Beauty blogger living in South Korea, testing things on my face and hoarding cute things. Slightly sensitive/normal skin, daily sheet masker, and eyeliner addict.

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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
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  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Wavy
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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 25-34
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  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Vitamin C, Aloe
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This mist is beautiful! Not only does it look gorgeous, but it leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated, with a beautiful smell left behind! As you spray your faces it of course goes everywhere, and I do notice that it makes my lips tingle slightly, but in a really pleasant way - it's refreshing and really a joy to use. Skin feels hydrated after using and you can take it with you on a hot day to keep your moisture levels up. My only complaint is that there isn't enough of it!

The Shirojyun line contains Hada Labo's usual dose of hyaluronic acid, which is highly moisturising and gives you that youthful glow through its water retaining properties. However, the Shirojyun line also contains arbutin, which is a natural lightening agent. It essentially helps you to reduce colour pigmentation and brightens the complexion.
The essence comes in the form of an almost gel-like, white-tinged substance, being thicker than a liquid but not of cream consistency. It absorbs easily, drying clear, and you need 1-2 pumps to cover your face.
This was a really nice product to use, and it definitely brightened my complexion and redness was reduced. Now I've stopped using it, redness has crept in around the sides of my face and just over my eyebrows. It never eliminated the redness in my cheeks, but it gave me a more even complexion and really improved some of my trouble areas. It was hydrating at the same time, so it provides both moisture and brightening effects.
The only thing I didn't like about this product is how long it lasted. It retails at around 25,000 won, but only lasted me about a month and a half. Normally products last me a lot longer, so while it is really effective, you are paying more. I do think it's worth it though - the results were great.

The concept of this product is interesting for sure. I enjoy my routines and taking time over them in the evening especially, so for the Hyggee Balance to replace, as it says, toner, serum, emulsion,  and basically everything except your cleanser and sun cream, I was intrigued. 
Considering the formula is made of 20% oil-based substances, and 80% water-based, I was a little worried as oils do not seem to absorb into my skin. They sit there doing not a lot. Birch sap is a big ingredient, which was exciting for me as I had been eyeing up the CosRX birch sap moisturiser a few weeks before. The sap is rich in amino acids, which rejuvenate the skin and reduce signs of ageing. Other ingredients include macadamia seed oil, jojoba oil, and a LOT of ferments. Fermented ingredients are basically your average ones amped up in antioxidants and vitamins because of the process.
Before applying, you shake up the bottle. This is amazingly satisfying. Dispensing the essence, it isn't thick at all but has a slight oily feel to it, like it is rich and heavy despite being in liquid form. It smells amazing - fresh, herby, and natural. I wish the smell lasted longer.
It absorbs into my skin really well, which is great, and gives instant hydration. It first looked a little too oily and I was worried about that, but I have found that happened more when I used it as part of a bigger routine. When I used it alone, say in the middle of the day, it instantly boosted my moisture levels and made my face feel and look fresh. 
The key to this product is, for me, indeed using it as a stand alone. My face glows when I use it with nothing else. When I add other products I don't see the effects as much. It gives me a great layer of moisture that lasts, and supple fresh-looking skin that looks radiant when I re-apply makeup in the middle of the day.
It definitely works as an all-in-one product and I would recommend for dry skin!

I LOVE this eyeliner. It doesn't budge throughout the day, applies easily, and looks great! I can get a sharp wing with it, as the applicator is quite thin, and the pigment is really strong. It doesn't look streaky or go on with holes/gaps in the line, as some do. It is pretty waterproof and I have never had any problems with it transferring with rain, tears, and so on. It's a beautiful colour, amazing application, and isn't too expensive for the quality. Have repurchased again and again!

I bought this because it was so hyped - everyone talks about this so highly that I thought I had to try it. Sadly I had issues with it. It just sat on my skin and didn't absorb at all. It would make make-up just sit awkwardly on my skin if I put it on in the morning, and in the evening I couldn't put anything on over it. I think my skin has issues with honey so it's probably not the product's fault entirely, but sadly it just wasn't for me and I can't rate it highly because it wasn't effective. Even though I have relatively dry skin, it just doesn't go in! It works well as a body moisturiser though, so that is something.

At first when I started using this, I hated it. It made me shine like a lightbulb and i just wasn't sure the look was for me. 
But then I started getting used the glow. I've always gone for the matte look but it really dries out my forehead, and powder clogs up my pores really badly. 
Since I started using this cushion, my skin has been in much better condition. It's so moisturising and doesn't dry my skin out at all. It lasts all day/night long and while it can sometimes look a bit shiny, I'm willing to deal with that for the healthy glow it gives me and the way it makes me feel. I am absolutely in love with the coverage. It doesn't clump together and it it doesn't transfer onto clothing or come off if you touch it. I also like that the cushion dispenses the product rather than you pressing the puff into a sponge. It's much more sanitary.
I'd definitely repurchase and will be happy to buy another Su:m37 cushion to add to my collection!

I got this as part of a set with the essence, some pads, and a mini-lotion for about ¥6900 when I went to Japan, which I think is about $65. That's not too bad considering the mask is about $10 apiece. The mask is really stiff and thick. It didn't fit well on my chin and hung off the bottom. It dried out pretty quickly, I wore it for maybe 40 minutes total and it was almost completely dry. The essence is pretty thick and goopy, and you do get a bit in the pouch. Enough to put on my neck and arms. The smell is kind of funky, which is probably down to the famous pitera ingredient. Pitera is a natural byproduct of yeast fermentation and claims to soften the skin and lighten dark spots. I really wanted this mask to show me there was something to SKII being widely popular. .
When I peeled the mask off my skin certainly was softer, but no brightening effects were noticed. I now do have pretty smooth skin, but not $10 smooth skin. All in all, for what you are paying this mask is NOT worth it. Spend your money on ten better masks you can get for a dollar.

This is a hydrogel mask and retails at 4000 won in Korea. The fit is good and there is no noticeable scent at all. It was soothing and pleasant to wear. I wore it for about 30 minutes and noticed some brightening effects, with a little of my redness soothed on my cheeks and my nose. My skin is nice and soft too. It's not the world's best mask but it did give me some small effects and I did enjoy wearing it. I might buy it again as a Sunday treat, as to be honest my redness is minimal these days and I feel the mask would be more effective for me on a regular problem red skin day.

I have tried two of the Pokemon x Tony Moly sheet masks so far, and these are the Squirtle (Lotus) and Charmander (Grapefruit) versions. Both masks have the same fit, which is pretty good, and they have a decent amount of essence. The smell is really nice on both masks. The grapefruit isn't too strong and is a refreshing scent, while the lotus version smells a little of ginger, which is lovely. I enjoyed wearing both, and the Squirtle mask was very hydrating and soothing, while the Charmander mask brightened a little. These masks are not too expensive, and hopefully the others in the same range are equally good. I will purchase again.

This mask was given as a free sample for a long time at Nature Republic to convince you to buy the hydrogel. I tried both the hydrogel and this one, and this cotton sheet mask is way better in my opinion! It can be found online and bought at duty free in Korea, so it is available for purchase. I like this mask because it calms my skin down a lot, has no strong smell, fits pretty well, and is all round a great soothing mask for days where my skin just needs that extra bit of care. I wouldn't say it performs amazingly, but with use over time, I've come to love it. I think it really helps my tired and red skin. I would definitely purchase this again. 

This product is alright. Nothing special. For the price I wouldn't say this was worth it. It doesn't dry greasy and it blends clear, so it's good in that respect. I don't think my make-up lasted any longer at all, though. I think their regular primers are a bit better but as usual I haven't found that Banila Co. lives up to its good reputation. Most of their products are duds for me.

I've tried both the Disney version and the Halloween Kakao Friends version of the watery tint in red and orange shades. I have to say that for the price, this is one of my favourite lip tints. It is really pigmented and comes in lovely colours, really making your lips look great. You can wear them as shiny with the product applied wet, or you can blot and make it a tint immediately.

It takes a long time to rub off - it's not 100% food and drink proof but I don't know of many tints that truly are. The deep red especially sticks around for a long time. It is an inexpensive product which is well worth the money and I would highly recommend it. 

This product comes in two parts: a tattoo pen and a browcara. The instructions state that you should leave on the brow tattoo for at least six hours, but best overnight. So I trimmed my eyebrows and applied it, ready to see if the magic would happen. It looked really dark when I first put it on and I was so worried that I'd end up with crazy dark angry eyebrows. 
In the morning I washed it off and was still a little worried it was too dark. I was pleased that it only clung to hairs and it didn't tattoo any areas on my skin. My brows were definitely more defined and looked fuller. 
After I applied my makeup, I felt a lot better about the whole thing. The end look is basically how I'd fill in with eyebrow pencil on the regular. I topped up with browcara once but it was a little too dark for me. It really helped my eyebrows stay in place but it was just not right for my natural colouring.
After a couple of days wear, I think I hit the perfect shade. The tint lasts about 6 days, if not a week, so I just apply it every weekend. It's been great not doing my eyebrow pencil every day and it achieves exactly the same look. I'm really pleased with this product and although it is a little dark at first, I don't think it's a problem compared to the many pros. It also comes in a dark brown shade for those of you with darker eyebrows. I would definitely purchase this product.

This is a 3-step mask and first you use the cleansing foam, then a brightening essence, and finally the mask itself. 
The cleansing foam is fine, nothing special to report and it does its job of cleansing well enough. When you get to the essence it's sort of gel-like in texture but spreads on very easily and is absorbed by the skin quickly. It's a brightening essence and you get a LOT in the packet so you could easily use this twice. 
The mask is absolutely soaked in essence too, so you let the 2nd step essence sink in before you use it. 
I didn't detect any notable scent as I put the mask on, and the fit was good, except I wish they had cut out eyeholes rather than leaving the eye part attached so it has to be folded under. The mask didn't dry out quickly and I kept it on for about 40 minutes with no silicon mask. 
When I peeled it off, I went into the bathroom to dispose of it and never before have I said 'WOW' out loud to the effects of a mask! My skin was so clear and bright and I had no traces of redness in the places I usually do - it was amazing! I looked very ethereal...the look I'm striving for was achieved with a 40 minute masking sesh! The results have lasted although a little redness is creeping back in. I would love to see how this performs with extended use. A huge thumbs up and I will definitely repurchase! 

First off, I'm really mad that this isn't a character mask. I thought it was when I bought it and I know many others were thinking the same, so if you're ordering from abroad and want the novelty factor of a character face mask, you're going to be disappointed.

The mask itself smells nice, it's not particularly pungent and it in fact disappears after a minute or so. The fit is great and the feel of the mask is lovely - it's super smooth and clings close to your skin. It dries relatively quickly though. This mask is a firming mask with anti-aging properties. It contains collagen, and allantoin which retains water in your skin. The mask made my face really soft and my skin was glowing this morning - shiny and nice to the touch. So for 2000₩ it's not bad.

This is definitely the best lip patch RE: size and fit that I have tried. Some of the ones that I've used before (Skinfood, Tony Moly, Etude House) have either broken or not sat well on my lips due to being too chunky. This is a super thin lip patch which adheres well and clings to your skin. It's huge! .
It has a nice cooling effect and smells good, vaguely fruity. It contains a lot of fruit extracts such as cherry, cranberry, raspberry and peach. It also contains oil to hydrate the lips - jojoba seed oil - so it looked promising.
I wore the patch for about 25 minutes before it began to dry out (and I got thirsty like I always do). My lips were smooth and I got the feeling that they were slightly tinged red, which could be because of the raspberry and cherry extracts. This morning my lips feel okay, smoother than normal but nothing amazing that wowed me. I think it's good for hydration in the short term but not over a long period of time. I would wear one of these before my day began next time, or before going out, as you don't really feel the benefits through sleeping! 

This product really didn't get on well with my skin - it made it slightly redder than normal and I broke out a few times after using it. I initially thought it wasn't the cleanser but after uses over a period I can see that it is. It smells very strong and this is honestly the most off-putting thing - it has a sweet smell that is almost like baby powder, so very artificial and incredibly pungent. It's too much for me and doesn't really perform well either. Would not recommend!

I am a huge fan of CosRX but this is the first product that I have to say I will not repurchase.
It is a slightly pink tinged cream that will certainly make you that bit whiter in the face as you apply - and it keeps changing in colour after application. I would never use it alone because it just doesn't provide the coverage I want. I prefer cushions for this reason nowadays - but I want a good all over finish and this more blends to work with your skin. It does give you some slight colour but it doesn't even out my skin tone or significantly cover my redness so it's a bit of a dud for me. It also doesn't last as long as I had hoped. Perhaps on someone with no redness who only wanted minimal coverage this would work. .

This is a really nice wash off mask with immediate results. The grapefruit version of the Innisfree real masks is a brightening one, and it looks similar to a sugar scrub, with a similar texture. You rub it onto your slightly damp face after cleansing, and I think slight exfoliation is given through the salt/sugar scrub texture. It smells divine as grapefruits are wonderful things! You leave it on for five minutes or so then wash off. It isn't sticky and it's easy to wash off although you find the odd grainy bit if you don't check around your chin and the edges of your face. After washing my skin was super smooth and I noticed it was a little brighter. After more uses of the product I can safely say it is brightening and it is an easy wash off mask to use, so it you want to double mask but don't have much time, this is perfect. 

I had already tried out one mask from this series - the green tea one - and I really liked it so I had high hopes. .
If you dislike strong scents this mask is NOT for you. It is super citrusy, as a hallabong is pretty much like an orange - it smells divine to me but then I love my orange and citrus smells so it works for my tastes. .
The fit is good, it is wide, kind of like L'Herboflore's masks if you've ever tried those. It is a nice material and it is absolutely soaked in essence. It dripped off my chin quite a lot!
This mask is a brightening one and the results were somewhat brightening but more moisturising than anything. It was a nice mask with alright results, but their green tea version was better. I like that it left my skin really smooth and I had a bit of a brighter tone to my skin. I would use it again, mostly just because I love the orangey smell and the fit of the mask! 

This is a great idea for humid climates as it controls shine and oiliness in the skin. It also helps reduce the appearance of pores - mine aren't particularly large but I do get a bit shiny in summer so I wanted to try it.
What I liked most about the product was how cooling it was. No matter how hot it was, the aerosol spray always cooled and it was nice to dab the puff on my face. .
The colour is nice and it's a mist foundation so it isn't the most pigmented on the market, but that's fine if you want a light coverage for summer. It lasts a fair bit, and is easy to touch up with a few quick pumps of the spray. The smell is really bad though - it just has that aerosol smell, nothing else at all to it. It's awful! Very strong and not really what you want to dab on your face.
I probably wouldn't buy it again as the formula isn't really convincing enough for me, but I like the idea. It's different and in summer it really was pleasant just to apply. Still, there are sunscreens like this in aerosol format so I will probably just buy those instead. 

These masks are okay. The fit is fine and I like it when I can see little bits of the ingredient in the mask as it somehow feels more natural! But sadly this mask isn't anything really special. It hydrated a bit and I would maybe use it again, but only as I bought a variety pack. I don't think I'll repurchase. It does have a nice scent, but doesn't last too long and dries out quicker than some masks. It is okay for a standard, no-frills mask. 

I really disliked this eyeliner. It was not easy to apply and didn't go on smoothly at all. You have to keep shaking it and pressing down to get the product out which means any lines you've already drawn get smudged or are not clear. It rubs off really quickly too - every time I wore it, I had to reapply several times a day. I tried to like it and wear it for a while, but it was just so bad. For the price I was also surprised - I have better eyeliners that come at a quarter of the price. Not impressed at all and I will definitely not repurchase. 

I am really impressed with this lip tint. It goes on relatively matte rather than glossy and the colour is seriously pigmented. It stays on your lips super well (even drinking - it's intact after coffee!) and doesn't dry them out. I'm really impressed with it and am keen to try out the other tint colour.

This sunscreen is absolutely amazing, and I've had it for several months now. 
Granted, I just use it on my face, and a different non-AB sunscreen on my body, but still! This little bottle is the best sunscreen I have tried!
It is a thin white liquid which dries with a slight chalky, matte finish, but it doesn't leave any kind of white cast behind it. I don't like an oily finish and this is perfect as both a sunscreen and primer, as make-up applies super easily on top of it. The protection is SPF48 with PA +++ so it's high, but in order to reapply you of course have to rub all your make-up off and start again. Still, this is a great product and I will repurchase again in Japan when I go!

 I tried out the Water Bomb Brightening Jelly Mask and I'm really pleased with the results.
 I've tried Berrisom masks before and I've always been pleased with the fit. it's a wide fit and this one adheres to the face really well, very close to the skin. This mask is a jelly mask so the product is a little thicker (but not too much so) and stickier, but it doesn't dry that way when you remove it. I had to pat in for a while and it left a little bit of a film but it was fine after a bit of time. 
If you don't like strong smells then this isn't going to be one of your favourites as this smells very strongly of articifical sweeties. It died down after a while but I'm more a natural smell kind of person so I would have liked that more. 
This mask is a brightening one, and it did just that. I thought it hadn't at first but about 30 mins later I saw that my complexion was brighter and I had a really shiny, moisturised face. It was really nice! In the morning the brightening was still there and my skin is soft and generally happy.

This cushion is not so cheap for the Face Shop considering you only get one refill, but the quality is good and the finish is really nice. It comes in two colours (201 and 203), 203 being the darker of the two. I chose the lighter one and it fits my skin tone well (I'm MAC NW15). It goes on easily and doesn't leave a shiny finish which I like. It holds well and lasts for a while. Perhaps not all day but long enough for only two applications or so throughout the day. If it's hotter it does come off more easily but that is standard with make-up. I probably wouldn't repurchase but that is just because I have better cushions - this one is decent enough. And the packaging is great! A cute little Mike face makes any make-up bag that much more fun. 

This is hands down one of the best cushions I've tried. The silk cover gives you a radiant glow without being shiny, and the formula is so light and soft that you feel you're barely wearing make-up at all. It lasts for ages, even in heat and humidity - I wore this on holiday to a humid country and it stayed on for hours. It is easy to apply thanks to the cushion nature, and you can get all over even coverage very easily. It suits my skin tone well (I used #21), and gives you a slight gloss finish, but not so you look sweaty and luminous. I'd really recommend it for its finish and staying power. 

This mask is supposed to help calm the skin and soothe irritation. 
There was virtually no smell as I opened the package and the mask is lightweight but with a somewhat thicker, creamy essence. It felt really cooling on my face which gave me a great soothing sensation. The fit was ok but there were a fair few creases around the sides. 
I left the mask on for about half an hour and my skin felt really moisturised. It absorbed well and my skin felt hydrated and calm. I only wish I could have a neck and body sheet mask with this! I will definitely buy again and use when my skin hates me!

The Shirojyun milk is called a lotion but it is kind of in between a lotion and a cream. It's thicker than a serum or essence but still runny, and is as it says, a milky colour. It is deeply hydrating and I use it just before my moisturising cream and after my essence step. If I'm sheetmasking I put this on afterwards. 
I spread it over my face and pat in until it absorbs completely. You can tell when as the texture stops being sticky as you pat. 
The Shirojyun range contains arbutin which works to brighten the skin, so if you're looking for hydration and brightening then this is an ideal product. I absolutely love it and will be getting a replacement post haste! It works very well on giving me smooth hydrated skin and reducing redness. My skin has definitely been better since I started using this. Only love for it! 

This skin conditioner can be used after cleansing or after a toner (like an essence would be) so it's versatile and you can choose what you prefer. I use it after my BHA, when I've waited 30 minutes for that to work its magic.
It contains tea tree and amino acids so works to combat acne and is a good choice for those with sensitive skin. It also contains moisturising hyaluronic acid. It hydrates and soothes my redness, conditioning my skin and evening out the tone. The smell is pleasant - you can get the tea tree from the scent - and the texture is watery with a slight cloudy hint to it. If my skin is having a bad time and feels in need of some love I'll add this to my routine. It helps with spots, discolouration, and marks left from acne/breakouts. They heal faster and less scarring is left, reducing to none at all much more quickly. It is sold as being a semi-pharmaceutical product so would work well for those with acne or sensitive skin.

L'Herboflore masks feel so luxurious from the packaging alone! I think they're beautiful and the masks are of good quality too. Fine, thin sheets with a large size fit (especially across the cheeks) so it covers your whole face.
This one has a wondrous smell of watermelons - the artificial sweetie style scent, but still delicious nonetheless. It felt lovely and smelt equally lovely when I was wearing it. I wore it for about an hour and the upper lip part dried out, but the rest was fine - I do wear a silicon mask though.
The results are amazing - my face is much brighter and the skin is very smooth. I didn't see it at first but about twenty minutes later I looked in the mirror and my skin was very bright and glowing. Beautiful mask and great results!

I have relatively normal pores but sometimes am bothered by the fact that they are visible, particularly around my cheeks and the sides of my nose. I bought this toner as I was looking for one that dealt with pores and might help minimise them. This toner is hydrating and seems to work just fine. I haven't noticed any wondrous results but it has been a base of a successful routine for several months now. It smells very strongly of alcohol which is the only reason I don't particularly like it. I will be looking for a different one in the future but there is nothing too bad about the effects of this one. It made my skin a little smoother, but I don't think it has made any drastic changes. It's okay!

I bought this product after reading so many good things about it from the Asian Beauty community. People had got on with it so well that I thought it would be a surefire hit. The packaging is beautiful and the smell is divine - it has a deep honey smell, which I adore as I love honey. The bottle looks luxurious and it comes with a little dropper so you can measure out how much you want to apply - I usually use about two drops. 

I tried this product for about a month before giving up on it. I used it morning and night at first, but then switched to just night time as if I applied it in the morning, my make up sat terribly on it, or just not at all and rubbed off or got oily and patchy. I applied the oil at night, but still found the same thing even the next day. It created a sheen on my skin that nothing would penetrate or sit well on - even sun cream, which of course is very important. I doubt many have experienced this and it seems to be a product people like a lot, so it could be just my skin...but I was disappointed in this product. 

I have the cushion blush in colour VL01. The packaging is adorable but it stops about there. Of all the Rilakkuma products I've tried from A'PIEU, I like this one the least. The pigmentation is not very high so you need a few applications to really see anything. I like a nice clear blusher and this was too subtle (as in, you could barely see it). It lasted for a while, which is why I gave it two hearts, but not as long as a powder blush would last. At least re-application is easy with a cushion and you don't have to carry around a brush and blush compact separately. It's convenient but it doesn't provide enough colour for me to really like the product. 

I loved this mask and how hydrating it was. There was a lot of product - Taiwanese masks seem to have a lot of essence in, which I like, and it lasted a long time. I could wear it for an hour and only stopped because I wanted to. You could definitely wear this for a while. Hyaluronic acid is great for moisturising and my skin was really hydrated after using this. It was supple and bouncy, and I felt really refreshed. This mask is great and I would definitely recommend it. 

Let's be honest - we know I bought this because it had Rilakkuma on it. I tried to find what exactly the white up clouding cream was on the Internet before buying, but no joy. So in I waded. It is a thick cream which you use as the last stage of your make-up routine as a primer for make up. It gives you a brighter, even complexion and has a whitening effect. The cream is very heavy and when using fingers I find that I must rub the product in for quite a while, and even then it has a slightly shiny, not absorbed look to it. It kind of sits on the skin.

However, using a make up brush, this cream is pretty effective. I dab little blobs of the cream - really little - on my face and start to blend it into my skin with a brush. It immediately brightens and makes the skin paler. As beautifully put by my boyfriend: "Are you sick? You look like a zombie." I'd say that's the look I was going for ;) Obviously this means you cannot use the product alone. It serves as a base or primer for your make-up, and gives you a smooth, bright base to work with. Using fingers, this product isn't great, but with a brush you can really see the effects. My make-up stays put and my complexion looks much more even. I'd say it's worth buying just for the packaging, but the actual cream itself is good too! So it's win/win. 



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