Hi~ who doesn't want to beautiful ~ I came to know about beauty stuff from 18yrs old. There no turn back!! Hope my review help you out

About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Singapore
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Paraben-Free, Sulfate Free
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Cleansing foam which will lather in rich foams, it say to clean and remove skin damaging. personally, I love this product using a pea size lather up my whole face. Do not felt any tightness after the wash. recommend if you skin age around my age. 

It state on the bottle is for weaking and aging hair, with micro beads of orange and lavender essential oil in it. It doesn't foam up, the scent is still bearable. personally, I can't see any improvement due I lack in my diet so I took supplement instead. It still not a bad product, doesn't work out for me.

This product went in storm at facebook posting. Formulation using heat gel to cleanse off product on the face for those who are lazy to use different cleanse parts of the face. This product made in Japan, the gel is orange color. squeeze in the palm and rub on the face that where heat will react to melt off the makeup or other product on the face. For me personally, light makeup it will melt away but heavy makeup doesn't work there bound to have some residue maybe i pound too much waterproof foundation that why it can't wash it off. This product is about 200G, recommend if there more people to share it cause every 1-2 month they will send the product to you once you sign up with them. Do check them out~ 

Rosewater have a history in the beauty world. under this product it contain 100% percent rosewater product for turkey, formulated from France. smell of roses from every drop of it, mainly it was recommended to use it as a mask type to calm down irritated skin but I personally use it as a toner the result it shown to works but not on those spot where my pore are big. The package wise is a very classical glass bottle, slightly can be pricy due to my place resident in. overall if you have highly sensitive skin this is recommend to use it.

A super pricey sponge, but worth every penny. made the foundation easy to blend, does not make my makeup cake up. got myself hook and never turn back using ordinary/cheap sponges.   

love the color, the fine tip of the eyeliner. but the eyeliner is not smudge proof product. I got a bit irritation when using it.

I hate the clumpy that this mascara gave me, cannot volume enough, not smudge proof. can't handle humid weather~ 

A limited edition lip balm with a SPf 20 for the lips. creamy with a slight beige color. It helped to prevent my lips from cracking up. better than some other brand of lip balm I had ever try~~   

for those who have super dry skin type on parts of the body, or going to some winter place. this is the best product to use. pricing super affordable, the only issue I have this came in tub form.    

best liquid lipstick ever, the formulation does not dry up my lips. Color is super pigmented, staying power not as lasting as tinted lips. But is worth the buy~~ 

super high coverage foundation, but color ran super yellow to tan. since I got no sample to try, I brought no 4 which turn out deep yellow tone for me, maybe for nc 25-30 can buy no 2 or 3 to try out.  

love this moose type primer super weightless when apply,  lasting power to hold my makeup~~

Got this product as free August give way for Honest Review. Jeju volcanic clay which are well know to control excesses amount of sebum treating pore problems with intensive care. together with Sasa extract, Akebia Quinata extract, Hizikia Fusiforme extract with rich minerals promotes to give healthy skin.

There isn't a smell to the product either, really cooling when applying ( using a cotton pad). during 1 months of trying out, I have to say there not much improvement in control sebum and also about making soften skin without any shine is not quite working for my skin type neither. Am I also facing a couple of break-out without change my skincare routine only the toner during this period of time.

If you are fan of using milk for showering, this is it. The product provide soft supple skin and milky scent after washing. Must try out!!

Not moisturising enough for my dry cracking lips, even do I love the orange and cinnamon favour. It nice as a gift for normal type of lips. 

This product is a must have for me, fast drying without too oil yet moisture my skin which I apply every night. And a hint of flower scent. Do try out if you are looking for oil and fast drying this is it!! 

I love this brand, but this overnight mask does not work out for me. When ever I apply it the next day my face will get break out so bad, that I having a hard time stop the acnes. Maybe if you have a dry skin type maybe it suitable?  

Shiseido make great skincare product but when it comes to makeup under mascara: it bad, really bad this product that I had try out it clumps like crazy, and the flake off don't know  whether is the weather I am living in. Not recommend!!!  

I was surprise that there a eyelashes glue under Maybelline that made in Japan. But I was wrong, the formula was super watery can't made my fake eyelashes stick on at all!! The worst part so hard to remover it there always a residue on my eye after using make-up remover.  

I was trying out the sample size, I didn't like it. the formulation is slightly too rich for my eye bag started to forms like bumps. for dry skin/winter weather is maybe suitable.

I really don't like how it left rinse off from my face, the beads in this forms felt weird. The company discontinued the previous series (which I crazy about it), I am disappointed this new cleanser does not prove to me that is better den the previous one.

A product made by taiwan famous makeup artist, I love the design of the package, squeeze the amount I need without wasting too much of it. when I having problem with other cushion foundation. The coverage is high, but is more toward dewy instead of matt finish. And for natural beige is too fair for my skin tone. Will need to try another tone color Honey which this brand recently launch.   

It pro-claim that is help to improve hair growth and less dandruff. sad to say this shampoo did not work for my scalp. so not recommend.

Doesn't work out my dark circles, pimple, acne, redness at all!! The pricy wise is good but not worth try if you have serious dark circles to cover.

made for 8-10 different types of fruits and vegetable as basic. with claim with whitening, will self corrections to suit your skin tone. like all BB cream the texture is thick and well coverage. this is also a dewy foundation.

This is the first ever cushion foundation that break in to the beauty market of the K beauty, coverage wise is medium and slowly build up the coverage. please be reminded that is a dewy foundation.  overall this is still not a bad cushion foundation!  

When I started out wearing fake eyelashes, this is the first glue I had started to try out. the holding power was great, but when repurchase the second bottle I got allergy reaction by having my eye swell up. so for those who don't have any sensitive eyelid can try out. the pricing wise is budget friendly.

A two-way cake a product that so fine that it will not cake up my face not matter how many layer I have apply over it on my face smooth and silky!! recommend to get it.

A body and face mist for all skin type, I love use it on hot weather to cool me down. And also if you have sudden redness on your skin spray it over and it calm the skins down. The only con is that the mist are not fine enough, when using spray out droplets instead of mist type.

Ecological Compound is an essential revitalizing and hydrating skincare product. A mutil- purpose product for all skin type. It also helps skin fight environmental stress (pollution, cigarette smoke etc) and restores the skin to a more toned, supple state enabling it to get maximum benefit from future treatments. Its fluid, non-greasy texture fast absorbed leaves skin with a matte appearance. I agree this is a super pricy item, but it work perfect on my skin. A must have skincare to own, if you can afford it!!!

A product must have for my nails, it protect my nail from turning yellow due long wear of nail polish. super fast drying, it worth every penny. must try out if you want to invest in a good base coat for your nails.

I regularly need to wash my hand as often. That leads to my hands are super drying and cracking, this hand cream work well without too dry [or my hand are to dry it absorb it all in!!] no sticky apply before bedtime, next day the hand so soft. do try out~

It was highly hype for clearing up for acne skin. But due I have combination skin, oily on the T-zone and chin. Sadly to say this product did not work out for me.

This product is overly hype about best seller, best editor pick etc.... It did not work for me at all, finish up the whole small bottle. I saw no improvement in my skin it didnn't work out for me!! my acne was never clear up and gone. That is a pricy little bottle. Not going to repurchase again.

Pro: it is fragrance free product.

con: it sting my eye so badly when ever i use it, remover my eye makeup  not very clean, the smell of oil and water is bad.  

Another favourite must have when I apply fake eyelashes on. The glue is white dry off as clear, what amaze me the remover easily off like strips and will never leave residue on the fake eyelashes. made the fake eyelashes more durable to use even longer. If you or your friend going to japan, do get it to try out. 

It claim to Waterproof, sweatproof gel auto eyebrow pencil and it is proven by myself. It came in three color:

1. toupe for two- blonde (for those blonde hair)

2. chocit up- brunett ( which I am using right now)

3. Mink Wink- dark brunett (like grey brown)

 Its unique gel texture formula achieves water- and sweat-proof brow color that won’t fade or smudge, staying put throughout the day. Designed with an auto pencil design so that it doesn’t require sharpening, its built in spoolie blends formula out to a natural-looking powder finish.

A loose powder that is budget friendly for 30g product, great for starting to doing makeup. more suitable for those on lighter skin range.

A wonderful product correcting airbrush effect leading in to beautified skin. This is one of my favourties base primer, smooth out my skin made the foundation, BB Cream so flawless. It really protect the skin from the foundation, my make-up last for hours under the humid weather I am living in. the only con the product slighty pricy for the szie of it.

this product claim to cleanses, tone and moisturises. Gentle remover all make-up including mascara. It did none of it, ended up it became hand wipes for me. This product is not worth the purchase. I like the brand but this product wont on me. Not worth buying it

after a whole day of work, so tired and lazy remover makeup. This cleansing oil in cotton sheets work it best, it also clean the eye make up also without stinging my eyes. This a also inside my travel bag for quick remover and left no residue on my face. recommend!

The Ellips are famous for capsule hair oil with vitamin E, but I prefer the hair mask even more over it. The Hair mask show the result I have more manageable hair.  price wise is so budget friendly. so try out~

A makeup remover and cleanser combo type, the cleanser is working well when removing makeup that are waterproof. But use it for a couple weeks, my skin started to have issue by break out again. the ingredient in there a lot oil type inside and scent a bit strong, if your skin like mine combination type, this cleanser is not recommend for daily use.

This is best mask I had try out of the whole series. It absorded soften and hydrate nourished into my skin. I recommend!!! 

When agan oil was highly raving about, I came across and brought this product. sadly to say this product doesn't work out for me, the texture is thick that it weight down my hair.

Damage care perfect serum. Main ingredient: agran oil, loyal jelly and rose water. after apply my hair became more manageable and glossy. Fast absorption and no stickiness on the hands.

The formule is too strong for the makup brushes, it causing my brushes to bleed. normal sponge still ok. But not recommend for beauty blender.

I love this loose powder so fine, manage the oily on makeup and express soft & dry skin without cling on to any dry pot or sebum I had on my face. This product came in 2 color: #21 and #23. semi- translucent. size: 50G. It took me quite sometime to finish it.  

This is a auto type of eyebrow pen, there are 3 color. Black/ brown/ gery brown. the formule of this product very easy draw on the eyebrow. when i purchase it there a extra refill for you once you finish up. the product made your eyebrow look soft and natural. 

This another eyelashes that can curl my stubborn eyelashes. do try out if the shu uemura eyelash curler is out of budget.

I love happy bath natural body wash series, all ingrediant in the bottle are 90- 95% natural. For those who have super/sensitive/dry skin must try out. suitable for the whole family from children all the way adult can use. personally I love the natural real mild smell like baby power, rose is second, lavender third.

Super Highly Rave product. This non-irritating makeup remover cloth that effectively removes face and eye makeup, leaving skin refreshed and nourished. Gentle ingredients prevent skin from irritation and dryness while removing makeup leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed. It comes in pack of 3, each packet got 10 sheets in it. This is most luxury cleaning clothes, I ever purchase but it worth every penny.


I hate the oily,sticky and felt there a layer residue on my face eveytime I had use it to remover my makeup!! Oh my godness!! I will never repurchase this product again.

This product does not work out for my skin, everytime I use it I have issue with my skin.

Everyone is highly rave about this product, the ingredient in this toner does not work out for me. Cause each time I use it, I will get little bump on my face the next day. I wish it work for me, but it didn't. let me know is there another way for it to work on me.   

This 24K gold sheet mask from Elisha coy restores skin radiance and suppleness my skin everytime I use. I have no issue with scent when apply it on my face and also this is a hypoallergenic 100% cotton sheet. On the sheet mask I could see bits of gold flake in it The pricing is budget friendly. Do try out if you seen it.

This black sheet mask is a holy grill for me, it  deeply moisturizing and boosts the nutrient circulation on to the face. I highly recommend this product whole series to try, if you can get it. And also it became my mum favourite must have.   

I got it as a gift from my friend. sadly, to said this product does not work out for me. The scent is totally too strong for my liking.

This brand whole series sheet mask do not work out on my face. The reason of buying it due to package is cool (there a lot currency printed on it). Not worth the hype!

I have super hooded asian eyelids, I loving this product. This eyelid tape is one-sided and it have 2 size: Standard type (pink) width 3.5mm and slim type(yellow) width 3mm. Inside the box there are 12 pairs of eyelid tape in it with a Y stick for you put on. Using 3M medical tape in this product, it will stick on won't fall even I sweat. The tape have a smooth surface made it easy to apply eyeshadow on it. I tried a lot of eyelid tape, this is type will show the result that I want.

This Kate designing eyebrow powder type came in 2 set of color no.4 and no.5. those who have lighter hair color can get the no4. those who have dark hair no 5 suit you better. There are 3 shade in it, I love to use the lighter shade to use as eyeshadow crease on my eyes.  The pigment of the product is great, it show once you apply. but there a con since this is a powder type of eyebrow product once I start to sweating away the product will fade away from my face. To make it more lasting, do apply a layer to eyebrow mascara over it. hope it help. the price wise slighty pricy but it will last me quite sometime. do check it out when is on sale.

It contains 7 different types of beauty essence. The texture is thick not so wasteful. It helps to penetrate moisture to hair, control the water(moist) in the hair, tightening, repair the inner and outer layer, shine effect, and lengthen the coloring effectivity. Especially for people who have serious damaged hair by coloring too much or rebonding hair regularly. Have a Grace of floral scent, size : 8.11 oz.(230g) Jar type. I personally use it like twice a week, the result is showing after I use it. Is another must have for me and also a budget friendly product.

There a lot of type of cushion foundation in the market, but this only brand that carry color No.25. My must have for me and I hope they don't discontinue it. Due to I have medium yellow tone skin (MAC NC25) I am having issues with a lot of cushion foundations either they are too pink, too fair, too geryish. As for coverage wise: sheer/medium. skin type: normal/ dry/ oily/ mature can use.  A slighty pricy tag, which comes with a refill still worth the money.  

A great gel eyeliner, super pigmented, doesn't dry easily in the pot, came with a lot colors, super budget friendly and great for startup the makeup bag.  

I super recommend to invest on a good eyelashes curler, cause I have very stubborn straight eyelashes. I try a lot of eyelashes curler does not work at all. do try out if you have stubborn eyelashes like mine.

A korean eyelashes glue for sensitive eyes, like a type eyelashes it came with white/clear and black color that also came in 2 size (5ml/7ml). For beginner, I recommend the clear any error easy to control. Along the way gain experience, slowly get the black to try out. stickness not bad but do avoid crying as it will drop the fake eyelashes off.   

I got a sample of this product to try out, personally this is a giltter product i suggest selective place you like to highlight or glow. A mistake I did was put the product all over my face it made my face super shining!!! personally, I had oily/ combination skin pefer matt over glowing. So a reminder not to put  this product all over the face unless you like it glowing~

A must try out product, cause if you are like me hate stickness when apply high SPF sun screen (SPF 50 PA+++ onwards)/ hate there also white cast when apply no matter how you apply it/ hate it felt like plastering a cast on the face. This right product for you, but there a cons is the scent it gave when apply it. if you are sensitive with scents, i do recommend to try out at durgstore outlet where there be a sample/ tester to try out. This is also budget friendly product~~ 

I totally can't not live without this toner!!! I have large pores and humid weather I am living in, cause me whether I put makeup my pores show even more obvious Arrrggghh. This toner works like magic on my skin condition tighten /control my enlarge pores, till now I haven't a toner that work like it does on my pores!! 

Personally, I love how this product control oily T-zone that I had. since it is translucent powder I dont have to worry that it is too fair for my skin tone. For pricing wise is super budget friendly. great for those who want to start up your makeup pouch.

I love how it clean my face without leaving any tightness or left a film of oil over my face which I hate when it come to facial wash, I do recmommend if you have extra cash to invest a good cleanser.  

I love it how it clean up my light make, with out feeling to dry out.  And it also budget friendly for a bottle 200ml of product when on sale you can get it buy 1 get 1! I recommend to try out. 



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