Just a girl in the south (US) that's obsessed with k-pop, k-beauty, and k-dramas. I'm working on my giant "visible from space" pores while trying to soothe sensitive skin. 

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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Sulfate Free, Vitamin C, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

My skin type is sensitive, oily-combo but I am experiencing winter dryness. The charcoal sheetmask was comfortable to wear and had a great fit for my face. It has a clear essence that is lightly fragranced. I've used this mask several times and I noticed that it does do a very solid job hydrating. Afterwards, the essence feels heavier than other hydrating masks, but in a good way. Unfortunately, for me it remained a bit sticky for a long while.
After 20-30min this mask was still very wet. After I was done with it on my face I folded up the mask and used it on neck. My right hand is super dry and irritated from winter dryness/overwashing so later I even put the mask on my irritated hand and it helped to soothe my skin. My face, neck, and hands approve of this mask!
I received this mask from Amabie and Atopalm USA in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


My skin type is sensitive, oily-combo with a bit of winter dryness right now. The mask material is microfiber and it feels incredibly soft on the skin. The fit was great and the mask clung nicely. The cream essence was very thick and almost slippery. To me, it smells a little bit like menthol. It's not a strong fragrance so I didn't mind. 
I've used this mask several times and I noticed that immediately my skin feels very soft and plump. I'll admit I was a little scared of the Extreme Cream Mask because (even in the winter) cream-based masks often leave my skin extra oily. My skin was not oily the next day from the Extreme Cream Mask. The next morning my skin was very soft, moisturized, and happy. Overall I'm definitely a fan!
I received this from Amabie and Atopalm USA in exchange for my honest review. Thank you! 

I have sensitive, oily-combo skin BUT with 1) the change in seasons, 2) running the heater constantly, and 3) doing a horrible job drinking water for about a week my skin desperately needed some moisture so I decided to try this mask because it is supposed to be moisturizing.


This mask has that generic sheetmask fragrance with a clear essence. This essence is a little thicker than Taiwanese masks like My Beauty Diary and My Scheming. The mask fabric is very thick but super soft like suede. The fabric felt lovely on my skin and the fit was wonderful. The essence dried down to a soft feel in about 5min.


Unfortunately, for my skin, I didn't feel this was very moisturizing. My skin wasn’t “dry” afterwards, but it didn't feel satisfied either. My skin looked very bright though, so that's nice.


Overall, I enjoyed this mask. Unfortunately, my skin had a small reaction to the mask. Sensitive skin can be very temperamental – I think the mask is still suitable for all skin types. I would like to try one of the other varieties of this mask in the future.



This mask was a freebie from Amabie as part of their ABSweethearts program. This review is based on careful testing and reflects only my personal experiences.

This was my first time trying a Holika Holika mask. The fragrance smells very strongly like fruit when you open the package and for a couple minutes are you apply the mask, but the fragrance fades into that generic sort of clean, floral sheetmask smell.

The fabric of this sheetmask is interesting. It feels like a very expensive paper towel – super soft but super strong. Soft but heavy. The mask stayed nicely on my face without slipping even though the mask itself is heavy. 

The clear essence is light and it dries down quickly. Afterwards my skin felt very moisturized and SOFT. The next morning, my skin was still soft and it looked glowy.

The package says to wear for 15-20min and I think it was significantly dry by 15min -- so it works within the recommend time. If you want a long masking session this won't be the best choice for you. That being said -- it seems like a great choice for a morning mask because of the good results I saw in a short amount of time and the light dry-down of the essence.

I'd be interested in trying more of these in the future.  

This mask was a freebie from Amabie as part of their ABSweethearts program. This review is based on careful testing and reflects only my personal experiences.

This is the Peripera Ink in shade #2 (named Get the Eye or sometimes Draw Attention). I am a total makeup newbie. I don't usually wear lip products so this was a totally new adventure for me. I received this product for free from the lovely folks at in exchange for my honest review. Thank you, Amabie, for this opportunity! This review is based on days of careful testing and reflects only my personal experiences.
For me, this lip tint was long lasting. I was very surprised that it stood up to my normal 12 cups of water, coffee, and food. It took about 6 hours before it started to show significant wear and was completely gone except for a residual bit of color at 7 hours of wear. It even wore off nicely and evenly. 
I loved that the Ink applied evenly and wasn't patchy on my lips. Sometimes I put just a drop or two on my lips and then smeared it around to cover my lips with a light stain. Other times, I carefully applied the Ink with the wand across my full lips. Both methods applied nicely with no patchiness and were long lasting.
The only time the Ink wore off kind of patchy was a day when I had very dry lips. I think the residue from my lip balm made the Ink not sink in the same -- and of course having dry, crunchy lips didn't help.
It smells a little fruity as you apply it but it fades as the Ink dries. The Ink does take 30+ seconds to fully dry, but when it is dry it is fully "set." For me it just seemed to become part of my lips -- it wasn't drying or moisturizing.
I've attached 3 pictures here so you can get an idea of the shade in different lights - one in stronger light outdoors, one a shot in terrible bathroom lighting, and another in indirect light indoors.
I honestly love this Peripera Ink. If I wanted something bold and wanted to not worry about it --- this is what I would reach for! I could wear it for a party without worrying about it coming off. I'd love to buy this in other colors.   

This mask has a milky essence (lotion type) with a light fragrance. It felt moisturizing, soothing, and refreshing like a good snail mask should be while wearing the mask – but it felt sticky and heavy after. Even the next morning my skin felt heavy from the mask. I have oily skin, so perhaps this lotion mask would be better for dry skin. The mask itself is a medium weight material with ok fit. 

This sheet mask has a milky essence (lotion style) with a medium weight mask. Besides having very small eye holes, the fit on the mask was nice. The mask was moisturizing and helped relieve some redness in my cheeks. Unfortunately, I am very sensitive to fragrance and to me this had a very heavy fragrance. I barely could keep the mask on for the minimum amount of time because the fragrance was making my eyes water. I used two of these masks. I gave it a low rating because the fragrance made the masks almost unusable for me.

The Cosrx Snail Essence is moisturizing, healing, and calming for my skin – but very light. I have sensitive skin and my skin is always so soft, calm, and happy when I use this. It has no fragrance. Due to the very high snail content the texture is stringy and a little slimy at first but it dries down beautifully with no sheen. The bottle lasts a very long time because only one pump will cover my entire face. I’ve used one full bottle and am now using my second bottle. 

This is a very light textured eye cream. I have oily skin, even around my eyes, and I found this cream moisturizing and refreshing. It’s light enough that I can wear it during the day – it sinks in quickly. I’m not very knowledgeable about eye creams, but I feel this is a good “starter” eye cream. I see a little bit of plumping from the extra moisture. It’s very inexpensive. I’ve used about 2/3 of a tube of this eye cream and for me it is worth repurchasing. 

I used a full bottle of this ampoule but did not notice any benefits from using it except perhaps a small bit of moisture. The texture of the ampoule felt almost oily and it made my skin very shiny. It does not have that “slime/goo” texture that you find with many snail products, which would make it a good product to begin with snail for people who are scared of trying snail. I boosted the rating by 1 “heart” because it’s very cheap, which makes it an inexpensive way to try snail.

This is another great Biore sunscreen. It provides great sun protection – though it’s not waterproof. It has a runny texture, which makes it super fast to apply evenly. It contains alcohol while helps it to dry down quickly. There’s a bit of a scent but it disappears very quickly and there’s no whitecast. I have oily skin and this does not make me shiny. One additional thing I love is that this bottle is 90ml making it a great value. I’ve used 6+ tubes of this suncreen and will continue to purchase.

This is such a great product! It's lightweight and nonsticky with no whitecast. It has a little bit of a scent, but it doesn't linger. It's not mattifying, but doesn't make my oily skin shiny. There is alcohol in this which helps it to dry down very quickly. This has a “gel” texture and applies quickly and evenly. I've used 4+ tubes of this suncreen and will continue to purchase.

I have oily/sensitive skin and for my skin this propolis ampoule is very light. It feels soothing and provides moisture without being sticky or shiny. My breakouts seem to heal a little faster when I use this. It has zero fragrance. It’s a great ampoule to mix with other products and give your skin a little extra glow. I used a full bottle of this and will repurchase.

I love this Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion  (hydrating toner) because it’s very moisturizing without adding weight. It’s great for oily skinned people like myself. Everything I put on afterwards works so much better! Just be aware that it is supposed to be a bit sticky on application. (If I remember correctly, the application instructions on YouTube from Hada Labo say that you pat on the toner until it becomes sticky texture and then it’s time to put on your next product.) The stickiness goes away after a couple minutes, or after you put on your next products, whichever comes first. This hydrating toner has a texture like a very thin gel and has no scent. I use it immediately after my first essence. It's also a great value because you don't need to apply much. I’m almost finished with one full sized bottle and will repurchase.

This Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (original edition) is meant to be used immediately after the cleansing phase. I used a full bottle of this product and found it fairly lackluster, unfortunately. It didn’t provide the brightening and softening I experienced with other first essences. Though it did provide some additional moisture, it wasn’t much. To its credit, it is scent-free and absorbs quickly. For me, I didn’t notice any positive effects for my skin beyond a tiny bit of extra moisture. 

The Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream has 74% snail secretion filtrate. Because it has a smooth gel texture it’s a great way to get started with snail items if you feel scared by the idea of snail. It’s healing, soothing, calming, moisturizing. It’s meant to be used later in your routine, so it’s often either the last step in my routine (summer) or used just under a sleeping pack (winter). I use it for extra moisture on my body, if needed. I layer it on my acne spots and they heal so, so fast. There is no fragrance. I’ve used 6+ tubes of this snail gel and I will repurchase.

This is a thin sheetmask with a clear essence that is very lightly fragranced. The essence dried down nicely and felt light on my skin. The essence has a lot of “slip” so the leftover tablespoon of essence goes pretty far. I've noticed the bright, calm and moisturized results lasts a long time for me. My skin is moisturized, plumped, and happy. I bought a ten pack of these and I will definitely repurchase.

This mask is very snaily! It is slimey – but in a good way. The snail essence in this mask is really great. This Naruko Snail mask has a really thick, clear essence. There is 1-2 teaspoons of essence left in the packet and that little bit goes pretty far because there is a lot of “slip” with this essence. The mask stays damp for at least 30 minutes. It takes about 15 minutes for the mask to dry down fully and feel light on the skin. It makes my skin soft, smooth, and bright. Redness is reduced and soothed. This is a seriously healing mask. I bought a ten pack of these and I will definitely repurchase.

They didn't name this "Speedy" for nothing! It emulsifies in a flash and rinses cleanly - no film, no heaviness. Because this is fragrance free it is great for sensitive skin like mine. The only makeup I wear is waterproof mascara and I found that this removed my mascara very well. It doesn't seem like it does a real deep cleansing of the skin (it's called speedy - not deep!), but for what I need it to clean it works just fine. I’ve almost finished one bottle of this and I will definitely repurchase.

This sleeping pack is one of my favorite products. My skin type is sensitive, oily/combo. For me, redness is reduced, and my skin is more bright and bouncy. I didn't notice the redness reduction/brightening until 3-4 uses, so be sure to give it a chance if you're looking for brightening. It's not greasy and feels light on the skin. It isn’t fragranced. A little goes a long way, so it's a good value. It's not very occlusive, so people with very dry skin may find they need a little more to meet their needs, depending on what they layer underneath.

I have oily skin in a humid climate and I found that this sunscreen often made me too shiny or it felt sticky all day. In the winter when my skin is more dry I found that I could use it with less shine/stickiness. I'm sensitive to fragrance and I felt that the fragrance was very strong. I applied the sunscreen 11 hours ago and I can still smell it. The sunscreen does have a soft, soothing texture. I have used almost the full tube but I will not repurchase.

This Scinic Honey AIO is great. It's hydrating, soothing, and healing. It is only very lightly scented. With my oily skin in a humid climate it usually made me a little too shiny for day time. It can get a little bit sticky if you use too much, so keep in mind that you only need a few drops. While it is labeled as an AIO, I still like to use my first treatment essence underneath. I could skip a moisturizer over top most days, unless my skin was feeling dry. I will definitely repurchase this.

The patches are clear and on my skin tone are usually not too noticeable. They come in a variety pack of small, medium, and large sizes (one sheet with 24 total patches). Apply the patch to clean skin and leave on until it’s "filled" with impurities. Usually, I do my evening cleanse, then before applying any products I apply a patch and continue with my routine as normal.  For me, these patches have been great with “small” pimples and larger cystic acne (under the skin). My husband asks to use these because they’re that helpful. I've finished one package of the Cosrx acne patches.

I found this products made a huge difference in my skin to keep moisture levels consistent without adding weight or oil. It’s brightening and soothing.My skin feels softer, smoother when I use it. It doesn't have a scent – unless you count a very, very faint yeasty/fermented smell that fades so quickly. I finished a bottle of this product and will repurchase.

While I felt this product did a good job as an oil cleanser, I can’t recommend it to those with sensitive skin because this is a heavily scented product. The perfume level of this is oil cleanser is excessive and irritated my sensitive skin. To me it smells somewhere between baby powder and old lady perfume. It doesn’t feel like it emulsifies cleanly; my skin always felt heavy afterwards cleansing. I finished a bottle of this.

I’ve used 10 of these masks so far. These are my go-to masks that I know will not irritate my sensitive skin. They’re calming and healing with a *very* gentle brightening. This mask has a clear, lightly fragranced essence that dries down quickly. If my skin is irritated, red, or fighting a breakout I will reach for one of these masks. A good solid mask for my skin.



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