About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Flat Ironed/Straigtened
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Norway
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Sulfate Free, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Mineral, Tree Oil, Glycerin
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Therese are the best pimple patches I havet tried! I havet online used them during the night som I can't say how makeup layers onsdag top. During the night most ofte the inside isåfall pulled out andre the pimple isåfall usually flat (unless it is a pretty big one or I used the wrong size). Often the redness isåfall gone or almost gone as well. There is also three sizes so you will find one that fits  (unless your out of the right size like I often am haha!)

I have finished the whole bottle of this, so not a horrible product, but not a great one either. It is just one of those meh products. It removes the makeup, but not as fast and effective as I would have liked. It also have a pretty strong scent to it. Finally I didn't notice any brightening effect from this. So overall not worth purchasing in my opinion.

This has been a favorite of mine for so long! I din't use it as a gel to moisturize the skin, but as an extra layer. I use this for so many different things all over my body. It has done a lot for my acne scars, works great if I have a breakout, if I get a itchy insect bite, when I get cold eczema, when I cut myself and want it to heal faster. For hydrating this isn't the best, but as an extra step it is great!

I have seen this all over the internet, and everyone seems to rave about it. I might have  had to high expectations for it. For me it worked fin, but it didn't work any better than cheaper ones. There was nothing wrong and it did the job, but I don't want to spend more money if I can get a product that works just as well for less money.

This has been my holy grail for a while now. It is so easy to foam up, it is also gentle yet effective. I like how easy it is to control how much you want to use. It also has a safety so if it falls you won't lose to much product. The only thing I miss with this one is that I can't take it with me in the shower. This has opened my eyes for enzyme washes.

I know some complain that the powder aren't fine enough, but it still foams up easy so for me it isn't a problem at all.

This wasn't really mu cup of tea. Haha, funny. I have the green tea version. The gel isn't as hydrating as I hoped it would be, and the bubbles are so hard to spread around! It is also a mess. All the moisture bubbles are at the bottom so you need to use the spoon all the way down so you end up with more gel than you really need. When you try to use the bubbles they won't absorb easily, so you end up with small pieces of the bubbles all over, but not really the benefit of them. I love how the packaging looks though, but for me it is not worth it. It didn't break me out or irritate the skin though.

This is a great mask if you need soothing and hydration. It is not heavy, but it still hydrates so well. The skin feels so soft and smooth the morning after, and it lasts the whole day. I have combo skin and for me it worked so great. I think it is my favorite green tea product so far. I believe it will work great for all skin types.



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