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General Information

  • Ethnicity: South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Korea, Republic Of
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Paraben-Free, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Glycerin
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes


I was invited to be a part of #AmabieAlist this month and I received this product from @amabiebeauty in exchange for my honest review.


They came prettily wrapped like a Christmas gift for me. So, the little girl inside me was eager to open them. 


The first one I had was this Fly up High Definition Skin Activating Treatment Essence.


The bottle is so pretty. Round glass bottle like SK2. The cap is a bit lighter. I am guessing that it is made of plastic. Judging from the packaging alone, it is a good choice as a gift. If you will be gifting some skincare junkies or anyone with the same interest.



Several days after, I had my first patch test. I pour a little amount on a cotton pad and applied it on a my skin. It was watery and cold on the skin. Although it is watery, the product leaves a little amount of moisture unlike. Missha and SK2. Those products feels like water running on your face. But the amount of moist is not good enough if you will compare it with Secret Key's Premium 24K Gold First Essence. Small red spots are seen on that particular area but they are gone after a while.  I shared that experience on my #igstory. 


When I tried the product on my face, I noticed that I'm  starting to have some whiteheads again on my jaw area. Same thing happened when I used Missha FTE. I immediately stopped using the product after that.






Missha First Treatment Essence and Fly up High Definition Skin Activating Treatment Essence both have Sodium Hyaluronate. This is a well known moisturizing ingredient that is very small it can penetrate deeply on your skin. It holds water and helps your skin to be more hydrated. I am thinking that the amount of that ingredient put in the product is not good for my skin.


Each of us has different skin types and facing some personal skin issues. This is just my personal experience about the products mentioned.

I received this product as a gift in exchange of my honest opinion.


I have mine in No. 1 Warm Peach. I personally like the color of this one. It comes with a very cute packaging but the tip is so short. I get used to it after several usage. I received some great compliments about it because the color looks good on me. 

First time trying the product is a bit odd. It really look good from a far. But, since my lips are dry and it emphasizes the cracked lines even more. Good thing is this lipmanicure lasts long as it claims. There is a minimal fading (inner corners) after eating. But it lasted up to 7 hours to me. 


Second time, I exfoliated and moisturized my lips overnight and I was amazed to see the difference. It really looks good with it. It dries pretty matte and the cracked lines are not visible. I liked the effect more in the second try. Again, It lasted long and. This one really fades beautifully. Tried this way moisturizing my lips every night and the everyday effects is constantly pretty. 


Last time, I used the product during a cold windy day. Eventhough my lips are well moisturized, The product left unpretty patches on my lips. But still it lasted long. 



Summary: Make sure you have a well moisturized lips before using. Cool and windy weather will make your lips upretty, dry and patchy. Long lasting. Inner part fades after eating. Overall it is a good product worth purchasing. 





The sheet is in medium thickness. I bought this for 1,500 won. The scent is so good and a typical scent that you can get with the other hanbang products. 


There are black spots in the sheet that shocked me. But, I was calmed down when I read the back of the packaging. Those were natural cotton seeds. 

There are few drops of essence left. I cannot tell any satisfactory effect. I think you should use this mask to achieve that anti wrinkle and lifting effects that they claims.


I may not repurchase this one.

The packaging is not that typical rectangular pack. It is based on a photo of a mango juice in a glass.


The smell is so fruity. Smells like kiddie fruit juice to me. There are a lot of juice extracts in this mask. It has apple, watermelon and peach juice extracts. 

The sheet is thin and soft and very soaked in a clear juicy essence. 

There is enough moisture after usage and I saw a brightening effect. 

This is very affordable. I bought this one for only 1,000 won. Thin and soft mask that is soaked in a very watery essence. This mask is dripping when I pulled it out. Good choice if you need a relaxing and soothing mask. Theres is a lot of essence left on the pack. 

Please see my instagram post for more details..

I bought this one for 4,000 won at Holika Holika store.

The sheet is a typical hydrogel mask covered in the care of a plastic film. This is a two piece sheet mask that you can really adjust and fit to your face.

I essence is fine. I like the ingredients on it. I always feel like a queen when I have a hydro gel mask on. 

However the adherence is not satisfactory. The sheet does not cling well to the face and that makes me unhappy about the product.

No exquisite effects seen when I took it off. My skin looks brighter and looks hydrated. Some of the claims like firming and rejuvenating are not found. 

I did noy enjoyed this one and I would not repurchased because of the poor adherence and the price range. 

I received this sheetmask as a freebie when I bought some items at a Tony Moly road shop.

The sheetmask is not that cottony. I don't know exactly how to explain. It claims that it can provide effects with the goodness of green tea.

The sheet mask is wider than the other sheetmask I have used. The product claims that it is a watery type of mask but I saw that the essence is not watery. It is clear like water but sticky like ampoule. I think it should be categorized as an ampoule mask rather than watery. 

I noticed that the redness has gone after using. I also have some pimples on my jaw area the time I used it but they are still there. 

I enjoyed using this mask and definitely purchase one soon. 

I have mine in Khaki Grey. This product is a bit expensive than the other eyebrow auto pencil sold in the market. 

The packaging is so nice. Looks elegant and classy. You get what you pay for.

Good thing that this is automatic. No need to worry about sharpening it. The tip is a flat one so. I find it easy to work with and the color looks natural too.

There is a brush on the other end. Very helpful especially for quick retouch. You can also buy the refill if you happen to finish it. You only have to pull the other part of the product and insert the new one. 

Quite expensive but fashionable. It really worth the price


I am practicing to line my eyes. This is my first ever gel pen liner. I chose the brown one because I thought it looks so natural. That choice was right. It looks so natural and it was easy to work with. The tip is long and pointed enough to use. The brown color looks so good and you can wear it all day. 


I only dislike one thing that is the packaging. After several weeks of using, the packaging starts to wither and that chippings made a mess inside my make up bag. I cannot barely read what is on the packaging nowadays. They wore up very unpretty. I wrapped it with a scotch tape around to prevent the mess. 

I wish they could make some improvements on their packaging quality. 

This product is a way cheaper than SK II and Missha FTE. The product comes in a glass bottle like the other FTEs sold in the market.


Looks elegant not only the bottle but the essence as well. It contains some gold particles on it.



The essence is not runny and you only need a little to put on your face. You can just put it on your hands and pat the product on your face.


Unlike SKII and Missha that left my skin dry after application, this one left my skin moist and well hydrated. It also gives a clear and bright complexion in continued use. 


This product is on a black and white plastic tube. The packaging is fine and classy. It is very easy to get a product because the tube is soft enough to control. 

Claims to have whitening and anti wrinkle effects. I haven't seen any whitening/anti wrinkle effect. Instead, the skin is brighten in an instant. It is a bit hard to blend. 

The product is a white cream with a medium consistency. You will see the brownish/yellowish color after blending. This is not tacky, not sticky and provides light coverage. However, I think the shade is not for me because so light for my complexion. This might suit other people with fair skin. 



I am new in to make up but decided to try how to contour my face. 

I tried this Magic Contouring Powder in No.1 Deep Brown. This comes  in a light plastic compact. The packaging looks simple. 

I got to learn it simply because the powder is fine. It is very easy to work with knowing that I am a beginner. The darker one is easy to blend also with the help of the lighter shade. But I normally use the darker one. 

There is also a quick tip on how to use it at the back. That was helpful enough to follow. 

It is also affordable. I bought this for 8,000 won. That is a great deal!

I only need a little amount of this. So I think it will go a long way. Great thing that I purchased this one to try. 

I don't remember how much I got this one. But, I have it in 01. Pink Prism.

The packaging is so chic. It comes in a elegant black shiny compact. This is a small compact blusher that you can bring along with you. 

The pigmentation is very light. It was far from my liking but it is also buildable. You may put more according to your taste. 

It comes with a shimmer. I am not a fan of that. But, I realized that it is also a good thing. You have a blusher and a highlighter in one. 

You may use this one if you feel a bit glamorous and fond of shimmer. If not, this is not for you. 

It comes with a small brush. I find it too small. Overall, I find this a good product to fit on your pouch. 

I like the cool feeling when I put this balm on my lips. It leaves as a soothing sensation on it. It really moisturized the lips too. Feels like I put a menthol candy on the too. 

The bad thing is here the thick tacky feeling of it while on my lips. I wanted something light and wearable. I only use this at night or when my lips is so dy and chapped. 

I have mine in dark red. This lipliner is very easy to use. It has the product on the other side and a lipbrush on the other one.

I find it nice to draw on the lips and the color is just fine. I dont know about it but I am not a fan of dark colored lipstick or lipliner. 

It is only my personal preference but for the product formula, application and packaging was great. I really like the brush of it. I just didn't like the shade that I got. 

I received this lipstick as a gift from my sister in law. I was amazed to see that this has ceramide. I love my lips to be moisturized and look natural. 

What I really love about this is the packaging. Elegance is screaming from this one lipstick tube. I love the gold color and the patterns on it. It really made me happy. 

About the color it is lightly pigmented. This is on a shade Melon which is a simple but attractive at the same time. The color is not that striking but I love how this one looks so pretty. It also have this glamlike shine on it. Very moisturizing and easy to glide. Suitable in day or night makeup when you want it to be simple but with a little touch of shine. 

I have mine in Juicy Orange. I did not liked it the first time I saw it. I thought it was so orangey that I cannot bear. But when I put it on my lips it spread softly like satin and the gloss is so adorable. It leaves my lips looking young and pretty natural. 

The packaging is also glamorous. If I am not mistaken I saw something from Dior that is somehow similar.

For the shade, application and formula. I really liked it and I already reached the bottom of the tube. Great for daily simple look.  Especially for the price point. This is definitely a good product. 

This toner is in a very watery and runny consistency. I suggest that you use a cotton pad when using this toner. That is a downside to me. I avoid using a cotton for I believe it is another cost or waste in my skincare game. But, if you use a cotton you'll see that it does not only tones the skin but it also cleans the impurities on your face. Definitely cleans the pores and leaves a light refreshing feeling. 

I saw some orangey powders inside the bottle, I suppose those are some volcanic ashes. You must shake the bottle before using. The product is on a gray thick plastic bottle so you don't have to worry about breaking it. 

I have a dry skin but I sometimes wake up with some excess sebum on my face that this toner really absorbs. Like it was a sebum killer or something.

However, This is not moisturizing. As a person with dry skin that is something I consider. I wanted a little moisture or hydration. I think it will go best with oily skin and clogged pores.

It somehow helped to dry out my pimples  I got during the holiday season. But the progress happened in a month time. I will update the photos and show them to you on my blog. 

Amabie Beauty, Thank you for sending this one for me try. I am very glad to share my honest opinion about this product. 

I have mine in 01 Cherry. This Eco Fruit tint is just a small lip product in watery consistency. It really looked like a juice in a cute lip product bottle. I thought I can use this as a lip and cheek color but it's not. It doesn't absorbs on the skin and didn't blend well. It is just a lip tint. 

I don't like the taste when I put it on my lips. Really tasted like a chemical juice. Surprisingly the color is good and it lasts long. I can use this alone for a simple look. But when I feel a bit dry so I use a lip gloss on top of it. 

This product is a must try for women who wants a simple look and affordable product. 

This cushion blusher is very small and can really fit in any of your pouches. It has a  light and creamy consistency too. This is not sticky. It looks natural and easy to blend. 

Remember that you must not rub it roughly because the may product may rub off. Just use the puff in patting motion for more simple and natural look. 

I bought this ampoule together with the FTE which did not worked well to my skin. I am very happy that the ampoule is kinda different to me. 

The product has a pretty bottle. The ampoule is a bit sticky and the yellow gold color is annoying sometimes. I only use a few drops and it goes a long way.

The long name is not fancy too. I wish it would be a little shorter.  But, other than that the effect is good especially in the morning on when I put my make up on. My skin looks healthy and youthful. I like it because it helps me have a dewy look. I haven't seen a lot of changes on my neck.  I really want to repurchase even it is a bit expensive.   

I believe this one is the most raved product in kbeauty community. A lot of bloggers said that this is the best dupe for SK II.

This is a watery essence that is very light and and easy to absorb. I am very sad that it didn't worked worked out well for me. It clogged my pores and left a lot of whiteheads on my jaw area.

I tried to lessen the other products I use but the effect has not changed. This Missha is the only new product in my routine that time. I have been following that routine for 3 months before I tried this Missha FTE. That routine did not brought any skin problems to me.

I am happy to know that this product worked well with other skin enthusiasts. But this is something not for me. 

I find this mask a little smaller than the other masks I've used.  This is an avocado mask that is known for nutrition and protection. 

The fit is small suited for small face like me. The only problem here is it cannot cover my wide forehead. 

The sheetmask is affordable and has an exciting packaging too.

It has an emulsion type of essence which is moisturizing and hydrating. 

It lasted until 20 minutes and left my skin more moisturized and supple.

Good for a daily type of mask. 

This is my first Taiwanese Mask. I like this soft and thin sheet. Inside the packet is a clear watery essence. There are no drippings eventhough this is a light texture ampoule type of essence. Refreshing to the face. Exciting packaging. English instructions and ingredients list is a plus. Started to dry up after 20 minutes and dried up matte. 

Check out my blog or my instagram account  for the full sheetmasking experience. 

I have my  Laneige BB Cushion (Anti Aging) in No. 23 Sand Beige.

Anything with anti aging sells out for me. This is my first ever cushion foundation so I was very happy and amazed to know that I can have a good coverage in just a second.

The packaging is so elegant. It is white compact with silver around. The print is so clear so it is hard to take a photo of it. 

The coverage is medium and the finish is not that dewy. Sometimes I feel that it is a bit matte. I have a dry skin so If I don't moisturize my face well before applying this cushion, I usually look so old with it. But the product does not sink on my pores. That is good. The shades looks perfect on me too. 

Tip: You must change your cushion puff when you feel the need of it. Using the same old puff over and over may cause you breakouts. It is not hygienic. 

I used this mask after my busy chores during Thanksgiving.

This mask claims to provide nourishment to keep the skin look bright and clear.

The mask is soft and has its silky cottony feeling. I thought that I might tear it up. Gladly, I didn't.


The mask is soaked in a light emulsion type of essence. The essence doesn't drip. It is not messy and runny. That's a plus. It lasted around 20-25 minutes and it gave me a more brighter and well moisturized skin. I enjoyed my experience with this mask.


I love the goodness of Acai berry and I will repurchase this one.

I bought these Innisfree Canola Honey Lip balms last February 2016 during their 1+1 sale. Those were the times when it was so cold here in Korea and I needed to find help for my dry and chappy lips. 

I have one in Tinted Coral which really fit my asian skin tone and one in Tinted Pink when I want a natural soft and young look. Both of them are moisturizing and easy to apply. They are not that sticky just right to keep the moisture on your lips.

Moisture is great but the thing here is you need to reapply this to get the tinted color you want. But after all, I believe this is a good product to use and I want to try the other variant.

One of the most affordable and refreshing mask I had. I love having Innisfree because they use natural ingredients. I love using green tea. It relaxes and soothes my skin. 

I like this hair serum because it does not make my hair heavy. I only use a few drops to tame my very stubborn hair. It is great to use if you only have a few minutes to groom your hair. It will leave you hair soft and look healthy. I see better result when I use this when my hair is not yet completely dry. I massage a little amount of this hair serum and blow dry my hair. This way I can get to have a more natural and healthy look. 

Bought this one along the First Treatment essence. The mask has a great fit and the essence is thick. There are some excess on the packet that is enough for neck. I woke up with a clearer and fresher skin. 

I have always been curious about this product since it has been one of the most raved HG amongst the beauty bloggers out there.

I also researched about Pitera and I was amazed how this fermented essence would do to my skin. Finally, I had an opportunity of having SK II because of a great SALE online. 

That time, I had a lot of whiteheads along my jaw area because I was testing a different product at that moment. I started using the SK II essence and saw a huge difference.

It is a a watery light essence that is easily absorb by the skin. It is not that moisturizing alone but it leaves my skin refresh and light. After using this product religiously for two weeks I started to see that it lightly lessen my blemishes and healed the whiteheads I had. My skin looks a lot brighter than before. 

Some prefer to use this with a cotton pad but I prefer to pour a little amount on my palm and pat them on my face. I use this as before I put some other products because I feel that it boosts the ability of the other products I use. I am about to finish my first bottle and I am glad to purchase my second one. 



There are no questions about this product.