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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Salicylic Acid, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Brand:­ Pūr~lisse


Name: ­Blue Lotus + White Tea Treatment Sheet Mask


Where I got this: ­@amabiebeauty sent this since I was one of their #ABsweethearts.


Targets: Intense moisture, nourishing and renewing.


Notable ingredients: Allantoin, betaine, witch hazel extract, anise fruit extract.


Scent: ­It seriously smells like hand soap, but not in a bad way.


Essence: ­Watery and maybe a tad bit sticky.


Material/Fit: ­Standard cotton mask that seems to be made for small faces. The eyes are pretty small.


Results: ­My face looks so good, ahhh!! It definitely brightens the skin (it pairs well with a charcoal mask beforehand to clear ghee pores). My face is well nourished and moisturized. Only a little sticky.


Price: $8 for one mask on their site. $35 for 6.


(Re)purchase?: ­It was good, but not worth $8 to me.


Overall rating: 4/5­

Am I the only one that thinks this moisturizer has a very unpleasant smell? Like that of rubber? I don't enjoy that.

Overall, this moisturizer is just okay to me. It's kind of thick and heavy, which I was not expecting. This makes me not want to reach for it most nights, but I don't want to waste it.

It does moisturize well, but didn't impress me much. 

I wouldn't purchase this. Too expensive and not worth it.

This is a product that I'm not exactly sure if it's doing anything because on ME, nothing looks any different. But I am sure deep down, it is providing moisture and is preventing more wrinkles and damage to my sensitive eye skin.

The texture us nice and not too thin and doesn't seem too sticky or heavy. There's not much else I can really say about it.

I'm not sure if I would purchase it myself, though.

Notable ingredients: Lactobacillus extract (that's a probiotic in yogurt); Salicornia herbacea extract (antioxidant, locks in moisture); sea water; propolis extract; honey extract; argan oil extract; shea butter extract; avocado extract; ginger root extract. So many hydrating ingredients!


Targets: ­Instilling moisture deep into the skin, making skin radiant.


Scent: ­I can't really smell anything. Maybe slightly clean and oceany.


Essence: ­Watery and soaks the sheet well. There's enough left over for my neck and probably arms!


Material/Fit: ­It's a very thin mask that the package describe as fitting like a second skin and I agree!


Results: ­My skin tone looks pretty even (it did already, really). My skin doesn't look any different, but it definitely feels hydrated. The essence didn't dry tacky, which is cool. •­

Price: ­$6.99 for 1 on Amazon, $0.78 on, $16.48 for 10 on Jolse


(Re)purchase?: ­Maybe, but only if it's cheap.


Overall rating: 4/5­

Notable ingredients: Pumpkin fruit extract (antioxidant, promotes collagen production, improves skin tone); allantoin (anti-inflammatory); hydrolyzed elastin; sodium hyaluronate; rosa centifolia flower extract (skin conditioning).


Targets: ­Skin lifting, smoothing, improves elasticity.


Scent: ­It doesn't smell like pumpkin or pumpkin spice, it just has a nice light clean perfume scent.


Essence: ­Watery, doesn't seem too sticky.


Material/Fit: ­The packaging says this is a tencel sheet mask. What's interesting and different is that it has a quilted texture all over it, kinda like toilet paper. 😂 But it actually fits perfectly on me!


Results: ­I can't really say that it did anything to my fine lines, but my skin is definitely hydrated, smoothed, and my tone looks more even. The essence takes a few minutes to set it and leaves a dewy finish. Just a tiny bit sticky, no big deal.


Price: ­Uhh... It was unavailable or sold out on any trusted sites I could find. Did Mediheal discontinue this mask? All the reviews I saw on blogs were years old.


(Re)purchase?: ­I would, if it were available!


Overall rating: 3.5/5­

I would give this zero hearts if I could.

Notable ingredients: Alcohol. Two kinds. 😑 Plus cucumber fruit extract, panax ginseng root extract, jasmine flower extract.


Targets: ­Cleansing away impurities and dead skin cells, while moisturizing.


Scent: ­Alcohol. I couldn't smell cucumber at all.


Material: ­Gel goop.


Results: ­It didn't really do anything impressive. It was like pulling glue off of my face and I couldn't even get it all off. Even the parts I peeled off left a weird residue behind. That was pointless. •­

Price: ­$5.99 for 4 on Amazon


(Re)purchase?: ­Hell no.

Notable ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, witch hazel, hydrolyzed placental extract.


Targets: ­Skin repair, improves elasticity and nutrition.


Scent: ­I can't really place a scent.


Essence: ­Watery essence that doesn't seem sticky to the touch (yet).


Material/Fit: ­The material is described as a silk cellulose sheet. Despite how wrinkled it looks, it fits quite well. It just doesn't smooth well. •­

Results: ­Oh, wow! At first, I didn't notice much when I removed it, but after a few minutes, my skin appeared brighter, smoother, calmer, no redness. I definitely feel like I can go without makeup today. It doesn't leave my skin sticky at all, so I'd use this in the morning if I needed to!


Price: ­$2.23 on Amazon (I got it under the false name "Efinny"?), or $10.20 for 10.


(Re)purchase?: ­I actually would!


Notable ingredients: Aloe, arbutin (whitening), Pelargonium graveolens extract (astringent).


Targets: ­Tightening pores, clarifying, and brightening.


Scent: ­Definitely herbal. Not strong at all.


Essence: ­Very watery and drippy!


Material/Fit: ­It's a lace mask with ear hooks*. It's really cool, even though I'm not sure if it's really serving much of a purpose. The fit is decent except the renting over the sides of the nose.


Results: ­One thing is for sure, this is an astringent mask!! My skin was kind of tight after. (I followed with a cream and aloe sleeping pack.) My skin also appeared brighter.


Price: ­$10.80/5 pieces on Amazon.


(Re)purchase?: ­Maybe. I'd like to try others of this brand.


Overall rating: 4/5 for the novelty and astringent action.

* My fiancée gives this mask 11/10 creepies. 😂

Notable ingredients: Niacinamide, donkey milk, salmon egg extract, GNC-WHC6 (a complex of 6 extracts including blueberry, ginseng), pear extract, multivitamin complex.


Targets: ­Brightening, replenishing moisture.


Scent: ­It actually smells really good. I don't now how to describe it.


Essence: ­A mix of water and gel. •­

Material/Fit: ­This sheet is made out of some sort of pulp. It feels a little more thick and stiff (lmao) than your average sheet and fits amazingly, actually.


Results: ­I guess it brightened? I dunno. I'm so pale, it's hard to tell when brightening things work. It definitely moisturized, though. •­

Price: ­$12 ish on Amazon for 10 pieces.


(Re)purchase?: ­I'm really undecided about purchasing from this brand again as I whole. Maybe I'd purchase this one or maybe one of the other Donkey Milk varieties.

Notable ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide, ceramide-3. Alcohol is in it, but very close to the end of the list.


Targets: ­Skin brightening, anti-aging.


Scent: ­Doesn't really seem to have one, which I'm sure is nice for people that can't handle strong perfumes.


Essence: ­The essence in the little packet was a gel. The essence in the mask is watery and had none leftover. ;(


Material/Fit: ­This is a black cotton mask that made pretty much the perfect fit! I can't really complain!


Results: ­My skin looked brighter, felt firmer, any fine lines looked smaller, as did my pores.


Price: ­$3 on @lovepinkseoul's site right now. Some sellers on amazon have 10 pieces for $20. •­

(Re)purchase?: ­Hmm... Maybe. It was good, but I'm not in love.


Overall rating: 3.75/5­

Notable ingredients: Aloe, licorice, cucumber, chamomile, hyaluronic acid.


Targets: ­Hydration, nourishment, reducing inflammation, and enhancing skin firmness. •­

Scent: ­There doesn't seem to really be a scent. •­

Essence: ­ It's watery and there seems to be like 1/4 cup left over!!


Material/Fit: ­Hydrogel, of course. The fit is pretty much perfect!


Results: ­Visibly... I don't see a huge difference. It looks soothed, but no awesome results. It did reduce the redness of some pimples I've got. (A new product is the suspect.) But it feels hydrated and nourished. It helped soothe my skin from these crappy Walmart Equate cotton pads I got. Overall, I'm not astounded or in love with the results. I think this would be good for anyone with a lot of redness and inflammation going on.


Price: ­$9 for 3 on Beautibi


(Re)purchase?: ­Ehh... Nah. Not really worth it to me.


Overall rating: 3.5/5­

Notable ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, aloe, lemon, and tomato extracts, and so many other awesome ingredients.


Targets: ­Moisturizing and nourishment to the skin.


Scent: ­A clean kinda scent, but nothing strong at all.


Essence: ­Watery and ever so slightly sticky. •­

Material/Fit: ­It's made of tencel and makes an amazing fit. It may look wrinkly around my laugh line area, but that's just where the mask overlaps from the slits. I'm able to smooth it down perfectly, it's wide enough and long enough! It feels like a cool second skin.


Results: ­Hmm... The results weren't as great as I was expecting of other NOHJ masks. My skin looks smooth and calm, but doesn't feel particularly hydrated. Bummer. But it dries mostly matte and not really sticky.


Price: ­$2.25 on @beautequeofficial


(Re)purchase?: ­Maybe not this one, but NOHJ is such a great brand.


Overall rating: 3/5 for the fit and smooth skin, but minus points for not leaving lasting moisture.

Notable ingredients: Evidently there's milk in this? I keep finding it in the name on various sites. I can't find an ingredients list anywhere, so if anyone knows where, DM me a link? •­

Targets: ­??? Probably brightening, pore shrinking? •­

Scent: ­Melon-ish and fruity! •­

Essence: ­Watery and not really sticky. •­

Material/Fit: ­Not-too-thick cotton and fits pretty great!


Results: ­My skin is soothed and my pores are small. Not sure what this mask's targets are, but this is all it seemed to do. Dries matte and not sticky. Maybe a good morning mask!


Price: ­$1-4 and sold out on most sites.


(Re)purchase?: ­Ehh... I'd try our again for $1.


Notable ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, plum extract, ginseng root extract, jujube extract, rose extract, witch hazel, pomegranate extract, fig extract, white mulberry extract, gingko biloba extract, aloe, adenosine.


Targets: ­Anti-aging, and I've seen reviewers say it brightens and evens out their skin tone.


Scent: ­It smells like a really nice lotion of some sort. I really like it.


Essence: ­Watery with a bit of stickiness.


Material/Fit: ­The fit is seriously perfect. I have no complaints.


Results: ­My skin is very soothed and plumped, my pores look shrunken. My skin was also left pretty moisturized. The essence dries matte, but a little sticky. •­

Price: ­$2.80 on @skin18com, $3 on Memebox (currently sold out).


(Re)purchase?: ­I suppose I would if it were $1 or something.

This wash-off mask is intended to brighten your skin, as well as shrink your pores.

I was happy that it came with a brush to distribute it onto my skin evenly. It's pretty much the same as a foundation brush, so I guess you could always repurpose a foundation brush into a mask brush.

First thing I noticed other than the gold color is that the product is veryyy runny. I had to quickly brush it onto my face before it could fall off of it and into the sink. I wasn't sure whether to brush it on thick or thin, so I did a mixture of both to test how fast it would dry. It's also super perfumey, almost in a bad way for me. The instructions say about 20 minutes until it turns white.

My skin is definitely bright and smooth after. Plus my pores definitely shrunk. But there weren't phenomenal enough results for me to care to purchase this, to be honest. 

Notable ingredients: Shea butter, niacinamide, meadowfoam seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, lavender, eucalyptus, marjoram, thyme, Clary sage, rosemary, Ho Wood, and a bunch of peptides!


Targets: ­Prevents aging, hydrates skin, locks in moisture, and restores elasticity. •­

Scent: ­Hmmm... Non-descript, but not bad either.


Essence: ­Watery, doesn't leave the mask drippy.


Material/Fit: ­Pretty good fit, I just had a difficult time putting it on because I was using one hand, holding a mirror with the other hand. (Usually I use two hands in front of the bathroom mirror.) I could have applied it higher up, but oh well! •­

Results: ­When I peeled this mask off ai noticed instant brightness! Wow!! Brightness is hard for me to notice, as I'm so pale, but this was instantly noticeable. No redness, my complexion is even, my skin LOOKS plump, feels moist, just wow! 😍😍😍 I definitely treated myself.


Price: ­$16.19 for 5 pieces on eBay! (Couldn't get the Naruko site to load, but I imagine it's more.)


(Re)purchase?: ­Uh, yeah!!!

Notable ingredients: Irish moss, collagen, Oarweed (algae), Butcher's-broom, witch hazel, panaz ginseng, sodium hyaluronate, sugar cane.


Targets: ­"Intense plumpness". I've already got that going on. 😉😉😉


Scent: ­Fruity and pleasant. Not very noticeable when the mask is on.


Essence: ­Watery, maybe half a teaspoon left in the packet.


Material/Fit: ­Thick cotton. My beef with MBD masks is that the eyes are too small, therefore there's tenting around the nose and that's about it. Other than that, the fit is great.


Results: ­The thing I usually search for first after using a collagen mask is whether my future-laugh-line has temporarily disappeared... Not with this one, sadly. Nevertheless my skin looks and feels hydrated, is soothed and is bright. The essence dries matte and not sticky.

Price: ­$1.99 each on Beauteque, $12.99 for 10 on

(Re)purchase?: Probably not. I've used better collagen masks, but this wasn't bad.


Notable ingredients: Oats, brown algae, maple sugar, Cosphingo, centella asiatica, Baobab tree pulp, hydrolyzed soy, rice protein, and so many other great ingredients.

Targets: ­Nourishes, moisturizes, refines.

Scent: ­Very light floral, almost undetectable.

Essence: ­Watery and not sticky at all. It's not necessarily dripping with essence, but it's running down my neck!

Material/Fit: ­Thick cotton with too many notches. It makes it hard to find a good fit and smooth down. Tenting around the nose and outer corners of the eyes. So not the greatest fit, but not the worst either.

Results: ­My skin definitely looks smooth and feels soft, but not super moist. The essence dried matte, but a little sticky. I guess I expected more from this mask because the packaging is so pretty and people seem to looove this brand.

Price: ­$12.99 for 10 pieces on, $17 on I'm amazed either site sells these!

(Re)purchase?: ­Ehh... It was good, but I don't feel the need to repurchase this.

Notable ingredients: I found it really hard to find information on this brand. All I could gather that this has tea tree in it (probably what the picture is).

Targets: ­Soothing, of course!

Scent: ­Light tea tree/herbal scent. •

Essence: ­Watery with about a tablespoon leftover.

Material/Fit: ­Thick papery cotton. It actually fits very well. I can feel it covering everything on my face that it should! 

Results: ­I'm not sure if it was because the room was cool or what, but I did feel a bit of a cooling/tingling sensation? (Anyone else get this feeling from this mask?) My skin has been left bright, clear-looking, no redness, looks smooth. Essence seems to dry pretty matte.

Price: ­It was impossible to find a price for that on a site we commonly use in the AB community, but you can get a set of 7 of these on Amazon for $14.68. Also a site called testerkorea has them for $4.88.

(Re)purchase?: ­I would if it were available on another site.

Notable ingredients: Portulaca oleracea (a succulent), camellia sinensis (green tea), grapefruit, gastrodia elata root, licorice root, apricot, soybean, and acerola extracts.

Targets: ­Deep moisturizing and conditioning.

Scent: ­Pretty? I'm not sure how to describe it, haha. 

Essence: ­Watery and didn't seem sticky.

Material/Fit: ­This is the worst fit I've encountered so far. I have used another Beauty Friends II mask before and I don't remember it being this bad. Too short on the bottom half, too long in the forehead, the notches are too short for good placement and I could not smooth out all of these bubbles. 😠 And the fit gets worse as you wear it, since it seems to pull away from the face. 

Results: ­My skin doesn't look or feel any different to me. It's definitely not moisturized or conditioned at all. Just cold. Because my room is cold. My skin actually feels tight after the essence dried. Fail. I wish I could give this a zero.

Price: ­$0.76 on @skin18com right now, $1.90 on @beautequeofficial.

(Re)purchase?: ­Nope. I'm really unimpressed with this line of masks so far.

Notable ingredients: Grapefruit, mugwort, chameleon plant, centella, grape, orange, apple, lemon, and lime extracts, andsodium hyaluronate.

Targets: ­Pore clearing and shrinking.

Scent: ­Leafy, minty, and also a little bit fruity. 

Essence: ­Very watery, dripping down my neck. Over a tablespoon leftover in the packet. Yisss.

Material/Fit: ­Very thin cotton that is pretty fragile. I accidentally tore it a bit when trying to unfold it. The fit is actually pretty good, ever so slightly narrow. Clings very well.

Results: ­My pores were left nearly invisible, but the essence dries shiny and kind of sticky. I don't have much to say about this mask since it didn't do much else. 

Price: ­$10 for 5 pc. on @SokoGlam and Birch Box, but if you can find these at Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshall's, they're $3-6. (I found lavender ones at Ross for $3.)

(Re)purchase?: ­Ehh... Maybe, if I can't find anything more impressive.

Brand:­ @nohj_korea

Name: ­Superfood Broccoli Mask

Notable ingredients: Broccoli, milk, lemon, and honey extracts.

Targets: ­Provides balance, brightness, and moisture to the skin. 

Scent: ­Slight honey, fruity scent. I really like it. 

Essence: ­Creamy-ish? It's murky and thin.

Material/Fit: ­White, thin cotton with pretty much the perfect fit. It's not often that I say that.

Results: ­My face was definitely brightened and moisturized! I really love that the essence dried matte and wasn't really sticky at all. My skin looked so bright and smooth even from afar.

Price: ­$1.99 on Beauteque.

(Re)purchase?: ­Yes, I think I'll be repurchasing this!

Notable ingredients: Cucumber extract, sakura extract (brightens), Indian lotus (antioxidant, smooths, exfoliates), Tiger Lily extract (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, soothing), plus many of the same botanical ingredients from the other two masks that also brighten and nourish the skin.

Targets: ­Brightening, moisturizing, skin stress relief.

Scent: ­A very light floral scent, probably because of the lily and other botanicals in the essence.

Essence: ­Tons of jelly essence, of course.

Material/Fit: The fit is the same as the others in this line. Great, other than slightly large.

Results: ­To be honest, it's hard to tell if my skin is necessarily brightened because I'm so pale... But my skin does look calm, soothed, no redness, my pores are smaller, and my skin is definitely moisturized. 

Price: ­$5/each on @cupidrop.official (OR $24.95/5 pc. on Amazon from Beauteers, which is also Cupidrop) or $2.99/each on

(Re)purchase?: Maybe not this one. It's good, but I don't necessarily see brightening. It hits all its other targets, though.

Notable ingredients: Chestnut Shell extract, chamomile extract, cactus flower extract, Joshua Tree root extract, Ocotillo (a desert plant) stem extract, chaparral extract, plus many of the ingredients also in the a Revitalizing mask.

Targets: ­Pore care, moisturizing, and skin stress relief.

Scent: ­Not chocolate ice cream, that's for sure. It's a nice flowery, perfumey scent, very light.

Essence: ­Tonnnsss of jelly essence, both on the mask and leftover.

Material/Fit: ­Very thin cotton with an amazing fit, like the others in this line.

Results: ­My skin was left soothed, calm, no redness, my pores are smaller. So it does what it claims to on the packaging. Plus a pimple I had appears to have shrunken. Sweet! The essence takes a while to sink in and dry and is a bit dewy, but leaves me super moisturized!

Price: ­$5 on @cupidrop.official per piece.

(Re)purchase?: ­Definitely, even though they're pricy. Maybe a couple to stash away for emergencies.

Overall rating: 5/5­

Notable ingredients: Grapefruit extract, Snow lotus extract (anti-inflammatory), Leopard's Bane extract, Evening Primrose Root Extract (increases blood circulation), cocoa extract, watercress extract (anti-aging, prevents UV damage), and many more awesome botanical extracts. None of these ingredients seem to have anything to do with the photo on the packaging.

Targets: ­Vibrant-looking skin, reduced redness and irritation, and moisture. (Based on the ingredients and their benefits... Thank you, Google!)

Scent: ­Ah, I guess this is where the beer is supposed to come in. Sorta. It doesn't exactly smell like beer, but like... Something. It's actually really nice and isn't potent at all.

Essence: ­Jelly consistency, makes sense, because of the name. And there is so much leftover, I refrigerated it to use another time. I wish I had those Daiso cotton masks to use up leftover essence.

Material/Fit: ­It's a pretty thin cottony material. The mask itself is pretty large, tall, and wide. The eyeholes seem big enough and the nose is an appropriate size. So basically, a great fit!

Results: ­I couldn't tell if I looked "revitalized," so I asked my fiancée if I do. She said, "For someone who is really tired, yeah." (Damn dark circles.) 😆 My skin looks smooth, brighter, calm, no redness at all, feels super hydrated. The essence dries a little dewy, so this is a mask I would only use before bed. I could skip moisturizer if I really wanted to.

Price: ­I'm not sure. These are really hard to find for some reason. You can get 5 pieces of this on eBay for $21.76 or something like that.

(Re)purchase?: ­I would purchase these, but $22 or $3 per piece (on some sites) is kind of high for me.

Material: ­"100% Cotton Cellulose" according to the packet.

Notable ingredients: Scoria water, gingko biloba extract, broccoli extract, niacinamide, Dicentra spectabilis flower (Bleeding Heart) extract, tiger lily extract, daisy extract, edelweiss extract.

Targets: ­Removing keratin and skin wastes, increases skin elasticity, moisturizes.

Scent: ­Light lotiony scent. Like the snail one, I really like it.

Essence: ­Thin, watery gel. Not sticky at all.

Fit: ­Short in the forehead, tenting on the sides of the nose, short on the nose length, but otherwise pretty good. It's wide enough and covers my chin.

Results: ­I'm not sure if it's the combination of products I just used or what, but this tingled a bit in a pleasant way, not burning or alarming. (I may have exfoliated a little too much... Anyone else use this before and experience tingling?) My skin looks clear, soothed, smooth, plump, and hydrated. The essence dries matte and not sticky.

Price: ­$1.90 on @beautequeofficial, $2 on Memebox.

(Re)purchase?: ­I definitely think I would! I look forward to my other one and other Ésfolio masks.

I'm so excited that #Cupidrop chose me as one of their first generation #BeautifulPioneer bloggers. They sent me this #SecretKey Self Brow Tattoo Tint Pack in #03 Choco Brown for a review! 

I know I'm already gifted with some great brows, but I fill mine in when I do my makeup. I thought this sounded like a pretty cool product that could save me time for a few days – not that I mind filling them in with a gel.

I had to research instructions for how to use this properly and from what I gather, your skin and eyebrows should be clean, then you comb them into place, then brush the product into your eyebrows, making sure it coats the skin underneath. You leave it on for 2 hours, then peel if off, revealing tinted eyebrows.

I was very surprised by how dark and goopy this product was at first. I was scared it would be too dark because, as you can see, it was black! This definitely was not the case when I peeled it off.

I'm not sure how common it is, but I did peel out some eyebrow hairs when I peeled off the gel. It wasn't so much so that it was painful or left me with no eyebrows, so don't worry! 

I was left with nice dark brown eyebrows that look as if I just drew them in. It's kind of like a lip stain, but for your eyebrows! This is my second time doing it, with better results than the first time – you NEED the whole two hours for best results. I'm not certain how long it will last for me, since I wash my face twice a day, but most people day it lasts them about two days. Sounds good to me!

I definitely recommend this if you want results that last a few days, especially if you don't wear makeup and want to look like you've got some fleeky brows! Thank you @cupidrop.official for sending me this to try! 💖🐰

I chose this mask to use after Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell Pore Clean Up mask because of all this weird acne crap I've got going on. It's nothing severe, but it's annoying to me, as my skin is usually clear.

Brand: Soo Ae 

Name: Purifying Black Charcoal Mask

Where I got this: @Walmart near my house. It's pretty cool to find sheet masks there now.

Material: Binchotan fiber smart black mask – I had to Google what binchotan is. It's Japanese white charcoal from the ubame oak tree. 

Notable ingredients: cauliflower and mushroom extracts, green tea and green caviar extracts, hyaluronic acid, charcoal, adenosine.

Targets: Hydrating, moisturizing, purifying pores – which I really need with my random acne issues going on.

Scent: Some sort of botanical leafy scent + that scent lots of charcoal products smell like. I find it very pleasant!

Essence: It seems to be a watery gel. The mask was pretty soaked with it, but not dripping. •

Fit: Seriously perfect! And I never say that about a mask's fit. It clung perfectly, even to the sides of my nose and on my eyebrows.

Results: It felt very cool while on my face and tingled a very tiny bit, it was almost undetectable. My face felt very hydrated, looked brighter, no redness, and my pores around my nose (which are usually a little open) were shrunken, almost invisible! After patting the essence in, my skin looked matte. 

Price: $2.50 at Walmart.

(Re)purchase?: Great results at a great price and I can go to Walmart and grab these any time??? Hell yes!

The packaging on the masks lists its benefits: "It cleanses pores and balances sebum production while providing hydration to reduce blemishes and post-blemish marks." It aims to do so with amazing ingredients, such as witch hazel, salicylic acid, ginkgo biloba, masterwort, white genepì, edelweiss, alpine willowherb, chamomile, camellia, tea tree, orange, spearmin, lemon, lime, peppermint, and grapefruit. With such a lineup of incredibly ingredients, I was pretty excited to try this!

Erm... I didn't know this was going to be a black sheet mask. (The intersectional feminist with me feels wrong taking photographs with it. Why do they ever make sheet masks black??? Is there a scientific reason?) The eye holes are a little small, but other than that, this mask fits quite well. It's not dripping in essence, but it's well soaked. It smells really good, too. I can smell the lime and the mints and it's just so yummy.

I'm so happy that this mask tingles! I was hoping that with all the citrus and mint ingredients it would tingle. In my mind, it makes me think the mask is really "working". ~it's invigorating~

I left it on for 40 minutes since the upper lip part dried out and the rest was starting to dry as well. Upon removing the mask, I could automatically tell my skin was brighter and not red at all. My pimples don't appear shrunken yet, but may look smaller tomorrow. (I'll update in the morning in the comments. 👇) The essence dries very matte, which is good since it aims to control sebum production anyway. My skin does not feel hydrated, though. This would be a good morning mask with a light moisturizer after. So far, I'll rate this mask a 4.5/5 for the bomb ingredients, the tingling, and brightening.

This mask claims to purify, clear, moisturize, sooth, and comfort the skin. This is a whole lot of claims! Hmm. It also is 0.2 mm thin, or so it says, so that it's breathable. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. That makes me think it would dry out faster.

This contains many botanical extracts, such as ginger, camellia, lavender, eucalyptus, mandarin orange, lemon, and of course, lotus! Sounds very fancy and hopefully very soothing.

This is the first mask I've encountered where it was LITERALLY dripping with watery essence! It really is a very thin sheet mask. I can't claim whether it's actually 0.2 mm because I don't have a ruler and a microscope, lmao. The fit for this mask is pretty great, other than it being a little short in the chin area and the nose is actually long for once. The essence definitely smells of eucalyptus with a hint of fruit. I find it very pleasant and it wears off quickly.

This mask doesn't particularly tingle, but I could feel tingling in spots where I knew I had blemishes or irritated skin. Hopefully that's a good sign.

I was able to leave this on for 30 minutes and it was still pretty damn. I just wanted the mask off, haha. The essence dried only slightly dewy. My skin is definitely a little clearer. The very few blemishes I have shrunk down a bit, as did my pores. I'm not sure if my skin feels soothed and comforted, to be honest. I used a makeup wipe before my cleansing and the wipe was abrasive to my upper cheeks/under my eyes and the mask was uncomfortably tingly there. That's probably my own fault. I guess I'll give this mask a 3.5/5 since I'm unsure how I feel about it. I would purchase this mask to give it another chance. 💖🐰

Its benefits include sebum-control and – based on some ingredients – it should be calming and possibly help reduce the size of pimples. It contains ingredients such as aloe, salicylic acid, niancinamide, horse chestnut extract, cucumber juice, shea butter, camellia, and seaweed extract. Sounds like a lineup of stellar ingredients! (I wish I knew who the cute guy is on the packaging and what he's saying!)

Ugh, another mask with backing! (I'm just really not a fan of them. I feel they're unnecessary.) But the fit is so great!! It has notches to help adjust to different face shapes and it's wide enough for my face. It may look wrinkly in the photo, but that's because I placed it funny on one side. The mask is very soaked in essence and adheres to the face well. Other than my face being cool (from the a/c), it almost feels like I'm not wearing a sheet mask. It has an interesting melon scent that you been tell is a little sour – probably where the "bitter" comes in. This dissipates quickly. Because of the mask being very soaked in the watery essence, there is only maybe half a teaspoon of essence left in the packet.

After about 30 minutes, the mask was beginning to dry, but my face certainly was not! My skin is super bright and calmed, no redness at all. After a couple of minutes of the mask being off, the essence sets in and dries matte. If I were to mask in the morning before makeup, this is the mask I would choose! (I don't really have any acne right now, so I cannot say if it assists with that.)

The ingredients list for this is very long, but full of so many phenomenal ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, including: niacinamide, Jobs Tears, peony, Snow Fungus, papaya, sakura, ginkgo biloba, and so much more. These ingredients contribute to moisturizing, firming the skin, and erasing fine lines/sounds of aging. Knowing all of this made me even more excited to try it! 

So I didn't know 3-D meant 4 ear hooks. That's not so bad. It has what my friends call "a sling for my double chin". 😂 I just hate that it won't properly fit to the sides of my nose and lower eyelids, which are places I like to have a mask covering – especially since I think I'm gonna age in my eyes first. 😰 It wouldn't stay in place there, no matter how much I pressed. Everywhere else, it fits fine. (My fiancée asked me, "Shall I go get your machete?" when I came back into the room. lmao!) 

No detectable scent, no tingling or burning, no extra essence in the packet (😦). I left it on for 20 minutes before taking it off, since it seemed to be getting dry. My skin is definitely moisturized and firm – even my double chin! 😆 The essence didn't leave my skin dewy (matte, actually!) or sticky at all. I could imagine using this in the morning and going to work, not being all oily. 

I'm not sure about any other site, but the Naruko Singapore site lists this mask for $26 for 3 pieces. Not sure I'm willing to pay that for this mask, nor any mask (yet; I haven't found my holy grail yet, I think). I'm not sure if I would purchase THIS type myself, since I'm not a fan of the weird fit. (But I've got a few other Naruko varieties to try still!) My fiancée rates this mask "3 creepies out of 5". 😂 I give it a 3.75/5 for the moisturizing, points off for the fit.

I'm already not a fan of backings on a sheet mask. Some say it helps them place the mask better, but it just pisses me off. 😂 I don't really like eye flaps, hence why I have them on the underside of the mask. But the fit of this mask is pretty great! Some don't like slits on the sides of the mask, but I feel it allows room for wider faces. There was also probably a whole tablespoon of essence leftover in the pack, which I put on the mask to keep it moist, as well as on my neck and chest.

I'm not sure if my face felt cool because the room was kinda cool (no running a/c at the moment) or if this mask has cooling, tingly ingredients, but my face felt cool for pretty much the whole time I wore the mask. 

I only left it on for 25 minutes because I need to TRY to sleep and be up at 6am for work... But the mask was still pretty wet. It seemed to cool and brighten my skin, reducing redness, but that's about it. My face didn't seem particularly moist or plump.

I haven't used a milk-based skincare product before, so I was really interested to see the results. Cootie is pretty excited, too! 😸

Everything on this package was in Korean, so I had to do some professional Googling. Alas, even my skills could not find the full ingredients for this sheet mask, only for a cream of the same line of products.

This mask is described on Jolse as having milk cream, milk extracts, and shea butter – so you know this will be a very moisturizing mask experience!

Major skin benefits from milk include:

Lightening your skin by promoting the shedding of pigmented skin cells

Anti-aging (after all, Cleopatra bathed in milk for this reason)

Reduces acne

Promotes elasticity because Vitamin D boosts collagen production

These facts made me even more excited to try this mask!  

The sheet was completely soaked in the essence – which is more like a cream in consistency! And other than the eye holes being small, the fit is AMAZING on this mask. With the small eye holes, my top and bottom lids are getting moisture, at least. 😊 The creaminess of the mask made me fear that it would slip, but it didn't. I think the essence helps it stay better actually. There was about half a teaspoon of essence left in the packet, which I rubbed on my neck and hands. Cootie kept trying to lick my hands as I was typing this. (He likes most moisturizers.) There is no scent that I could detect, which is good for those of you sensitive to perfumes.

I left this on for about 55 minutes before removing it. This mask left my skin looking and feeling very hydrated and soothed. My fine lines look a bit smaller for now from this mask, which I love. (I have a fine line that will probably be a future laugh line. 😔)

I would definitely purchase this mask to use on days where my skin could use some soothing along with moisturization.

Tonight I used the #DearPackerJejuFlower rape seed sheet mask. I chose it because it's supposed to be moisturizing and my skin could use all the moisture it can get right now.

The cotton for this sheet mask is a lot thicker than I remember it being the other day for the cactus one. I like the way it's folded into the package because it opens up well and you don't have to unfold the nose flap. This was very easy to apply and the fit is really good, I just wish the eye holes were a little bit bigger. 

There is some very, very light subtle scent that I can't quite place. A light mix of fruity and flowery. It's pleasant and not at all overpowering. 

I was able to leave it on for 50 minutes (and could have left it on longer, actually). Once again, the fibers left impressions on my skin, haha. My skin was left so moist and looked visibly soft and firm. I feel like this really helped with my burning skin issue tonight! I would totally buy a pack of just these!

I had seen A•TRUE products on 0.8L multiple times and always wanted to win them because they look so fancy and luxurious. I think it's the simplistic packaging! This one step cleansing water came in a pretty, but plain white box (that was smushed from shipping) with pink on it and the bottle itself isn't cluttered with text and ingredients – all of that comes in the informative little pamphlet that comes in the box!


It was really cute and nice of them to provide English information in the packet. This cleansing water contains wonderful ingredients like black tea, lemon extracts, willow bark , and contains no  alcohol! So you don't have to worry about this drying out your skin.


I opened the bottle and tried to inhale any possible scent. I didn't notice a scent in the bottle or when it was on a cotton pad. This is good news for people that cannot stand harsh perfumes in skincare products. 

I swiped the cotton pad on my face and felt no tingling or burning sensations. It really is like wiping water onto your face! The bottle says there is no need to rinse, but you can if you wish. I don't rinse if I'm using it at night because the slight residue doesn't bother me otherwise. If you're using this during the day, I'd recommend a rinse before continuing your routine. I used this to remove mascara and it worked, but it stung my eyes. I probably won't do that again!


This cleansing water doesn't seem to have any immediate or latent effects on my skin. It didn't cause dryness or pimples, nor does it seem to clear blemishes. It just seems to merely clean junk off of your skin. I think it's a good product for a night where you're just too tired to carry out your whole routine, but want to feel like you at least cleaned your face.


Overall it's a nice product, but I would probably purchase a cheaper similar product (such as Garnier or Simple micellar water). I feel like I can't justify paying $27 for something I could from a local drugstore for $5-7. There are things that I'm willing to spend more money on, but not this. This is still a good product, though! 

I received this from free in exchange for an honest review and this product really ended up surprising me. I thought it was just going to be some "meh" cleanser, but I absolutely love it! In the tube, you can already tell that it's a strange-looking consistency. This is because it's most notable ingredients include coconut oil, coconut flakes, and jelly. The jelly makes it look very chunky and strange coming out, but don't be turned off by that – this stuff is great! I spread the cleanser around my face and noticed a beachy/floral kind of perfume that isn't strong at all, and is actually very pleasant. The scent makes the cleanser even more enjoyable to use. This product did not leave my skin feeling tight or dry at all. I could skip moisturizing after using this (not that I would, it's too important!). I noticed that my skin is oil-free for many hours after cleansing with this. I'll be so sad when I run out of this gel cleanser, as it is $22.

I received this item for free and I'm so glad because I'd been eyeing this for a while and love Tony Moly products. I love that the container is red apple and is pretty large in my hands. I opened it and was surprised to see a little spatula on top of the seal (both for sanitary purposes). I thought that was a cute little touch. I take off the seal and see that the hand cream looks like a light-colored honey (after all, honey is in the name). I dip the spatula into it and put some on the back of my hand. I immediately notice that it smells like freshly cut apples – not that fake "green apple" scent that is in some American shampoos – with a hint of honey, not overwhelming or strong. I thought that the cream would be sticky, since it looks honey, but when I began rubbing it into my hands, I noticed it wasn't sticky at all. It absorbs very quickly into the skin and still doesn't leave a sticky touch. The apple accent wears off in a few minutes, then smells like plain lotion scent. My hands felt soft all day after one application, which makes me happy because that means I don't need to use much daily and it can last me a while. I also used this cream on my face, which is not its intended use, but I had read that other people have used it for that purpose. It did not leave my face oily at all, nor did it give me pimples – but that is just me. (I read from others that certain ingredients in it can irritate sensitive skin, so they used it only a couple times a week. That's what I'm doing for now to see how it affects my skin over time.) As a hand cream, I would definitely purchase this item myself when I run out.

I know this sounds bad since I'm pale, but I often go outside without putting sunscreen on! 🙈🙊 Part of the reason is that I hardly go outside (I hate the sun and heat and bugs), so I just don't give it much thought. I also have avoided using sunscreens because the ones I have used are usually very greasy. Since I want to look young for as long as possible, as well as decrease my risk of skin cancer, I guess it's about time that I start using sun protection, even just on car rides.

I didn't know what to think, receiving this from 0.8L at first, since I don't go outside. I have noticed lately that when I go on car rides, my arms get a little red because they are in direct sunlight. I figure with SPF 45 PA+++, it should provide great protection during short car rides. I decided to test this sun cream out on days where I knew I would be in the front seat during a car ride for more than 20 minutes. That's usually the extent of my going outside. (Plus checking the mail.)  

I had to apply almost quarter-sized amounts of the sun cream to both my arms and about a dime-sized amount to my chest. It didn't seem to leave a white cast at all and absorbed very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn't leave a greasy residue at all. There are citric ingredients in this cream, so it does have a very light citrusy scent that disappears very quickly.

The few times I've worn this sun cream were on 80°, clear days, so I had sunlight directly on my arms during rides in the van. I noticed that my arms still turned red during the duration of those rides, but I think that is because I'm so fair and sensitive. Despite that redness, I did not visibly burn or gain any color. (I CAN tan, but choose not to.) Because it's non-greasy, it's wearable on my face, as long as I don't have any irritation or it burns.

I feel like this would be a good sun cream to wear under makeup, too. I've only used this two or three times, but I think I'll purchase this when I run out, so I can use it for fall and winter walks. It's important then, too!

🌞 Absolutely Recommend!

I have this everywhere on Instagram, so I decided to buy it for myself because it looked like fun.

The inner seal is really hard to get off. Maybe that's just me. It was hard to figure out at first, haha. I know they make it this way to keep it sealed and from bubbling up. It definitely requires nails. Friends recommend using the spatula to dislodge the lid.

The product is a very thick, gray clay, with almost a jelly consistency. When you smear it on your face with the little spatula, the fizzing starts soon after. Make sure to apply as far away from the eyes as possible because this mask puffs up pretty far and the fizzing is bothersome to the eyes!

This mask is very thick, no matter how thin you spread it, so you're better off using it then going into the shower to wash off so that it won't take you forever and you won't make a mess!

This mask left my skin smooth, but a little bit tight. So as always, moisturize after! I haven't used this daily, so I can't really speak for its claims of eliminating blackheads, but it seems to clear my pores out pretty well.

This mask was pretty fun, but overall, it didn't do anything particularly special. I probably won't buy it again, but wouldn't pass it up if it were given to me. The carbonation was fun!



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