最近覺得精華油是好物,開始會用乳霜!! 我開了一個專寫美妝的部落格,募集部落格好友中XD

部落格: 希望大家來找我玩!!!

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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Mineral
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

The packaging is is a square-ish glass bottle. It's very heavy though. 

There's a pump so it's really easy to use. I think there's some sort of rose extract in there so it will change up your hormone (so if you're pregnant please don't use this) 

Although it's for moisturizing I saw that this blogger broke our from it. 

But since my face is a little bit dry I think it's just right for me to use in the winter. My skin absorbs the product really well too. 

I wouldn't need any other extra products with this one. THREE really makes nice essential oil based products and their products have a really great smell. 

This is a good product for those who have super dry skin and would love to use oil based products. 


I have so many face wash at home I had to finish them up. This product is actually not an amino acid face wash, it's more like a imitated "hand made" face wash soap.

I do think that it's a good product though so I would recommend it to other people. 

The ingredients are very similar to other hand made soaps out there on the market. It cleanses the face well and keeps the moisture. 

I think this product is still a little bit too expensive to purchase in Taiwan. 

Other than this I do think it's a great sunscreen product. 

It is waterproof and not too hard to remove. It will also instantly lift up your skin tone and it doens't irritate your skin. Compared to Anessa, this product is more breathable above the skin. So I really do think it's a drug store version of Anessa!! There're aren't a lot of discounts but obviously it's a drugstore brand. Kissme products usually don't have too many updates and improved versions. If you're looking for a sun screen product, this would be it!!!

Anessa products have gone through multiple evolutions and everytime they focus on how well it protects your skin from the sun and how it's waterproof. 

The one I'm writing about is the 2013 version. This one emphasizes on being waterproof and they've also made changes to the formula to make it easier to remove. 

The texture of the product is very runny and it's a white liquid. It wouldn't make your skin pale and personally I think it's not oily. But for my skin I do think that with the product it makes me feel very stuffy. I think this might be better for my body? Also I didn't try this product with any water activities but I believe that if I do the product will hold up well. It just doens't really work for my face. But they have a new version for 2016 and I really want to try the silver one!! 

This is my first Kiehl's product~ This product is great for people who stays up late like me (Don’t do it be a good kid!!!) I was surprised by the 2200NT price but I guess it’s pretty normal for well-known brands. There are two ways to use this product, use it as a primer for other skincare products you want to use later in your layered skincare routine, or use directly as essence. I always use it directly! It has a blue glass bottle and smells very Kiehl’s! The pump design makes it very easy to control the amount!


Three drops is probably enough to use every time, I sometimes use more for massaging. The clear texture feels more like an oil base essence. I love the light lavender scent and it’s very absorbing. I pair it with my amino acid moisturizing toner and hydrating lotion, keeps my skin moisturized even during winter~ But I the other effects I don’t feel as obvious. 

I don’t have super dry skin but I still need lotion to get me through cold weather! I usually use the moisturizing body wash such as my past favorite Johnson & Johnson’s Ph 5.5 body wash! Today I’m going to share my review about my new favorite product…. I’ve seen this brand since I was little but never really used it, one day when I was in the market I saw it says ph5.5 on this product so I bought it with no hesitation! I have their sensitive skin treatment bottle, but I decided to use this moisturizing one first since it’s cold.

It’s great to use body wash with Ph 5.5 especially during winter, my skin does not feel dry or itchy and it helps to improve my skin condition. The texture is creamy white, smells like milk which I like. It doesn’t lather that much so it’s better to use it with a foaming net. The body wash keeps my skin hydrated, it does not dry out of make my skin feel itchy even if I bath in hot water during winter, I can even skip 1-2 day of my lotion routine. Great for people with dry skin!



I bought this in a beauty expo, I saw the celebrity rooting for them so I bought the makeup remover + toner lotion for about 500NT. I found out it’s about to expire so I immediately start to use it.

It’s a gel texture with very light scent, the gel turns into liquid when I apply it on my face, it’s very moisturizing and I used it for about 3 months, I think it’s good! Maybe because it’s a gel texture I tend to squeeze out a lot every time and uses up very quickly… The texture is very moisturizing, great for people with dry skin! The price is not cheap, I do think it’s a great product, but I feel the lack of motivation to purchase again? My friend said the A brand she uses gives her bad reaction, and I lend her this one to try, she likes it! So I gave it to her…


The Botanic line from Neogence for me is a bit ineffective than the toner and lotion, this line is more focused on face lift so maybe it's because my skin is in good condition, I can only see that it's moisturizing. I’m not sure if they made it on purpose, I can only contain a little at a time in the tube, so I had to do it several times because I like to use a lot~


The texture is just like cream, a white thick texture, I’m not a fond of essence, I do find the essence moisturizing but I’m not sure whether it lifts my skin, maybe it does but hard to notice. Since it’s moisturizing and it does not irritate my skin, I would say it’s great to use during cold weather! 

This series of Neogence product is like a herbal version of their deep moisturizing line, I used to have their Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizing cream (My winter buddy) which is great, I use a huge amount to apply and still feels great. This cream has a little cover which is cleaner! The texture is thick, but I still apply a lot on my face, it might feel greasy but it absorbs really quickly, people with combination or oily skin can also use this cream (Just don’t apply too much at once)

It’s very nourishing but absorbs very quickly, it’s like a layer of protection on my skin, if you have dry skin, just apply a lot with no hesitation, don’t have to worry about greasiness! I personally love cream products, after I tried their Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizing cream (I will write a review on it) I just start to love Neogence~ Nourishing and absorbing~ don’t have to worry about the cream being too oily or too dry. And this cream has a herbal scent, overall I love this cream. If there’s a discount I would consider to purchase it, great to use during winter!


I think it’s very surprising for Neogence to come out with herbal products, which I think it’s great!! I used to have their Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizing lotion (I will write a review about it), and I think it’s pretty similar to this product! The texture is thick but the opening of the bottle is really tiny so it’s hard to pour the lotion out, I have to shake it really hard~

The clear gel texture is pretty absorbing, while it looks nourishing, I think in fact is more water than oil, it’s more moisturizing. I’m sure it’s nourishing, people with medium dry skin might think this is great to use in certain weather. But if your skin is super dry and it’s winter, this might not do the work.

When I first use this toner, it felt just like their Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizing lotion, but this one has a more calming herbal scent. I usually just apply the toner on my face, it’s thick but absorbing. Then my friend recommended me to apply the toner with a cotton pad and use it as a mask. Because the texture is thick so I have to spray some moisturizer to make the cotton pad wet, after the procedure, my skin became so amazing. It feels like my skin is soaked with water, just like applying a moisturizing mask and my skin became really bright!!


The product is very mild, it does not contain alcohol. Some skincare products irritates my skin but this one is perfect. It’s just ok when you apply this toner, but if you use it as a mask, it’s amazing!! It’s contained in a glass bottle, it comes with good quality. I think this is even better than some face masks! I would definitely purchase it during discount! 

I knew this brand for a long time, but I was always on the fence so I didn’t buy it, then after I tried it I got very interested in herbal brands… Unfortunately there are not many Taiwanese brands that’s specialized in herbal products… I bought their shampoo and conditioner during a promotion…

Ever since I stopped using shampoos which contains silicone I could never go back, this shampoo has a clear texture and it does not contain silicone, they contain different kinds of herbal ingredients which makes it impressive… It has a light scent (A little herbal scent). Overall I think this is a good product, it’s very cooling and not harsh, paired with their conditioner, my hair became very smooth so I think it’s great. My hair is not oily after wash and no more tangling.


The only downside is it’s not cheap, it has a good deal during promotions but they are still cheaper than well-known brands. I love this shampoo and I would love to stock a lot during promotions!

I wrote about Orbis’ blush which was great, when I knew they came out with this limited edition I got very attracted, the cover design is so cute just like wonderland!! They used the Thumbelina concept to design this cute refreshing cover, it’s a card board box, and I can use it to contain my stuff when I finish this blush. There’s a plastic cover in the box, the blush has a flower pattern on its cover which is so fairytale lol. This blush is a coral pink color, it has been really popular lately for mixed color blush, Ettusais also have something similar but I didn’t buy that. Majolica Majorca also has this kind of blush, but Orbis’ package design attracts me the most~
review: I was on the fence about the pink coral color, because in my experience orange or coral color blush is not easy to control (It makes my skin look dark). But this coral pink color is perfect for me, does not make me look too yellow, even though it has coral color in it, it’s still more of a pink color with good color payoff~ The texture is pretty fine and not too dry, it’s a great Japanese style blush (Gives good color payoff and still has a dewy Japanese makeup style). The glitter does not make my pores too obvious, overall I would say it’s not cheap but a great blush to use.

The color is great for work or daily use, unless you like very strong colors, this would be very suitable. The only thing I would say is it’s not easy to carry around because of its huge box design, but I usually just leave it at home so it’s ok.

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This has a very white texture, and Yuskin has a more yellow color texture, they do smell the same (A light camphor scent)  Actimed has a nice cream texture, it's very refreshing and absorbs very quickly... I personally love this one the most, because I don't like it when the texture is too thick and heavy, I use this daily and it's not greasy at all! The only downside is the cream is not very repairing, great for people who does not like greasy products~ 

This is a best seller product from Kissme, I've used the tubed and the bottled cream. I think the tubed onesare not as greasy as the bottled cream, but it's not as refreshing as Actimed. The cream from the bottle is more oily, but it's easy to blend and it's better to use than Yuskin... But I can feel the cream on my hand , better than Yuskin's products... It's just as repairing as Yuskin~ It's also a product that you can feel that it's working...

The texture is thicker than Actimed, I personally think this product is harder to blend than Actimed... But overall it's gives my skin better treatment, no wonder my mom loves it( there're two of them at home) I think this is better to apply before sleep or when your free. The texture is pretty absorbing, not greasy and gives takes better care with my skin!! Great for people who likes to see immediate effects! 

There are not many reviews about this product, but I think it’s quite good! The blush (600NT) and the box (300NT) is sold separately, so it’s 900NT in total, it’s not expensive and you can get a discount if you use certain credit cards! I bought the 421 pink color, but I also wanted to buy the 424 rose color so I tried the color on my hand for comparison, the pink color looks younger, the red is more mature, at first wanted to buy both of them but then I calmed down and bought the pink one! I think this is actually a highlighter blush, the color on the top is for highlighting and ombre going down has more of a fine glittery color, it makes my skin look really great!

My review: I think this is a great blush, the texture is very fine, but if you use a brush to apply the powder will fall everywhere! The puff is very well designed even though I don’t know where it went. The light pink color is easy to control so I won’t make myself too red but still has good color payoff, it gives me a very natural pink! The glitter is great but I do not recommend to apply highlighting on the cheeks, it makes the pores very obvious, it’s better to use it around the eyes! The texture is not too dry, gives my skin a good pink color, I really want to purchase the rose color too!! This also has a nice orange color, if you like coral or orange color, you can consider to purchase it !

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There are not a lot of reviews about this product, but I like it! It’s like a bigger version of Media’s contour. I bought the 8605-Pink color, I didn’t want to buy this product at the beginning because I already have the PK-1 from Media which is cheap and great! (I will write a review on it)

This product might seem boring, but if you really take a closer look, it has a different color than PK-1, Orbis has more of an ice pink color. Their quality is also different, so I bought it when it was on discount. It’s not expensive, 400NT with a brush, and I got it for around 300NT during discount, so I think it’s affordable.

You can also buy the makeup container but I don’t need it. This can be used as contour or a blush. The texture of this product is finer than Media’s, Media’s is also great but they feel different, I feel really cute after I apply the blush! Media’s contour gives me a nice red color, and their brush is bigger, the brush for this one is great too!
My review: This product gives me a cute pink color, the color payoff is great, subtle and not too drastic, with just a light swipe, it gives me a lovely blush, just layer a few more to gain more color…

The light glitter gives my skin a nice shine, just like Sofina’s Aube Couture Designing Puff Cheek, but you might need to add more highlighting on this one! I didn’t buy the rose color because it’s more mature, and I can’t finish two blushes lol. The downside is that the powder falls everywhere, (but it’s better than Media’s) is it because the powder is really fine? But Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek Blush does not have this problem! Even though it’s not down to earth cheap, but still pretty useful, you should buy one if you like the color!

Pink color is Orbis’ special, I don’t really love the tone, so this might be the only thing I would buy (Maybe I’ll buy the rose color in the future). They also have a coral color, try it if you like the color!

I have a color comparing article with Sofina's product :

This brand was founded by Dr.Ci:Labo, it feels like the Japanese Dr.Wu(I guess) 

I don't think it's that popular in Taiwan, but I think their products are great! This product is one of the star product of Dr.Ci:Labo, but they are still most famous for their Aqua Collagen Gel! Its 1650NT for 150ml, they will sell 250ml on annual sales which is a better deal. ALBION's Skin Conditioner is cheaper, even the 250ml version is about the same price. 

Product description: (From their website) Oxygen and water are two essentials of supporting life on the Earth and are also important ingredients for maintaining beauty and health. Herbal Serum O2 is a toner, formulated with the power of oxygen. Prevents dry, rough skin and helps provide moisture and an even complexion. 

Overall it's a herbal skincare product, the color is just like ALBION's skin conditioner, but it does not contain barley! 

I have oily skin especially during summer, but my skin gets dry during winter or when I use air conditioner, this product keeps me moisturized in each condition. The gel can actually help treat blemishes on the skin. It has alcohol as one of the ingredients, I think it's actually gentler than Albion's skin conditioner (Even though the skin conditioner don't give me any bad reaction) it smells great and makes my skin cool....

I read some articles saying that this product is better than Albion's skin conditioner but I think it's just ok. It's not that effective, the treatment for blemishes was just ok~ I would think the Skin-active liquid by Dr. Hsieh is actually better for calming my skin!

Overall I would say this is a very cooling toner, it's moisturizing too. If you don't want to use Albion's skin conditioner you can try this one, even though it's not cheaper! It's a very cooling product to use during summer! 

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Orbis is one of the brands that I love~ There was a time that Orbis‘ products were too dry for me, but now it's ok... I bought this because it was on promotion even though I wanted to buy the M one, but only the L one was in the deal. It's a white bottle and you can buy the refill pack when you finish. The texture has no color and it smells like Seikkisei (Alcohol Smell)

The refreshing one is great for oily skin, my face gets very oily during summer so this one helps to refresh my face, it's very moisturizing compared to the other brands I use. If you have dry skin I don't recommend to use this. I feels like using Seikkisei but it actually more moisturizing! I don't really see the whitening effect on my skin, but I didn't turn dark either so maybe it is working! Over all I would say this is a refreshing toner, great for people who loves refreshing products! I think it's very alcohol so I don't recommend people with sensitive skin to use this~ I also purchased the M one, I would use it in the future, maybe it's better than the L one!! 

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This is a gift I got from last year, I don't think they are famous for their skincare products~ (They are more famous for base makeup products) But I always love to use brands that are not so famous, that's why I'm interested~ I think they added mineral ingredients in the face wash, so my face don't feel tightened and it's pretty cleansing! A little can go a long way, people who loves bubble might love this!! 

I usually only love amino acid face washes, but this one is pretty cleansing too~  If I'm looking for this kind of face wash, I think I would still use the face cleanser by Whoo, it's only 990NT on promotion which is cheaper than this one. If I get a tester product from this I would still use it though. 

I personally love makeup remover gel products, DR.CI:LABO is one of the few brands that I would re-purchase~ I already finished a whole tube~ It's a half clear texture when I squeezed it out, I usually put on more gel so I won't pull my skin too much, it just feels like oil makeup remover made in to gel... 

I can feel some heat when I massage my face with the product, it turns into oil after a while, I think it cleanses very well! Then I just need to rinse it off with water, it does not make my face greasy so I think it's great! I only thing I would say is it's expensive and uses up so quickly, so I will buy it when it's on promotion! 

I bought the #05, it was paired with a lunasol eyeshadow as a promotion, feels just like buy 1 get 1 free. While I was reading the reviews, not many people bought #05, maybe it's because the green color is not as popular?? I think this is a very useful eyeshadow, it more earth tone, the dark green color can be used as an eyeliner~ Overall I don't think this color is too drastic, the white shade with green glitter on the left below is great as a base color~ 

The downside is it's not very longlasting, the color payoff is good though, so I used it several times. If you're looking for an earth tone green color eyeshadow, you can purchase this online with a cheaper price. 

This kind of essence is better to use during winter, I got the Kliehs night cream as a tester and it's great, but the price is too high for me so I wouldn't buy it. This essence from Neogence is more like an essence oil, compared with the regular facial oils, this one is said that can make your face smaller, which sounds amazing!!! It has a light citrus scent, gives me a good mood when I smell it. 

Even though it's an oil based product, it does not feel greasy at all, the oil quickly soaks into my skin, just like the night cream I had form Kliehs. When I massage my face with this oil, my face becomes more firm. If you have dry skin condition this oil might not be enough during winter, it's better to pair it with a moisturizing cream, overall I would say this is a great essence oil~ 

I would also drip a few drop in my body lotion, it give better effect to my skin, I highly recommend this method. 

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I got this as a gift when I bought their toner, surprisingly this one is actually better than the product I bought lol. The toner is not absorbing enough for me, after using it for a 2-3 times, I sold it to another person with a cheaper price...I think this lotion is great, it has a nice scent, the liquid texture is very absorbing when I apply it on my face. 

I think it better than N&C~ It's pretty moisturizing great to use during summer! Not greasy at all! (But I do have dry skin) Great for my dry skin. 

It's similar to Seikkisei but more refreshing, it's like a drug store version of Seikkisei. I don't really see the whitening effect, but it's affordable which I think it's great. I don't have any allergic or irritation problems.

Overall I would recommend this product. The toner is just ok, Kose's drug store products are getting better!! 

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I bought this because it was on a buy 1 get 1 free discount when I was wandering in the department store, although I thought they stopped selling this product! This is a very quality amino acid face wash, the texture is more a solid cream, it does not lather alot unless you use a foaming net~ 

The rose scent is different from Elsagusa, but it smells really nice( More like SKII's scent) maybe it's made of damascus rose (Well I really couldn't tell). It does not make my face greasy, but it's not as cleansing as soap face wash. It's just a different feeling than Elsagusa(the other face wash I use) but they are both pretty mild. 990NT for two(during buy 1 get 1 free) a little can go a long way, but it does not create alot of bubbles (I'm a bubble addict) I would re-purchase. 

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I think they changed their packaging, it's 680NT for a bottle which is not cheap, but I bought it during discount buy 1 get 1 free. It does not contain thickeners in their product, but still has abit of thickenss because it contains collagen, DR.WU's toner is more absorbing than this one. The texture does not contain alcohol and it has a white musk scent, more moisturizing than DR.WU though. This toner is not moisturizing enough during winter, better to use this during summer. 

I started to buy their products not long after they came to Taiwan, some Japanese drug store also sell their products~ They are most famous for their collagen and Astaxanthin (Seaweed extract) products so alot of their products are orange red! This makeup remover is also orange color, I think it's a great oil makeup remover, it cleanses very well and does not give me pimples or dry out my face~ The only downside is that it's not cheap, 1100NT for 120ml (10% discount) so I might changed into their cheap line. Their makeup remover gel is also amazing, but you have to use more amount to gel to clean all the makeup!! 

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I really regret that I purchased two of these, I was convinced by the sales lady and bought two during promotion... I bought their makeup remover and I thought it was great...

This line of product all has Astaxanthin as an ingredient that's why it's orange red! This face wash also has the same color! But honestly I only used it 2-3 times then I gave it to my mom...  I'm allergic to this face wash, I get blemishes and redness after I use this face wash thats why I had to say goodbye... But the makeup remover is fine for me though lol>< The face wash does not dry out my skin and it lathers pretty easily, so if it's not for the allergic problem this would've been an OK face wash for me, I will not buy it again! 

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Astalift is not a very well known brand in Taiwan even thought they have a store in Taiwan for about 2-3 years, in face, Astalight is a skincare brand from Fujifilm, they use the collagen technique on films to skincare products... I started purchasing their products since they came to Taiwan, I think I've used all of their products lol, so I'm going to talk about their products today! 

The picture on the left is the lotion, the one on the right is their toner, they added Astaxanthin into their product thats why the liquid texture has an orange red color... It's very absorbing, they also added rose as an ingredient which explains the nice light rose scent. It does feel abit sticky because of the hyaluronic acid, and it's not very nourishing but still moisturizing... I don't feel this is enough during winter, maybe it's because of my dry skin. Overall I think it's ok, but it's not cheap so I won't consider to repurchase unless it's on discount...

Let me express my opinion about SKII, this brand is very well known, I bought their toner which has tons of good reviews online. Even though it add Pitera into their face wash I still think it's really expensive for 2100NT...Since the limited promotion buy 1 get 1 free is impossible to purchase, I only wait until there's a promotion on pchome to get one for 1200NT. 

But overall, I do think this is a great face wash. The bottle's design is very clean and chic, the soft cream texture has a nice rose scent~ It lathers in to nice fine bubbles, and I love the way my face feels after I washed with it, gives me moisturized soft skin. Some face wash that contains amino acid makes my face greasy and somtime dry, but this one is perfect with it's amazing quality. The rose scent is also very natural, not like some I used before thats smells really weird. I would love to purchase it again, but the price is too expensive, and it's hard to purchase when it's on buy one get one free promotion because it solds out so quickly. I'll only buy it when I see it on discount online. 

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The face wash I bought contains 500ml~~ This is my favorite amino acid face wash, I bought it when it was on discount. It has a soft cream texture which contains grains( moisturizing ingredient?) when I rub it the grains are gone~ It lathers easily but not alot, I've seen several amino acid face wash like this. It's mild and cleansing, does not dry out my face, pretty impressed that it's very cleansing, and it has no scent. But I think it's too expensive ( 50ml-390NT, 120ml- 680NT) But I think it's ok, I think it should be ok for people with sensitive or dry skin... I'm gonna wait until it's on discount to but it again lol. 

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This is Whoo's basic skincare product, also affordable. I didn't want to buy this at first, but then it was on promotion so I still bought it. At first I wasn't worried about my skin'd hydration but after I used this, I realized I was wrong. It's so moisturizing, the essence is like water, and it makes my skin full of water.... and it's not greasy at all, pretty nourishing so I think it's great. 

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Neogence has several amino acid toners, but this one is especially for people with dry skin, it costs more than the regular 750NT ones, but it has a buy 1 get 1 free promotion. It does not contain alcohol, the nice scent is more obvious, the thickness is between Derma Formula and UNT's toner, Neogence' toner absorbs better than UNT. I think this is better than UNT since UNT smudges my makeup! It's pretty moisturizing, great to use during winter. People with dry skin condition should consider to buy this! 

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This toner is pretty pricey but I bought it during a discount for about 300NT. This toner contains Hyaluronic acid, not too sticky but sticks on my skin well. It doesn't contain alcohol, but smells kind of like alcohol, maybe it's one of the ingredient. The toner is very absorbing, I like it! But it's not moisturizing enough for me during winter.( I have dry skin) It's better to use during summer or people with oily skin. 

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There is this one time my hair stylist told me I have frizzy hair and suggest me to use hair oil. Usually I use strong cleansing shampoos which doesn't contain silicon, and I don't really perm my hair so I didn't really pay attention on haircare.  So I purchased this hair oil which doesn't really have any smell. I first use it during summer, apply when my hair is still wet, then one time I applied too much since it's hard to control the amount, the next day my hair looks really oily and it takes longer time to blow dry my hair so I decided to stop using it for a while.

I started to use it again during winter, little amount at a time, I start to feel the effect on my hair, less frizzy. Since it doesn't contain silicon you can use it as body lotion too. 

But then I purchased a morocan oil and I liked it better so I didn't purchase this anymore. 

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This is the only Clinque skincare product I ever bought, I purchased it after I used a tester and bought it again after finishing the first bottle, it doesn't contain pure amino acid but still nice to use. Most face washes in the market is only suitable for me to use during summer, it would dry out my skin during winter.

So far my favorite face washes are Clinque and SKII ( But SKII is too expensive for me) 

The texture of the face wash is a clear gel ( Not as sticky as I thought) the bubbles are not that thick but it's quite alot. After use my face feels soft, smooth and clean. 

You can purchase 200ML for 820NT, and during promotion it's 400ML only cost abit over 1000NT, which I think it's pretty decent! Definitely recommend it!

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