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This hand cream has a herbal rose scent, not chemical. The texture is nourishing and not greasy. Their citrus and lavender ones are also great. 

I bought this expensive face wash machine, it makes my skin condition more stable. I bought the whitening pack (Cleanser+Toner+Essence) I don't really see the whitening effect but my skin is defintely more stable. 

The texture is very fine, great when I reapply. I'm using the BR12, gives me a delicate look, better to apply it with a brush. 

The texture is watery, smells nice and rinses off easily. A good Japanese boady wash. 

The shampoo has a relaxing herbal scent.I use it everyday and it helps decrease the chance of hair loss. I massage my head with a comb and the oil then wash it off, it's very relaxing. But the price is not cute. 

With two drop added in my foundation, it makes my makeup set easily, so useful I love it. 

The color payoff is great and very moisturizing, the package design is very fashion. 

This brand is a very popular in Japan, I even bought my first bottle in Japan. Then they had a store in Taiwan! I love their Musk and Jasmine, the smell lasts for quite some time which gives me a good mood. It's one of my favorite products. 

It's useful and not greasy or sticky, usually it's harder to blend when the spf is high, but this one is great.

I love this shampoo, very refreshing. One of my favorite shampoo. 

I wash my puffs every week. I used to use Orbis' cleanser it's great but finishes so quickly. Then I switched it to Daiso's cleanser for only 39 NT, at first I wasn't expecting too much but surprisingly it's great, recommend it. 

I've used several of these, staring from their old version. It does a great job, and they improved the hard to remover issue, but when I apply it the texture feels sandy, but I think it's just a minor issue

The can be applied during sleep, or if you need an moisturizing emergency, this is a great face mask. 

This one is great, it has a light blue texture. The gel does not tighten my face and a little can go a long way. 

I've used so many bottles of the golden edition, I love this ne too, it's mild and helps prevent my skin from getting dark. I use this when I travel, it really works. 

I like the smell of this hand wash, the package design is very quality. Lavender extract can calm and nourish my hands, make me feel relaxed. 

I've used up many on this lipbalm, it's convenient to carry, nourishing but not greasy. I always love this lipbalm. 

Very convenient for lazy people, it's one of the good products in drug store deals. 

It's applicable when your face is wet, it's very refreshing, but you have to finish it within a month after you opened it, I think it's kind of short. 

This is the best makeup brush I've ever used so far, the makeups sticks wel on the brush, the texture so soft and does not irritate my skin, I've been using it for a long time, everyday~

This is a must have when I go to Japan, very moisturizing during winter, I can't leave without it. Always carry it with me in my bag. 

Dior's fragrance are very classic, it lasts very long. 

I've been using Hada-Labo and Curel's products, they are both great for sensitive skin, it very refreshing. 

This face wsh powder helps to get rid of the dead skin on my face, it's mild too. Just pack 1 piece can be used twice, easy to carry with when traveling or swimming. 

This exfoliater can be applied below neck, wash it off with warm water, it makes my skin very smooth, then put on bodycare products! I think this is the best body exfoliater I've ever used. 

It gives me nice white skin, but the price is not cute. 

I love the #21pale pink and #34raisin,  color payoff is good, you can mix your own color with a palette, love it~

This is really great! It lasts all day and does not smudge. The only thing is that it's a balm texture which makes it inconvenient because I have to bring an extra brush. 

It's a heavy texture, if you're looking for a more clear looking makeup style this would not be the one. I think overall it's good. 

The pump is very hard to control, the makeup remover will go everywhere. It cleanses pretty well, but makes my face tight, so I have the habit to put on skincare products after cleansing. 

It does not make my face tight after wash, definitely would repurchase this.  

Good and not irritating. 



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