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I used to hate lipbalms, I do not like the texture on my lips. But I get chapped lips during winter so I bought this one. After I used it, it was amazing, the price is cheap and it's very nourishing.

This is the best foundation that I've ever used! The powder sets on my face so perfectly, and it doesn't make me look pale. It has a very nice dewy finish. The only downside is that I still get acnes from it, maybe it depends on different people. 

I give 85 out of a 100 because I think the color is not for me, it's too dark for me. But the color is longlasting. Since I don't really have a standard for lip gloss, I might buy a cheaper one with the right color next time lol. 

This is my first Shu uemura and my favorite. Goodside : It sets well and easy to blend. Downside : Get oily easily, stuffy and heavy. But a least it doesn't give me acnes, so this is a safe foundation for me. 

This YSL lipstick is so great! My top winner!

1. Color is amazing 2.Longlasting 3. Texture is lightweight and not greasy ( I personally hair it when dust stick on my lips)

My so addicted to this YSL lipstick, I highly recommend it. 

I don't have a standard for blushes>< They're all the same to me, so I pick the one that is the most longlasting! This one from The Face Shop has a average quality, and the blush last about 3-5 hours (Face get oily) But I think it's pretty good! 

I bought it when it's almost summer, I give the coverage 5 stars but it's kind of cakey. The texture is full of moisturizing agents, it doesn't make me grow acnes~ But if they can lower the price, it will be my top three products><

I saying no to this>< First about the goodside - the texture is easy to blend and moisturizing. But after three hours it will become very greasy no matter summer or winter. That's why I'm on the fence about this product>< And it's not cheap too. 

I never really liked soap face wash, it does get rid of the oil of my face but it also makes my face very dry. Then I saw this soap in a magazine and it was cheap, so I bought two for 169NT. It's very comfortable and does not dry out my skin. I recommend it! 

I HIGHLY recommend this conditioner. I was on the fence when the sales approached me about this product because it wasn't a big brand. I apply it after I washed my hair, I can see my splits are gone and my hair is hydrated. 

I used to have permed curly hair, my designer recommend this product. It's inexpensive, has a nice scent and keeps my curly hair in style. I highly recommend this product. 

The lotion is nourishing and absorbs very quickly, I think it's the best lotion at this price. I've bought this over 10 times. This is a very high value product. 

This is a very popular product in Japan, one package contains face mask for the week. Because of it's ziplock design, I think it's a flaw because sometimes I accidentally pull out two sheets and tear it. Effect wise I think this face mask has done nothing to my skin, it even irritates my skin. So I threw it away without finishing it. 

Smell: 95points

Softness afteruse :90points

Fullness afteruse:70points

The smell is really nice, that's the reason why I repurchase it, it's very nutritious too.

Downside is it too nutritious for every use, my hair will stick together and get lumpy.

I think the moisturizing effect is way better than the brightening effect. Very absorbing and light. The next day my skin is still soft and smooth. I didn't really see the whitening effect, but I still like this product. 

I highly recommend this product, when I start to use their hand cream and body lotion, I just can't use other brands anymore. But it's really expensive. It has a thick texture, it's effective for people with dry hands. The cream is very lightweight and really absorbing. I would love to buy a whole box if I have that money. Sometimes I would apply it arounf my elbows and other dry parts, it's really effective. 

I've been using their products since I was a teenager. Although it's not like having miracle effects for me, but I still trust this brand. I got this essence in a tester, I did a facial treatment at that time which makes my face very fragile. This product was very moisturizing for me since I had really dry skin, maybe it's too moisturizing for people with oily skin. I apply this essence after I washed my face and it's good. 

This is one off SKII star product. It's special paper texture is abit firm and full of extract, so you can also apply the extract on your neck and hands. The first time I used it was amazingly moisturizing, but after that it's not as amazing anymore. But the good thing is that it's not too sticky , I would repurchase it. 



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