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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Flat Ironed/Straigtened
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Vitamin C
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I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. I didn't really like this product because I don't like products made with horse oil in the first place. I just don't like the scent that much, 

This sheet mask contains so many preservative ingredients so I think if you have really sensitive skin this is not the product for you. But my skin is quite strong so it didn't really bother my skin. 

The sheet mask material is very normal, seriously nothing special. The essence takes forever to absorb even after I've massaged my skin for really long.

Overall I just don't really like this product. I wouldn't repurchase it and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Unless you really like horse oil. 

Even before HABA products came into Taiwan I’ve always wanted to try it. I saw a blogger who went to Japan to buy the product and said that it’s better than the Dr. Wu shark product. When the product finally came to Taiwan I was so excited! Before using HABA products I’ve used other oil based skin care such as Dr. Wu’s ultra treatment oil and DHC Olive oil treatment. All of which are suitable for those who have dry skin and I like all of them. Also oil based skin care products are usually very multifunctional. You can use it for skin care or mix it in with your foundation to make the makeup application easier. I’ve saved so many foundations by using oil based products. I also tried it on the ends of my hair and it’s great too. But oil products are generally more expensive. 


The HABA shark oil looks like it’s liquid but it’s actually just oil. It doesn’t feel super oil on the face and it gets absorbed by the skin very easily. I’m actually quite surprised by how good this product is. My skin feels relieved and hydrated with this product. I’ve been using it with whatever foundation I have too and it’s been working well. Although this product is very expensive in Taiwan, it’s really effective and you can use it for so many different purposes so I would definitely repurchase it.



I’ve always liked products from Curel and I’ve tried almost every single one of their products. But my favorites are still the skin care toner and this facial cream. Both products are very moisturizing but not sticky at all. It’s also very gentle so it’s suitable for those who dry and sensitive skin. Out of all the medicated brands, Curel is the cheapest and often have discount promotions. This facial cream contains really simple & basic ingredients. It really nourishes the skin so it’s great for my dry skin in the winter. In the summer it’s slightly sticky but I don’t mind. You can tell that it’s more of a heavy texture and it’s not as watery when it’s applied on the skin. If you don’t have dry skin you might find that this product is too sticky but it absorbs well for my skin.


Since my favorite skin care cream from Khiel’s is discontinued, this is the substitute that I found so far which I’ve been using. 

DF is a very low key brand. I’ve used their skin care toner before and I actually liked it. But their advertisements are very limited and I don’t think a lot of people are interested in knowing more about the brand. I do like the products from this brand though. I took a look at the ingredient list of this CC cream and found that it’s actually not bad. It has a little bit of physical sun protection ingredients which should be enough for everyday usage. In regards to UVA and UVB, the product has ingredients that protect the skin from these damages too. The ingredients are not the top notch but within the medicated beauty brands it’s pretty good already.


Other than the ingredients mentioned above, this product also has many moisturizing agents which explain the watery texture of the product. It’s easy to blend on the skin. Even though I have dry skin this product is pretty good in terms of how well it sits on my face. I do think that this product is more like a primer for me though because the coverage is not enough as a foundation type of makeup. There’s almost no coverage in this product. If you like the no-makeup look this could be enough you’ll just have to add a little bit of concealer. Personally I still like foundation products that have more coverage. Another thing about this product is that the price is a little bit too high, at approximately $28. I’ve seen it gone on a buy one get one free promotion but I missed out that opportunity. If there’s another promotion I would definitely repurchase.

I've always liked innisfree as a brand. I think that their products (it's still debatable whether if their products are natural) It just smells better than other brands. Their products definitely have added frgrances though.

Facewash is something that I constantly repurchase. I've used apple, green tea, olive facewash and they were all pretty good. The apple and the green tea one were more refreshing. 

Since I have dry skin, I like the Olive real cleansing foam the best because this one is the most moisturizing. 
This product is also quite easy to lather and the foam is very delicate. It feels so nice on the face and I like the smell too. My face feels super clean and not tight at all. If you think that this product is too "nourshing" in the summer you could try the greentea one. I recommend all of it though!


I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. I've never heard of this brand before and it looks so cheap. When I opened the package I was really surprised because it looked so much like maybelline. I think this company didn't think things out and copied other brand's design so that's a big nono fore me. 

However, this product is actually pretty ok. The tip of the brush is really really thin and the black color is quite deep. I can create really nice lines with this product. If you happen to like very very thin eyeliner or just want to emphasize the end of your eyes (both I like,) this would be a good choice. It doens't really smudge that much too. I've used it for 3 times, each time going out for more than 6 hours, and the eyeliner only smudged a bit. I think overall this is a good product, but I really think they can put more effort in packaging. Since I don't really like the packaging, I wouldn't repurchase it for now. 

I've introduced you guys a very crappy eyeshadow quad before so I had to come back with another one that I actually like. The Kate Forming Edge Eyes is a trio palette that has been really popular for a while now. Many people recommended and I myself bought a pink one immediately when it came out. 

KATE is actually one of the best drugstore brands that constantly come out with high quality eyeshadows. I've tried many of them and generally I like it but this one is my favorite. The Forming Edge eyes have many color variations but I bought the pink one without even trying it on because I like it that much. I tried it on the back of my hand and I loved the texture. It was really silky and smooth. Although it does flake a little it's acceptable. The color makes your eyes look really nice. 

The backof the packaging teaches you how to use the eyeshadow but I always use my own way. I'll use the lightest color to fill my whole eyelid then fill in the gap between my double eyelid with the color in the middle. Then I'll use the deepest color on the outer edge and blend it in. I really like my method so try it!!

I've talked about how much I like Daiso's eyeshadow quad before but this one is a major failure. Although they're all quads this one is completely different from the one that I've reviewed before. The design is different though so please don't mix them up and this one really sucks. 

What motivated me to purchase this product was that my makeup collection doesn't have the colors in the quad. Just by looking at it, it's a very nice greenish blue color. I rarely see this color in other drugstore brands so I was intruiged. 

Unfortunately the texture of this product is VERY BAD. The powder is so flakey and the colors are so rough and not saturated. I haven't had eyeshadow that's this crappy in a really long time, THAT I'm surprised. It will take multiple layers for the eyeshadow to actually show the colors. I just threw it away because it's so bad but I want to warn everyone here please don't buy it!!!

I received this sheetmask from Amabie and I've never heard of this brand. I did some research and found that it is a Taiwanese brand. Although the packaging seems very basic but actually there are many high end ingredients in there. I've also saw the introduction on the official website and they just sound really convincing haha. This sheet mask not only has collagen as the main ingredient, but also gold flakes from Japan. This is my first time receiving / using a mask that has gold flakes. I don't know if it's just another cool marketing trend that's happening but I think it's so cool!  It also contains my favorite ingredient glacial glycoproteins which assures its moisturizing ability. After opening the packaging there's a lot of serum and a faint smell, I think it's great because it's not too strong. In terms of breathability I think it's just average and honestly not THAT good. But it's still ok to leave it on for 15 minutes. After you take it down you'd have to massage it for a while, but it really does feel very moisturizing and comforting at the same time. 

But I do think this sheet mask is a little bit too high in price so I wouldn't consider purchasing it, plus there're not a lot of places to buy it.  Since it's troublesome to get it I wouldn't want to buy it. 

I received this makeup mascara from Amabie a while ago via the A-list program. I've used it for about 4 times now and so far so good. This makeup mascara is double sided, with a normal sized brush on one side, and a mini side on the other (for under-eyelashes). The effect is very nice. 

This product was given to me from Amabie in exchange for my honest opinion. Actually before receiving this product Amabie, I already heard good things about the Peri Pera Milk blur. So I was really happy to receive this and try it! 

Today's review is based on my opinion  - I used the product 3 times so far and I'm pretty satisfied with it. 

The texture looks like a white toothpaste, but when you try to spread it on your face it's a very smooth gelly like texture. It's also very watery so it's very easy to blend on the face. But once it's blended on the face it makes the face seriously pale, so remember not to use too much! I used too much the first time I used it. Just use a little bit, if you use too much you'll look like a ghost. 

With the product on , I really feel like my face is brightened, I like the effect! When I used it the first time, I just used a little bit of concealer afterwards and my skin looked fabulous! The other time I used it as a makeup base and it worked well with my foundation, so I'm really happy with this product. 

The packaging also says that it moisturizes the face, my skin type is dry so it's really suitable to use in the summer. If I try it in the winter and it also keeps my face moisturized, I'll definitely repurchase. I think I'm just a little bit dissappointed that it doesn't have sun protection agents in it!

This is my third bottle of this product. Actually it's not like I like this product a lot but it's the cheapest out of medicated beauty brands. Also this product doesn't give me any sensitive reactions and it's not too strong for the skin. So when I'm low on budget I rely on this product. I only purchase it when it's buy one get one free though. It costs about $20 for two bottles, even cheaper than Hada-Labo 

Although it's on the cheaper end, it's actually a pretty good product. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell. It smells too nice so I think it must have a lot of added fragrance to it. If you hate products with a strong smell, be sure to try it out. 

The texture is more on the liquidy side. It's good fo wet masking too. It will moisturize the face nicely. 

I would keep on repurchasing it if there's buy one get one free!

I actually really like products by Solone since it's a Taiwanese brand. The eyeshadow products are great so I've always had a good impression. BUT this CC cream is seriously one of the worst products I've ever used in my life. 

This product is given to me from my friend because she thought the shade was too light for her, but for myself it's also too pale for me. This product is so white I think only snow white can use it. It's SO white that you look like a pale and dead. 

Other than the color, it's so hard to blend on the skin. Even when I tried it with a sponge it was nearly impossible to blend. The formula is also on the dry side, and I have dry skin so this product is a big NONO for me. 

Also it smells pretty bad and I just don't like it. 

But I didn't want to waste anything I still mix it with my other foundations to make the color right. After mixing the product up with other stuff the product is a lot better but I would NEVER repurchase it. 

Botanic Farm doesn't have an official distrubutor in Taiwan so I'm completely unfamiliar to this brand, if it weren't for Amabie, I would never know about this product or this brand. 

Since I didn't really understand what this product is for, I did some research one google and found that it has 8 chemical ingredients. It also had added fragrance and alcohol so it's actually a product that has many complicated ingredients. I wanted to do research on all of the ingredients but it would definitely take too long. The product is also specifically targeted for whitening and moisturizing. 

This product is also a three in one product (essence, toner, and lotion) but I use it more like an essence. Even though it's an essence it's actually pretty light weight but I don't think it properly moisturizes my face. I don't think this product is enough for my dry face so I have to use it with lotion. I do think that the light texture is good for the summer though. 

The biggest failure of this product is the bottle design. It's so hard to pour out and it makes a mess everytime. I really dislike this so I would never repurchase it. But it's difficult to find this product in Taiwan anyway.

Another TT mask! I can't help it TT masks are so popular now even I have to buy one to try! The sheet mask is specifically designed to calm down the skin. Ingredients include aloe, aescinate, and hyaluronic acid. It's very suitable for the summer. The sheet mask itself is 100% cotton so I reckon it'll be really comforting when rested on the skin. So I used this product this week when my skin was experiencing some redness. 

When I opened that package I saw that there are a lot of essence in the packet. But the sheet mask comes in three layers (the actual layer sandwiched in the middle) and I really dislike that. But the 100% pure cotton feels really nice on the face. And it's also very breathable/ fits well on the face which was out of my expectations. It's a little bit thicker than regular sheet masks so I was really surprised that it's breathable. 

After I took it off, I saw that some redness were reduced but I don't think it's as effective as aloe vera gel. It's also pretty hydrating - the touch of my skin was smooth. I think this product is good overall but I would use other brands if I find one that's better!

I received this sheet mask from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. When I received it I thought it was really cute! The little chicks on the packaging is so cute~! I've never heard of this brand but I was excited to try. The main ingredient of this sheet mask is egg essence which is mainly for anti-aging and moisturizing. When I opened the package the whole sheet mask is soaked in a lot of essence and it was very gooey. The sheet mask material is made of cotton but it's a breathable one. It also fits on the skin very well so it was quite comfortable to use. 

After using it I felt like my skin was moisturized and it also feels really soft, I kind of like it! 

Overall I think this product is 8/10. Also it's not that expensive, if I have the chance I would repurchase it and try it out. 

I really like Dr. Wu products but I was never really attracted to the Whitening System Intensive Whitening Toner with Vitamin C until it was buy one get one free and I bought it together with my friend. For toners, I mainly care about how moisturizing and if it's suitable for wet masking. But the texture of this product is so thick (even thicker than the blue bottle one) so I can't use it for wet masking. In the mornings though I don't have much time for wet masking so I do have the need for a product that moisturizes the skin and gets absorbed quickly. I tried it on my hand and thought that it was OK. I personally don't really care about whitening so I don't know if this product really works that way. I wouldn't repurchase this one unless there's a discount, I feel like the blue bottle Dr. Wu product is enough for me. 

This mascara came out last year and I actually think it's more like a mascara base than it is a mascara. It doens't really do anything to the lashes except making it a little bit better. If you're into the super natural look this product is actually pretty good. In the past I used to hate using mascara but since I started to blog I slowly incorporated it into my makeup routine. I bought this product because the ad said specifically "This will lengthen your lashes but not too heavy at all" So I was really convinced. It will help to make your lashes look really natural but nothing too impressive. It looks so natural and almost doesn't exist. Sometimes it will flake off as well so I think the quality is just O.K compared to other mascaras from the same brand. 

This is my second loose powder product that I've bought from the drugstore. I rarely see people talking about this product. After using the Freshel one I honestly think these two products are super similar and there's just nothing special about them. They wouldn't dry out my skin but they wouldn't improve the appearance of my skin either. Texture wise I think it's not bad, this one also has a little bit of shimmer in it but it gives a matte finish. I would lightly run the product through my T zone, chin, and around my face since I want the middle of my face to remain a little bit dewy. 

Compared to the Freshel one I think this one is more drying and looks a little bit cakey. But I don't have any more budget to purchase a new product so I'll keep on using it. I just wouldn't repurchase it. 

Canmake is one of my favorite drugstore brand. Even though Canmake does have some really crappy products but most of the ones that I tried were OK. The cheek-lip cream has been really popular but I didn't get to purchase it until recently but  really really like it. I think the texture is suits my dry skin really well as it looks like it's naturally blending into my skin. The one thing that I dislike about this product is that how it gets sticky everywhere so storage wise you have to be really careful.

The color that I bought is a ver pretty fuscia color. I really like this color and a little bit can help me improve my overall look. It makes me look healthy and energized. I would usually take a little bit of the product and blend it out on my cheeks. It looks so natural and it doesn't accentuate my pores.

BUT! The product isn't that long lasting so you'd have to touchup throughout the day. So what I do sometimes is I would just use a powder blush and take this product with me when I need a touchup.  

This Pony x Memebox eyeshadow is a gift from Amabie A-list Week one. I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes so I totally forgot about it until recently I remembered and wanted to give it a try. I'm a sucker for packaging, this one is definitely perfect. When I first opened it I was a little bit intimidated bby the shimmery bright color. I thought it was going to be BAM super shiny and it'll make my eyes look too puffy. But when I tried it it wasn't as shiny as I thought which you could tell from my swatch photo. The color I got is #1 Shine Ashy Brown. It's a very basic nude/brown combination, hard to make mistakes or a bad look with. I would recommend it to people who are just looking for a palette that can create everday looks. Since I love my eyeshadows to be super high-key and out there, this palette is only a so-so for me, the performance is mediocre in my opinion. 

I wasn't interested in TT masks, I just know that it has very heavy advertisement and I see it everywhere. But when I was working at my local beauty drugstore, a customer strongly recommended me to buy it. I'm always easily persuaded so I bought two pieces. 

Actually this sheet mask is a little bit on the expensive side considering it's a drugstore grade brand. One piece costs about $1. I wouldn't even buy it at the regular single price whichi is $1.75. When I first opened the package the essence oozed out and it's more of a sticky texture. But even if the texture is sticky it doesn't necessarily mean that it's moisturizing. It still depends on how well it absorbs into my skin. 

Also there's one thing that I really dislike about the packaging of this product. This product is made in three layers which I hate!! I just feel like it's a stupid extra step. But other than this I feel like everything else is actually pretty good. 

It fits really well and the sheet mask is very breathable. It takes a little bit longer for my skin to absorb the essence though. 

I would only repurchase it if it's a little bit cheaper than what it is now. 

This concealer set from IPSA is seriously exploding on the internet. It has good reviews and people are always talking about it. Since I'm so easily swayed I went and got myself a set as well. This concealer has 3 color toners and when I bought it the store clerk didn't tell me how to use it so I'm sharing with you guys how I use it. 

Typically the top color is used for concealing acne scars, but since my skin tone is a little bit pale I would use it for concealing my dark circles. I have sensitive skin and my dark circles are so deep so this color helps with it a little bit. Since my dark circles basically can't be rescued I think this product is decent. 

The second color I would use to cover acne that's going to explode soon or my acne scars. For acne that are red I would usually cover it with foundation only because I'm scared that more products would make my acne worse. When I use this color to conceal my acne scars, it will usually cover up to 80% of the scar so I think it's pretty good. 

The third color is more pink and I would use it as a second layer for my dark circles. It looks quite natural and nice. But my dark cirlces are seriously strong and stubborn so overall after using two layers I would say that they're reduced by 60% but I'm happy with the results. 

I would say that overall this concealer is one of the better products that I've used. But I do think that it's not as miraculous as it is on the internet. Also sometime people think that it's a little bit drying so it's best you test it out before buying it. 

I think this is one of the drier concealer's I've used in my own collection. 
I also heard that this product is getting re-vamped so I'm also interested in trying it. I hope that it's going to be better than the original though. 

I really like the Curel UV cream. This UV cream is a physical sunscreen and I have one product that's 30SPF and another that's SPF 50. I actually think there isn't really a big difference in these products. I think the main difference is the ingredients. I use the SPF50 one if I'm going outdoors and the SPF30 one if I'm just staying indoors at work. 

When I first bought this product I wanted to use it mainly on my body. But my face sunscreen happen to run out so I used this as a substitute. I was surprised because it works pretty well on the face too. This sunscreen has great protection and it's super easy to blend. You can tell from the picture that it's more water-lotion based. However, the ingredienets to contain Titaniam Dioxide which gives it a pale/faded look. Some people don't like this but I like it ~ I just treat it as a primer and it also brightens up my skin tone anyway. 

This sunscreen product is one that I will repurchase. I basically use this product all throughout summer. It's also in an affordable price range so I really recommend it!

This BB cream is an older version. There's a whole new packaging with different formula but I like the older one better. 

When I was younger I felt like BB cream gave me a very cakey look (even more so than foundation) and it looks really unnatural for me. 

But my skin condition isn't as great as it used to be, I have so much more imperfections so I need products with more coverage now. I still want my product to be relatively natural with a brighter finish. This product really meets my needs. Even though it's not like super amazing, it at least has a 8/10. So I would probably repurchase the newer version to try and I hope that it could be better! But the finish of this product is still a little bit heavy. If your skin condition is great I don't think you necessarily need this product. 

The only thing I don't like about this product is that the added fragrance is so strong. Although I know that Korean products are usually like this but this one is stronger than usual. If you don't like added fragrance you'll have to consider hard before you purchase this product. 

Overall: This product is pretty hydrating, has good coverage, lasts long, and has a good glowing finish. I would want to repurchase the new one to try it out!

Although Hada-Labo is my absolute favorite when it comes to drugstore brands, I didn't really like their lotion. I did use up two bottles of it, and this one is my third one. For me who has extremely dry skin, this lotion is only nourishing enough during the summer. In the winter is not moisturizing enough. 

The texture is a white lotion cream and it feels great on the skin. But it takes a while for my skin to absorb it, I'll always have to massage it for a bit. It's also quite sticky although this doesn't really bother me. If you don't like anything that's sticky on the face it's best if you try it out first before purchasing the full product. 

I would say that this product is a satisfactory product considering it's a drugstore brand/price. I used two bottles last summer but during seasonal changes I still get dry patchy skin so I moved on to other creams that are even more nourshing. 

This product is a summer product for me and I feel like there's still a chance for me to repurchase. I do like Curel and Avene better though!

I just noticed that I've written so many reviews on Za products! Za is seriously one of my favorite drug store brands. I have very limited budget so I really love this brand because even though it's cheap the quality is great. 

This blush is a must have when I'm doing a natural makeup look. A little bit of the product give me a very youthful, healthy look. It has fine shimmer in it too.  The color that I have is 01 (natural red). If you see the swatch you can tell that it's a pink/orange color. When I bought this blush I felt like I have too many pink blushes which is why I chose this color. If I have the chance I'd like to purchase two more of the colors from the collection. 

I feel like there are no bad things I could say about this product. If I really had to, I think the blush is not long lasting enough? After four hours the color starts to fade but I'm still really happy with this product. The color scheme matches with yellow or white skintones. I would definitely keep on repurchasing it ~ 

I truly recommend th ZA Lip Crayon. I heard a lot of good things about this product even before the Taiwan drugstores carreid them. So I was so excite to try these out! 

After purchasing one I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE. 

This product is so easy to apply on the lips. It's moisturizing and highly pigmented. You can apply with a light or heavy hand THEY BOTH LOOK GREAT! 

I love all of the five colors and it's also extremely affordable. I bought the whole line~~ The color pay off is only good if you apply a lot of layers. Which I guess it's good because you can adjust according to your makeup look. 

There are five colors in this collection and I bought all of them. All of the colors are so unique and beautiful!! 

I got the Majolica Majorca Lotion Essence Oil Makeup Base from a magazine. The size of the bottle that I got is seriously tiny. I used it probably three times, it really is a trial sized product. I've used the product so far the product has not convinced me to purchase a full size one. This essence oil makeup base is mainly for oil control, moisturizing, and setting your makeup. I have dry skin so for my base makeup I really need something that helps my skin stay hydrated while my makeup stays on too. I would give this makeup base a 6/10 where everything is boarderline OK. 

When I first tried it, I feel that it's actually a little bit too dry. The coverage is also pretty natural and essentially doens't cover anything. Only the glowing finish is nice. 

When I tried it again, (pictured), I still feel the same and I feel that I would probably use this in the summer but definitely not in the winter. 

I feel like overall this product is really just OK. I do recommend it to those who love the natural glowing makeup look. But I have crazy dark circles and acne scars, so I really need something that has more coverage. This product is suitable for those who have really beautiful skin with no discoloration. 

I received this gel eyeliner pencil from Amabie in exchange for my honest opinion. I rarely use gel eyeiner pencil, I would usually use those with more color or shimmer to match with my eyeshadow. So I didn't really like this product. But I still gave it a try. It's really easy to use with smooth application and nice color pay off. Personally I think the tip of the product is too thick for me, it can't really create sharp lines like liquid eyeliners. 

Since the product itself did say that it's waterproof, I tried to rinse it with water and it lived up to its claim. But it's O.K with oil-proof and sweat proof, it still smudges a little bit - not to the point where you turn into a panda. Again, I don't really use gel eyeliner pencils so I don't think I would repurchase this. I'll use this product occasionally since eyeliner gel pencils can help create different looks. 


I received this snail cream from Amabie and I've never heard of this brand before. I really like this product. I have dry skin so usually in my last step of my skin care routine I would use something that's more oily. This product happened to be really sticky, maybe it's because of the snail essence that's in the product. It's not too sticky so I really like it. Even though it's sticky it's not hard to blend and spread around, I think it's not bad. But I have to massage the product for a while until my skin really absorbs it. This doesn't bother me at all! The thing that bothers me is that this product is gooey and it makes the bottle sticky. 

Another thing to note about this product is that the ingredient list is super long. I'm not sure if it has anything weird or bad in it - usually I get kind of scared with products that have a long list. Also this product is really heavily scented so for those who don't like scent products this is definitely not for you. 

I received this sheet mask from Amabie. I've never heard of this brand before. It seems like it's from Korea. I did some research and saw that PChome sells this. Judging from the packaging the main purpose of the sheet mask is for moisturizing, anti-aging - seems pretty multi-functional. 

I was really surprised when I first opened the package. Usually there are a lot of excess essence in packaged sheet masks, but there's only essence on the sheet mask itself. 

I didn't really like the design of the sheet mask though, it didn't really fit the shape of my face. 

I had it on for 15 minutes and I did feel that it's moisturizing, but nothing special. 

I feel like a lot of sheet masks are similar to this one where there's really nothing amazing about it, so I wouldn't really recommend it.  Other drugstore brand sheet masks are around the same price with the same functions. You can easily replace this sheet mask with other ones out there on the market. I've never heard of this brand before and I did some research on all of the ingredients. They're O.K ingredients and wouldn't cause irritation. 

Before I fell in love with Daiso Eyebrow pencil, this was one of my favorites in my makeup bag! This product is very cheap in the drugstore price range. It's also really small so you can take it around with you. I have black hair, and I would probably have black hair for a long time. So far I'm using a grey-ish brown color which matches with my hair nicely. 

Compared to the Daiso eyebrow pencil, this product is a little bit lighter. So there's a lesser chance for you to mess up. It also has a lot of color selection. There's one that's more grey, more red, more yellow, or a more true brown. I feel like this is better than the Daiso collection but Daiso is so cheap! 

I would still repurchase this product though, since it looks so natural. It also has a really fine tip so it's really easy to draw on the eyebrows. But this product doens't really last that long, sometimes if I'm out for the whole day the end of my eyebrows would be gone. Since my eyebrows are basically non-existent, I can only rel on makeup. So If I'm outdoors I'll have to take this pencil with me to re-apply my brows. But I think it's not too much of a trouble~ 


This is my third bottle and when I was travelling to Hong Kong I brought it with me too, so you can tell how much I love this product! 

I even have two more bottles in stock so I truly love this product. 

When I first used this product, it was my first time using wash-off face masks, I always use sheet masks. But it was so famous so I bought it when it was on sale. After I used it I thought, darn it! I wished I used this product earlier! 

The ingredients of this jelly mask is all natural, so you have to finish it 90 days after opening it. I usually use it once a week, if I'm lazy, once every two weeks. 

One jar is 250G, it seems a lot but actually you need quite a good amount on the face. I always use apply a thick layer especially to places where I get blackheads and whiteheads. And I wash it off after 40 minutes (an episode of your favorite TV show!). After this I will do some deep cleansing on my face. The mask helps to get the deep whiteheads out. I use this especially before I get my period, it really improved my skin condition and I had less breakouts. 

Also! I got compliments from other people that my skin was better from my friends, so I feel like I would love this product for a really long time!

I've used so many bottles of Hada-labo already. It's my favorite skin care toner in the drugstore. I have dry skin so this product is a MUST HAVE for me (imaging me yelling I NEED YOU! to this product). 

Although I really like dermatolgist certified skin care products, I've also used many drugstore level skin care toners. This one is the only one that I would constantly re-purchase, it really makes me feel moisturized. Since the skin care toner is a little bit more heavy, so you can use it for wet masking too. But you'd have to spend a little bit more time to massage it into your skin. The Hada-Labo toner is seriously so comfortable on the face, I'll keep on repurchasing it because it's not expensive too!

This loose powder is one that I've been using for a really long time, not because it's a great product, but because I rarely use loose powder - since my skin is dry, I don't really need to set anything. 

However, summer in Taiwan is seriously so hot even my dry skin can't hold up my makeup, so I've slowly started to use loose powder. This happens to be my very first loose powder so I've just been using it. 

I do refrain myself from using it whenver I can though, because this product gives me the cakey look. But in terms of drugstore brands I've used products that are worse. I've also purchased one from Missha/Integrate, and they are dryer than this one. I would say it'd be a good product for people who have dry skin, it's not hydrating but at least it's affordable. 

If I have a higher budget I really would love to try higher-end product loose powders, but until then I'll still be using drugstore brands!

I finished this CC cream and bought it again, it's not like a great product, but I couldn't find anything better so I just bought it again. I've used Maybelline's CC cream before, it's so pale and very unnatural, so when Integrate had a CC cream coming out I decided to buy it and try it. 

This product is pale but does have a pink hue to it, so it's more natural and it's also more hydrating. 
It's relatively easy to blend, but after using this product I still use a thin layer of foundation over it. Since this product makes my face too pale, so I treat it as a base/brightening product. It does lift up your whole look though. I also think the ingredients are not bad, until I find a better CC cream I would probably keep on going back to this one. 

This makeup remover seems to have good repuation, it's one of the best products in the drugstore scene. 

After I've used it my impression is mediocre, it's good overall, but I definitely have other products in mind so I don't know if I'll repurchse it. 

The cleansing effect is so-so, other than mascara and some liquid eyeliner, it does do the job in one shot. But mascara is hard to remove, I had to use cotton swabs 2-3 times to completely remove it, definitely not a product for lazy potatoes. 

But this product is really refreshing and doesn't sting the eyes at all. The ingredients are safe so I think overall it's good but not like WOW. 

The Daiso Eyebrow pencil is seriously one of the best purchase decisions I've ever made. 

My brows are really sparse so I always use brow pencils to create my look. I've used up so many eyebrow pencils in the past it really adds up. 

Since buying the Daiso Eyebrow pencil I've been using this for a fast finished look on my brows. 
Even though it's very cheap it's actually made in Korea. Quality is very standard and the pencil itself is very soft so it glides on easily.  The spoolie is a little bit too hard but it's still usable. 

The point is this product is only about $1, I bought three at once to stock up. 
If you use it everyday it'll run out in a month, so if you're a brow person like me GET AS MANY AS YOU CAN! There're also two colors, the one I have is dark brown because my hair is black. The other one is light brown, probably suitable for those with lighter hair, but the one I have is actually a pretty deep brown. 

This one is my favorite drug-store brand sunscreen! This is my third one already. Usually I use high-end products but I'm running low on makeup budget so I tried to hunt for a good drug-store level product. 

I investigated the ingredients of this product and found that actually the sun-protective agents aren't that strong, but most importantly these ingredients are non-harmful and are good chemical-based for sunprotection. The downside is that it doens't have enough UVA protection, so I would say in terms of sun-protection power it is average.

But I usually use this product as a base before my foundation routine. You can tell that the liquid is quite runny and it spreads on the face really well, also very hydrating! As long as it doesn't conflict with my foundation routine I'm happy about it. If I still don't have enough money to buy higher-end products I will keep on buy this as a substitute.  

I got this when there was a sale. My lower lashline lashes are basically non-existent so I thought I buy this and try. Although this product has a really bi-polar reputation, I still wanted to try it. After a week of trying though I feel like my lower lashline has no hope. I just use this as a part of my basic skincare routine. Sometimes when I'm too rough on removing my mascara, I'll apply this to protect my lashes, I'm actually really afriad of breaking my lashes since I have so little left. 

I also noticed that some people were applying this on their eyebrows, I also don't have a lot of eyebrow hair so I tried the same thing. One time when I was shaping my eyebrows, I accidentally removed too much hair, so I used this everyday and felt like my lashes grew back within a week! Not bad. 

This sheet mask is my favorite from all the "my beauty diary" sheet mask that I've used before. It feels so good on my skin.  When you first open the package you can see that it is is very thick. Although it seems like there isn't a lot of essence, they are actually all absorbed into the sheet mask itself. It fits really well on my face and my skin is brightened afterwards. My skin feels very bouncy and alive too. 

Another reason why I like this mask so much is that I was using it during seasonal change. My skin was dry and even had red patches due to sensitivity. I happen to buy this to try and it really soothed my skin as it calmed down the redness. I was so surprised to see this result and I rushed to get two more boxes! I'm sad though because it seems like Cosmed (Taiwanese drug store) doesn't restock this anymore. I have to get it either online or at 7-11, it's a little bit troublesome. 

I received this product as a gift from my friend. Although this product is not talked about that often, I've used their toners before and they were really hydrating - basically I have a good impression of this brand. 

This essence is quite different from all the other esseces I've used before. It doens't have a gooey texture at all, it really is just plain liquid and easy to blend around on the face. It absorbs very quicky, not bad. Everytime I finish using this product I feel like my skin is rejuvenated. For the whitening claims, I'm not too sure about it. I have dry skin so using essences in summer is not a problem for me. If you have dry skin like I do and you're looking to buy a whitening esscene, you can look into this product!

A while ago there was a huge pimple on my chin. After the pimple was healed it left a really ugly black acne scar. I wanted to buy another drug store brand product to fade the scar away, but I saw someone recommend this product so I bought it and tried it. 

Usually I only use about a rice grain sized amount each time when I apply it, so the product can be used for a very long time. Also, since I don't have a lot of spots on my face, I can only use my acne scar as an experiment to test if this product works. 

I probably used 1/3 of the product by now, I feel like there is a difference as my scar faded away a little bit.  But truth is I'm not 100% sure that my scar faded due to this product. Strictly speaking, this product does fulfill its claim, but it doens't have a WOW factor for me, just average. 

Since the price is not that cheap, if I don't have anymore spots, I probably wouldn't repurchse this product. 

This essence was actually a gift from my friend (hm, implying that I'm dark??) Actually I only care about moisturizing, whitening is not my main focus when it comes to skincare, so I wasn't particularly thrilled to try this product. But someone gave it to me, and I just finished my essence, so I might as well give it a try. 

The outcome came out quite good, although I didn't feel that my skin tone was whiter. But it was easy to spread on the face and absorbed quickly. After applying my face feels soft and bouncy, I really like it! 

Although I really like it, but it's a little bit too expensive, it's probably not the time for me to repurchase. I was looking at the ingredients list and they were really fancy ingredients, no wonder it's expensive. If you really want to whiten your skin, perhaps this is a good choice, though I'm not an advocate for white skin !

This is one of my favorite toners, it’s my fourth bottle and almost finishing the current one! At first when I bought it I wasn’t expecting it would be this great! I have drier skin so I was looking for a nourishing toner that I can also use as a mask. The texture is not that thick but super nourishing! The ones with thicker texture is harder for the cotton pads to absorb that’s why I like this one! The only downside is it’s not that absorbing , I have to massage it one my face to make it absorb better, some people might not like that!

They changed their package design a few times but I think the ingredients are pretty much the same. This brand’s products does not contain thickening agent so the essence is a bit on the watery side, I like it that way. It absorbs very will and keeps my skin hydrated, I would definitely buy it again! It has an extra cap that prevents leaking, so great.

I bought this palette as a buy one get one free pair. I used it twice and I really can't say anything good about it. UGH I can't do anything "good" with this product. It's not like I can't use it for regular everyday makeup but then it's just not special, no wonder it wasn't selling well. All four colors are boring and not special. Compared to other ZA eyeshaodow palette I've used before, the eyeshadow flies everywhere. 

Let's take a look at the two bright colors, one is a very rough shimmer, the shimmers are seriously so chunky on the eyelids. The other color is a off white, which is a basic color the same from the same line, the shimmer is also very flashy. 

The other two colors are just okay. The pink is nice and faded, I kind of like it as it is natural and cute. The brown color paired with the pink makes it look like chocolate strawberry, not bad. 

Overall.... there's no need to collect or buy this. 

I think this is a product with seriously good performance. 

It's a really beautiful lavender color, it's quite different from the Yam-purple Visee palette I talked about before. This purple is brighter and it really makes you look so elegant and soft when applied. I really think this eyeshadow makes me look like a Chinese angel!! (although that's not my makeup style XD)

The base color of this eyeshadow is a really delicate nude-gold color, it's very reflective when applied and it's just so gorgeous. The middle color is a soft pink-ish purple, this color looks gree at no matter what! The deeper color is the lavender purple, and it pairs great with the pink-ish one. The "eyeliner" color is a good old grey-hued brown. Each color is thought out carefully and really makes a great combination together. 

I really recommend this product, I got it for buy one get one free too.. What a deal!! 

This is my least favorite product. It came with the combo I bought so I unwillingly finished it, would not purchase it again. It’s not about the product; it is not for my skin type. I have drier skin so I need moisturizing products. This lotion is not nourishing enough so I feel like it does nothing to me. I think it’s better for people with combination skin.

I actually bought this for my mom, but then I fell in love with it myself, sorry mom! The texture is oilier so it’s better for people with drier skin. My skin is so dry that my fine lines shows easily so I started to try this product. Squalene helps with skin repairing and protection, after trying this the itchiness and redness on my skin got better. I would re-purchase but the price is much more expensive than other brands. 

This is my first essence product, I always thought that I don’t need to use essence, but my dry skin is too dehydrated! That’s why I needed a moisturizing essence and the only brand I was familiar with by that time was Dr. Wu. I’ve use the regular and refreshing ones, the regular one works better for my skin. The texture is pretty thick but very absorbing that’s why I was satisfied. But after trying other brands, I think this one is pretty standard, I would only purchase when it’s on discount!

This is my first time using skincare products that contains mandelic acid, but I first tried the 18% it was too dry for me so I switched into the 6%. I don’t really use exfoliating products so the mandelic acid can help with that, 6% is definitely milder than before, great for people with drier skin. I’ve already used up 2 bottles, so far my skin did not break out but sometimes there’re still some blemishes. I would definitely purchase it again! Especially during discount! 

This is my first medicated skincare product, maybe that’s why I love it so much, I’ve already used 5 bottles. I use toners all the time, basically finish 2 bottles of toners in one month. I’ve also tried other brands but this one is the best so far. The only downside is the texture is a bit sticky so it’s hard for me to use this as a mask.  


The toner is pretty absorbing, hydrates my skin so it’s easier for me to put on makeup! Basically this toner sets my makeup better, if there’re no surprise, I would keep on using this.

The purple pink color on their comercial is so pretty but I was kind of disappointed when I tried it myself, it was not that purple... But the lipstick is moisturizing and durability is acceptable~~ The price is not cheap!

This is the legendary K-Drama lipstick!! I saw recommendations about this lipstick then I purchased it, I don't regret at all, I love it so much~~ It's moisturizing and long lasting, the color is also very beautiful! I highly recommend this lipstick and I would love to try other colors~~

I think this liquid lipstick is normal, also I don't like the packaging lol. It's actually hard to apply the lipstick evenly because it's pretty sticky. The color is great though and it's pretty moisturizing but since it's hard to apply I don't think I will buy it again based on that fact. And it has a strong bubble gum scent! If you're not fond of strong scent you can basically skip this one~ The color I have is a red orange color, it really pops. 

I knew that this was a trend but I wasn't going to purchase it, then one day I tried the lipstick in the store then accidentally purchased it. After using it for a few time I realized I wasn't in love with it. I'm not used to use dual lipstick so I'm still figuring it out how use it. The color is great, so I will try to practise more but so far I think it's just normal 

I bought two of this because several recommendations, the one thing I don't like is the package design. The color is saturated and it's long lasting, also it's moisturizing but it makes my dry skin obvious when my lip condition is not so good. I give it 80 points~ My favourite is hte PK003 peach pink, it's sexy and makes me look whiter. OR203 is an elegant pink orange color. I love these two colors, recommend~

I bought it in 3 different colors, I was pretty impressed at first but after some time I realized it has some flaws. The lipstick is moisturizing, nourishing and gives good color payoff, but it's not that long lasting, and I have to re-apply which is inconvenient. I love #15 dark red color!!!! It's so beautiful~~

It's super super cute! Love the package design!! The lipstick is really small, so I always carry it with me. I wanted a true red color but it looks darker on my lips, but it gave me a more subtle look which I like~~ It's a matte lipstick and the texture is a bit dry, it will be better to put on lipbalm first. 

I love this lipstick, it's super moisturizing and glossy~ I love the two colors I bought, 1 is my favourite pink and the other one is peach orange. Last summer I always bring them with me, but then I found out the lipstick melts easily, same with my friends lipstick!!!! I guess it's their flaw, and after some time I seldom use it. 

I bought one because it was trending! I got the #403, it looks very red but it's actually pretty natural when I apply it on my lips! The lipstick is easy to apply but not that nourishing. There are other two colors that are more nude tone which does not suit me... They are more matte and dry so I didn't like them~

There are good and bad reviews, but I personally love it~~ I use it with my hands instead of cushion puff. The blush is more shimmery that gives me a bold radiant look. The blush blends really well on my dry skin, if you like blush creams you should try it, it cheap!!! If you're looking for a more matte natural look, this one might be too shimmery for you

I always wanted to try this blush but the package looks too cute which I don't like. Eventually I still purchased it because it was recommended alot. I got the matte pink, the texture looks really light but the color actually pops when I appy it on my face. A little amount is enough for nice natural red cheeks, I recommend it. 

This blush is trend on the internet so I bought one. I really regret that I didn't buy all the shades because it's so amazing~~ I bought the PK03, it's a radiant light pink which gives me a natural cute look. I can pair this with all my makeup style, the color is so pretty~ A little can go a long way, I use it all the time and I still have alot! 

My friend bought this for me from Korea~ It's my first triangle eyebrow pencil, hard to use because I'm not used to it. After some practice it's easy to use and I can use it to shape different brows. The lid is pretty hard so sometimes it irritates my skin. It has a brush on the other end but the material is not that good. I got the grey color because it matches my black hair~~

I'm surprised that this eyeshadow is not discussed alot!!! I love it!! Just like I love Etude house's eyeshadow stick~~ This eyeshadow has three types : Matte, shimmery and glitter. I bought all three, four shades ( Matte pink orange, shimmery orange, matte red and glitter red) The matte eyeshadow is easy to apply, shimmery gives me a good radiant look and glitter is also great. But their eyeshadow stick has more colors~~ 

This brand is not that famous in Taiwan, but I'm personally interested in them, some products has been discussed alot. I bought this blusher in HongKong, but the color tone is too warm for me so I seldom use it... The texture is good, I might try other shades. 

I bought the #104 peach pink, but it looks more like wine red on my skin. Compared to their 10 eyeliner the glitter on this one is bigger. The color is very obvious so I only use it when I'm putting on heavy makeup. I love the color and I haven't found any other gel eyeliner to replace it. 

This is one of Etude house's star product~ I bought it through buy 1 get 1 free discount. It better than I thought! I got the #48 and #27. #48 can be used as an eyeliner, the dark brown color is smoother than black but still pops my eyes! #27 pink is my favorite, I use it to highlight my lower eyelid!! I would repurchase #27 and try other colors~~

I bought this palette during a promotion, I rarely see this palette anymore. But you don't have to be sad about it because it's not that good. The color payoff is ok but the glitter is too big and sometimes it makes me look messy. The wine tone palette gives a better look for winter. 

This dual eye shadow pencil was such a trend~~ I bought the pink and red shade then I was so impressed and bought another coral and orange color. It gives me a nice natural shine tone. When you're in a rush but still need to put on ey shadow, this is quick and convenient! 

I bought this because it contains foundation, concealer and highlighter all in this box. The concealer is my favorite and the highlighter is my least favorite because the glitters are too big and drastic. The foundation is moisturizing and gives good coverage. But they have a very strong scent so some poeple might not like it. It's more expensive in Taiwan compared to Korea!! 

Love this concealer!!! Super useful!! The texture feels just like whipped cream, very moisturizing. It has two colors, orange and yellow. I use the orange to cover my dark circles, it covers about 80%!!It does not make me look cakey or dry out my face. The yellow color can cover scars or highlight my eye area~~ It's super cheap, costs less than 300NT, but I can only purchase through procurement service. I really really love it!! I've used up the second one and ready to buy my third bottle lol

When me and my friends are talking about this product we think it looks like flour, because it's literally white. I think it's great, when I don't want to change the tone of my makeup this will be the one I use. It doesn't change my makeup tone and it gives more brightness which I think is nice. I have drier skin type so I like compact powders that are moisturizing, if you're looking for a oil blotting one this would not be it. But it's really expensive! It costs 680NT for only 4g, so I wouldn't buy it without discount... 

When Visee came in Taiwan I immediately bought two of these blushes, I only bought it because it was a trend so I didn't even try the product at the store. The shade I chose are RD1 and RD6, one is a natural red color and the other is a pink berry red which I both love! When I first bought it I use it almost everyday, I just need to apply it with my fingers and it'll easily blend with my skin! I have drier skin type, the texture is moisturizing and I love the fact it stay on my cheeks really well! But I hate that the container breaks easily and the powder gets dirty sometimes so be careful with it! 

I bought the palette gn1, I guess this palette is not that popular? But I really love it! The color is so beautiful! It has fine little glitters and it's not too much~ I don't like eyeshadows that has huge glitters, so this one fits me just right~And I love the color combination! The only downside is the texture goes everywhere but not that crazy! Overall I love this palette and I want to purchase the pk01 which is also beautiful! 

This gel eyeliner is known for drawing 0.01mm lines, even though I didn't think it's super thin, I do think that this is very easy to apply! Because it dries really fast so it's hard to correct the makeup therefore I don't recommend this to people who are not familiar with gel eyeliners. Only the ends of the eyeliner might smudge sometimes but usually it's ok within 5 hours. I think this is great so I am considering to purchase next time, but it's not my favorite! 

This product was a trend at the beginning of this year, I do own the BR01 color, but I highly recommend the RD02 color! It looks like a dark red but you can put on single or multiple layers to saturate the color. When there are fewer layers it's a beautiful pink color, when you put on more layers it's a bright red but not too red. I would say this is a lipstick that can do both! The texture is moisturizing and it help to cover lip wrinkles~ Overall I highly recommend this one! 

This eyebrow pen is a drug store super star! It only costs 68NT after discount! This is my third one which is the brown color, it's super cheap. When I'm in a hurry I would just use this pencil, the lid is soft so it's easy to fill up my brows with this pen. I don't really have that much brows so I need this eyebrow pencil to save me! But sometimes I can accidentally fill too much and it gets too dark, I just use a brush to brush some off~ 

I feel like all the products I love are all not sold in Taiwan! This eye shadow is amazing, it's my favourite Canmake eye shadow! The color combination and color payoff gives absolutely high quality, I already bought 2 palettes but I want more!! I would purchase more when I travel to Japan again! The powder does fly everywhere but I think it's ok! The highlighter and wine color is so pretty~ I highly recommend people to purchase this if you go to Japan!

At first I bought 1, then I bought 2, now I have about 16.... this one color eye shadow gives great color payoff, so it's a star product on many beauty platforms! I really love this eyeshadow! There are many colors to choose, even the matte ones gives very good quality! The only downside is the texture flies everywhere, so be careful when you use makeup brush, you can tap the extra powder on a tissue paper before you apply.

This is not sold in Taiwan yet but I strongly suggest someone please bring this into the Taiwan market!! Love the color payoff and brightness it gives to my eyes~ I was wandering around the store because it's so hard for me to decide which one to purchase, they are all so beautiful, I want them all!! At last I bought the purple one!! Squalene is one of the ingredients in the eye shadow powder which is a moisturizing agent, that's why the texture is more moist so the powder won't go everywhere. Overall I think it's great, even thought Japanese brands gives lighter color payoff than American brands but it's still great! It gives my eyes a good elegant shine and I recommend this product. 

I was really curious so I bought it, then I fell in love, I hope they never stop producing~ I just love it! It has grains in the texture just like regular exfoliator. My lips became soft and smooth, I know many people make their own lip exfoliator but I'm too lazy, so this suits me well! I only use this when I have dead skin on my lips, because it's hard for me to put on makeup when I have deadskin, so this really saved me, I love it! I would buy it again.

This is a papaya cream from Australia, I regret that I didn't meet this product earlier! I got this from my friend who came back from Australia, I thank him so much! It's very similar to vaseline, because it actually contains vaseline moisturizing agent and papaya extract. It's very moisturizing I just apply it at night and I hardly have any dead skin on my lips the next day. The papaya cream is a actually a kind of ointment, it heals wounds so it also helps with chapped lips, I just love the nourishment it gives me. 

Besides nourishing my lips, I also use it to make my matte lipstick in to glossy lipstick, even though vaseline can do the job but I think this one is better! 

This lipbalm is very nourishing and easy to apply but it's abit greasy, so it's better to apply a little at a time. I think it's fine but I just don't like tube lipbalms, it's just my preference. It also has an oil scent which I don't really like....I might purchase other flavors next time, I'm willing to give it another chance! 

This is like a super hot sale product! Almost everyone who goes to Japan will have this one in their purchase list because it's half the price compared to Taiwan! The picture on the very right is the two I bought in Japan, and the pink one is a gift from a friend I met in Hong Kong. It's very moisturizing and almost everyone that used it recommended this lipbalm. I don't think that it's greasy so if you don't like greasy lipbalms you should try this! The downside is that it's so expensive in Taiwan, I would just buy a bunch when I travel to Japan! It has a olive scent, but it's tasteless, I love it. 

This is a cherry blossom lipbalm! When I saw this cute package, I knew I would defintely buy it! I just exfoliated my lips so even though my lip condition is fine, this lipbalm still gives my lips a nice clear shine, it's moisturizing but pretty greasy although it doesn't stick my hair like the Nivea one. I would say this is a medium high level product, its said that it can color correct lip color but I think it's not obvious.

So this has no cherry blossom scent, instead it has a light scent kind of like mint but not mint but it's cooling which I'm not fond of. Overall I'm pretty satisfied. 

As a Hada-Labo fan, what should I do when they come out with a new lipbalm? Buy it of course! I spotted it when I was in Hong Kong, I don't think Hada-Labo in Taiwan has this lipbalm yet, I do hope they come in soon! My lips love this lipbalm because it's moisturizing! It's not that smooth when I apply it, but it's ok! It's nourishing yet not greasy. I love Hada-Labo's products, from their toner, facemask to lipbalm, I love them all! And it's tasteless and scentless! I hope it comes to Taiwan soon, I would purchase it! 

I have to admit I was attracted by the design of this lipbalm! Don't you think it's really cute? It's a rectangular lipbalm~ It has so many different types and I bought one just because it's really cute lol. After using the lipbalm I do think it's great, nourishing and smooth, it lightens my lip wrinkles and they are very satisfied! It's not as greasy as the Nivea one, and I love the sweet milk candy scent! If you don't like lipbalms that are too sweet, this might not be the one for you. I would definetly but this again, but I will try other flavors.

This is one of my favorite lipbalm, it's cheap and great, the cheapest price I saw is about 65NT! It gives my lips a nice watery shine, this lipbalm is so moisturizing and easy to apply. But it's abit greasy and my hair can easily stick on my lips, so you might want to consider before purchase! This has been my saviour for a long time, I always apply this before putting on any lip color, it gives me full nourishment, especially during winter. It does have artificial flavors contained in the lipblam but it's not very obvious, it has a light shea butter scent. Love the price and nourishment! So worthed! 

This helps with my super dry lips~~ It's easy to apply and it's pretty nourishing, I do feel the difference when I apply this on my lips, it's not greasy and gives me great effects, no wonder it's a hot sale. It usually costs 150NT after discount, I do think it's worthed to purchase! I don't know if it has any difference between the Blistex medplus, but I really love this lipbalm. It has a light lemon scent which I love, better than the red version which has a terrible scent. 

After using this my lips became brighter, it's does nourish my lips but not enough. I love that it's not greasy and easy to apply! Unfortunately, it's not nourishing enough for my super dry lips, so I'm a little disappointed>< The scent actually reminds me of baby powder which is really confusing, isn't this supposed to be honey flavor? Despite my confusion, I still accept this lipbalm! It has several different flavors, and I would defintely try the other ones next time. It contains some additives so people who do not like it should ignore this product! There's nothing weird in the ingredients, afterall they promote themselves as a natural brand.

The effect is SO NOT OBVIOUS!!! When I first apply this lipbalm I was like :"Hmmm? I feel nothing, no nourishment!" This is poisonous, I do not understand why Taylor Swift is endoursing this brand, it did not do anything for me! So I just put this lipbalm away for good. I do have to say it's not greasy at all, and it smells really good! It even makes me want to bite and taste it(Which I really did) I recommend this to people that likes lipbalms with different lovely scents. 

It used to be very dry but they changed the ingredients so it improved. I think this one is just ok, it's not bad but it's not amazingly good . It's not very nourishing so it's also not oily. It has no scent. But it's just very normal, I'm sorry but it's just very normal. If you are a fan of their products of you just like this kind of boring normal lipstick you can give it a try, it's about 100NT but I would not purchase it again. 

Compared to the nude color line they have, I love this line better! It gives great color payoff and it's so nourishing, just like it's name I'm so attracted! The color Violet pink is so beautiful! It looks just like YSL's #19! As for a brand that is more affordable, this lipstick is so amazing that's why I recommend everyone to purcahse it~~ The orange tone red color is also very beautiful, it gives good color payoff, I love it! 

This is more of a nude, matte color lipstick, I personally don't like it because nude color does not suit me, it makes me look sick. The texture is great!!! It's creamy smooth texture is so easy to apply and covers my lip wrinkles, you don't have to worry about it being dry because it contains moisturizing ingredients. But I would need a huge amount of confidence to put on this color...

This lipstick is really cheap however I would still consider before buying the whole line. It has been famous for a while, so I was kinda late! It's moisturizing and amazing, gives my lovely lip and covers my lip wrinkles. I suggest to exfoliate your lips or it might create greases on you deadskin. It's moisturizing but not sticky, and it's long lasting. Just need to re-apply if your eat something. 

The color is very spring season, BUT!!! I think most of the color look the same!! Thats why I would try all the color before purchasing the whole pack. When it's on discount it only costs about 200NT which is so cheap!! 

Some people do not recommend Innisfree, but I love it! I would defintely purchase the whole bottle after I finish it! I love the apple scent! Love the smell when I use it, reminds me of the bubble gum I had when I was little!!! So I don't care if it's not so cleansing or it's not refreshing! It's not the best but it's very mild! If you don't mind this scent I would recommend you to try this product, I know some people do not like the scent. Innisfree is all about natural and organic, there are still some additives in the ingredients but it's still mild, it might cause blemishes though. 

I finished my first bottle because I got two during a buy 1 get 1 free discount, I think it's great! It's very cleansing, I only need ot apply it twice to get off all my makeups. There are different opinions on whether is product is mild, some people had bad reaction, but for me it's only a little bit stinging. It has some flavor additive in the ingredient and preservatives. 

Not only this is not cleansing and it irritates my eyes SO MUCH!!!!!!! I thought I was going blind when I first used this product. I'm like rolling on the floor because it was so painful!

I heard that the first version of this makeup remover is so mild and amazing, why did it turn into a biohazzard weapon? Ok I'm done, do not buy this. Please improve this product Dinivia! But I don't want to waste this so I use it to remove my eyebrow makeup and clean my cosmetics. 

This product has been recommended highly by several bloggers, but when I use it myself I didn't think that it was that amazing. (Example : This is SO cleansing!SO Mild! SO Refreshing!) It does a great job at cleansing my eye makeup(My KISS ME mascara) It's mild but I still feel a little irritated so I would not give it a full score! I do think it's abit oily, not that I hate it but it's definitely not refreshing. It has a scent like most of the Korean products, it's not strong though! If you don't like products that has a strong scent, you can consider this product. I would say that this is just ok. And when I read the ingredient it contains several preservatives, so you can consider whether you want to purchase it. 

This makeup remover is so mild! It does not irritate my skin at all when I first use it on my eyes. It's not as cleansing as POND's but I think it's great! It's not that oily and it's scentless. I would repurchase this one! 

This is the second one I bought! It was my favorite product because it's very mild. Because it's really mild it's not very cleansing, I usually have to use up alot to remover all the makeup so some people think that this is not that worthed. I would only buy this when it's on discount!
It's mild, refreshing and has no scent. I really like it, it's just like Bifesta. 



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