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  • Ethnicity: East Asian, Other
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Belgium
  • Ingredient Preference: Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Aloe
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this is a product I received as part of Amabie's A-list reviewer program.

The packaging of this product is quite nice : the bottle is very sturdy and there won't be any chances of spillage of this essence as you pump it out of the bottle.

This essence is blue but once applied it's transparent. This is scented but will not harm your nose if you are sensitive to smell.

My skin easily absorbs this essence, but does give you that sticky feeling. It's like Japanese toner where if you touch your face with your palm, the skin will come with. You just need to get used to it. I tap my skin and try to make my skin "drink" the essence by covering my face with the warmth of my palms.

When used with the cream gel, your skin will have a nice glowy finish!

I use two pumps to apply on my entire face and just massage it in. Because this item is so expensive, I don't think I would ever consider buying this though...

I have received this product as part of Amabie's a-list program review.

The packaging of this mask, the box and the container all look quite classy. This gel cream comes in a plastic transparent jar with a mirror like lid. You would think it's made of glass but it's actually made of plastic.

There is no spatula with this cream gel, you just scoop out the needed amount with your finger.

Once I opened the jar, I was quite surprised that the cream gel was pinkish orange and thought it would be a thick cream. After applying it on my skin, I found this cream to be quite different as it turns watery when you start applying it on your face. The pinkish orange turns transparent.

Be careful not too put too much as a little goes a long way.

I like this cream gel as it feels light on the face but was able to hydrate my skin. It is currently winter here and the weather is now a -1 °C, but even when I use this cream, my skin does not feel tight because of the coldness. The moisture brought by this cream is great. When you use this with the essence, it gives you a nice glowy skin!

I've been using this for almost a month now and I'm almost done with this cream gel : I feel like it just melts away and like the feeling when I apply this on my skin.

This cream is on the expensive side, so unfortunately I wouldn't buy it.


I received this product as part of Amabie's A-list review program.

For the packaging, this product looks great and quite pricey. You can easily use it and spray it all over the face.

You will immediately notice that this product is rose scented. If you don't like rose scented product, stay away from this. If you don't mind scented skincare, then this should be fine.

I had tried using this mist as a make up setter and as part of my skincare routine.

As a make up mist setter, I found that this helped keep my make up longer but somehow made my skin oilier. I won't be using this as a finishing mist.

As part of my skincare routine, it felt better. On the box, it says that you can use this mist before starting your skincare routine, to prep your face. I did that and my face liked this mist incorporated in the routine.

Would I buy this? I would say no because this is quite expensive and I still prefer using my FTE before I continue with my skincare. I'm not a big fan of skincare products smelling like rose.

this is the first lip mask I have tried and I've been loving it this winter. I apply a thick layer because it smells great, like berries. My lips the next day are soft. This helped me getting soft and moisturized lips after my cold. The only thing that annoyed me is the applicator : while cleaning it after applying the mask, I realized I was pulling on it and now the pink spatula like part is no longer attached the white handle. This is great and really helps getting soft lips.

this is a milky and thick cotton mask that provided moisture to my skin. But this also left an oily film on my skin afterwards which I didn't really enjoy.  The fit of this mask was pretty nice and covered my face fully without problem. An oily finish on an oily skin is definitely not the best...

this was an ok mask with a good finish. The sheet is very thin and tore as soon as I tried to pull and adjust it to my face. I also felt like the wholes for the eyes, nose and mouth were smaller, compared to Korean masks. The fit was a bit of an issue. This also has this weird smell of glus which  I wasn't a big fan of. For some reason the skin around my mouth was still dry. this didn't hydrate my skin that much.

I love this mask : it smells great, and reminded me of the smell of kbeauty stores in Seoul and my skin was just at it's best. The fit was nice and the mask stuck to my face nicely, almost like a second skin. The essence was easily absorbed and did not provide a sticky finish. My face was nice and soft after using this mask.

I hated this mask because it left this very oily and viscous  essence after removing the mask. It left my skin so sticky that in the end I had to wash my face again. I just hated the finish and felt like the essence was just sitting there on top of my skin. The fit was ok, but this really was not the mask for me and my oily/combi skin.

this is a cute mask that warm up and relaxed the eyes. The longevity of the product is around 1 hour and when you press it down, you'll feel the warmth even more.

I like using this when my eyes are tired, or when I'm sick. The eye mask is easy to wear and comfortable. You also have a cute design of panda's on the front. This is definitely not something you use on a daily basis, but to pamper yourself and relax.

this product a definite let down for me. It was quite easy to use and did not smell chemical at all, which is great. BUT, it took a week before any peeling started and took almost 2 weeks for 80 % of my foot to renew the skin. After two weeks , there were still parts of my feet which didn't peel evenly. I also hate the fact that because it started to peel little by little, I was leaving dead skin when walking around home. There are far better peeling mask for feet than this one.

I love this sheet mask, it feels great on the skin and my skin afterwards was so soft and bright. The texture of the sheet was also great and felt quite sturdy. You can pull on it and it won't tear that easily.

It also smells very citrusy but in a good way. My skin was not sticky at all afterwards and the essence was nicely absorbed by the skin

This is a very thin mask but stays put on the face and contains lots of essence. The holes for the eyes, mouth and nose are a bit awkward but nevertheless covered my whole face. On the eye part, there are small flaps, which I folded so that it covered my under eye. Afterwards my skin was soft and bright. This mask is pretty good!

This is a cute nail kit set that came out for Christmas. You get 3 nail polish and a nail sticker sheet. You have a pale pink nail polish and a cherry red nail polish and a glittery topcoat. This is very easy to apply, 2 coat is enough to have nice coverage. The lasting power of this nail polish is also pretty good and will only chip after around 4-5 days.

The size of the nail polish are just right, not too small and not too big. The only bad thing I would say is that the red nail polish will make your nails a bit yellowish afterwards.

You can see the result of the nail polish colour on my blog :

this is a great cleansing balm as it will remove  bb cream, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and even mascara. You massage it in and then remove it with water. This did not dry my skin and had not bad reaction to it.  The sherbet just melts on your skin and is easily spreadable. The only bad thing about this is that when I use this on my eyes, it does give me blurry vision and takes several washes before it's completely remove. A tube can also last you several months.

You can see how it worked on my skin on my blog here

This was my first modeling pack and the inoface modeling pack was very easy to prepare and apply on my face. It did not drip but it did dry out pretty quicky so you need to apply this on your face pretty fast as it sets in seconds . It was also easy to remove and you just need to wash of with watering the remaining mask. After removal my face was nice and soft and had a glow to it. I used the acerola version and this did not break my skin out.

 You can see how it looks on my blog

I love this essence! It's part of my hg to get great looking skin. After the first use, you'll already notice the skin looking nicer and brighter. This is a jelly watery like essence but it easily spreadable and absorbed by the skin nicely.

A bottle also last for months, and you'll see your skin will look so much better once you finish a bottle.

This is perfect to colder season and my skin loves this. I have oily skin and this does not leave an oily film or sticky touch!

You can see a bit more on my blog

This is another great nail polish that is pretty cheap and have so many colors to chose from.

It's easy to apply and is longlasting, it can at least stay on for 5 days. There are new colours coming out every season so you'll definitely find a color you will love. The packaging is also pretty cute but still handy.

You can see shade 376 on my blog

Innisfree nail polish are pretty good! They are longlasting and have a nice range of everyday colour. I have the real fit nail polish in shade 163 .

It's easy to apply and has a glossy finish. You don't even need a top coat for it to last longer. The colour remains nice even after 5 days.

You can see shade 163 on my blog

This is a great set if you want to try out the glass nail effect. You get 3 nail polish : 1 black and 2 top coat giving that nail glass effect. It's very easy to apply and can last a couple of days before it start chipping away. This was a limited edition nail kit but can still be found online for a pretty cheap price!

you can see how it looks on my blog  :

These eye patch are a great way to provide extra moisture to the eye area. It also brighten up the under eye. The only bad thing is that it is a bit tricky to apply them. You need to play around to find a comfortable position, and they can slide a bit at the beginning. Once the product has dried out a bit, it will stay in place better.

You can see how it looks on my blog


This was an ok mask to calm the skin, but this dried out quite quickly. After 30 minutes, I noticed that it gave me a nice finish but broked me out a bit and gave me small little white bumps.

It might not happen to you , but unfortunately my skin did not react nicely to this one.

You can see more on my blog

This was my first time using a 3 step mask and was quite nicely surprised with this Cracare mask. I have never heard of them before but this was a great mask!

Step 1 is a essence gel that turns watery after application

Step 2 is the sheet mask

Step 3 is the rich nice cream

This was very easy to use and you'll notice that your skin will glow after use. Because the cream is so rich, it will take a couple of minutes for your skin to absorb it all.

The next morning my face felt really soft and plump. This is a great 3 step night routine , which is easy to use  and will give you great results.

You can see how it looks on my blog

This is an okay nose strip that does remove the gunk from your nose. I did use it with Cosrx SOl-A and it helped remove more of those filaments.

This was easy to use but you'll notice it has a earthy smell to it, despite the "lemon" from the name. My nose felt clean afterwards, but there was nothing really special about this.

You can see the results on my blog

this was an okay mask : the fit was ok and the holes for the eyes, nose and mouth was not badly place. You'll notice that there is not much excess essence but the sheet mask is nicely moist.

This is best for people with dry skin : I have oily skin and this left me with a oily film after one hour. I really did not like the finish of it.

This is definitely not for oily skin, but maybe you'll like it if you have dry skin.


You can see more of how it looks on my blog

I received this item as part of the ABsweetheart program. I was very excited as this liptick looked so original with the flower inside the transparent bullet.

Well I really thought this lipstick would be all that for seeing so many people rave about it.  My first impression was that the packaging looked really cheap. It came in a transparent plastic box with writing in Chinese and English. But then I saw it said Kailijumei Germany. What's that about?

When it was finally time to use the lipstick, I felt the container was quite bulky and big but quite light. It is possible for this lipstick to open accidentally in your pouch/pocket so beware. For the color , I received n°3 with looked a bit pink- orange.

When applied, this glides on quite easily and the color will show up quite vividly, but you'll notice this scent of chemical plastic, which is not very pleasant. If you lick your lips, it will taste horrible, just like the scent.

This unfortunately does not last long : if you don't eat it can stay on for at least 2 hours but once you start eating or drinking, it comes off quite easily and you get that horrible taste.

This also says that it help provide moisture on the lips : it looks moist but you'll feel this pulling sensation like your lips are drying out bit by bit.

I've tried giving this lipstick a change and used it several time but in this end this lipstick is a fail :

- colour is not longlasting

-has a horrible scent of plastic

-leaves a horrible taste on the lips

-dries out lips bit by bit

- the packaging is cheap looking and feel


It's really a shame because this lipstick looked really good, the bullet anyway, and the color outcome is also very nice but eventually it is not worth it. Might as well get a colored lipbalm : cheaper and will provide the needed moisture and color on your lips!


You can see more pictures on my blog

This is a very nice facial foam that is not harsh on the skin : this did not dry my skin out, not even around my mouth. It lathers quite easily and leaves the skin soft. It also has a nice fresh scent to it.

This is a great first essence that is quickly absorbed by the skin. The essence is watery but does not go everywhere. It really has a nice honey scent that is not sugary. This disappears after application. It leave your skin soft, a bit matte and ready for the next step!

This is a nice toner with a strong smell of rose, might not be for people with sensitive noses. It does leave the skin soft and ready for the next step in your skincare. I did not see anything special with this toner though.

I love this sheet mask : the texture is different. It sticks to the skin directly and there is so much essence left. Despite the mask being completely wet, it only takes 30 minutes  for it to be completely absorbed by the skin and does not leave a sticky finish. This smells great, it's not overpowering just perfect! It also nicely fitted my face and the sheet is also very sturdy. You can see how it looks when applied on my blog :

This is a great sheet mask that feels like a second skin. It stays on nicely and leave skin super soft, specially when used before your night routine. You will wake up with very soft skin. But the hanrabong can be very strong. This might not be good if you are sensitive to scented product. You can see how it looks on the face on my blog :

This is my most favorite lip tint as I love the color it provides, the fresh red shade. It also is scented, like candy but does not taste bad or like candy. The lip balm that comes with it is buttery and again so easy to apply. This tint is of a jelly like texture, so this does not dry the lips at all. You can see how it looks on me on my blog

These are dry hydrogel eye patched : they will only stick on one side but can still be moved around. It leaves the under eye part soft and a bit brightened, but does become itchy even before the 20 minutes.

You can see more on my blog :

this is a creamy mask with some beads which help massage/exfoliate. This didn't do much to my skin and didn't leave my skin softer. It felt like I applied Nivea cream on my face with a touch of mango.

You can skip this mask if you're looking for yogurt type wash off mask. You can also see how it looks on my skin on  my blog

I love love love Happy bath's body wash. It always smell so good plus it's pretty cheap. I always buy and use this whenever I go to Korea. Your skin is also pretty soft afterwards.

This is a nice hand cream that dries up quickly so you won't have oily or sticky hands afterwards. Took bad it's quite expensive and it doesn't work on very dry hands. Or you just need to apply this even more often



Not a spectacular product, it dos remove dirt but not enough. As it is a 3 step mask, it is time consuming as you need to leave each strip for at least 10 minutes. The design is cute but the product itself is just average.

You can see a bit more on my blog  and how it worked on me

This is a great mascara that once it set stays in place. It does not budge and is smudge proof. This has a special want, thicker on one side and like a comb on the other, so you can definitely coat every lash. This is long lasting as well so you will need an oil based makeup remover to get this one out. If you wear glasses like I do, this is great as it does not leave you with those black dust on your glasses or around your eyes.

You can see how it looks on me and my smudge test on my blog


This is my favorite mascara remover as it's perfect for waterproof mascara, even the hardest ones like Fasio, Majolica Majorca or Espoir cannot stop this one from getting all that mascara out. It comes in a special wand format and you just need to apply it to your eyelashes. Once your eyelashes are fully coated,you can wipe the makeup off. The remaining oil will help care for your eyelashes. This is definitely a HG for me, you can see how it works on my blog

This is a pretty hydrogel sheets for under your eyes, or around your mouth. These hydrogel look very fancy because of the golden sparks you can see on the sheet. They are a bit hard to apply as they will slide away a bit, so you need to lie down when using this, or wait at least 10 minutes for it to dry a bit so you can move around. This gives moisture to the area around your eyes. After 30 minutes, once you've removed the hydrogel, you will notice some gel like substance that can be rubbed off around the eyes. Apart from this small inconvenience, this is still a nice treat for the eyes. You can check it out on my blog :


This is my most favorite lip tint as I love the color it provides, the fresh red shade. It also is scented, like candy but does not taste bad or like candy. The lip balm that comes with it is buttery and again so easy to apply. This tint is of a jelly like texture, so this does not dry the lips at all. You can see how it looks on me on my blog

This is a tint in the shape of a marker + balm. The color gives a nice natural look and I love the lipbalm that comes with it as it's very buttery and gives a nice shine to the lips. This tint does not taste bad and does not dry my lips. It's too bad this one does stay on for too long. The name of the shade I have is a bit strange, ( red dog) but okay. You can see how it looks on my on my blog :

one of my favorite hand cream as it helps with dry hands in the wintertime. It can leave a bit of oily film but this goes away quite quickly. It also smells really good!

Nice lip balm in a very cute packaging. This provide moisture to the lip, but it's highly scented. The stand out point of this product is the packaging. It would have been great if it came with an applicator, as you'll have sticky fingers if you use it as is.

This is a nice highlighter but can be a bit hard to blend in. A little powder is enough to highlight the parts of your face such as your cheek, forehead.

This is my favorite Peripera lip tint. It doesn't have a horrible taste and doesn't dry my lips. The peach 02 is the perfect shade for natural and youthful lips!

nice watery lip tint but the taste is horrible. It also has a nice packaging.

I loved using this, as it gives a nice natural glow to your lips, but 30 EUR for a lipbalm is too much. I rather use a dupe at a1/10 of the price.

this does help to have a matte face for oily skin, but using this gave me little bumps, so I had to give this product a miss.

I love the original version of this as it's very buttery and just melts when applied. I did see a small difference with the European formulation compared to it's Asian counterpart, but it's still pretty good and cheap. You can surely find a shade you'll like, if you want a colored lip balm.

cute little lipbalm with a glossy finish. There is nothing really special about this, just the cute packaging

this is a nice mask sheet mask and I love the scent of it. This always contains so much essence that I use it to moisturize dry parts of my body!

Great cleansing water and I really feel like my skin is clean afterwards. It's not sticky and it slightly scented.

I use this toner as a cleansing water and it helps me remove the excess sebum. This never broke me out and it's been in my skincare regime for years now!

This is an okay serum, but for my oily skin, I prefer using this in the winter time. It gave me that extra moisture my skin needed. But for summer this is too much for my skin. The scent is also pretty strong, so if you're sensitive to scented products, you might not like this.

You can see  more on my blog :

This soap smells wonderful and not too drying. I only use this soap for my hands though.

At first I thought this was helping me with my pimples, but it actually didn't. Using this kept my pimples red and the scent of this is quite strong. It can also sting if you use too much, so a little goes a long way.

This is a different shampoo as it helps with your scalp and not your hair. This helped  me get rid of my dandruff ,dry scabs and my hair is less oily as well. The cooling effect is also great. But your hair will feel hard and get tangled if you only use the shampoo. You need to use a hair treatment and serum to have manageable hair afterwards. You can see more on my blog as well :

this is great facial spray to refresh your face or extra moisture. Great when travelling as well!

This is a good essence that helps brighten your skin. But the capsule can be a bit annoying as they don't all burst and can leave you with white products accumulated on the side of your face.

This is the only hair dye which I have used on my black asian hair which dyes it and the color shows. It's easy to apply and does not damage your hair as muh as other dye might do. Plus it doesn't smell that bad. You can see how to use and apply it on my blog ::

This is one of the first CC cream I have liked. As someone with oily skin, this is a good cc cream to use in fall to spring. But will get too oily in the summer time. This is nevertheless good cc cream for any complexion. You can see more on my blog

This is a nice lip balm that gives you a touch of color to your lips. The moisturizing effect is also pretty good.

You can see the color on my blog :

This is a wonderful alternative to a lipstic as it's like a lipbalm that gives your lips this nice glow that lipglosses can give you but it's not sticky at all!

They also have a lot of  colors to pick from. You can see how shade 9 looks on me on my blog :

I love this handcream because it's so different. The gel really turns into water and it doesn't leave you with sticky hands. Plus it smells so good. You can see more on my blog if you are curious here :

I love love love this lip balm as it easily glides on the lip and leaves them soft and moisturized. It also leaves a touch of color, which makes my lips look fresh.

It also comes in a very cute packaging and makes it look very glamorous and princess like!

You can see more on my blog, how it looks on my lips

This is a lip tint which you need to peel off to show the colour. The application can be a pain because you need to wait for it to dry and peel off but the color is realy nice. I have the virgin red and it's a very nice red shade, which does not make me look vampy. This does not have a bitter taste and does not dry my lips as well.


You can see the colour and result on my lips on my blog :

This is one of my favorite hair treatment to use when I want to have shiny and manageable hair. This specially helps when you want to straighten your hair.

It smells good and a bottle can last you a couple on months. The price is also just right! It doesn't make my hair oily, but if you put too much, it can indeed make your hair oily.

You can see the result on my hair on my blog :

This is a really cute gradation kit with easy to apply nail polish from Beyond. They are quite longlasting and perfect for people who like pink. As usual, the glittery parts is hard to remove but you can easily create your own gradation look, or just apply it as  regular nail polish.

You can see how it looks on my blog :

This is a realy nice and refeeshing gel moisturizer which can actually be used on your body, face and even hair.


I really like it's fresh, a bit masculine, scent. This is perfecr for summer, or you are looking for a non sticky moisturizer.


You can see more on my blog :

This Klairs toner is a fresh almost gel like toner which is very moisturizing. It suits my oily skin and can also suit dry and normal skin.

It smells a bit like mountain flower and feels nice on the face.

A bottle can last you months and months as a little goes a long way!

See more on my blog

I really enjoy using this sunscreen as the cream gel texture turns watery when applied.

It's not sticky and does not leave a whitecast plus it doesn't make my skin oilier!


Also reviewed it on my blog here , sad that I'm almost done with mine.

This is a very fun but time consuming mask to use.

The clay mask will bubble and bubble and change colour after a couple of minutes. Once the mask is washed off, you will have a clean face and the excess sebum removed and your pore less visible. Your skin will look brighter afterwards.

You can see the evolution of the mask on my face and it's result on my blog :

Plus you can make really silly and funny selfies with this mask on :)

If you are looking for a mask to give you a "soft to the touch" feel, this is definitely the mask for you.

Do wet your face before applying the sugar scrub as it can be a bit too harsh and painful if you apply it directly.

You can also see more about this on one of my previous post on my blog

This is a really good cleanser and it gives you that squeaky clean feel. But it can dry out some parts of your face. I have oily skin and this removes the extra sebm, but it does leaves my skin dry around my mouth. This also has a lemon scent to it so if you don't like scented products, you might not like this.



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