My love for beauty started at a very early age & I decided to pursue that love in 2005. I embarked on a career in the beauty industry after graduating with a Diploma in Advanced Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling. Since then, I worked on countless of photo shoots, events & special occasions. These experiences further enhanced my techniques as an artist & have given me the necessary skills to succeed in this competitive industry.

An inspired artist, I have a distinct talent in accentuating the unique beauty that lies within each client. With my warm personality & collaborative spirit, I can be counted on to deliver quality beauty services!

Recently, Beauty by Melissa (Instagram) was founded as I wanted to share my love & knowledge to all beauty lovers, so do drop by & say hi! :)

XOXO, Melissa

About Me

General Information

  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Professional: Makeup artist
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Singapore
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate Free, Retinoid, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I’ve been doing treatments for my acne marks & without a doubt I do experience dryness & peeling so I’m glad with Atopalm Essence Mist, I’m able to relieve the dry patches & skin tightness. It helps to soothes & protects my irritated, sensitive skin with its complex blend of panthenol, madecassoside & allantoin. This travel size bottle that I got is so handy for me as it’s a great pick me up whenever I’m on the go. It doesn’t mess with my makeup & certainly keeps my skin feeling well-moisturized. It contains powerful hyaluronic acid which pulls 1000 water molecules together hence keeping the skin hydrated for 24 hours.

Using a really potent acne treatment cream left me with patches of dry, flaky skin that felt tight & even itchy at times. Thankfully, the sweet ladies from Amabie @amabiebeauty were so kind to send me Atopalm @atopalmusa “Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream” for my usage & reviewing. PS. I absolutely love the samples that came with it!
I was a little hesitant at first as I was afraid it might be too rich for my skin since I was still suffering from my acne breakouts due to hormonal imbalance. So to play it safe, I decided to just use it as a night cream & I was pleased that it helped with my dry patches without causing any further breakouts! Containing 3 calming complex (Pantenol, Madecassoside & Allantoin), I was relieved of my facial redness & irritation. My skin also felt really hydrated without that heavy, sticky feeling that I do get with some moisturizers.
Atopalm’s internationally patented MLE® skin barrier formula recreates the same compounds & structure of real skin, thereby reinforcing the weakened skin barrier (my skin totally needs that!) Completed clinical trial test has also proven that this cream doesn’t irritates the skin & that it actually forms a 48-hour hydrating skin barrier. Free from 10 harmful additives such as mineral oils & parabens, I’m thankful that my sensitive skin gets to heal & hopefully it can get stronger over time with my usage of it. On a personal note, I do still prefer my creams to be packaged in a bottle/tube as I feel that the creams in a jar can get contaminated easily. But hey, I’m glad that it comes with a little spatula so that I don’t have to dip my fingers into the jar.
Thank you once again to Amabie & Atopalm for being so awesome!

Anyone with oily, acne-prone or combination skin will benefit from using a facial toner as it helps to remove oil, dirt while refining pores & refreshes the skin.


The Face Shop - Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Toner is rich in minerals & excellent in removing impurities. Both me & Mr Towpich certainly love its sebum-absorbing effects (no shiny face!) & its City Defender Complex also helps to protect our skin from pollution.


Fret not if you're wondering what's the brown residue at the bottom of the bottle, it's actually the Jeju volcanic ash that controls excess amount of sebum. Hence, don't forget to shake the bottle before usage!


A big shoutout & sweet thanks to Amabie for sending me this baby! 😘

What's my must have glue product for false lashes?
It's Cutie Cutie from Japan! It's actually a glue that is use to create double eyelids but I use it to stick on false lashes as I've always preferred a brush on type rather than a direct application (it can get rather messy!) from the tube. I love that it dries fast & most importantly it's sweat & waterproof!

"Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder" is an inexpensive setting powder that helps to reduce any facial shine while creating a satin finish.
Sadly like most Korean cosmetics products, it's only suitable for those with fair skin. It comes in 4 shades - transparent (though I still find it a tad too fair for anyone with darker skin tone), skin beige, natural beige & lilac (brightening).
Nonetheless, they certainly have a space in my makeup work luggage!

Another makeup primer that I love to use for work (& myself!) has to be Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer.
It helps to minimizes the appearance of pores, uneven skin tone & fine lines. It's great for those with oily skin as it's formulated with an oil-absorbing powder that targets excess oil &
prevents shine to create a soft, matte finish. And because it's slightly tinted, you can even wear it alone for an enhanced natural look.
Non-comedogenic & dermatologist-tested, it's certainly a great product for me & my models/clients at work!

Pastel pretty! Certainly love my beautiful, inexpensive nail colours from The Face Shop. 3 coats is alll i need! If it's good for work, it's certainly good for me!

I had to check out Daiso since I was in Japan. We have a few outlets here in Singapore selling everything @ $2 while in Japan, it's mostly 100 yen ($1.30)! How am I to resist that?!

Honestly I rarely purchase any beauty products from Daiso, however their range of nail care caught my attention. So I decided to give them a try & my oh my, it is one of my best purchase! My favourites among the 5, are the quick dry & hardener. I was surprised that they work as well as some of the more expensive brands. Now I just pray that our local Daiso will bring in this range or I'm gonna live in regret. 😜

"Shusu Sleek Smoothing Conditioner for Coarse & Unruly Hair" by Shu Uemura is my favourite hair conditioner to use & bring along whenever I travel. Paraben-free & silicone-free, it deeply hydrates & nourishes my hair from mid-lengths to ends to ensure smooth texture.

Using black cumin oil, a key ingredient in remedies & beauty secrets for thousands of years, it has a complex structure of over one hundred elements, including omegas 3, 6 & 9. Also, it contains rare, healing nigellone - one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.

It's about time that you give your hair some well-deserved TLC!

I reckon most of you will not think that Pigeon - Baby Medicated Powder (Compact) can be use on your face, let alone as a finishing/setting powder. I gave it a try & it's really great in setting my base without irritating my sensitive skin! This fragrance free powder is more suitable for someone with fair skin though. But fret not! For those who find it too light, you can use it as a highlighter!

PS. Apparently it's made to prevent heat rash & sores. I'm certainly not getting any rash in hot & humid Singapore! 😄

If it's great for babies, it must be great for us too!

I'm always on a lookout for a lightweight oil that is suitable for hair, face & body. I find many oils like olive, argan, coconut to be too rich for my liking. Fortunately after reading many good reviews, I was able to get my hands on "Oshima Tsubaki Oil" when I was in Japan!

I love that it was able to help with my dry cuticles, elbows & feet. Best of all, I wasn't leaving any oily hand prints around! As for my long & fine hair, I'll always add 4 drops when blow drying to help smooth out the frizziness WITHOUT weighing it down. Lastly, I'll use 2 drops on my face & neck on nights when my air conditioner is on to prevent any skin dryness. So overall I'm a happy girl who has finally found her perfect oil! After all, I can't go wrong with a product that is rated No. 1 for four years running in Japan. 😉

If you love a concealer with great coverage & added sun protection at an affordable price tag (S$13.90), you will certainly love Closing Cover Liquid Concealer SPF30 / PA++ by Missha like I do!

It conceals all blemishes with its elastic & creamy texture that easily blends into the skin while a thin layer is formed to help make the makeup long-lasting. Its moisturizing botanical extracts (aloe vera leaves, oatmeal) also hydrate your skin without dryness. Though I'm just a little disappointed that it is only available in 2 shades. Nonetheless, cheers to great coverage!

When in Japan, a must buy item has to be "Rosette Cleansing Paste". They have been tested & proven to be one of the best in the country ever since they started production in 1929. They have 4 types of wash: Blue (Acne Clear), Pink (Hakudei Lift), Green (Sea Clay Smooth) & Yellow (Ghassoul Bright). Personally, both me & the Mr love the blue & pink cleansers. "Acne Clear" has added sulfur to help prevent & treat any breakouts. While being in our 20s & 30s, it's absolutely important to start on an anti aging skin care regime hence the "Hakudei Lift" is a must! Our skin do feel a little firmer without that uncomfortable tightness after using it & most importantly, both cleansers do leave our skin hydrated & smooth.

Another No. 1 product in Japan for 9/10 years, does “KOSE Cosmeport Clear Turn Skin Plumping Eye & Mouth Zone Mask” actually lives up to that title? Both the Mr & I decided to give it a try as his concern area is his eyes (wrinkles, dryness & dark circles) while I’m always looking to plump up my laugh lines.

This sealed pack contains 32 pairs of partial coverage mask; it is convenient to use though some might feel otherwise due to air exposure. Nonetheless, the mask which is made of Bemliese produced from cotton adheres comfortably to the areas underneath our eyes & mouth areas. We certainly don’t have the fear of feeling that they will fall off any time especially when we are going about in Life. 😉

Fortified with retinol derivatives & moisture surge agents like collagen & hyaluronic acid, it has the effect of controlling the turnover & promoting the generation of collagen & elastin to prevent dehydration, fine lines & sagging of the skin.

Overall, it does help the Mr with the dryness under his eyes & my laugh lines are looking a little plumped up. I can’t wait to finish the whole pack & hopefully the results aren’t a one hit wonder!

"Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil" works perfectly well for someone with dry skin like my mum. She loves how it deeply cleanses off her makeup while leaving her skin feeling soft & supple.

Personally, I'm not a fan of oil cleansers as sometimes it causes breakouts to my sensitive/combination skin. However I must say this baby is perfect in removing my waterproof eyeliner & mascara without irritating my eyes! Even better than some of the high-end brands that I have tried.

PS. It's less than SG$4, certainly one of my affordable (& good!) buy in Japan.

Sometimes at work, I'm required to paint my models' nails & I certainly don't have all day to wait for them to dry. Thankfully I have "Trendy Nails" polish from The Face Shop, it's inexpensive (less than SG$5), 2 coats & Voila! Dries within an hour! And personally I used it my toenails & it actually last for at least 3 weeks before it starts chipping. It's certainly one of my must have products for work & myself!

Ooo! Straight up, I loooove Laneige “Sleeping Lip Pack”!

I don’t sleep with the air condition on every night, I’m pretty disciplined with my water intake, I don’t have the habit of licking/biting my lips BUT! I still suffer from dry & chapped lips. Fortunately, Laneige “Sleeping Lip Pack” is enriched with Vitamin C-rich Berry Mix ComplexTM which helps to erase dry & flaky dead skin on the lips. While hyaluronic acid mineral network forms a moisturizing film to help lock-in active ingredients as the skin absorbs & retain moisture through the night. I get to wake up to smooth & supple lips the next morning, without having to constantly apply my lip balm throughout the entire day!

Use it before bedtime for 3x a week & I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it like I do. Pout, pout! Kiss, kiss!

Years ago when Laneige first launched, I was a regular user of their “Firming Sleeping Pack”. Any firming, lifting products – Count ME in! 😉 Hence it was recently when I received a gift box containing “Water Sleeping Mask”, “Clear C Advanced Effector” & “Lip Sleeping Mask” that I decided to give the “Water Sleeping Mask” a try.

Applying it 2-3 times a week will retain moisture, purify the skin, helping it to recover overnight & encourages relaxation all thanks to SLEEPSCENT™ specially developed for Laneige. Overall, it does hydrate my skin & I do love the fact that I can slap it on & go to sleep without having to remove/wash off anything.

In comparison I’m pretty contented with their “Firming Sleeping Pack”. It’s similar to the “Water Sleeping Mask” but with an additional boost aka FIRMING.

So for anyone who is looking for hydrated & glowing skin, this is the one for you!

Ah, the famous miracle water or some might call it their Holy Grail product.

Apparently SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains more than 90% Pitera that was discovered over 35 years ago. It bears close resemblance to the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) – a deciding element in the maintenance & enhancement of the skin’s translucency, softness & smoothness. Its irreplaceable formula gently exfoliates the face & helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle. In addition, working to balance the skin's pH & sebum secretion, hence oily & dry areas are properly moisturised.
Truth is my skin cells metabolism has always been on the slow side especially when I had an episode of bad acne. Years later, I still have some of the acne marks to battle with. (Psst! That is why concealers are my best friend. Sad, but true) Anyhoo, because of that I’m constantly looking & trying out products that can help me get rid of the marks. And let’s face it, not everyone is able to afford those expensive laser treatments.

Conclusion - I’ve tried it for about 2 months now & I know I’ve to give it some more time since the acne marks have been “hanging around” for way too long. BUT! I must say, it works wonder in helping me heal existing pimples without leaving any marks. Hopefully with continual usage, I’ll see more improvements & maybe those acne marks can finally disappear from my life for good!



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