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General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Australia
  • Ingredient Preference: Natural, Vitamin C, Mineral, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I was one of the winners for August Giveaway and received this product one month ago. I took time waiting the product progress on my face and the result is not what i expected. The texture of the product is pretty much like water and dry straight away after i put it on my face. My skin is a bit dry in cold weather but i can say i have a natural skin and i thought this product might be suitable for oily skin. So i asked my boyfriend who has acne and oily skin to try this product and see whether it works or not. After he used this products for a few weeks, acne stays on his face a bit longer than usual and doesn't help that much. So honestly, i can say that, this product doesn't work any of the skin type. 

Packaging is 10 out of 10 for me i always like the beauty product comes with "Dispenser". One more thing you need to aware is this product contains alcohol so if people who don't like to use the product which has alcohol then this is not a product for you!! Once again, Thank you so much "Amabie" team for giving me an opportunity to try asian beauty products and choosing as a giveaway winner. Stay Tuned for more reviews from me guys...xoxox...

I have light brown colour. If u want to achieve Instagram eyebrows look then this product is a must. The texture is easy to draw and creamy. However u have to invest a brush to wear it..this brand is famous for eyebrows products & u won't go wrong if u want to achieve your eyebrows into a next level. 

Believe me or not this is my all time favourite weight less foundation which perfectly matches my skin tone.. I use shade 3.0 for my skin and I love it.. For my everyday makeup , it use it over forever HD foundation .. Both of the foundation will help u to get flawless skin look but Naked looks more natural for me. Forever HD will look good with the lighting for special event like wedding or photo shooting. I will buy this foundation again and again..oh yeah not full coverage for me tho..I still need to use Concelar for my dark eyes circles. 

I use this product after I wash my face (after cleanser). This is the step that helps u to prepare your skin for the skin care steps. After I wash my face, as soon as I put this lotion, it makes me feel fresh and nice. Smell also very nice and I use a cotton pad to wear this product. 

I don't know why people are so crazy about this product.. For me it is just so so ..however if u have a dry skin it could be the good primer for u buttttt make sure u Moisturize your face before u use this product because it helps u to blend your Foundtion easily and stays long however if u skin is very dry then it won't help u much..I don't buy this product again as I don't Hve any pore to cover & I can use other reasonable price primer with similar quality..

This BB cream helps u to hydrate your skin 24/7. However it is not full coverage tho..SPF 30. I used Light Clair for my skin and it matches my skin tone. The texture is smooth and easy to wear it all over my face. It is not an essential product for me because I m not very into BB or CC cream.But if u have a dry skin and looking for good BB cream to hydrate your face then this is the product for u!! 

This is one of my essential makeup products !! Need to shake a bottle before u use removes easily all the long lasting makeup ..I can't imagine my life without this product.This is literally a most amazing makeup remover with a reasonable price...Quality is 100% . I don't even know how many bottles I have used..if u love to wear a makeup, u will love this product too.

I would recommend this product to a person who has short eyelashes.. My eyelashes are literally very short and this mascara saves my life... It is quite expensive for one mascara and I will buy a travel size for the next time because Mascra experies in 4 to 5 months. Packaging is so cute and it also has lifting effect for your lashes..

Extra creamy and it helps u to super clean your face.. I means "super clean" is like u can even hear a sound after u wash your dishes ... Lolzz sound crazy isn't it.. I only like to use a cleaning foam which can remove my makeup and dirt 100%.. If not I can easily get pimple or white head.. Smell is very fresh and becomes very smooth after u wash your face. 10000000% recommend this product. Worth the price ..

I wear this sunscreen almost everyday!!! Love it!! No sticky texture and no Cakey for my makeup...Most of the sunscreen have a sticky texture and it will make your makeup looks Cakey lasts all day and u can use it for both face and body.. How goods it is..Sheseido products never make me disappointed !!! Highly recommended!! 

Easy to wear it..I like the eyebrows pencil which comes a long with a brush...the pencil shape helps u to define your eyebrows very easily ..worth the price .. 

The texture is creamy and easy to wear but hard to blend it tho.. It lasts all day even u don't use primer but this is not what I expected for gel liner ...According to the picture when I buy this product, u can blend it easily like an Eyeshadow but when I actually put it in my eyelids, it is pretty much a liner and nth more than that..For the pink champagne that I bought I can only use it to brighten up my inner corner of my eyes...So even though the price is reasonable, I am not going to buy this liner again!!! 

I like this eyeliner alot. I wear this eyeliner all day long wihtout smudging. The price is quite resonable and it is worth the price. If you have oily eyelids, this is a must have eyeliner!!! 

The quality of the eyeshadow is not bad. I can tell it's worth the price. If you like to wear korean style makeup, eyeshadows pigment is ok because korean makeup style is more into natural look. Nothing bad about this product. Price is very resonable. 

The liquid is pretty watery and doesn't stay long that much on the lips. It's also hard to wear it and doesn't look so nautral. As the procut is hard to blend, i have to use other lips gloss or lips balm to wear it. This is my very first lip tint and i don't like to use it. However, you can use it either as a lip tint or as a blush. If you are thinking to buy a lip tint than i don't persoanlly recommand this product. 

Very cute lipgloss. I bought it because of a cute packaging and resonsable price. It can help you moisturize your lips. Worth the price tho. 

This prodcut is my very first cushion foundation and it really impresses me! For my skin, i don't even need to use concelar under my eyes. It's full coverage for me and may be a medium coverage for some people however one of my friend who has a few pinple can also wear this foundtion and she is really happy with the outcome. I don't use primer and wear this foundation all day long doesn't make my skin cakey or oily. The reason i like this foundation is Satin Finish with a bit of glow on your face that will help you to get a healthy skin look. I bought No.23 and it perfectly match my skin color. Cushion foundaion is the best idea if you want to save time wearing makeup everyday.

I need this in winter time beause my skin can dry eaily and breakout. I also used other lotion like victoria secret or body butter but none of them helps me like this prodcut do. My boyfriend has very sensitive skin and he can only use this product. Worth the price and also job done!!!!!!

I really really like the smell of this product. I am the one who always likes do dye my hair frequently and i use it everytime after i wash my hair. Some product i used before made me frizzy hair the next day but this product not. Some of my colleague use it as well and they all like it. My hair dresser told me not to  put too much product near your root as it can get oily easily. 

I use this product everyday to moisturise my face before i wear my foundation. It helps me to get hydration, set my makeup and moisturise my face the whole day. I use this both day and night instead of buying a day cream and night cream separately. It's abit pricey but definitely worth the price. If you have an oily skin, you can use it at night but i thought i wouln't be that much problem. It is not very heavy and not too light. PERFECT for NORMAL skin.

This is one of my essential product for my hair. I can't without it!!!!! However i don't recommnand for a person who has oily hair because hair can eaily frizzy  the next day. That's why i use another shampoo to wash my hair again after i used this product. I know sound werid .. I don't know why some people says this prodouct does oil-blotting but not for me :( 

Anyway.... if you are looking for an effecitve anti dandruff shampoo, this is the really good one with resonable price. 

Shiseido is one of the well known brand for skin care products. I've been using Shiseido for more than 2 years and it never falls to impress me. The texture is light weight gel type and you don't even feel any weight when you are wearing it. The product is easy to concetrate on the skin and you can wear together with any skin care product. The main benefit of this product is to increase your skin immuse system so that it can avoid UV damage on your skin and redcue your early aging. oh yeah! This is also one of the shiseido most popular product so far. To get an effective result, I would recommand you to follow all the skin care steps instead of using it alone by itself.

This is one of the best concealer i've ever used!! The texture is creamy, easy to blend and last long the whole day on my skin. It is a bit pricey but trust me it is worth the price. Full coverage for my dark eyes cycle and little product goes the long way. Packing is magnificent. For my Fair asin skin, i am using Vanilla Light 2 , hope it helps.



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