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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Natural, Organic
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I bought this product a while ago and I think this one is better than the "refreshing" one. The texture is a little bit thicker than water and it doens't feel sticky on the face. 

Usually I use this product with a cotton pad and continue with my skin care routine. 
You get a lot of product for the price you pay so I use it generously without feeling bad. 

The function of this product is very straight forward which is for oil controling. 

Since it absorbs all the oil on the face, your skin would look very matte and my pores looked smaller with this product. Although this product will make your skin look pale, it would just be the same kind of pale ness regardless of how many layers you put on. 

You can use it directly if you just have a lot of oil on your face. 

Although there's no moisturizing components in this product it wouldn't absorb TOO much oil off of your face. 

This product is quite different from the Japanese powdered face wash that I've used before. It comes with a foaming net for the product and the foam is very very silky and nice. After using this product my face feels so hydrated and not dry at all. I've been using it for about a month and I use it with other tools for removing white heads and blemishes and I noticed that my skin renews itself faster especially in the chin and cheek area. The official website always have promotions so I think it's worth it!

This is seriously the BEST BEST BEST BEST pressed powder I have ever used in my life !!!! I wanted to find a pressed powder that's best for the hot weather in southern Taiwan. I read many reviews and many people suggested this product and I tried it at the store. I tried 100 (whitest) and 101 (second whitest). I can use both colors where one would be natural and the other would be more brightening. 

I tried it at the store and went to the gym, wore a face mask (like a cover up mask) for riding my scooter, and ate my dinner while I was sweating. My makeup after 4~5 hours still looked FLAWLESS and it looks so smooth like butter. I have decided that I'm going to buy 2 tomorrow I can't even wait until the annual sale. This product is a newer version which was released this June, it's an even more improved verison. 

The puff is one side sponge and one side fur. The sponge is for normal application and the fur side is for polishing up the face. MY FINISHED LOOK IS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG. If you're looking for a good pressed powder this is the powder to go!!!!! 

I gave this product a 5 heart review because I bought this product for $1.75 !!! 

Or else if it was the regular retail price I would have never bought it 

The color that I got is BE-3 which is a really beautiful nude red color. 

I really like these type of color because it makes me look classy and it's suitable for work and dates 

The texture is matte but it's quite moisturizing. It doesn't accentuate the lip lines too. 

Since the pencil tip is very thin it takes a while to apply on the lips 

It's also very saturated and lasts quite long too (you'd still have to re-apply after eating though). I would buy this again if it's on sale!!!

This product is a must buy from Daiso. 

When I draw my eyebrows I use eyebrow pencil to shape it and then fill it in with eyebrow powder. After the shape and color is set I will use the eyebrow raincoat to protect my eyebrow look. This product prevents smudging from sweating and rain. 

Unless you accidentally scratch off your eyebrow, it will basically last all day. 

The good thing is that it's also very easy to remove. Just remove it like you would with your makeup remover and it will come off right away. I feel like this is a product that everyone NEEDS to have!

I did't buy the full size of this product, I got mine as a sample size from the drugstore clerk. I've tried it a few days and I really didn't like it and I wouldn't recommend it. 

The texture is not light and it gives a white cast on the face 

Also the skin feels really sticky and stuffy when applied with this product. Since I only get sun exposure from work commute,  I'm not sure how well it works in terms of sun protection.  Even though it has SPF 50 +++++, I would still use Anessa if I'm going outdoors.

This product was brought back to me from my family all the way from Hokkaido. 

There's no fragrance and the texture is really smooth 

I have super dry lips so actually this product is a little bit not strong enough for me 

Personally I still like DHC lip balm better, but this product is really cheap in Japan. 

I do suggest the DHC lip balm more though!

Today I'm going to share about a makeup product that I received from the Amabie A-list program #Amabiealist 

I've always heard that Korean brand, Clio, had great products. But I just never had the chance to try. After using this makeup BB cream I think it's really great and I love it! Since makeup BB cream came out on the market, I've never really found any that works really well for me. I've tried the makeup BB cream from Korean brand Etude House, it was such a bad experience. So I was pleasantly surprised with this product. The consistency is very watery, but it conceals imperfections nicely. Usually with one layer of this BB cream a lot of my imperfections are covered. If I use this makeup BB cream alone, it'll achieve the popular Korean no makeup makeup look. But for long lasting sake, I still set it with powder to matify the product. 

After coming back from work the makeup BB cream slides a little bit but not so far as to everything melting off. This is definitely a rare find and I recommend it to everyone!

This product can be used all over the body. I would only use it for my face and neck. 

The texture is just right, not too oily and not too drying. 

But my experience with this product is that it conflicts with my liquid foundation. 

In terms of sun protection, I can't really tell if it really works or not because the only time I'm exposed to the sun on weekdays is when I'm commuting from home to work. If I'm going outside I would use other sun protection productst that are stronger such as Anessa. But I think it works well for daily use. 

I actually avoid using lotion based products. Although I have dry skin so I really should be using lotions based products to help mositurize my skin, I hate it because my face would always become a grease ball the next morning. 

But this product was O.K in a sense that it didn't make me look like a grease ball as much as other lotion products out there. I would always massage my face to help my skin absorb the product. But still I think lotion products are just not my cuppa tea. 

I've heard good things about TT sheet masks but I've never had the chance to use it. 

I happen to saw Cosmed (a local drugstore) having a promotion for this product so I bought 2 of the most popular ones to try. 

The sheet mask packaging has three layers. I would give the fit of the mask a 4/5. There are also a lot of essence in the packet but not so much that it could be used for other parts of the body. 

My habit is that I would use the product on my neck after I use it on my face. I would also use my fingers to massage the product in. I think this is a great product to purchase when it's on sale (the regular price is too expensive!!) 


This product has 6% Mandelic Acid which is a good entry level "acid" product. 

Since the product has only 6% of concentration, it can be used for everyday skin care. 

I would us this product on the sides of my nose, chin, and anywhere where I get blemishes/white heads 

The product feels good on the skin and would not cause any irritation or discomfort

This product will help your skin renew itself better and get rid of dirt faster 

I've been using it for a while and I hope it can really improve my enlarged pores!

I was so excited to receive this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest opinion. I think it's such a cool product! The texture is very similar to that of a sunscreen. But it feels a little bit oily on the skin. Also, 30 minutes after application my skin looks a little bit too pale, but it got better afterwards. I applied only this product on my face around 11AM, around 3-4PM my skin started to feel very oily. But I have oily skin so I expected this to happen. But I feel like maybe it's not really good for my oily skin, I think it might be better for those who have drier skin. 

I feel like everyone was attracted by the Hello Kitty packaging !! 

Although the recommended color is pink (#1) and brown (#3) 

I was more interested in orange (#2) so this is what I bought. 

The packaging is average but it feels really plastic. 

But I don't care about the packaging because the product itself is sooo beautiful. 

The blush is ombre colored and the most saturated orange part could be used as an eyeshadow. The color is very saturated and it doesn't have any glitter. The powder is also very fine and you just think this product costs more than just $10. 

Since I'm not really good with highlighting products, I can't compared it with other products for reviewing purposes. But overall I think this product is great and if you're on a budget you can definitely consider this!

I received this gift from Amabie in exchange for my honest opinion. 

It happens so that my current liquid eyeliner is drying out so I used it immediately after I received it. First off, this product has a really fine tip so you could create extremely thin lines or a cat eye. Also, the color is a very deep black so one stroke would give you a nice saturated color. It dries up very quickly and didn't smudge too much throughout the day. Since I have oily eyelids, it still smeared a little bit but I do think overall it's a great product!!

Since my friend recommended me this product, I decided to give Korean BB cushions one last chance. The VDL metal cushion foundation is a little bit different from other BB cushions. You would have to press on the metal plate for the foundation to be dispensed. The color that I bought is the darkest, 205, because my skin is a natural healthy color. I chose this color also because Korean brands tend to be whiter and paler in their color palette. This BB cushion gives a very soft and natural effect, it makes my skin look as if it's glowing from the inside. 

But since I live in the south of Taiwan (a tropical weather country), my make up will start to flake and crease around noon time. When this happens, I usually just use a facial tissue and lightly pat my face to get rid of excess oil. Then, I'll use the BB cream to touchup my makeup and it works just fine. 

My first experience with eyeshadow primers is when I purchased a NARS one. I was really unhappy with that product because it was so expensive and it didn't work well for me at all. It didn't make my eyemakeup last longer and it even made me feel like my eyelids were more oily so I just sold it. 

Later I saw someone sharing a blog article about the VDL eyeshadow base. I really liked the packaging and saw that it has good reviews so I gave it a try. 

It's really easy to use where the product comes with a soft brush for you to apply on the lids. It's kind of like a lotion and it doens't have any smell. I usually get a little bit of it onto my index fingures and pat it into my lids. After using this product my eyeshadow does last longer and the colors are more saturated. Although some creasing will still happen, I'm already happy with these results. 

OK. I'll have to begin with letting you guys know that the emulsion fortifiante protectrice &  emulsion fortifiante intensive are my FAVORITE products from Cle De Peau. 

Currently I also have a lancome lotion but that one isn't that special considering the expensive price as opposed to Cle De Peau which really impressed me. The emulsion fortifiante protectrice is a day cream and it protects the skin from harmful sun rays & keeps the skin moisturized. 

I would usually apply this product by soaking it on a cotton pad. It's a very light weight lotion and feels like nothing on the skin. After applying my skin feels absolutely brightend, soft, and moisturizied. I love this product so much !!!!


Cle De Peau products get a lot of raving reviews on the internet. But I really didn't like this product. The main reason is because the alcohol smell is TOO STRONG. So strong that when I use this product on my cotton pads it really stings my nose.

This product is aimed for improving the skin's texture by making it smooth and soft. 
My skin really needs help in this area but I really just can't stand the smell so I stopped using it. If you can accept alcohol smells I guess you could go try!

I've tried the primera miracle seed essence before and it didn't work for me. But I really like the Primera peeling facial mild. This product doesn't contain any micro beads and the texture is a transparent gel. 

Although it doesn't have any micro beads, a lot of dead skin cells do appear as I massage the product into my face. After rinsing off the product I feel like my face was breathing again. The only thing that bothers me is the smell. The smell doens't irritate me or anything but I just don't like it. If you buy this product in Korea the price range is affordable. I would recommend this product to those who are looking for a peeling/exfoliating gel. 

The Primera Miracle Seed Essence is very famous. It's also easily accessible and very affordable in Korea. Thus this product has a lot of good reviews on the internet. 

I use the wet masking method with this product. I focus on my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. But after I've used it for a couple of weeks, I didn't see any changes. 

Many people said that after using the product their skin is a lot more stabilized and their skin was able to retain moisture better. I really didn't see these results though. 

But the good thing is the product didn't irritate my skin, just really nothing amazing happened so I wouldn't consider repurchasing this product. 

Although this product did not work for me, it doens't mean that it won't work for you! If you're interested in trying the product out, you can buy the traveling set and try it out yourself!

I bought this product when I was in Korea. Initially when I was at the store I just tried it on the back of my hand and I felt like it was a good product. I bought two and I was correct! The microbeads that are in the product are of a good size so it doens't hurt the skin while scrubbing. The mangosteen scent is also just right. 

I apply the product with my hands dry and apply it all over my face. After massaging it for a little bit my dead skin will start to show up. After rinsing the product off my skin feels very soft and renewed. I would immediately use a sheet mask to rejuvenate my skin though. This product lasts so long too! I like it a lot.  

I received this sheet mask from Amabie in exchange for my honest opinion. When I first opened the package, I saw that there are a lot of essence in the bag. The material of the sheet mask is very special! It's like a fiber sheet made of apple sauce (hence the name) and it has a really faint apple scent. 

When applied on the face I can feel that my skin is "drinking" the water and getting really hydrated. After using it for 20 minutes on the face, my skin felt really moistuirzed and brightened. I massaged the product into my skin until everything is absorbed and my skin feels great! I really like this product and I recommend it!


I've been using Canmake blush since I was in highschool. 
I didn't really have much allowance at that time so drugstore brands were the best choice I had. 

The packaging is super cute and it also comes with a small brush. 
One small swipe on the face is enough, don't over do it! 
Personally I really like blush with an orange base, I think it gives me a youthful look. 
It also lasts pretty well on the face. Last time I went to Kenting and there was a huge storm. The blush stayed on my face and did not smudge at all! 

If you could buy this in Japan it would be even better cause it will be so cheap. 

Senka Outdoors sun screen skincare lotion: 

Senka's products are usually really worth its price! It's everywhere so it's very easy to find it and buy it. This sun screen is packaged like a white-out. You have to shake it hard before using it. The consistency is more like water so you wouldn't feel sticky with this product. Also, *very important* this skin care sun screen does not sting my skin. I've used many sun screens that made my skin feel uncomfortable so I'm very happy with the results of this product. 

I use this product everyday for work, but if I'm going outdoors I would still use Anessa (by Shiseido). The packaging is very tiny so it's easy to bring it around with you in hot summer days like this. I really recommend this product for summer as sun screen is a MUST have product that runs out so quickly! The price is great and it works well too.

I received a Korean skin care product, Scinic Snail Matrix Cream, from Amabie in exchange for an honest review. 
I was pretty interested in snail based products and thankfully Amabie sent me one to try! As we age, the collagen on the skin gets lost which will need external help such as skin care products. This product has a light scent, which is a downer for me. 

The consistency is extremely gooey, it's almost like cheese - you can hold it up to 3 inches and it's that gooey! It's white and very easy to blend on the face. You can use your hands to massage your face to let the product get absorbed better. The snail essence is sticky but it helps the skin to become bouncy and radiant again - all the while staying hydrated too! The next morning I woke up with a noticeably soft skin! 

I think this would be a good product for moms!

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for an honest review. 

I've started to notice that my eyes actually work really well with Korean makeup products. I personally have the BBia makeup eyeliner already, but I was happy to try another Korean beauty brand!

The color that I've received is brown which is my favorite again for beauty make up eyeliner since it makes my overall look a little bit softer (I'm a girl with RBF, so I really need this) 

The beauty makeup eyeliner pencil is very smooth and it glides onto the lids very easy. You only need one coat since the color is very saturated. Overall, the product doesn't smudge easily and it's really easy to remove with my basic L'oreal makeup remover. In conclusion, I love Korean beauty makeup eyeliners!!!!

I'm really happy to receive this product from Amabie. This is the Pony x Membox collaboration eyeshadow quad. The colors I've received is #3 Orange. All of the colors are so beautiful and high quality. The eyeshadow itself has very high pigmentation and a nice brightness to it. It's easy to work and blend with plus the powder doesn't get all over the place. You can use it on your lids with an ombre effect, layering the colors one by one. Your eyelids wouldn't look dirty even if you've done so. This color combination is suitable for a work environment but can also be used for a party if you work well with the colors. 

The packaging is breath-taking as it compares to high-end products, very high quality in general. The only complaint I have is the shimmer box itself as fingerprints translate very easily. 

But overall I really recommend this eyeshadow quad. If I have the chance I'd like to collect all the other colors to play around with too! 

This product is suitable as a primer before makeup to make your product stick on better. It contains really fine shimmering agents that let's the skin glow in the sun (I really like that XD)

I use #1 which is a bright color, it helps to make your overall look glowy, and adds some moisture to the equation. But this product doesn't have any SPF, so before using it I suggest putting on some sort of sun protection. 

I recommend this product for everyone!

This product is quite famous in the higher-end makeup brands. 
If you get this product along with discounts or promotions at drugstores, it's actually quite a deal. 

The texture of the product is kind of like toner and essence, it's transparent. When you apply it, it's not sticky and uncomfortable, and there's no scent. 

After I apply it evenly to my whole face and neck, I'll use my palms to massage it into my skin until all of it is absorbed. My skin feels extremely soft and smooth with a natural glow. So far I've been seeing good results, but I have to use it even more to see the long-term effects. 

This is my first time using SHU UEMURA's eyecare products. 

This eyecream is mainly for improving the crowsfeet and other wrinkels around the eye. Usually I will use this after I use toner, squeeze out a rice grain size would be enough for around the eyes. 

Careful! Use it all around your eyes! Don't forget your upper eye and be too focused on your lower eye. Use your fingers to massage the eyes gently. When at the end of your eyes you can do a lifting motion. 

Do this repeatedly until the product is completely absorbed. You will feel that your eyes are a lot more moisturized and brightened. 

However, I havne't been using this product for too long, I still can't see the long term effect its supposed to have on improving wrinkels around the eye. I recommend it for someone who is looking for a high-end eyecream product.

My most beloved brand for pre-moisturizing essence has to be the Lancome genifique. The price of this Orbis product is mid-ranged, and the face of the company is Hsu-Wei Ning! (A Taiwanese actor). 

Usually what a pre-moisturizing essence do is to activate the enzymes in your skin to help your skin absorb other products better in your later skincare routine steps. It basically serves to multiply the effects of your skincare products, but some people might think it's unnecessary XD. 

This product is a little bit less gooey than the lancome one, there's no scent or other smells. After applying it to the face with massaging motion, it absorbs very well. Skin doesn't feel sticky afterwards too. 

Compared to the Lancome genifique, it's still not as good, so I won't be repurchasing it after I finish this bottle~

This eyebrow tint is an amazing invention, a savior for no brow people like me. I got the 3rd color grey brown. The texture is pretty sticky but easy to apply, looks even better compared to eyebrow pencils. Apply the texture evenly or the color payoff will be uneven. First time for me, I waited the whole night to tear the tint off, but I put on too much so the color is too heavy. It’s easy to tear, does not hurt my skin at all. After that I only waited for 2-4 hours before tearing and I will rinse my brow with water, this gives me the most natural brows. I still put on eyebrow powder though. When I makeup remove my face I won’t avoid my brow areas and it still lasts for about 4 days. So convenient!!!!

This lipbalm is amazing and cheap. It's a night use lipbalm so you should only use this at night. I usually apply a thick layer before I go to sleep, the dead skin will come off when I brush my teeth the next morning. If you have the time, after applying the lipblam you can use a hot towel with a plastic wrap for better effect~ 

This one is sold out everywhere, but it one of the best concealers I’ve used so far. I bought both the dark and light color, cover my scars with the dark one and I use the light one for point correct. I use my finger to blend the concealer, gives me 80% coverage. I use them on my scars and on the redness areas.


MFC products always has different promotions, I think it’s a great brand. If you’re looking for a concealer you should consider this one. 

 This is my first eyebrow palette, I was choosing between Kate’s and this one, I picked this one and I love ittttttttttt!!!!!


I’m used to my own eyebrow brush so I didn’t use the brush that came with it. I will use an eyebrow pen to draw the shape then use the darkest shade to fill in the shape. Then I would use a brush to smooth my brows. I use the lightest shade for my nose contour, the color is great. A little goes a long way, I been using it regularly for over a year and I’m still not done with it. Great palette, great for anyone~~ 

 So far I’ve only use five moisturizing mist and I only use the cheaper ones. I use it before I put on makeup or when I’m in an AC room for too long. Sometimes when I’m using a cotton pad as a mask on my face, I will also use the moisturizing mist to keep them hydrated.

I got this mist as a goodie gift from Shiseido, I think it’s great so I’m considering to purchase the full size product. It has no strong scent, but it contains alcohol. It’s slightly thicker than regular mists. It’s pretty absorbing, I just pat my face and it feels hydrated. If you have sensitive skin or allergic to alcohol I will not recommend this product. The spray design is long and straight shaped, so the product spills straight instead of dispensing on the hand which is disappointing.


That’s all, thanks

I got the tester and tried it a week, so far I think it's great. It does not make me look cakey but gives good coverage. And it does not smudge even when I'm under Kaoshung's humid hot weather. I'm pretty impressed.

I bought two of this in Korea, it's cheap but I didn't really like it. The texture is pretty dry so it makes my lip wrinkle and dead skin obvious. The color really pops though, a thin layer gives great color payoff. 

I bought the white color for highlighting. After I put on foundation I will apply this on my T and C area, it makes my feature more pronounced but not too drastic. Cheap and great~

This bronzer is easy to use, the stick design makes it very convenient. I just apply the bronzer and blend it with my brush. Just don't wipe your face or the makeup will come off. 

I bought this in Korea during discount so it's really cheap. But based on my oil skin, this bb cream does not work for me, it very sticky. Maybe Korea's weather is more dry so their products might not work for Taiwan's humid weather. After using it a few times I gave it to someone else. 

Bbia's lipsticks are so beautiful, I bought 3 colors #4, #6, #7. #6 is a maroon shade, I my first time to try this color. The texture is more dry so I makes my lip wrinkles obvious. The colors is very pretty and elegant, you purchase one and try it out~~~

This is my first Aritaum product, the price is affordable and I love the color. The color is obvious, moisturizing and pretty long lasting. I bought 3 of this and so far I love them! 

I have two of these eyeshadows, I use them as base color. For the color payoff I give it 3 hearts, I need to put on more layers to make the color pop. But it's pretty cheap and basic. Compared to Etude House's eye shadow I like Etude House's products more. 

This cream has to be carefully stored, the cream will melt when it's too hot. Apply this cream on the pore areas that you want to cover then put on foundation and they'll all disappear, so amazing!! But sometimes I just for get to use it lol

This highlighter has been spreaded on several beauty magazines, I bought one to try. It's super highlighting but I don't like this kind of makeup look on my skin and it makes me look oily so I sold it to someone else. 

The oil makeup remover is their star product. Apply the oil on your face then emulsify by splashing water at least four times. The oil scent smells great and my face feels cleansed when I massage with the oil, it doesn't make my skin feel tight at all. I would purchase alot this coming annual sales. 

This is a mousse texture primer which is different than other primers, I usually use the size of a ping pong ball and it covers my face and neck. I'm using the lightest color and apply it before foundation which helps to brighten my skin and cover my flaws. If I'm just going out to buy something quickly I would just use this without foundation. 

This product is just amazing, the first essence can help soften your blackhead, apply the second essence and wait for it to dry up then peel it off, you can see all the blackheads on the peel, the last one is an astringent to help shrink your pores. Both men and women can use this, it's a cheap and great product. 

This gel eyeliner is easy to apply, the color is great but it smudges for me. It's cheap and convenient to puchase, you can buy special colors for night club events lol. 

I'm sure everyone has heard about this moisturizer, my skin seriously break out last winter so I got two testers to try. My skin felt abit stingy when I applied it at night and my face got so oily the next morning which was so crazy, then I decided not to purchase it. I did hear some positive reviews that it's great to mix it with foudnation so I might try it again this winter~

This lotion is so not for me, it's sticky and gives me acnes so I threw it away half used. But I know some people love it so all I can say is my poison might be other people's candy. 

I think everyone has used Hada-Labo's toner before?! It's cheap and great, the texture is more like essence, I would say this is a basic toner. 

This micro essence and their advanced night repair are the two star products from Estee Lauder. I got the tester of this micro essence and tried it continuously for three days, I think it's just ok but maybe because I only used it for 3 days. Everyone is saying that this essence makes their skin more stabled but compared to Lancome's Blanc Expert Melanolyser (AI) Brightness Diffusing Essence In Lotion, I prefer the latter, so I'm not going to purchase the full size product. 

This toner's price is not cheap at all, but unfortunately this toner is not impressive at all, I don't really feel like it moisturized my skin, I won't buy it again. 

I'm using the new one which is Shea butter, I super love the scent. It keeps my hair smooth and moisturized. Even though Dove is not my favorite brand, this product really impressed me and I would love to purchase it again. 

This lipbalm is very nourishing, it is abit greasy but doesn't effect my love for it. I would use this lipbalm before I put on lipstick. It makes the color long lasting and nourish my lips. Unfortunately, it's very expensive. 

I recently start using this lipbalm, got it for a really cheap price when I was in Japan. It's great and nourishing that makes my lips look juicy but not greasy. It has no scent, I would buy a bunch to stock when I travel to Japan!!!

I suggest to purchase this toner during discount promotion or when you travel to Japan because it's cheaper. I think this toner is very normal, I have no bad reaction but nothing amazing happened too. I wouldn't purchase this toner except during promotion. 

I bought this in the States because it's not sold in Taiwan yet, but the Mia2 is sold in Taiwan, Mia2 has a speed adjust function. I think cleansing machine can actually cleanse all the dirt in my skin but I do not suggest to use it everyday, it does lightly exfoliate my skin so I think it's better to use it once every three days. And it's more hygiene to change the brush every season. 

You can buy this cream anywhere and it's cheap. Love the smell, the cream is very nourishing. They also came out with a mini bottle so it's convenient to carry, this is a cheap and great cream! 

I have super dry lips so I've been trying tons of different lipbalms. I did finish this lipbalm but I'm not impressed so I would not buy it again.

I didn't purchase the full size product, I got a tester when I bought their CC cushion foundation. I continuously used this product for 5 days, apply this gel before sleep. It does hydrate my skin and even my makeup sets better. But it makes my skin a little oily, I am considering to purchase the full size at this coming annual sales. 

Biore's products are always pretty affordable. They have several scents which smells great and lathers very easily. Does not make my skin feel tight at all. I would say it's a pretty standard face wash for every skin type. 

Anessa's sunscreen products are very famous. I bought one last month when I was in Japan(It's so much cheaper in Japan!) It's very effective, I always use it when I'm at the beach or traveling outdoor. 

I got this as a free gift when I bought an eyeliner, it's a mild makeup remover. Soak the cotton pad with the makeup remover and rest it on your eyes to remover the makeup. But I still like Loreal's eye and lip makeup remover better. 

Even though they are very famous for this product, but it's poison for me. I bought a set during annual sales but after trying it for a week, it gave me acnes and it contains alcohol so it sometimes burns my eyes. 

This is an amazing sponge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first I don't know why it's so expensive but then after I tried it I'm just amazed!!! I always use it when I apply my foundation, it blends very well and the point of the blender helps to cover the corners of my nose or lips, I also use it for contouring and it's great. But it grows mold easily so you have to take great care with it. 

This is the legendary skincare essence, I bought it in dutyfree as a set for a great deal!!!! It covers my whole face with just one tube, my skin gets very stable after using it everyday. I would add this into my foundation to make it more nourishing and sets my makeup better.

Armani's foundations are all great, my colleague introduced it to me and I fell for it ever since lol. It's not cheap but it so great to use during winter. It's long lasting, my makeup stays intact until the evening except for my nose because I sneeze alot. It has a matte makeup style, I usually use this and pat lightly when I re-apply, it gives me great outcome!

Honestly I wasn't thinking about buying this product, it was annual sales and this comes with my face gel so I just bought it and I was so amazed!!!!!!!!The texture is not sticky which I'm so afraid of >< and it color corrects my skin. I would just use this when I don't want to put on makeup. It helps to protect my skin from the sun and gives me a base makeup. I love it for it gives me a nice natural look with just applying a thin layer lol. 

If you want to buy this product, it's better to purchase it in professional salon because there are fake ones! I permed and dyed my hair so my hair is very damaged with splits. After I washed my hair, I would blow dry my hair until it's half dry then apply a little amount of oil on my hair and splits( Don't apply it on your scalp!!) Then I would continue to blow dry my hair, sometimes I would apply more on my ends for more nourishment. It gives me smooth hair and next day with a nice scent. Sometimes I will apply some on my elbow or knee for nourishment, it helps to improve my dull skin. 

This is one of Shu Uemura's best rates product, it's special design is shaped like a sword which is very clever! When I use it horizontally it's great for drawing my inner eyebrows, when I use it vertically it's easier for me to shape my brows and when I use it at an angle you can draw the thickness of your brows. It's long lasting for the whole day, and you can take the pen to the store and let them shave the pen for you!  

I'm using the first generation of this air cushion, the difference with the second generation is, the first one is more dewy, the second one gives more coverage. I use the first one during winter, it's really easy to apply, just a few pats then I can go out, this gives me a more dewy look not coverage so my scars are still a little obvious but I don't scar, I still look like a Korean chick. My face does not get oily during winter so it's fine for me (Not sure about summer?) I already finished the first compact and I will consider to get a new one next winter. 

I'm sure everyone know about this lip and eye makeup remover lol, it's very cheap(Sometime there's a buy 1 get 1 free discount!) Shake the bottle before use for the oil and water to mix, apply the remover on the cotton pad and rest it on your eyes or lips for about 20 seconds, then lightly wipe out you eyeliners, mascara and lipstick it will be off easily. It does not irritate my eyes at all even when the liquid went into my eyes accidientally, this is a must have product for me !!!

This has always been one of Laura Mercier's star product, there are several tones that you can pick, I picked the #3 which is a more orange tone color to cover my dark circles. The texture is very moisturizing so it prevents finelines around my eyes from dryness. It also highlights my eye area, a little goes a long way and it's affordable, so worthed! 

This is a high performance toner, it helps to whiten my skin and also keeps my skin moisturized. The texture is abit thick and it has a light rose scent. I soaked the cotton pad in the toner and apply it on my skin for 1 minutes and I can see my skin became white immediately!!! So amazing! If I have a date the next day, I would defintely use this for some white clear skin!! It is not cheap so I would buy it during discount or annual sale. 



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