unique. I like perfumes that are sort of refreshingly scented and not too heavy or old-lady smelling. This has that refreshing light fruity quality without smelling too much like a simple body spray. The longevity of the scent seems a bit short to me, but I do still love it. 

I really love the hanbang type scent of this product. It's a really velvety feeling emulsion that provides more long term moisture than other emulsions I've tried. It's somewhat brightening, and evens skin tone. There's no sticky finish, it smooths the skin,  and it works well under makeup. This made it perfect for a day time moisturizer for me when layered under an spf product. It also works well at night time as one layer of moisture, but definitely need another heavier product to seal it in for my dry skin. Used with other sulwhasoo products, this improved my skin very much in 3 weeks time. Really surprising. Small travel sizes of this are very affordable, and because it doesn't take a lot of product, they last awhile. I will definitely repurchase this, and do recommend it as something one must try. 

The sulwhasoo first care activating serum is an amber colored light weight serum. It softens the skin very well, and has that hanbang scent. The lightness of this serum allows one to use it in early stages of a multi-step routine, and this softens and preps the skin well for absorbing other products. It absorbs quickly, easily, and leaves no oily or sticky feeling. I used this in conjunction with other sulwhasoo products and saw very positive changes in my skin over 3 weeks time. Moisture retention, tone, texture, and resiliance all improved while using this though I can't say it was the serum alone. I really do love this serum, and I'd buy it again and again if I could afford to do so, but it can be somewhat expensive. I would say it's worth the price if one can afford it. It doesn't take much to spread nicely over the face, and get good results. 

I have dry somewhat sensitive skin, and I really do like oil cleansers a lot. I've been using this as my first cleanse step, It removes every day makeup pretty well, but going out heavier makeup takes a bit more product and effort. However, even with the extra product and effort it did not irritate my skin. What I really love about this product is how easily it rinses off, and how clean it rinses. There is no residue left when rinsing with just luke warm water, and it really functions well not only to cleanse the skin, but begin softening it in preperation for my night time care routine. I was actually surprised by this product, the thick heavy texture had me worried it would be heavy and leave residue, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would repurchase this, and do reccomend trying it as a first cleanser. 

This produces a thick rich creamy lather, and doesn't take much product at all to do so. It smells nice and clean. It cleansed very well, however, it only takes a very small amount to do so, and my inexperience with Korean cleansers had me use a bit too much product the first couple of times. If too much is used it can be drying, stripping and somewhat irritating for my dry sensitive skin. Used in very small amounts (pea sized) it still produced quite a rich lather which was more than enough for my face after an oil cleanse, but still seemed slightly drying. It is not amazing for me, but i also wouldn't say it is bad. 

I tried this Fresh power essence mask in honey. I put it on a little bit before I would go to bed to use as a sleeping pack. It made any little sensitivity or skin trouble sting slightly. Then it started to itch. That is my face's signal to wash it off. It was not easy to wash off. It did not come clean with warm water, and left a film on my skin. I had to wash my face with cleanser and toner to get this off. This meant I had to do my night time moisture routine all over again for my dry skin. I would not repurchase this product. My face usually loves honey based products but something about this irritated my skin, and because it didnt rinse clean easily, I'm apprehensive to try more from this line. I usually love Aritaum but not this. 

This is a fan favorite of the tony moly masks. It has a sweet almost soapy scent. It's light milky texture provided adequate moisture, brightened very well. It left my skin looking dewey without feeling oily or sticky. The sheet is thin, but somewhat paper. The eye holes are small, and the strip to cover the area between the nose and lip is so huge that it covered that entire area, and all of my top lip. No eating or drinking with this mask on. The chin also lifts very quickly making this part dry out. Overall it is a decent mask, and like many others, out of this line of masks, it is one of my favorites. 

Peripera Peri's tint color Cherry Juice, is a watery tint. It goes on very light, like juice, and adds a soft pink toned red to the lips. The color is softer than some red lip tints, which makes it a nice red for day time wear. It adds a nice soft color to the center with no problems. If you're using it full lip, I would recommend a clear lip liner as it can bleed slightly. There is minimal transfer of this product, and it lasts for several hours. However, I did need reapplication after eating. The color adheres more strongly to any dry patches on the lips, which can leave you with that worn look for a good long time, so if you don't love that look, and have dry flakes on the lips, keep this in mind. 

This lip tint is very watery as in the name. It goes on with that watery fresh feeling, and feels like you have nothing on your lips. I bought the color cherry-ade and it is a beautiful deep red shade, more reminiscent of how ones lips look if you've been eating fresh red berries or cherries than lipstick red, and has a slight berry scent. It has slightly buildable color. There is a minimal amount of transfer, and it stays on the lips for several hours. Though it will fade rather quickly with eating and drinking. The doe foot included is a little shorter than I'm used to, but it holds this watery tint well. It's really nice to get that soft ombre for the center of the lips. As a full lip product, I recommend a clear lip liner to keep the color from bleeding. If your lips are dry this will adhere more strongly to dry patches. 

This is a very gentle moisturizing toner, with a watery gel consistency. The effect is quite cooling and soothing. It softens skin, and makes my skin ready to absorb other products quite well. It Has that sulwhasoo hanbang smell, that is a little sweet, and a little herbacous. I have dry skin that can be very sensitive to most toners. As such, toning is usually my least favorite step in my skin care regimen. This one does not dry out or irritate my face. It feels good. The price point is a bit steep, but it works well and doesn't take much product per application. 

I was really excited to try this mask but for me it didn't do much. The mask sheet is papery, and has many slits in the sides for adjustment, however the thin papery texture causes the mask to want to fold in on itself. Since the masks run smaller than the others I've tried, it needs to be spread out, and manipulating the mask to eliminate one fold often creates another. The red wine mask essence was thin and watery with about a tablespoon left in the pouch. It didn't reduce my collagen loss related pores at all, or seem to really do anything. It provided a minimal and dissapointing amount of moisturization. It did leave a clean and non-sticky well absorbed finish. It just kind of felt like water. 

The fit on nature republic masks, is good, they tend to run a bit wide. The strip between the lip and nose is thinner than many brands, and the eye holes a bit more generous. They're thin, but soft and not so papery and adhere well. The cucumber variety has a watery clean smelling essence. It's very cooling, calming, and provides light moisture. I love this mask after the end of a long day. For an inexpensive, every day type of mask this is great. 

I love innisfree masks but this one did not do much for me, except make my face sticky. The fit is nice on the masks, and it didn't irritate my skin, which can be a problem for my sensitive skin with many products for skin troubles. 

The green tea innisfree it's real squeeze mask, is a favorite everyday type mask for my dry and somewhat sensitive skin. It's moisturizing, soothing, and refreshing. The fit on innisfree masks is pretty good for me, even for my rather broad face.