Mom to 2 sons. Learning about skincare after finding asian beauty. Missed out on makeup and skincare as a teen because of allergies to chemicals. So glad to find products are now made without those chemicals. I'm making up for lost time and love testing skincare and makeup!

About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Canada
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Natural, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Tree Oil
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

SNPJelly Vita Hydrating Toning mask
The jelly essence made it a struggle to unfold, it was slippery and my hands were covered in jelly. I wiped this on my face before applying the mask. Its a tencel mask which I love! The cling was fantastic! The mask was a bit too small. It came short of reaching my ears by ~2cm. 
There was a mild perfume scent to the essence. Plenty was left in the package. The essence was thicker in some spots of the mask.
I wore this mask for about 45mins. When I removed it I still had a thick layer of jelly on my face. After an hour my face had absorbed the essence but was still sticky. My skin was soft and plump. I would honesty recommend that people use this mask at night because of the length of time it took for the jelly to absorb.

SNP Jelly Vita (Vita C) Brightening Toning mask
This mask is for brightening and contains:
~RASPBERRY ketone 
As well as:
~Niacinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Acerola Fruit extract, Olive Leaf extract, Kiwi Fruit extract, Lemon Fruit extract.
The essence was a thick jelly and I found it challenging to unfold the mask because of this. The essence was unevenly distributed because of its thickness. There was loads left in the package that I applied over the mask once on my face. The mask material was a tencel-cellulose but I mostly felt the jelly.
The mask did not dry out even after 45 mins and I'm not sure if it ever would have dried out. It took awhile for the jelly to fully absorb into my skin. It had a tacky feeling until completely absorbed. My face was left extremely brightened but had a shine to it.

Aeria Skin Brightening & Soothing Eye mask
I love this brand! The masks are cruelty free. They are also free of synthetic fragrance and dye, parabens and phenoxyethanol, sulfate, gluten, and alcohol. 
This mask contains:
~Mulberry (BLACKBERRY - Mulberries can be black) Root extract
As well as:
~Sodium Hyaluronate, Grape extract, Centella Asiatica extract.
This mask shape made me feel like superhero! The black material was soft and the mask fit and clung perfectly. I liked that it covered the apples of my cheeks.
The essence was watery and the mask was drenched. Thankfully it didn't drip or get into my eyes. 
The mask left my skin brightened and even toned (except for my very obvious dark under eye circles. Nothing but makeup cures/covers those.). Some of my finer lines were plumped up. 

Too Cool for School Egg Cream mask - Hydration
I can now say I know what the hype was about! This mask did not disappoint! The hype is real!
This was a microfiber mask which is one my favourite types of masks. The fit was perfect! The mask was super soft and quite cooling on application.
The essence was creamy with a light perfume scent. The scent wasn't noticable while masking.
There was enough extra in the pack to use on my neck and chest.
The mask left my face bright, glowy, and plump. It was rich enough that I skipped my cream. This mask will be a great mask for my winter skin.

Too Cool For School Egg Cream mask in Firming
It contains: Safflower Seed Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Shea Butter, Egg Yolk extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Albumen extract.
The mask was made of super soft microfiber. My fave! The fit was perfect and it clung incredibly well. Definitely a walking around mask.
The mask was covered in creamy lotiony essence. There was enough left in the package to cover my neck and chest.
It had a soft generic lotion scent that dissipated quickly.
The mask left my face plump, well moisturized, and baby soft.

I received this product free from @bentoncosmetic to test and review.
This packaging is beautiful. The conbination of the light pink with brown graphics. 
As with all of Benton's products it is made in small batches. It contains Cacoa extract (to moisturize and soften skin), cacao seed butter (consists of fatty acids to help retain moisture), and hyaluronic acid.
It is a lightweight cream. It is easy to apply, spreading across the skin as easily as water. It absords fast without leaving any residue or heavy feeling. It did not cause any clogged pores or skin irritation. And gave my skin a nice glow.
I found the cream to be perfect for my combo/oily skin in summer weather. Its not heavy and didn't cause any excess shine. 
This will be repurchased once finished.

This mask is for Nutrition & Moisture and contains:
~Camellia Sinensis Leaf (tea) extract (1000 ppm)
As well as:
~Sunflower oil, Bergamot oil (black tea and bergamot like Earl Grey tea), Tea Tree oil

This mask claims to have 'high quality black tea recognized by England's Royal family'. 

The mask material was soft with a good fit. There was some nose tenting and folds near the mouth. But the cling was phenomenal and it stayed put even when it started drying.
It was drenched and dripping with essence. There was a scent, I could detect tea tree and bergamot, but I was hoping for a strong black tea scent.
The essence was a little tacky until fully absorbed. My skin was left feeling moisturized, soft, even-toned and incredibly glowy. My results lasted throughout the next day!

I found this CY LAB through @amabiebeauty a-list and loved it.  It may be the thinnest mask I've ever used!

This mask is one of four limited edition holiday masks.

This has an intense peppermint scent. It was so strong that my eyes began watering while it was on. I found the mask had an extreme cooling sensation. The package says to place in fridge before use for cooling effect but I had mine just in the bathroom. 

The essence was watery and the mask was drenched. There was so much that it was dripping down my neck the entire time. Plus there was plenty left in the package. 

It absorbed well with no stickiness. My face was left soft and firm. Its to treat troubled acne prone skin. I didn't have any acne to test it on but I enjoyed the mask anyway. 

The smell of this mask reminds me of the ocean. It is light and dissipates quickly. The mask is soaked in essence. The fit of this mask is almost perfect, very little tenting near my nose. I wore it for 45 mins and the mask was still wet. The essence soaked in quickly with no stickiness. My face was left soft, hydrated, and brightened. Effects lasted overnight and I woke up to a bright complexion.

There is so much that I love about this product. It has a very fine mist. It sprays evenly. It has a refreshing citrusy scent. It soaks into the skin quickly leaving it refeshed and hydrated. The bottle is a beautiful greeny blue. 

I use this a lot during my night shifts at work for a little pick me up. I'm almost finished my bottle and will definitely be purchasing more.

This has an sweet, light mango scent. It is slightly oily, slightly balmy. It soakes into lips fast leaving them soft and well moisturized. I do not feel the need to constantly apply. Its great for before lipstick even better after, especially if using a drying matte lipstick.

They have cute packaging and nice scents. They provide a nice barrier on the lips, great for the cold winter. My lips are left well moisturized. They taste slightly sweet when you accidentally lick your lips. 

The downside is the ball shape. Its not great for application.

The packaging is so cute and I love the bunny on the cheek of the mask.  It fit my face well with only slight tenting on my nose. I didn't notice much of a scent. This mask was drenched in essence with some leftover in the package. The essence sank in quickly and left no sticky residue. My skin was left soft, brightened with reduced redness. Its become a favourite mask of mine.

I found it the fit too big and tended to slide down. Probably because the mask does not include the forehead piece. The scent is like a lemon dishsoap. It began bubbling as soon as I opened the package. It has a pleasant tingling sensation. Once I removed the mask, I massaged the bubbles into my face then rinsed wth water. My skin was left brightened and soft. Probably would not repurchase because of the awkward fit and unappealing scent.

This mask is made of a thicker material but it clings well. It fit my face with minimal tenting around the nose. It is drenched in a clear liquidy essence with some left in the package. It stayed wet for over 30mins. The essence was absorbed fast and left no sticky residue. After my face was noticably brightened!

I was worried about trying these patches because I have an allergy to the glue on bandaids. I decided to take the plunge. And I'm so glad I did. 

These patches work so well. They draw the impurities out of your skin and speed up the healing process. But the thing I like most is that they are almost invisible on the skin. They can be seen only if up close or the light catches them. I have worn them to the store, to work, to school pick up. Definitely worth it!

I received this spray in my ipsy bag. They called it a toner or makeup setting spray. I used it to cool my skin during the hot summer months. 

It works well as a refresher. I tried it as a toner and found it did nothing for my skin. I also tried it as a makeup setting spray and found no results.

I actually like this product as a refresher. I bought the full size bottle. Its good as long as you know what to expect.  

This lip patch is amazing! The patch is large, it fit from under my nose to the tip of my chin. It is soaked in essence. It left my lips plumped (almost all fine lines disappeared) and soft. 

It is great value for your money. Each patch can be used up to 5 times.

Step 1 is mildly scented strip. Slight tingling.

Step 2 is a black charcoal strip. It is thick and hard to get into the contours of my nose. I needed to wet my nose before applying this step to help make it more pliable.

Step 3 is a hydrogel strip. It was very saturated in essence. It kept sliding down my nose. 

This didn't work well for me. Not much was pulled from my pores. May work better for others.

Love this essence! One pump covers my entire face. It spreads as easily as water. Soaks in fast leaving skin soft, smooth and more even toned. I've been using it for 2 weeks and it has helped to clear up and heal existing acne. 

This mask is a nice light pink/peach colour. The material is thicker and quite strong. It will not easily rip. The fit is great except the eye holes are small. This mask was well soaked with essence but not drippy. It left no sticky residue. I used this mask after a peeling gel reeked havoc on my skin. It soothed all the redness/soreness. I was left with an even toned, well hydrated face. 

This mask has a strange fit. I ended up with lots of folds across my cheeks. It does cling well and stayed in place. I did not notice any scent to this mask. It was drenched in essence but not drippy. It left my skin bright and glowy. I suffer with hormonal acne, this mask helped to heal the acne I had leaving it soothed and taking away the redness. 

This gel has the consistency of watery cream of wheat. It spread easily. The products starts to ball up with minimal rubbing. It left my skin well exfoliated. My nose area began to burn while using this product. My cheeks were left soft and smooth but my nose and forehead were irritated and red.

The mask smells like apple juice and is drenched in essence. It does drip quite a bit. I laid down while using this mask so it wasn't an issue.

I used this mask everyday for a week. I had very visible results. The first use my skin was well hydrated and brightened. As the week continued I noticed that the brighten effects were lasting all day. It also lightened my acne scars and helped to heal my stress breakout.




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