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  • Ethnicity: East Asian, South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Philippines
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Peptides, Organic, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Mineral, Vegan, Benzoyl Peroxide, Tree Oil, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Like most penliners, this is really easy to apply.  There's a lot of flexibility and precision as well.
It's also really waterproof which I wasn't expecting.  I didn't actually expect much from this since most products who have these anime or cute "themes" usually they don't perform that great.  But I was actually surprised with the performance of this.  In fact it can be a candidate for a holy grail eyeliner!


Full review:

This is really affordable, with it's price point and a lot of product.  When I applied this, this has a cooling effect on my skin/face.  After the mist in your face dries, your face will feel smooth, like there's a semi-thin film covering your skin.  It didn't affect the way my makeup sits on my face when I applied this before makeup.  There's no white cast as well. Full review:

I was expecting a lot from this mascara, because it's from a luxury brand.  This has a chemical scent, like crayola.  This was a major fail for me.  Application is difficult due to the very huge wand.  Even the longevity, this can't last long, and oh my can't even hold my lashes up!!  Full review:

This is my holy grail concealer. This has a thick liquid consistency, with light to medium coverage. Although it's medium coverage, it's buildable which I think gives you more control since there are times you don't want full coverage to look more natural. This is pretty long lasting, can last for around less than 12 hours. I like also that this is lightweight.  Full review:

This has a very luxurious looking packaging, of gold lid and magnetic closure.  Mirror at the lid is great, can enlarge your eyes a little bit for easier application.The swatches are not that pigmented, probably sheer.  This is perfect for everyday wear, just a hint of pastel pink, not too eye catching. The palette itself is buttery which I like.  It's smooth also on application, not too powdery.  The colors go well together and they're very blendable.  Full review:

At the end is a pink mechanical pencil mechanism.  There's an instruction stating open close twisting and when it's open you push it like a mechanical pencil and the product will come out of the other end.  Be careful though because this doesn't retract like a regular mechanical pencil. This has a smooth application, no tagging on my eyelids.  It's long lasting and smudge-proof also once it sets.  Full review:

I feel like this did not do anything special.  This gives you that "dewy" finish, it can lighten a little bit of my freckles and has a mild brightening effect.  I guess this is not a necessity, I can live without this.

Full review:

The palette has a very cute and compact packaging, you can bring this to travel if you love pink eyeshadows.  This has 6 shades.  When you touch the palette, it feels buttery, but funny when I use my eyeshadow brush, it's chalky/powdery.  I love the matte shades, since they're blendable, but I love the glittery shades because of their shade of pink.  But the glittery shadows had a LOT of fall outs. Full review:

The palette consists of 3 matte shades, 2 shimmer and 3 glittery shades.  What I love most about this palette is that it really is easy to blend and it's perfect for everyday makeup since it's not too loud.  You can make a complete eyeshadow look with just this palette.  Full review:

I now know why beauty gurus in youtube love this.  This gives you that lightweight air brush effect foundation.  It's light to medium coverage but buildable.  This has a semi-dewy finish.  The con I have for this product though is that it tends to move around if you do not set it with powder.  And the price! it's really on the higher end.  Full review:

This has a very mild floral scent.  If you squeeze this out of the tube, it looks like a regular facial foam wash, but you have to "whip" it with your fingers to create a whip cream consistency.  I find this a little tedious for my preference, it just takes a lot of time.  But you can put this in a foam pump bottle and just add water (I used 1:9 mixture) and it works just like magic! I love how the whip cream consistency of the wash feels like, it's soft, fluffy, gentle and it feels like it really strips off the dirt on your face without stripping away the moisture.

Full review:

I got the Lavender variant.  This is so easy to use, you don't need to heat it up or anything, you just have to open up the foil and put it over your tired eyes.  It warms up giving your eyes that relaxing feeling, plus the lavender scent helps also in the relaxation.  This would be great for long hour flights.  The best feeling is when you remove this, with the coldness of the environment and the warmth from the eye mask, the feeling is just great.

Full review: 

This has a minty smell.  The texture of this loose powder is a little coarse compared to the Kuromi face powder.  But it's still fine compared to baby powder. Even if this was white when you look at it, but when you apply it to your face, it's translucent. I used this as a finishing powder, I love this as my final touch to my makeup.  As for it's sebum control, I can't really comment on it, since I have dry skin and I don't usually oil up during the day even without powder.  So I can't really comment if this really was true to its claim in controlling sebum.  But this doesn't dry out your face, so it's safe for people with dry skin.

Full review:

This comes in a clear plastic tube with black cap and a doe foot applicator attached to the black cap.  Since the tube is clear, you can see the color of the lip tint it contains.  The package weighs 9g (0.3 oz) and 10.5 cm in length and 1.5 cm in diameter. This has a very strong sweet candy scent.  It's kind of overpowering. I love the applicator since it's easy to control and use.  It picks up just the right amount of product for a single application.  When you apply it, it's smooth and doesn't tag my lips and feels REALLY STICKY at first.  It set at around 4 minutes and the stickiness stays a little.  You have to apply a lip balm over it if you don't like the feeling of it's stickiness.   Except for the stickiness, this is relatively lightweight as well. This dries matte as well.  It smudged a little in the waterproof test. This tint lasted perfectly for around 9 hours.  It survives the food test as well, there's just a little transfer to the food.  But after eating as you can see in the picture, it still left a stain that's acceptable.

I got the brown for this eyeliner.  I really got disappointed with this product since this product was very trendy and I've read lots of positive reviews. The tip is a brush tip. his is watery.  The shade is more of like a beige brown.  Since it's watery, it bleeds and spreads out as shown below.  I compared it with Peripera to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.  What I don't like about this product is the fact that it spreads/bleeds. It's not really waterproof as it claimed.  

This is in a blue plastic foam maker dispenser.  The contents is unlike the perfect whip, this has a watery consistency inside the bottle. It has a light clean smell.When the foam comes out of the pump bottle, it looks like a cloud!  One pump is enough for your face.  It's really lightweight.  And I don't feel any sting on my face when I use this.  It's hydrating as well, I don't feel dryness of my face when I use this.  What I love about this is that unlike the perfect whip, wherein you have to create the foam by yourself, this is quicker and perfect for those always on the go.

Full review: 

This is just one of my favorite BB creams! It just works really great! It can stand the humidity and hot weather of the Philippines.  Even in hot weather, it stays put, doesn't make you feel sticky nor does it make you feel you have something on your face.  It's really lightweight as well. Once applied it gives you the velvety and smooth feeling. 

For the longevity...

It lasted in this hot, humid, Philippine weather for around 12 hours.  Of course it's not perfect by 12 hours, but it's not that noticeable that some of it faded already. 
Full review:

At first I thought this is just a glorious overpriced lip balm, I saw so many youtubers and beauty blogger rave about this.  The consistency is like a lip balm/petroleum jelly.It smelled SOOO GOOOOD!!!! Smells like mixed berries.  I almost want to taste it because of the smell. The Laneige gives you a feeling of a film over your lips but the next morning you can wash it off.  I even compared it to a lip balm just to test how good it is.  At first, they feel the same, but when you use both longer, you can see that the laneige improved my lips, making it moisturised and plump the next morning.  My lips were less chappy as well when I use this.

Full review and my test here:

I'm reviewing the highlighter artclass by rodin.  This comes in a black plastic compact with sticker on the cover.  It's sturdy and relatively thin than most palettes.  The cover has a mirror behind it. It has a pearly effect to it. This gives you a subtle glow and I love how this is not "not in your face" highlighter.  The only thing that I hated the most with this product is that it really breaks or crumbles oh so easily.  Everytime I open it, a chunk of it just falls off which really irritates me a lot.

Full review:

I got the anti-ageing bb cushion.  cushion compact is made of plastic, white at the bottom with silver lining of the cover.  It looks simple and elegant.  The quality of the plastic is good and sturdy.  It looks elegant for me. It has a mild clean smell, that disappears after a few minutes of application. Coverage is medium.  I got the shade #13 by the way. It has a natural to slightly dewy finish which I love.  Upon application, you can feel a little hint of coolness onto your skin.  The coverage is medium and excellent, it's lightweight and isn't drying, actually I think it provided a little bit of moisture to my face since I feel my skin didn't dry up.  This is great for people with dry to normal skin type. It's not patchy also.  I love this BB cream, just not to use it on a cool, rainy weather because it broke down.

Full review:

I know why this is very popular, this smells really good and it doesn't dry out my lips.  It's very lightweight when you apply it, you won't feel you have lip product in your lips.  It's not moisturizing.  But it's not drying also.  My inherent dry lips didn't dry/chap when I use this product.  It's ok to not apply lip balm underneath it. If you do apply lip balm, it may look patchy though.  For the ombre lips, it lasted 4 hours on me and on full lips it lasted for 6 hours.

Full review:

This definitely my holy grail mascara.  It just spreads out your lashes and holds on to it  and you can bet your life on it.  It's really waterproof also to the point that it's really difficult to remove.  In fact other make up removers won't remove it completely.  I actually use the mascara remover to remove it.  But nevertheless, with its performance I'm willing to use it despite it being difficult to remove.  It's really long lasting as well, lasting for more than 12 hours on me. Full review:

This is always being compared with the Banila Co Clean it Zero.  Their performance are actually almost equal.  Both are balm type and melts into oil when you apply to your skin.  This one though gives you the feeling of putting on skincare compared to the Banila Co which gives you the feeling of putting on makeup remover.  This has a herbal scent which I personally don't like.  Full review:

This comes in plastic pastel blue bottle.  It has a pointed tip so you can squeeze out your product out of it.  I like that this is very lightweight, non-sticky, smooth application, no white cast effect.  This also has a mild citrus smell which disappears after a while.  My makeup up sits well on top of it, it doesn't alter the performance of my makeup.  

Full review:

What i love about this cleansing oil, is the green apple scent, feels good to smell the scent when removing your makeup. It does a pretty decent job of removing makeup but cannot remove mascara completely, you'll need to double cleanse. When washed with water, does not leave greasy feeling. What I hate most of this product is that it stings when got into your eyes, I mean really hurts like hell...  Full review:

I really love these face mask sheet. This leaves your skin hydrated and it felt really good... the scent is awesome as well. Full review:

I love how this makes my lips feel, you won't need a lip balm before putting this on, and looks so amazing when put on your lips.  Full review of longevity and some tests here:

This is one of my favorite eyeliners.  The sparkle is just superb, glides perfectly onto your lids and waterproof.  Full Review here:

This is my holy grail sleeping mask.  This is perfect for people with dry skin, it's so simple, lightweight, you just apply it onto your skin and leave overnight, when you wake up your skin feels moisturized like baby's skin. It's so soft and 'plump' and feels healthy.

Full review here:



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