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It does give good coverage and also hydrates my skin, but it makes me look cakey. Maybe it's because I'm not using the right sponge, evertime when I use this it looks like heavy makeup and my skin feels stuffy. So this foundation does not meet my makeup style. 

I bought the more pink toned shade, the texture contains moisturizing agents so it helps to set my makeup better and prevents my makeup from wearing off. The compact is easy of me to carry. It has different shades in one palette so I can use it to highlight or contour my skin, I think I got a great product. 

This is my favorite palette~~~~ You can combine the colors to match your hair color, the box is easy to carry. The darker shade can be used on nose contouring, I would say it's a cheap and great palette. 

My hair falls off everyday and after I start using this root strengthening shampoo my situation got better. Now I only lose 1-2 hair strands per day, it has no strong scent and it's pretty cleansing. I recommend people who has hair loss problems. 

I bought this color fixing shampoo after I dyed my hair and it's really great. Usually the color will wear off after 1-2 months but this shampoo extended my hair color. It has no weird smell and really cleansing. 

I know there are several people highly recommending this product, I do think it is moisturizing but I think it's greasy and I even got pimples afterwards. I don't recommend this to people with sensitive skin. 

Even though the price is not cheap, it has a most re-purcahse rate this summer so it's basically a must have! It's more a liquid texture but it's great at sun protection, even when you're under water it still stays on your skin and don't need to re-apply too often! Highly recommend this

I do think the bottle design is cute and easy to carry, I think the cream is too stuffy for me, I don't like that. 

The price is cheap, it has a nice scent and it's refreshing. But my skin still got tanned after I used it so it needs to do a better job at sun protection. 

I got this as a gift from my friend, it's very cleansing, I just need to use it once to get rid of all my makeup and it leaves no residue. It's moisturizing and refreshing. Recommmend it!  

This lipbalm is cute but I don't love it, the lipbalm makes my lip wrinkle very obvoius and dries out easily. I would not buy it again. 

I saw everyone buying it so I bought one myself. A little goes a long way, it lathers easily and gives a nice mild scent. I can obviously feel that my face is getting moisturized while I'm using it. The great thing is the size is very little so it does not consume that much space, I would defintely buy this again. 

Love this lipbalm, I bought 10 of these when I went to Japan. I always apply a thin layer after I put on lip makeup, it helps to nourish my lips and covers my lip wrinkle. The scent is just ok but it nourishes my lips without making them feel oily, I highly recommend this!!!!!

I thought it was great at first, then after using it for a while I think it does moisturize my skin but also gives me blemishes, so it might not be fit for my skin type. 

This cream is so nourishing, great to use in all seasons, even my mom loves it. 

This nail polish remover has a nice scent and a little goes a long way, I would recommend this for people who needs nail polish remover. 

When I'm camping it hard to wash and blow dry my hair properly so I would just use this to cleanse my hair, it's just like I took a shower, so great!!! 

This face wash is such a trend, it's on my mush have list whenever I travel to Japan, when I first tried it, I thought it was more amazing than I expected, does not give me acnes at all!!!! Highly recommend it. 



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