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General Information

  • Ethnicity: Pacific Islander, African/Black/Caribbean, Other
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Flat Ironed/Straigtened
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Professional: Skincare
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Philippines
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Natural, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Organic, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This is a lightweight gel cream that provides moisture and anti-inflammatory resistance. I love how this cream helped me on calming my skin especially with my hormonal acnes. It doesn't have any issues with oily & acne prone skin like I do since it has a gel texture perfectly suited for the said skin type. Prominent ingredient includes the Snail slime extract and EGF to effectively calm the skin problems.

This mask is one of my fave sleeping mask next to the Laneige Water Sleeping one. I love how it moisturizes and hydrate my face throughout the night making it less oily and fresh the next morning. It does help on calming my active pimples by minimizing it's itchiness and redness for this mask is enriched with more than 85% of propolis extract, and natural bees wax perfect for the healing of acnes. 

This is my first ever peeling product and I love it! This yogurt peeling gel has yogurt as the main ingredient which contains protein that keeps the skin firm and helps fight the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It gently exfoliate dead skin cells living the skin fresh and smooth which is perfect for different skin types. 

A product that is formulated with rice extract from rice, rice bran oil and ceramide, this moisturizing toner gives the skin a surge of moisture and a healthy glow. But then, I don't recommend this to people with oily and acne-prone skin like I do coz I've been using this for like a week and stopped it coz I noticed that my face reacted to it by having breakouts. On the other hand, it did moisturizes my face so I think this is well suited for dry skin. 

Another Taiwanese brand of sheetmask that was given by Amabie is from the Aeria Skin namely ~ Intensive Hydrating Mask! This mask has a cotton mask sheet with a plastic liner film. Key ingredient includes; Peptide and Vitamin B5 to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin, Edelweiss extract's antioxidants to help protect the skin, and Organic rose flower water that hydrates and restore the skin. Overall, I love this one! It moisturizes and hydrate my face afterwards and even the next morning. I did woke up w/ a smooth and less oily face. Another thing to love about this mask/brand is that it is cruelty free and organic plus everything is written in English which is great for International users. 

Another product that was sent by Amabie in exchange of my honest review is the Triple Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Moisturizing Repairing Mask from CY Lab, a taiwanese brand. As the name implies, it does provide an intensive moisturizing and repairing factor in the skin - it's indeed a top luxury mask! The mask has a cover on it that makes it easier to detach especially with it's thin sheet and has a mildly almost a flowery scent. After 15 mins, the mask is still wet so I applied it next on my neck. I like how it moisturizes my face even the next morning and I noticed that my breakouts dried faster making it less visible than it should be. A must have for acne-prone people like I do. 

I got this for free from Amabie as an Alister. My first Taiwanese wash-off mask and definitely a must try item! The Saintfengel Galaxy Purifying Gel Masque which claims to intensively purify and minimize pores, and restore a soft and refined skin complexion. Reasons why I love this are; It has a simple packaging BUT a heavenly content with it's galaxy 'glittery' inspired theme. It doesn't have any scent and a 'lil scoop goes along way. Upon removing it, my skin does soften and kinda minimizes the pores (need to use it few times a week to see more visible result.) The only con I have for this is that it does sting/hot on it's application but not a big deal since it does subside after few seconds. Overall, I like it! 

AROMATICA Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo. It uses natural ingredients free from sulfate and silicone oil to keep the scalp and hair clean. It has a tea tree extract that helps in relieving itchy scalp and remove excess sebum and dead skin cells on scalp. It has a strong scent that comes from the mixture of other ingredients such as orange and spearmint but I love how it has a cooling effect on it's application. Everytime I use hair products w/ mentol thingy on; I get dry hair afterwards but with this, my hair felt smooth and the weird scent is gone and leaves a pleasant scent. 

Innisfree It's real squeeze mask in blackberry is a real source mask with moisture from squeezed blackberries that are full of nourishment to keep the skin healthy. It comes in a soaked creamy type essence, fruity scent is obvious and I love how it fitted perfectly on my face. My face felt heavy after using this but my face felt smoother, hydrated and flawsome the next day.

My first ever foot mask courtesy of Amabie. This is the Dr. Hsieh Mandelic Acid Callus Removal Foot Pack which claims to remove callus. It comes with 2 pairs good for 2 months usage! This is kinda different from the typical foot mask I've seen since it has double (plastic & foot mask) cover which is perfect for it's watery essence on; feels like I'm dumping my feet in a bowl of water upon using it, it doesn't feel anything aside from being wet. Two days after, I noticed that the peeling started and it eliminates the callus and my feet definitely felt smoother than before. 

I got this product from Amabie's giveaway. The Cellin Biolab Stem-Care 21, a premium mist serum for whitening. It claims to help in lightening the skin colour and restore's skin natural glow which contains 27% of stem cell conditioned media made in Korea. This product comes in a spray type bottle; has a white watery serum and a mild scent on. I've been using this in my day & night routine and the difference is pretty visible even few days of it's usage. It didn't sting nor irritate my skin and I love how it whiten my face and even my acne spots which makes my face glow just like it's claim. 


Beauty Water


Another highly raved product, it's The Son & Park Beauty Water! This product can be used as a cleansing water, toner and a mist at the same time! It has a lowPh level that is great for the skin. The scent is kinda strong for those who have sensitive smell/nose but it only last for few secs. so it's an okay one. Overall, I love how it does wonders esp. on it's claim and it's great for all skin type. 

This Pore Care witch hazel mask comes in an eco-friendly non-woven fabric which also contains cottonseeds. It has an essence specially formulated with witch hazel extract, and other great stuffs to balance the sebum and reduces the appearance of large pores which is highly recommended for people with oily skin. It kinda has an alcoholic scent although it's free from alcohol so i think it's from the witch hazel. As for it's claim, it does the job! Aside from it's moisturization, I noticed my pores lessen right after and I woke up with an oil-free face the next day. 

Ekel Super Snail Natural Essence Mask. This is an Anti-Wrinkle Whitening 3D face mask which claims to provide enough moisture and nutrition to skin exposed by stimulation from outside, and it's active component forms protective coat and helps moisture not evaporate to moisturize your skin. The moisturizer and softener make your skin healthy, energetic and clean with enough moisture and nutrition. First, the mask is thick and weird BUT It doesn't matter because the fitting is okay. It has a mild scent which last for few minutes after it's application. It also comes in a slightly sticky essence w/ no leftovers but it's pretty soaked w/ essence anyways. Overall, my face felt moisturized and it brightens and smoothen my face the next day. 

The highly raved Hydrophilic Wound Dressing from COSRX, they definitely are worth the rave! This patch heals acne blemishes quickly while preventing future breakouts and absorbs pus and oil. It comes in different sizes (24 patches) to pick from depends on the size of your acne and can last long enough. The outcome of this product is pretty fast too as it can be seen right after it's been taken off esp. when your acne is on it's momentum (if you know what I mean. *gross lol) Overall, it is true with it's claim and I love it! 

I tried a sample of the dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream and I love it for it is lightweight, doesn't felt sticky, and does it's job! It claims to be deeply hydrating and rebalance the skin which is okay for all skin type and can be used as a night & day cream. I used the sample for 2 days and it didn't cause any breakouts instead t'was calmed instantly. 

I was one of the alisters last february and amabie kindly sent me this item to review, it's the AERIA SKIN Rejuvenating & Firming Eye Mask. This mask comes in a natural wood pulp sheet and is suitable for all skin types. It enables maximum moisture and nourishing essence to be absorbed into skin cells deeply which firms, soothes and replenishes the eye area. I like how this mask comes in a plastic liner film too for it's easy to dettach and apply. It has a watery type of essence and a mildly scent on. Another good factor about this product is that, it is cruelty free and made with organic ingredients! Overall, I love it and I highly recommend it. 

This 3D Shape Natural Pulp Mask contains the extract of olive which soothes, moisturizes and protects the stimulated skin from the external environment and keeps the moist and elastic skin. Well, this is just a typical mask for me; neither bad nor great, it does gives moisture as what other mask do. The only unique thing it has is that it's a 3D one BUT then the fitting is not as great as it sounds for it leaves bubbles inside which means the fit is only for those w/ the same feature as the inspo. of this mask esp. on the nose area (perfect for those w/ pointy nose) Overall, an average mask it is.

This mask comes in a thin tencel sheet and gel-type of essence. The fitting is kinda awkward with it's big holes making it hard to apply. As for the scent, It has a freshly fragrance. Overall, the sheetmask gives an instant smoothness and brightness on the face leaving it soft and moisturized but kinda sticky. Also, it did calm the redness of my acne marks afterwards! ps. im using the PACKage nosepack at the same time 😅 so sorry for the picture. 

This mask claims to prevent acne and skin trouble through controlling sebum secretion giving skin freshness. It has a strong scent and thick sheet just like other Leaders sheetmask. It is soaked with essence but doesn't have any residue. As for the effect, it does soothe and made my face moisturized. The next day, I woke up with a less oily face with no breakouts instead it calmed my acne.

I thought my face hated rice products not until I tried this mask. It has a Eucallyptus sheet, which claims to brighten and whiten the skin. It has a sweet scent on and a kinda sticky white yet watery consistency of essence. I hate how this mask gets dry easily and sticky BUT I love how it's true on it's claim esp. on the brightening. The next day, my face felt smoother and whiter without traces of breakouts. 

I'm in love at first try on this mask! It has a thin mask that is drippingly soaked w/ watery essence and an ample extra left in the pack. This mask contains Damask Rose Extract and Niacinamide, a skin whitening agent, that keeps the skin moisturized for long hours by providing instant moisture and vitality to tired skin. Aside from the moisture it gives, I love how this mask makes my skin feel so radiant right after I took it off and 'til the next day!

I love how this mask brightens my face instanly, which is true with it's claim. It has a thick patterned cotton sheet like the other The Cure mask I've had tried. As for the scent, it's smelt fresh almost unscented. What I dislike about this mask is that, it dries up pretty fast and has no extra essence in the pack. Another, it stings during application just like the propolis one. BUT on a good note, aside from brightening; I love how this mask didn't cause me breakouts and made my face looks smooth and moisturized. 


Melt Me Softly


I have a grossly visible blackheads around my nose area. So I attached the nosepack for like 15mins. The fit is okay and I love how it has a cooling effect on it's application. As for the effect, I was truly amazed on how it eliminates mostly all of the blackheads I had! My nose brightened and felt smooth afterwards. A lot of essence was even left on the pack and it has a watery consistency and a citrus scent on it.

KKO:T essence lip tint balm is formulated from Japan. It is a lip stain and a balm at the same time; created using natural ingredients. I use this as my on the go lippie for it looks very natural and does moisturizes my lips. It has yummy sweet scent and a fancy flower in the center. The only drawback I had for this item is that, it feels thick/heavy on the lips; tolerable.

I got this in the shade #PK656 / Praha Pink and I love it! First of all, I'm a fan of tints but this is my first cream tint. I love how it looks natural, it feels smooth and dewy on the lips too and lightweight. It also last longer than the other tints I've had tried and it even looks beautiful the longer it stays. One more good thing is that, it doesn't leave patches which is perfect for people with dry and chapped lips like I do! 

This eyebrow pencil is perfect for no makeup - makeup for it looks natural! I love how it's true w/ it's claim; waterproof and long-lasting. It's easy to blend w/ it's screw brush attached on the other tip. The eyebrow can also be adjusted by just twisting, super easy and convenient to use.

The sheet comes in a slightly thick cotton which is soaked in essence, it is well fitted plus it has a sweet scent on; propolis it is. BUT it stings while on application, dries up pretty fast  and there's no essence residue in the pack. On the other hand, I notice that it lessen my skin redness and makes my skin moisturized.

The mask claims to relieve the irritated and sensitive acne skin caused by excessive sebum, that brings a fresh and soothing feeling on the skin.

The fitting of this mask is great, it has a thin sheet with a tea-tree scent while the essence is slightly thick with ample leftovers. The redness caused by acne spots on my face was calmed and it made my face fresh and moisturized even the next day. 

This comes with 2masks! The first one is for Pore Control, the mask is soaked with essence and it does moisturizes my face afterwards without causing breakouts. The second one is the Facial V-Shape Power Effect, it claims to lift and shape the chin area and I love how it's true with it's claim! It's kinda hot on application that lasts for quite a while but it's tolerable. After few hrs. you'll see the difference already that will be visible for a day or so. (I used this the day before my cousin's wedding and some of my friends commented that my diet worked based on my face which I didn't even do. 😂)

Aside from the fact that it moisturizes my face, I also love how it brightens and lessen the appearance of my pimple. Same with the other Leaders masks that I've tried; the fitting, scent, essence is okay! 

A pretty descent mask! I love the fit of this mask and how it smells mildly. As for the effects, it soothes and moisturizes my skin even the next day. It didn't cause breakouts plus it doesn't dries out easily.

Still got no high expectation w/ this one. It even gets me breakout :( On the brighter side, it does moisturizes and soothes my face and it's inexpensive perfect for daily use. I recommend this for those ppl with dry skin.

No high expectation w/ this mask, just an average mask. Essence is okay, it kinda has a strong scent, it dries up after 15mins. While for the effects, it does moisturizes but it felts sticky on the face. 

This mask comes in gold sheet! I love the mild scent and it's soothing effect on application. It doesn't dries out easily and it comes w/ lots of essence. For the effect, it does provide moisture, relaxation and I noticed that my active pimple lessen the next day.

Another sheetmask that was given to me by Amabie. Out of the 2 mask that they sent, this is the best! This sheetmask has more essence on it, the mask itself is soaked pretty well and still has lots of essence left on the sheet. The texture is quite thick and the masks dries faster, but fitting is much better and the scent is kinda sweet but tolerable. As for the effects on my face, it becomes smoother and brighter the next day while on it's claim on lifting, I can't tell yet for I've only tried it once. But most definitely, not the last.

I got this item for free w/ my K-beauty box purchase. I rarely use hand creams (coz tbh, I have a smooth hands anyways *not bragging) Well for this hand cream, the packaging is cute but it has this sticky/slippery feeling on application and is quite hot in the hand. I'm not fan of the smell too (unpleasant) it doesn't even smell like honey (i can't explain what scent it is). Overall, I don't like it.

An all-in cream! Although this product is quite underrated, I still love this product for it's great in keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. It doesn't feel sticky nor heavy and has no strong scent too. Another good thing 'bout this product is that it makes my face smoother and it lessen my breakouts! 

I use this sunscreen everyday and it's been part of my holy grail! This sunscreen has tomato extracts on it and claims to block both UVA & UVB rays. I also use this as my basemakeup and it gives a matte finish look! (no kidding) it doesn't leave white cast (just evenly blend it out). Another thing is I love how it smells (tomato scent) and tho it feels sticky on the application I just wait for few mins. and it'll be gone (sticky feeling no more) Definitely a must have item!

Another product that was sent to me by Amabie which excites me the most for I've seen and heard a lot of raves about this product. I got the shade no. 4 in RICH RASPBERRY, I actually love the shade and pigmentation of this lippie plus it's gummy scent but I'm quite disappointed with it because (1) it leaves patches (tho it's not obvious on the image) but in person it does shows (2) it has this weird feeling on the lips, leaving it very dry (unless I put some balm/gloss on it) (3) the applicator is so small, it makes it hard to put on. On the positive note, it's claim on longetivity, smudge & water proof is true. It's just that, this is not for me.

My 1st ever SHEETmask given by Amabie and I love it! It actually exceeds my expectation on  sheetmasks, for it dries up quite long and it comes with a lot of essence on it that made my face hydrated and fresh. To be honest, I get breakouts everytime I use beauty stuffs for the first time but this one didn't cause any breakouts and I also love how it smells and it's cooling effect on the application.

This starter kit comes with skincare and base makeup products. What I love about this kit is there skincare line, it has a soap, moisturizing lotion, serum, and argan oil which helps my skin boost with good factors. The base make up uses natural ingredients that makes my skin feel/look healthier. The only thing I hate about this kit is that the makeup doesn't last long. 

This product is great for removing blackheads! I've got issues on blackheads especially on my nose area and this product works effectively on it. What I love about this product is that it has a cooling effect on it's application and it also smoothen the face afterwards. Aside from blackheads, it is also good in removing sebum waste.

Another all-in-one cleanser! I use this product especially if I have makeups on for it is also a good alternative for makeup removers. Aside from it's claim as a cleanser, it also makes my face feel smooth and moisturize. I also love the scent of this cleanser and it doesn't sting my face. The consistency for this product is thick and sticky and it has tiny bits on it which I believe acts as the exfoliator/moisturizer :)

April Skin

Magic Stone


Worth the hype! I'm using the black one because I've heard that it is perfect for oily skin like me and so far I'm loving this soap for it also uses natural ingredients. There's no need for double cleansing for it eliminates everything and provides good outcome in the face. As in fact, it minimizes my acne breakouts and it easily dries up the acne spots. All in all, I'm totally into this product :)

This mask definitely works magic on me! It helps to lessen the appearance of dark spots and smoothen my face after using. What I dislike about this product is that, It's quite hot in the face and has a strong scent on it. 

This product is perfect for me. It definitely controls the sebum and it doesn't make my makeup look cakey at all. It has no scent on it which is another good thing and also makes my face feel glowy and fresh all day long. 

Definitely a must have product! I use this gel as a body lotion and hair care, it makes my skin so smooth without feeling sticky and makes my hair looks good and healthy though the smell is quite unpleasant still this product is great as an all-in gel.

What I love about this freshner is that it refines the skin tone and it doesn't causes breakouts on me which is really great because I do get breakouts when using stuffs like this. The only drawback I have for this product is it's claim for controlling the sebum, which is not effective at all for me.

This mask is great and it's effect is easily seen after washing the face. I've been into this mask for it helps to remove the blackheads and unclogged pores on my face. Also, it helps my skin feels instantly smooth and minimizes the sebum. 

This is definitely one of the best Korean product that I've tried. The consistency is great so does the smell and it has also a cooling effect on it. This sleeping mask makes my skin feels smooth and fresh every morning whether I sleep completely or late without looking haggard at all. :)

I've been using this product for quite a while now and all in all this is a good product! What I love about this serum is that it hydrates and moisturize my skin where in it makes my face looks healthy. The only thing that I dislike about this serum is, the scent; It has quite a strong scent on it that might also unfit to others liking. But then again, I still give this serum a thumbs up for it does what it claims and 1 bottle takes a long time (it's been 2mons since I used it and I'm not even half of it's bottle yet) so it's worth the price. 



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