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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Mineral
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

I've heard alot about this brand, it's very famous but I didn't really get into it until they had a mother's day event this year and I bought some of their products. 

Ja saeng is their skincare line which includes three major products - Skin activating serum, essence and this cream. I apply this cream at night, it's nourishing but not greasy and my skin will become brighter the next morning, but of course I also use several other skincare products. I personally love this cream, the price is not cheap so it's better to buy it during annual sales, I would love to buy this again. 

This comes in the Mother's day edition gift box, "Oil blotting" is the key word when I searched this product online, I'm abit worried because I have dry skin and afraid that this cream is going to make my skin even more dry?! My skin gets oily when it's too dry or my pores are clogged with makeup or dirt. This cream has a clear texture, it moisturizes my face and it feels refeshing. I only use cream during summer, it locks other skincare essence in my skin and not greasy at all! 

I got this small size balancer from the mothers day edition gift box. Based on my combination sensitive skin and age, this balancer is not moisturizing enough for me. It's better to use this during summer, but not enough for winter so I would not purchase the full size product. 

This is one of Whoo's star product, it's a skin activating essence which helps to open your pores so it's easier for other skincare products to absorb. The texture is moisturizing and it contains little granules *^O^* Overall I think this essence is nourishing, helps my skin become more smooth. The essence has a special light herbal scent. Use this after you wash your face then put on toner. 

I bought this when I was pregnant at 2012 during annual sales, I’m not sure why I bought this pricey lotion… 90% is because of the handsome sales promoting, 10% is when I went to Kanebo’s spa and got addicted to the great scent. But I opened it at August 2014….

It’s very expensive but it really helped me a lot with my severe eye situation, my cornea got hurt on my left eye and conjunctivitis on my right eye, I had to suffer a huge amount of pain every day and keep my hands clean to apply medication, honestly I didn’t even care that much about skincare at that time. I only apply toner and lotion in the most uncomfortable two weeks, which is this product. Even though I stopped using essence, face cream etc., my skin is still in good condition! My skin is not dull anymore and pores became smaller! The scent is great, better than other brands that are too strong or chemical, this one is mild and smells like essence oil. The lotion absorbs very quickly, it is a little sticky but doesn’t bother me at all. My skin became bright and more stable, my fine lines are lighter because of the nourishing lotion, makes my skin look a lot better.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will purchase it again base on the price, it’s too much for me. I do think it’s worth the price, it’s great for my dry skin, I think this is better to use for emergency or when you have no time to do skincare routines. It’s too expensive to use every day and it will spoil my skin (My skin will feel nothing if I use other products). Some people might think there is no point for a lotion to be this expensive, I just personally think it’s worth its price. If you interested you should try and feel it yourself!



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I don't have a day cream, so I bought this product especially for summer. Most of the cream I used is very greasy and gels leaves my skin sticky, but this one has none of those problems. It's a moisturizer that absorbs very quickly after I apply it on my skin, so refreshing and keeps my skin hydrated. This price is fine for me better than those that are 5000-6000NT, the container has a very elegant design and it has an extra layer inside which is more hygienic. This is not that popular but it's worthed.


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I always apply this hair oil after I wash my hair, usually I will blow dry my hair until it's half dry, then pump three pumps of oil and apply it on my hair avoiding my scalp, then continue to blow dry. My hair becomes very smooth and does not tangle with a nice shine. It's not expensive and a little goes a long way, I used this for half of a year...


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I got this hair conditioner as a gift from my stylist, she really has a problem with my crazy hair lol, I do have two conditioners at home which I use alternately, and since it’s a gift I started using it immediately.

The Chinese name feels very Hong Kong(Makes me think of HK food) but it’s pretty attractive people with dry hair like me… looks very nourishing, and it says “One minute” which sounds so convenient?! I don’t need to wait for a long time to rinse off the conditioner. I usually wash my hair first, apply the conditioner then shower and rinse off the conditioner, this one is less time consuming which is perfect for me.

The texture is like a butter cream color, smells like salon…. I use a huge blob because I have very thick hair, I read blogs saying to avoid the oil on your scalp, so I only apply it on my ends going up. It takes some time to completely rinse of all the conditioner, it’s not hard though. You can see the obvious effect after you blow dry your hair, my hair became very smooth just like coming out from a salon. My hair stays very well the next day I wake up without tangles.


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It’s been a long time since I shopped at Chanel, one reason is I have to be more careful financially, second reason is I bought a lot from the past so it’s enough. I stopped the habit of stocking products, even during annual sales unless I finish my products. It keeps me more organized and I can use fresher products. I was invited to the 2016 Chanel whitening product event, at that time I was having some skin allergic problems. The sales lady first moisturizes my skin with a few products then applied the some moisturizing mousse and light makeup. After the event, I bought this product, because this is the only thing I need for now~

Hydra beauty nutrition is a more affordable, entry level line for Chanel skincare. Even from the contain you can tell, it made of plastic, no like their anti-aging line which is contained in porcelain, and Sublimage line is contained in thick glass. The design is similar, a square container with a dust-free cover inside.

The white texture looks very nourishing... and it’s surprisingly not greasy at all! The texture blends very easily, just like a water gel I bought before, this cream is so easy to blend and it’s not greasy at all! Not greasy does not mean that it’s not nourishing, I can feel the great effect when I touch my face! Most importantly, after two days, it improved my rough skin condition! It has a very peach scent which I very used to, some people might not like it. The cream is more nourishing than their water gel for my dry skin since I’m entering my late 30s. I also tried their Sublimage la crème texture supreme but it’s too greasy for me!

Some people might still find it expensive, I think it’s fine (50g/ 2700NT in 2016). It’s mainly because I love the cream or I would buy other products that are cheaper. I would be a waste if you don’t love the product…


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This tester is a gift from a product I bought in the department store, I seldom use oil base makeup remover because some of them are really greasy><… So I placed it in my storage….Then I decided to use it for efficiency and convenience, then I got in love~ Here are the reasons why:

1.     I does not irritate my eyes at all when I remove my eye makeup.

2.     The oil emulsifies thoroughly with no oil residue left on my face, feels very refreshed after wash.

3.     It does not give me acnes or any bad reaction.

Most importantly its price is reasonable, I would buy the whole product!


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Even since I started to bathe with my kid, I need to speed up my makeup removing process, I’d bathe her first then myself(Basically when she is playing around in the tub). I would love to remove my makeup first then bathe without pressure. This is the first time I open so many makeup removing products at once, such as gel remover, two oil base remover and lip & eye remover.

I’ve been looking for a makeup remover that removes everything(Base makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup) I don’t really like oil base makeup removers because it gets into my eyes and make my eyes foggy, so I usually use lip & eye makeup remover. I saw some people recommending this product online and it’s affordable so I bought it at Watsons. It was on promotion so I bought two. After using it for some time, it easily removes my base makeup but takes more effort to remove my eyeliners, eventually it does the job. It’s a great product when I need to remove my makeup very quickly, a little goes a long way. I will try the other bottle and see the difference.


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I wanted to purchase their Lunasol eyeshadow and the 2015 Christmas edition makeup, then I got convinced by the staff to buy this lipstick.

I have very dry lips, when the product is not nourishing enough, my lips end up peeling or cracking……. I seldom use liquid lipsticks or lip glosses because I use them very slowly, so I just use solid lipsticks so they can last longer. This lipstick is very moisturizing, it’s not sticky or stuffy, lasts very long if I don’t eat or purse my lips. It’s not like other lipsticks that just gets very dry and make my lips peel after a long time. -_-# it’s more like a lip stain, the design is very cute. The lipstick has a lovely chocolate scent which is so special, there’s even a little note in the box saying: Don’t let the children eat it by accident! Very important~

#03 is the darkest color, it’s like applying chocolate on my lips, and the brown color will turn into a red brown color after some time. I love that it’s nourishing and the color so I bought one online.... I was hesitating between color #1 and #2 then I eventually bought #2 because #1 might be too light for me. #2 is more a beige tone but darker than #1, #1 looks very fashion but I would look really pale. #2 has more red which fits me more. It covers my lip color and my lip wrinkles. Now I use #2 most, looks great when I put on any type of makeup.



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This palette's cosist of nude toned colors, it has greenish brown, red brown and glitters too. Overall I would say this is great for daily work makeup, very useful. With this palette you can put on different types of nude toned makeup and easy to apply. A must have for people who are into these colors~ 


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I don't think this palette would be acceptable for Taiwanese, especially the yellow color on the second left, it doesn't not give good color payoff for asian skin. But if it's for special events like performance, gala, or photography, it might be a good choice. 

When I laid eyes on this palette, I didn't think I would use these colors at all. The way I apply is pick a clean light color pair with a dark color, it'll turn into daily eye makeup color. The box is small so it's easy to carry but it does not come with a eye shadow stick T_T, but I use my own professional eye shadow brush~ 


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I just got so amazed by Chanel's commercial Keira Knightley, I went to the department store to check out this product. Then I tried on #216, #214 and #218.

#216 is more like a fading rose color, great for office makeup. 

#218 is a light brown, pretty fashion and it suits me the most out of the 8 colors.

#214 is the one Keira Knightley is applying is a very beautiful red rose color, but it doesn't suit me to cover my whole lips, maybe I can use it to do ombre lips. 

They didn't make the lipstick in to a twisting design because the texture is too soft I guess. This texture is better for people with dry lip condition because it's soft and nourishing. Remember to use a lip primer before you apply this lipstick, the color does not come off easily so make sure to remove it all or you might get pigment lips. 


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People nowadays are so busy with limited time, even skincare products procedures are getting more and more simple. Thats why there are all kins of all in one products in the market. 

This face wash is designed for people nowadays. You can use it with or without water, just apply it on your face and massage for sometime, then use a tissue paper to wipe it off, very convenient for people that are camping outside without water. But I usually wash twice to make sure there're no makeup on my face. I press four times once( Depends on the person) and massage my face to cleanse my face. 


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I like the packaging design of this brand. Pearl white color with pink orange, I even feel like collecting them. It's line has all kinds of different effect: fiming, clearing, brightening, exfoliating, moisturizing etc.

I feel my skin is not as firm as before, I think it's because I gained weight or it's just aging. So I have to do something now or it's too late!

This is a sticky essence but it soaks into my skin very quickly, because it's anti-aging so it's normal that the essence is thicker than usual, doesn't feel greasy too. I will let you all know after some time whether it makes my skin firm or not. 


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I have very dry lips so they breakout easily, sometimes I use my hand to peel off the dead skin but it just makes it worst. So besides drinking alot of water, I've been using all kinds of lip balms. This lip balm says it contains Vitamin C so I bought it out of curiosity. 

The lip balm is not too greasy, and not too thick. It's also moiturizing so before I apply lip gloss I would use this lip balm first to prevent pigment. But because the balm color is yellow, it makes my lip color yellow too, and it's not moiturizing enough for me, so I use it as a lip primer.


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This makeup palette comes in eight glittery matte colors, the shades are natural and common, you can also use it individually. The texture is very fine and color is longlasting. It's a big box with a good price. Sometimes I have no time to do makeup in the morning so I would bring the whole box to my office and apply, the colors are all suitable for working makeup too.

The coloring is great on my eyes, just like professional makeup, only the black color tend to smudge abit for me. I'm very used to glitter earth shades, I just don't use the wine color one.(It makes my eyes look swollen.) 

The brush that comes with the palette is nice, but if you want to use it on smaller areas you will have to use your own brush or a Qtip.

Downside of the product:

The box is huge which makes it really heavy, although it has a big mirror, if I can carry it with me, I wouldn't be using it very oftenly. It's more for professional makeup artists or bridal secretaries. 


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