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  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Bald
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Natural, Organic
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

It contains aloe and centella that helps to moisturize my skin. It's a powder mask, add the right amount of powder into the cup and mix it with water. Unfortunately it's really hard to control the amount of water, if I put too much water then the mixture won't work. The mask has a refreshing fruit scent, like applying jam on my face, it helps to sooth and refresh my skin. Great to use during summer. 

The package design is super cute, it has a strong floral scent. The eye mask is soaked with essence, it contains collagen that helps to moisturize and brighten my skin. But I care more about my dark circles and fine lines, if this can lighten them I will be more attracted.

The mask has a floral scent which I don't like because it's too strong. It sticks well on my face but the size is a little too big, and there are creases that does not stick well. It does feel nourishing. 

I got the #015 a wine red color, it's a gift from the department store. I normally use black or brown eyeliners so I thought this would look weird. Surprisingly it's easy to apply because the point is thicker so it won't look shakey. The color is a dark red which does not look weird and even make my eyes pop, it makes me want to buy other shades.

The brush is really soft and thin so it's easy to draw thin eyelines. But I think it's hard to control and I failed many times. I like that it doesn't smudge, I've used another gel eyeliner that smudged everwhere. This one does not smudge and easy to remover, I think it's great. 

It has a refreshing strawberry, it contains big exfoliating grains but there're not harsh. After I wash it off, it feels like a thin layer of nourishing oil on my lips that makes it feel soft and smooth. The price is not cheap so it's better to buy it during discount. 

I bought the beige natural skin color to cover my spots and flaws. The coverage is great, my spots are almost completely covered. Just apply the concealer with the brush stick and blend it properly, so convenient. 

I bought the shade BR420, the package is designed like a lollipop which is super cute. The shades are pretty classic, sometimes when I'm lazy I would just use this alone and it looks great. If I have time I would apply a light shade as the base color. 

I bought the shade #05 which is a cherry red, my lips are orignally pretty red and I want a lipstick that will make it more obvious but not true red so I picked this one. The color is a red with some orange, it's a liquid lipstick so you can apply a thin layer for lighter shade or more layers to make it more obvious. I think if I apply it with my fingers it would look more natural. 

It lathers alot with just a little amount, it's pretty cleansing and does not dry out my face. The scent is not very natural which I don't like. 

I bought the brown color, it's easy to apply and gives me nice natural color. Great with black hair, it comes with a little brush, compared to Deoproce's eyebrow pencil, I like one better.

I bought it at the beauty expo, there are not alot of information about this in the internet. It has a light chemical smell, the mask is full of essence, the size is bigger than regular masks and it fits well on my face. I think my skin became whiter and the pores on my nose shrinked a little. I have sensitive skin and this mask did not give me any bad reaction. If they label all the ingredients, I think I'll feel more safe

I bought the shade#24 dark brown, it looks black when I applied it, the lid is abit hard so the lines are more sharp which makes it less natural. I like the pencil design, it looks reall chic, it also has a brush on the other end, it's great and convenient. 

I bought it at the beauty expo which was cheap, I was attracted to the cute package design, it has a cute doll on it and there are several different kinds of them. I got the eye white mask, great for sensitive skin because it helps to balance the oil on my skin. It has a light refreshing scent, the mask is full of essence and it fits on my face perfectly. My face feels hydrated and soft. 

I love that it's small and easy to carry, especially when I'm travelling, I just use one and throw it away, a little can go a long way. It has no scent so it doesn't make my skin feel heavy, the powder lathers easily to fine bubbles and doesn't dry out my skin. 

I was looking for a shampoo that deals with hair loss and growth, the sales recommended me this one. It has a ginger natural scent, helps with dandruff and itchiness. This shampoo also does a great job cleansing my hair and scalp, it makes my hair a little dry so it's better to use it with conditioners.

There are several types of beauty diary masks, and I want a mask that whitens and moisturizes my skin so I picked this one. The rose scent calms my nerves, I can feel the mask mildly moisturizing my skin. Sometimes I don't exfoliate my skin, but this mask contains mandalic acid which helps to accelerate the skin renewing process, it also helps with uneven skin tone or dull skin

This conditioner only takes one minute to nourish your hair. I usually apply this conditioner during shower then wash it off, it's convenient, smooths my hair and gives it a layer of protection. It doesn't feel dry even when I blow dry my hair so it's easier for me to manage.

My lips gets very dry during winter, this lipbalm contains amino acid and shea butter that helps to moisturize my lip but I think it's not enough. I can see my lip wrinkle really obvious so compared to carmex's lipbalm, this is not moisturizing enough.

It smells very natural, I can feel the heat when I apply this mask on my face, it does not dry out my skin. When I use the mask that cleanses my blemishes I still feel that my pores still contains dirt, thats why I use this and I feel it cleanses my pores

It has a light floral scent, it lathers alot with water. This face wash contains moisturizing agent so your skin won't dry out, it'll feel smooth and soft. 

My skin is very sensitive, I don't most masks because it gives me bad reaction. This face mask has no additives, no artificial color, and it's has the same ph as human skin. The mask has an extra cut on the sheet so that it sticks on my face better, the mask is abit bigger than my face and it has the exact amount of essence. I wasn't really used to it because it's said this is a mask with toner, essence, lotion, cream, night cream, eye serum all in one. The texture is pretty thick, and my face feels very nourished. 

You can get a great deal during discount, it gives good coverage and makes my face look very natural. It's also pretty moisturizing and comes with SPF50, like a combo of sunscreen and foundation, sometime when I don't want to put on makeup, I would just use this. So convenient

I used the tester then fell in love. I used the refreshing one, it's moisturizing and not greasy at all. It was winter which made my skin really dry, this literally saved my skin, it felt so comfortable and soothed the irritation because of the dryness. It's has not scent and I love it. 

I bought other products from Anessa before, it protects my skin from the sun the whole day, so I have a great impression for Anessa. I bought this in Japan, it's waterproof, refreshing and not greasy. It's not irritating at all and has no scent or color, so far I think this is great. 

Many people recommended this online so I bought it, it's not cheap though. The sales lady told me to use it right after I wash my face. I feel like it's not very absorbing or it just absorbs very slowly. I feel like it's not as good as they promoted so I'm a little disappointed, I guess I have to try it before buying next time.

My friend recommended this to me, it comes in 3 bottles. First use the first bottle to soften the blackhead, after I wash it off, I put on the mask and wait for it to dry. Then peel the mask off and all the blackheads will be pulled off. It's really great, the third bottle is a tighten essence it helps to shrink my pores. I think it's very effective. 

It gives me sun protection and color corrects my skin, the texture contains lotion so it keeps my skin hydrated but not greasy. I usually use this with my BB cream or foundation, it gives me nice pink skin. 

I bought it when it was on discount at the drug store which is quite cheap. The texture is like a mix of water and oil, very cleansing and mild, does not irritate my eyes and skin when I remove the makeup. 

I was attracted by the box, it's very well designed very princess style. It gives me very good coverage, covers the scars and spots on my face. My skin looks natural and great. 

This essence is made for sensitive skin, it feels very comfortable when I apply it on my skin, refreshing and absorbing. My face feels very hydrated, and it's scentless. 

This does not irritate my skin at all, it's cleansing too. It does not contain additives or  preservatives so people with sensitive skin don't have to worry. You can also use it on your eyes or lips without rinsing it. It's convenient and efficient. 

I bought this during discount for around 300NT, it is more expensive than other brands but a little goes a long long way. I just use one pump to cover my ends after shower and it's very nourishing. I helps to improve my ends and frizziness. I has an feminine exotic scent, one of my favourite hair product. 

This BB cream contains SPF 25, but the color is too dark for my skin so I usually mix it with other porducts. The cream is actually very cakey but gives good coverage. 

The texture is very refreshing, it does give some coverage but not enough to use alone. I only appiled this a before and I noticed some spots on my face, so I added an extra layer of sunscreen. I don't think it made my pores smaller, it's not obvious. 

The texture is abit thick but acceptable, it contains collagen so it's pretty moisturizing. This toner does not contain additives and is colorless so I have no worries using this. I have sensitive skin and this still works with me. 

It's a primer, foundation, gives coverage and has SPF 45, an all in one CC cream. It's pretty moisturizing, if I just apply this alone it makes my skin look too pale which is not very natural so I will use it with other base makeup products. The coverage is just ok, some spots on my face are still very obvious. 

The texture is not too hard or too soft, I can easily draw out every brow. It has several colors, and I bought the recommended one which is 02, the color payoff is very natural. This became my everyday color, matches with my black hair. 

I have sensitive skin so most of the face masks in the market makes my skin red. This face mask does not give me any irritation, it's moisturizing because it's full of water agents, the mask has no additives and gives my skin a nice glow. 

It's moisturizing, when my skin is really dry, I would soak the toner into a cotton pad and rest it on my face, it feels like my skin is drinking water and it becames very bright! When my skin is having a bad reaction, I would use this to sooth my skin. 

I always spray this on my scalp after wash, it has a great refreshing scent. My scalp feels very cool and after I blow dry my hair if feels very refreshed. It's said that this spray helps to prevent hair loss, but I think it's just ok. 

Among all the conditioners I've used, this is the best one. It helps to smooth out my permed and dyed hair, this is one of my favourite conditioner. 

I wanted an eye cream that can lighten my fine lines, the sales from the drug store recommended me this one so I bought it to try. It's refreshing and not greasy, also pretty moisturizing, doesn't give me lumps. But I think it's not very effective, my fine lines are still very obvious. 

My scalp get oily ver yeasily, so I'm looking for a shampoo that keeps my scalp refreshed. This shampoo contains mint so it's very cooling when I use it. I'm a little disappointed because I think it's not cool enough and the scent is just ok, compared to other brands this is not as good. 

My hair gets oil very easily, so the sales lady recommended me this productt, it smells great and very cleansing. I does make my hair a little dry after wash so remember to use conditioner to balance it. It's oil blotting but not that obvious. 

This is a gel exfoiliator, there are flakes when I rub it on my skin so that it will be finer. The blackheads on my nose will also pop out. But it will not clear the blemishes. I have sensitive skin and so far this gel did not give me any bad reaction, I think it's just ok. 

It's very moisturizing, hydrates my dry lips immediately.



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