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  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Natural, Organic
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I think the very special thing about this product is the packaging and design. It looks like your regular tube bottle but it's actually a hard plastic!! 

It has a pump so it's really easy to dispense the product and it won't get messy. 

The color that I have is more pale, my skin tone matches it pretty well. 

The texture is more like a watery lotion and it's pretty easy to blend. My skin looks healthy and bright after using it. 

CC cream is suitable for those who are lazy like myself !~

But this product is not really good with coverage so if you have acne and other imperfections you'll need more products to do so!

This series of eyeliner gel has four colors. The one I have is called 01 Black headband. 

I think the design is very useful because it's all themed with Alice in Wonderland 

The package teaches you how to use the product so I think it's great for beginners. 

I love the bling on the top of the product it makes it so cute! 

Besides the eyeliner gel pencil it also comes with a sharpener so it's really convenient to use. 

When applied on the eyelids it's very smooth and easy, it also doesn't smudge. 

This product is oil and waterproof. I've tested it with rinsing it with water. If you rub it slightly it doesn't come off but if you wipe it, it will come off (haha) But I think overall this is a great product!

Since I have oily skin, my skin tends to get blemishes and blackheads every easily. If I don't moisturize my face properly, my face gets even more oily. 
The main purpose of this sheet mask is to moisturize the face. The packaging is very low key also. The sheet mask itself fits on the skin well and the scent is really comfortable too. The moisturizing effect isn't too bad. 

Since I have oily skin, I have the habit to use night pack so that my face isn't a grease ball when I wake up hahaha. 

Some night packs needs to be washed the next morning and some don't. I like to use ones that doesn't need to be washed off in the morning. 

Also I would only apply a thin layer when I go to sleep so that the product doens't get all over my pillow. I really recommend this product!! This product doesn't have to be washed off in the morning which is great for a lazy person like myself. My skin is SO BRIGHT after I use this!! It hydrates my skin so well so I'm really happy with it. This product is also great because it comes with a brush applicator too!

This skin care sheet mask has won my heart just by the packaging. The colors are so pretty and it just looks like a high quality product. 

This skin care sheet mask is very practical and the sheet itself is made of 100% cotton & feels really smooth. When applied onto th skin, you can smell the faint floral smell, super comfortable. The serum also absorbs very well and my skin is brightened, I'm very satisfied with the results! 

I got this sheet mask from Amabie. This sheet mask has such as luxurious packaging. The ingredients itself is even more suprising! I think this would be such a great product as a gift. On the sheet mask itself you can see gold flakes. Since I have a high forehead and a small face, it seems like the sheet mask doens't fit well, but actually it stays on the face quite steadily. I feel that my face is brightened after using the sheetmask and it's also very moisturized!!

This eyeliner gel pencil lasts pretty long on my eyelids! The color is also great 

The texture is also special so it doesn't really smudge. It's also very affordable

You can use your fingers to blend the product out and it'll look like an eyeshadow!

The design is a tiny rabbit and I think it's sooo cute! My heart melted hehe. 

I like the design it's an automatic lipstick! 

The texture is soft and the color is really bright too 

It's so cheap so I think it's pretty worth it!

This PONY x Memebox eyeshadow is created by youtube makeup artist sensation Pony, very suitable for Korean styled makeup. 

The golden package is so luxurious, I love it so much! (Sucker for packaging~)

Colors in the palette is very diverse and you can do a lot of variations with it. 
I use it layer by layer, from light to dark, so many different things you can do with it. 
The shimmery color makes the whole look shine gorgeously, you could create either a classy/low-key look or sexy seductive look with this product!

The Bio-fiber technology is so good because it really hydrates the skin. 

The main purpose of the sheet mask is to lock in the moisture of the skin. 

Since the sheet mask is made of bio fiber, it's very special and it feels like a hard jelly. 

It fits on the face really well and you will feel that the sheet mask becomes thinner after you've applied (like literally become thinner)

which means the essence on the mask is successfully trasferred to the skin!

This brand has products that are made of the simplest ingredients. It's natural and organic. 

The sheet mask itself is very thin and it fits the face like a glove which is a surprise to me. 

Usually sheet masks will start to ooze out a lot of essence when you take it out from the package. But the essence in this sheet mask is really thick and doesn't drip all around. Also it feels sooo nice on the face. After I've used it my skin was glowing and very hydrated! With the other sheet masks that I've used before this "after mask" effect usually only lasts for about half a day. But the effect of this product actually lasted for about two days! I feel like the best thing is that the ingredienets are also really natural!

In the summer, I would choose products that's easier for my skin to absorb so I don't feel sticky and stuffy. 

I really recommend the products from Indie Skin. Products from this brand are especially formulated for those who have weak and sensitive skin. The calming hydrating serum is really great for summer as a moisturizier. 

This product does not contain any fragrance additives so there's no specific smell to it. It's just really natural and I feel that my skin is naturally protected. I feel like this is such a great product because you wouldn't be giving your skin extra stress!

The packaging has a HUGE snail on it. I hate snails they look disgusting to me. 

But anyway my pores are large and I have a lot of blemishes/white heads/ and black heads 

So I was really excited to try this product hoping that it will tighten my pores as it claims.

But the product feels very ordinary and it only moisturizied my skin, I didn't feel that it tightened my pores so I'm quite disappointed :(

The powder in the sunscreen spray is very fine and not sticky. 

Also the product has a cooling sensation when I apply it! Very comfortable during the winter. 

It also is waterproof so you can use it when you're outdoors doing sports. 

The design of the spray bottle is also carefully considered where it will dispense the product evenly on the face. This design is also really important because this means if the product is evenly dispersed on the face, all areas will get an equal amount of sun protection. 

Also you can spray the bottle even if it's upside down!! I've had experience before where the bottle will not spray at all if it's used upside down and it has to spray at a certain angle. I think this is a great product overall!

This sheet mask is designed to lift the face and the design is so beautiful!! The sheet mask itself has a lace outline! Not only does the packaging look great but it's also very practical and effective.  I feel like this sheet mask matches with the size of my face very well too! The natural ingredients make it smell really nice and comfortable!

I really recommend this product!

The texture is completely transparent and there's no spell to it.

It moisturizes the skin really well! It claims that everything will get absorbed within 8 seconds.

It also has a high concentration of Fibroin, you can even see it on your hands where it looks like cheese.

I usually use this especially after being out in the sun for too long to rehydrate the skin.

Facial lotions are so advanced right now, I've been loving to use lotion-gel products!
I feel like this is a revolutionary product for lotions. These type of products appear to be lotions, but when they contact the skin they quickly turn into more of a water texture so it's not too nourishing and oily

After using this product my face feels super moisturized but not oily and sticky at all.


I've tried many other sheet masks before and this one is really special. The essence in this mask what surprises me! This type of essence is quite new - it starts off like a lotion but once it contacts the skin it becomes a water texture. It's such a miracle ingredient / technology!! A cream that's hard to use becoming into a water texture is just mind blowing for me. I can't believe this works on a sheet mask also. This sheet mask is full of moisture and it really hydrates your skin!!

Even though I know exfoliating is extremely important but I'm very lazy 

This is because exfoliating is just so much work for me! But things have changed since I started using this product. Exfoliating becomes a quick and easy step. This is the only product I've seen in Taiwan that can use a "wiping" motion to remove dead skin. 

The method is really easy, use the side that has the textured diamond shape to exfoliate the skin. Then use the opposite side to polish the skin afterwards. This product also contains hydrating essences that will keep the skin moisturized while sweeping all the dirty stuff away. This is a great exfoliating product!!

The "No makeup" makeup look is so popular now! 

The must have products for achieving this kind of look is those that contain high hydrating ingredients. 

The Clio concealer is really great for the "no makeup" look. The finish is very dewy and the coverage is great too. If your skin condition is pretty good you can skip foundation all together and just focus on fixing the flaws that need attention on the skin. 

Don't treat this product like a normal toner!

This product claims to help your skin absorb products better. At first I thought it's a new trend that companies are making.. I mean, a moisturizing spray is just a moisturizing spray. But I was pleasantly surprised with this product when I noticed a huge difference when it comes to applying my lotions. If I spray this on my face before using my other skincare routine products, the lotion are so much easier to blend on the skin and I feel like my skin absorbed them better and quicker. I'm telling you there's a serious difference! 

I will be using this product from then on because it really helps me get my value back for all the expensive lotions that I have. Super recommend!

This price range of this product is average and comes with two colors: 

Natural - Blue hue (suitable for people who have pale/white skin) 

Healthy - Green hue (suitable for people who have darker skin) 

This product claims to brighten, moisturize, oil-control, and sooeth the skin.

I used the 'natural" color, and this one is more heavy so if you plan on purchasing this make sure you try it. The texure is thicker than normal lotions, which is great because it's easier to blend it out on the skin. 

My pores are actually really big though, sometimes when I use CC creams it accentuates them. But this CC cream is very moisturizing and easy to blend with, also has a very nice minty scent. After application it makes my skin look watery and hydrated. It's nice that I can hydrate my skin while getting sun protection from this product as well. 

In the plastic cosmetic industry, one of the newest technology is called "Derma Shine Injection" It is a new technology where things are injected to the face directly.  However, this product is totally different because it is the "direct application" version of DermaShine Injection. It is packaged like a needle tube and you can easily control the amount of product that you want to use. 

There's almost no scent to it and it's a little bit gooey. It aborbs quickly and feels refreshing. 

The texture is like paste. 

After using it your skin feels immediately smooth and soft to the touch, along with some really nice scent! 

You don't need to use makeup remover to remove this product, a normal cleanser will do the drop. 

This product moisturizes, whitens, and protects the skin from sun rays, it also color corrects. 

Many functions all into one, very suitable for a lazy beauty like me. 

The bottle is really tiny so it is easy to carry it around. 

Everything is made out of natural ingredients so it's really gentle to the skin. No scent, no color, and it really clears out werid smells in your private area. 

I use the product when I think about it. 

This product is packaged like facewipes, you can pull them out and use it. The color of the packaging is really pretty it looks so high class! 

After using all of the facemasks you can use the box as a storage unit. 

The face mask is only 0.1mm thin, it snugs really well onto the skin, and you will smell a really nice scent when you use it, it's really comforting. 

My face feels bright, shiny, and hydrated after using it, I'm especially surprised by how well it fits on my skin. 

This brand is made in Taiwan. 

Acutally I think buying Taiwanese brands are the best because you get the most product out of the money that you are spending. A lot of foreign products have import tax on them, plus Taiwanese brands are usually tailored for Asian skin. Weather conditions are very different, in Northern America their weather tends to be dry as opposed to Taiwan where it's always humid. I feel like you have to purchase products that really suits your skin instead of aiming for something that is just expensive. Anyway, I really support Taiwanese brands! 

This essence is kind of like lotion but it is also very running, I would say its a watery-lotion. There's no additive ingredients and everything is natural. It absorbs very easily as well, I like it!

This product has a lotion-milky texture and color. 

It is extremely moisturizing and you wouldn't feel sticky. 

I suggest everyone try the product without buying the whole bottle, because

this product might not be suitable for some skin types. 

This product is super luxurious~ 

It has an ingredient called purple-gold that helps the skin to absorb the product, I would think this is totally celebrity level skincare. 

It contains a special kind of Chinese medicine ingredient too so when applied it might sting and skin and generate a warm feeling, which is normal for this product. 

At first I'm really skeptical of snail essence becuase I think it's really disgusting, but after using it for the first time I realized it's just normal liquid, not what I imagined to be super gooey and EW! Even the scent is nice, it's comforting on the skin. 

I really think that hair powder is something miraculous. 

If you want your hair to have more volume and you don't want to use clip on extensions that make it look unnatural, this is a good replacement method. It seems so natural! No one can tell that you've used a product to make your hair more voluminous. Just be careful not to touch the product, your hands will become black. I also suggest hairspraying to set the hair powder. 

A kid's skin is usually very soft and sensitive. This product has no additive colors, scents, alcohol, or preservatives with natural organic ingredients. If you are worried that the product will make you have allergic reactions, you can try it on your neck. After you take a suitable amount, apply it all over your face (around the size of a bean).  You can use it on your baby or kids to add a protective layer on their skin. This product can be used by babies that are over 3 months old, it's really small so easy to carry around. 

This product is easy to use. 

You can just twist the pen for the product

Other than the basic function of drawing the eyebrows, 

it also has a spoolie on the end to make blend the colors out and make it 

even more natural looking. 

The tip of the brush is very fine, very suitable for eyeliner beginners. 

It doens't smudge and it's pretty long lasting, overall a not bad liquid eyeliner. 

(I like it too because the color is pink). I suggest using it with eyeliner pencil. 

Line your eyes with eyeliner pencil and darken the color with the liquid! 

Cushion compact has been popular for a while now, I finally have a chance to try it!! I really think cushion compact design is so genius, all the goodies are compact in the cushion so that when you pact it onto your face it gets released again. It saves a lot of time for makeup application and the overall effect is light and natural. I'm in love and will be using cushion compact from now on!!

Massage the essence in circulation form from the top to bottom so it absorbs better, it has a light grapefruit scent. 

I care most about my face then secondly are my breasts!! If you want them to be nice and lifted you need to massage them more~ Also I want my breast bo be firm and bouncy I would use this essence to help that~ It's a clear white lotion texture and pretty absorbing! 

It's my first time to use this kind of face mask, it has a ear hook so the mask can cover and stick tightly on all areas. Because the mask sticks tight on the face, the skin can absorb the essence better!! Such a great design. The natural scent also sooths my nerves~ 

Skincare routine has to be consistent even when you're travelling, but carrying several bottles around is inconvenient thats why we need travel sizes~ The products are absorbing, and they contain royal jelly. 

It contains natural herbal ingredients thats mild for sensitive skin. The cream is pretty absorbing and easy to blend. Smell nice too, it's also cooling that sooths my skin. 

You can use this for curly or straight hair, I'm using this for my straight hair. The liquid has no color and smells great! Makes my hair nice and smooth~ 

Private care is very important, so I pay full attention on the ingredient, they only use ingredients that are eatable and mild so I'm not worried at all~ 

It's said to gain whitening skin in 5 minutes, the mask has no harsh scent , the essence is abit thick but maybe 5 minutes is too short because I don't see any obvious change. 

It's cheaper to buy the whole kit, it cleanses and takes care of my lady parts. Pay good attention on the ph level of each products or it'll be too harsh! 

I'm sure everyone is curious what this spray does. Oral care basically includes whitening teeth and breath refreshing. It's easy to see whether your teeth is white but it's harder to notice if you have bad breath. This spray is different than mint and gums, they only cover the bad smell in yout breath, but this spray contains agents that tackles the bacteria that causes bad breath and also protects your teeth! 

This product has a consistency that's similar to a whipped cream. 

It feels really great when applied on the skin, it feels literally like applying whipped cream and it's so easy to blend. 

I feel like my whole face is moisturizied after using this product. It doesn't smell like anything. 

This is a great product if you need some emergency hydration!


It's moisturizing and very absorbing~

I have oily skin so I need to moisturize my skin everyday

I don't really feel that much, I think it's ok to use this everyday! 

I don't really feel anything, so obviously you pay what you get!

I never tried foot care products before! This is my first time! The foot mask is designed like a pair of socks so I can walk while applying them. The smell is a little aggresive, they use mild herbal ingredients so the skin will peel naturally, thats why it's going to take a few days for it to peel completely. 

My skin gets so oily that my pores get clogged and develop into pimples. This gel helps to prevent acnes by balancing the oil on my skin. It also contains snail extract. The texture feels pretty cool when I apply it on my skin, so refreshing~ 

Skin activating products are such a trend now, I think if I have this lotion I wouldn't need any of that! I'm so surprised when I discovered that this cream can also activate my skin and help other skincare products absorb better! 

Facewash products only stays on your face for a very short period of time, then you'll rinse it off. I think instead of looking for a face wash that contains skincare agents, you should pick a face wash that can completely cleanse all the dirt on your face! This facewash finally tells the truth, it contains cleansing acid that deeply cleanses my face. It does not add any other stuff which I think is great~!



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