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It's great to use and easy to purchase. My face feels hydrated and not greasy at all. 

I bought this when I was travelling, it has many different colors and each color has different use. I like the scent. 

It's super refreshing, I highly recommend it. The texture is very moisturizing, I've already used up two tubes, But my girl friend thinks she still got tanned, I didn't feel that way though. 

It's very cleansing, if you pair it with a nose cleansing brush you can cleanse out blackheads. The bubble is thick and fine, it can also help to brighten your skin. 

I got this from my friend, it's the best styling was I ever had so far, it's natural and does not make my hair too hard.

I bought this in the drug store under their recommendation. Compared to Taiwanese body washes it more expensive but it contains special ingredients that prevents body acnes, I think it's useful. 

I think it's great, very refreshing and lathers easily. It does not make my skin sticky, easy to wash off. 

I bought this randomly, after using half the tube, I can see my blackhead are getting less. I think this face wash can cleanse all the dirt on the face after a long day. 

I bought this randomly, it has no weird smell and easy to rinse off. I think it's refreshing and does not dry out my face. 

I've only used a few face masks before, I bought this Beauty diary mask from Cosmed. It does feel hydrating after using it but I think everything went back to normal the next morning. Maybe I need to use it constantly to get better, there are several pieces in the box and the price is cheap, you can try to purchase it. 

There are two versions: pink and blue. It's sold in many places. White Formula's toners are mostly refreshing which is great, I usually apply this toner on my face, neck, arm but my girlfriend is allergic to it so be sure to test it before purchase. 

I would use a cotton pad, soak it with the toner and rest it on my face, neck, arm which is very comfortable. I think this is a great toner, but my girl friend is allergic to this toner so be sure to try it before purchase. 

Gatsby has all kinds of hair was, this is the one I recommend the most. It's doesn't make my hair style look weird, I bought this by friends recommendation, I'm satisfied so far. 

It's cheap and easy to obtain. It easily dissolves my makeup and does not make my face tight. I think it's great but the pink packaging it too awkward for guys.

My girlfriend gave this to me when she bought something new, I used to not put anything on my face so sometimes my face gets dry and peels, after I start to use this toner, it improved my skin from getting too dry. 

I found out about this face wash when I was travelling to Japan with my girlfriend, I saw there was a line at 7-11 and everyone is purchasing this face wash. So I bought one for myself and I thought it was great, cleanses my face easy to wash and the price is reasonable. 



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