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I bought this mask on ShopAmabie and this is a mask I use weekday. 

It is a soothing mask. It has a pink gel consistency that makes it very easy to spread. It has a very light flowery smell. Nothing too strong. 

After 20 minutes ,my face looks so smooth,no more redness,brighter and calmer. I really like this one.

This mask is very nice. I bought it on ShopAmabie and I’m very happy with it. The mask is a clear gel with a thick consistency. It is not hard to spread though. 

I leave it on my face for 20 minutes and I wash it off and my face has such on even tone. Rednesses are calmed down and my face is visibly smoother. 

This toner seems quite thick but actually is so waterfull and very hydrating. Surely not the kind of toner you apply with a cotton pad. 

The very light smell is very nice and not overwhelming. It sinks fast in the skin and it’s hydrating enough to allot me skin the emulsion or lotion step if I put 2-3 layers of this. 

These patches are just magic. They make pimples disappear in 2 days without leaving any scar or anything. 

Theyseem to suck up all the impurities and so allow to the pimple to heal faster. 

I only use them during the night cuz otherwise they are noticeably even when you wear makeup on it.

This mask smells great like roses but the smell might be a bit too strong.

The material of the mask is quite thin and soft. Comfortable to wear.

It calmed my redness and my face was well hydrated and bouncy. 


Annie’s Way- L’ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask.

🍊 The mask smells a bit like the cupboard where you keep your medicines...luckily the smell is not very strong.

🍊 The mask’s material is very thin and...gosh. This brand has a problem with the holes. The eyes space is just weird and too big. I once wore an eye-mask from this brand and the eye wholes were gigantic 🙄

🍊 The mask floats in a transparent and water-like essence. There’s a lot of it left in the pouch and I had to squeeze the mask before wearing it so the essence doesn’t run down my neck.

🍊The ingredients list is quite short with Hyaluronic Acid,Mulberry Bark Extract, L-ascorbic ect (swipe to see full list)

🍊 It claims to Moisture, Whitening and protect skin from aging.


🍊 After 20 minutes the mask was dry. I didn’t see any changes on my face but it did moisture my skin. That’s the only thing it did! 

REVIEW: Sooryehan- White Ginseng Whitening Gel Mask.

🌺 First of all,look at this amazing packaging,so nice and elegant.

🌺 I was expecting this to smell like ginseng as I live ginseng but it doesn't. It has a very nice fresh smell that I like so much (finally I'm not so disappointed that it doesn't smell like ginseng)

🌺 This is a hydrogel mask. It is white/transparent it has a bit of a weird fit mostly around the eyes and nose area but it's ok.

🌺 At the beginning it was tending to slide down but after a few minutes it was staying put without any problem.

🌺 I kept this on for around 40 minutes and when I removed it,my face was soft and hydrated but my redness were still there and it surely did nothing to whiten my skin. 🌺 I guess you gotta use this several time to see a whitening effect but I found this mask disappointing cuz I was expecting a lot from it.

🌺 The ingredients list is in Korean and I'm too lazy to translate 🙃 sorry!


OVERALL: A very average mask,quite disappointing! 2/5 

REVIEW: Hanyul-Pure Artemisia Watery Calming mask

🌱 Once the pack opened,a nice fresh smell comes out. It makes me think of plants and earthy.

🌱 The mask is very very thin,made by cotton fiber. 🌱 It was soaked in a transparent and runny essence. 🌱 It fitted so bad on my skin and the essence was running down on my neck. Not very comfortable honestly.

🌱 I kept it for around 30 minutes,meanwhile I searched for the English ingredients. So here are some: Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Artemisia Princeps Leaf Water,Fragrance etc...

🌱 After the 30 minutes of struggle to keep this mask in place and trying to stop the essence running on my chest,I removed this mask. My skin was so smooth,no tacky finish and the essence absorbed quite fast. The redness were a bit calmer then before wearing the mask but nothing big. I had the feeling my pores were a bit tighter and that made me happy.


OVERALL: 3.8/5 A good mask,does somehow what it says it does but a bad fit and I should have squeezed the mask before wearing it. 


REVIEW: My Scheming - Snail Essence Hydrating Mask

I am a big fan of My Scheming’s masks and I think you could guess it.

🐌 This Mask is super thin,with a very light flowery scent.

🐌 The Essence is transparent and very runny. And there is so much left in the pouch.

🐌 Here are some ingredients : Snail secretion filtrate,jojoba wax,citrus reticulata peel Extract,Fragrance ect.

🐌 I wore it for around 40 minute and after I removed it, I had an even tone,a little tacky feeling. Yet I didn’t find it enough hydrating.


🐌 OVERALL:  a good mask but I didn’t find it enough hydrating. 

This gel is amazing for summer. It is light,absorbs very fast and leaves a matte finish. 

The gel is very hydrating and has a very light smell that is not bothering at all. It is so soothing considering that it is made of 92% of aloe vera. 

I bought 2 of these because I like using it on my body as well .

This gel is amazing for summer. It is light,absorbs very fast and leaves a matte finish. 

The gel is very hydrating and has a very light smell that is not bothering at all. It is so soothing considering that it is made of 92% of aloe vera. 

I bought 2 of these because I like using it on my body as well .

This essence is a classic in the Korean beauty and on one side I understand the reason why,on the other,I don’t. Let me explain better.

This Essence is made of filtrate Snail mucin that hydrates and regenerate our skin. The consistency is transparent gel that absorbs quite fast without any sticky or oily finish,and I love this.

On the other hand,I don’t consider this indispensable for my skincare routine. I don’t have the feeling that my skin absolutely needs this product.

I bought this product along with the cream from the same line when I was in Korea and I was so happy. 

The packaging is very nice and luxurious. It’s also very hygienic with the aplicater. I press on the top is enough to apply all over the face.

The Essence has a golden color with a lot of gold flakes inside that stay on your face after applied. It leaves my skin a little bit sticky but nothing big.

I used this  for 1 month and a half during winter along with the cream and my skin looked healthy and plump and wasn’t getting dry due to the cold weather.

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