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Age 31, combo skin, uneven skin tone, dark circles, & large pores.

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General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free, Organic, Vitamin C, Tree Oil, Glycerin
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

Paper mask dripping with essence with a slight fruit scent. Is it blackberry... I don't think so.

Package had a teaspoon of essence, which was slathered on my dry legs.

I think I look pretty cute.. ha ha.

Update: I feel the mask was moisturizing and thought this was the only thing it did last night.... But this morning when I woke up my dark circles looked lighter and that was before I knew this mask might help dark circles.

I don't care for the type of material the mask is made of. Would probably not repurchase unless they change the type of mask the use

There was a very strong sweet honey scent. It's like I stuck my nose in a honey jar.. 🍯 I love it!


This mask had a backing? I wasn't sure which one to use since this was my first time seeing two mask of similar materials stuck together. I made the decision to use the softer of the two.


This mask was dripping with black essence, I guess the color of the mask was bleeding into the essence so it turned black. There was about 1/2 tsp of essence left in the package. I used the extra essence by putting it on top of the mask. More essence = more sheet masking time. Yasss please!


I left the mask on for 30 minutes. The leftover essence dried to non-tacky matte finish. My face looked even toned, felt smooth and oh so soft. Man, these mask so live up to the hype! 😍 Gotta buy and try the whitening version next.

The package states this mask is for Trouble care/Soothing so I hope it will. I have a pimple on my forehead right now so I could definitely use the trouble care.

There was very little essence left in the package.

Has a strong scent of baby powder/baby wipes and I could still smell it while on. The scent disappeared after a while or maybe I got use to it. I'm not sure. Might bother some people who are sensitive to strong scents.

There was a slight tingle that disappeared as time passed. It wasn't as strong a tingle compared to when I used the Aqua version of this mask series.

Left mask on for 20 minutes as recommended on the package. Pimple looked less angry (red) last night and was smaller this morning.

Would repurchase. 

My choice tonight was SooAe green tea mask. This mask fits really good and is made out of cotton. Felt very soft and barely visible while on.

About 2 tsp of essence left in the package.  Slathered extra essence on my legs, arms and neck. 

I left this mask on for 30 minutes. After taking this mask off it left a oily tacky finish, couldn't handle it.  I had to wash the essence off. After washing of off the essence my face felt very smooth to the touch. 

Overall a very nice mask.  Would repurchase.

This is my first L'herboflore mask! Very soft mask with a plastic backing, supposedly made with Japanese silk. 

Slight mango scent/peach scent, can still smell it while on. 

Slits on this mask are not fully cut. I ripped a few of the slits so the mask would fit better on the lower part of my face.

Chin started lifting after 30 minutes, left mask on for 50 minutes. Essence dried to a matte finish. Face feels moisturized and bouncy. Would repurchase!

Etude house I need you Olive mask.


This was a creamy mask. I find that the creamy mask from the "I need you" line usually fit better. Yay! Happy for creamy mask!


Left mask on for only 15 minutes due to youngest one waking up.. 😥


Face had a little tacky finish, but felt moisturized. Face is glowing, damn I love these creamy mask! 😍

Sheet mask last night was #Tosowoong Pure Aloe mask. 

Mask smelled more like cucumbers than Aloe to me. Nice fresh scent.

Less than 1 teaspoon of essence left in package.

Left on for more than 30 minutes while folding clothes and talking to hubby. Second time using this mask and I didn't see any results.

Would not repurchase

Tonight's mask was a My Scheming Arbutin Whitening Mask. Lots of essence, which was slathered on neck, chest and arms.

Good fitting thin mask. Forgot to check if there was a scent before I put the mask on, no scent while on face.

Update: I feel that this mask brightened my face. I have one more so I can see if it happens again. I'm liking the way my skintone looked the next day.

This mask did not smell like blueberries which was a little disappointing.

Left on for 40 minutes.

After removing I did not notice any whitening properties.

Overall would not repurchase. I would rather use the propolis mask from this line.

Mask has a slight sweet fragrance, I didn't mind it. Since this mask is a Hydrogel, it felt amazing while on.

I left the mask on for 30 minutes. The bottom section of the mask was starting to dry out and lift off my face.

There was a bit of essence left that I tried to pat in. My face was still sticky and felt like it had a heavy film on top.

I don't notice any visible difference with my skin. 😞 My face feels smooth this morning, not sure if that was due to actives that I also used last night. Maybe a little moisturized, but there are mask that cost less than $4 that can do that.

After this second time using this mask, I still wouldn't repurchase. It's too expensive for the results I get. I still have a few of these left. I think I'll save them for a giveaway soon, maybe someone else might like them better

This mask had a baby wipe smell, can still smell it while on.. not sure if I like it.

Mask is very drippy, the usual my Scheming mask.

I left this mask on for 30 minutes. Mask was still wet with essence.

Dried to a matte finish. Face felt a little moisturized, pores were slightly smaller.

Decided I don't like smell, can still smell after mask is off. Would not repurchase

Mask had a clear essence. There was a little extra essence in the packet for my arms. 

Mask made my face feel minty/cool while on.

Don't remember if there was a scent.. I blame the mommy brain.😅

Noted effects: redness went away and my face felt soothed

I don't mind the ginseng smell of this mask, smells like the real thing to me. I couldn't stand the smell of Berrisom Tiger ginseng mask.

Has a creamy white essence that is thicker than the royal jelly mask.

Face felt plumped/moisturized and still did in the morning.

I am loving these creamy essence mask

Has a floral & honey fragrance that lasted the entire time the mask was on.

Essence was creamy/milky and a bit thicker than anything I've tried so far.

I took the mask off after 40 minutes & the mask was still pretty wet with essence. So I decided to wipe the mask on my legs.

Face feels a little tacky but also smooth and moisturized. I don't feel the need to apply cream after.

This mask has become my go to mask. I love it! So sad that it got discontinued.

Had a sweet smell like honey. Enough extra essence in the package to slather on my arms.

Fit of the mask was good. The mask adhered well to my face.

Left mask on for approximately 30 minutes. Face felt slightly sticky, stickiness disappeared after 15 minutes.

Face looked plump and felt very moisturized.

I would repurchase

I tried the Lovemore wine mask there nights ago. This mask is made with a silk sheet with a pearl plastic backing and blue fabric backing.

It is soaked with essence and there was also plenty of essence left in package. I put the extra essence on my arms, legs and neck.

No distinguishable scent to me but the ingredient list does have fragrance near the bottom.

I had a hard time putting this on nicely. It kept folding into itself.

There was a mild tingling when I first put this mask on.

Left on for 20 minutes with some parts of the mask already getting dry.

Face was brightened. Compared to the areas that the mask didn't touch (near my eye orbital bone) there was a noticeable difference.

I would repurchase.

This was my first My Scheming mask. This was the Skin Clarifying Astringent which was part of a gift box that I bought.

Mask is very soaked in essence and very drippy. Need to remember to squeeze the extra essence out before putting it on my face.

Pretty good mask for the value. Good for people with oily skin.

Decided to treat/pamper my eyes since my sheet mask was a fail. This is Petitfee Black pearl and gold hydrogel eye patches.

I keep them in the fridge to have more cooling properties and just cuz it feels great cold.

They are great at making the bags under my eyes disappear. I also feel they help lessen my dark circles.

The only thing I don't like about these eye patches is that the shelf life is only 60 days after you open the package. 

This mask had a slight burning sensation while on. I previously used this mask and don't remember this happening. 

Fit of mask was good. Mask did not cover my hairline. The only gripe I have is that the chin area kept separating from my face.

My face felt moisturized and looked plump

There was enough essence in the package to slather on my arms and legs.

Has a slight acid smell, but not too overpower. Smell still lingered for 5-10 minutes after I took the mask off.

Mask lasted around 40 minutes.

Face feels a little tacky but moisturized.  Effects were temporary. This mask was okay. With so many choices of sheet mask available, I probably wouldn't repurchase

As with the other mask in this series there is little/no extra essence in the packet. 

First reaction once the mask was on my face was a slight burning sensation. I would have taken it off but I didn't want to waste a mask.. 😂

The mask lasted for 20 minutes before the paper on my forehead started to get dry. 

Didn't notice any benefits from this mask. Maybe a little moisturizing

Overall, would not purchase again

I used Berrisom cat animal collagen mask couple nights ago.

This mask had a strong alcohol smell.

The material is the same papery material, which is pretty thick. So the fit was pretty horrible. Mouth started lifting after 5 minutes.

I left the mask on for 30 minutes. There was a non-sticky after finish.

I didn't feel that there was any immediate results, but when I woke up in the morning my face was glowing. Not sure if it was from this mask or something else from my routine.. I probably wouldn't repurchase due to the bad fit.


Urban DollKiss moisturizing money mask. I noticed while taking the mask out that there was bubbles on the mask like looked similar to soap suds... Kinda weird, but eh.

Mask was very tingly on my face for the first 10 minutes I had it on. Kinda like it has menthol or something minty.

Mask felt dry after 20 minutes.

Fit was ok on top part of my face but sucked for the bottom of my face. The chin area on the mask would not stay on.

My pores seems to be less visable, face is a little tacky but feels moisturized

I really dislike the smell. I've tried other ginseng mask and this one just didn't smell like ginseng. It was a very strong smell.

I don't like the Fit of this mask either. The material didn't lay down nicely on my face.

My face felt moisterized afterward.

Overall opinion is I probably won't buy this again

My beauty diary Broccoli rejuvenating moisturizing Mask

Very floral scent out of package. Not too strong while on my face.

Left on my face for 40 minutes. Forehead of mask was starting to get dry, but there was plenty of essence underneath when I took the mask off.

Pores look smaller and face feel hydrated and moisturized. Face feels really smooth.. I would definitely repurchase

I tried the Squalene Restorative mask by my beauty diary.

I understand what people mean when they say there is so much essence. The mask had so much essence it was dripping down my neck.

The fragrance is not over powering and I like the scent.

I took off the mask after only 15 minutes because it was 1 am and I was too tired to stay up. In my groggy state I feel like it was moisturizing and I think it shrunk my pores.

Overall I think I would purchase this again and I want to try the whole line of My Beauty Diary masks

Tried the mybeautydiary apple polyphenol which is suppose to tighten pores, brightening and have clarifying properties.

I love the fit of MBD mask. I also like that the mask looks non-existent on my face. Has a slight green apple smell.

I kept the mask on for only 20 minutes because I wanted to go to sleep, but it was still wet and could have stayed on my face longer.

I noticed that my face was brighter and my pores were smaller. The effects were still noticeable in the morning.

I would repurchase this mask again.



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