Hello, I'm Evelyn. Chilean, mom of two girls and caring wife. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and kbeauty addict, specially about skincare.

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  • Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino/Carribean
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Chile
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Tree Oil, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

* Recieved this product by Amabié because the Sweethearts program for Reviewers*

I've been using this essence daily during day and night and basically liked it. It's good only for hydration purposes but you should be aware if your skin produces too much oil because could feel it a little heavy during the first minutes after applied it. It have a soft and fresh scent, a light blue color and a pump type dispenser. The package is airless and in general I like the Fly Up HD line because the luxury appearance.

I think because the light hydration it's suited for combination skin, it hydrates but it's absorbed really quick by skin leaving a moist, but somehow sticky feeling. Don't know if it's because in here there is too much heat or because my skin is dehydrated, but I certainly recommend to use 3 pumps to get a proper hydration.

Didn't caused me any breakout or irritation :)


*Recieved this product for Sweethearts Reviewer Program*

This is an hydrating mist/Makeup fixer that has a subtle scent like roses and other scent I can't identify. I've been using it to boost hydration during the day, and helps a lot also to soothe irritated skin. When I do my makeup used it too like a fixer and realized that my makeup last longer in place, without creasing or melting because heat (it's Summer in here, a hot and dry summer). What I like the most it's the rose scent and how practical it's the packaging. It looks like glass, but it's plastic. Has a good size too and ingredients are quite good too, mainly distilled water, rose water and aloe barbadensis leaf.
To fight the heat I keep it in my fridge and that hydration it's also cooling. Ph of the product it's slightly acidic.

*I've recieved this product from Amabié, as part of Sweethearts program for reviewers.*


It's my first time using Taiwanese skincare and it has been an entertaining and novel experience, because didn't know what to expect (So, thank you again Amabié for this opportunity).
Since this cream only promises to hydrate your skin, I consider it has been good in that. My skin is combination but dehydrated and right now in here is Summer (30º C and more everyday) so I'm very relieved with the performance of this cream, because it's very lightweight and the texture is gel type and it's absorbed quickly by skin leaving a soft (like primer) sensation and non sticky feeling. I like it a lot  because that soft feeling in my skin and because the light hydration, since my skin tends to be complicated with dry patches and oily areas. With this cream I have a balanced state of my skin, tested by skin analyzer. I don't see any other improvement if you're asking and only for that doesn't have the five hearts.

Also, my skin is acne prone and I'm happy to report that didn't had any blemish or irritation because this cream.

Very recommended if you have combination dehydrated skin. Maybe in dry skintypes won't hydrate as much as needed.

Recieved this lipstick because the Amabié Sweethearts Program. It's very pretty, the main catch-up it's the dried flower inside and the fact it reacts with body temperature. Don't expect a lot of pigmentation or long-lasting, because it's more a lipbalm due the ingredients and sheer pigmentation. It leaves a slight tint over lips and doesn't dry it. It gives a pretty light pink color.

Thanks to Amabié for send it ♥

Your vision should depend of the tone you'll get. I got the color #5 which is called "glass and a half of wine at midnight" so it has a dark, classic red. and a balm color pigmented with some sparkle.

It's good for everyday, since you can use the balm or use it like gradation easily, but also can wear the dark red for nightime. Doesn't dry, but it does transfer.

Have the RD302 color and like it but has some flaws. For example, color it's very rich and pigmented but it's kind of buttery so tends to melt a little with heat or warm days and does transfer a lot.

Package it's pretty and sometimes wear that cute ring :3

Hated it so much, this cream broke me out a lot of times, and did my skin oilier than was before. Tried to use it in my arms and legs and was unbearable and so fake.

The only good thing it's the cute panda package.

Recommended only for those who have normal/oily skin and no pimples. If you have acne using this mask alone could result into more breakouts...that happened to me and had to use it diluted with water or with cleansing oil because scrub was too harsh for my skin.

Scent is good, and leaves your skin like a baby's butt. Just be careful to not rub, specially your face and sensitive areas.

Lately I have been with very dry lipst, so I'm switching to hydrating lipsticks and avoiding liptints that are too drying. So this Labiotte Liptint arrived in the perfect time, and the color I loved the most (despite I'm planning to get the coral one, it's so pretty).

It has a high pigmentation, a glossy finish, it's sweet, has a pleasant scent and it's not drying for my lips. Lasts a lot too, since I test in the most hard situation: going to eat to a Korean restaurant with many dishes, soup, bbq and pancakes. It lasted, but faded leaving the tinted color in my lips.

One of the best eyeliners you can get if you're looking for something budget friendly. The brush it's easy to use and can get different types of lines just making it bolder. Sadly the bottle it's not the best.

It last longer than expected.

Price is good but quality will depend of the color/finish you get. For example, I own 1, 8 and 22 from the basic collection and 22 was superb, meanwhile 8 was too dry and not blendable to perform as a concealer. 1 It's good if you tend to use gel eyeliners.

I have too the special Snowy dessert Christmas Edt and were so pretty colors! but some colors were not very blendable for eye makeup (maybe my eyelids are too sensitive, which I don't think so). You can see more of this line at:

Etude House Play nails are quite good for the price. It may depend of the collection the results you'll get but for me has been good quality at the best price, only comparable to Aritaum's MODI.

I own 3 nail polishes from the base collection, other from Princess Happy ending, from Berry delicious, from Give me Chocolate, Zoom in the Zoo and Melting summer and are quite good and lasting.

It's a very refreshing serum, but nothing more than that for me, didn't make a difference in my routine. It's suitable for oily/combination young skintypes.

This is a very cheap patch, made of paper and cointaining a lot of essence to hydrate and plump the skin around the eye, giving a cooling and refreshing sensation. I didn't noticed any big improvement regarding wrinkles, but eye contour are was plumpled and rested after using it.

My favourite clay mask for now. Bubbles are fun but if it's your first time could be too much tingling. Be careful if you have sensitive skin or allergy to any ingredient, or if you have dry skin since this mask can be drying (because it's for oily to combination skin). It does a good job to clean skin, specially pores and controlling sebum. Try to use it before entering to shower or bath because in there it's easy to wash off, otherwise you'll be at the sink rinsing for too much time since it's very foaming.

Ingredient list and more it's available in my Blog entry.

This is one of the liptints that have the better lasting (from the ones I've used). It's quite pigmented and when applied, leaves a glossy layer over the lips. After you eat or drink hot beverages, it tends to fade, leaving the tinted layer. This may last a lot, but doesn't last evenly until the end of the day. Can be removed easily with Oil cleanser or point makeup remover. It has a almost unnoticeable sweet taste and a mild sweet scent.

May dry lips, since it's a tint, so be careful with your lips and exfoliate and use lipbalms or lipmasks to get the best results. My color is No spoiler.

A complete surprise. I was afraid this line of Color in liquid lips was "meh" like the previous one, but luckily this time, the formula was lightweight and tinted. I have RD305 & RD306. Both are lovely, really pigmented and can last even after a copious meal. Are not as drying as other liptints and have a glossy finish when applied. If you didn't get one, the Berrisom Angel Lip Tatoo are similar.

This is HG for me, the best make up remover I've tried. It's soft with the skin, but removes all kind of makeup without blurring the eyes. It leaves the skin moisturized but not oily. Has a nice scent, it comes in two sizes and a little goes for long.

It's affordable, can remove effectively even the waterproof point makeup and also doesn't leave a dry or even an oily sensation after used. It has a nice clean scent and has 2 sizes: 100 ml and 250. I recommend getting the 250 ml one since if you're a daily makeup user, you need something like that for everyday. 

The only downside: if you pour too much product into the cotton, it will left you with blurry eyes for a while.

This is the best loose powder that any person who wants to control sebum could need. It's so affordable, it has a decent amount of product and has many uses beside being a sebum mattifyer (as example: Makeup mattifyer, Dry shampoo, Makeup setting, Eye primer). It last 2 years since opening. Leaves skin soft and not white, just be careful to not apply too much product.

I'm a sucker for Etude House packaging, so when this edition was launched I was really excited for how this line could be. I own the Strawberry Fondue palette and I've been using it everyday since colors are for daily use (touched pan in two colors yay!). My favourites are the pink ones and the butter sparkle color.

Overall I'm happy with this (and most of Korean eyeshadows) because it has a decent but low pigmentation for a low profile makeup, but if you're used to KVD or dramatic colors and bold pigmentation, this palette (and maybe in general, the korean ones) maybe aren't what you're looking for.

The applicator is really cheap so I just use my fingers to do my makeup.

I'm not so into Body lotions, always considered that are a bother to use since my busy "mom life" allows me quick showers and that's it. Luckily, this lotion it's a pleasure for the senses. It spreads easily because the lightweight texture, in my dry skin it absorbed quickly leaving a noticeable and pleasant scent that I can't define. The brand states this scent belongs to Ginseng flower but tbh, I never smelled a Ginseng flower before and luckily this lotion doesn't have the strong ginseng smell >_<.

It could be perfect if the moisture stayed for many hours, but it goes quickly. At least my skin is soft and scented for the rest of the day. The packaging is so big (350 ml) so it last for a while.

This is a really good bb cream. It has medium to full coverage and it's hydrating without being oily. Loved the Honey beige color since it fitted well into my skin. The finish it's natural, somehow glowing.

This was the first korean toner which really helped me with my acne. Before used the Wonder Pore and was a wreck (too much alcohol), but this one effectively helped me to control excess sebum without stripping or drying. It's also interesting this toner has AHAs and BHA between the ingredients.

For a long time my HG regarding an eye primer was the Proof 10 from Etude, but this one from VDL caught me. It has a good staying power, it enhances color and lasting of eyeshadows and adherence of eyeliners. Also, this primer gives a silky finish and it's the fast enough to dry allowing to spread evenly on lids.

Other thing I must mention, it's this last longer than the Etude Primer, it's 12 months compared the 6 months.

This was my first Cosrx Product and has HG quality. It was the responsible of keeping my pimples controlled and helped to heal those breakouts faster and help with post acne marks.

Since it has a high content in Propolis, that's the ingredient responsible for the magic because the antiinflammatory and healing properties, but also you should be cautious if you have any bee allergy.

HG cleanser. Despite the fragrance (that you'll end not caring about), it has a good cleansing powder. It's capable to remove all makeup (even the waterproof ones) being gentle with skin.

Low ph cleanser are a must in my routine, and recently repurchased this one because has the better price/size/effectiveness relation.

It's a really good eyeliner. I'm always looking for waterproof and brush type black eyeliners since I tend to rub my eyes and usually do cat eyes on me, and this is the perfect eyeliner to start: It has a good pigmentation, doesn't fade through the day and the brush allow a steady line.

This is a complete cleanser, since it can effectively get rid of waterproof makeup aswell sunscreen or bb cream. The sherbet type it's easier to use than oil type cleansers since doesn't run through fingers but instead it melts into your skin after you applied. Plus, has a nice scent.

This emulsifies quite well with water and it's easy to rinse, and doesn't leaves oily sensation after using it. But you'll need a second foam cleanser to perform nicely the double cleansing.

The only downisde I can see about this product, it's that if you use to remove your eye makeup, it will sting.



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