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  • Ethnicity: Other
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Don't Know
  • Hair Type: Other
  • Hair Color: Don't Know

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  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Feels really nice on my dry skin and absorbs well! It is just a bit expensive.

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for an honest review. 

This product is extremely oily and nourish (especially for those who have oily skin). I think this would be a good product to use in between seasons. I think if you use it during weather change, it'll be good because it wouldn't be too nourishing. Since this is a product that's made out of natural ingredients, it should be good for those who have sensitive skin. The scent is not too strong and it's comforting as well. I myself have oily skin but I think this is a great product to use during interchanging seasons as I need the moisture too. I've used it over night as well and felt like it really stabilzied my skin. A really good product for fall/winter. 

This product was given to me by Amabie in exchange for an honest review. 

Product: Orifera skin care toner 

The content itself is transparent and I think that the packaging is pretty good as it disperses out evenly. Since it is a spray bottle, it's super easy to use. Just spray it on your face for moisturizing purposes.  It has a cooling sensation when sprayed on the face. You can also take it out with you to hydrate your face if you're on the go. If you're too lazy to take out a cotton pad and use it on your face, you can consider using this product!! It's also very soothing for the skin :)  

This product was given to me from Amabie in exchange for an honest review. 

Product: Orifera skin care facial mousse face wash 

The color of this product is completely transparent and it looks really watery. But the pump creates rich foam and this is super convenient for washing the face. It feels minty on the face so I think it's a really great product for summer. Even though right now it is fall, using this face wash in Taiwan (tropical weather) isn't too strong. This face wash does not dry out my skin at all. Since I have oily skin, I really need something that cleanes the face well.  It also doesn't strip away al the moisture on the face! 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest opinion. 

The product packaging is reall cute, and the texture is white. It smells like baby powder. 

When applied on the skin it's a little bit oily. I have oily skin so I feel like it's a little bit too oily on my skin but I think I can live with it. 

Overall it looks really good on the skin and your skin gets white instantly. 

When I'm very lazy to put on a full face make up, I'll just put this on and I'm done~ 

I think this product is great and even before I received it I heard good things about it already. I'm really excited to use this in the fall/winter season!!

I received this shampoo from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. 

The packaging is very nice and pretty, the name of the product also makes it seem super amazing. 

The main ingredient in this product is the bird's nest. It's also a two in one product where it also conditions the hair. 

The texture of the product is more like a thick paste and it lathers up really nicely. I like the smell and my hair feels really refresed after using it. It's just the right amount of oil left on my hair as the product doesn't completely dry out my hair. 

The packaging is a very nice green color. 
I can smell the lemon scent the moment I open the product. It doesn't irritate the nose and the texture is gel. 
When I use this product on my face my dead skin cells rub off in little white pieces. 

It doesn't irritate my skin and it's really easy to spread on the face. After using it I did feel that my skin was smoother. Overall I had a good experience with this product and I would use it as a part of my routine for my oily skin. 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. 

The product that I got focuses on anti-aging. The packaging is also very special where the glass tube dripper has a hooked tip. My skin absorbs this product very well. The smell is quite strong but acceptable. I think it works very well because the fine lines at the crow'ss feet area is reduced. A bottle will last for quite a while and overall I think it's a great anti-anging product. 

The packaging of the eyeliner is very pretty and the tip of the pen very thin. 

You can create fine or bold lines with this product. 

Although it is water proof it will still smudge a little bit after around three hours in the summer. 

Overall it's a great product though! I'm looking forward to see how well it does in winter time. I like this one quite a lot. 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review

This is a all in one skin care product, very suitable for lazy people. 

I can skip some basic skin care routine with this product. 

The texture is a transparent liquid gel and it's not oily at all. It smells like tangerine and I've been liking it so far. 

It's a great product for the summer too as it feels refreshing and light 

This BB cream is very mositurizing and feels nice on the face as it is not oily at all. 

Even though it's moisturizing, the coverage is enough to cover small imperfections and it brightens my skin tone. It's easy to use even for beginners and the packaging is nice too. The tube is not too big so it's easy to bring around. 

I received this product from Amabie as an A-list gift. 

The color is really beautiful and the smell is very nice (unlike nail-polishes which usually has an awful smell) 

One layer is enough for the color to show up - it's very saturated and is perfect for summer 
This color makes my fingers appear very white and smooth. It also dries up really quickly!! 

I personally prefer lipsticks with a frosty/lustre finish because matte lipsticks makes my lips look really dry. 

BUT! I am pleasantly surprised with this lipstick. First of all the floral pattern on the lipstick itself is very cute. 

The tube is white with PONY the words lasered on it to be reflective and bling bling, very high quality. 

When I apply it, the texure is really smooth and it doens't feel like a matte lipstick. The color is very long lasting and it just seems like my own lip color but an improved version. Overall it gives me an "awakened" / healthy look so I really like it. 

I always wanted to try this product out because it's very popular and after reading a lot of reviews I bought a set for myself. I'm so impressed with this product! It conceals really well~ My pimples and blemishes are all covered and it's no problem. Since there are three colors you could chose from, you can customize your own color to suit your needs. I use a BB cushion after I conceal my imperfections and everything looks so great! The lightest color could also be used for brightening! What a versatile product!!

I think this is a very nice moisturizing skin care sheet mask. The sheet mask itself is very thin but it locks in all the moisturizing essence. After using it, my face feels like it's super hydrated! Also, it didn't feel overwhelming for my skin when the sheet mask was on. 
The scent is very faint, very gentle, so it does not irritate the skin. 

This liquid eyeliner is a product that has been popular for a really long time 

It's oil proof and doesn't smudge to the eyelids! The price is very affordable as well. 

I think this is a great product for beginners. The brush tip is very thin which can create fluid lines. You can also remove this product by peeling it off! I like this product a lot myself. 

A box has 5 sheetmasks. 

The sheet mask itself is sandwiched between two protective films because the sheet mask is very very thin.  Although the sheet mask is very thin it holds up the essence really well and fits on the face very nicely. Some sheet mask will slip off the face but this one doesn't. The essence also feels really nice, it's smooth and not sticky. 

Overall I like this sheet mask a lot, my skin was more stabilized and hydrated. 

The texture of this product is like a white lotion 

It's easy to blend on the face and it's not oily at all, it feels very refreshing. 

I love Sofina products because they're good for tropical weather countries like Taiwan. It's great for those who have oily skin. My makeup became more long lasting and I feel oil-free for the whole day. I only use a little bit each time so a bottle will last really long. 

When applied on the face it feels watery and it also color corrects my skin tone. 
I like it a lot!

This sheet mask is very nourishing. When you open the package you can smell the scent right away. The sheet mask itself is very thin but it soaks up the mask essence really well. There're also a lot of left over essence in the package, like A LOT. The main ingredient in this sheet mask is camellia extract. 

There're also essential oils in this product. Although I have oily skin, the outcome is actually quite great. My skin feel hydrated but not oily and it also is more smooth. A great plus for me since I hate to have my skin feel oily but at the same time I need the hydration!

The sheet really fits and snugs on the face nicely, overall it's a great product. 


This product is a very popular product at Daiso. 
I've used and repurchased many bottles already! 

It's such a great product for cleansing your makeup brushes and other tools 

You can dip the solution into makeup sponges and all the dirty makeup will dissolve quickly. For makeup brushes, you can soak the brush in the solution for 5 minutes and you'll see all the dirty make up floating on top. This product is very essential for me as I clean my brushes regularly. 

This product is a great Japanese skin care product. 

The foam is very delicate and it cleanses the skin really well 

You can wash it off very easily too! 

There's actually a lot in one tube so you could use it for a really long time. 

During summer when everyone's sweating like crazy this is a good product to clean it off! After washing, the skin feels very refreshed but it doens't feel like it's dehydrated. 

I think this would be great for those who have oily skin too! It's also very gentle so it wouldn't be too harsh for those who have sensitive skin. I really like this product!

Dr. Morita Taiwan has so many different lines for their sheet masks

Most of my Dr. Morita products are this kind. A box has 10 sheet masks. 

After I've finished up using a box I felt that the product is actually really great so I bought a second box. Sheet masks by Dr. Morita's packaging have been improving a lot as opposed to the past when it was kind of out dated. They also have medicated sheet masks now. I feel like the texture of the product is pretty smooth and each sheet mask contains about 25 ML of essence. The ingredients and product claims are also clearly labeled.  The price range is also really affordable and it's always on some sort of promotion. Honestly though this product is just like O.K. It does help the skin get hydrated but it's not all that great?  But for the basic skin care routine I'm pretty happy with it. I did feel that my face is brightened!

The packaging is pink, really cute. It has a closure tab on the product you'll just have to remove that to use the hair care spray. The ingredients contain camellia extract oil for hair protection. I can smell the nice scent when I spray it and it will stay on my hair. 

After using the product and combing it in, my hair went from being frizzly to super smooth and easy to manage. 

It also has sun protection so you wouldn't have to worry about your hair getting damaged if you're outside too often which will cause your hair to become patchy and dry. 

Overall I really like this product. It does its job and my hair condition has really improved! 


The color that I bought was PK-1. I think this one is the lightest color out of the product line. I bought a blush because my skin tone is really dark and I want to use the powe r of blush to make my skin look brighter and healthier. This product is also really affordable, usually around $6. The packaging is really simple - White letters on blue!  And I also really like the design of their logo. Anyway ~ I really like products produced by Kanebo. Usually they're really good quality. I like the brush that came along with the blush. Although it's a little bit tiny, the brush is high quality and 100% made of horse hair. The pink color is really light and it makes me look younger.  This is also great because I wouldn't have to worry about messing up and becoming a blushing ball. I usually apply it slowly with several strokes and my skin looks so great! 

Later on I also bought another color RS-3. It's a little bit more pink than PK-1, I just wanted to give it a try.  After trying my conclusion is that RS-3 is a more saturated version of PK-1. But I still think PK-1 suits my skin tone better. Please refer to the photo that I've uploaded! RS-3 is the one on the left, it looks more saturated than the photo in real life. 

This blush is my first ever blush product.
I didn't know how what happened to me I just really wanted to look healthy one day.
So I didn't do any research and I just saw this blush. The packaging is really beautiful! It really suits my taste! It's also really affordable. 

It took me a long time to decide between the pink color and the orange pink color (RO-1), but I eneded up with the orange pink one (I forgot why~)  

This product is packaged very nicely, you can take it around with you and the container actually has quite an amount of blush. The pattern on the blush powder is also very nicely pressed in so it will last a long time. 

On the image you can see that the packaging is faded because I placed it in my makeup bag and it rubs against other products all the time. I've used this product for so long and each time I use it generously. But I just can't get to finishing the product. When I was younger I really liked to make my whole makeup look pale and use the blush to add in some flesh. Now my makeup look is a lot more natural and I use only a little bit of this blush to create a healthy glow. 

Lavshuca blush colors are really nice because they're not too strong. You don't need to worry about messing up your makeup with a heavy hand. But the colors are really light so you'd have to re-apply throughout the day. I think this is such a great product!! The price is acceptable, really suitable for students. 

I really like Shu Uemura's foundation products

I've used another one by Shu Uemura before it stayed well on my face. 

The light bulb foundation by Shu Uemura is not the newest product but it has a really nie finish. It's easy to blend and has medium coverage. After I've applied it to my face, my skin looks radiant and healthy. The makeup itself isn't that heavy at all so my face didn't cake up. I think this product is great because it doens't conflict with my oily skin too. Since the foundation stays on the face pretty well, I didn't need to re-apply often. 

I am pleasantly surprised with the ZA vibrant moist lipstick. The packaging is really pretty, the plastic is a magenta color that's matte and bright at the same time. The size is also a little bit smaller than a regular lipstick. 

The color that I got is a very nice pink color. It's very natural and goes well with any makeup look. The color pay off is really good and I think that it matches really well with my skin tone and it really improves my real lip color which is kind of dull. I also love how the lipstick is really moisturizing on the lips.  I really like this this lipstick and if you're looking into purchasing something new I would suggest this!!

This 1028 mascara is pink!! The packaging really makes me feel extra girly !
The outer packaging is pink and black which is reminds me of a cool punk style. 
The brush of the mascara is curved so it fits well around the eyes and you could really get close to the roots of your eyelashes. After a couple of swipes my lashes became really long and full. There was also a nice curve on my lashes. After I apply the mascara, I use an eyelash curler to make it stand out even more.

Also, you can remove this mascara with warm water. It comes off pretty easily with warm water. After removing the maraca, my lashes remained full and healthy, it seems like the mascara also has some ingredients that protects the lashes? 

Overall I really love this mascara. It makes my eyelashes look full, long, but natural at the same time. A few hours after application the mascara doesn't flake as well. It's also very convenient and the tube contains 9.5 grams which is a lot. It's an awesome mascara!!

This skin care sheet mask is awesome because it has two hooks on the sheet itself for you to place on your ears (so that the mask doens't move around). 

I think this mask is super comfortable on the face ! The scent is really calming and I just feel very rejuvenated by using it. THere're a lot of essence in this mask and after using it my skin became so bright! It wans't oily or sticky at all. 

The sheetmask itself is made of cotton so it holds on to the essence really well and it wouldn't drip all over the face when you're using it. I can also see that my skin was immediately lightened a bit! I also feel like my skin is hydrated and smooth to the touch. What a great skin care sheet mask!

This skin care sheet mask is made in Taiwan!

The packaging states that it's made in Korea. This makes me feel very secured! The product iself is also pretty well packaged.  The lipstick tube is a matte plastic and it doens't transfer any finger prints which is important because it wouldn't get dirty in the make up bag from other products. It's also pretty easy to control. I have an image of my lips with and without the color. It's funny to see but you can really see the difference. The color pay off is seriously really good. I go back and forth two times and the color is already very saturated.

On the photo it seems more like a dark pink. But in person is looks more like a true red.  I usually have lip balm on my lips before I apply this product. If I apply the lipstick directly it makes my lips look dry and patchy but not to the point where it's uncomfortable. For deeper colors like this, my lip lines are more apparent. But deep colors like this are a little bit too fancy and mature for me which is not what I usually go for. Sometimes I want to try new things though! So if you're exploring a new range of colors this could be a good choice. By the way, the scent of this product is like ivy, it's kind of similar to Anna Sui's products. If you like this type of scent, try it!





Such beautiful container design~~~~!! I can buy it just because of the container~ Love the color combination. RD2 is a blush, PK3 is an eyeshadow. The blush is super red so I use my compact powder to make it more natural~ Looks nice~!! 

This is never on discount, 7-11 in Japan came out with a 3 bottle pack for tourist lol. It lathers easily and very cleansing. For oily skin type it's pretty refreshing, overall I think it's a good face wash. 

It's made in Japan, I bought the black color. The tip is super thin and long, you can apply thin or thick eyelines. I think it's a great eyeliner, makes my eyes pop! It's pretty long lasting, after a long day only the edge of my lines smudged at little bit. 

The tester I got is only enough to use 2 times~~ The texture is very dry, it's very hard to squeeze it out and spread on my face, I should add some water next time. When the texture became dry it feels abit tight, after I washed it I can see my face became white and cleansed all the dirt and oil on my face! It's great for people with oily skin~~

It's refreshing, the clear essence is very nourishing and it absorbs very quickly. I think it's great for people with oily skin, a little can go a long way. 

The blue and white puff is the first thing I see when I open the box, then it has a nicely sealed box which contains the cushion. The compact is full of foundation, and a little amount can go a long way. When you apply the foundation on you face, just lightly pat it with the puff~and it will slowly cover all the flaws on your face~It gives my skin a nice glow so I think it's great~

I love the dewy look on my face and it's really amazing that it covers all my pores~ If you use it during summer it's pretty moisturizing

My aunt recommended me this product and I was on the fence. After I used it, I bought it twice lol. It has not smell...just like water, my skin becames so amazing after using it for a while!!! Blemishes, oiliness and pores has all improved, great to calm my skin. But it's water from France!! I have oily sensitive skin but this product improves my skin condition and makes my skin moisturizing, I'm so satisfied I will keep on using it, it's a must have~!!! 

The box is so cute~~~ so pink, the brush is also pink~ How cute~!! The brush has a nice curve so I can brush easily on my lashes, makes them very even~ But I have shaky hands so I made it all over the place~ It's pretty long lasting~

This loose powder is inexpensive and so great, great for students!! Shiseido has it's reputation~ It very oil blotting and it's easy to carry, so I can re-apply anytime!!! Just a few pats and no more oily face!!! And it doesn't make me look cakey at all!!! I think it's great and convenient!!!

The design of the package is so beautiful~ When I open the box I can immediately see the brush, how convenient~ I tried the color on my hand it so great~ At first I applied too much on my face but then I contoured with my losse powder to make it more natural!! It's great!!!

This is a compact foundation designed for Taiwanese girls~!!! Such a touching slogan~ It keeps my skin clear for 8 hours~ I'd be very happy even with 4 hours~!

The texture is very fine and the puff is so soft but the powder stays on very well, with just one press it enough for half of my face~

The coverage is so great!! My skin is so bright and smooth , not too pale, this shade is so great for me. 

It give me a high quality look, super great coverage I'm so surprised! The texture is thick but so easy to blend with just my fingers. Just like HD. It can easily cover the pores on my nose, how can I now give it full hearts!!!!!! So cool~~~

This face wash contains 80G, it's cheap and in 7-11 Japan they sell it in three for promotion. It has a white texture and lathers into fine bubbles, very cleansing and refreshing for oily skin type. You should try it yourself, it's a great face wash! 

It's contained in a nice green glass bottle. The oil is very cooling and not greasy! I thought it would be very oily but I'm surprised. It's my go to bottle when I have acnes. 

The toner is contained in a lovely pink bottle, it has no alcohol smell. It's mild and calms my face, the toner contains brightening and whitening agents. My face became very moisturized even during summer. And my makeup sets better too. This is a great toner!!

After I tried it, I regret that I did not use this earlier! Some people had bad reaction after applying this product, so I only use a little each time.

It is a clear water texture with no scent. Alot of people suggest to use this after applying toner, but I just pat it on my face and it's great.

I can't tell whether my pores are smaller or my skin got more clear. But my face doesn't get oily anymore, which amazed me. It's expensive but I will definitely purchase again.  

I love this lip balm, it has no smell and it's not greasy at all! It feels cooling and doesn't irritate my lips. I would apply it before I sleep and have moisturizing lips the next day. 

I've been using Nivea's lotions before. This time I bought the whitening lotion. I use it to treat my darkened skin. I like the packaging, it gives me a summer feeling. The texture is nice and easy to spread through my skin and very absorbing too. After some time, I find my skin condition getting better, moisturized and smooth. I recommend to use it long term.

I got a 12ml tester for shampoo+conditioner+hair mask. The shampoo smells really great, it's very cleansing and easy to rinse off, makes my hair very smooth. I guess the shampoo already makes my hair smooth, I didn't feel the conditioner that effective. It has a typical Pantene scent, it lathers abit when I rinse it off. 

Everyone was talking about this pricey toner, so I decided to buy and try it myself. It has a alcohol smell with a white colored texture but I got used to the smell. It whitens my skin and shrinks my pores, I apply it 1-2 times a week. But I bought the same product in Japan and it doesn't have the alcohol smell, very comforting to use. 

This cream has SPF 50+++ and it brigthens my face after I apply it, it's kind of watery when I first apply it so I had to wait for it to dry abit. It has a good coverage, and looks natural. 

When I first use this BB cream it was a tester package, it's abit hard for me to tell if it's good or not because it was really hot. After I applied it, my skin looks clear and has a nice glow. It has a really good coverage! My skin was really oily but the BB cream still manage to cover my pores! 



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