Hi! I'm a skincare and makeup enthusiast living in Melbourne, Australia. I initially got into skincare after my bad skin made it hard for me to apply my makeup nicely and pretty much dove head first into the asian beauty scene and all it has to offer! I'm a bit of a sheet mask addict and I'm forever adding way too many steps into my skincare routine, hehe. I like to review and show my recent purchases on my Instagram account @Kendelfe if you're interested in checking that out, or even if you'd just like to be friends. Always looking for friends! Nice to meet you and glad to be here! :D 

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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Australia
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free, Peptides, Sulfate Free, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Mineral, Benzoyl Peroxide, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This is the second Bio Cell mask by The Face Shop that I've tried and loved, this time a brightening one! The thing that I adore about these masks is the intriguing material they use to make them, I’d explain it as seeming as something between a hydrogel and a more traditional sheet mask. It describes itself as being made from naturally fermented coconut gel to adhere and deliver ingredients to your skin better. The star ingredient promoted here is glutathione (an antioxidant) which promises a hydrated and bright complexion after use.


It's very comfortable to wear and fits well, somewhat like a less slippery hydrogel. The mouth cut out was small which wasn't a problem for me but could be a tight fit for those blessed with larger lips. It comes with removable backing to protect the mask sheet before you put it on. Results wise I was very happy. It started to dry out at around 20-25 minutes which is the max amount of time it states to keep it on for and the serum tapped in quickly and comfortably, no stickiness (although it was sticky when I put it on). I masked at bed time and in the morning my skin tone was even, brighter and hydrated. I'd repurchase for sure! 

Reviewing Dr Belmeur’s Bubble Foam Cleanser by The Face Soap! It's a clarifying cleanser contained a trademarked ingredient called Skin-sync Rx which says it on oily and blemished skin. My partner bought it but I wanted to give it a go for 3-4 weeks on my combination skin. It creates a foam that deeply cleanses your pores. As soon as you pump it, you can smell the strong scent of tea tree oil (a great anti acne fighting agent). It also includes bergamot, rosemary leaf, lime, and eucalyptus oils. All of these are known to have antiseptic properties among other acne fighting abilities. It also contains salicylic acid to further cleanse the skin, centella for its anti aging benefits, houttuynia cordata extract which claims to help elimate toxins and jojoba seed oil with its antioxidants. Some of the main ingredients which I assume are to help it foam are non irritating synthetic forms of coconut oil (one being called a “coconut acid”) making this cleanser surprisingly organic for something that creates so much foam and cleanses so well. One of its claims is that it offers a simple way to control acne using plant based components similar to the skin structure and after looking up all the listed ingredients, I dare say it's spot on. As for how it worked? Flawlessly on my skin, not a single pimple (it got rid of a blind pimple I got using a product) and no drying out. My partner reports improvement on his acne too. I'd be interested in looking into the rest of their range! I'd only warn that it has a strong scent of tea tree.

I was looking for a soothing mask the night I used this and up on the front of the package it says it contains fresh lavender and is supposed to soothe sensitive skin so I whipped it out for a try! Since I have sensitive skin, I was looking forward to seeing what this had to offer. It has a short ingredient list although that is usually a good thing in my eyes. Aside from lavender (which is apparently known to heal wounds and repair skin), allantoin, trehalose, hyaluronic acid and Sc-glucan are included to help moisturise and provide a soothing effect. 

The fit was good, the scent was mild (I think I detected a fainted lavender scent but my nose is not the great at these things) and the essence was slightly thick. As I mentioned earlier, I'd been looking forward to this mask and I think it did deliver on a simple level. Nothing earth shattering but nothing disappointing either. A nice mask with a simple soothing effect, perhaps a little pricer than it should be, but I'd repurchase on sale and would reuse if I ended up with another! 


So I admit I'd wonderd what was the big deal about this micellar water for awhile as I couldn't see how it could benefit me much over double cleansing. So then I decided to spend my Sephora b'day gift on the Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water. The fact that it claims to brighten my face sold me! What I discovered is that when I'm too tired to do a double cleanse is that I'll turn to this. It's absolutely a product of convenience. 

I can't say I've noticed an improvement in my skin while using it as I try not to be too lax with my skincare but it's SO handy when you're away for a weekend and what not. Its make up removing properties aren't bad but I'd put them on a drug store brand level over something like the Lancôme eye makeup remover. Ingredients include active hydrogen water, galactomyces and other fermented ingredients which claim to help brighten and smooth skin. Another thing it includes is Sepicalm VG which is a patented ingredient which also claims to brighten and tone ones skin after use. Other ingredients are basically a bunch of extracts to soothe and cleanse. But yeah, it all comes down to convenience to me. In a perfect world we'd all find the time, energy (and money) to double cleanse and tone but we all run into days where we simply can't keep up with our skincare. This could be a good alternative if you're low on energy in general due to illness, work, etc or trying to save some money too!



I was kindly sent this item by Amabie in exchange for my honest review. This Chulala Herbal Soap was something I was really eager to try out since it had been a long, long time since I'd used a facial soap! I had acne a teen and was recommended an antiseptic soap for my face by a pharmacist which worked somewhat but dried out my face quite severely so I was curious to see if this would do the same (even though it's herbal and not antiseptic). To my surprise it didn't strip my face and even left it feeling soft and somewhat moisturised, some of my bottled cleansers stripped my face a lot more than this soap. The smell is wonderful and I often use it as a second cleanser (or third cleanser if you wear a lot of stubborn makeup like me, hehe). It lathers well but not overly so and rinses quite easily, leaving my face feeling clean but not squeakily so. I also like to use it as a shower cleanser as it fits in the soap holder which is handy! I would recommend giving it a try if you're interested in face soaps and would personally purchase it again. 

I was happy to receive this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. The product from Taiwanese brand CY'LAB arrived at an interesting time for me, it came as I went through surgery! It was difficult to continue on with a skincare routine for a couple of weeks but one of the products I tried to consistently use and still do until this day was this intriguing Crithmum Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate Repairing Essence. It's stripped back ingredients appealed to me straight away and we got off to a great start, it reminded me of some of the snail ampoules I’ve used but it feels even more refreshing and hydrating. I've found myself even skipping my snail ampoules regularly because this make my skin so happy. As I recovered from surgery, so did my skin from it’s lack of usual care and I think a big part of it was due to this essence. I wanted to wait awhile and give it a good testing before giving my final review on it since I used it under a few different circumstances. I can happily say that it's helped improve my skin texture and kept fine lines at bay when I wasn't able to use my usual targeted anti ageing products. I think the essence is a fantastic all rounder for maturing skin and as much as I want to chat about the ingredients, they're listed at the top of the product page on Amabie plus I've provided a photo so be sure to check those out! I'm aware that some people had issues with the dropper but I found if I squeezed hard just once with the dropper fully submerged then it'd easily lift out more than enough to cover my face and neck. If I had the chance, I would gladly repurchase this product!

The Cy’lab Triple Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Moisturising Mask was sent to me by Amabie in exchange for my honest review. At the time of writing I'm recovering from surgery and hadn't been able to use my dominant arm so no skin care was had. So the first thing I did once I could was do a gentle routine, including this sheet mask! The fine material, backed with plastic to help keep its integrity until used, was the first thing that stood out to me.. it's so light that it look and feels like you're wearing nothing at all! Soothing while on as well, no stinging here. 

As the title suggests, it's a hydration mask containing its namesake along with Saccharide Isomerate which is an emollient that's very effective for moisturising. Chondrus Crispus, a seaweed extract, is also included which is good for fighting acne and Licorice Extract makes an appearance too which is a great anti inflammatory as well as soothing. The ingredients list is stripped back which I adore. The scent was pleasant and mild, and the fit was fantastic apart from from tenting around the nose due to my high bridge. My only issue was working out which mask it since it lists their whole line on the back but thankfully noticed it was indicated by a sticker dot. I would absolutely repurchase this for hydration purposes, I do hope they make an international release! 


I love when you pull a random mask from your stash that you haven't really seen before and it turns out to be a winner. This mask by RiRe is both a whitening and soothing mask, which isn't combo I see often. It also claims to be anti wrinkle and moisturising, so it makes a lot of calls for one mask! Notable ingredients are 1000 ppm of pearl extract, niacinamide and adenosine (I love masks including both of those, those two always make my skin happy) plus aloe, witch hazel, cucumber extracts are included to soothe. The essence is light and watery, I did soak the mask further with the leftovers in the packet to help keep it adhered to my face and it dried out fast - probably within about 20 minutes. I didn't expect much after it dried up so fast but my skin took to the ingredients well and was brighter, smooth, moist and everything it claimed it'd be. The benefits of having it dry up fast means that it didn't have sticky residue so while I used this at night time, I could easily include it in a skincare and makeup routine for day use. The sheet mask was thin but still firm, the fit was fine and it didn't sting my eyes. The smell was slightly soapy but not unpleasant to me. 

This is such a fun eye gel mask to wear, it's so pretty with it giving off the appearance of black lace. Definitely fun to take selfies with! It's also great for the skin around your eyes, it contains popular ingredients like adenosine, rice extract and citric acid as well as soy, sesame seed extract and the unusual ingredient of aureobasidium pullulans ferment which is supposed to help intensely moisturise the delicate skin around your eyes. Other benefit include the tightening of the area as well as helping to fight fine lines. The mask was not slippery at all and stayed firmly in place as I did other tasks with it on. I left it on for the full 40 minutes which is when it was just starting to dry out. The essence tapped in easily and left my skin feeling cool and smooth afterward, and very soft and slightly brighter a few hours later after all the essence had settled in. Not only is it fun to wear but it works great and the effects last awhile. I'd buy this mask again for sure! 

This mask claims to lift your skin by the use of peptides and collagen. Collagen masks have never done a whole lot for me spare a few really good ones and I'd never used a mask from Secret Key before trying this one so I was curious to see what the results would be like. It confused me at first because it lists what every different mask in the line does on the front so I thought it did all of those things, it was only after I did some research online that I realised that it was talking about separate masks so don't let that confuse you like it did me! But yes, it says it's "a prescription for lifting" and while I won't be able to see the immediate effects from something like that, hopefully it will help with keeping my face youthful! It did make my skin feel nice afterwards, somewhat soft and supple plus slightly moisturised. The fit was good if a bit small (the mask has eye flaps), and the smell non offensive (although I could faintly smell what I think was alcohol) so all in all I have no huge complaints about this. The essence tapped into my face easily although started to dry up before the 20 minutes.

When it comes to using sheet masks on a daily basis, I usually reach for brightening masks as my skin tends to be dull, patchy plus I have a lot of freckles. Pearl and arbutin are ingredients that I usually find effective so I was happy to see this included in a mystery sheet mask box I purchased. The essence is creamy and quite thick, it felt nice on my face while wearing it. The fit was good and the scent is a light floral one that wasn't all that noticeable. I generally don't find brightening mask very soothing so I was surprised when this one felt so nice on my face! There is plenty of essence plus some left in the packet so I used that on my neck, hands and arms. All in all it didn't brighten my face as some other masks but the effect was still there and it did leave my face feeling very soft to the touch. 

Blackhead and sebaceous filament removal is difficult for me but this is a favourite kit at my local asian beauty stores and often sold out, so I was excited to finally get my hands on it to see what the fuss was about. I like that it's 3 step, although I didn't feel the first step (which is supposed to open your pores and make them ripe for the picking) did much on me and I didn't feel any tingling or burning like some people. The second removed about as much gunk as a normal pore strip would for me (usually just dead skin) but it's most likely just due to it being difficult to get them out of my skin rather than it being a dud product. The final step was my favourite addition, it soothes your skin after ripping it off in and attempt to get at your pores (the things we do to our skin, hehe). It kept sliding down my nose though because it's slimey, so we had to have a bit of a laugh about that! Overall I think this kit would be great for people who have success with removing the gunk from their pores this way, the kit is popular for a good reason! Just a bit useless for me personally. 

These under eye patches come loaded with collagen which claims to help improve and revitalise the area around your eyes, as well as making the skin more bright and clear. You simply peel the backing off then apply them to your under eye area for 15-20 minutes. I didn't find them uncomfortable although they weren't particularly soothing either. They did seem slightly brighter after use which is the effect that I was most interested in as I'm yet to have to worry about fine lines but have terrible dark circles! The area was also softer and probably a bit more moisturised although it was hard to tell as I'm not dry there. I feel these would be good with regular use, especially to moisten and brighten the area, and they're also cheap so maybe something to consider if you want to use something on the regular but on a budget. 

I have used the Gingseng variety of the mask in the same line and loved that, so was eager to try the Rose one since I adore rose masks. It contains a lot of extracts apart from just rose like peony, magnolia and lily as well as hyaluronic acid for a great moisturising effect. It's like wearing a garden on your face, haha. The scent is a mild floral one that I enjoyed and I have nothing to complain about fit wise. There was plenty of serum which was cool and soothing on my face, so like the Gingseng mask in this series, I found it a great mask to relax with. My skin was soft, smooth and moisturised afterwards as the mask promises as well so all in all, a good solid mask for its price range.

I've read and seen the stories and aftermath of some foot masks. The mass peeling of skin, the pain and even a little bleeding in one case! So while I have used products from this brand and found them to be gentle, I was still scared of trying the foot mask. But I gathered my courage and opened it up one night so I could wear the plastic booties while watching a movie so I wouldn't be moving much (the plastic is very slippery to walk in!).
I had to cut the plastic sheet in half to access the holes to put my feet into, then I put slippers over the top to give myself some grip. It comes with tape to secure it tightly around your ankles but it kept coming undone for me so I used my own sticky tape. It says to wear for 60-90 minutes but at around 40 my feet started to burn and feel itchy, I assume this is normal shows it's working. It started to burn at about 60 minutes though so I rushed to remove them as my feet were on fire! Nothing happened for a few days then my feet started to slowly peel. Nothing huge like in some photos you see around the internet but still a moderate amount on the soles of my feet and toes. Not much on the top of my feet. My feet were soft after exfoliating all the excess peeling off though. I'm not sure if more would have peeled off if I left it on longer but I'd use it again and probably will because I love the box set it comes with.

I received some of these in a subscription box and wrongly assumed they were probably not very good because I thought the packaging seemed cheap, oops! I'll never judge a sheet mask by its packaging again because it was so lovely on my skin - extremely soothing and hydrating which is what the mask claims to do. It does this with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, wild thyme extract and aloe vera lead extract. It's a Japanese mask and my knowledge of the language is limited but from what I can glean from the info, you're supposed to leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes then pat the remaining essence into your skin. I have to say that I left it on for a lot longer than that to no detriment to my skin, thankfully, and it felt lovely and plump afterwards! The mask does have eye flaps but thankfully I found them easy to wrangle (some eye flaps are downright frustrating) but apart from those, I had no issues with the fit at all. I have a few of these masks left over and I'll definitely be using them!

This mask claims to transform dull and inconsistent skin so that it looks bright and beautiful. It contains a 'White Energy Complex' which is obtained from a Jeju Japanese cedar cask fermentation process, which is where it's name comes from. On top of that, it includes rice and brown rice extracts, coix extracts, white eggplant extract, pearl extract, soy extract plus stronger whitening ingredients such as niacinamide which is up quite high of the ingredient list. The mask was an off white colour which surprised me although apparently the fermentation process causes it as look 'as if' it has been fermenting. I'm not sure if they have just coloured it to look that way or the fermentation process actually did recolour the mask but either way, expect a light brown mask! :P
The fit was good apart from some slightly small eye holes and the fabric felt slightly thicker than that of the average sheet mask. A decent amount of essence covered the mask and it adhered well to the face, I wore it for around the 20 minutes it states it keep it on for.
The essence was slightly sticky for awhile after taking it off, I'd usually use this as a night time mask, but after a pat it all in I noticed that my face was brighter and clearer almost straight away. I would happily use it again! See more skincare and review on my Instagram, @Kendelfe! 


Sometimes even if I don't have skin irritation via pimples I like to use a calming mask after heavy makeup use because my skin gets a bit sore of red after all the scrubbing and removal - this was one of those times I chose to use a soothing mask. This mask has a slightly milky texture and a nice herbal smell that I found pleasant and not too strong. It was lovely to lay back and relax with this mask as the tea tree didn't sting my skin like it sometimes can. It claims you only need to leave it on for 20 minutes although I left it for slightly longer because it felt so good and it wasn't drying yet! It also fit well and was well soaked in essence. One thing to note is that while the mask claims to be non drying and is formulated without mineral oil, artificial coloring or additives, it has a kind of alcohol listed as the second ingredient so while it was fine on my skin, if you're really sensitive perhaps be a little careful. It worked very well to soothe my roughed up skin though and it's made me curious about the other masks in this line. I'd use it again in a heartbeat! 

I grabbed a couple of these while shopping in Daiso to see if they were any good, I hadn't heard anything about them and I tend to like charcoal pore strips so I wanted to test them out. You get 4 per packet so it's not a bad deal depending on how much your local Daiso charges. In general, I don't have much luck with pore strips. I do have sebaceous filaments and clogged pores like anyone else but it seems like it's down deep and hard to get to so pore strips don't really tend to pull anything off for me apart from dry skin. These strips aren't much different, except for a few time where they DID grab some gunk and even a black head so I'd say they do work. I think for someone with more pronounced pores and easier to reach gunk would find these useful, and it's hard to go wrong with that price. They work the same as any other pore strip, you wet your nose, peel the backing off the strip then stick it down, wait for it to dry (they recommend to leave it on for about 15-20 minutes) then slowly peel it off to reveal what you have managed to pull out of your pores!

This is the first snail ampoule form I've tried although I've used snail mucin many times while maskin and I've always had great results from it using it that way. I thought it was time I added some to my routine!

The first thing I noted while applying it that it was soothing. Unfortunately that's about the extent of the benefits I can write about this particular product as after using it for almost a month now, I've noted no difference in my skin apart From the minor soothing effect. It comes in an attractive bottle which is a generous size for an ampoule and it includes a dropper so you can easily measure out your desired amount. The liquid is has a little density to it but is still quite runny, it soaks into your skin easily. I haven't used it separate from my other skincare products but yeah, in a skin care routine it just doesn't stand out for me. It claims to be 80% snail secretion filtrate which seems like a good amount so I thought maybe the product wasn't for me but have read reviews with people having the same thoughts so maybe I just need to experiment with different snail products. I won't claim this is waste though because it is cheap and soothing, It provides a small amount of moisture too. Regardless, I will finish the bottle to see if I just need to show more patience. I won't repurchase this particular product though.


This gel lip mask, which you remove from the packaging and place over your lips, contains collagen and hyaluronic acid as its active ingredients. It claims to fill fine lines, provide moisture and is supposed achieve this by "dissolving" into your lips under temperature. I used this gel patch after forgetting to use my lip sleeping pack so my lips were very dry from the aircon. The gel does thin out as you use it and my lips moistened somewhat but I still had patches of dry skin and didn't find it to fill any fine lines even after having it on for about an hour. It's inexpensive and easy to get though so I feel I can't judge it too harshly! I wouldn't repurchase though, lip balm is just as effective for me. 

The first thing that hits you when you open the packet is the smell of roses, it's a lovely soft scent that I enjoyed. This is a hydrogel mask that comes in two parts, one for the bottom half of your face and the other for the top, and has backings to protect its delicate structure. The hydrogel has pieces of rose in it which is a cute touch! It claims to brighten your skin and have anti wrinkle effects. Among rose extract it contains a lot of other natural ingredients and extracts, as well as hard working ingredients like niacinamide and adenosine. Like most hydrogels, it is very soothing to wear and has a cooling effect that I enjoyed a lot. It says to keep the mask on for 20-40 minutes but I left it on for an hour before it started to dry up. The remaining essence patted into my skin easily leaving no sticky residue. The results were brighter skin and it was very smooth and supple the next day. I would absolutely repurchase this mask! The only downside for me was the fit was too long around the nose. 

It smells so much like blueberries, it's lovely! Such a fresh and energising smell. The mask is labeled as being an energising one so it matches! This mask claims to help with aging and to help with dull, dry skin. The fit was good, I had no complaints as it seems like a fairly standard sheet mask in that regard. The essence wasn't too sticky afterwards and my face felt moisturised and smooth the morning after I wore it. I left it on for about 30 minutes since stayed damp for about that long. I'd say the highlights of this mask are the moisturising effects and the nice scent! 

I admit I bought this just because of the name. I'm a very pale skinned girl so blemishes leave big red marks on my skin weeks after the blemish has actually gone. This works exactly how I wanted it to - I put it on the red area and it lightens it up. It also claims to help brighten up dull skin in the area and to help with irritation. It uses niacinamide, vitamin C, sage, centella asiatica and patented ingredients phyto-oligo to straighten skin and sciadopitys verticillata root extract to care for your pores. It comes in a tube in which you squeeze out a solid white liquid then apply it to the affected area. I find patting it on helps the most, otherwise it tends to rub off my other skincare products (and other skincare products would rub it off if applied over the top of it). I'm a bit embarrassed to show my after blemish skin in the photos but hopefully you can see the difference it makes! I'd give it a perfect score if it played better with the other skin care products in my skincare regime but I would definitely repurchase.

I received this in a large sheet mask clearance (in a box of 50!) and it appears to be an older one that is hard to find for sale online, although thankfully I found a few places in the end because it's really lovely! It's a smaller package and claims to firm your skin and improve elasticity using ginseng, ginkgo leaf extract, apricot extract (that's a new one for me!) and collagen. The mask was well soak in serum and adhered to my face well. I'd had a long day so it was really nice and refreshing to lay back with such a cooling, soothing mask on. It lasted for about 30-40 minutes before I had to take it off and the serum pat in easily for a comfortable sleep. My face was firmer and brighter in the morning. I had not expected much from this mask since I'd never seen it but I would get it again if I come across it. I definitely underestimated this simple little mask.

This mask has a beautiful floral scent that might be slightly overwhelming for people who aren't into scented masks but thankfully I enjoyed it. The essence is creamy and the mask is moist and fairly sticky. The fit was good, standard Mamonde fit if you have used any of their previous masks. I did find that the residue after mask removal was VERY sticky though and it was a bit uncomfortable to go to sleep with since I used it at bed time, the urge to wipe it off was pretty huge! In the morning I did notice that was face was brighter with a slight glow though, so the mask did work. I think I'd like this mask a whole lot more if it were a little more comfortable afterwards but I could get better whitening masks at around the same price point. It wasn't a bad mask by any means though, and I'd use it again if I were to receive it as a sample!

I think I knew I'd love this mask as soon as I opened it, it smells exactly like strawberry milk. Yum! This mask is aimed at brightening and moisturising the skin through using vitamin C and strawberry extract. The essence is rich and creamy, so much so that I had trouble finding the actual mask among all the essence at first! It fit very well plus was comfortable. It gave me some slight tingling on the face but most brightening masks do. Even though the essence was thick, it patted in with ease after I removed the mask which makes it a good one to include as part of a skincare routine. It really worked wonders for my face.. it was moist, bright plus glowed in a healthy way! The mask was still very moist after 35 minutes of wear so I have a feeling I could leave it on longer but I was short on time. I was hugely impressed and I will definitely repurchase and will look forward to trying more out of this line (helps that the packaging is super adorable too!)

On opening the package to use the mask before sleep, I was welcomed by a light, creamy floral scent that was rather pleasant! The standard white sheet mask was covered in small black dots which I assume has something to do with its caviar extract. The fit is good for my face and it adhered okay but I occasionally needed to tap it back onto my skin when it'd fall away. There was some essence left in the packet so I used that for my neck and chest, plus to re-wet the mask so it'd stick to my skin for longer. The mask dried up and peeled off by itself in about 25 minutes, even though it stated to leave it on for 20-30 mins. Most of the residual essence had dried up so not much to pat in. I didn't notice any change to my skins appearance although it felt slightly more supple the next day. 

The scent of this mask is nice and refreshing which led me to be eager to get it onto my face so I could lay back and relax but unfortunately the fit was not so good and there wasn't much essence. The mask had trouble adhering to my face and dried up faster than the average mask, I found myself trying to pat it back onto my skin far too many times during the 15 or so minutes I had it on. I think it probably dried out to fast for my skin to get any benefits out of it but I'll give it a point for the lovely smell it had, at least. I would not repurchase, personally. 

This is a two part mask, where you first apply a supplied mask base ampoule then place the sheet on your face after the ampoule has absorbed (I couldn't get it to fully absorb as it's quite a lot). It claims to be a special smart “laser” mask which controls your amount of melanin by using ingredients such as vitamin C-AA2G and niacinamide, morus alba bark extract, licorice extract, punica granatum extract and arbutin. I love a good whitening mask and this seemed to be quite a strong one as I could feel it tingling on my face for the duration that I wore it. I didn't go over the max time of 20 mins because I didn't want to end up damaging my skin by mistake from wearing it too long, although it was still very damp and the serum was hard to pat in. My face felt hot for the day after but it was brightened and felt plump and healthy. It's not a mask I'd use too often due to my reaction to it but it did exactly what I wanted it to, I'd have given a max score if my skin wasn't so uncomfortable the next day (although it could have been a reaction on my part).

I received this as a gift from Amabie when they sent my prize for winning an IG competition (The November Mask Challenge '16) and I'm more than happy to offer my honest review! I wasn't hugely impressed by the previous Dermal mask I tried so I was surprised when I very much enjoyed both wearing and the results of this mask. The serum smelled like fresh cucumber and was super cooling to my face as I'd used it after a day of wearing lots of makeup so my face was sore from scrubbing it off - it eased the left over redness and soreness easily. It's a mask with simple ingredients so I wouldn't go in using it expecting anything spectacular but it really pulled through on what I wanted it to do, plus wasn't overly sticky afterwards which I always appreciate when I do a night time mask. The cucumber extract (1%) and collagen amount (0.2%) are tiny so it's not going to perform any miracles but if I was looking for a simple mask to soothe and cool my skin after a rough day plus leave it soft in the morning, I'd consider this again. It fit me okay, but I do have a small face!

My favourite kinds of masks are these brightening types. I'm very fair with blotchy red patches and freckles everywhere so these types of masks are my besties! It claims to purify, provide moisture and give clear and bright purification for glowing skin. It also notes that it can help lighten your under eye area. To achieve the results it claims, it uses 250mg of pearl extract plus vitamin c which is a well know brightening substance. It contains adenosine, peptides, collagen plus a wide array of extracts! The mask was soothing for a brightening mask, often they tend to make my face feel hot and I thought it would since vitamin c tends to give me tingles. But no irritation at any time, although that isn't to say it'd work the same on anyone else's skin. The results were great, my face was brightened, glossy and but still moisturised in the morning since I used it as a night mask. It didn't start to dry out for about 40-50 minutes so I took it off then. The mask, unlike the others (with the exception of their Maya mask), has a distinct scent. It smells floral, I didn't find it overwhelming but I tend to enjoy scented masks. The masks themselves are so thin that you can barely tell you even have a mask on at times (my partner asked what was wrong with my face because he didn't realise it was a sheet mask) but the material is so tough and holds essence well. I'm glad these didn't let me down results wise, including this final mask! I absolutely loved this line of masks and thank those who ran the Instagram challenge and Amabie beauty for the chance to try them! I will definitely be repurchasing these and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone (unless you really dislike sticky masks).

This mask claims to be for quite a few things, with elasticity being one of its top noted outcomes. Moisture, nutrition, skin soothing smoothing are among things listed as well. Mayu is horse fat/oil and this contains around 50 mg of it. It's an ingredient I've used a few times while masking before and it's tended to leave my face a little greasy, although I didn't seem to have any issues here. It has some other big hitting ingredients too like adenosine, niacinamide, hydrolysed elastin, a huge variety of natural extracts plus gold. This is only one of two masks in the line that have a distinctive scent, my partner and I thought it smelled somewhat like cinnamon which was suitable for Christmas night which is when I wore it! Results wise it reduced the redness on my from a residual pimple by quite a lot, plumped and brightened my skin plus while it was sticky and I'd still strictly use it as a bedtime mask like most in the line, it wasn't uncomfortable at all and had soaked in by the morning. I found this mask to be a good all-rounder which I think is what it aims to be.

The mask claims to have 24k gold in it to help circulation to boost your skin. Whoa! The actual gold content is 0.025mg so I'm unsure if that's enough to do much but hey, doesn’t hurt to try! If you read my previous reviews on the earlier masks, I’d been picking at pores that I shouldn't have been. By the time I used this mask, I had a great scab on my chin! This morning, after using this mask, scab came off while I was cleansing and there was nothing under it. No sore, no pimple.. just fresh healed skin. Just some leftover redness.Yay! This mask also works on wrinkles and tired skin, and ingredients include adenosine, various peptides and lots of natural extracts that are listed in the tiny photo I’ve included. I've noted the stickiness of these masks before but this one was a lot more intense. I included it in my night time routine instead of using it alone as usual but it even persisted through the moisturising my skin. I woke up with very sticky skin which only went after once I washed my face. Miracle pimple worker it may be, but this one is too uncomfortably sticky for me to use regularly. I'd use it if I came across it but I wouldn't hunt for it.

I'd been bad by picking at larger pores on my chin and ended up causing damage to my skin, including inducing a pimple! Since I'm fair skinned, redness spread quickly and widely so I thought this would be a great mask to reduce redness on chin before going out on a date, since tea tree is known to be relaxing. I was impressed, it reduced my redness by a great deal! Instead of my whole chin being red it was just isolated to a smaller circle. The mask itself claims to soothe irritated skin and help balance out sebum for bright, clear skin. It contains 50g of tea tree oil. Niacinamide appears near top of the ingredients along with propolis and grapefruit extract, which seems to be mainstays in this collection. Extracts like lavender and rosemary are included among others. You'd think with all these extracts that it would have a strong scent but it hardly does. I expected at least a tea tree scent! Thank you dear sheet mask for helping clearing up my skin for an easier makeup application! The image of SJK on the front with him putting a rose in his, err.. eye did cause a few giggles though! Fantastic mask though, I'd even buy these in separate packs! This is probably my favourite in the set. For details on fit and feel, please read my other review of this line of masks.

I'd been struggling with migraines so a moisturising mask was a good for this day as it felt refreshing and cool on my face. It seems to be a theme with these masks, so far they have all felt so lovely to wear! A relaxing and pampering experience! Caviar Extract is the second ingredient after water and other ingredients of note include salmon egg extract, algae extract, sea tangle (?) extract plus more exotic ingredients with long names that I've never heard of. More familiar ingredients are niacinamide, adenosine, super hyaluronic acid (how it's super I don’t know), grapefruit and witch hazel extract. It claims to provide double moisture for your skin all day and to give you clean, bright skin by providing nutrition. Even before the serum has absorbed my skin was plumping up and it feels soft and bouncy without feeling oily, which can be a problem for me something with moisturising masks. These masks have a backing to help keep their integrity and for ease of usage though the fabric, while silky, is thick and pliable so you'd have to be rough with it to rip it. Despite them being thick, they adhere VERY closely to your skin for almost a perfect fit. The serum amount is good with no wastage. This mask, like the others before it, left a sticky residue after being pat in but it was lighter than the previous days.

I thought I'd do a pore strip beforehand (cheap ones from Daiso - never again) to see if I could encourage any extra gunk out first before doing this mask since it’s a detoxing one. Silly idea on my behalf, I managed to scab my skin and I even woke up with a whitehead! I got rid of it easily and I'm sure it was thanks to using this mask after I did that so I believe it does live up to its detoxing name. It was a light rusty colour which I didn't expect, I assume it's from the 99mg of volcanic ash it contains, it's cool to see the ingredients on the mask! It was almost as soothing the Monday mask except I could feel a twinge around my cheeks and nose so I believe it probably has more actives than the Monday mask. Other ingredients include niacinamide, hydrolysed collagen, grapefruit extract, propolis and a whole lot of other natural goodies including 5 extracts from Jeju plants! The mask claims to absorb sebum and impurities for a clear, bright, clean and healthy complexion. Serum is sticky so I'd recommend it as a night mask. The fit and material are beautiful!

This Forencos mask set was a prize for winning a contest on Instagram that was kindly hosted by Amabie, and I couldn’t pass reviewing them! This was a great mask for me to start on, I used a whitening mask the night before which stung my skin and this was so soothing and abolished that burning feeling I had left over. The mask claims to provide nutrition, moisture, elasticity, help with wrinkles plus provide silky skin using 250mg bird's nest extract and peptides. Favourites such as niacinamide, ash tree leaf extract and grapefruit extract feature as well as more unusual ingredients like "Ice Plant Extract" and some kind of mushroom extract. As previously mentioned, the overall effects were incredibly soothing as soon as I put it on. The serum is slightly sticky after using it so unless you go makeup free, this would be a great mask to relax with before bed! My skin felt plump and healthy after a nap. You can tell you're dealing with high quality masks just by the feel and make of the package, it's lovely and well presented that it hurt to rip into it to get to the sheet mask. Don't worry, I didn't rip SJK's face! Please see my Instagram @Kendelfe for more indepth reviews. (I apologise for the ingredients list being hard to read, it's so very tiny!)

I've used this mask several times now as I always seem to get it as a freebie when I shop at The Face Shop but I'm not complaining! The number one thing I love about this mask is the scent, a light floral scent that reminds me of a spring day. It's a good mask to relax in, as all sheet masks should be. Besides Calendula extract it contains macadamia seed oil and grapefruit extract.The fit is good and tight like most masks from this brand. Alcohol is up fifth on the list of ingredients so keep that in mind if your skin is sensitive to it. This mask is marketed as a soothing mask and I feel it does a good job for it's cheap price like most in this Real Nature floral line do. My face always feels plump and smooth the next day so I find them really good value for money. You'll probably find better results with a higher quality mask but I think you can't go wrong for the budget price if your skin agrees with these masks! 


I finally found the famous Kose White Washing Cream, here in Australia for a reasonable price! Funnily enough, it was on the counter of a small asian grocer right near my home so I was much happier paying $11 for it than the $30+ they were charging at the local Asian beauty shop! This cleanser gives a squeaky clean feeling after using it, I have a feeling it might strip your skin of its natural oils so it could be a problem for dry skin. I like to use it after clay masks or if I want a really clean face before sheet masking. It lathers and foams up well and you only need a small amount. I can see why it's popular, especially for the price. I find it useful for certain circumstances as suggested above (although I would not use it in my daily routine as it's too drying) and would repurchase again, absolutely! I think it mightbe good for oily skin too, perhaps, as long as you have a good moisturiser to follow up with. 

I kindly received this mask from Amabie and I shall give you my honest review on it. And to be honest, I don't like 3D masks. They never fit me, they dry out fast and I've only ever used one that I was moderately impressed with. But with this one, Foodaholic's Grain Natural Essence Mask, I can safety say that I was impressed. More than impressed, actually, as it's the best fitting 3D mask I've tried! But I can't rate just on fit alone (and I've read it doesn't suit some people's face shapes). The mask itself contains grain extracts to help keep your skin elastic and moisturised, something that's important to me as a 30 something year old. I can glean from the ingredients list that it uses rice and soybean extracts, both favourites of mine. The result was smooth, plump skin with a light essence that was easy to pat in but nothing outstanding when comparing to any other mask. It was the first mask I used from this line and I would be interested in trying more though! 

I've had this Mamonde Safflower Moist Lifting mask in my stash for awhile now, I admit a part of the reason why I didn't reach for it sooner is because the packaging is so cute! I've always loved the floral styles on Mamonde masks. My skin was in need of some serious TLC when I reached for this mask and it provided exactly what I needed. It does leave a sticky residue on your face so I'd recommend using it at night time if you're usually a bed time masker like I am. My skin was even still sticky in the morning but after wiping it off a little, my skin was moist and glowing.. I loved the result! The stickiness doesn't feel very nice if you're not used to it so maybe stay away unless you're prepared to deal with it. I also left it on for a good hour or so. But it really saved my skin from a lot of dryness (it’s summer here so lots of air con!). Unfortunately there is no English on the packet so I can't provide too many ingredient details. It contained a light, pleasant scent. I'd recommend if you're after a good, cheap rescue mask!


Amabie kindly sent me this mask in exchange for my honest review! It's the kind that wraps around your ears twice, once for the face part and some more ear hooks for the part of the sheet that fold up under your chin/neck. It's actually quite comfortable! I think my nose was a bit too big for it though because I had trouble with the sheet adhering to my cheeks. It has a pleasant scent and there wasn't much essence left in the pack. It dried out in about 20 minutes but I think due to my big nose not letting it fit against my skin, lol. Afterwards I didn't see or feel much of a difference but it was once of those masks that left my skin softer and brighter the morning after! The results were nice, yeah, but unsure if I'd buy again due to the poor fit. I'd really love to try a well fitted one though, it has some lovely ingredients in it like niacinamide, rose flower essence and a bunch of other extracts. I wouldn't hesitate to tell someone to give it a go if they have a smaller nose than me (length/height wise, width wise is fine). Thanks Amabie for letting me try it out!


Melt Me Softly


I was given nose strips as part of a blogger package off PACKage Korea in exchange for my honest review. First up, I loved the package enough to go out and buy the entire bundle which says exactly how I feel about this product but I wanted to talk about the products separately instead of just the bundle (especially since I didn't just receive the bundle in the first place, and some places sell parts separately). These nose strip are unique in rather than ripping pores (and skin!) out by adhering to skin, it melts sebum using a combo of ingredients like lemon, peppermint, tea tree, sage and a lot of other goodies. At first I was skeptical - could it really get rid of my sebum and blackheads just by "melting" them away? The answer, for me at least, is yes. It could.. and it did an even better job! My pores are small and the sebum is deep and hard to get to which would usually be a good thing but my skin is fair so it still stands out. Having something that can melt down and clear them out is handy, and no tearing any skin off my nose while I do it! I have issues with sebum deposits in my chin too so I often use the same strip then pop in on my chin for awhile and while it doesn't get rid of those, it helps minimise them. The scent is a little strong, a mix of peppermint and lemon, but I think it's a pleasant smell. Looks like I've found a new HG product and one I'll have in my beauty kit for awhile to come!

I was attracted to this ampoule from The SAEM since it comes in a lovely bottle (because pretty products are always a bonus) and is was also affordable! It's got a dropper to get the product out although I need to be careful not to pick up too much since I only really need a few decent drops to saturate my face. The texture is a light and milky one, it feels nice and soothing going onto my face. It's worked just as well as the one I replaced since I've experienced either no change in how even my skin tone is and I think it looks like it’s even brighter after a few weeks. My partner even commented on how bright my face is and I put it mostly down to this ampoule. It's the first product I've tried from this brand and I'm very impressed so far, I'd purchase this again and find it an important part of my skincare regime both morning and night when it comes to evening out my redness, fading my freckles and just adding to that bouncy, fresh feeling of my skin with its milkiness. Plus it looks rather classy sitting in my bathroom with its simple yet elegant packaging!


I received this mask as part of a blogger package kindly off PACKage Korea in exchange for my honest review which I am more than happy to do! I want to talk about the packaging first as a designer myself, this mask comes as part of a pack called the Float Mask Bundle and the whole design is just wonderful, done in collaboration with the talented graphic designer Hapooooom. Onto the mask itself, the fit was a little bit odd for me, the forehead not quite big enough but the jaw area too large. I do have a big forehead though! The eyeholes are large which is good because the product stung my eyes a little. Those are my only negatives though, the mask is designed to be super hydrating and it does exactly that with ingredients like honey and propolis. It even contains galactomyces! Scent wise it’s very mild and I didn’t smell anything while wearing it. I can leave these on for a good 40-50 minutes if I want to and geez do they make my face bouncy! The essence can take a good while to soak in so if you like masking before bed then this could be a good option, I wake up with bouncy, glowing skin. I asked for the full sized bundle for Christmas so I can have more, I almost used them all already!

This mask is a popular one from Sephora/Luxola where I live and claims to be "rich in antioxidants from its Acai Berry extract, the fast-acting mask shows you effective, positive results on your skin, making it brighter, clearer, and naturally radiant". The ingredients list contains a LOT of different berry extracts so it lives up to its name! It dried out fast for a mask and had started to come off at the bottom within the 15-20 mins it asks you to keep it on for. My skin sucked that serum up like nothing else though so it must have really wanted it! My skin was left plump and glossy plus a bit brighter. Leaders masks never really let me down! I would purchase this again. 

I was happy to receive this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review, thanks guys! The first thing I noticed when I ripped into my package of goodies was the smell of peppermint, my cleanser had leaked during its journey to me but is fortunately wrapped tight in plastic sealing so not all my packaging was ruined so I was grateful for that! But yes, the smell of the peppermint oil is very strong and it took me awhile to get used to. I didn't like it during the first week but then I got used to it. The cleanser itself foams up very nicely from a clear runny liquid and into a microfoam straight out of the pump. I find I only need one pump to fully clean my face. It doesn't leave that squeaky clean feeling that some people do or don't like, so if you don't like that feeling this could be a great cleanser for you. It works well as a double cleanser with my oil based one (Banila Co Clean It Zero) and the coconut oil didn't break me out as feared, my face feels clean but not dried out. I use this cleanser, the toner and day cream all together for maximum benefits from this line, please see my reviews of the other products from this line to see how they work together.

I was lucky enough to receive this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. When I was first trying this product, my big concern was breaking out due to the virgin coconut oil because I have combination skin. The product is thick and not an even consistency, it's lumpy in texture, but when you rub it together it spreads out into a thin film. Smell wise it's quite strong so if you are sensitive to smells be aware of this, it reminds me of the stronger scented western branded night creams I still sometimes use so I'm used to it and don't find it unpleasant. The good news is that I didn't break out using this, I make sure to keep it spread thin, especially over my T-Zone where get the most oily. As well as coconut oil, it contains other natural goodies and I've included a list of ingredients in the photos! One thing it doesn't contain is SPF which is a drawback for me because I like to have it in my day moisturizer. Overall I think this would be more ideal for people with dry skin! I do not suffer any drawbacks but personally get more benefits more other types of day creams at this stage. 

I was happy to receive this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.
The first interesting thing that struck me about this toner is that it comes in a spray bottle, I’ve never had one like that before! I find it handy to do about 2-4 sprays onto cotton makeup pads to get the desired amount (you spray it onto pads to wipe onto your face) rather than to tip the bottle upside down to get the product. I do seem to be going through more product than normal due to having to spray it though. I noticed is that it closes up pores very quickly! After doing anything that opens my pores, I can visibly see how tight it makes my pores after they have been opened so it does its job as a toner well. I was worried the oils it contains would break me out as I have combo skin but it remained the same with no major breakouts since switching products, and I was using a more expensive toner previously. I included a photo of the ingredients, it’s full of so many goodies! I was impressed that it included magnesium. I included a photo of my makeup free skin in it’s current condition (the before and after are the same but I was using more expensive products). I used this toner alongside their cleanser and all day cream (as well as the rest of my skincare routine) to help achieve the maximum results from this line. I will continue to use this toner.


This mask claims to includes various kinds of minerals and moisturizing ingredients to help to get shining skin while it cleanses. The word ‘glitter’ was the one that caught my attention, of course, but fortunately for people it doesn’t contain glitter that would probably end up everywhere, hah! It's very wet though! It dripped a bit when I was unfolding it to put it on so my legs got some surprise essence too. It fit okay, the eye holes are big and it covered my wide forehead mostly although there was a lot of excess material at the bottom for me. The flaps that wrap around the sides of my jaw sometimes fell down. It was soaked with serum and I used the spare for my neck and arms, it stayed moist for about an hour. My skin was super plump afterwards! Bright and shiny too. The leftover essence had a dull stickiness to it but in the morning it gave away to soft skin that felt lovely. I almost didn’t want to do my morning skincare routine! The ingredients list is short but contains goodies like pearl extract, vit C, rice extract, etc. it smells lovely but I like scented masks. It says not to use if allergic to adhesives, no idea why. I am, and had zero reaction but may be a bad translation. If you are severely allergic then do take it into consideration though! I'd use this again! I love the outcome!

I've seen this mask being used a few times so I think it might be a popular one, so I grabbed a few quickly when I saw them on clearance! It comes in two parts as have most proper hydrogels I've purchased, one for the bottom part of your mouth and jaw and another for forehead, eyes, nose and cheeks. This lets you wrap it around your face as you like, as the gel is stretchy and quite durable with this mask so I didn't fear tearing it. It was so slippery though! I dropped it when trying to get the backing off but thankfully not onto my carpet, haha. Yes. Snail slime is, um, slimey! 😝

Essence wise it was generous, I had enough for my hands and neck. The mask itself was very cool and soothing. It claims to work against a dark and dull complexion while preventing wrinkles which sounds pretty good to me! My face feels firm and VERY plump with moisture afterwards, and the essence soaked in very well. I can't see any brightening but it doesn't claim to be a brightening mask, I suppose, but my skin does feel more 'vibrant' and healthy though. That glow we are forever chasing. I'd recommend this mask, not sure what price it usually runs at but I figure not much since I got it cheap.

I used this mask after a few long days and a bit of TLC was needed! This mask is mostly formulated with ceramides as it claims and has a plastic backing on it because the sheet mask itself is quite thin. It promises to provide moisture for rough and dry skin. I found the plastic annoying to get off and it stole a lot of essence but there was already so much that my mask dripped a bit while on anyway! I've used masks from this line that I've loved before but didn’t love particular one. It lasted awhile, about 30-40 minutes, then started coming off by itself. The essence was unfortunately sticky on my skin and was hard to pat in (I still had some on the morning after). Hydration wise I think it did a good job though so I can't fault it there. It does list alcohol 3rd on the ingredients list so be careful there if you need to be. I'm not sure if I'd use this mask again.. it's not a terrible one by any means if you need lots of moisture, especially if you can get it at a good price.

I invested a fair amount of money into my makeup brushes so I don't want them to be ruined or discoloured by poor cleaning products. This brush cleaner from Daiso is fantastic though! I haven't even lost a brush hair before! It cleans quickly and I don't need to do any scrubbing or anything harsh to my brushes to get even the most stubborn and caked makeup out. All I do is pour some into a small bowl the leave the brushes in there then swirl them around.. then they're all ready to be set up to dry! I do find the Daiso sponge cleaner product (seperate from this) to be better for my foam and beauty blender cleaning though so I usually grab both if they're in stock.. so so cheap!

I was surprised by this mask. I purchased it on clearance and could only find a couple of mentions of it online so I felt a bit weary. It's also a 3D mask which many people, including myself, don't like to wear because they're usually ill fitting. My skin was very blotchy today after being out in the wind and my skin probably looked as tired as I felt so I decided hey, wine can never be a bad thing! After struggling to get it on and showing off how ridiculous it looked on me, I got back to work with it on. It stayed moist for a good 40 minutes apart from the lower sides falling down all the time. I honestly didn't expect much after taking it off but all my redness is gone and my skin is feeling fantastic! Apparently the sheet contains three different kinds of ancient rice that nourishes, moisturizers and firms the skin from within. The ingredients list shows it also has Ginseng extract and Aloe so no wonder it is so soothing. I’d buy it again if I saw it, even if I hate how it fits!


I have the Tear Liner in #01 which is a super fine silver/pearl glitter with a clear base. I usually find it easy to work with although it can take some time to dry so be careful that it dries fully before you move your eyes around too much so it doesn't smear! Also when applying a decent amount on one area it can get patchy, and then clumpy when it dries. Now I've gotten the things that annoying me out of the way, I'll talk about how much fun you can have with this! It has a superfine tip which is perfect for lining, I like to do the inside corners of my eyes to make them look bigger. I also use it under my eyes and even on top of my regular winged liner to make it into a glittered wing sometimes. You can even use it with eye shadow or anywhere on your face if you’re creative with makeup! The formula is good, not too thick or thin, and you get a generous amount in a cute container. I’ll attach a photo of how I wore it most recently, on the inside corners of my eyes.

I LOVE hand masks. I have dry hands and the usual one I use, Innisfree’s, work well. I was drawn to the packaging of this one. I do leave theses on a lot longer than intended, I even slept in this for 2 hours but it's a nice subtle butter so nothing harsh that I react to. Speaking of the butter, the smell is BEAUTIFUL. It's not harsh but it's strong so if you're sensitive to smell then consider that. One side contains the outer clear gloves and the other contains tighter gloves covered with butter which you then cover with the clear gloves provided. I didn't really do the pressure point thing it mentions on the package (see image). It says to massage parts of your hand to help certain systems such as "Eye Fatigue". Afterwards my hands were very soft! The butter is sticky and takes time to soak in so give yourself time after taking the gloves off for maximum benefit. I used the gloves twice stored carefully. My hands stayed smoother for much longer using the Innisfree one though.

This mask is supposed to help soothe irritated skin, which was perfect because it was irritated as of writing! When I'm not feeling well, I can have a bad habit of falling asleep with a mask on. I did here because of a cold and since it's made from a "Bio-cellulose" material (which is great), I was worried it'd have sucked all the moisture back out of my face but thankfully it let all it's goodies sink in. The material I'm speaking of is like a cross between a sheet mask and a hydrogel? It's backed both sides and needs to be handled carefully or it might tear easily. It's made from fermented coconut gel! It fits well, and uses Madecassoside to help soothe your skin. Alcohol is high up on the list although there aren't a lot of ingredients but if you're sensitive to it then take that into consideration. For me it worked wonders, my skin irritation improved a lot. The mask felt so good on too and didn't budge once placed on so felt like I was being very pampered. I want to try more!

I have a habit of using my partner’s things to test and review, I get curious! This is a typical style mud mask where you put it onto clean skin, let it dry then rinse it off with warm water. It claims to be purifying - clearing your skin from excess sebum while clearing out your pores. The consistency is smooth and light, it feels nice going onto my skin. It dries up fairly quickly in places where I spread it thinner as is usual but didn't take too long to set. Instructions say to leave for 15-20 minutes and I left it on for that time. It washes off easily for a mud mask and all residual stuff comes off with cleanser. My face feels tight after this, even tighter than usual after a mud mask! After close inspection it clears out all the sebum from my nose pores (which can get bad) and helps ease the sebum on my chin. It leaves my pores wide open but toner closes them back up. Make sure to moisturise plenty after it though because it is drying and tightening. I will keep using this!

I used this mask which claims to soothe sensitive skin and reduce skin irritation because I developed a pimple. It rates itself as "serious" when it comes to skin irritation plus over sebum and as just above normal for dead skin cell removal. It fit well and was very damp with essence. This was my first time using this particular one and was absolutely drenched in serum, I thought I'd rip it apart while unfolding it but got it on my face nicely. It soothed straight away and didn't drip even though it was so wet. It stayed wet for a good 40-50 minutes before it started to dry. I could have kept it on longer but I needed sleep. This mask delivered on its promises! My pimple is still growing but it's not red and angry like they usually are (my face is naturally fair so they stick out!). I feel less oily too which I was having trouble with. I feel clean with happy skin again, even with that nefarious pimple brewing. I like this mask and I'd buy it again as well as suggest it!

These Aloe masks are only a couple of dollars and great to throw into the fridge to get extra cooling effects. Summer is approaching fast where I live as of writing so no doubt I will be going through a lot of these soon, they’re so soothing! It fit likes every other The Face Shop mask, which is quite well, and I wear this for about 40 minutes which isn't too bad at all for an inexpensive mask. My face this morning was refreshed, that pesky pimple that had been bothering me was nearly gone and it eliminated much of the redness around it too. My skin felt very soft too! I much prefer this one over other cheap Aloe masks although it could just be my personal preference. The smell, the fit, the results, the price point.. they're all on point! See more about what I think about this on my Instagram, @kendelfe


I've a face full of freckles.. and not the cute kind you see people try to draw on with a makeup pencil! These Mela-Tox whitening masks help me deal with those plus the red blotchiness my face is prone to and this mask is cheap and easily attainable where I live so I use it often. I have a pimple on my chin as of writing but I just noticed as I pulled out the packet that it says it's very good for skin blemishes too! A good all rounder! The mask also fits well and doesn't have much of a strong scent so no major complaints in any areas. It's apparently a top seller in it's line plus a fav among celebrities and a quick search shows off beautiful results after a weeks worth of treatment. A definite repurchase, and hopefully the purchase of a weeks worth of treatment next time instead of just grabbing a few to replace my used ones.

This mask is Green Dot from the masquerade line and features a cute pattern. It’s a collagen mask, including hyaluronic acid and Vit E as the main ingredients listed, as well as with hazel and some sort of rose extract. It's supposed to moisturise and help support you skin. First of all I was impressed by the fit! It was very snug, usually masks are too big. The smell is amazing, I loved it, but might too much for those who aren't into scented things. It also lasts a long time, I had it on for a good hour before it dried out slowly before I decided enough was enough and needed sleep! The essence was slightly sticky but not too uncomfortable. And most importantly, my face felt so wonderful this morning and gave off that slight glow! I had a lot of makeup on earlier that day so it needed the special treatment, and I got it from this lovely sheet mask. It makes me want to try others from the Pure Smile line!

I've never been into BB cream. I have the kind of skin tone that's so fair and cool toned that everything looks a orange or yellow on it. I didn't bother try to mass of "Rules" samples I had for a long time until I was playing around with my samples one day and found a BB cream that not only matched my skin tone perfectly, it covered up all my redness and freckles, even out my skin tone, minimized my pores plus had a large amount of SPF in it. After using up my samples, I picked up a tube at a local asian beauty store. I like a thick, matte coverage when it comes to makeup but sometimes I still need something for casual events or for when I need to really quickly slap on some makeup. I'm not aware if this comes in many if any other tones, so there is a good chance it might be too pale if you're not fair with cool undertones. If you are, then I definitely suggest giving this a look! I've attached a photo which is hopefully not too bright (it's in natural lighting in car), but should hopefully show coverage.

I was lucky enough to receive this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review! Not an issue with the mask but I admit I was surprised when I opened this mask because I usually expect charcoal masks to be coloured black and not white! The mask itself has eyeflaps which in one way can be annoying but also a good way to get extra moisture into your under eye area so after I'd arranged the mask on my face (it fit and adhered well at first) they were not a problem. This mask was soothing to wear and I wore it for about 30 minutes before it started to get too dry. Although my face felt fine during wear, it was a little red afterwards. It's settled down now and feels slightly pump to the touch but I admit nothing spectacular. The essence was a bit sticky afterwards and took awhile to tap in. I'm not sure if I would purchase this mask again but wearing it was a pleasant experience and I appreciated the extensive English instructions.

I love the scent of these! It's like a light floral scent. The mask has what it describes as a smooth serum which is clear and slightly thick so not much dripping. The fit was great as it is with all their masks. It claims to use the pure essence of Lotus Flower to moisturise and give tired, rough skin a boost of radiance. This mask lists alcohol as fifth on the list so be careful if you don’t like that. It also contains seed oil and fruit extract. It lasted 30 minutes before it started to dry up but since there was plenty of serum left over, I used that to wet it to get more time out of it, my skin needed extra love after a long day! The essence isn't particularly sticky but I found it hard to pat and soak into my skin which leaves it wet for awhile which is uncomfortable when you sheet mask just before bed. The results were good though, it provided the hydration I wanted and my face was a bit brighter since it was dull.

This is a collagen mask which is also supposed to ease and soothe irritated skin. It claims to be formulated with elastic and marine collagen, green caviar (fancy), fermented extract (an extract of what I don't know) and hyaluronic acid. One of the reason I was attracted to this mask over a more standard soothing one is that it also claims to have no silicon, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil or artificial colouring and I needed something gentle at the time . It felt wonderful on my skin as soon as I put it on, it was made from a thicker than average, stretchable material that adhered beautifully! So nicely than when I woke up in the morning with this mask still on (oops), it was still in place perfectly. I was awake for 30 mins before accidentally falling asleep with it on (I wouldn't do that unless you know the mask is safe for such usage) and it didn't dry out. In fact when I woke about 6 hours later it was still slightly damp on my cheeks! The effects I got from this mask were amazing. My skin was plump over 12 hours later and felt so soft and smooth. Very impressed with the results, especially since collagen mask don't usually do much. Plus the packaging is super adorable. I would buy again if I can find it!

*Please keep in mind my results might have been skewed because I left it on long after the recommended time. 

I hope I have the right mask here since my packaging looks different from the main one but I enjoyed this mask, although I enjoy Mediheal and hydrogel masks well in general because they're one of the rare types that I can get to fit since they come in two pieces. I used it mostly because I was interested in its pore tightening effects (and I always need moisture) and it did well in that department! It can be hard to get on since it's a gel mask, I ripped my first one so make sure you're gentle, but thankfully it wasn't dripping essence everywhere. It still kept moist on my face for up to an hour though which is when I could tell most of the essence had transferred into my skin. It did what it promised, tightened my pores, made my skin plump and also as a bonus very bright! It's a best seller at my Asian beauty store and I can see why. I would buy this again, I love Mediheal! See my Instagram @kendelfe for more detailed reviews! 💖

Back again with another review from this line, this time for the Cucumber mask, a mask that I always find very soothing and relaxing! I'm chronically ill and masks like this help when I'm stuck in bed feeling low. The light scent adds to the refreshing experience and the cooling effects were appreciated due to me being feverish. The experience of wearing this mask itself aren't the only things worth talking about though, the essence pats in well and isn't sticky. The refreshing feeling sticks around for awhile after removing it and the results are easy to feel and see on my skin. It’s always plumper and is noticeably brighter the next day. I'm quick to sing the praises of this line due to its affordability (although there are a couple of them I don't like) and this is one of my favourites. They fit well and I've never had any from this brand sting my eyes or skin. But yeah! A large part of my enjoyment of sheet masking is the experience itself, I want to feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered.


The packaging is cute so that might have influenced my decision to buy this a bit, they have an interesting shape to them that looks like a glass of refreshing juice following their theme. I have used other masks from this line and while they're certainly not bad, I've found myself left wanting. This one and others I've used have dried out within about 30 minutes which is not too bad and the essence has absorbed into my skin well. The after effects haven't been that noticeable though, with this one I've noticed that my skin feels slightly more plump but not energised as it claims and when the essence fully dried up, I couldn't really tell that I'd had a sheet mask on. The scent is nice though and the mask plus essence are plentiful so it makes for a pleasant experience while actually wearing it. There are a lot of fruit extract and oils on the ingredients list which is good to see but alcohol is also listed as 3rd from the top so something to keep in mind if you don't like a lot in your products.

I would probably not purchase this again. I'd choose something that delivered more results for the same price. 

I wear heavy eyeshadow quite often as I'm a big makeup enthusiast so I really need something that will hold shadows longer as well as enhance their intensity so that I can use less product in the long run. The Proof 10 Eye Primer is easily one of the best value for money eyeshadow primers I've used and I will no longer be splashing out for the great but expensive Urban Decay Primer Potion when I can get this at a fraction of the cost. I've attached a photo of my eyeshadow after it being on for hours if anyone is interested. Great job Etude House! 

These sheet masks are wonderful from the moment you open them, they have a white rose scent that is a delight! They are very moist and stay so for an extremely long time, I believe I've had one on for well over an hour and it's retained it's essence while on my face without drying out. I received these after winning a contest on Instagram for them and boy am I glad that I did because they have quickly become among my favourite sheet masks! I will probably buy some more after I've used my box up. My face is nice and soft, plump, brighter and just cleaner feeling in the morning. It's not sticky at all so it's not uncomfortable when you peel the mask off and go to pat the remaining essence into your skin. Each mask contain ingredients such as evening primrose oil, avocado extract, niacinamide, katsuma flower extract, collagen and more. They are both paraben and alcohol free. The packaging is also beautiful, featuring art of Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. 

This is a scrub foam which makes it a mild exfoliant. I was worried since I break out easily with new exfoliants but after a few weeks I haven't had any issues with this one at all. I usually use a different clay cleansing foam as my main cleanser but this one foams up so much more, I was really surprised! It feels really good while cleansing and my face feels wonderfully clean after I've finished and all ready to put my toner on. It seems to work well with double cleansing too if you do that, I had no issues when using it in combo with an oil cleanser first. My partner also uses this as his main cleanser (hence me borrowing it to try it out, haha) and it works very well for him too, and his skin is very acne prone. It contains a lot of wonderful natural type of ingredients like a variety of fruit oils as well as lavender oil as well as the volcanic ash. The scrub is gentle and not harsh on the skin and the price is good for what you get.

This was a gift from my partner, I had been complaining about needing a top coat for awhile and he knows I like The Face Shop so he decided to get some from there. Of course he chose the ones with the shimmer because of my love of shiny things and glitter, hah! It contains 10ml of top coat. I'm unsure of why it's named Repair Nail since it's a top coat but I'm assuming that it's part of a line with a similar name. The shimmer/glitter is very fine so the finish of your nails is almost pearlescent, it's very pretty! The polish is quite thin so I usually do two coats since I like my top coats to be thick and shiny and it works a treat. It dries fast and feels smooth. After doing a bit of research I discovered that it's very well priced and I would repurchase it once I'm out due to the unique finish it gives my nails.

I usually love Real Nature range, they're super cheap, have a large range plus the fit is great. I recall repeatedly asking my mother when I was young how she faded her freckles and she told me that she used a face wash with lemon in it so I was excited when this one including Lemon Extract was the freebies The Face Shop gave me with some purchases! I didn't enjoy this mask as much as some of their others though (especially their Rice Extract one), the essence was thin and runny, even though there was a LOT in the packet I still found I had to scoop it out to wet my mask more. It does state to only leave it on for about 10-15 mins and dried out enough to have trouble adhering to my face after that time. My face felt oily and sticky in the morning but after a wash off with water felt slightly plumper and brighter. It didn't really have much of a lemon scent which made me a bit sad because I love the smell of lemon but hey, it still did it’s job in the end.

I originally wanted the White Plus Laneige toner but the store didn’t have it so I picked this one instead, which I'd previously used a sample of for awhile and loved. It feels very refreshing, like I'm splashing water on my face! It soaks in quickly and leaves my face both toned, refreshed and all prepared for the next steps in my skincare routine. The bottle is HUGE so it will last for a long time since I just need one pump of it. The consistency is gel like but still very runny. I initially tried to put it on with cotton pads as I usually do but I found that using my hands works better and I require less product that way. The packaging is also beautiful like most Laneige products, very sleek and minimalist. Most importantly my face has improved since switching to this, more moisturised and plump but not oily - it also doesn't stink of alcohol like a lot of toners do! It does have alcohol in it though so if you're sensitive then you might want to try a sample first before committing.

An impulse buy from the local Asian beauty shops, I didn't know what to expect. But I didn't expect for it to have actual gold flecks in it! There weren't too many, not enough to have any affect if gold does actually have any affect on your skin. The mask itself fit well and seemed to hold a good amount of moisture but it dried up fairly quickly for me. It's frangranced which didn't bother me but might bother some sensitive to such things. Alcohol is the 4th ingredient on the list which is a bit too high for my liking but the ingredient list isn't huge so I can forgive it somewhat. It claims to contain 1000 mg of collagen but I'm unsure how much of it can actually penetrate your skin, I thought it was worth a try anyway! Either way my skin didn't feel any different in the morning, it just had some gold flecks stuck to it. 😝

The mask was an extremely good fit though so I will give it an extra star for that, I don't think I've ever had a mask fit so well. 

After getting great results from Innisfree's Hand Care masks of the same line, I wanted to try the foot mask as I have trouble with a lot of dry patches on top of my feet. The plastic booties that they give you are fairly large as you can see in pic (I have small US size 4 feet for reference) so hopefully not many people will have no trouble to fit unless they have large feet. They are not hard to walk around in although are a little bit delicate (I ripped the side a bit walking) so would be best to use when relaxing. I couldn't use them multiple times like the hand masks but these still made my feet extremely soft and even days later I can feel a very large difference. I still have the dry spots but they have lessened somewhat. I think that this is a great line from Innisfree and would recommend both these and the hand ones to anyone wanting either of them softer. I will get getting more! 💖

This mask is quite unique in that it comes with a sheet for your neck too, which is an area easily forgotten about when doing a sheet masks except for when we might rub some excess essence onto it. Another unique thing about the mask is that it had an interesting pattern over both the face and neck sheets, as well as eye catching packaging. The face sheet fit fairly well, it was a too big but not an uncommon for me. The neck part fit perfectly. It stayed moist more a very long time and I left the mask on for an hour (although the neck sheet start to fall off by itself after about 30 minutes, which is longer than the 10-20 mins given in the instructions). The mask includes ingredients high up on the list like Propolis Extract and Royal Jelly Extract and claims to be nutrient rich so it was very moisturising. The leftover essence took a long time to massage in though and left my face very sticky for awhile. 

I picked this up during a shopping spree at The Face Shop (I have a lot of those!) because I wanted something to clean out my pores, especially because I live in a big city. It helps fight against fine dust and sebum build up, and is formulated with the ingredients in the title. The shop assistant suggested I give this one a try. It surprised me when I opened it because I didn't read the package properly and it was a clay mask, not a sheet mask! But it was already shaped to fit the face. It was hard to put on though because it wasn't very sticky, I had to really push it into my skin. It did not feel like it was doing much either, felt a bit like a cardboard stuck to my face. Some parts would droop off so I wet them a little to stay in place. When I took it off though, my face was bright and clear! I did not expect anything from the way it felt and applied but it surprised me. It was not bad, a bit uncomfortable, but result was good. I think I can get the same result elsewhere in a more comfortable way for a better price though. 

I have seen these as highly rated by people and they was on special so I picked up a packet to try since my normal Biore ones were not working very well. These Tosowoong strips contain black charcoal, clay and volcanic ash so are dark in colour, making it easy to see everything they remove once you take them off! At first I did not wet my nose enough for it to stick well and did not get much out but once I figured out that I had to saturate my nose with more water then it grabbed a lot of gunk out of my pores! I use these once a week and am impressed with them, they are probably my favourite nose strips I've tried to date! I usually steam my face beforehand which helps clear out my pores easier. 

First of all, I have to comment on how much I love the scent of the Mamonde sheet masks I have used! They have all been beautiful and refreshing which I think is an important part of a sheet mask experience (I feel like they are ultimately for pampering, hehe). The scent could be overwhelming for some people who like very lightly scented thing though. It contains echinacea extract which is said to reduce inflammation. I noticed my pores were looking large around my cheeks so I decided to give this mask a try. It fits well, it's a smaller mask which is good for my face. It did drip which I dislike, especially when it is a cold night and I'm laying in bed! Apart from that it offered a nice experience and most importantly the results were good, my pores had minimised somewhat in the morning which I wasn't expecting because they were quite large. It stayed moist for a good 40-50 minutes which is a long time, but it was also a cold night which might have factored in. 

This Dark Circle Whitening Program sheet mask from The Ylang Gallery surprised me! I generally don't like sheet masks that only cover part of the face too much, I mean, why not just go the whole shebang at once? This actually.. worked though. I mean, sheet masks in general usually work unless they're really bad but this worked more than any singular product has on my dark circles. It appears these come in packages of 6 so I might grab a pack if I can't find any in the city since I got this one out of a subscription box. I did have some issues with it though before I run off claiming it to be a miracle product, it stung my eyes when the runny essence got into them and the fit was slightly weird on my odd shaped face. A bit of stretching a pulling got it to work for me though. It also claims to tighten skin and lift skin which it did plus reduce fine lines which thankfully I don't have to worry about just yet. Please see more on my Instagram @Kendelfe if you'd like! 💖✨🎀

The packaging is very nice, I love the way it looks on display. This is my partner's but I decided to try it for a couple of weeks to see if it was good for me. I thought it should be fine since it is for oily skin (I have combo skin) but I got big pimples and I haven't had any for about 6 months. It works very well for his acne prone skin so I'm not sure what's up or if it was even the lotion that was my problem. Either way it is pleasant to use, easy to work in and smelled great. I have stopped using it though and no more break outs. Maybe good for some people but not me. :) 


Aloe Essence Mask


I received this is a subscription pouch and had never tried it before. I love Aloe masks so I've been looking forward to it! First of all, the fit was amazing for my face! I struggle since I have small face but this was comfortable without it hanging off everywhere. It might be too small for those with larger faces, however. The scent is pleasant and refreshing and the mask itself soothing as an Aloe mask should be. It last about 40 mins before it dried out and the essence wasn't sticky. My face looked smooth with a huge reduction in redness afterwards, and even looked brighter. These masks are so cheap that I really need to pick some up! 

I'm not a huge fan of water tints, they never seem to look even on my lips no matter how much I exfoliate or take care of them. This one was no exception. It is a pretty colour and tasted plus smelled vaguely of cherries which I enjoyed, but it was hard to put on without it feathering. I went out to dinner with it on and it didn't last through the meal at all, it looked terrible once I was done! With some gloss and some tidying up it can look pretty though, so I might give it a few more tries yet. 

I received this in a subscription box and was eager to give it a try because I tend to usually enjoy products with pearl extract in them. The packaging is very adorable which is typical of Etude House, but the product was average and I didn't notice any change in my skin after using this mask. The fit wasn't bad though and it smelled nice, it was soothing and relaxing to have on at the time so the experience wasn't exactly terrible - nor did it cause any issues with my skin. Overall a cute, cheap mask that is probably good for kicking back and relaxing with but I wouldn't expect any outstanding results from it. 

I had been wanting a brightening sleeping pack for awhile so decided on this one when I saw it on special. I admit that I was drawn in by the packaging, Tony Moly always have such adorable packaging! When I first started using this unfortunately it caused a break out so I had to stop but I've discovered if I just apply it to my cheeks and keep it away from my t-zone then I can avoid the breakouts while still getting some of the whitening effects. The texture is creamy and has a light, pleasant smell.. nothing too heavy at all. It feels nice on the skin too and not sticky or uncomfortable. It doesn't brighten my skin all that much but I admit I do not put it on very thick because of my sensitive skin - by the time it is morning I barely need to wash it off! It has been helping a little bit though so I've continued to use it but I will probably switch products when I run out due to the breakouts it can cause me. I have to add an extra point for cuteness! 

The very first thing I noticed about this sheet mask the first time I used it was the smell - I absolutely love the smell of the Peony mask! It was an impulse buy (like most sheet masks I buy, hehe) and I'm very glad I did buy it, even if just for the experience of wearing it. The essence was thin, cooling and very soothing on top of the lovely smell. It claims to bring a glowing radiance to your skin and helps to refresh your complexion, and that's exactly what it did. My skin was plump and happy looking the morning after since I usually do my sheet masks before bed. The essence was not sticky at all, the mask and essence lasted a good while before drying out and it fit well (although most Face Shop masks are a good fit for me). I'll be grabbing more when I'm next in The Face Shop just because they're cheap and lovely to wear to relax! 

It's hard to go wrong with Cosrx so I was excited to use this essence to add galactomyces to my skincare routine to help out with skin whitening (I have a lot of freckles that I would like to fade~). The concentration of the galactomyces is a high 95% with other notable ingredients being niacinamide and adenosine to help with whitening and anti aging. It's a thin watery substance not unlike most essences I've used, thicker than water but still very runny. The instructions say to rub into cheeks but to only sprinkle it over your T-zone so I imagine it can aggravate sensitive skin in some. I have thankfully had no breakouts after using it for about a month now though! You simply rub it onto your face as instructed and it sets in quickly so not much waiting when it comes to the next step in your skincare routine. I think it performs well and my skin has been noticeably brighter since I’ve started using it. Nothing earth shattering but it’s inexpensive and something I will certainly keep using!

I won this as part of a contest and I'm so glad I did - it's my go to mascara when I don't use my usual waterproof one. It separates, curls and holds my lashes up high while using fibers to extend their length. It's rarely clumpy unless you apply multiple coats (which isn't really needed in my case) and is absolutely fantastic value for money. I will be repurchasing it when it needs replacing, or at least something similar! The packaging is very cute too and part of their Line Friends collaboration. If you're looking for a cheap mascara that does the job, I'd definitely consider this one. 

My holy grail mascara is easily Fairy Drops! Especially the waterproof version - this stuff does NOT budge! It's one of those mascaras that contains fibers so it extends your lash length by quite a lot, it also has a unique wand shape that grabs all those tiny lashes easily that a lot of common wands can miss. I'm lucky to have long lashes naturally but they're white so getting them coated properly is important (especially when wearing false lashes otherwise it looks really odd). Another thing I adore about this is that it holds curl very well, so much so that my lashes can curl up and touch my eyelids if I'm not careful! It doesn't clump unless you use an excessive amount (you really don't need to) and the price point is great for what you get. Plus the packaging is adorable! Pink and sparkly, it was like it was made just for me! I always recommend this to anyone looking for a new mascara, apparently it's a best seller in Japan and it's easy to source online. Please see my IG @kendelfe for more!

I really love The Face Shop's Real Nature line of sheet masks and this one in "Lily" is no exception. They're great for their price point! It's very refreshing to wear, fits my face well, has a good amount of essence plus it stays wet and moist for a good amount of time (at least a good 10-20 minutes past it's recommended time). The main active ingredient in this one is of course Lily, which claims to have skin brightening and revitalizing properties. The essence is not too sticky and sits comfortably on my skin until it soaks in plus my face is always bright and fresh the morning after one of these masks. It's one of those masks I always pick up a few of every time I go into The Face Shop since it's a good, cheap one to have in stock when I want to whack a sheet mask on.

This mask from the Real Nature line is good to hydrate and provide some extra moisture for your skin, it's also supposed to provide some anti aging and brightening effects although I didn't notice those myself. The fit was average, a little bit too big for my face, but nothing that couldn't be worked around. I found this mask to mostly be very soothing, it felt great on my skin so it was great to kick back and relax with. Otherwise I didn't ger all that many benefits from it apart from some moisturizing which I get from most sheet masks anyway. I wouldn't say it was a bad mask, it had no drawbacks, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy it again. 

I always find Seatree sheet masks intriguing in one way or another whether it be the packaging or the ingredients. This one contains horse oil from Jeju Island which helps provide glossiness and nutrition for your skin. It also claims be contain "milk"ingredients that help the horse oil absorb and says that it's gentle enough to keep sensitive skin well nourished. I personally found the mask refreshing and it certainly did moisturize my skin very well, I was surprised by how plump it was in the morning! I had to look up what exactly horse oil was though and I wish I didn't, apparently it's rendered from horse fat. I suppose it's no worse than most of the other things we put on our faces though!

This Tosowoong mask was lovely to use. It was a good fit, felt extra refreshing and contained just the right amount of essence (I'm not fond of too much as it leaks everywhere if I can't use it up). It soaked into my skin very quickly though and the mask was mostly dry within about 20 minutes but thankfully there was no sticky residue or even any need to pat the essence in like with many other sheet masks. My skin was bright and soft in the morning just like it promised it would be so it did its job well! And yes, it really did smell like blueberries, yay! I'll call it a sheet mask win!

I'm a sucker for cute packaging so that was the first thing that drew me to this mask, it's so cute! I love Seatree packaging so much! Packaging aside, it was a strange fitting mask.. especially around my eyes and I had to be careful not to rip the mask when putting it on. Otherwise it is coated with a thick, creamy essence that smells faintly of the shea butter that it contains. It also contains sodium hyaluronate and it claims the mask will help moisturize and keep your skin smooth as well as provide glossiness. I was worried the heavy essence would break me out but thankfully it didn't, my skin was left very soft and plump to the touch the morning after. I left it on for about an hour (the instructions say to leave it on for about 15 mins though so do so at own risk!) and it stayed nice and moist. I loved this mask and would buy it again, my only issue was the fit.

This sheet mask from SNP was odd, not bad, just odd! It was drenched in essence and their was heaps extra, so much so that it dripped off the mask after I'd put it on. It dried up within about 15-20 minutes though so I was trying to slather on the leftover essence all over my face constantly to try and keep it from falling off, haha. It felt nice though and not at all sticky, soaked into my skin very quickly afterwards too. Skin is plump, silky and bright this morning so I can see why it was one of the best selling masks in the store. The fit was a bit off for me though, it fit the top half of my face but was too big for the bottom. The panda design on it was faded and looked a bit strange but I can't say I've used an animal mask that didn't look like some sort of abomination had somehow smooshed itself onto my face. Either way, it did its job and did it well enough for its price so no real complaints apart from the essence dripping off it at the start!

I grabbed this because it was listed as the second most popular product in the asian beauty store I frequently shop at. I was lucky because there was only one left on the shelf so I grabbed it pretty quickly and I'm glad I did because I haven't been able to find it in person since then! The fit was perfect for my small face, it smelled nice and fresh, it felt cooling on refreshing while on and it lasted a good 30-40 minutes before it started to dry out at all. My skin was so much brighter after I took it off too, probably one of the best brightening/whitening masks I've used hands down! My skin was also very plump, moisturized and felt nice and tight afterwards (but not in an uncomfortable way). I usually love to mix up my sheet masks but I have been meaning to grab a large pack of these ones, they were that good on my skin! Another great mask from Mediheal. Feel free to check out my Instagram at @kendelfe for more opinions on this!

I find this serum so soothing on my skin! My skin is very easily irritated so I like to use this when it feels angry and red, or if it is windblown. It feel light on my skin which I enjoy because I don't like the heavy, greasy feeling some products have. I've found that it hasn't really improved my skin overall as a whole but it does help with redness and irritation a lot which is why I like it. I love the scent too, it always makes me feel like some tea when I use it, hehe. I've currently run out but after writing this review and reading the other ones, I have an urge to go and get some more now! 

I picked this up in The Face Shop as I wanted something quick and easy to try and reduce the big dark circles that I always have under my eyes. They're not hard to use, just stick the patch under your eye area although the instructions give you some "eye yoga" to do before applying the patch. I have no idea how opening your mouth and moving it from side to side helps with dark circles but I did it anyway, haha. The patches didn't fit my eye shape too well and I had to really stick them down. I ended up laying down in bed to relax while they were on because I was afraid they'd fall off. Unfortunately my time and efforts seem to have gone to waste as I didn't notice any change after I had taken them off at all. I expected more from the price, especially when you can buy large amount of eye patches in tubs which would be more cost effective. They did no harm to me but I usually like The Face Shop products but this one is a no go for me. 

This sheet mask from The Face Shop is from their 'The Solution' line and I chose to grab a brightening one that contains pearl essence. It conveniently comes with a peel off backing which makes it easier to unfold but the mask itself was very fragile so I had to be careful no to rip it as I smooshed it around until it fit onto my face! The fit was good though, the same as most other The Face Shop masks, however the essence soaked onto my skin and off the mask very quickly - it even started to fall off by itself within about 20 minutes (which is how long it says to keep it on for so I can't complain too much). The serum it contained had a lot of trouble soaking into my skin though, it was still tacky up to 6 hours later! I can forgive that, however, as it really did it's job at brightening, plumping up and evening out my skin tone which can be hard considering I have a LOT of freckles. I've already purchased some more from this line and can't wait to give them a try. 

I enjoyed using this mask! Not only because I like Mediheal and gel masks in general but because it contains pieces of rose petals throughout the gel mask itself which was a bit of a novelty to me. That aside, this mask comes in two parts for easier application (although it was a bit tricky for me to get on at first). The fit was very nice and although sheet masks aren't exactly supposed to be flattering.. the brown dehydrated rose petals in it made for an interesting look when applied, hehe. The mask itself dried up quickly and did not contain much essence although that wasn't much of a problem as it did exactly what it claimed to do, which is calm, soothe, moisturise and invigorate the skin. I had a large pimple on my chin at the time of use and it calmed it down and got rid of so much of the redness surrounding it, I was really impressed. It also smelled absolutely divine while and after wearing it! I'd repurchase this mask again. Please see my Instagram @kendelfe for more thoughts on this mask!

This is the first hand mask I've used so while I don't have anything to compare it to, my hands feel very lovely after using it and it was also very easy and no messy to use at all. My hands were noticeably softer and brighter looking, as well as slightly more firm. I'd be really interested to see how things would turn out if I were to use these regularly! On the outside they are plastic while on the inside they contain a kind of fabric that contains the essence that will coat your hands once you put them on. The instructions say to leave them on for 10-20 mins but I feel asleep for a couple of hours with them on (oops) but they had not dried out at all when I took them off. The essence is quite tacky afterwards and did take a long time to pat into my hands, however, and the gloves are very oversized so you need to make sure the essence touches your hands. I did end up having to wipe some off my palms so I could use my hands afterwards too! I would try these again though, absolutely. (PS- I folded up the gloves and managed to get multiple uses out of them!) 

I use Litfly beauty sponges and this cleans them so wonderfully! I have one sponge that is nearly a year old but still looks like new apart from some wear and tear through it seeing so much use. I cut one of my sponges that was the same age in half just in case a few months back to check for mould and it was clean inside too so I have no reason to throw my old sponges away due to age thanks to this cleaner, yay! I don't use this to clean my makeup brushes, however, so can't comment on how effective it is in that area. 

I was lucky enough to win this in a giveaway by an Instagram user otherwise I probably wouldn't have been lucky enough to try it as it's not a well known brand or easy to get a hold of for a foreigner. This ampoule, which was holding a collab between LaF and Adventure Time at my time of purchase (with this particular item featuring Princess Bubblegum - very cute packaging!), is easily my HG of whitening products. The serum is slightly thick and drawn out of the glass bottle with a squeezable dropper so you can get the correct amount every time. It's super refreshing to put on your face and instantly cools and calms it down, I really look forward to putting it on every night! The whitening effects are great for its price and I think it will stay a permanent part of my skincare routine for a long time. It makes me eager to try their other ampoule products too! Thank you, LaF! Check out my Instagram @Kendelfe for more about this product and how I fit it into my routine. 

Missha and Line Friends collaborated to create a couple of cute eyeshadow palettes! There are 3 textures of powdered shadow in this palette that features 4 different shades of pink - matte, shimmery and glitter. I had to pick it up in the Cony Pink palette because apparently I cannot resist anything pink, especially if it features a bunny (there is also an eyeshadow palette in this line featuring brown colours). I find this good for light every day makeup looks as they're not the most pigmented of eyeshadows (even when used with an eyeshadow primer) but you can still create some fun looks and a fair bit of depth of colour when blending all 4 of the different shades and textures together. However the staying power of this shadow isn't all that long, even with a finishing spray I found it started to fade in about 4-5 hours. It's got very adorable packaging though and I think it is still good value for money!

I'm a big fan of Mediheal sheet masks and this one is no exception. The mask itself very nice and refreshing while on my skin (I felt very pampered!) and did show some noticeable brightening effects the next morning. I think I'd need to use more of this type more consistently to see a huge improve whitening wise but that's just about the case with any mask, I suppose! One thing it helped a lot with is the red patches of skin of suffer from, it evened them out extremely well. I'd repurchase this mask again, it has a good price point for what it achieves. 

I was excited to try this out, I'd never used anything with birds nest extract before! The essence was creamy and super moisturising, plus it has a lovely subtle frangrance too. The mask stayed moist for a long time, up over 40 minutes or so which is a big win for a sheet mask for me! Plus plenty of spare essence left for my neck and other areas. The creamy essence was not too sticky or uncomfortable once I took it off and it settled into my skin nicely. I'd decided to use this mask because I was feeling a bit dry and it did its job well. 

I received the green "peeling" mask in a subscription box and was excited to try it out since it seemed interesting from the description. I followed the instructions and wore it overnight then washed it off in the morning but unfortunately I didn't notice any difference in my skin. I still have one use left (I do love how it contains multiple uses in one sachet so extra points for that) so perhaps I will notice more if a difference after the second try, but overall I don't think I'd be repurchasing this particular "peeling" type at least. It didn't do cause bad to happen or break me out though so perhaps it's just not for my particular skin type or concerns. 


I tend to like Skinfood masks and this was no exception. It was lovely, it fit well (which is rare because I have a oddly tiny face!) and had plenty of essence so I could use it on my neck and also to re-wet the mask once it started to dry out, plus it wasn't too sticky or uncomfortable. My face looked and felt rather revitalised the morning after and it's probably one of the better, affordable ginseng masks I've used. 

I struggle with dry, chapped and peeling lips regardless of how much lip ointment I use so when I saw this product on special, I grabbed it pretty quickly mostly out of desperation since nothing else really seemed to work. It's easy to use, just slather some on your lips before bed with the cute little spatula provided then wipe it off once you wake. It smells alright, it reminds me somewhat of bubblegum, and the texture is like a thick ointment. The best part is, of course, that it works! And really well, at that. My lips are even much fuller from the added moisture and I think this is something that will be part of my skincare routine for a long time yet! I'm always recommending this great little product to anyone who says they're struggling with the same issues as I do with my lips. Especially handy if you're a regular lipstick wearer too. 


This is one of my go to sheet masks, I always stock up on them when I stop by The Face Shop because they're so well priced and leaves my skin noticeably brighter, softer and clear. While you will get better results from a more expensive mask, I think this is amazing value for money for what you get out of it! The mask is made from thin material than can be a bit tricky to unfold but the fit is decent enough and it contains a good amount of clear serum. The instructions state to leave it on for about 10-15 minutes but I can usually leave it on for about 30-40 minutes or so until it starts to get too dried out. The essence is not too sticky and absorbs into the skin relatively well afterwards. It does contain alcohol as listed as fifth on this ingredients list though so perhaps be careful if you're particularly sensitive to it. 

I have such mixed feelings about this that it's quite hard to review! I bought it in the colour Dear Coral which is a lovely light coral colour that is quite subtle and pretty. My first application went well, no issues and the tint lasted for about half of the day. On my second application, however, I'd exfoliated my lips lightly beforehand because they were dry so when I peeled off the layer that creates the tint, it pulled off some skin with it and left me with some small bleeding patches on my lips. It wasn't really a good look, haha, and had to wipe my lips off for photos! I ended up adding some lip gloss on top which made it look a lot nicer and less angry but yeah, I'd be careful with it if you have sensitive or peeling lips. It can and does look nice when it works as intended though so I'll give it 3 stars, hopefully it's just my overly sensitive lips that have had a run in with this product! Free free to check out my Instagram for more photos of me using this product. 

I like to use aloe sheet masks to calm my skin down if I have a bit of a break out or if I'm a bit roughed up by the elements (or from too much makeup, haha). I picked this one up from their Juicy Mask Sheet range to try out since it was well priced plus the packing is really cute! The fit was too big but I admit that's the case with most sheet masks on my face, at least it didn't get into my eyes which is a big no-no when it comes to sheet masks for me. It had a decent amount of essence and stayed wet for about 30 minutes before it started to dry, plus I could re-wet it with the extra essence. It didn't perform any miracles on my skin but it did sooth it somewhat (popping it in the fridge beforehand made it even more soothing) and I can't complain about much considering the price. The redness was gone from my skin the morning after and it didn't cause any break outs so that's always a win in my book! I have used better aloe masks though and would probably stick with them.

I've been using this as a first step cleanser for awhile now although I only use it when I have makeup to remove (and I wear a LOT of makeup). It's much easier than scrubbing away at my face with a foam cleanser plus using near half a bottle of eye makeup remover to try and get my skin clean. I still need to cleanse with a foaming cleanser afterwards as it does leave an oily film on my face that I find myself wiping away with a cloth as it can be a hard to get off solely with water unless I'm really persistent, and I have a feeling I'd break out horribly if I didn't. It's second to none when it comes to makeup removal from what I've tried though, and a little goes a long way which makes it great value. I do still need to reach for the eye makeup remover on occasion, especially if I'm wearing anything waterproof, but I find I don't need much of it. The balm type ointment that melts into an oil is good too which elimates any spillages. I can see why this product is hyped like it is!

I purchased this on a whim after loving another one of their products and I'm so glad that I did - it's become one of my must have products! Easily the best face masks I've used, my skin looks so much whiter and brighter plus the red patches that I suffer from are greatly calmed down by an application. The tighter pores feel almost like a bonus! It's one of those carbonated clay masks that starts out as a thickish liquid but foams up into a lather by itself once applied to the skin, you can feel it tingling right down into your pores and giving them a good clean out. It claims to both control sebum while work well for sensitive skin and plus be good for dry skin so a good product for someone with fussy, combination skin like me. I'll probably keep repurchasing for a long time as nothing has lived up to it mask wise yet! I can't wait to see what else LaF has to offer. Feel free to check out my Instagram for a more in depth review. 

I purchased these to try and help reduce some very dark circles I have under my eyes thanks to genetics! I didn't notice a difference after the first few applications but over time I have started to notice them fade more and more. They can be a little hard to get to fit around under your eye area depending on your eye shape but a little stretching here and there should get them fitting onto most people. They stick quite well once you pat them onto your skin so you can go about your business without worrying about them falling off. I also love how it comes with a little plastic spatula to help separate the gel eye patches (I use it to help flatten them to my skin too). Instructions say to keep them on for 20-30 minutes but I can find I can keep them on a lot longer before they dry up!



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