This shimmer base is wonderful. First, it allows to use it as a primer to give luminous effect to the skin, however the way I use it is mixing my foundation with a little of this product, so that the shine becomes more subtle and natural. You can even apply a little of this product in your cushion and make up easily

It is of a very light texture, so it is applied easily and diffuses perfectly.

It has a light pink tone so if you have redness I recommend that you correct them very well before using it. Another way to use it is as an illuminator in the areas that you want to give them light.

Another advantage is that with very little you can light up a lot; So it also yields a lot and is economical.

The Aronia capsule recipe pack is a sleeping mask that promises to nourish the skin. Its texture is gel type, but very light, which is not annoying at bedtime, absorbing quickly. I apply it after cleaning the face and replace it with the moisturizing cream.

The amount of the capsule easily lasts for 3 to 4 applications, in addition the package comes with a cover that can be safely closed.

The smell is very soft and relaxing for sleeping. It does not stain the pillow.

The other day of using the product, the skin looks very hydrated and smooth, with a natural luminosity. After doing the facial cleansing in the morning, the skin continues with this healthy appearance and with a fresh feeling.

I recommend applying this product cold and keep it in the refrigerator.

This cleanser in cream, after using it, I can say that it is perfect, but only for dry skin (that's why I did not give it all <3).

It is a cleanser that does not remove the makeup, but its function is to clean the face of the daily dirt, does not promise more.

The feeling left after using it is a clean face but VERY moisturized, although it may seem that we continue to have product on the face, it is favorable for dry skin and especially in the winter season.

It is not a product for mixed skins, fats or for use in summer; But it is a perfect product for cold seasons and dry skins that need to keep the face clean but with a deep moisturizing.

This oil cleanser (makeup remover) I started using because of my dry skin; Since when removing my makeup always my skin was tight.

To be in oil, easily dissolves the makeup, causing you not to rub your skin tightly.

My skin is very sensitive and despite that, this product is very gentle, does not irritate and does not leave a tight feeling on the skin.

However, I do not use it in the eye area (I prefer to remove it with a cotton separately), as it irritates my eyes slightly; But nothing terrible, considering that you should equally remove your eye makeup with more dedication.

To apply it, I first moisten the face and then apply 1/2 pump, which generates a sufficient amount to remove everything.

I must emphasize that because my skin is dry and sensitive, I only use this product when I have makeup or I applied sunscreen; I never use it in the routine of tomorrow or at night if I have not applied products like foundations or sun blockers.

This eyelash serum, I loved it from the beginning. It has an applicator like any mask of eyelashes, which makes it very easy and practical to use, making it not of laziness to use it constantly.

The price is very convenient considering the amount it contains and how little it is used and compared to other eyelash strengthening products that are expensive, it is definitely a plus.

I started to see results from 2 weeks of use; The eyelashes did not fall to me when curling them, removing them or scrubbing the eyes. At the beginning of the month, start to see that the lashes were stronger and thicker (no longer), in sectors that lacked eyelashes these began to grow little by little.

While it is not perfection, since it does not lengthen the eyelashes, it is definitely a worthwhile product for its price, duration and effectiveness; Besides that its comfortable package allows to be constant and to be able to see results.

This product is ideal for beginners in eye contour care and especially if they are young and wrinkles are still not a concern. The hydration that gives the area is perfect for day to day, as it keeps the area moisturized, smooth and without irritating. Its texture is very soft, which makes it delicate to give a massage in the area.

Ideal also as a makeup primer for dark circles.

The quantity of product easily lasts 1 year (ideal considering that the package indicates that it lasts 12 months open), which added to its low price, is an excellent option to use it in the daily and nightly cleansing routines.

In short, it is an indispensable for eye care if you are just beginning to care for the area.



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