About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Professional: Dermatologist
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Sulfate Free, Mineral, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This is a sheet mask that was given to me from Amabie. 

I seriously DO NOT recommend this product. Initially I was very interested in the gold flakes and also the sheet mask itself has a really nice scent. But once I put it on (it fits really well on my skin) IT STARTED TO STING. I did not have any open wounds so I don't know why it stings so much. After taking the photo to show how well it sticks to the skin I immediately took it off because I was terrified!!

This treasure C mask has a very girly pink packaging. 
The sheemask itself is placed in between two sheets since the actual sheet mask itself is very thin. You can remove the white plastic part and apply it on your face, THEN remove the blue sheet mask cover. 

Since this sheet mask is very thin, it fits closely to the skin and has a vey soft floral scent. This sheet mask is also great because I didn't get any sensitive reaction. I used this sheet mask 6 hours after my eye brow tatoo session. It didn't even sting my wound. After using this sheet mask I just apply a thin layer of moisturizer and it would suffice. There's no sensitive reaction on the next day as well. 

I think this sheet mask is very suitable for interchanging seasons and it's also very gentle on the skin. 

I received this product as a prize from one of Amabie's giveaway! 

The packaging of this mascara is really cute but it's not that smudge proof because my eyelids are extremely oily. It works well on my lower lashes but not my top lashes. Compared to all other mascara I've tried they all smudge on the bottom and give me the panda eyes, this one didn't! 

I believe this mascara should work for those who have normal eyelids (unlike mine that's super oily XD)

I really HAVE to recommend this product!!! 

If you think getting your eyebrows tattooed is too expensive, this is a good alternative. 

I use it before I sleep and rinse it off the next morning so the color isn't so unnatural 

The top surface dries really quickly so you can wear it over night, you don't need to worry

about the product getting all over the face. 

If you don't scratch your eyebrows, the tint color lasts pretty long. 

Usually mine last around 3-4 days, even my male colleagues bought them!!

My skin is very oily, I've used so many oil control loose powder before but it makes my face really chunky. Many products will start to formulate into chunks on my face especiallyin the summer. 

So when my friends recommended this product to me I was really skeptical and hesitant. But I still bought it and tried it anyway!!!!!

I am so plesantly surprised by the results!! This product really kept my oil from losing control!! I noticed that my face wouldn't get oily... to the point that it's even a little bit too dry so I had to moisturize my face.

The texture of the product is really watery. Right after you blend the product in you can feel the difference it makes - my makeup that I put over on top of it became a lot more long lasting. This goes the same to my eyelids which is also extremely oily, even my eyelids were tamed!

Love this compact powder, started using this since high school. When it's hot and my face gets oily, I would apply this with a puff to set my makeup and oil blot my skin. If you're not super sweaty, the makeup will last till evening. When the environment is drier you can apply the blusher with a brush, it'll look natural. 

You can use this product even when your skin is in a bad condition. One piece can last for 2-3 washes so it's very convenient. The face wash powder does not dry out my face, but I don't recommend to use this everyday because it might cause pimples. I only use it when it's necessary

This is my first cushion blush, makes my face saturated with just a little amount. The blush nicely blends with my base makeup, it does not too too harsh at all. The container is also very cute so I have to have it! 

Since the ZA perfect concealer is discontinued I have to use this product Perfect Fit conceler 

This one is definitely better than the perfect concealer, the coverage and long-lasting ness have improved. 
Also the texture is more natural and it doens't dry up and crack on my face. It's a great choice for covering spots/acne scars/and redness. 

The price is also very affordable, a little bit goes a long way. 

I got this CR01 from the Amabie contest. The bottle is so cute and they include a cute note too~ I just want to collect all of them! The color is not that obvious with a thin layer, it's better to apply more layers, but when I put on three layers it leaves residue on my lips thats why I deduct 1 heart. The texture tastes sweet i sometimes accidentally taste my lips lol. Overall I love the color it's natural and bright! So happy Amabie gave me a chance to win this lipstick! 

I use this toner when my skin breaks out, I'll soak the cotton pad in the toner and rest them on my face for 5-10 minutes. The toner sooths my skin and it doesn't really that uncomfortable anymore! It has an alcohol scent but so far it didn't irritate my sensitive skin!! 

My skin gets acnes and blemishes very easily, my dermatologist told me it's because my skin is too dry, so I need to apply moisturizing cream. I personally don't like creams because I think they are thick and gives me pimples. I got a tester of this product then I totally changed my impression towards face cream, it gave me smooth soft skin with no oil residue. This one is great for people with acne skin! I already bought two bottles, I highly recommend it! 

I bought this from Thailand and I regret that I didn't bring more!! The weather in Thailand is very similar to Taiwan, I love ele's products, they're great and cheap!! I usually put the mask in the fridge before use. After shower, I'll apply toner , essence then this mask, it has no scent! After a few days my skin became more soft and smooth! I'm so sad that I only brought back one bottle ;(



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