About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Chestnut

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I'm using red color #6, it looks very red but it I match it with my air foundation it will turn to peach pink, very light color. 

It's not as greasy as regular sunblock, it has a light smell, great for normal use, it think it's pretty useful, I would consider buying it again. 

This is a brand that I trust and like. This face mask has a light cranberry scent, it cools my skin and improves my dry and rough skin condition. My pore shrinked after use. 

I have dyed hair, this shampoo really keeps the color from fading. It's refreshing, but you should pair this with a conditioner to prevent splits. 

This shampoo is very cooling and refreshing which is great to use during summer, it helps with dandruffs and does not dry out my hair. 

It's not too expensive, you have to use your finger to apply but a little amount can give u nice nourished lips. 

It's designed like a rolling pen, the serum calm my acnes, it's very cooling. It's easy to carry around with me. It contains salicylic acid.

It's pretty moisturizing and good for people with sensitive skin. But it's expensive and it has an alcohol smell. 

I always apply this when I have acnes, it calms my skin condition and I like the light green tea scent, so great.

It's very useful, I can clean my eye makeup very easily and it does not irritate my eyes. 

The texture is pretty thick, but it absorbs very fast and not greasy. It's not too dry when I apply it during winter, it'll be more hydrating if you apply this with a toner. 

I think the deal is pretty decent, it does a great job cleansing my face, but my face gets a little tight after wash. 

This lathers pretty easily, cleanses well and my gives my skin a nice glow afterwards. 

The alcohol smell is pretty strong, it irritates my skin when my face is swollen, but I think it's very moisturizing during summer. 

It can quickly hydrate dry skin and keeps it moisturized. The price is not cheap, but it does a great job at moisturizing my skin. 

I'm using shade pk01, I think it's great for daily use, it has a fine texture with classic colors. 

I bought shade #05, the texture is golden bronze color but when I apply it, it turns to a nice orange bronze color, so beautiful.

This face wash has been praised in the internet, but it makes my face abit tight, but overall I still think this is good. 

The chemical smell is not too strong, just a little on the cotton pad and clean my nail polish easily. It's not harsh, and my nails has a nice shine after cleansed them. 

I don't really feel the firming effect, it's pretty nourishing when I use it during summer, it has a light peach scent. 

This lotion is very nourishing, it absorbs pretty well. But the berry scent is too strong for me, however my skin got whitened after using this lotion. 

The texture is very absorbing, and it's not greasy at all. This is one of my favorite hand cream, it has a light refreshing scent. 

This helps to clear my acnes, I think this is a great toner, it's not cheap but it's very nourishing, my face does not feel dry when I put on makeup. 

I think it's better to use this during summer, the whitening effect is not that obvious, I don't find this special. 

It has a rosey smell, I bought this because of Jeon Ji-hyeon, the price is good and it's pretty nourishing.

It's abit expensive, but the scent is amazing and it's so nourishing. Just apply a little amount before I blow dry my hair and it won't be frizzy. 

This is a very famous hair oil from Japan, it doesn't have a strong smell more like a light refreshing scent. It fixes my frizzy hair when I wake up in the morning, but it's not very nourishing. 

I love this shampoo, it's not cheap but it has an amazing scent, a light coconut almond smell, it doesn't dry out my hair. 

I think it doesn't clear my acnes very well, especially if the acnes are deep and closed, it doesn't do the job. But it's pretty cheap. 

The texture is very watery, this can also be used as a toner. This product is great for busy people, it cleanses and nourishes your skin at the same time, I love it. 

This cleanser is especially for eyes and lips, it's mild but still cleanses very well, as for the great pricing, it's worthed to purchase. 

This one of DHC's star product, it has high value. It cleanses very well even with heavy makeup, and it does not tighten my skin which is comfortable. 

The price is pretty cheap, but I don't like the greasy texture, it makes me grow acnes, so I don't think this suits me. 

This is made for people with sensitive skin, but I don't feel that effect or difference, it's just like regular moisturizing sprays, I still use it because it's comfortable. 

I highly recommend this lipblam, I bought 3 tubes. It's very hydrating and revitalizes my lips, my lip wrinkles are lightened. 

I'm using #11, I think the color is great, it's longlasting and moisturizes my lips. It's a great product for the drug store deal. 

I bought the BR20, it's abit white when I first apply it, but after a day the color will blend with my skin and turn natural, it has good coverage too. 

I have very little eyebrows, I also use this as a contour for my nose,the brush is very useful and the color is natural. 

I'm using the brown color, it price is great for drug store deal, and it gives me a natural look. It makes me want to buy again. 

The brush design make it easy to apply mascara on every lashes, but if I brush twice it gets lumpy. If you want to have long lashes this is not it, I would think about it. 

I bought it during a discount in Watsons, it's not lumpy and makes my eyelashes thick. Easy to clean with warm water. 

This red color is very full, I love that it has a air sponge brush on the other end, great for reverse ombre/gradient lips. 

My hair tend to get flat and oily after one day, but with just one spray it gives me dry refreshed hair, great for airy blunt bangs.

It's very nourishing, it lightens my lip wrinkles, but it has a strong smell so not everyone would accept it. I only apply this before I sleep. 

I'm using the orange color(or-3) the texture is very smooth, it gives me a nice natural healthy color, it can be used on both lips and cheeks, easy to carry too. 

I bought this in a drug store from Japan, it lathers very easily with just half a piece, I mix it with my regular face wash product which cleanses even better. My pores are all cleaned up, recommend it! 



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