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  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Chestnut

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  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Retinoid, Vitamin C, Glycerin, Aloe
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My thoughts on Etude House Monster Micellar Cleansing Water

This product contains alcohol and I really don’t like any alcohol in my products, so if you are sensitive to that this might not be for you.

The cleansing water is a clear liquid, and you really need a cotton pad to get the nights gunk off your face. I usually apply everything with my hands, but even I get the cotton pad part on this one.

I love the idea of this, cleansing without washing the face. But this would be a product I would use in the morning only. In the evening I always double cleanse, and I really need to feel that my skin is clean.

After using this one for a week, I feel that it does a good job, but I use a lot of sleeping packs in the evenings and I feel that I need something more in the mornings. So, when I use sleeping packs I don’t feel that this is enough.

It feels really fresh on the skin and my skin feels nice after using it. I have really dry skin and I can’t picture myself using this one during winter time. Mainly because it contains alcohol and this would make my skin drier. I have been using this product for a week (Etude House needs their reviews within two weeks of receiving the products, so there is not much time to test the products out. Usually when it comes to skincare I want at least a month to test the products out). Because of the short testing time I can't really do a full review on it. My short testing period is also due to that my skin reacted to it and became dryer again so I really didn't feel I wanted to keep using it every day.

The reaction is probably because of the alcohol. If you don't have my skin issues you would probably really like this one.


My thought on Etude House Tint My 4-tip Brow

I was really surprised by this product, I actually really like it.

I only use a tiny amount because I really don’t like the look of overdrawn eyebrows. The overdrawn look or the Instagram look started in the drag business. Simply for guys to look more feminine.

To me, the overdrawn eyebrow looks weird (on me) and unnatural and is simply not for me. But it might look good on you, and if you are liking it, keep it up. It is only makeup and you should have fun with it.

This type of product can work for those who doesn’t like that Instagram look and also for those who do. It all depends on how much you use and how strong you make the lines.

If you like the natural look you need to be very light on your hand when applying. Otherwise you lose the stroke like look.

The color I received, dark brown, is a little too light for me, but I can still use it. I do feel that the shade is a little weird. To me it feels like a light brown tinting towards yellow.

When I apply it I simply apply it were my eyebrow are sparse, and where I need a little more filled effect.

It will take some practice in applying it, before you will get the result that you are looking for. And it is the perfect way to get the illusion of fuller eyebrows. If you are going for the Instagram look, this will probably look painted on, the same as a regular brush.

A tip from Etude House is to put the product on before going to bed to get a more intense eyebrow stain. I don’t know about this, since I really prefer a clean face when going to bed. So, this is not something I will be testing. But please let me know if any of you do. Would be nice to know if there is any difference in intensity applying it in the morning or in the evening.

My thoughts on Etude House Play Color Eyes in Cherry Blossom

This palette has the perfect spring and summer colors. It really gets me in a summer mood just looking at it.

The palette consists of a mix between matte, shimmery and glittery colors, so you can really make a lot of different looks using it. I am not a makeup artist so I will not show you any looks made with this palette, since I do feel that there are those who would do a much better job in showing you that. But I will give you my thoughts on the palette as a regular user of eye shadows.

The shades are really pretty and you can make some neutral and yet some bold looks with it.

I do miss one neutral shade that can be used for blending and base since the lighter color in the palette is pink it is not suited as a neutral base.

I do feel that the colors are a little harder to work with, so I would definitely recommend using a base color first. But, they do blend easily and I don’t consider them to be difficult shadows at all.

When I made swatches of these I was really disappointed at first. I felt there were no color payoff at all on certain colors. But they actually work anyway and I feel that the colors are really nice and perfect for summer. The glittery shadows have some fallout as expected. But you should now that they are not super pigmented.

The shadows are easy to build so I feel that it is a nice palette for the summer. The prize of the palette is a little high, but I wouldn’t consider it to be over prized.


This hand cream has a really lovely scent of citrus and that is one favorite scent of mine. I do like the freshness of the smell and prefer that over sweet sugary scents. The smell doesn’t linger on your hands but simply fades quite quickly leaving a more cream like scent to it.

The packaging is just amazing, I mean, just look at it. It is a panda tube, what more is there to say😊

The hand cream is a little tacky and it feels like it takes forever for it so sink in to my hands. So, I really can’t say I love it. It does moisture my hands and makes them feel smooth, but still there is something there that doesn’t completely sink into my hands. I usually prefer a hand cream from Neutrogena and compared to that one, this is not matching my standards. I do have really dry hands so I do need my hand creams to be really moisturizing, but still I prefer to leave them without the stickiness.

It is not a hand cream I will buy again though

My thoughts on Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Primer

This is according to me a really great primer, that does what it claims to. It blurs my pores. If you have really deep and large pores it might not be enough but if you have normal pore “problems” this will work fine. The color of the primer is skin toned, which is really great since it matches my skin tone a lot better than white primers. A lot of Korean products wants to make you look paler then you are. Since that is the fashion in Korea. When you are darker in color rather than super pale, this can be a problem due to that these products will make you look uneven (not matching your neck or chest) and paler than natural. Therefor a skin toned primer is the safer choice.

This primer is easy to spread out even though it is quite thick in consistency.

The primer does have a slightly minty scent to it and as usual I really don’t get why it needs to be scented at all. The smell don’t bother me though but still I feel that it is really unnecessary.


My thoughts on CLIO Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner

This is my favorite liner of all time, I have tried a few and I always come back to this one. I often use eyeliner as tight lining (to make my lashes look fuller) and as a thin line on my eyelid. I have hooded eyes (which mean that I have skin falling down on my eyes) so if I use to heavy eyeliner. The only thing you see is a line, which is not what I prefer.

The brush is fine, which makes it really easy to make thin lines if that is what you prefer (like me) but it is also easy to make thicker lines.

The first stroke is pigmented and more reddish brown, but if you need more color, just add an extra line on top and you will get a darker brown color.

The kill brown eyeliner is waterproof and it dries instantly, so no smudging is possible. And it really is waterproof.

If you use eyeliner over a lot of eye shadow, make sure to clean the brush for hygienic reasons. Just wipe it off on a piece of paper.

The brush of it doesn’t seem to get bad either, the brush stays in shape until the liner is finished, or when you replace it (due to expiration dates).

This eyeliner will last a whole day on my lid, and doesn’t transfer at all. Still it doesn’t mean it is hard to remove. It actually removes very easily with an eye makeup remover. I use Skinfood milkshake makeup remover and it gets the job done.


My thoughts on Etude House O-le-mong one shot sherbet cleanser

This product is a sherbet cleanser and simply it is an oil cleanser, in the form of thicker paste instead of liquid oil. I just love using oil cleansers, they really get my face clean and if you haven’t tried an oil cleanser before I really recommend you to try one.

When I first opened this jar, I was really surprised by the strong scent. It has a really strong citrus scent. And usually I really like citrus (if I need to choose a scent) For my sensitive nose the scent is quite strong and really too much. A lot of people seem to love the scent but nope, not me.

This is really easy to use, it melts very easily on the skin. The cleanser is a thick paste that melts between your hands when warmed up and it really cleans my face.

One part of me like this and one part of me don’t. When I rinse this off my skin it feels like it is not completely gone. The product leaves some residue behind and I am not a fan of that. If I use a foam cleanser after the feeling of left over product goes away. I simply feel that it is somewhat difficult to get off.

It does remove waterproof mascara, but when using this as an eye makeup remover you will get oil in your eyes which will blur your vision for a while.



Frozen 18


This is a product you actually mix yourself, but don’t be alarmed, it is simply pouring one liquid into a tiny glass bottle with a pump. This you do every three days so it is really no big of a deal. The packaging of the frozen 18 is simple and nice. First I didn’t realize why I needed the little wooden part, but simply when holding the mixed frozen 18 in that tiny bottle it is really difficult getting the product out. By putting it in the wooden holder the grip becomes larger and it is much easier to use.

You use it directly after washing your face with cleanser. You spray it on and pat it in. Then you add the regenerating moisturizer.


My results after using the Frozen 18 line for 4 weeks

Over the four weeks of me using this I felt that my skin became calmer and more even in tone. Simply my skin felt fresh. I also feel that the skin under my eyes got a little bit lighter.

After 4 weeks I noticed that my skin was much drier than before. I usually use my Korean routine and since I was only allowed to use these product during my evening routine and no serums I was expecting this to happen.

As for my wrinkles, I really can’t say. I don’t feel that it did anything to my wrinkles. These pictures are taken in my bathroom, with the same lighting and the same settings on my camera. Still it is so important to know that a wrinkle might show more or less depending on how you tilt your head. If your head is not completely fixated in the same position. You really need to be skeptical to any information showing you a picture of reduced wrinkles. (I used to work as a photography assistant, and when taking pictures of scars (for insurance) this was really important. Therefor I know that it is impossible to say for sure just looking at a picture. If you see in my pictures that my wrinkles look less visible, it simply might be due to me holding my head in different positions. When doing this review I was told to make my photos as exact as possible. But simply it is impossible if you don’t have a head rest of some sort



This is nice moisturizer, it is really hydrating even though I really wasn’t expecting it to be. It isn’t heavy at all on the skin and penetrates rather quickly on my skin. Usually my skin really needs to feel packed with moisture for me to be able to wake up in the morning not feeling dry. But this one managed to keep my skin feeling moisturized when waking up. After a few weeks I did feel that i needed to add some more moisture to my skin, but I have extremely dry skin.


So, if you have a normal skin type this will probably be a good moisturizer for you.

This sheet mask comes with two layers which you need to take off. First it is a plastic layer that needs to be peeled off, then you apply the mask and remove the second extra layer.  I felt that it was easier to simply remove both layers before applying it to my face. The mask is really cooling on my face and feels nice when having it on. It is really drenched in essence as well which is really great. 

When removing the mask, my skin felt tightened and cooled, but not so hydrated though. The mask has hyaluronic acid in it and it didn’t strip my skin but it didn’t leave it feeling moisturized either. So I am conflicted about this mask. One part of me liked it and one part not so much. I do have other mask that I feel beats this one.

This pencil is really thin and I feel that it is quite hard to work with just because the pencil is so thin. When applied on the waterline it is not completely black, more grayish and I do feel that it is not very smooth.  I very seldom use a black liner, since my eyes are hooded It can sometimes look like I only wear eyeliner it I use the black once. But I do use them mainly for tight lining for a fuller look of my eyelashes. When I use black eyeliner I really want it to be black and not gray.

This is not a pencil that you can smudge, it dries really fast but still it transfers if you blink before it is completely dried. This doesn’t last at all, but at least better than the brown one. It does last longer in my waterline than on the lid so after two hours the eyeliner was almost gone on top of my lid, but it was still visible on my waterline.

This was a total disaster for me. I usually use Clio´s eyeliner and I have been really happy with that. This one was acting really weird and I am not sure if it was my copy that was acting weird or if this is how they are.

My first problem was application, it doesn’t seem that the brush transfers much liner at all on my lid so I really need to go back and forth a lot to be able to even see anything at all. When comparing the strokes with Clio it seems like the color doesn’t work with the brush or at least there is such a small amount of product on the brush that it simply doesn’t transfer. If you wait a while between the strokes it works a little better.

When I finally got a result, I was happy with it seems like it doesn’t last at all on me. It lasted approximately two hour then it was almost completely gone.

I do have little oily eyelids but no eyeliner has ever acted like this on me before.

My thoughts on Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24 hr Auto Eyebrow

This one is quite hard and can be somewhat harsh if you are filling in a lot. It lasts the whole day on me.  The pigmentation is good and really the only thing I might complain about is the hardness. Fixing once eye brows really make a huge difference. It opens up the whole face.

The result of the application is really natural and if you don’t overdo the filling, the result is really great.  I love that there is a brush at the end of the pencil, it really makes a difference just brushing threw the hairs. It will even out the color, and give a more natural result.

I really like that they have a reddish-brown color, I usually mix this with a darker shade. I have colored hair and it is medium mahogany brownish. The color almost matches me perfectly.

My thoughts on Nature Republic Forest Garden Argan Cleansing Oil

I am a total sucker for cleansing oils, I simply love them. They work wonders and they are amazing for every skin type there is.

Before I started with Korean skincare I used pure Argan oil as a moisturizer. It was really amazing and did a good job, just not good enough for my skin. So I was really looking forward in trying this one out.

This one is no exception. It is a great cleansing oil that really cleanses my face.

It is somewhat strong scented, which I am not so happy about, but I forgive it, just because it is such a great product.

I always use an oil cleanser as my first cleanser since I follow the Korean skincare routine and double cleanse method. In the mornings, I don’t always double cleanse, then this is just perfect as a single cleanser.

If you have a full face on (that is eyeliner, mascara, face products and lips) I really recommend you to remove the eye makeup first with an eye makeup remover. Simply because you don’t get so much oil in your eyes when doing so. This product will remove the mascara as well, but you will get product in your eyes doing so.

After rinsing, some oil cleansers leave a residue on the skin, this one doesn’t which is a huge plus for me.

I really like this one.

My thoughts on Tony moly Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream

I got to try this product as a sample before, and really liked it and wanted to see if it was as great as I thought it was.

The packaging is nice, it is a green sturdy plastic jar. I do prefer my creams to come in a tube, simply because it is more hygienic that way. The jar is really big and bulky and inside there is a smaller container with the cream. If you are a Korean beauty junky you know that we do need our space for all our steps, so I do feel that it is a little too big packaging. I would prefer it the whole jar was filled with product instead.

The cream is really strong scented. It smells like citrusy green tea. The smell is somewhat fresh but still too strong for my likings.

The cream is soft watery gel like and applies easily. When applied to the skin it turns into a watery cream and it absorbs rather quick into the skin.

This is a really great moisturizer and I really like it. If you have super dry skin, this might not be enough during winter (as for me) but I think I will love this during summer and then my skin will be happy with this as only moisturizer.


Protect the skin from the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature difference, keeping the skin moisturized.
Whitening and anti-aging

My thoughts on VPROVE Rhodiola power cream

I really like the packaging of this cream. I prefer tubes over jars because it is more hygienic and simple.

It is scented, and quite strongly scented. I am really not a fan of product that are really strongly scented. I do feel that the only scent I want on me is the perfume I wear. But I know that is just in my world and I do use products that are scented. This is just my dream scenario.

The smell is somewhat herb like, and I have a really hard time trying to explain what it really smells like.

The consistency of the cream is quite thick and a weird thing is that it feels thicker while you apply it, but without being hard to apply.. hmmmm that was confusing I know. For me to actually, but it is really difficult to explain the consistency of this cream in any other words😊.

My skin is super dry skin but I am not very sensitive to anything else except alcohol. I did get a reaction whilst I used this, but I cannot be sure that it was because of the cream or not. I got acne ( I usually never get any outbreaks) but I am also on strong painkillers (sense I live with chronic pain) so sometimes I am simply not sure what is causing a reaction to my skin.

What about the claims

The cream does brighten the skin some and if you have problems with redness this will help to cancel a little of that out. It is really moisturizing on me, but it doesn’t last all day (which is common for my skin). If you have normal to dry skin this might be the perfect cream. If you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin, I would really check the CosDNA first.


My thoughts on Skin Watchers Green Snail Intensive Cream

I love snail product. I admit it, I am totally hooked on these types of creams. This one is not better or worse than others. I do feel that it is little pricy compared to the one from Mizon, so I will rather repurchase that one over this. If you haven’t tried snail product yet, I really recommend you to, because they are simply great products to include in your routine.

This cream is white in color and is very creamy. It sinks into the skin really fast and that makes it perfect as a layering cream. After applying it, my skin feels really smooth and happy, but that happiness only lasts for a short time. This is not the creams fault, instead it is my super dry skin, messing everything up. If you have normal to oily skin I think this might be perfect for you. If you have dry skin you simply need to check if it is enough.The cream is scented, and I am really not a fan of scented products. This one doesn’t smell bad, but not good either, so I rather wish it was unscented instead.

The packaging is great, it is simply a tube which makes it hygienic. I prefer tubes over jars, just because of the hygienic reasons. I do use a spatula with my creams in jars, but still I don’t wash my spatula every single day either. So that actually makes the whole spatula kind of unnecessary, doesn’t it?

The idea is just great. Choose your own casing with your favorite lipstick. What can go wrong about that. You just take the lid of your lipstick and on the case and simply pop it in, and you are done.I really like all the cases I got and don’t think I fancy any above the other. The cases are very high quality and they feel really great. Some cases are really flimsy and weak, but these are simple great.

Even my mother-in-law (who is a lipstick nerd)n wanted to know where I got them.

I got three cases

  • Popping popcorn
  • Hello Hello
  • Love Flamingo

The colors I got was

  • BR402 (Bohemian Rosy Brown)
  • PK003 (Romantic Frill Pink)
  • RD302 (Swag Red)

These lipsticks are really amazing, they are smooth and great in color. Reminds me more off a lip balm then a lipstick since they are not drying at all. The colors I got are not the once I would have chosen myself. I tend to feel for the more brownish nude tones. But still they are great and I will definitely look into more of these colors.

The Color last a long time on your lips as a tint, as a lipstick not so much just like a regular lipstick.I love that it leaves a tint, I am a sucker for tints and am not a fan off any stickiness on my lips. These lipsticks leave a balm like feeling after applied which is simply just great. They are really easy to apply, they glide on leaving a smooth moist surface.

I would not take this with me on a warm summer day, since I do feel they are so soft that they would probably melt.

How to use it

After cleansing, apply toner. Open the mask and fold it out. Place over your face and let it sit for 10 - 20 minutes (I leave it on way longer than that). Then pat the remaining essence into your skin. Don’t throw away the bag, there are so much essence left that you can use. Either you save it, or you use it directly on your body. Why throw the good stuff away?


My thoughts on Etude House 0.2 therapy air mask first impression

These masks are really thin, hence the name, 0,2 mm thick and transparent. Because they are really thin, they are quite difficult to fold out.

When reading about the 0.2 mm it says it is supposed to be light and comfortable as air. Hmmmm if you ever had a sheet mask on your face you know that it is not light as air (since it is drenched in product and your face is completely wet (not so air like, is it?).

On the comfortable side, well, no sheet mask is comfortable, but it is still not uncomfortable. Do you know what I am trying to say here?

These products are really drenched in essence and they really never dry completely on my skin. The essence is great and they do fill their purpose. I love the sheet masks that contains hyaluronic acid, since I have super dry skin. This one is really moisturizing, but I do use other masks that gives me more moisture than this. If you have dry skin, the masks with hyaluronic acid are amazing and you really should give them a try.

My thoughts on Soon Jung 10-free Moist emulsion

This product is used as a moisturizing product, and for some people an emulsion is enough moisturizer. For me, this is not the case, I need tons of moisture on my skin because it is super dry and it seems that I can never get enough. After applying this, my skin feels somewhat moisturized, but the effect doesn’t last long (on me).

The emulsion is white and somewhat liquid. It applies easily and penetrates rather quickly on my skin and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling. The scent is none, so I am happy about that as well. I am struggling with these types of products in my routine, I simply haven’t found a place for it. since I have super dry skin it is not doing much on me at all. And since it is doing the same thing as the toner I don’t see the need for it. If you are not using the toner, this might be a great product for you. I do think this whole line might be great for sensitive skin.


My thoughts on Soon Jung 5-panthenoside Cica Balm

This is a product my skin likes, it is the last step of the Soon Jung routine and it really adds that extra that my skin needs. For its claims to heal the skin and reduce skin irritation, I can simply not say anything, since these types of claims needs time to be noticed, and it is nothing one can see overnight. The cream is thick and whiteish, it is easy to apply and penetrates rather quickly in my skin. This is the product in the whole line I really like. Not for its claims, but simply because it suits my skin.

My thoughts on Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream

It has synthetic perfume in it, but I really don’t smell anything (which is positive for me).

The cream is white and very creamy. It is easy to apply and penetrates the skin rather quickly. My skin feels smooth and happy when I used it. The cream feels nice on my skin but I do feel dryness during the day. I have really dry skin so this is usually a problem for my skin and not only for this product. Since I was testing these products out, I was not using my normal routine with serums and hyaluronic acids. Just to let me know how these products are working on their own.

I do feel that if you have normal and sensitive skin, this might be great for you.

The claims of this product are also impossible for me to say anything about due to the amount of product I received. I live in a country (Sweden) that is very clean compared to many others, and I live in a small village surrounded by lakes and forest, so the effects of city pollution do not apply on me. Yet that doesn’t mean I can’t benefit from this product. Pollution is everywhere, but I am just saying that if you live in a large city, this might be more noticeable to you.


My thoughts on Soon Jung pH 5.5 relief toner

I am only making a first impression of this due to that I simply think that there isn’t enough product in a sample to give an honest review of it. Therefor a first impression is more suited.

The toner has no smell, which is a huge plus for me. I am really not a fan of scented products. I really think that when you have so many products on your face, body, hair etc., and everything has a scent. Then you add perfume on that and maybe you have scented fabric softener as well. It is just totally overwhelming. Bare in mind that I might have a sensitive nose😊.

This toner is very liquid and transparent, it feels more or less like water. It absorbs rather quick and it doesn’t leave any sticky feeling on my skin. I really don’t feel that it does much on my skin at all. I have super dry skin and I love for my toners to be somewhat moisturizing and this is not. If you have oily or normal skin, you might feel satisfied after using it.

I have two other toners from Etude House that I simply love (Collagen freshener and skin mal gem) but this is more like aha, and what’s next feeling.

The claims of this product are impossible to test. The claims being, reduce skin irritation and heal damaged skin. These two claims really take time to change, and there is simply not enough product to make that change on my skin. Therefor I simply can’t say anything about that.

The toner isn’t drying on my skin but it is not moisturizing either so I really am conflicted about what this one does on my skin. The feeling is more that I add something in my routine just because I am supposed to. Usually with Korean toners (like the once mentioned above) the skin really feels great after just applying it. But this one, does not give me that feeling.


This eye cream is really moisturizing. If you have dry areas around your eyes, this might be perfect for you. This is the only product I can say is actually too moisturizing for me. I do see a difference after applying this, but I do think it is simply because the area is really moist. A shiny surface looks smoother then a surface that is dry. I also feel that it plumps my eyes somewhat and make them puffy (and I really don’t like that).

It might make the wrinkles less visible, but still it is not a look for me.

The consistency of the cream is great, it is gel like and smooth. The application is really easy even though it is a thicker cream.

I really wished I liked this, I read so many great reviews when I bought it so I guess my expectations were high. Sadly, I really do have a problem with this cream. Partly since I don’t like the feeling I get under my eyes and partly the penetration time. My undereye area is really shiny a long time after application and I really have a hard time getting it to penetrate.

I did only buy the small size of it, because I wanted to give it a try before committing to a full size product. And I am happy I did. I will not repurchase this one.

It claims to hold curl for 24 hours and I really am not going to test that out, because I don’t want to sleep in my mascara. What I did was to put it on in the morning and removing it at night.

When applying, it did curl my lashes and made my lashes look longer. I did not curl my lashes before applying this. My lashes are somewhat upwards to begin with, but I only applied mascara on one eye, to be able to see the difference. My husband was looking at me a little weird when he came home. Noticed there was a difference but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. A man thing, I guess.There are so many ways of using mascara and so many different looks to get, depending on how much you put on. I usually never apply more than one or max two coats. The result I am looking for is always, darker, longer separated and fuller lashes.

I did try applying two coats of this, but I did not like the result due to that if becomes clumpy. Spider lashes aren’t for me at all.

I really did like the wand, it made the application easy, and I didn’t stick it in my eye once (that’s a common thing for me). I will definitely buy another mascara from Etude House, since I really did like the formula and the wand of this one. But then it will be a black one.

Getting the stuff off is a whole different story. It is really difficult removing it. I first tried the milk shake point makeup remover (which I really like, and it usually gets everything off). But not this one, it was totally stuck. I also tried an oil cleanser over that, and still not an easy task. I finally pinched the eyelashes between my nails and did a little pulling. That was the method working for me.Before I removed it I was really amazed that it actually kept my curl the whole day and that it looked almost the same as when I applied it. So definitely a great point for that.

My thoughts on Etude House Candy highlighter

I so wanted to like this, but I really don’t. I don’t think anyone should spend money on this highlighter because I just don’t think it is worth it.

It has five pastel shades and you swirl the brush or applicator around in the pan to get all of the colors to mix.The product itself is very powdery and chalky.

When trying to apply this to my cheekbones I am not really sure if any product actually sticks where it is supposed to. Instead it feels like the product just flies around all over the place.

When using the brush that I got with the product it was a total fail. The brush did not pick up any product at all and it just made the product in the pan show that it is very powdery.

I did try another brush, actually a concealer brush from Eco tool (a small round dense brush) and I got the product to swatch with a brush.

I did actually get It to look really nice when I swatch with my finger and then apply with pressure, (like I am pushing it in my skin with brute force). Then I actually got it to look really nice on my skin. But seriously, I am not doing that again. Having a full face on and then applying highlighter with force. You do the math on that😊. I did try to show the difference on camera, but it was impossible to see any difference at all.

I was also thinking that maybe this product has a top layer that needs to be penetrated. But nope, sorry not that either.

The whole range of shades are really great, but the once I got are not what I would have picked. The first color PK001 is a bright pink with blue undertones, the color is great if you like those colors. For me it is too strong, and I would have preferred the once more towards the warmer sides. I do think the color is really beautiful, but not on me. The other color BL601 is a bluish-purple color that turns into a bluish pink with a lot of sparkle. This one I do see myself using a lot. But again, these are more gloss like then tint like to me. When first putting it on it looks like a sheer gloss, and a few minutes later, the color comes out.

The tints are really moisturizing, they don’t dry my lips at all (again, more like a gloss).

I do like the applicator, it is a doe foot type but with a different shape.

They are easy to apply and the formula goes on smoothly. I would shake them up a little before applying, just to mix all the sparkle around.

They do claim that these are smudge proof, but nope. The smudging is 30 min after applying. So maybe it is just my lips (or hands) as the picture.

They are somewhat easy to remove. The first layer is, but I do still see the tint left on my lip, so it does stain my lips even though it feels like a gloss. (I am really getting you confused aren’t I? well at least I get myself confused).

But still these are really great products and I would absolutely recommend them.

I do have thoughts on the color. If it looks a little dirty or not. But I will use it some more and then finally give a full review on it. Blends really easy

It smells cream and no perfume (thank you Etude house) so the smell is pleasant as well.

When you squeeze out the product it has a sheer lavender tone to it, and then you blend it in and the color just simply vanishes. By vanish I mean, I don’t see it at all. It I apply several layers on top of each other, there might be a tiny tint of color. But seriously this is one of the worst products I have ever tried. The formula seems really nice and it is mildly scented. Smells like cream in general, so no strong perfume smell.

This mask is really dripping with essence and I would really recommend laying down while using this. Be sure not to throw away any leftover essence, use it on your body instead.

I really love this mask, it is so moisturizing and perfect for dry skin. Since I only used it once this won’t be a full review. I left my mask on for about 45 minutes, and it was still not dry after so I used the rest on my body and patted in the essence into my skin. After using this my skin felt amazing, super soft and really moisturized.

When applying, it goes on smooth but the result is really patchy and my skin looks just weird. A short time after the BB cream has set, my skin feels dry again and I need to mist it to feel nice again.

My skin is so dry so I really need a BB cream that keeps the moisture for me

The foam is really gentle on your skin and it does the job it is supposed to do. That is clean your face. I can’t really tell what makes me not love this product, cause some part of me thinks I actually should. But I have tried other cleansers that I like more. But it still is a really nice cleanser.

The finish of this one is more to the matte or satin finish I it really feels drying to the skin. If I use this under my eyes it really accentuates my fine lines and since the finish is on the matter side it doesn’t make the problem better.

Coverage is more on the medium side, so if you have a lot to conceal this might not be the one for you. This concealer works fine if you want to build it up. If you have fine lines under your eyes the problem is that the more product you put, the more your lines will show.

The coverage is really light, but it is buildable. And for the claims that it covers pores and redness I would definitely say it is a fail. It applies really smooth and easy but I still have problems to get it too look nice on my skin. Some how it seems to stick to every dry patch of my face, even if I exfoliate before it enhances the dryness on my skin.

The surface of my skin looks uneven and almost powdery, so it really feels that it stays on top of my skin without blending into my skin at all.

The serum has a really high (20%) percentage of vitamin C, which makes it a perfect product.
I know that a lot of people reported a tingling or stinging sensation when applying this. I really didn’t feel anything.

It has a scent but it is quite mild and it smells like citrus. I do prefer product without any scent but this one doesn’t bother me.
I really love this product and I feel that it is really amazing. This is my second bottle of this and I will continue using it, or at least use a C vitamin product 

The shade is too light for me and it actually only come in one shade. I was expecting it to oxidize some, but I didn’t notice if it did. I am usually a 23 in shades so I really wasn’t expecting it to match. Since it is so light I have to use a bronzer to make it look natural on my skin. I know it looks like a perfect match on my hand, but my hands are super pale compared to my face.

I love this cushion. Missha is my favorite brand when it comes to BB creams. I often use the perfect cover BB cream and this one is like that but in another package. Missha do tend to have a grey cast in their products and it is the same in this one. (for brightening effect) In the summer, I add some nr 27 in the cushion and this make it match me during summertime as well. What one can do, if the shade doesn’t match. And if you like yourself a DIY is to cut two cushions in the middle and then put one half of each in one puff. And thereby getting the perfect shade.

The fluid is clear and it is somewhat watery, but you do feel the snail product in it so it is a little slimy, as it should be. The scent is really way too much and I really don’t get it why you need that much in a product. To me it smells like old lady, but that is probably just my nose. I am really sensitive to strong smell and prefer products that has no to light smell.

It is an oil cleanser and it does a wonderful job in removing the makeup on the skin. I do have a huge issue with this one and that is that it is super strong scented. I have a really sensitive nose, when it comes to smell and I usually prefer my products to be non-scented or very lightly scented. This will actually be the reason and only reason for me not to buy this product again.

It removes every type of makeup on my skin, mascara, tints, foundation, concealer and so on.

This is the one, it truly is. This cream is so moisturizing that it makes my skin feel so soft and happy each morning that I think I will never use another cream ever again. But since I am a blogger I have too, it is just a need I have.

The black berry version is a moisturizing mask, and my skin is still happy in the mornings after using this one.

Just a warning, it does contain alcohol. If you have really sensitive skin, test it out for 10 minutes the first time. My skin is super dry and I usually stay away from alcohol. This one doesn’t affect me in a negative way.

I had so many expectations on this product, due to all the hype around it. So, I really was expecting miracles. The serum is watery in consistency and has an off-white color. On the instructions, it says that you should apply this directly after washing, but I have used it as a normal serum, and the first of my serums (due to the watery consistency). It is quite slippery but it is really easy to apply and absorbs really quick into my skin. I really love when my serums don’t make my skin sticky afterwards and this one doesn’t.

 This product did nothing for me. It just felt like a cream under my eye, nothing more and nothing less. It did absorb rather quickly into my skin and did not leave any sticky feeling afterwards.

I really love mists but I use them way too seldom and I really don’t know why actually.

When spraying this one my face it feels really cool and refreshing and it absorbs really quickly without leaving any stickiness whatsoever.

I love this, I think it is an amazing product and my skin loves it too. It really helped my skin to clear up. Before I started with Kbeauty my skin was patchy, red and super dry. It is still super dry, but the patchiness and the redness has reduced a lot. This was one of the first treatments I tried, and I still use it.

I really like this sun cream, I think it is remarkable for the prize you pay. Usually sun creams are really expensive, but this one is the opposite. A long time ago I used the same sun cream for my face as for my body, today I know better. Korean sun creams are nothing like the once I am used to (in Sweden), that is thick and really hard to spread out, and really never ever penetrates the skin and you will walk around looking like a corpse from the white cast.

The packaging of this product is really beautiful. I love the compact way of the cushion, compared to the older versions. The puffs are really great as well and they do a great job when applying the product.

The product is thin and lightweight and really easy to apply on the face

When first trying it out I tried only the cushion on half on my face and left it on for the day. ( bare in mind I did not walk out looking like that). It did settled in my fine lines rather fast, but felt really nice on my skin. It canceled some of the redness out, but not everything, on its own.

The finish is dewy but not too dewy, so I do think even people with oily skin could use this. It does have a gray cast (at least the shade sand) and it is not a complete match for my skin tone. I was expecting it to oxidize into fitting me better, but It never did. So, I need to warm it up with some bronzer.

It does set nice on the skin and at first I don’t feel that I have much on my skin, but I have really dry skin so after a short time I do feel the need to mist my face. It will not leave any sticky feeling at all on the skin, it more reminds me of a powdered surface when it is completely dry.

I really like these shadows. They are mainly easy to apply and are well pigmented. The purple one can become a little patchy but the brown came on really smoothly.

There will be some fallout when working with them, and the sparkle will transfer. I seem to get that with every shadow I use anyway so that is not a downside for me.

I really love the packaging, it is simply perfect.

There will be some fallout when working with them, and the sparkle will transfer. I seem to get that with every shadow I use anyway so that is not a downside for me.

I really love the packaging, it is simply perfect.

I am a total sucker for aloe Vera gel. The first time got in contact with this amazing product in Kenya as an exchange student there. I bought a tube and I have been hooked ever since.

This aloe gel is really amazing. It is really moisturizing and I use it on myself and on my kids and really aloe gel is all you need for your body.

I use aloe gel for a lot of different things but mainly as a body and face moisturizer, for sun burn, insect bites and as moisture for my hair.

I really like these foam cleansers. It is not a wow feeling, but it does what it supposed to without making my skin too dry. I do feel a difference between the two and if you have dry skin I would definitely go for the Camellia. I don't think i will buy them again. There are simply too many great cleansers that I just need to try.

They do the job, that is clean your face, but without that squeaky-clean feeling, but afterwards my skin is clean and it doesn’t leave any residue on my skin after I rinse it off.

I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup so for me they really do the job. If you use a lot of heavy foundation and a lot of makeup, it would be great to get the information if they worked on you too.

The thought of having an ampoule presented in this way is truly lovely, but here comes the but. The prize of this product is quite expensive, and of course by presenting the product in this way, the prize ought to be higher than if the product was in a bottle.

The product contains retinyl palmitate, which is really high rated on CosDNA and that is usually not a good sign. If you have sensitive skin or any skin type that reacts easily on product, I would stay away from this one.

This was an easy mask to use, it fitted really nice on my face and it stayed on for the full time. It really gives a cooling sensation to the skin and my skin felt really moisturized. I did not see any difference (and I wasn’t expecting too) on my skin. This is a product that is needed to be used over time, to see anything. If you are dry underneath the eyes, this is a really great product. It is a little pricey, it is 3.81 USD for one mask.

Directly after applying the product I felt the stinging/tingling sensation on the skin. And after a minute I really wanted to wash my face. After using this my skin felt really dry, so I would not recommend it if you have dry or sensitive skin. For oily skin I think it would be great though.

It smells amazing and after I use it my skin feels so soft and great. This mask comes in a regular version also (with no strawberry’s) and it is also amazing 

This truly is a product you need, and if you have never tried any Korean products, this is a perfects product to start with. Before I found these masks from Skinfood I used to do my own with sugar, milk, honey and olive oil. But once I found these I didn’t feel like making my own any more.

If you have really dry skin like me, it is really important to exfoliate due to that you get rid of the harsh dry patches. By doing this the products you put after actually get a chance to penetrate your skin.

They are supposed to be moisturizing but I really don’t agree on that. I feel that they dry me out (I do have dry lips to begin with). So be sure to moisturize before using them if you are like me.

I use a brush when applying, because I don’t like dipping my fingers in the product and it is simply more hygienic to use an applicator.

I love this on, this is my new favorite toner. It used to be this one from Etude House. But I have completely changed my mind on this. This one is so great that I do expect magic to happen to my skin. Here (Sweden) it is winter now (still no snow and +5 during the days) but the cold weather really makes my skin even more drier (as if that would be possible) so it is really important that I moisturize a lot, or else my skin will actually crack from dryness

It is perfect for all skin types and different mask has different properties. If your skin lacks moisture (not oil) your wrinkles will be more visible and of course we don’t want that. Sleeping masks comes in many price ranges, and I will review some for you. If you are a little lazy and don’t always feel like slapping on a sheet mask or another type of mask, this is perfect cause it does the job whilst you sleep.

After I used it my skin felt really nice, but later on my skin was drier and I will not repurchase this.

I usually love the masks from Innisfree, they truly are amazing, but this one not so much.

The packaging is like every other sheet mask and the mask itself is set to a plastic cover that you peel the mask off from. I really struggled with this.

You also need to think about that the mask is wrinkle care, and there is no product that erases you wrinkles (well Photoshop does, so I take that back). But products who are Anti-aging or wrinkle caring can make the wrinkles a little less visible (mostly by adding moisture) and slow down the process.

Ohhh i love this. These are amazing and I love the colors on them. You have 15 colors too choose from so there will probably be a few colors that will suit you.

The come in a box, with the ingredients in Chinese. The packaging is simple, black and yet elegant. Since the product are thin, don't screw it up too much when applying it to your lips, or it will easily break.

This is a CC cream and it is not supposed to give a lot of coverage or any coverage at all, instead it is supposed to even the skin tone, hence the name color correcting cream. You can use it as an only product if you want to, otherwise you add a layer on top, either of a BB cream or a foundation.

I do like this product, but it doesn’t wow me completely. The packaging is great, a sturdy bottle and a pump, it doesn’t get more hygienic than this. I did have some problems with my bottle though, it seemed to be twisting up on its own. The bottle is a screw bottle and you can always reuse the bottle it you need to fill in with something else.

I will try some more products like this because I am really interested in this type of product, but I am not sure I will repurchase this one. About the anti-wrinkling abilities, you should always know that no product can erase wrinkles. What they do is slow down the process and help moisturize the area so it looks less wrinkled.

I really like this product. It took some time before I realized that and if that happens to you, just take it out of your routine for a couple of weeks and then reintroduce it again and see if you see any difference. If not, maybe it’s not doing much for you. First time I tried this was when I got 10 samples send to me, I wasn’t really sure what I thought of the product then so I needed some more testing to be certain what I think of the product.

This is an amazing sunscreen and it is perfect for everyday use. It absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling what so ever. It feels really nice on the skin. When applied, it doesn’t leave any white cast on the skin and it is also really easy to blend.

Not a thick paste like many other sunblock’s.


Air fit cushion


The cover is medium with a dewy finish. It does a great job in evening out the skin tone. I am very red around my nose, chin and parts of the cheeks, and this cancels the redness very well.

The shades are the normal (for Korean products). The undertone is more to the yellow side with a little pink in it. So, no gray tones (yeah).

Well, this is a body lotion, and I really don’t use body lotions because I found that aloe vera does the job so much better. But if I was to use a body lotion, this could actually be one of the products I would use. It is really nice and my skin feels really moisturized after using it. I am not so fond of the smell but I usually don’t want my products to smell at all, except perfume that is.

I am a sucker for peelings and this is really nice. It feels really nice on the skin and smells really nice. How to use it: start with cleaning your face, (as always) then apply a normal amount and massage for about one minute, then add some water and keep on massaging. The tiny particles in the peeling will start to dissolve and then you can rinse your face. After using this my skin feels really soft and I just love the feeling after using a peeling.

This is a clay mask and it name gentle is really what it is. Usually I have to add some drops of oil in my clay masks since they really tend to dry me out. But with this I did not have to at all, that’s how gentle it is. You should only leave it on for about 5 minutes, so it is not supposed to harden at all. Just rinse it off and complete your routine.

This is a really nice scrub. I do exfoliate a lot since I have dry skin. It is not amazing, but I think it is hard to say that a body scrub is amazing anyways. It does what it is supposed to and my skin feels a lot smoother after I used it. I do prefer to make my own scrubs for my body with sugar and honey, but if you feel like buying one, why not this one.

I was so disappointed on this product as it actually didn’t clean my face at all. I used it twice and I still had a lot of foundation left on my face. This was really disappointing cause I was expecting it to be really great. I got more makeup off by using real olive oil instead of this product, sadly. The smell is herb like and really fresh.


Bal cheek


The blush is really pigmented, and then I mean really pigmented. So, you need to start off with just a tiny dab of the product and blend with a sponge or your fingers. If you need more product, then just add an extra layer. Don’t wait too long before you blend it because it dries really fast. If you let it start setting it becomes really hard to blend.

This is a really great toner and its perfect for dry skin. I do have another favorite by Etude House but this come in at second place. The scent is fresh and it has a quite strong smell but it smells fresh and therefore it doesn’t bother me at all. It penetrates really fast into the skin which is perfect when you are layering products.

The packaging is just amazing and I really think they did something really good on that part. The product thought, not so much. This is really a product I don’t like and that is not very common.

Smells like cream in the package, but when you start massaging it you will smell fresh apples, which is really nice and fresh. It is a gentle white massage cream and it does help with removing dead skin but not as effective as some other products.I tested it out by using this first and then another peeling gel after and I got more skin the second product then with the first.

This product is so good that its almost weird. For a person like me, who had so much problems with my skin. this is just magic. About a week after I started to use it, my skin was soft and without dry patches or cracks. I am still using it and will not stop, no, never ever. In the summer I actually only used it once a day, and even skipped some days, when my skin felt moisturized. Now the winter is coming in Sweden and I will start using this twice a day again. You can use this as your only moisturizer if your skin doesn’t need more moisture than this.

The palette is perfect for everyday use and I am completely in love with it.. Who can complain that it us super cheap also? These shadows are really pigmented, some more than others. The shadows are a bit powdery so be gentle when dipping the brush in the palette. All the colors are really easy to blend and the lighter shades are really great as transition shades. There will be a neutral shade for everybody. When using a transition shade before applying darker shades, the blending will be much easier, and you will get a more natural result.

This is a hmmm, euuuu, well, maybe, I really don’t know product. And by that I mean that I really don’t know what to say about it and its effect on my skin. I do like it though, which makes it even more difficult to write. But let me try.

If I think of this product as a “non-conventional collagen product” and try to think of it as a Korean collagen product, then I like it a lot. It is really moisturizing, and my skin likes it a lot. But if I think of it as a Collagen product in the way people here (Europe) normally think about Collagen I would say bogus, but I like it.

This is a really nice cleansing foam and I really do like it.

t doesn’t give you the squeaky clean feeling. The one, when you pull you fingers down your face and it goes squeak. Ahh you know what I mean. It is really thick in its consistency, but it is supposed to. It is so easy to take too much but don’t, cause a small amount will last. I do love the packaging, it is simply and hygienic. The smell is really pleasant and it doesn’t bother me at all, somewhat citrus like


This product is tinted in a green tone. Which is perfect if you have redness on your face. The green act as a corrector and neutralizes the skins tone. It is a very light cream and not at all as thick as the other cream. It almost feels watery when applying it. Yet it is also enough for my skin, at least during this time of year. It does take a long time to absorb in the skin, so if you are in a hurry in the mornings and prefers putting on your makeup (if you use that) on dry skin, you will have to wait. So if you are using pressed foundation this might not be for you (if you don’t like blending it in with your moisturizer that is) If you use a liquid foundation it will cause you no problems.

It's a really great moisturizer even for my really dry skin. I have not tested this out during the wintertime though, so I don’t know if it would be enough for my skin when the cold hits (I do doubt it).

The cream is white with a yellow tone and it is easy to apply. It doesn’t set into my skin very fast, but as I only use it during evening and usually sleep with a sleeping pack on, the feeling of it doesn’t bother me. It has absolutely no smell. So thumbs up for that.

 I do think it is a nice product and I can totally recommend it. But I don’t like the feeling of it. When I wash my face it leaves some kind of residue on the skin, it feels like you can wash the product off completely. Normally I don’t mind this but then I would like the feeling to be a little bit oily. Instead this feels almost like some kind of slimy residue which I don’t fancy.

I totally love it. It is really pigmented and I actually only use it as a tint on the cheeks. I think this is really great but I think it can be quite hard to apply it in a good way and without it becoming patchy. The product last on my cheeks all day so that is as good as it gets. It doesn’t dry me out either and it feels really nice.

This is pure love, love. Jag simply love aloe gel and I have been using it for many years, The packaging I am not so happy with. I feel that a big jar is quite clumsy. And I don’t like the idea of dipping my fingers in the jar over and over again. I would prefer if the product would come in a tube instead. But since the product is so great I can actually overlook the problem.

Ouch is that a wrinkle I see, nooo its 20, all thanks to this one. Well I am not saying that the product causes wrinkles, I mean I am old (well to some at least) older, not so young anymore and on and on…So if you do have wrinkles under the eye, this might not be the product for you. If you are on the younger side on the age span, this might be the perfect product for you. So then, how to know. Well I do recommend you to try it out. It is a cheap product, so if it isn’t working, you can always throw it away. I do know a lot people who love this product so the chances that you will too, are quite large. Would be nice to hear your point of view.

This is a cream I actually find really weird, the smell is weird, the thickness of it feels weird. So my first impression is just weird.

It is made from red ginseng, which is known to have many benefits both for body and for skin. The cream is really thick, almost buttery in consistency and it never seems to penetrate the skin. The color of the cream is light brownish red. The smell is strong and flowery, and I really have a problem with products that smells too mush.

Ohhh my, I want them all. I have two of these and they are just amazing. The shades I have are coral peach (12) and purple (14), these colors are perfect as a blush and on the lips. I have not yet tried them on the lids. But I just love them as a blush really. They are really creamy and they blend easy, but don’t wait too long before blending it in. The color stays all day on my skin so I am super happy with it.  I do prefer blush in cream form and that is probably due to that I have really dry skin and powders tend to make my skin drier.

I so wanted to love this product because I heard so much great things about it. Sadly, I do not. I don’t think it does anything for me. It feels really nice on the skin though but I don’t see any decrease in my blackheads.

I don’t have any acne, well of course once and a while, but it is not a problem for my skin. Instead I have really dry skin and probably that is the problem why I don’t like this at all.

It is a really great cream but it is not completely enough for my dry skin during winter.

It feels very light on the skin and is really easy to apply. It will take some time for it to completely sink in to your skin but it doesn’t bother me. If you are a stressed person in the morning you might not want to use it as a day time moisturizer, unless you can wait about 10 minutes for the product to absorb.

This is a really great palette and I really don’t see the reason for spending too much money on this kind of product when you can find one this cheap.

All the powders are really soft and easy to blend, and the texture is almost creamy.

The pigmentation is really great on all of them. You just need to tap you brush in the product for application. They last the whole day on my skin and keeps on looking good over the day. Sadly there is only one shade of this palette and of course if there was a darker shade they palette would be great for everybody.

This is a really popular cleanser worldwide and I totally get it. This is a great cleanser and it feels so nice on the skin. It takes away most of my makeup and I am super happy with it. I have really dry skin and the feeling after washing it off is nice and my skin doesn’t feel stripped of all its moisture. But still it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. The packaging is just cute; it comes in a plastic container together with a spatula, so no dipping with your fingers in the jar. The color is soft pink

The product itself is so great, and I just love the qualities of the BB cream.

It is quite thick in consistency compared to many other BB creams, but it is easy to apply.The finish is a mix between dewy and matt, if you want it completely matt you can always use a powder on top.

The product also has a grayish tone to it which I don’t like at all. Who wants to look like a ghost? But don’t be too scared after applying because It will oxidize and a lot of the grey will disappear, but it is still a little bit grey. If you have a yellow undertone then you can always blend two shades to get a perfect match.

The product dries rather quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling to the skin. It is really moisturizing for the skin and even me who have really dry skin doesn’t have any problems using this one. I do feel some scent, but it is nothing that bothers me, the scent is more lite a cream scent. I usually don’t like when the products have a scent though.

Ohhhh I love, love this foundation, it is one of the best foundations I ever tried. I use nr 23 natural beige and it is a perfect match to me. I like the packaging; it is a container with a pump, when finishing up the product you can screw the pump of for easier access to the last goodies. I prefer these types of containers because the pump is hygienic and I just like it.

It is really lightweight and very moisturizing. Usually my skin is quite dry after a whole day but when I use this foundation the problem isn’t as obvious.

This is the perfect products for the eyebrows, it is so easy to apply and it looks very natural after applied. I use the shade 01 earth brown and 02 grey brown. I have never over-picked my eyebrows so I still have a natural shape to them, what I look for is fuller eyebrows and stronger color to match the rest of me.

This is a great primer, it completely does what it supposed to. Of course its effect depends on the canvas (your skins condition) to begin with.  But it does blur the skin and makes it look better. It also fills the pores and makes them less visible.

It has a floral scent (or baby powder according to others), it is not that strong, but still I would prefer it to not smell at all. It also has shimmer in blue and pink, but not too much.

If you have oily skin you could still use this product, it is not so much shimmer that it will turn you into a disco ball during the day.

I have three of the tint, cherry, orange and strawberry and my clear favorite are the cherry juice. These are also ok to use as a cheek tint.

Since it is a water tint it will bleed into the fine lines around the mouth, so when applying you need to keep the product in the middle of the mouth and then blend out to the edges. If you apply the product all the way you will get bleeding lines around your mouth. You can use a nude or clear lip pen around the lines of your mouth, and this will stop the bleeding.

It has a light to medium coverage, which I do prefer, since my skin is rather nice and I don’t have much that needs to be covered. If you do, then you can always add another layer and use a concealer.

After applied it dries rather quickly so the skin doesn’t feel sticky. On my skin it is not very moisturizing and if I have a period when my skin is really dry I would not use this one. The problem occur if I have some dry patches and has not exfoliated, the foundation tend to stick to the dry patches (this is common for most foundations on my skin).


This is a really gentle cleanser and it did not dry me out at all. I have really dry skin and usually I am restricted in using these types of cleansers but I am starting to change my mind because this is the second foam cleanser that I try which doesn’t tend to be drying to my skin at all.

I would prefer a straight bottle instead of the curved one. Only due to that it is really difficult getting the last product out, unless you open it up.

It dries really quickly and leaves no sticky feeling. Many people say it is a dupe for Urban Decays primer potion, but I really can’t say, because I haven’t tried the urban decay one.

The product comes out lightly greyish but has color capsules in it. When you are blending the product into your skin it will start matching your skin tone. This product only comes in one shade and of course according to Lioele it will match everyone. The truth is that it doesn’t. It has a greyish and pink undertones and I really don’t get it, why the grey? It doesn’t look good on anyone.

Love, love. My skin feels great and moisturized when I have used this product. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t buy more at the same time. It is a really great mask and if you haven’t tried any snail products earlier this is a great starting product. Sheet masks are really  smooth to work with, the only thing is that you have to be careful taking it out of the packaging. The leftovers from the mask and in the packaging can be used all over your body so don’t throw the god stuff away.

I really like this product but somehow I tend to forget about it. When I do remember it and use it I always feel surprised that I don’t use it more often. I often use it as a setting spray.

The fragrance is really refreshing and I really like the smell of it. The spray comes out really fine, don’t keep it too close to your face, about 20 cm is fine.

The main purpose of this product is to provide temporary moisture, and it really does. You can use it as a setting spray as well.  If I have been sitting by the computer for a day and then just spray some of this mist my skin feels really cool and hydrated.

The packaging is really great and I do prefer these types of packaging over the ones that come in a tube. It does last on the lips but it is needed to be reapplied after eating or during the day. It does not leave a sticky feeling to the lips and it won’t smudge.

It is really buildable and it is very sheer using only one layer, which will give a more natural look

It is easy to apply and feels watery on your lips and dries rather fast. If you have dry lips to start with you need to exfoliate them before using these. It has no irritating smell to it. I do think it is supposed to smell like the flower it is representing, but I really don’t smell anything. Beware of the taste so make sure to let it dry before you lick your lips

My skin feels really hydrated in the morning and I know it is doing a lot of good things for my skin while I sleep. The mask is supposed to have what is called a sleep scent and it is supposed to be calming and relaxing

The color PK001, or cherry pink, is light pink and is easy to build into a stronger color. It gives a pop of color on your lips. According to Korean trends, the natural look is to prefer and therefor the tints are great just adding a little bit of color instead of a blast of color.

 I am really impressed and it is a really effective way to get rid of dead skin cells.It sometimes get stuck in my facial hairs, but I would guess this goes for all the peeling gels since you actually creates small balls of dead skin cells and the hair of course get stuck in it.

If you have normal skin type or problems getting the foundation or BB cream to last, then this primer is probably better for you. If you have oily skin this can give you some problem due to its finish. The line between glowing skin and greasy or too shiny is really thin and if you use a BB cream with dewy finish and this primer there is a risk of you looking like a disco ball.

My skin tends to get a little dry after using it, but not at all as dry as some other cleansing foam. I usually don’t use cleansing foams just because they are a little bit drying. But I just had to try this one. It really gives you a squeaky clean feeling and I don’t think that any other cleanser has done that for me.

This is pure love in a tube. Simple, cheap and such a great product. I use it at night as an extra moisturizing layer underneath my other facial cream. Main important ingredients, snail mucin, hyaluronic acid, Adenosine, Centella, portulaca and green tea extract.

Love is in the air. This is a must have in my routine and I use it once or twice a week, depending if I use a chemical peeler or not. My skin loves this product and I feel moisturized and soft as a baby’s butt after using it.

It is not super moisturizing and if you have really dry skin like me you should only use it when your face is moist. This because of the finish, dry skins looks better with dewier finishes. At least that is my opinion I think it is best suited for normal to oilier skin types

This toner is more essence like in consistency, which means it is quite thick. It isn’t a clear fluid but a milky color.When applying toner you could either use a cotton pad or you can pat it in. I never use a cotton pad to apply my toner; instead I pour some in my hand and pat it in to my skin. This way I feel I don’t waste any product and I know exactly how much I use.

This is an amazing cream and is around 10-15 USD. It is made for all skin types but I would guess if you have oily skin you should use smaller amounts to start off with or only use it during nighttime. For my dry skin it is just perfect for both day and night and it really makes my skin feel great and moisturized. I am super happy that I found this cream and I will continue to use it. It’s not that I won’t test a lot of other creams because my vanity tells me I have to.

Really great product, but the shade ash brown is a little off. More reddish. Last about a week



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