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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Blond

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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Poland
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Paraben-Free
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I only had a decant of this product. It didn't impress me at all. First of all, I didn't like the smell. It reminded me of a lemon a bit but most importantly I smelled tea tree oil which isn't nice to me. Second of all, it's said to be oil free and to me it was not lightweight at all. It was sticky and stayed on skin, didn't absorb well.

I must admit it provided moisturization but was too heavy for daily using. Perhaps drier skins would appreciate it more.

I received The Cure Cucumber Collagen Essence Mask from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.

First thing I thought of when I was tearing the pouch was that a cucumber mask should have a fresh, light scent, watery essence that would absorb to a matte finish and leave my skin clear and fresh.

Well, I didn't get what I'd imagined but the reality didn't disappoint me too much. The fit of the mask was decent, it was a bit too wide for me but very easily adjustable. The material wasn't my favourite - corrugated, thicker sheet. I actually liked the scent, it was cucumberish. The essence wasn't watery at all, it was quite a thick gel. I had the mask on for about 25 minutes. It was still damp when I was taking it off and the remaining essence took a while to absorb. It gave me a slightly sticky feeling but my skin was supple. I would say this mask is a decent, everyday one, with no wow effect but no major flaws either.


I received Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.

To be honest I've never really paid too much attention to cleansing products. I mean, I use them of course, but I don't expect any special effects. I like it when my second cleanser foams well, smells nice and doesn't dry out my skin too much.

This face wash fulfils the above criteria. It has a jelly texture which starts foaming when mixed with water. It has a pleasant herbal scent. Additionally, it doesn't contain any parabens, SLS or phthalates.

I've been sharing the product with my bf and we both confirm that it doesn't leave the skin dry (and his skin is drier and more sensitive than mine). The face is clean and soft.

Himalaya Face Wash deserves a positive review and that's what it gets from me 

Annie's Way Brightening Jelly Mask's main ingredients are arbutin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. It claims to brighten and moisturize the skin, minimize fine lines and purify pores.

The sachet I received from Amabie in exchange for my honest review contained 40 ml of the product. It was just enough for 3 uses. The mask was a thick, transparent jelly with a light chemical scent. I put it on clean skin for about 20 minutes after which it dried to some extent. I used a spatula to take the jelly off my face and then washed the remaining off.

My opinion on the mask is very positive. First of all, it left my skin soft, moisturized and evenly toned. I also noticed, which surprised me a lot, that it made other products absorb better! It was really unexpected that the Cosrx Snail Essence, which normally takes a longer while to absorb, sank in quite fast. The only negative thing I can say about the mask is that it slightly dried out my under eye areas. Therefore I recommend to omit these parts when using the mask.

It was my first Asian lotion and it was a completely different experience from what I've known. Everytime I used it, it would leave my skin moisturized and supple. My skin is normal/oily so the texture was a little thick although it would absorb quite well. I noticed it enhanced absorbtion of other products I put on my face. Overall, I enjoyed this lotion especially in the winter.

It was one of first Asian masks I've ever used. I had a pack of 35 sheets. I liked them very much. They were moisturizing and would leave my face feeling soft and smooth. There was some stickiness though. The fit wasn't perfect but results and price were perfect :) The only disadvantage I see now is the packaging - it's better when masks are packed separately.

Leaders Pore-Scaling black mask was very comfy: soft material and almost perfect fit. I really love it when the sheet clings to my face throught the whole masking session. This one did - for about 40 minutes. I also enjoyed the smell and tons of essence. 

I'm not sure if my pores were affected but I can see the tone is evened and the skin is supple. The mask did leave my face a little sticky and it took a while for the essence to fully absorb but I can forgive this cause overall it was a pleasant experience.

Luke Charcoal Nose Strip is nothing special to be honest. Everytime I used it, it sticked to my nose too much - when I took it off, some parts stayed on the skin. Some blackheads were gone but not that many. 

I used this patches only once. First of all, it was very comfortable to wear them. The outer part is covered with a material which makes it easy to put patches in place (as opposed to Petitfée patches). They don't slide at all - once placed on the skin, they stay there. But have I seen any effects after taking them off? Nope. Sorry.

I really liked this sleeping mask. It was my first product from Too Cool For School. I loved the scent and texture - quite thick but not greasy at all. It made my skin feel very nice - soft and bouncy. A great mask, worth trying.

Let me review Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet in pros and cons:

✔ it smells very nice, not too strong (I'm hopeless at identifying smells, so I won't even try)

✔ the essence is quite thick and there's enough of it to use on the neck and arms

✔ after taking the mask off, the skin is not sticky and the essence doesn't need a lot of time to absorb completely

❌ the material is horrible: stiff and paper-like, which makes it difficult to fit the mask. I had to straighten it every minute, especially in the chin area. There were also many bubbles.

❌ I managed to have it on my face only for like 20 mins because of the poor fit/material.

Overall... I know better snail masks.

The mask is supposed to leave the skin clear. I'm not really sure what it means but I liked it. I had it on for about 30 mins. The skin wasn't sticky after using, I would say it was fresh. There was also some cooling effect. The essence was milky but not too thick. There was some of it left in the package to put on the neck and arms. I loved the scent, reminded me of flowers. The mask itself was not too thin but I somehow tore it in the cheek area when unwrapping! Overall a nice one.

The tomato mask, as other I'm Real masks, is a thin sheet dripping in watery essence💧. There is a lot of it left in the package, which let me have it on my face for more than 40 minutes (having refilled the essence on my cheeks and forehead twice). The mask is supposed to make the skin radiant and I must say it does the job. When I took it of, my face was moist, fresh and bright.

What didn't I like about the juicy 🍅? Its smell! I don't know about you guys, but for me it was like some kind of old-fashioned perfume. A very heavy perfume.

I bought Neulii Anti-wrinkle serum when I realized Cosrx Snail essence was too thick for me to use in the mornings. It was a good choice - it absorbed better, didn't leave my skin sticky and provided decent moisturization. 

It was a part of my AM routine for over 5 months. I liked it for being light, scentless and leaving my skin plump.

This one was very comfortable to wear - quite thick and clingy, perfectly fitted my face - no creases or bubbles. Scentless and drenched in a gelish essence, it stayed wet for a long time. I took it off after about 45 minutes and my skin looked even and fresh. It was also moisturized. 

I would say it was a good everyday mask. A great advantage of this sheet was that it could be used at a daytime as it didn't leave any stickiness - it actually dried to a matte feeling. 

First of all, the fit was perfect - small eyes and nose holes assured that the material covered as much skin as possible, no creasing, no bubbles. The sheet was soft and clinged to my face from the moment I put it on. It was so comfy! As for the effects of this beautifully packed mask, my skin felt a little sticky but well moisturized and sort of plump. 

What I also found nice was that the round package made it easier for me to take the leftover out of it.

As I had hoped, the essence was rich and creamy and there was a decent amount of leftover in the package. After 3 tries, I found the best way to benefit from it. First, I put the leftover on my face and then place the sheet on top of it. Doing it the other way round (as with other masks) doesn't really work as the essence is too thick to go through the material.

I keep the mask on for about 45 mins, after which my skin looks lovely. It feels nourished and moisturized. It's not sticky or greasy. I don't need to put any cream on top of it before going to bed. The fit is not perfect but the effect is too good not to forgive this little flaw. 

Overall, great, rich mask that is perfect for cold, windy days. I believe dry skins will appreciate it regardless of the weather.

Pure Propolis Skin Lifting Mask is the second Tosowoong sheet mask I've tried. The essence was a transparent gel and there was some (small) leftover in the package. I could smell a slight honey scent all the time I had the sheet on. After 40 minutes, my skin was still covered in essence and it took a while to absorb. No sticky feeling! My face felt soft and plump.

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Essence Mask is one of the masks that leave the skin matte! It's like you take the sheet off and after 10 sec your face is ready for next steps. No need to wait for the essence to sink in, not to mention stickiness at all. If I were to choose a day mask, this would defo be it. It has a very light scent, the material is soft. 

What about the results? Well, it's hard to say.. I haven't seen any overwhelming brightening, though the skin tone was evened. I would say it made my skin fresh and clean.

I absolutely loved it! Why?

- The most perfect fit ever - I felt like it was designed for my face

- Thin, sheer, clingy fabric

- A lot of gel essence left

- Effects: moisturized, supple and bright skin

When I opened the package, I smelled a light, chemical scent but it quickly fainted. I had the mask on for ab. 35 mins and during the first 10 I felt some tingling (it happened for the first time with a sheet mask!). After taking the sheet off, there was some sticky feeling but it didn't bother me - my skin looked great! Will definitely repurchase.

I really like Holika Holika Juicy sheet masks line. They are medium thick, fit my face and cling to the skin very well. Plus they are affordable.

The blueberry one had a fruity smell and a transparent, gelish essence. I had it on for 30 mins after which my skin looked radiant and moisturized (without a sticky feeling to it). A good everyday mask that I recommend to everyone.


Peri's Ink


I received Peripera Peri's Ink for free in exchange for my honest review. The colour I have is #2 Get The Eye. If I were to describe it, I would say it's a mix of pink and red. It depends on the light and on how many layers you cover your lips with, whether it will be more pink or red. Honestly, I don't use lipsticks or lip glosses (not to mention inks!) that often, so I can't compare it to other products. I found this ink solid. It nicely covers the lips, gives a matte finish and adding more layers doesn't spoil the effect. I haven't noticed any excessive dryness either. The ink is not waterproof and will not last all day however it will survive a drink or a small meal. That certainly is something! I recommend it to all lipsticks lovers that want the colour on their lips to last longer. It also looks nice with a bit of transparent gloss on top. The photos show lips with the ink on in different light.

I use this serum in samples only, it's more economical this way. The texture is medium thick and it takes a short while to absorb. I must say I see the results - mostly on my neck. It does smooth the skin and make it softer. On my face I can see that after using the serum, other products in my routine absorb better. I also enjoy the smell - mildly herbal. I do recommend it but bare in mind it's quite expensive and it's better to buy samples.

This is one of my favourite masks. I know my review will not differ from others' reviews on this one but the mask is really incredible. Starting from the fit (perfect), material (so smooth and clingy) and scent (mild, honey and flower like) to the amount of essence that is left after putting the sheet on the face (I managed to cover my neck and arms) and the way my skin felt after taking it off - moist and evened as never. There was some sticky feeling but it disappeared after the remaining essence absorbed. Absolute hit! I do recommend it.

Not only does it leave the skin soft and hydrated, but evens out its tone as well (no stickiness!).
The smell is odd for me but disappears quickly. There's a lot of essence to use on the body but it's quite thick so the mask isn't dripping. The fit is not perfect but at least the material sticks well to the face.
Overall, a very nice performance. I will repurchase for sure.

This time great expectations were followed by great disappointment. At first I thought I'd like it but then saw my under eye area was so creased in the mornings after using it. It didn't work with concealer either. I waited a week but nothing changed. I will never buy it again.

It is one of the most recommended Missha product. I have read so many positive reviews that I just had to try it. I couldn't wait to put it on my face. It was a pleasant serum, I liked to use it every evening in my pm routine. Felt good on my skin and didn't cause any negative effects. But did it do anything positive? I don't think so. Perhaps it was an investment in the future condition of my skin but I guess I should see something more than just no break outs or other negativities... I don't think I will purchase it again.

Dear Klairs sheet masks are really decent moisturizing and soothing masks. I do recommend them. They are perfect for sensitive skin.

It was my second hydrogel and I must say this formula is much more comfortable than the traditional sheet. I could sip tea and even eat a little without having to adjust the mask after every move (bite). But let's cut to the chase: I REALLY liked it. I was pleased with the cooling feeling the mask provided (I kept it in the fridge for some time before using). Had it on my face for about 30 mins. It left my skin plump and looking pampered. 

Well, I'm not sure what to think about this mask. It's good, my skin looked and felt nice after using it. But, does it do miracles for me? I don't think so.. I didn't like the paper-like sheet, by the way.

I've been using Missha FTE long enough now to be able to review it. It's a great watery like product. I use it with my hands (no cotton pad) after cleansing and toning my face, twice a day. It makes my skin smooth and soft. I hope, after more time I will see more significant effects.

It's a solid mask. The watery essence gives your skin a refreshing feeling and makes the face look light and clean. I like it that there's a lot of leftover essence in the pouch, so that you can use it on your arms, neck or "refill" the mask when it starts to dry out. I do recommend it.

I love this gel. It's a perfect last step in my daytime routine. It's light, absorbs well and leaves the skin moist. I have just ordered my third piece. Perfect for normal and oily skins. 

I really like using this product. It moisturizes my skin, yet is not heavy at all - its formula is watery. No scent at all which is a plus. Great product which makes my pores looking tighter.

Amazing product! My skin felt smooth and renewed after washing it off. Great way to prepare your face for a sheet mask or a heavier serum. I also enjoyed the citrus scent.

Hada Labo offers great products. This particular one is no exception. It moisturizes and makes the skin plumper. I used it with my hands - spilt a few drops and pat them on the skin. I think people with dry skin will benefit more than those with oily, it could be too rich for the latter. 

This wash off mask always gives me a fresh and clean skin. I usually put it only on my T-zone as it tends to get oily. I noticed that after washing it off, my nose had no blackheads. It's not a permanent effect but lasts for couple of days. Good mask!

This is one the masks that I really love. Great fit, great watery essence and my skin looks so fresh and plump after taking it off. It's a great day mask as it doesn't leave any film or sticky feeling. I'm so disappointed it's being discontinued. 

In general TonyMoly's sheet masks are affordable and very decent. This one was no exception. A thin sheet (be careful not to tear it while unfolding), loads of essence and moist and bright skin after using. There was no wow factor but it's nice to usr this one from time to time. 

Honey AIO ampoule is supposed to serve as the whole routine - from toner to cream. I sometimes use it this way but most of the times I put it on my face just as any other serum/ampoule - before the cream. I really like it, apart from the stickiness, it makes my skin moist and happy. I also appreciate the lovely scent.



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