About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Blond

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Poland
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Paraben-Free
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Swanicoco Fermentation Eye Cream from the Peptine Line. I received it from the brand in exchange for my honest review.

The cream contains peptides and fermented wild ginseng extract. It is supposed to brighten the eye area and have anti-aging effect.

As for the texture, it's a white non-greasy cream with a light fresh scent. It absorbs quite well so in the evenings I like to apply 2 or 3 layers of it. In the mornings one layer is enough, it doesn't make the concealer cakey.

Effects? I've been using it for a month now and I do like it. It is very moisturizing despite being quite light in texture. It does make my eye area relieved 😎 However, of you're looking for advanced anti-aging effects, I can't confirm them yet... still waiting. Perhaps it's too soon, perhaps they won't appear. I will use up the jar (oh, I forgot to mention how beautiful the packaging is!! It really looks lux 😀) however cause a solid moisturizer is always a must. Plus, perhaps one day I will wake up to see all the lines have disappeared..

Sexylook Black Pearl & White Truffle Extra Whitening Duo Facial Mask. This Taiwanese mask has ear loops to help keep it in place and an extra lower part that hugs the neck for a lifting effect.

Apart from the above additions, it's a standard, everyday mask. Medium thick material, soaked in a white milky essence. There was some left in the pouch so I happily used it on my arms.

After 25 minutes the sheet was noticeably drier so I took it off. I was surprised to see that the remaining milky essence dried to a matte finish. This definitely makes it a great daytime mask. Results? Even skin tone for sure. Anything else? Hard to say..

the SAEM Natural Rose Mask Sheet - refreshing type is supposed to moisturize and revitalize the skin by regulating its balance. 

Rose extract is the emphasised ingredient and you can tell it from the second you open the pouch - the rose scent literally hits your nose. I actually don't mind it at all but I'm sure some may find it overwhelming as the smell doesn't go away during masking session.

The sheet is medium thin with a standard fit which for me means great in the upper part and awful in the chin area. The essence is milky but not too thick and there's plenty of it.

I had the mask on for about 25 minutes and I must admit I loved the results. The remaining essence absorbed quite fast leaving my skin glowing and even. No matte effect, no stickiness either, just a nice dewy finish. Definitely a good mask.

Sunwoo Cosme Q10 Syn-Ake Venom mask is my first product from this brand. It has a cute bear and two adorable snakes on the packaging. The sheet is medium thick and quite wide. It's well drenched in mint-like scented essence.

It got dry quite fast, so I had it on for only 20 minutes. It left my face surprisingly wet though. The essence took a longer while to absorb. Effects? Meh.. some moisturization perhaps.. 

I received Swanicoco Peptine Care Skintoner as a member of their Swan program.

It is supposed to repair the skin and provide anti-aging benefits. It contains EGF and Ginseng Callus Culture Extract. It also uses fermented filtrate instead of purified water to increase the nutrition and hydration.

Let's start from the packaging. The solid black&gold bottle contains 120 ml of the product. The airless pump makes application very convinient and hygienic. As much as I like the way the bottle looks (it does have a luxurious touch to it), it's quite large and some may have problems fitting it on their bathroom shelves.

The toner's formula is thicker than water, still very runny. It reminds of Hada Labo Gokujyun lotion. You can swipe to the short video to get  the idea. It is not transparent, more like a foggy looking lotion. I really enjoy the smell - it's fresh and light.

I can use it twice a day: mornings & evenings because it absorbs quite well. Although it doesn't absorb completely, I find it perfect for layering and I believe every skin type can benefit from it.

My impressions are fully positive. It leaves my skin moisturized and bouncy. I guess it does a good job cause it's richer than a standard (at least for me) toner.

A'pieu Silk Blanket Mask Silver Cocorico Limited Edition is actually silver! 
The mask is meant for brightening (niacinamide and peony extract), pore care (egg white) and moisturization (goat milk). The sheet is printed and coated with silver holographic pattern that helps hold in active ingredient and prevents its evaporation.

Because of the silver coat, the mask was a bit stiff but still thin and comfortable to wear. The fit wasn't perfect but it adhered well. I had it on for about 25 mins. It left my face somewhat sticky but it wasn't disturbing. The best part was that I actually saw a brightening effect. My skin tone was even and my cheeks bouncy and soft.

If you have a chance to try it, I recommend to put the leftover essence on your face first and then place the mask on top. This way you won't waste the essence (there is a lot of it) cause the silver coat won't let it in if you put it on top.

Banobagi Vita Genic Whitening Jelly Mask is one of four kinds of masks in this line and it contains nutrients derived from Jeju Orange. It's a source of vitamin C which is known for its brightening property. Hence, the mask promises to even out the skin tone by eliminating dark spots and discolorations resulting to bright, fair skin.
What I liked most about the mask was the essence - a thicker gel that absorbed almost completely after 30 minutes. I must say my skin tone was evened out and my face felt very comfortable.

Hey! Pinkgo Girl Lotus & Coix Brightening Lifting Lace Sheet Mask is a paraben-free mask soaked in a combination of antioxidant, nutrient-rich ingredients and claims to hydrate, rejuvenate and nourish the skin. Ingredients responsible for brightening are coix 🌿 and peony 🌸

It was my first mask from this brand, I have never even heard of it before so I didn't know what to expect. When I opened the pouch, a beautiful scent hit my nose. I was also excited when I saw it was a lace sheet - somehow I didn't notice this detail in the name. For real, it was a thick, stretchy lace. That said, the mask had ear loops and an additional part for the upper neck, also with loops for ears. Have a look at the second photo - I looked like a mummy! A lace mummy! A mummy in a lace veil! 
The mask felt very comfortable, no sliding or slipping cause the loops kept it in place. But. This also meant the material was a bit tightened around the nose so it didn't adhere there well.
I had it on for about 35 mins and it left my face wet. The essence was on a thicker side, didn't absorb even after a longer while and made my skin quite sticky. It felt plump but I didn't notice any brightening. It was an okay mask - I guess I enjoyed the lace itself rather than its effects.

Dr. Jart+  Dermask Intra Jet Wrinkless Solution claims to smooth and reduce the look of wrinkles. Yes, please! 

It's not my first mask from this line, so I'm already familiar with the texture and shape. I really like the two-part gel mask and how comfortable it feels on my face. The only thing I can complain about is how slippery the mask is which makes it quite difficult to place.  But it's okay cause...

...after 30 minutes my skin is soft and smooth. Of course I'm aware it's temporar, but I can also feel how bouncy it is. A good mask!

Polatam Water Gel Extra Force sheet mask contains oak tree sap essence and extracts of licorice and olive leaves. The mask is meant for skin brightening and nourishing.

First of all, the packaging! So simple yet so encouraging. It really makes the product look luxurious 💎

The sheet itself is rather thin and soft. Soaked in a gel-like essence (not much left in the pouch), it perfectly clings to the face. The scent was quite sweet but quickly fainted. The fit was decent - great in the upper part, worse in the chin area (I guess it's a standard for me).

I had the mask on for about 30 minutes. It was  pure pleasure. My skin was moisturized, bouncy and ridiculously soft afterwards! I'm not sure about brightening that was promised but my face looked great and that what counts.

I've always wanted to try this Etude House mask because of good reviews on the whole line. And it didn't disappoint me at all. I enjoyed the thicker, soft material and almost perfect fit. The mask left my skin smooth, bouncy and evenly toned. Great results. Plus there was a lot of essence left in the package. I will definitely get more of these!

I received Elizavecca EGF Retinol Elastic Cream from the producer for testing. 

The cream contains retinol to improve skin elasticity, CF-nest extract to balance moisturization and EGF to stimulate cell growth. The producer suggests to use it only in the evenings as retinol makes skin very sensitive to sun rays.

So, the product is another (after Glutinous Mask Snail Cream) cream from Elizavecca that I really like. Its thick but not at all oily formula and a creamy scent is what make it a great last step of the evening routine.

The texture is soft and somewhat stretchy - have a look at a short video. Although the cream is quite thick, it absorbs quickly and leaves my face soft, bouncy and moisturized. I think the promise of improving skin elasticity is going to be fulfiled!

Thank you Elizavecca for letting me try EGF Retinol Elastic Cream. It's the next product from your offer that I like and I'm sure others will also find it useful.

My Beauty Diary Huatung Mountain Hydrating Firming Mask was provided to me by my bff. I really liked it. It was drenched in watery essence and there was a lot of it left in the pouch. I made a refill after 30 mins not to lose any.

The material and fit were quite good - clinged well and except for the lower/chin part there were no creases.

I had the mask on for about 45 minutes and my skin appreciated it. There was no sticky feeling aftet taking it off, just soft and bouncy skin. I would definitely use it again.

Swanicoco 2GF Bio Mix Mask Pack was kindly provided to me for review by the brand itself. It promises brightening and lifting effect. What it also offers is deep hydration and nutrients.

The mask is closed in a beautiful black and gold packaging. So simple and plain - my idea of elegant.

The sheet itself was very similar to the previous Dr. Syul mask I used - made of thick coconut meat (well, bio cellulose, you know). I could smell a light lemon sorbet scent. There were two backings to help place the mask on the face. It wasn't easy to peel the plastic one (the other one was a material mesh) but when I finally did, the mask was easily adjustable and clinged very well. A lot of gel essence was left in the pouch so I rubbed it into my neck and arms. 

Results? I had the mask on for about 25 minutes. It made my skin even and bright. The essence absorbed almost completely and left my face bouncy. No sticky feeling whatsoever!

This mask was sent me for review by Swanicoco.  

Overnight Intensive Recharging Hydrogel Maskpack is a two-piece hydrogel aimed at preventing skin damage and giving elasticity.
It moisturizes and nourishes the skin as well.

The mask has a faint scent and is lightly yellow as you can see at the second pic. It was   corrugated at one side and very easy to put on. At first the upper part didn't want to cling well but after a while it started to adhere nicely. I used the generous amount of left over essence on my neck and arms.

I had the mask on for 25-30 minutes. It made the tone of my skin even and really nice to the touch. I loved how bouncy my face was. No sticky feeling which is important for me. Perfect!

Banila co. Clean it Zero Purity for Sensitive Skin is by far my favourite oil cleanser. 

First of all, it is my first oil cleanser of a sherbet texture and I honestly adore it. It glides so smoothly on the skin and a little goes a long way. It melts make up very well and doesn't sting my eyes. What I also appreciate is that it doesn't make my sight blurry. I don't see any significant difference between the pink (original) and green (sensitive) versions other than that the latter is a bit softer to the touch.

Generally, I really love this cleanser! I've never called any product a HG and Clean it Zero has come very near this title.

Elastic Pore Cleansing Foam was sent to me by Elizavecca in exchange for my honest review. Here it goes then.

First of all, guess what! The product is black! This is how my face looks like when I apply it: ☻ Literally! 

The texture is a thick cream. It is also super soft and makes me think of rubber (does it make any sense? 🤔). I guess it has something to do with "elastic" in the name 😀

The product is lightly scented and as in case of other Elizavecca's skincare, I really like the smell. In fact, I wouldn't mind if the scent were a bit stronger this time.


As usual with second cleanser, when water is added it starts to foam. And it does foam well 👏 The product claims to thoroughly clean the skin without drying it. I confirm the first claim with no doubt but for the latter... well, after rinsing it off, my face feels squeaky clean which may suggest dryness. I haven't noticed any tightness or dry patches though. I also asked my bf (whose skin is drier than mine) to try the foam and he didn't notice dryness either. Well done then!

Elizavecca Milky Piggy 24K Gold Water Dual Snail Mask Pack is said to improve skin elasticity and moisturizing.

The golden packaging hides a sheet mask drenched in a lightly scented gel essence. And there's a lot of it! Not only did I refill the mask with essence after the first quarter of having it on but I also managed to cover my neck and arms. The material was medium thick and quite soft. It clinged well. I found the fit to be only okay but since the mask had many cuts, it was easy to adjust it to the face.

I had the sheet on for about 50 minutes and found it to be brightening and moisturizing. It left my skin dewy but not sticky. I also noticed my face was smooth and soft. I'd like to use it again for sure.

Bio Cellulose Soft Coco Peeling Mask Pack was my first product from Swanicoco.

What does dr. Syul promise with this mask? Hmm... "This product will leave you more confident, having higher self-esteem with a clear face" he says. Well, yes please!

As the packaging informs, it's not a standard cotton sheet mask. The material seemed like a thick coconut meat. It was folded between two backings. Although I loved the texture and fit, it was quite difficult for me to place the mask on my face. It took me like 5 minutes! When I did, it clinged perfectly. There was quite a lot of gel essence in the package but the sheet itself wasn't too wet.

Following instructions, I had it on for about a quarter. It gave me a pleasant cooling effect. After rinsing my skin with water I continued with my routine and felt like each of the steps absorbed way better than usual. Was it thanks to the mask? I believe so.

Overall, it was a great mask. It left my face visibly brighter and even. 

It's Skin Green Mud Mask Sheet helps to clean skin impurities and leaves the skin fresh. It's appropriate for sensitive skins and provides soothing effects. Besides, look how pretty the packaging is.

It was my first cotton mask with mud, so before I put it on, I checked instructions and it said to rinse the residue after taking the mask off.

So, the sheet was very pleasant but a bit messy. It had two backings which were in fact quite useful. It was also nice that the mask had two pieces like hydrogels. It was easy to place and kind of sticked to the face once I put it on. It turned out really comfortable to wear. After 25 minutes, there was some residue on my face, so rinsing was indeed necessary. My skin looked clean and fresh but also very soft (it was a nice surprise!).

Dear Packer French Winery Miracle Time Lifting Hydrogel Mask is meant for wrinkle improvement and whitening.

On one hand I was so excited to use it cause it looked so luxe but at the same time I didn't want to tear this beautiful packaging. Cause, I mean, it really is gorgeous! Gold & black with Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral and Arc de Triomphe. Everything pictured against starry sky with a glass of wine to accompany. Perfect!

The mask comes in two pieces as all other hydrogel masks I have used before. Each piece was wrapped in two backings which was supposed to help putting them on but as the material was thin and slippery it took a longer moment for me to properly put on my face. When I did, both parts stayed in place for about 30 minutes. The mask was very comfortable to wear, adhered well and had quite big mouth and eyes holes.

There wasn't much essence on the mask or in the pouch. However, when I took it off, the hydrogel was visibly thinner which assured me that my skin had actually absorbed something from it. The mask left my skin a bit wet but after a short while the residue sank in without stickiness.

Results? Definitely improved skin tone. Anything else? I'm not sure. Would I use it again? Yes, it was a nice masking session.

Su:m37 Bright Award Bubble-De Mask is supposed to detoxify, brighten and smoothen the skin. I read some positive reviews and found out about @fiddysnails' negative experience too. Remembering to rinse it off thoroughly, I started putting the sample on the face 😀

The mask is a white gel with small particles. It has a light citrusy scent. After a few moments from application, gel started to foam. Minute after minute, my face started to resemble a cloud. I felt some itching from time to time but it wasn't disturbing. After about 12 minutes the bubbles started to pop and it tickled me, I must say. This was the moment I began washing the mask of my face. It took some time to completely rinse it. When I did, the first thing I saw was how bright my skin was. For real! It was also baby smooth and felt clean. I haven't noticed any tightness which was definitely a plus.

It was a great experience! I'd be happy to use it again and recommend it for days when you can spend more time on skincare.

🌻 [JOLSE] VPROVE Cream Expert Rhodiola Power Cream review 🌻

I was one of lucky winners who received the cream from in exchange for an honest review.

The product claims to protect the skin from negative results of temperature differences between indoors and outdoors. It is also said to provide long lasting moisturization and anti-aging effects.

I planned to use the cream together with my bf. Since our skin types are completely different, I thought it would be a good idea to show how they react to the new product. His skin is dry and somewhat sensitive whereas mine is not too demanding, I would say - oily T-zone plus normal anywhere else. Some aging signs too.

The cream has a beautiful, quite a strong scent. I find it pleasant but heard different opinions too. The texture is medium thick, not greasy at all.

My bf's review is very short. He used the cream for three days only as it didn't suit his skin at all. After a few hours from application, each time his face was dry as a desert. He was like: never again! 

As for me, the cream is really nice. My cheeks and chin area feel great with it as it dries to almost matte finish and my forehead is a bit oily but not that much. The level of moisturization is just enough (for day as well as the night use) and the cream works very well with make up. As far as the protection from temperature changes is concerned, I haven't really got a chance to check it. The winter is over here so weather conditions don't cause skin problems anymore.

I do recommend VPROVE Rhodiola Power Cream. If your skin isn't dry, you will probably like it. If any of you want to give it a go, it is available at Jolse:

 White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Serum Mask was my first Klavuu product.

The sheet mask is enriched with pearl extracts which are supposed to brighten and provide anti-aging effects to the skin.

Let's cut to the chase right away! I loved this mask. As soon as I opened the pouch, I smelled a light creamy scent. This made me guess the essence would be on a thicker side and it was - a bit milky but not heavy at all. The sheet was very wet and had a mesh backing. And this was the best backing I've ever seen! It did its job perfectly - helped unfold the mask and put it in place. It wasn't like those plastic things that only make placing the sheet complicated. The mask itself was made of an amazing material - silky to the touch and adhering very well. It actually reminded me of Leaders Insolution Coconut Biomask, it was so soft and smooth. The fit was great too.

The mask sat on my face for a good half an hour. During this time I felt a pleasant cooling effect. After taking it off, my skin was still wet but the remaining essence absorbed quite fast. No sticky feeling, just dewy finish and amazingly soft and plump skin. The tone was visibly even too. It was definitely one of the best sheet masks I've ever put on my face.

Style&Co. Organic Natural Holic Sheet is beautiful! I mean look at the packaging! I usually don't pay too much attention to the way products look. I've seen my friends or co-workers buy skincare because "oh they look so cute!" but nope, that's not me, I'm to pragmatic. This time however, I chose only by the cover.

The mask is quite a thick, corrugated sheet which reminds me of Mizon masks. The fit is decent - nice in the upper part, too wide in the lower. It is drenched in thin transparent essence but strangely there is almost none left in the pouch. I have not detected any smell at all, which was quite disappointing - I imagined a beautiful floral scent judging by the packaging. Oh well. 

I had the sheet on for about half an hour. I think I could have worn it longer but the chin area started to hang down and it annoyed me. I loved the way the remaining essence absorbed completely, leaving my skin almost matte. I'm not sure about results other than moisturizing and evening skin tone. I don't know what results I should expect either as there is no English at all at the packaging. Anyway, it was a pleasant mask.

This mask is a  very thick, sticky, transparent gel with quite a strong floral scent (which I enjoyed). Because of the texture it may be a bit difficult to spread the mask on the face. It dries out in about 30 mins after which it's supposed to be peeled off. And this is where drama starts - peeling off hurts! BAD! It left my skin red and I had to calm it with serums. I don't know about results because red was all I could see. Never again!

Jeju Farm Potato Sheet Mask supplies and retains moisture level and keeps skin texture clean and clear.

Material: medium thin material, way too stretchy - pulled it a bit too hard and it stretched like a rubber. It clinged decently.

Fit: awful! The lower part was folded and looked like a mess the whole time.

Scent: quite perfumey. It made me think of an older lady perfume... didn't bother me too much though 😄

Essence: there wasn't much of it. The sheet wasn't very saturated.

Results: I had it on for about 25 mins. The essence took a while to absorb. When it did, there was no stickiness (yay!), almost matte finish and some moisturization. Nothing special really.

Verdict: not a mask I would like to use again.

Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack Milk is supposed to help moisturize and brighten the skin.

Material: very thin material, a bit gauze-like, stretchy, very easily adjustable, clinged perfectly 👏🙌

Fit: not perfect but the great material makes up for it.

Scent: quite perfumey. It didn't bother me but I imagine more sensitive noses could have hard time with it. 

Essence: the sheet was drenched in a medium thick essence. There was some left over in the pouch which I used on my neck.

Results: the mask stayed wet for a long time - I had it on for more than 40 mins. The essence took a longer while to absorb too. It left my face sticky, which I don't like, but at the same time, my skin was glowing and had a nice tone.

Verdict: I would reccomend this mask to drier skins, for oilier - it may be too heavy.

Simply 5GF Anti-Wrinkle Mask is said to intensively hydrate, soothe and restore the skin, improves its texture and bring brightness. Sounds nice, doesn't it!

Material: medium thick with a plastic backing. I thought backings were added only to super thin sheets. At first I thought it wouldn't cling but after a short while it adhered very well.

Fit: could be better but not the worst.

Scent: faint. At first I smelled a pleasant scent, then some chemical notes in the background appeared.

Essence: the sheet was nicely saturated with a thicker gel but there wasn't much essence left in the pouch.

Results: I had the mask on for 40 mins. I experienced a cooling effect throught the whole masking time. I loved the results - my skin looked even and bright. The essence absorbed completely to a matte finish.

Verdict: a lovely mask. Plus: I loved the packaging - Simply elegant.

Natural Green Tea Mask Sheet by the Saem contains green tea extract that delivers vitality. The mask helps to strengthen the barrier of tired skin and provides moisturization and health.

Material: quite thick and super soft. Clings very well.

Fit: not that great, I'm afraid, especially in the lower part.

Scent: beautiful floral (?) scent.

Essence: the sheet was dripping in thin white essence. There was loads of it!

Results: I had the mask on for 30 mins. When I took it off I liked what I saw - my skin was moisturized and soft. The essence absorbed quite fast and left a satin finish (no tackiness).

Verdict: a very pleasant mask.

I received Centella Asiatica Extract 100% from Elizavecca in exchange for my honest review. It's the one I was most excited about when I opened their package. 

First, let me explain why I wanted to try it so bad. Centella Asiatica extract is used in a variety of skincare products to treat premature aging, wrinkling or for sores and wounds. This antioxidant-rich extract is a source of amino acids and has soothing properties. It is also used to prevent the formation of scar tissue. 

At first, I thought this herb was only useful when battling acne - silly me - but when I learned all the above, I decided I must try it. Luckily, Elizavecca had it in their offer and what's more - it's a light liquid not a cream (I prefer watery products).

Onto the review then. The product is a thin liquid, a little thicker than water. It has a light brown colour and a faint herbal scent. I use it in my both morning and evening routines after the toner stage. Because of the texture, way of use (and perhaps the bottle shape too), I think of it as of an FTE. It absorbs a bit slower than Missha FTE but still fast. I like how it makes my skin soft, fresh and bouncy. It is also a nice prepation layer before thicker products. It definitely becomes one of my favourite products!

I received Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask by C20 (now By Wishtrend) as a freebie with my last (long time ago!) order from Wishtrend. The mask is infused with 11% vitamin C & 10.5% vitamin E. The formula doesn't contain harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oil or artificial colorants and perfumes.

Material: rather thick, at first I thought it was gauze like but no, it turned out to be quite stiff. It didn't adhere too well, created bubbles and creases. Ugh.

Fit: not that great, I'm afraid, especially in the lower part.

Scent: I didn't detect any scent whatsoever.

Essence: thin gel, just enough of it (not to say too little...) Results: I had the mask on for a little less than half an hour. The part between my nose and mouth started to be dry very soon. When I took it off I was pleasantly surprised: my skin looked very nice - the tone was evened and my face was glowing. It really was! The essence took some time to absorb and left a satin finish (no tackiness).

Verdict: although I didn't like the fit and material, the effects were really nice, so I might give it another try.

The Crème Shop Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask. The penguin is supposed to keep the skin smooth and dewy. It's infused with hyaluronic acid - one of my fave ingredients.

Material: I hated it! It was stiff, papery and didn't want to cling. The chin part was just hanging down most of the time.

Fit: perhaps not that awful but because of the horrible texture, it seemed so.

Scent: soapy, quite pleasant.

Essence: thin gel, loads of it!

Results: it wasn't a nice masking session. I had the sheet on for more than 40 mins because it was still wet but I was pressing it to my face all the time. The only positive side was that the remaining essence absorbed completely in a short while, leaving a matte finish. I think there was some moisturizing effect but not a wow one.

Verdict: thank you very much, I don't want to use it again.

Pure Mind Fresh Cucumber Essence Mask is said to deeply moisturize and provide a calming effect to sensitive skin.

Material: medium thick material, clinged very well.

Fit: could be better but as the sheet adheresld well, it didn't bother me too much.

Scent: light fresh scent (something like cucumber but a bit sweeter).

Essence: decent amount of thin essence - I covered my neck and arms.

Results: had it on for a little less than half an hour. The remaining essence absorbed quickly and left no stickiness on my skin. I liked how soft and moisturized it was after taking the sheet off.

Verdict: a decent everyday mask.

Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack - Fruit option is supposed to help maintain clean skin and provide sebum control.

As soon as I opened the pouch, a sweet pleasant scent hit my nose. I took out a dripping sheet which turned out to be very thin (almost gauze-like). The material was great - it  clinged perfectly whereas the fit didn't impress me. The mask was very wide - I guess it's better for bigger, fuller faces.
There was an extra generous amount of watery essence, which I loved. I managed to cover my nose, arms and legs.
The mask was moist for a long time and I had it on for more than 40 minutes. When I took it off, my face was wet and the essence took a while to absorb. When it did, my skin was somewhat sticky but also moisturized and bouncy. I must say it was a great everyday mask.

I received Essence Warming Gel Masque from Amabie in exchange for my honest review, under their wonderful #AmabieALIST program.

SaintFengel @stbf_stbf is a Taiwanese brand I've never heard of until their gel mask arrived. Its rinse-free and non-sticky formula provides comfort and convenient care to skin. Luckily there are no parabens, petrochemicals, formaldehydes, SLS, mineral oils, aluminum salts, phthalates. It is recommended to leave the mask on the face throught the night. 

Onto the review then! The mask is a light gel that glides very well. Despite this, it leaves a sticky film on my face. When I used it for the first time, I must have put too much because the tacky feeling was really unpleasant. Learned my lesson though and next times I took a lot less and it was way better - the stickiness wasn't that bothering. The mask makes my skin very soft and smooth. When I rinse it off in the morning, I do feel the difference. I don't notice any special brightening effect though. Oh, and its name says "warming", I don't feel any warming... should it really warm up?

Thanks Amabie for sending me this mask, I will continue using it a few times a week as a sleeping pack.

Mediheal Line Friends E.G.T Timetox Ampoule Mask contains EGF and Time Tox Solution for firming and anti-wrinkle effect. It has Brown bear on one cheek :)

Material: medium thick material, clinged very well.

Fit: had some problems unfolding it (you need to know I'm an impatient person...). When I finally started placing the sheet on my face, a few cuts in the lower part helped adjusting it. So the fact that the fit wasn't perfect didn't bother me.

Scent: light, sweet scent, nothing special.

Essence: loads of gel essence - I covered my arms and neck.

Results: had it on for half an hour. The remaining essence absorbed after a short while - no matte finish but no stickiness either. I guess it moisturized my skin but nothing else.

Verdict: a pleasant everyday mask.

Tony Moly Pureness 100 Green Tea Mask Sheet contains green tea and is supposed to soothe the skin.

Material: non-bleached cotton sheet with visible darker bits. Rather thick, quite soft and adheres decently.

Fit: could be better.

Scent: beautiful light smell.

Essence: a lot of transparent, thin gel.

Results: had it on for 30 mins. The essence absorbed almost completely. My face felt hydrated and bouncy.

Verdict: it was a pleasant masking session. Decent everyday mask.

I received Elizavecca 3 Step Blackhead Solution from Elizavecca in exchange for my honest review. It is supposed to help get rid of dirt and sebum from pores that can cause blackheads. It leaves the skin fresh and clean.

The product contains three different nose strips:

1. Papery one, the texture reminded me of a sheet mask, just stiffer. It was drenched in watery essence, most of which absorbed in the skin. It gave me a slight tingling sensation. After this step my nose was somewhat cleaner.

2. A classic nose strip - sticky on one side. Unfortunately this one didn't cling to my nose too well. As a result, when I took it off, only few blackheads were removed. Pity.
3. Texture of this one (which is bio-cellulose sheet) reminded me of Leaders Insolution Coconut mask. It was soaked in thin essence and was very slippery. It took some time for me to adjust it to the shape of my nose. It left my skin a little sticky.

I had each of them on for about 15 mins. They cleaned my nose to some extent. I think the first step did the best job - it sort of melted the gunk. 

Elizavecca Kangsi Pack Wash Off Pack contains 24K gold and 7 berries components. It is supposed to help even out skin tone by brightening and reducing hyper-pigmentation. It is also a balancing mask, which reduces oiliness but moisturizes at the same time. Sounds brilliant, ha?  Let's see how it performs.

Texture: the mask is a golden shimmering thick gel (actually it's like liquid gold 💥), a bit sticky, but still easy to apply on face with fingers. It looks really pretty.

Scent: beautiful scent that lingered through the whole masking time.

Performance: I tried to apply the mask evenly on my entire face, leaving out only eyes and mouth areas. After 5 mins from application the mask started drying and changing it's colour to white. Instructions said to keep it on for 20 minutes and that's when it was almost completely white (I may have put a little too much on my cheeks because there were still some golden patches there). It was however a real transformation! I liked it that it washed off very easily and although the mask dried, my skin wasn't tight at all.

Results: my skin felt clean but also soft and smooth. To me it means the mask didn't dry it out. I noticed that my pores were a bit smaller too.

Verdict: a fun, beautifully scented mask that makes the skin fresh but moisturized as well. I liked it.

Tony Moly Pureness 100 Red Ginseng Mask Sheet contains ginseng which is said to boost radiance.

Material: non-bleached cotton sheet with visible darker bits. Rather thick, not very soft and doesn't adhere very well.

Fit: could be better. It's ok in the upper part but in the chin area - awful. 

Scent: there was a light sweet and basement-like smell that's characteristic to hanbang products. 

Essence: not very much of transparent, thin gel.

Results: had it on for 30 mins. It gave me a nice cooling effect. The essence absorbed quite well, leaving no stickiness. My face felt hydrated and bright.

Verdict: meh, just an ordinary mask.. I don't think I will buy it again (I pay a lot attention to the fit).

My Scheming Oolong Tea Oil Cut Mask contains tea extract, niacinamide, aloe leaf juice and lentil seed extract. It is supposed to help improve blackheads and large pores, refresh skin, and make it silky smooth and healthy. It's also said to balance sebum production.

Material: just like with other My Scheming masks, it's thin (plastic backing really helps placing the sheet) and adhers very well.

Fit: simply great.

Scent: there was a strange sweet smell, which fortunately was quite light and didn't bother me at all.

Essence: loads of transparent, thin gel.

Results: had it on for 40 mins, I liked that the essence absorbed completely to a matte finish. My face felt hydrated but nothing else tbh.

Verdict: a solid everyday mask.

CY LAB TOP Luxury Mask - Triple Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Moisturizing Repairing Mask.

This Taiwanese brand is new to me and I received it from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. 

Material: very thin, gauze-like material, which adhered perfectly. It clings so well you can eat and drink in it - I love such masks!

Fit: almost perfect.

Scent: very pleasant, apple-like scent.

Essence: transparent, thin gel.

Results: I had it on for 25 mins, the essence absorbed completely to a matte finish. I'm not sure about moisturizing effect but my skin tone was even and I generally liked the way my face looked - it was really bright! 

Verdict: I would definitely buy this mask on my own. It could be one of my favourite.

Aeria Skin Rejuvenating and Firming Eye Mask is my second product from this Taiwanese brand and I received it from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. 

The mask contains peptides, edelweiss and olive extracts antioxidants and is supposed to rejuvenate, hydrate and soothe the skin.

Material: quite thin, adhered beautifully!

Fit: a lot better than standard eye patches. No sliding or slipping.

Scent: there was a light smell but I can't describe it really.

Essence: transparent, thin gel.

Results: Had it on for 35 mins, haven't seen any anti aging effect but the places covered with the mask were visibly brighter than the rest of my face.

Verdict: beautiful mask, the shape was great, a lot more comfortable than standard patches.

Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask in pearl. This line is one of the cheapest on the market (just as the one that was replaced by it) and this particular mask couldn't be cheaper for me as I received it as a freebie from Jolse. The mask contains niacinamide and is supposed to lighten the skin and give it a brightening effect.

Material: very nice, thin and somewhat stretchy which help place the mask. Clinged beautifully! 

Fit: great in the upper part, worse in the lower. But the material was so soft and adjustable that the imperfect fit wasn't too much of a problem.

Scent: there was a light smell but I can't describe it really.

Essence: transparent, ampoule type essence.

Results: Had it on for a little over 50 mins. The  essence that remained on my skin took a longer while to absorb and when it finally did, my face was still a bit sticky. I don't think there was any brightening effect but my skin was moisturized.

Verdict: if I have it in my stash again, it will be because I received it as a gift, I will not purchase it on my own. Although I loved the material, I saw no effects. Hope other flavours are better.

Aeria Skin Ultra Age-defying Mask was my first product from this Taiwanese brand and I received it from in exchange for my honest review. 

The mask claims to rejuvenate, repair, soothe and hydrate skin. It doesn't contain harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates or alcohol. 

When I opened the pouch, a strong herbal scent hit my nose. It wasn't unpleasant, just made me think of an old-fashioned drug store. The mask had a plastic backing. After unfolding it, it turned out the sheet was very big. Wait, not big... HUGE. Every part was too wide or long for my face: forehead, cheeks, under the nose, eye holes and chin. This actually made placing the mask very hard. When I finally did, there were many creases and bubbles because of the size. I really wanted to post a selfie with the mask on for the sake of this review but the sheet looked awful (or I should perhaps say I looked awful wearing it!). The material was medium thick and medium stiff. It clinged quite well. I was happy to see there was plenty of thin transparent essence - I managed to cover my neck and arms with it. I had the mask on for 40 mins and I must say I loved the effects. My skin was bright and even. There was also no sticky feeling. The whole essence absorbed in a moment. 

Summimg up, as much as the fit of Aeria Skin Ultra Age-defying sheet wasn't appropriate for my face, I was very pleased with results. I do recommend this mask. By the way, I appreciated English description of the mask on the back.

Welcos Jeju Natural Canola Honey mask is supposed to supply nutrition and make the skin tight.

Material: medium thick, difficult to unfold. It had too many cuts which were supposed to help place the mask on the face but instead made it harder.

Fit: not the best.

Scent: nice flowery/honey smell, similar to yesterday's the Saem mask.

Essence: transparent, just enough of it.

Results: Had it on for ab. 35 mins. I liked that it didn't leave my skin sticky. The essence absorbed to almost matte finish. My skin felt nourished and moisturized.

Verdict: poor fit but nice results... nope, nothing special.

The Saem Natural Hone sheet mask contains Manuka Honey from New Zealand and claims to give the skin THIS glow.

Material: standard medium thick, clinged well.

Fit: quite good except for the chin area which was way too wide.

Scent: beautiful flowery/honey smell, it reminded me of Papa Recipe Bombee Honey mask.

Essence: thin, milky essence, very generous amount.

Results: I had the mask on for 40 mins, after which the mask was almost completely dry. The essence remained on my skin absorbed in a while. I liked the effect - my skin felt moisturized and really soft. No stickiness. Plus: the beautiful smell remained! 

Verdict: a very decent mask! 

Shea Moisture Sensitive Skin Mud Mask contains organic shea butter and a complex of Alpine, Damask and Musk Rose Oils. It claims to deeply purify sensitive skin and leave it feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. The product doesn't contain harmful ingredients like: parabens, mineral oil, paraffin, petroleum or propylene. 

Texture: not like other clay or mud masks I've known. It is a thick, delicate cream which smoothly glides on skin.

Scent: very strong smell of roses, I loved it but I imagine it could bother more sensitive noses.

Performance: I had it on for 10 minutes, as the instruction said, and it gave me a nice cooling effect. It didn't dry too much, however it absorbed a bit.

Results: When I rinsed it off, my skin was super soft and moisturised, no dryness at all.

Verdict: best mud mask I've ever used. I loved how delicate it was

Lovemore Rosa Hybrida sheet mask contains distilled nectar of rosa hybrida which has hydrating and whitening properties. 

Material: thinnest ever! Very stretchy, clinged perfectly (eating and drinking allowed!).

Fit: one of the best. Double backing makes it easier to unfold and place properly.

Scent: very strong smell of roses, somewhat chemical but it didn't bother me.

Essence: transparent, watery essence, decent amount.

Results: I had the mask on for 30 mins, during which it gave me a nice cooling effect. My face looked bright and the skin tone was even. All this with a matte finish on top!

Verdict: one of the most comfortable masks. Luxurious. Perfect.

I received Yadah Collagen Ampoule within the "Be Our Beauty Creator" program hosted by
The product contains high concentrations of marine collagen and sodium hyaluronate which make the skin moist and elastic. Ginseng, carrot and green tea extracts are meant to fill up loose, deflated skin for a firmer and tighter complexion. Enough theory...

I've been using the ampoule for two weeks now, one or two times a day. It's a light, transparent, runny gel which smells divine. At first I used it in my evening routine but when it turned out it absorbed very well, I started using it in the morning too. It's actually the lightest ampoule I've had, perfect for layering and for oily complexions.

As for results, I've noticed some tightening, especially around my mouth (smile lines). No miracles happened but I like the way my skin looks and feels after using it. 

Natural Acai Berry Sheet Mask by the Saem is a decent everyday mask. Its material is medium thick and adheres well to the face which makes masking quite comfortable. The fit of the sheet is gerally good but poor in the chin area - too wide for me. A nice, fruity scent of a milky, rather thin essence is a pleasant addition.

I had the mask on for 45 minutes, there was no stickiness, the remaining essence absorbed completely. My skin felt moisturized and bouncy.

Innisfree Green Barley Peeling Pad is a great gentle way to get rid of dead skin cells. The pad is soaked in a mix of AHA and BHA which helps to achieve smooth and clear skin.

It should be used after cleansing. I wiped my face (except for mouth and eye areas) and neck a couple of times, waited 15 mins and rinsed with warm water. The result was quite satisfactory. My skin felt clean, fresh and smooth. I'm not sure however, if I prefer such method of exfoliating over physical scrubs. 

DoYou 2-Step Milk Peeling Kit by Primary Raw is a face therapy that is comprised of:

⚬AHA Milk Peel Cotton Ball

⚬Soy Milk Skin Fit Microfibre Mask

The first step - a big cotton swab soaked in AHA milk peel - is meant for removing dead skin cells. The second one is a standard sheet mask that provides brightening and wrinkle care. I really enjoyed wearing it. The material is very soft, medium thick and smells like... WINE! Very comfortable, clings and fits perfectly 👌 After 30 mins my skin feels a little sticky but also moisturized and soothed. 

It's hard for me to tell whether the milk peel did the job physical scrub always does (I'm afraid not) but the mask was very nice. It was one of those sheets you can do anything while on your face.

Let me start from the fact that I love black masks. Somehow, statistically, they perform better than the standard ones.

Having said that, I regret to inform that Dewytree Vita Snail Black Mask wasn't my favourite. The major flaw - right after opening the pouch, I was hit by an artificial lemonish smell. It really put me off. Unfortunately, it didn't disappear - I could smell it throughout the whole masking session. Because of this, 30 minutes was the best I could do.

The sheet itself was fine - medium thick material which adhered quite well and had a decent fit. After taking it off, the remaining essence took a longer while to absorb and left a sticky residue which I'm not a fan of. 

The mask was a freebie I received with one of my purchases, so at least I don't regret buying it.

Pure Mind Brightening Oatmeal Essence Mask is drenched in watery essence, has a decent fit and adheres quite well. The material is medium thick, a bit papery. There is alcohol in the ingredients list but luckily no scent of it is traced. There is actually some scent of oat though, the smell made me think of my breakfast cereal :)

The mask was dry after about 25 minutes. It left no stickiness which is always a plus and the remaining essence absorbed quickly. I would say it's a decent everyday mask. It doesn't do miracles but leaves skin fresh, moisturized and even.

Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder comes in two sachets. It's formulated with carbonated water rich in minerals and helps cleanse the skin. It also provides a sparkling massage which is said to clear away toxins.

So, it was a funny experience. I used a bowl with lukewarm water, added pack no. 1 and waited until the powder dissolved. Then I added pack no. 2 and the water started bubbling. I massaged the carbonated water into my skin and then submerged my face into the water a few times (and made even more bubbles with my nose). After bathing my face, I felt my skin was really soft and tightened. I don't know whether toxins were cleared away (hope so!) but it was a nice addition to the routine.

Let me start from the fact that I've never used actives in my routine. I don't think there is a real reason for me to incorporate them in my regular skincare. 

The situation is different with my bf. When my Asian beauty interest started, he asked me to find him something that would help fade his (minor) pih and even out his skin tone. I found OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum. He's used it ever since, saying it's a great product.

Some time ago, a strange pimple appeared on my cheek. It came out of the blue overnight. A red, not very big bump with no white gunk in the middle. It healed quite fast but left me a mark - red spot, which I didn't know how to get rid of. My bf told me to use C20 serum on it. So I did. Every evening I would put it on my annoying mark and I must say it worked! It's almost gone. I used it for a week or so and think it's a good result.

Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask is made with T.E.N. Water blended with chamomile and aloe extracts and black tea ferment. What's it meant for: soothing, purifying and hydrating.

Let's cut straight to the chase. It's one of the best masks I've used. The fabric is thin, stretchy and adhers beautifully - no parts hanging down my chin, no bubbles or creases. The fit is perfect too. There is enough essence with light floral scent which disappears after putting the sheet on. After about 30 mins the mask is almost completely dry. I'm really happy about the effects: my skin looks clear, the red annoying dot on my cheek seems somewhat lighter and there's no stickiness, yay!

This mask was a bit pricier but I say it's worth investing in. Comfortable masking is always desirable and if it goes hand in hand with great results, it's even better.

Hell-Pore Water Up Peptide EGF Mist One Button is the first mist I've ever used and if every mist is like this, I want to try more! 

So, I've been using it after my toner stage as it is a little more viscous than watery toners. I think of it more like of an essence in a spray bottle rather than refreshing toner. As instructed, I always pat it into my skin. It absorbs very well and prepares the face for next steps. To my positive surprise, the mist has a nice rose scent.

After each use, my skin is soft as a cloud (ok, I imagine that clouds are soft :)) and bouncy. So far I've used it only as a part of my evening routine but, as it sinks in beautifully, I might as well spray it on in the mornings. 

It's definitely worth buying!

I really liked this mask! It was a pleasure to have it on my face although it had some flaws too. First of all, the fit - it's not perfect, eye holes are very small which makes it more difficult to properly place the sheet on the face. However, when you finally do, it's very comfortable to wear and actually beneficial for the eye areas to be covered by the mask. The sheet is soft, comes with a backing and is drenched in a generous amount of essence. It's actually dripping. I managed to use the remaining essence on my neck, arms and legs. I had the mask on for a little over 30 mins and it was almost all dry by that time. I felt like my skin drank all there was.  Effects? No stickiness, even skin tone and bouncy skin. I would definitely repurchase this mask!

The Tea Tree flavour from Skin79 Fresh Garden masks line was the only one I didn't like. The reason was mundane - I hated the smell! It put me off right after I opened the pouch. I couldn't bare having the sheet on my face for more than 20 minutes because of it. The mask itself was very similar to the other flavours I tried. It gave me some cooling effect during masking time. After taking it off, I firstly felt relieved that the smell is gone (lol!), my skin looked quite clear and moisturized. The essence didn't absorb completely but wasn't too sticky, so it didn't bother me. I will not repurchase this mask beacause of the smell.

Md's Pick Aqua Moist Water Rubber Mask was the first modeling mask I tried. It contains hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen to deeply hydrate and plump skin.

The packaging includes two sachets: the smaller one with white powder and the bigger one with a transparent thick jelly. There's also a wooden spatula using which the two should be mixed. Once the paste is smooth and blue, it should be immediately put on the face. Immediately because it dries quickly! One mask is enough for two persons - I was joined by my bf.

I had it on for 40 minutes which was 10 more than recommended. After half an hour I wasn't sure if the mask was solid enough to peel it off without problems. Giving it additional time turned out a good idea as peeling off went smoothly. I only had to rinse some remainings off my temples.

Results? My skin was glowing! Like for real. It was also soft and moisturized. I put the cream on top of it and my evening routine was done. I definitely recommend this mask and would like to try other flavours.

Bee's Sheet Mask is supposed to calm the skin by relieving stress with bee venom extract. It provides hydration and moisture and is suitable for irritated and sensitive skin.

It will be a short review because I really liked this mask. The material was rather thick but adhered very well. It was soaked in a clear, thin essence that had a creamy scent. The fit was quite good and it was easy to adjust. I had it on for less then 30 minutes because the essence seemed to absorb fast. When I take it off, my skin was almost instantly matte - no stickiness, no waiting for the remainings to sink in - such a nice surprise. My face looked bright and clear, really liked the effect.

Elizavecca Power Ringer Mask Pack with red ginseng was my first from the line. It promises wrinkle improvement, skin brightening and nourishing.

I liked this mask although it didn't wow me. The material was soft and very thin, it clinged beautifully and was very comfortable to wear. There was a decent amount of clear, gel essence which had a sweet earthy scent. I had it on for almost an hour. It made my skin bright and supple but also sticky. The essence didn't absorb completely. I would recommend to use it in the evening routine rather than in the morning.  

Elizavecca Glutinous Mask 80% Snail Cream has been on my wishlist since I saw a few positive reviews and its colourful packaging. 

So, at first, I was worried this cream wouldn't be for me. When I saw the texture - white, heavy-looking - I thought it would be too thick, wouldn't absorb well or would make my skin greasy. Luckily, non of these was true! The cream seems thick but it absorbs very well. I was really positively surprised by that. With my normal/oily skin I still prefer to use it in the evenings (I like to put two layers though) but I guess those with drier complexions could appreciate it in their morning routines as well.

Effects? After the cream absorbs, my skin is bouncy and soft without feeling greasy whatsoever. It also seems to have some soothing properties as it calmed redness my bf had after shaving (yes, he uses it too).

I had only one sample of Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask. It was just enough for one go. The mask's texture made me think of thick, sticky honey that has a herbal scent. I applied it with my fingers - I don't have a mask brush - but admit it must be easier to use one because of the mask's stickiness. I had it on for 30 minutes after which it was all dry and ready to be peeled off. My previous experiences with peel-off masks were not all good. It was either hard to take the mask off or it didn't get all dry enough and I had to wash some remainings off. The Sulwhasoo mask was all different. I had no problems peeling it off! The best was yet to come... I loved how my skin looked like - it was visibly brighter, pores were smaller and when I woke up in the morning, the effect was still there :) I was really impressed!

I wish the mask were cheaper but I'm sure I will get the full size tube one day.

Elizavecca Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask Pack is one of multistep masks that have been very popular lately.

The product comprises 3 steps:

1. Bubble water cleansing foam: white, silky texture that feels very soft on the skin. Cleans well, might be too drying for drier skins but mine (normal/oily) appreciated it.
2. Play-back water essence: thicker transparent gel that absorbed completely in ab. 5 minutes.
3. Pore solution sheet mask: it's black! I love black masks! Somehow all of the black sheets I've tried had a great fit and were very comfortable. This one was no exception. It had a decent amount of essence and clinged well. Had it on for 30 mins after which my skin was fresh and cooled down. The whole remaining essence absorbed and left my face bright.

I loved the scents of all three steps. Not too heavy, very pleasant.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Water Lock Hydro-gel Melting Mask contains plant components and collagen and is meant for wrinkle improvement and skin lightening.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the pouch was a beautiful smell. Fresh and a bit perfumey. The mask comes in two pieces just as other hydrogels. Each piece has two foils which makes it easier to take them out. Putting the mask on the face is not easy at all though! The hydrogel is covered in a good amount of jellish essence which makes it very slippery and it takes time and patience to properly place it. However when you do, you can be proud because the mask fits great and clings well to the skin.
I had it on for almost 30 minutes after which the material seemed dry on the outside. It was also noticeably thinner (hey, it's a melting mask, isn't it). When I took it off, my skin was still covered in essence and it never really completely absorbed. There was some sticky feeling to it but it didn't bother me whatsoever. I really liked how my skin looked after masking. It was moisturized, plump and even.

I can honestly recommend this mask. I haven't used many hydrogels yet but I definitely like this one. 

Pure Smile

Art Mask


It was my first Pure Smile sheet mask and the best of character masks I have used. The fit was quite nice, there was plenty of essence and the sheet clinged very well to my skin. The material was of medium thickness but what's more important, it didn't leave my face dirty as other coloured masks did.

The mask contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. I had it on for about 30 mins. When I took it off, my face was fresh, plump and a bit wet. No stickiness at all. When the essence absorbed, my skin was almost matte. I do recommend this Pure Smile mask. 

I like Missha Micro Bubble Foam very much. I find it so moisturizing. It's comfortable to use because of the pump and it already comes out as bubbles. It comes in a 250 ml bottle which is a lot. My first bottle was the one with green tea, now I have the lotus seed variant.

I am on my second tube of Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam now. It's a lightly scented smooth paste that starts to foam when water's added. It leaves my skin clean but not dry. I also like it that it somes in a 200 ml package, so it lasts longer. The only disadvantage I noticed is that it stings my eyes when I accidentaly open them. 

Ultru I'm Sorry for My Skin pore care has a pretty packaging (chocolate ice cream looks so real and yummy) and I read a lot of great, positive reviews on it.

The mask didn't disappoint me. The fit was almost perfect and I loved the way the material clinged to my face. It was the first time I used a sheet mask with a thick jelly essence (yellow, by the way!). At first I was worried it would leave my skin greasy but I couldn't be more wrong. The essence absorbed almost completely in about 45 minutes. When I took the sheet off, my face was still wet but in a while the remaining essence sank in. 

I don't know about my pores but my skin felt fresh and clean. I really liked the mask and do recommend it to those who haven't tried it yet.

The Cure Vitamin Collagen Essence Mask reminded me of the Cucumber one I used a few days ago. They were pretty similar in fit, essence and results.

After I opened the pouch, a sweet scent appeared. Thicker, corrugated material was easy to put on and adjust and clinged quite well to my face. The fit was fine.

Just like with the cucumber sheet, I had the mask on for about 25 minutes. Immediately after taking it off, I felt a sticky residue but then the essence absorbed and it was not that bothering. The mask provided some moisturization but nothing more, I'm afraid. I would not buy it on my own now that I have tried it. 

I only had a decant of this product. It didn't impress me at all. First of all, I didn't like the smell. It reminded me of a lemon a bit but most importantly I smelled tea tree oil which isn't nice to me. Second of all, it's said to be oil free and to me it was not lightweight at all. It was sticky and stayed on skin, didn't absorb well.

I must admit it provided moisturization but was too heavy for daily using. Perhaps drier skins would appreciate it more.

I managed to make three full uses out of my Sulwhasoo Radiance Energy Mask sachet. First of all, I love the smell! It's fresh and so different from other products' scents. The texture of the mask is smooth and rather light. It moisturizes my skin well and makes it soft. I wake up with an even skin tone and... a very oily forehead, hmm. Fortunately, I haven't noticed clogged pores or zits.

Generally, a good mask, but no wow effect for me. Probably, a sample is just not enough to see any major change in the skin.

I managed to make three full uses out of my Sulwhasoo Radiance Energy Mask sachet. First of all, I love the smell! It's fresh and so different from other products' scents. The texture of the mask is smooth and rather light. It moisturizes my skin well and makes it soft. I wake up with an even skin tone and... a very oily forehead, hmm. Fortunately, I haven't noticed clogged pores or zits.

Generally, a good mask, but no wow effect for me. Probably, a sample is just not enough to see any major change in the skin.

I received Foodaholic Red Ginseng Natural Essence 3D Mask from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. 
It contains red ginseng extract that recovers damaged skin and helps the skin to maintain its health and glow.

Unfortunately I need to start with a negative thing about the mask. I find the fit awful! I can't understand why 3D masks have the seam in the middle. What kind of face are they designed for? Alien's? The material is not my favourite either - quite stiff and not very clingy (the latter however may be because of the seam that prevents the sheet from staying still on the face).

When I opened the pouch, I could smell a pleasant, sweet, herbal scent. I had the mask on for about 30 mins. It gave me a cooling effect all this time. When I took the sheet off, the gelish essence was almost completely absorbed. I really liked the result - my skintone was even, bright and my face was supple and soft. If it wasn't for the fit, my review would be 100% positive.

I received The Cure Cucumber Collagen Essence Mask from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.

First thing I thought of when I was tearing the pouch was that a cucumber mask should have a fresh, light scent, watery essence that would absorb to a matte finish and leave my skin clear and fresh.

Well, I didn't get what I'd imagined but the reality didn't disappoint me too much. The fit of the mask was decent, it was a bit too wide for me but very easily adjustable. The material wasn't my favourite - corrugated, thicker sheet. I actually liked the scent, it was cucumberish. The essence wasn't watery at all, it was quite a thick gel. I had the mask on for about 25 minutes. It was still damp when I was taking it off and the remaining essence took a while to absorb. It gave me a slightly sticky feeling but my skin was supple. I would say this mask is a decent, everyday one, with no wow effect but no major flaws either.


I received Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.

To be honest I've never really paid too much attention to cleansing products. I mean, I use them of course, but I don't expect any special effects. I like it when my second cleanser foams well, smells nice and doesn't dry out my skin too much.

This face wash fulfils the above criteria. It has a jelly texture which starts foaming when mixed with water. It has a pleasant herbal scent. Additionally, it doesn't contain any parabens, SLS or phthalates.

I've been sharing the product with my bf and we both confirm that it doesn't leave the skin dry (and his skin is drier and more sensitive than mine). The face is clean and soft.

Himalaya Face Wash deserves a positive review and that's what it gets from me 

It's the second mask of this brand I have used. The fit was great, the material was medium thick and clinged well to the skin. There was a decent amount of thin essence which gradually sank into my skin. I had the mask on for about 35 minutes. After I took it off, some essence stayed on my face but there was no stickiness, which I find a big plus.

I didn't notice any whitening effect but my face was moisturized and soft.

Annie's Way Brightening Jelly Mask's main ingredients are arbutin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. It claims to brighten and moisturize the skin, minimize fine lines and purify pores.

The sachet I received from Amabie in exchange for my honest review contained 40 ml of the product. It was just enough for 3 uses. The mask was a thick, transparent jelly with a light chemical scent. I put it on clean skin for about 20 minutes after which it dried to some extent. I used a spatula to take the jelly off my face and then washed the remaining off.

My opinion on the mask is very positive. First of all, it left my skin soft, moisturized and evenly toned. I also noticed, which surprised me a lot, that it made other products absorb better! It was really unexpected that the Cosrx Snail Essence, which normally takes a longer while to absorb, sank in quite fast. The only negative thing I can say about the mask is that it slightly dried out my under eye areas. Therefore I recommend to omit these parts when using the mask.

Goodal Water Full Mask Firming contains salicornia herbacea extract, sea water and marine collagen. It is supposed to deeply moisturize and firm the skin.

First of all, I enjoyed the texture and fit of the mask. It was extra thin and stretchy which made it easier to adjust to the face. The sheet adhered perfectly, felt like second skin. The gelish essence had a nice, fresh scent. 

I had the mask on for about 40 minutes, after which it was quite dry. My skin felt well moisturized and bouncy (I love such effect). It took a little while for the remaining essence to absorb but when it did, there was almost no stickiness.

My first sheet from Dr. Jart+ which is destined for troublesome skins. 

First, let me say I find the package extraordinary - bigger than usual and on the back you can find mask description and instructions in 14 (!) languages, including Polish. Really nice.

I had the mask on for something like 40 minutes during which it nicely clinged to my face. The fit was almost perfect and the material soft and smooth. The essence - thin gel - had a specific scent.. at first I thought it was herbal but then started to smell something chemical. It didn't bother me at all, just made me think of  #itsnotamedicine sentence on the packaging.

After taking the sheet off, it took some time for the essence to absorb and when it did, my skin felt a bit sticky. I'm not sure if I noticed any effect beside cooling but on the other hand I didn't have any major imperfections to treat.

Gold Royal Jelly Hydro Gel Mask Pack is a standard two-piece hydro gel mask. It's easy to put on however some adjustments are needed. It was very comfy to wear though and gave me a nice cooling effect.

The essence was... well there was some essence but not too much. I had it on for about 30 mins but I might have as well kept it on longer, I didn't know when to take it off really. My skin looked bright and fresh (the cooling effect did great job).

It was a pleasure to have the Skin79 Fresh Garden mask in Snail on my face. I kept it on for approx. 35 minutes. The essence was watery and there was some of it left in the package.

After taking it off, I felt my skin was moist, fresh and brightened. No stickiness!

At first I liked this foam very much. It cleaned my skin very well and left it squeaky. I used to enjoy this feeling, silly me. Then I realized it dried my skin too much and after using up the tube I never repurchased. Perhaps for very oily skins this foam would perfect but for mine - normal/oily it wasn't.

It was my first Asian lotion and it was a completely different experience from what I've known. Everytime I used it, it would leave my skin moisturized and supple. My skin is normal/oily so the texture was a little thick although it would absorb quite well. I noticed it enhanced absorbtion of other products I put on my face. Overall, I enjoyed this lotion especially in the winter.

It was one of first Asian masks I've ever used. I had a pack of 35 sheets. I liked them very much. They were moisturizing and would leave my face feeling soft and smooth. There was some stickiness though. The fit wasn't perfect but results and price were perfect :) The only disadvantage I see now is the packaging - it's better when masks are packed separately.

Leaders Pore-Scaling black mask was very comfy: soft material and almost perfect fit. I really love it when the sheet clings to my face throught the whole masking session. This one did - for about 40 minutes. I also enjoyed the smell and tons of essence. 

I'm not sure if my pores were affected but I can see the tone is evened and the skin is supple. The mask did leave my face a little sticky and it took a while for the essence to fully absorb but I can forgive this cause overall it was a pleasant experience.


Kao Eye Steam Mask


I didn't expect I would like it that much, I must say. The mask got hot (well, very warm, don't think it burnt my skin) as soon as I put it on and stayed this way for about 15 minutes. This and the camomile scent that started to emit made me feel really comfy and relaxed.

I do recommend the Kao mask for anyone who needs to relax.

I like this cream. I used one jar of it. I bought it to incorporate it in my morning routine but it turned out it was too thick for my oily forehead. It was perfect for the evening though. As the last step, it locked all the previously used products in and provided the right level of moisturization throught the night. 

Luke Charcoal Nose Strip is nothing special to be honest. Everytime I used it, it sticked to my nose too much - when I took it off, some parts stayed on the skin. Some blackheads were gone but not that many. 

I used this patches only once. First of all, it was very comfortable to wear them. The outer part is covered with a material which makes it easy to put patches in place (as opposed to Petitfée patches). They don't slide at all - once placed on the skin, they stay there. But have I seen any effects after taking them off? Nope. Sorry.

SWEET V Aloe Whitening Mask contains 92% Aloe Vera soothing gel. The pack was huge - 30g of thin transparent essence was enough to cover my arms, legs and neck after I had put the sheet on my face. The fit was not perfect, the mouth and eye holes were pretty small for me, but the fabric clinged well so it wasn't really a problem.

I had the mask on for about 30 mins. It took a longer while for the essence to absorb and my skin felt somewhat sticky afterwards. On the good side, it was well moisturized and even.

My Scheming's Snail Essence Hydrating & Repairing Black Mask is said to contain high concentration of snail filtrate to deliver intense hydration to the skin, repair dry skin and lock in moisture. Black cotton mask purifies clogged pores, removes dirt and excess sebum.

I had it on for a little more than 40 mins due to loads of essence. Not only was the sheet dripping with gel-like transparent liquid, but there was plenty of it in the pouch. And by plenty I mean PLENTY. I managed to cover my neck, both arms and make a refill on the sheet. 

I really liked my skin after taking the mask off. It was plump, moist and fresh. Plus, there was absolutely no stickiness. I do recommend it!

I really liked this sleeping mask. It was my first product from Too Cool For School. I loved the scent and texture - quite thick but not greasy at all. It made my skin feel very nice - soft and bouncy. A great mask, worth trying.

This was my first breast mask :) Black sheets had a cooling effect. They were soaked in thin watery essence and stayed wet for a long time. It's difficult to review a breast mask but I guess it made my skin smooth and soft. Besides, the packaging was beautiful.

The Lala mask was very nice. Sheer material, clinged well and had a pleasant gelish essence. The sheet was moist for a long time, left my face a little sticky but fresh and bouncy. I do recommend it.

This Aloe mask is the second 4 Seasons sheet mask I have used. The first one was Red Ginseng. Honestly, apart from the smell, I haven't noticed any difference between them.

What about effects? I guess they just made my skin moist. I didn't see anything else. On the bright side, there was a lot leftover essence in the package and my skin wasn't sticky at all after taking the sheet off.

I hated the fit though - the mask is huge and therefore difficult to properly place on the face. I will not repurchase. 

I liked this mask and will be happy to buy it again. The best points about it were:

🔹a thin sheet dripping in watery essence, a lot of leftover in the pouch

🔹pleasant, light smell

🔹results: even skin tone, clear and bright complexion

Let me review Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet in pros and cons:

✔ it smells very nice, not too strong (I'm hopeless at identifying smells, so I won't even try)

✔ the essence is quite thick and there's enough of it to use on the neck and arms

✔ after taking the mask off, the skin is not sticky and the essence doesn't need a lot of time to absorb completely

❌ the material is horrible: stiff and paper-like, which makes it difficult to fit the mask. I had to straighten it every minute, especially in the chin area. There were also many bubbles.

❌ I managed to have it on my face only for like 20 mins because of the poor fit/material.

Overall... I know better snail masks.

The mask is supposed to leave the skin clear. I'm not really sure what it means but I liked it. I had it on for about 30 mins. The skin wasn't sticky after using, I would say it was fresh. There was also some cooling effect. The essence was milky but not too thick. There was some of it left in the package to put on the neck and arms. I loved the scent, reminded me of flowers. The mask itself was not too thin but I somehow tore it in the cheek area when unwrapping! Overall a nice one.

Putting this mask on, at first I actually smelled lemon but then it became sort of a chemical scent. The sheet was different than other Mizon masks I have used so far - it was embossed and very soft. The essence was watery but I had a feeling there was not that much of it. I'm not sure how to say it - when I had it on my face I felt like the material was almost dry (after like 5 mins) but when I touched it, it was all wet.

Since I'm not a very patient person, I had it on for only 25 mins because this strange dry/wet feeling got on my nerves. 

It took some time for the essence to absorb after taking the sheet off but there was no stickiness. My skin was soft and hydrated, no miracles. I will not buy it again.

Mizon's Almighty Cold Cream is the first step in my evening routine - it makes make up melt very well (but I usually don't do heavy make ups). Then I continue with foam cleansing. Despite first hesitation, it turned out to be a nice product. A little goes a long way - I've used it for a few months now.

I like Mizon masks for their super fit and quite thick material. This particular one had a light smell and was soaked in a gel like essence. There was some leftover for neck and arms. I had it on for 30 min after which the mask was still wet but I started to feel a little itchy, so took it off immediately (I always fear irritation). It took some time for the essence to absorb after taking the sheet off but there was no stickiness. My skin was soft and plump.

The tomato mask, as other I'm Real masks, is a thin sheet dripping in watery essence💧. There is a lot of it left in the package, which let me have it on my face for more than 40 minutes (having refilled the essence on my cheeks and forehead twice). The mask is supposed to make the skin radiant and I must say it does the job. When I took it of, my face was moist, fresh and bright.

What didn't I like about the juicy 🍅? Its smell! I don't know about you guys, but for me it was like some kind of old-fashioned perfume. A very heavy perfume.

It's difficult for me to review this one - it has some pros and cons. The fit was quite good, perhaps a little too wide in the lower part. The material was ok, it adhered well. The essence was gelish but there was almost none left in the package. I had it on for ab. 25 minutes. I would have perhaps kept it on longer if my left temple  hadn't started to feel itchy... When I took the mask off, it turned out I had a hives bump! Just a single bubble and I can't be sure that it was caused by the mask but still... On the contrary, the rest of my face looked really nice - evenly toned, fresh and soft. 

Sooo, it was neither a failure nor a success. Hope other Mirum masks are better.

The mask contained wild ginseng and was meant for cleansing. It smelled heavenly - I really enjoy basementlike scents :) The sheet was soft and clingy and fitted my face quite well. I took it off after ab. 40 minutes. My skin was wet and a bit sticky but the feeling disappeared in a short while. My skin felt moisturized and the tone was evened. Another great mask!

It was one of the most exclusive sheet masks I've ever used. I really liked the way my skin felt when I had it on. The fit was great, it clinged very well and stayed moist for a long time. The essence took a while to completely absorb after I took the sheet off but there was no stickiness. My skin was moisturized and smooth.

The mask has a decent fit and the material is soft and clingy. A light, pleasant smell completes a great masking session. 

Drenched in gelish essence, the mask made my skin super moisturized and bouncy. I had it on for about 40 mins. It left my skin a little sticky but looking good.

I bought Neulii Anti-wrinkle serum when I realized Cosrx Snail essence was too thick for me to use in the mornings. It was a good choice - it absorbed better, didn't leave my skin sticky and provided decent moisturization. 

It was a part of my AM routine for over 5 months. I liked it for being light, scentless and leaving my skin plump.

The mask contains double pearl extract and is supposed to maintain moisture balance and clear complexion. 

The fit of the sheet is not perfect, I would say it's meant for the ones with high foreheads. However, the soft material clings so well that the fit is no problem. In fact the longer I had it on, the better it clinged to my face.

I had the mask on for more than half an hour and it gave me some cooling effect. The thin scentless essence absorbed completely after I took it off. My skin looked really nice: even and clear. 

A great mask for anyone who doesn't like stickiness some masks leave.

My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask focuses on whitening and toning. 

Quite a nice fit (except for the under nose part, which was surprisingly wide), soft and smooth material and a watery essence made the masking experience enjoyable. No sticky layer when I took the sheet off and the skin tone looked even. There was some leftover essence, too!

This mask was huge - wide and quite long. The eyes and mouth holes, on the other hand, were quite small. The material was standard - soft and medium thick.

The essence was a transparent gel and there was some leftover in the package. There was a scent to it but I don't really know how to describe it.

I had the mask on for ab. 40 mins. After taking it off, my skin was still covered in essence and it took a while to absorb. No sticky feeling whatsoever! My face felt soft and moist.

The material was quite thick and corrugated (there was some print embossed). I had it on for about 25 mins, the skin was moist but I didn't feel anything else. No special effects. I don't think I will repurchase Skin Food Everyday Beauty Berry mask.

The mask has two parts: for the upper and lower section of the face. After taking off the plastic films and putting on the face, they kind of stick to the skin and stay there. No slipping or sliding and you can go around the house doing what you want.

I had it on for about 30 mins and when I took it off, my skin was smooth and firm. This effect was there when I woke up in the morning as well. Great mask!

This mask's performance was ok, but nothing special really. No irritation but no miracles either. Had it on for something like 25 mins, felt a little tacky afterwards. It was a gift to one of my orders, so no disappointment really. 

I do like Etude House Coenzyme Q10 mask. It leaves the skin hydrated and firm. The fit is not perfect but quite good. The essence is on a thicker side which is great for the evening routine. My verdict: a decent every day mask.

The mask has a decent fit, light flowery scent, loads of watery essence, beautiful package, nice effects... There is no miracle in Innisfree it's real squeeze rose mask's performance however it's a decent every day mask that will not harm your skin.

Mamonde Sunflower mask is supposed to nourish the skin.

First of all, the fit - it was almost perfect! No bubbles, creases or excess material hanging down my face. When put in place, it stayed there until I took it off, which was after about 25 minutes.

I guess the essence was one of the thickest I've ever seen in a mask. White, milky, almost creamy. I liked it, I must say. After taking it off, there was some stickiness but at the same time I really felt that the mask delivered delicious food to my skin. 

I read that: "Colloidal platinum establishes electrical balance in the epidermis, making skin less susceptible to damage from free radicals and premature aging". Sounds nice, doesn't it. Well... it was one of the worst masks I've used so far.

Firstly, I blame the fit and the material itself. The mask was huge! It was impossible for me to put it well on my face in the chin area, so it was just hanging loose all the time. And by all the time I mean ~20 mins cause I couldn't stand it any longer. The material was kind of stiff and papery.

Secondly, the smell - it was strong and horribly sweet. The mask contained alcohol as well.

So, has the mask had any good sides? Well, it has some. There was a lot of essence, my skintone was even and there was no tacky feeling after taking it off. Unfortunately, disadvantages prevailed so no repurchase for sure!

The sheet was soaked in a gel type essence with a light, pleasant scent. As usual it was a bit too big in the lower part of my face. I had it on for about 25 mins. After taking it off, some essence remained on my skin but it was not sticky whatsoever. It took like 5 mins for it to fully absorb. My skin felt soft and moist. It was also kinda fresh and clean.

Overall, a decent mask, not a wow effect but I bet it wouldn't harm any type of skin.

Plant placenta is rich in amino acids, peptides, minerals and trace elements which are the natural base for skin youth. 

The essence was watery and transparent with pleasant flowery scent. There was enough of it left in the package to cover the neck and hands.

After taking the sheet off (in about 25 mins it was almost completely dry), my face was refreshed and kind of brightened. There was no tacky feeling so the mask may as well be used during daytime. Overall, no wow effect, but it was a decent mask.

My first impression was: I love the fit and the smell. It was one of the sheerest masks I have ever used. I had it on for ab. 40 mins - it stayed moist for a long time. The essence was gelish and thick. After taking it off, my skin was still covered in essence and it took a longer while to fully absorb. It didn't bother me though. 

Overall, it was a very nice masking experience. My face was fresh, moist and bouncy.

It was a great masking experience. Not only does the sheet look fancy (the carnival mask print and red crystals over the brows) but works well too. It stayed wet for a long time and left my skin moist and smooth. Looking forward to trying the remaining versions of this line.

My first impression was: what kind of texture is this? It was a funny one - soft, jellyish, like the inside of a coconut (the coconut meat!)

I liked the fit. At first I thought it was huge but when I started adjusting it to my face it turned out just right. Once put in place, the sheet seemed to cling to my skin and was very comfortable (I could even eat and drink a bit). The essence was a thick transparent gel and I managed to cover my neck and arms with the leftover. Its scent was nice but I don't really know how to describe it.

I had the mask on for ab. 30 mins and I must say it was a pleasant and sort of luxurious half an hour! I felt like my skin was being pampered on a different level than with a "normal" sheet mask.

After taking it off, my skin was still covered in essence but it immediately absorbed. No sticky feeling! My face felt soft, moist and bouncy.

The sheet was of avarage thickness, quite wide but clinged very well to the skin. The essence was a transparent gel with no specific scent. I had it on for 50 minutes. After taking it off, my face looked really nice - even tone, no redness, buncy and moist skin. The essence took some time to fully absorb but with no sticky feeling. Summing up, a great mask that deserves to be used again and again.

Definitely not my favourite mask. SkinFood Yuja Water Whitening Ampoule Sheet Mask is soaked (dripping!) in watery essence that smells like lemon and herbs. It was hard for me to adjust the sheet to my face, I couldn't get rid of the bubbles and creases. There was a lot of leftover in the pouch. The sheet was wet for a long time but after taking it off I didn't really notice any spectacular effects. The good thing was that my skin didn't feel sticky. And that's basically it.

illi Total Aging Care with cocoon extract was my first illi mask and I loved it. It was one of the nicest masks I've used.  It was made of two pieces - upper and lower, so placing it on the face was super easy and having it on - very comfortable. Each part had its own backing, kind of a mesh. The material was quite thick, silky smooth and sticked to the skin perfectly. The sheet was soaked in a milky essence. 

Had it on for a good half an hour after which my skin looked really well - even, moisturized and plump - the way we all love.

My Scheming Moisturizing Jelly mask is a thick, transparent gel that should either be taken off with a spatula or washed off after 20-30 minutes. I prefer the latter. The mask made my skin super smooth and soft. I really liked the effect. The packaging contains 30g of the product, which is a lot - it is enough for or 3 good masking sessions.

This one was very comfortable to wear - quite thick and clingy, perfectly fitted my face - no creases or bubbles. Scentless and drenched in a gelish essence, it stayed wet for a long time. I took it off after about 45 minutes and my skin looked even and fresh. It was also moisturized. 

I would say it was a good everyday mask. A great advantage of this sheet was that it could be used at a daytime as it didn't leave any stickiness - it actually dried to a matte feeling. 

First of all, the fit was perfect - small eyes and nose holes assured that the material covered as much skin as possible, no creasing, no bubbles. The sheet was soft and clinged to my face from the moment I put it on. It was so comfy! As for the effects of this beautifully packed mask, my skin felt a little sticky but well moisturized and sort of plump. 

What I also found nice was that the round package made it easier for me to take the leftover out of it.

As I had hoped, the essence was rich and creamy and there was a decent amount of leftover in the package. After 3 tries, I found the best way to benefit from it. First, I put the leftover on my face and then place the sheet on top of it. Doing it the other way round (as with other masks) doesn't really work as the essence is too thick to go through the material.

I keep the mask on for about 45 mins, after which my skin looks lovely. It feels nourished and moisturized. It's not sticky or greasy. I don't need to put any cream on top of it before going to bed. The fit is not perfect but the effect is too good not to forgive this little flaw. 

Overall, great, rich mask that is perfect for cold, windy days. I believe dry skins will appreciate it regardless of the weather.

Pure Propolis Skin Lifting Mask is the second Tosowoong sheet mask I've tried. The essence was a transparent gel and there was some (small) leftover in the package. I could smell a slight honey scent all the time I had the sheet on. After 40 minutes, my skin was still covered in essence and it took a while to absorb. No sticky feeling! My face felt soft and plump.

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Essence Mask is one of the masks that leave the skin matte! It's like you take the sheet off and after 10 sec your face is ready for next steps. No need to wait for the essence to sink in, not to mention stickiness at all. If I were to choose a day mask, this would defo be it. It has a very light scent, the material is soft. 

What about the results? Well, it's hard to say.. I haven't seen any overwhelming brightening, though the skin tone was evened. I would say it made my skin fresh and clean.

I absolutely loved it! Why?

- The most perfect fit ever - I felt like it was designed for my face

- Thin, sheer, clingy fabric

- A lot of gel essence left

- Effects: moisturized, supple and bright skin

When I opened the package, I smelled a light, chemical scent but it quickly fainted. I had the mask on for ab. 35 mins and during the first 10 I felt some tingling (it happened for the first time with a sheet mask!). After taking the sheet off, there was some sticky feeling but it didn't bother me - my skin looked great! Will definitely repurchase.

I really like Holika Holika Juicy sheet masks line. They are medium thick, fit my face and cling to the skin very well. Plus they are affordable.

The blueberry one had a fruity smell and a transparent, gelish essence. I had it on for 30 mins after which my skin looked radiant and moisturized (without a sticky feeling to it). A good everyday mask that I recommend to everyone.


Peris Ink


I received Peripera Peri's Ink for free in exchange for my honest review. The colour I have is #2 Get The Eye. If I were to describe it, I would say it's a mix of pink and red. It depends on the light and on how many layers you cover your lips with, whether it will be more pink or red. Honestly, I don't use lipsticks or lip glosses (not to mention inks!) that often, so I can't compare it to other products. I found this ink solid. It nicely covers the lips, gives a matte finish and adding more layers doesn't spoil the effect. I haven't noticed any excessive dryness either. The ink is not waterproof and will not last all day however it will survive a drink or a small meal. That certainly is something! I recommend it to all lipsticks lovers that want the colour on their lips to last longer. It also looks nice with a bit of transparent gloss on top. The photos show lips with the ink on in different light.

I use this serum in samples only, it's more economical this way. The texture is medium thick and it takes a short while to absorb. I must say I see the results - mostly on my neck. It does smooth the skin and make it softer. On my face I can see that after using the serum, other products in my routine absorb better. I also enjoy the smell - mildly herbal. I do recommend it but bare in mind it's quite expensive and it's better to buy samples.

This is one of my favourite masks. I know my review will not differ from others' reviews on this one but the mask is really incredible. Starting from the fit (perfect), material (so smooth and clingy) and scent (mild, honey and flower like) to the amount of essence that is left after putting the sheet on the face (I managed to cover my neck and arms) and the way my skin felt after taking it off - moist and evened as never. There was some sticky feeling but it disappeared after the remaining essence absorbed. Absolute hit! I do recommend it.

Not only does it leave the skin soft and hydrated, but evens out its tone as well (no stickiness!).
The smell is odd for me but disappears quickly. There's a lot of essence to use on the body but it's quite thick so the mask isn't dripping. The fit is not perfect but at least the material sticks well to the face.
Overall, a very nice performance. I will repurchase for sure.

This time great expectations were followed by great disappointment. At first I thought I'd like it but then saw my under eye area was so creased in the mornings after using it. It didn't work with concealer either. I waited a week but nothing changed. I will never buy it again.

It is one of the most recommended Missha product. I have read so many positive reviews that I just had to try it. I couldn't wait to put it on my face. It was a pleasant serum, I liked to use it every evening in my pm routine. Felt good on my skin and didn't cause any negative effects. But did it do anything positive? I don't think so. Perhaps it was an investment in the future condition of my skin but I guess I should see something more than just no break outs or other negativities... I don't think I will purchase it again.

Dear Klairs sheet masks are really decent moisturizing and soothing masks. I do recommend them. They are perfect for sensitive skin.

It was my second hydrogel and I must say this formula is much more comfortable than the traditional sheet. I could sip tea and even eat a little without having to adjust the mask after every move (bite). But let's cut to the chase: I REALLY liked it. I was pleased with the cooling feeling the mask provided (I kept it in the fridge for some time before using). Had it on my face for about 30 mins. It left my skin plump and looking pampered. 

Well, I'm not sure what to think about this mask. It's good, my skin looked and felt nice after using it. But, does it do miracles for me? I don't think so.. I didn't like the paper-like sheet, by the way.

I've been using Missha FTE long enough now to be able to review it. It's a great watery like product. I use it with my hands (no cotton pad) after cleansing and toning my face, twice a day. It makes my skin smooth and soft. I hope, after more time I will see more significant effects.

It's a solid mask. The watery essence gives your skin a refreshing feeling and makes the face look light and clean. I like it that there's a lot of leftover essence in the pouch, so that you can use it on your arms, neck or "refill" the mask when it starts to dry out. I do recommend it.

I love this gel. It's a perfect last step in my daytime routine. It's light, absorbs well and leaves the skin moist. I have just ordered my third piece. Perfect for normal and oily skins. 

I really like using this product. It moisturizes my skin, yet is not heavy at all - its formula is watery. No scent at all which is a plus. Great product which makes my pores looking tighter.

Amazing product! My skin felt smooth and renewed after washing it off. Great way to prepare your face for a sheet mask or a heavier serum. I also enjoyed the citrus scent.

Hada Labo offers great products. This particular one is no exception. It moisturizes and makes the skin plumper. I used it with my hands - spilt a few drops and pat them on the skin. I think people with dry skin will benefit more than those with oily, it could be too rich for the latter. 

This wash off mask always gives me a fresh and clean skin. I usually put it only on my T-zone as it tends to get oily. I noticed that after washing it off, my nose had no blackheads. It's not a permanent effect but lasts for couple of days. Good mask!

This is one the masks that I really love. Great fit, great watery essence and my skin looks so fresh and plump after taking it off. It's a great day mask as it doesn't leave any film or sticky feeling. I'm so disappointed it's being discontinued. 

In general TonyMoly's sheet masks are affordable and very decent. This one was no exception. A thin sheet (be careful not to tear it while unfolding), loads of essence and moist and bright skin after using. There was no wow factor but it's nice to usr this one from time to time. 

Honey AIO ampoule is supposed to serve as the whole routine - from toner to cream. I sometimes use it this way but most of the times I put it on my face just as any other serum/ampoule - before the cream. I really like it, apart from the stickiness, it makes my skin moist and happy. I also appreciate the lovely scent.



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