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I've been using Melaleuca's products as a habit now, this sun cream makes my skin comfortable when I apply, it's not greasy and very effective. 

I have very dry skin that peels easily, this lotion sooths my skin and it's very effective, great for people with dry skin. 

This is a great face wash, it's inexpensive and gives my skin a refreshing feeling when I use it, I would buy this again, great quality. 

Biore's sunscreen is always my first choice, it smells great and it's not greasy, sun protection is great too! Everyone should try it! 

Biore's body wash is so great! I do not like those bady wash that makes my skin greasy, this one is so refreshing, highly recommend this! 

This face wash is great, I have oily skin and this face wash from Kose cleanses very well. I always feel refreshed after I use this. 



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