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  • Ethnicity: South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination

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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Philippines

Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask


What it says:

> solves your skin problems with utmost care

> Volcanic ash from Jeju Island and Charcoal extracts clean up skin wastes and detox. Juglans Regia (walnut) Shell Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract provide to you smooth skin with tightening effect.


Skintype: Sensitive, combination, acne-prone



I got this mask at a discounted price for a box of 10 together with a box of Honey mask. It has a black sheet that scares the hell out of the parents. We now have a "no black mask during daytime, no black mask when we're awake" rule. LOL 😂

The first time i used this was just an ordinary day and it felt good because the pores on my cheeks were cleaner. No new pimples emerged. My second time was within my period so it kind of aggravated the cystic bumps i have on my chin. It felt like my skin purged after i used the mask which was totally fine by me (i have days when i wanted my skin to purge, i dunno. I think it makes my skin healthier and breathe in that way. Like it's cleansed or somethin' like that?) Nothing an acne treatment or an overnight patch can fix anyway. What i liked about it was how my skin felt really good after masking. I just wiped the excess essence with some cotton pad and continued with a moisturizer. It wasn't oily or tacky nor was it silky or matte. It felt like it made my skin healthier, i guess?

Naruko Snail Essence

Intense Hydra Repair Mask


After my 1-hour indoor biking session for the #daretofabchallenge, i decided to have a sheetmask session. So while i was lying around with this mask on, i was totally exhausted and the last IG story i made stated that exercise was the death of me. And i was completely in death mode because i probably slept around 7pm and woke up 2am or 3am. Yeah. I missed the fun of masking, i missed dinner, i missed a night routine. LOL 😂 My face was clean anyways and i had a sheetmask on (i just don't know how long 😂)


This mask was given to me by @allthings.z and i chose this one among all the bugs i have because it's pink. Haha! The sheet was thin and soaked with a white, slightly slimey essence. It fits nicely and it wasn't irritating to my skin. That was all i could remember, i am so sorry for being damn sleepy. I woke up completely disoriented early in the AM. I went to my bathroom and noticed that despite not having a proper night routine, my face was okay. I had no irritations, no new bumps, it was hydrated and looked really calm. And i thought, maybe i was able to wear it long enough while asleep. 😂

My Scheming Herbal Anti-Acne Mask


Skintype : sensitive, combination, acne-prone


It was so timely that i saw this mask prior to ripping the ginseng mask 😂 This is your typical Taiwan sheetmask in that it is so thin i can see my hyperpigmentation. 😱 It had a plastic sheet for easy unfolding but i tore some parts when i was tugging it on the forehead area (my bad). The mask hugs the face well and you can move about without it completely falling. There was a lot of essence and was a little runny yet it was absorbed well. It smelled like a very faint and pleasant tea tree scent so those with scent issues will be very fine with this. I had no skin reactions whatsoever as it was calming while i had it on for about 30minutes. I patted the essence as it dried to a pleasant powdery finish. No kidding. It was actually refreshing while i had it on so no wonder this is good for those with active and angry pimples.

Repurchase? Yaass! 😊

Dear, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask



- soothes skin immediately without irritation - hyaluronic acid and phyto-oligo moisturizes skin gently

- nourishes and balances to soothe and refresh dry or sensitive skin



I just love this mask. The sheet is made of soft, pillowy, cotton material that hugs my face well. It was a little too wide on the sides and a little lacking on the forehead though. The whole 20minutes of masking was super relaxing for me. No irritations, no itchiness, whatsoever. There wasn't much essence left on the packet but the sheet was fully soaked. There was very minimal scent. It was soothing and perfect for a relaxing night. The essence has a clear, slightly viscous liquid which was absorbed nicely and left my skin super hydrated and not tacky. I finished my PM routine with a serum and cream also from the Klairs line. You might want to purchase some now because the brand might discontinue this mask for good. I hope not.

Repurchase? Hoarded.

The Saem Natural Honey Mask Sheet



After a long day at work, i wanted to pamper my face when i got home. I wasn't ready to do a full routine so masking session it is! This one was included in a giveaway i won last month and Honey masks are abundant in my collection. When i opened the pack, i was expecting the beer-barley-like scent i get from most honey masks. But i was instead greeted with a honey scent that was too candy-ish for my liking. If you've tried Milkcow or Honeycreme ice creams, it is like that. It was almost like honey with cream. I ain't scent-sensitive but this one kind of irritated me the whole 20minutes of the session. Haha! 😂 But i stuck to it for the love of skin. 😂 

Anyways, the essence was milk-like in consistency and it was easily absorbed by the skin. The sheetmask is a little silky but it stays on the skin well. When the 20-funny-agonizing-minutes have elapsed, i wiped my face with tissue and it left my skin a velvety, smooth, non-tacky (still candy-ish) finish. I can still smell it but to a lesser degree.

Repurchase? Yes (if they change the scent! 😂) Not a bad sheetmask at all!

Have you tried this mask? Is it also candy-like to you? 😂



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