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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Professional: Skincare
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

It is a soap in liquid form. I don't recommend this to dry skin, since it may make your skin even drier. Oily skin can give it a shot. There is nothing to enjoy about while using it. It just simply wash off all my oils away...

I bought several of this once, and gave them all to my friends or families. I really don't like the smell, which is far from natural or refreshing. The texture itself is weird too... Too much wax. I prefer something more moisturizing rather than just to put a layer of wax on my lip. Also, it is hard to spread.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid 🙆🏻 This product is a serum. Like most serums, it has watery texture and not so thick on the skin. The main purpose of this product is to hydrate and smooth your skin, and further brighten it. Here are my thoughts.

🌟it hydrates my skin and the effect lasts
🌟my skin is in good condition but feels a little rough. This product fills in the cracks and make it soft and smooth
🌟the price is very affordable as a large bottle of serum, since regular serum are usually in small bottle and $60+
🌟the formula is great which allows my skin to absorb the serum fast. 🌟because it is a liquid, oily skin will also be able to use it. It gives a refreshing feeling.

🌟 people from all ages can use it

Overall, the product is fabulous. It fulfills my need of hydration lately to get ready for fall. However, I would worry if this is too light for winter.

Whether you like one eyelash curler or not really depends on your eye shape. I have the typical Asian flat eyes so this Shu Uemura one fits me perfectly. It has been serving me for over 4 years, still going strong. I recommend Asians try it. 

OPI are definitely good, but not the best one. The quality also varies in colors. Recent years, I found their new collections not very exciting anymore.

Nothing too special about this blotting paper. I only use it once a day before touch ups. It works just as regular ones, but bigger in size I think.

Oh my skin saver. First week of using, you may get some pimples, and that's because all the dirt in your pores is floating onto the top layer of your skin. Don't worry, and keep using, you will have a smooth and clean skin. Things to pay attention is 1. you need tough skin to use it

1. you need tough skin to use it everyday (also depends on the type of brushhead you use) 

2. you need a cleanser that doesn't foam (That's why they partner with philosophy's purity cleanser)

3. You need to change brushhead every three months or shorter. (The brush head itself will cost roughly $100 per year)

4. Compare with Foreo, then decide which one you prefer.

Overall, if you follow the rules, this would be a game-changing tool for you. Otherwise, it may get your skin worse.

Just like other MBD masks, I don't see the effect indicated on the packaging. All I feel is the short-term hydration, which normal masks all offer. However, the serum leaves me skin sticky and itchy. Only recommend for young people.

My beauty diary had this line for years. It didn't have any obvious effect on my skin, besides hydration which is a common effect for all the masks. The serum bothers me because it usually leaves me with one itchy pimple, but will go away. Not fond of the formula. The price is very affordable. I would recommend it to younger people.

It's a good mask. Two steps. The essence helps absorption. However, there are two many good masks, and this one does not stand out. I like the brightening one also from Jayjun better.

I have really bad impression on these. The fabric does not contain much serum, but instead, most serum is left in the package. The mask dried at around 5min, and the left over serum was even too much to do a whole body treatment. I understand it is a very cheap masks, but I do hope it to be better in quality. Two star for its generous amount of serum and cheap price.

It smells amazing. Citrus and beyond. It's gel texture almost, so light in weight. Little amount goes a long way. Nothing too special in terms of effect.

I bought this for my girlfriend. She has oily skin and darker skin. This BB cream comes in two shades. As the name implies, this product focuses on the oil control, so it will give you matte look, while other bb creams usually gives dewy look. The coverage is fair and it lasts all day long.( since the oil is under control) The texture is also very fine. Overall, it is a great product, especially for teenagers. But kinda pricy.

It's a good mask, but not the best. It does its job effectively, but lack in the absorption. I prefer Ceramidin better.

The best sheet mask in my opinion. The serum is in lotion form and is so easy to absorb. Left my skin hydrated and calm, instead of sticky. The price is in the middle range, $6. You can purchase from Sephora. Hope to find a better deal in the future. Highly recommend!

I really don't like Head&Shoulders. It dries out my hair and gives me tons of flakes. The smell is usually refreshing though. I would say this is more for my dad than for me. 

Strong alcohol smell. Very affordable. Cheap and large amount. I don't see much hydration happening on my face. Not sure about the soothing. Personally, I would recommend a teenager to buy this as part of their skincare routine. Not recommended to older skins, since it doesn't really do much.

They have three palette in this series to fit all types of skin tones, and I bought the white case one. The color combination looks very lovely, and I think it works better on paler skin. Comes with a brush. Colors are saturated.

As the name implied, it is very moisturizing. It may be too much for the summer. I would definitely adore it for the fall and winter when the weather gets dry. The coverage is good enough for everyday use, and the sunscreen is sufficient (SPF 50+) It may not be friendly to oily skins, but great to ones that have dry patches. Oily skin may need to set it with a powder. 

It comes in a pen form. Very easy to use. The color is super saturated and shiny. You can definitely use some of the colors as highlighter no problem. They are just so gorgeous. Also, it's waterproof and smudge free. Great product!

It doesn't have much serum, which is understandable since it's a gel mask. It comes in two pieces, but they don't really fit on my face. It constantly creates air bubbles and creases that I couldn't get rid off. The mask is also too thin, so it dried fast. Good thing is, like other Dr. Jart masks, the serum is absorbed fast and easily. 

i really liked this product, since it does its job. I bought the biggest size, and it came with a sponge. It will give you a lot of pain while it's on your face, but don't worry. That's how it is supposed to be like. You have to use the wet sponge to rub it off afterward, otherwise, it's a nightmare to rinse it off.

I don't really feel cleaned after using this product. It does have an obvious clay smell. It is very affordable in terms of its size/price. I would recommend you to try other clay masks, so that you don't have a bad impression of clay masks.

I have bittersweet feeling about it. My experience is two extremes. Sometimes, if I get the timing, temperature and position right, it works super well. Sometimes, it just pulls out my face hair, not blackheads.... It is a tricky product, and it is very rough on my skin. It hurts a lot when I peel it off.

Don't be fooled by its cheap price. It is the best makeup remover I've ever had. It removes all my waterproof makeup easily. I went through 5 bottles of this already and the only reason I gave it up was because I wanted to try something new. Amazing product, but Maybelline doesn't sale it in the front desk anymore. You have to ask the lady for it. I think it only exists in Asia (or maybe China?)

I used three of them before I wanted to try something new. It is very waterproof and beautiful on my lashes. You do need a very strong makeup remover in order to remove it. Highly recommend.

It's a good moisturizer, but that's it. It doesn't do anything else. There is absolutely no dramatic differences on my face, but tends to leave my skin oily. There are so many good moisturizers out there, why this one???

I really like this product, because it does hydrate my skin enough even in the winter and it is not oily at all. Very affordable. One down side would be it contains alcohol, so sensitive skin should stay away from it. 

It's a good cleanser. It cleans well, super affordable, lather easily. But it dehydrate my skin too much that I had too abandon it after a few weeks. I recommend it with a lathering tool to make it foamy~

I love this product! If I could, I would give it a 6 star, for it being so effective but at the same time not drying. It has all I need from a cleanser. I don't really like the plasticky smell at first but then got used to it, since I bought the largest bottle after a small one. It's gentle enough that I can use in the morning, but also effective enough to remove light makeup and clean my face at night. One thing to mention is that I think clarisonic implies this cleanser worked the best with the brush. 

I have bitter sweet feeling about it. Sensitive skin would definitely love this, since it's so gentle. However, for other skin types, it's too gentle to do anything. I don't think it cleans deep enough, but good thing is it doesn't get my skin dry. 

Very cheap and accessible. I would recommend this to a teenager or somebody who has very oily skin. It strips away most oil on your face, so you would get a feeling that you are washing a dish with detergent while you are actually washing your face with this cleanser. I'm not sure how it works on makeup. I do know it lathers well, which indeed helps to clean up your face, in a brutal way. 

Effective to tough makeup, natural, friendly to sensitive skin, affordable, generous amount, simple packaging, no unnecessary ingredients, doesn't dry out the skin. What else do you need from a good makeup remover? I used two bottles of this. Changed to other products only because I wanted to try something new. 

I don't know what it does exactly, because it does nothing to my face. Maybe slightly hydrating? Even the hydrating effect doesn't last that long. It's very affordable and comes in relatively big bottle. Not effective enough for 20+ skin. 

Great product. Jayjun is really playing this steps mask game well. The cleanser lather so easily and smooth on my skin, which made me want to buy a separate bottle of this cleanser. The serum is okay, not sure whether it really helped absorption. The mask is good and packed with serum. The generous amount serum allowed me to do a whole body treatment. Lol. However, the brightening effect??? Not so much. I didn't see the result from these fancy steps. But still a good mask anyway. 

I like how hydrating it is and the rosy smell. One star off for its thick and sticky texture. Hard to work around the eye and gave me a feeling of dragging my skin. Besides that, everything else is good. 

I don't know why. I tried it two times. Each time it gives me a huge pimple on my chain. I'm not sure if I am allergic to any of its ingredients or it is the sign that the ingredient is working. But it bothers me. 

It is hydrating for sure. The only problem is the thick texture of the serum, which made it hard to absorb and put extra burden on my face. I usually have to wipe the extra off in order to apply the following products, otherwise I would have sticky feeling on my face. 

I really don't like this product. I don't know how oily your skin has to be in order to not feeling dehydrated by this product. It has strong alcohol smell, so definitely not for sensitive skin. You have to keep touching up through out the day in order to maintain the strength. The only star is for its oil control ability. I believe it works much better on body than on face. 

It's an everyday, 10 min mask, so don't expect too much from it. I usually use it in the morning to prep for makeup. It doesn't contain much serum and neither is it individually packed. Again, it means to be a light mask, and it does its job well. 

This is a wonderful product especially for young people in their 20s. This product uses pure Aloe gel as a base, so it may be a little too sticky for some people, but definitely a saver for sensotive skin. Small amount goes a long way. Very affordable. 



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