About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Professional: Makeup artist
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Natural
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

I apply this whitening gel to my dark spots and I feel that after a couple of weeks you can really see the difference! Highly recommend!

This sheetmask is very convenient! It has a ear hook design so the mask wouldn't move around when you rest it on your face. It even covers your chin area so it's great. 

But the sheet mask itself is a little bit on the thick side so it doens't really fit well on the surface of the skin, but since the sheet mask can be hooked on your ears it wouldn't fall off. You can put on your sheetmask and do other things~ 

The essence also absorbs pretty well and it's not sticky - I think overall it's a product that I would repurchase. 

For sheetmasks, I always like to have ones that fit on the skin really well. 

This sheet mask uses silk as the material of the mask so it fits very well. I think this is great because it wouldn't fall off from your skin. There's also left over essence from the packaging and you can use it on your feet and hands. I think it absorbs really well but it might be a little bit on the heavy side for summer. So I usually use toner to refreseh my face and then put on a moisturizing after I use a sheet mask. 

This product claims to soften face lines and tighten the skin. 

The packaging also said it contains snake venom which sounds pretty cool. 

After actually using it I think it's great for moisturizing. The sheet mask itself doesn't really fit that well on the face. The price is very cheap though so it could be used for regular skin care routines. There are many other "flavors" of sheet masks in the same line that are targeted for different problems. 

Although there are many products out there that contain snake venom and they tend to get good reviews, I think this product was only OK for me. 

PONY x Memebox seriously has the best packaging. I love the fashionable feel to it. 

I have #1 Rose Garden. This color is not true red but more like a red brick color. So you could use it when you just have everyday makeup-on. 

The finish is more matte, which has been quite popular recently, there's no shimmer 
The lipstick is hydrating, but I still suggest applying lip balm before any colored lip product! 

Yet another product from my goddess PONY ! This is her product from the Memebox x Pony line. 

This line has a series of products with high quality and fashionable packaging. 

The brush of this nail polish is the flat kind so it's really easy to control, but the brush is on the harder side. 
The formla of the polish is rich so you have to use a light hand to apply it or else it would come off uneven. 

There's a little bit of technique invovled with this type of color, you have to apply two coats for the best results 

I pair this with fast-drying top coat so that I don't need to worry about the polish not drying. 

I've always really like Etude House as a Korean brand. Their stores are so cute and their packaging is always thought out carefully. This time I'm using their improved version of the everyday sheet mask in greentea. Compared to the earlier version of the product this one is super thin and fits on the face really well. Greentea contains anti-oxidant properties and it can relieve the skin. I feel like my skin became really moisturized after using it. The same product have many other different "flavors" and I'd like to try more of it !

The sheet mask itself is very thin so it's very light and wouldn't slip off my face. I think what makes this product different is that the sheet mask is very firm and it wouldn't break. It fits so well on the skin and I think the amount of essence is just right. Some sheet mask have so much essence it'll start dripping off from the face. 

The smell is also very light and gentle. I think it absorbs really well and it's a great product for interchanging seasons. 

This product is used right after the daily skincare routine. The texture is not oily and the main purpose is to smooth out the skin surface and reduce the appearance of lines. 

When I use this product, I'm really careful with it. Since my pores are very large if I use too much the product will get stuck in them. So I always use a damp sponge to apply this to prevent me from using too much product. 

Foundation that contains essence are usually lighter in texture and emphasize on hydrating properties. The packaging of this product is a glass bottle with a squeeze tube cap. This can help with getting a more accurate amount. For foundations like this I would usually use a damp sponge for application. I will press the product into my face instead of wiping it. The product will appear light on the face and have a nice coverage. 

A tip for summer application would be to use a little amount multiple times to naturally layer the skin with foundation. It will look natural and pretty!

I think that exfoliating your skin is a very important step. 
Many people are afraid to exfoliate their skin because it might cause irritation to the skin. If this is the case I think choosing the right texture of the product would really help with the situation. For example, choosing a product that's more gel based to prevent too much friction between the product and the face. I would suggest not using products that have microbeads in them. 

I use the Nature Republic scrub after I've completely cleansed and pat dry my face. 

I leave the product on for about 20~30 seconds and I massage my face lightly. My dead skin would start to rub off and this completes my exfoliating step. This product smells very nice and it doesn't irritate my skin. 

After exfoliating my face I always make sure to double up my skin care routine to make sure that it's moisturized. I've been using it for about 1~2 times a week which makes my skin look smooth and nice. 

Makeup remover/cleanser moose is definitely a great invention for everyday convenience. This amino acid based product contains natural plant ingredients that can help melt the dirt and makeup on the skin quick & efficiently. 

After you wash off this product it doesn't tigheten or dry out the skin because it also contains skincare agents. 

The foam is very smooth and delicate, everytime I use it I pump out about a ping-pong sized amount to wash my whole face. 

Although this product is 2 in 1, if you have heavy makeup on such as water proof eyeliner, is best you still use lip & eye makeup remover first to ensure that everything is cleansed. And then, this product can be used as a last step. 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for an honest review. The packaging of this blush stick is very cute and it's very easy to use. Since it is automatic, you can just twist it out to use it. The texture of the stick is a very soft cream, and you can blend it with your fingers to make it look great on your face. I have heard that many people are afraid to use this type of stick blush because they're scared that they might mess up. 

But ! I feel like this type of blush is actually better and there's a lower chance for you to mess up. You just need a little bit on the apples of your cheeks after you've applied foundation. Use your fingers and pat lightly onto your face - it'll blend nicely and look really natural. You can set the blush again with some loose powder and it'll be a long lasting cheek color. 

I've always loved using BB creams because I feel like it's very convenient and it works well on the skin 

I really like the Clio water me BB because it's like the name and it's super moisturizing. 

The texture is so watery and you don't need a lot to cover the whole face. 

The coverage is medium so it wouldn't look cakey or heavy on the face. The color is also natural unlike BB creams a few years ago that cast a weird grey shade on the face. It looks so natural like it's your own skin!

I really like this Kao Eye relaxing steam mask. 

After opening the package you'll feel the hot steam. The one that I have is lavender and it really relaxes my eyes. I just put it on like an eye mask and rest for 15 mintues. This product is very suitable for the plain because it will help you relax and add back moisture to the areas around your eyes. The product is packaged individually so you can take it around with you easily. 

The Miss Hana loose powder has a little bit of shimmer in it 

When I'm using it I take a little amount. There's a mesh in the container to prevent you from overloading your products. The texture of the powder is very fine and silky. The puff that comes with the loose powder is also very soft with shorter hair. 

I think thir product is great, it sets your makeup and doesn't make it look dry. 

But I have oily skin so I have to re-apply pretty often.

This loose powder has a little bit of a shimmer in it, but it's not those that are very flakey and obvious. When I'm using it I only take a little bit at once. The packaging itself has a net that will help you gauge how much product you should be using, it's a great design! 

The loose powder texture is very fine and the puff is always very soft. The puff has short hair and it's quite thick. When I set my makeup it doesn't look dry, but my skin is oily so I need to re-apply accordingly throughout the day. 

Ombre lips are so in now~ 

Etude house Lip Balm + Color tint is made into a crayon shape so it's really easy to take it around with me. It's also very easy to use. 

One side of the pen is transparent and the other side is a bright color. 

The color is very saturated so it's really easy to create the Korean ombre lips 

You can re-apply it on the go, and since the tip is quite fine, there's less of a chance to mess up your lips! 

I've used a Majolica Majorca liquid eyeliner before

I know that the liquid eyeliner of this brand is famous for being long lasting - but the packaging of the eyeliner that I've used was designed poorly. It happened to me so many times where I dispensed too much liquid eyeliner. 

They've improved this on the new liquid eyeliner where the dispensing method is by pressing a button on the pen itself. You could dispense as much liquid as you need. 

The tip of the pen is quite soft so it's really easy to create a line ! I love it because I feel very much in control. 

The color I got this time is brown. After I've used it for the first time I had an urge to go purchase other colors. If you press once on the eyeliner, the color wouldn't be as strong. But if you press 2-3 times, the pigment will become stronger. 

So it really depends on what type of make up you're doing and you can adjust accordingly. 

I love to use a combination of different brow products to create my brow look. 

Usually I use an eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder to create the ombre feel. 

This time I only used the Etude House eyebrow palette.

This product looks really natural, I usually use the dark one first on the ends of my brows and use the lighter color for the beginning and the middle part for an ombree effect.

The color pay off is really good so you can use the powder alone.

But the lighter off white color has a little bit of shimmer in it, I don't suggest using it for highlighting because it might make your look appear older? But you can definitely use it as a base eyeshadow to enhance the dimentions of your eyelides.

The brush that comes alone with it is very small so it's not very useful so I suggest using your own brushes!

I've alway liked Miss Hana products! 

The Miss Hana Metal Cushion BB is different from other BB cushions. 

For regular BB cushions, the BB cream product is soaked in a sponge. Many people are worried about sponges being unsanitary because germs accumulate on sponges. 

This BB cushion is dispensed from metal plate with 32 openings. You can use YOUR sponge and load the product. The BB cream will only appear if you press on the metal plate, so you don't need to worry about the BB cream being exposed to the air. 

Pressing the plate one time should be enough to cover the whole face. 
The BB cream itself is not too oily and there are color variations to chose from. 

The pacakging is a combination of white and pink, very cute! 

The applicator sponge is also pink!! 

The packaging of this all in one capsule toner reminds me of summer. I heard that this is a popular brand in Korea! 

All of the ingredients are natural and it's an all in one product that's a combination of toner, essence, and lotion. I apply this after I remove my makeup and my skin care routine is done!! There are also orange particles in the bottle that melts as you apply and they whiten the skin. 

The texture of this product is more like a gel-lotion. My skin absorbs this product well and it isn't sticky! It smells really nice too. 

I would say this product is great for those who want to be lazy sometimes when it comes to their skin care routine. 

This sheet mask is mainly made out of egg essence. Eggs are really good for slowing down aging by keeping the skin moisturizied and bouncy. 

The packaging is really cute, it's a very nice yellow 

When applied on the face, the sheet mask feels more on the heavy side. 

The sheet mask itself sticks to the face really well and the ingredient doesn't sting my face. There are a lot of essence in the packet and they all absorbed very quickly. I feel like my skin was really moisturizied !! The scent is a little bit strong but I'm OK with it. 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. 

The brush tip of this product is a flat sponge, not the artist brush type. 

I think the good thing about sponge tip is that the tip would not get dull over time. 

This product is quite easy to handle and it creates nice fluid lines. 

I tried it on the back of my hand and washed it out thoroughly, and the color remained even until the next day, so I think it is very waterproof. 

You can also apply this eyeliner on the roots of your lashes to create an illusionary line. The packaging is pink and black, I think it looks really pretty!

This Biore sun play product has really high SPF

Usually products with higher SPFs are very sticky and stuffy on the skin. But this product is an exception because it feels really hydrating on the skin. 

When applied on the back of my hand, it felt like a water droplet! You can also blend it on the face easily and feels light on the skin which makes it a good product for summer. 

The SPF is 50 + PA++++ there are 4 + signs! Thats a lot. 

I went to Bali once and I used this product. I re-applied every 2-3 hours and I didn't get tan at all. 

The texture of this product is more on the runny side. It's easy to blend. I got the blue one~ In the summer my skin becomes red and sensitive easily, so blue primers will counter-balance with the redness. It also has SPF 36 PA ++. It doesn't feel oily and doesn't make the skin look pale. (This is common on many other colored primers out on the market) I think the color looks really natural and it stays on pretty well too! I recommend it. 

This is my first time using a whitening cream product that's like a makeup base! 

The Peripera Milk blur is more like a watery loton, so it's very runny on the hands but it's also pretty easy to apply on the face. After you blend it all over your face you'll feel that your face looks brightened and lifted. It's not going to make you look dead pale - it's just a very nice brightened shade. I think this product is also great as a makeup primer base to help your whole look light up. Also it's great because the brightness is not a shimmer/glitter, so you don't need to worry about looking oily or shiny!

The name of this product is Snail Essence sheet mask - the name itself made me feel like the product is going to be very sticky. But when I actually used it, it felt very refreshing and moisturizing at the same time. The scent is really comfortable and not overwhemling. The sheet mask material is very normal, but it contains all of the essences! It fits well on the face and the essence gets absorbed by the skin really quickly. After using the sheetmask my skin felt really soft and bouncy, it was also brightened!

Jill Stuart always have a really luxurious packaging. The blush palette uses a variety of bright colors into a combination. It also comes with a very nice and fancy brush. 

The four colors work well together because it gives the color more dimention and you won't look like a clown. 

The brush itself is white, and it's kind of bouncy, not a brush that has really bouncy texture. You can also use the colors individually without mixing them. You can use this as eyeshadow too!!

This Canmake shimmer powder is a very useful product. Everytime I use this product on my client the finished look immediately looks different. The overall look becomes more stood out, regardless of age, all of my clients like it. 

I also use this powder on my body in party occasions to give myself some extra shine. The texture of the powder is very fine and the shimmer is very classy. I think it's a must have product for nice events! 

This Chic Choc eyebrow pencil is one that I've been using forever. 

The automatic pencil is very convenient. The product itself has a really good hardness so it's easy to draw the eyebrows and blend out. 

You can buy pen fillers if you finish your eyebrow pencil, so I think it's a product that's really worth its price! There are 4 colors to chose from and my favorite is 02 which is a natural brown color. It matches really well with my dyed hair. 

When I use hair styling products, I really hate it when the hair set really hard. This time I tried this product and actually everything looks fantastic! The curls on my hair looked natural and they stayed around for so long. 

How to use: Apply the product on your dry hair. Let the product dry completely and start using your hair tools such as curling iron. It works really well!

MKUP is a Taiwanese beauty brand. 

This liquid eyeliner has a really fine tip which makes it exceptionally easy to control. 

The color of the liquid eyeliner is really dark and it's also waterproof

During the summer time the biggest problem that people get is runny eyeliner and smuding looks. If you use this eyeliner you can go out and have fun (in the water too) and you'll look completely fine. I think this product would be really great for beginners too !

This shiseido eyeliner is a product that all girls who put on eyeliner should use!! It's a product that has been popular for a really long time. It's really affordable, and it also doesn't smudge. The color is a deep black and it's easy to draw a line with it. 

Another thing is that it removes very easily, so when I put makeup on my clients I use this liquid liner! You can use the brush that's attached to the cap, or use your own makeup brush. 

Chic Choc is a brand that I feel like many have had good experiences with. 

This skin care makeup removal oil is vegetable based. It has black tea & green tea extract in it, so I think it's very natural and wouldn't leave excess products on your face. 

If your skin and face is really dry, you can use this to massage your face and help your skin rejuvenate and repair itself. This can also help you skin get its blackheads and whiteheads out of the way. After you massage it on your face you can add water and emulsify it then clean it completely.  The scent is also really nice!

The Japanese Brand Automatic Beauty mascara wand looks like a Christmas Tree

The mascara wand has a thick side and a skinny side. If you want a full volumnized lash look, you can use the thicker side to apply the product on your lashes. If you're applying near the tearducts or on your bottom lashes, use the thinner side! There's also not much fiber content in this mascara so you don't have to worry about getting clumpy spide lashes. If you give it a couple of extra swipes you'll see that it elongates your lashes too!

All regular sheet masks out there are kind of flat. This sheet mask is 3D!! There's pre-lined angles so it fits really well on the face and you can adjust how it fits according to your face shape. 

The smell of the mask is very faint and not very strong. 

There's also a lot of essence left on my face and after massaging it absorbs really well. It's also not sticky so it's really suitable for summer, my face doesn't feel clogged after using it. 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my hoenst review. The Memebox Bad Girl mascara has a really fashionable/ high quality black packaging. The mascara is double sided - one is your regular sized brush and the other one is a really mini brush. 

I've used the regular brush to coat my lashes and the results were quite good! My lashes were very black and long after using it. It doesn't clump up and makes it look like I have cockroach feet on my lashes. 

The other side of the brush is small so it's great for coating the lower lashes. I think the brush is good because it doens't load too much product which causes smudging sometimes. It's also very water and oil proof, so when you remove it you'll have to let the makeup remover set on your lahes a little bit before rubbing it off.  This mascara is my new love ! 

I have repurchased this eyebrow powder so many times! It's affordable and so easy to use. 

I'm one who doesn't leave the house without eyebrows, so I use this everyday. 
The colors are really natural and you can adjust it according to your hair color. 
Usually a lot of people don't know how to use the lightest color in the palette, I think that color is used for brightening the other two colors. You can use it as a contour around the sides of your nose bridge to create accentuated features!  

Scinic Snail Cream is a facial cream that is really moisturizing and absorbs easily. 

When you open the container you'll see that the texture is really gooey like Japanese mochi. 

But when you apply it on the face it instantly turns into a water texture, very hydrating and absorbs right away. 

When I first heard the idea of Snail essence I was really scared because I thought it's going to be sticky and disgusting, but nope it's not like that at all. The scent is very faint and comfortable. 

Neogen Dermalogy - Bio Peel Gauze peeling, is a face mask that you can use as a wipe! A total savior for lazy people. You can wipe the product on your face to achieve the same effect if you had a face mask on. 
Every gauze pad is infused with serums! After wiping my face, I don't waste the product, I use it on my elbows and knees. The serum contains benefits from wine and other berry extracts, so it smells fantastic too!

The ombre lip is still a very popular lip look but many people still don't know how to do it 

Miss Hana totally saw the need for this kind of look and developed this 3 color lipstick 

It has three color tones, pink/red/orange 

I chose the orange color which is more warm toned.
If you like to have your lips brighter you can chose the red one. 

It's super easy to use, just lay the lipstick flat on your lips, let the darkest color be close to the middle and apply back and forth horizontally, then you're done! 

The lipstick formula is also hydrating enough! 

Miss Hana CC Cream

This product has a little pink hue, when applied onto the face, it brightens the skin and doesn't leave a grey-ish hue. Texture is light: not sticky and not stuffy, it's perfect for summer time as a base makeup or sun protection product. This product minimizes the uncomfortable feeling you have during summer when your makeup is melting off your face. It has a high SPF content and it's 100% physical sun blocker. It helps people who communte to be protected from harmful UV rays. The ingredients are all made of minerals that cast a natural glowing effect on the skin to create a flawless look. 

It's an affordable and effective base makeup!!


Eyebrow pencil is something that is super important for me 

If you could only bring one makeup itemwith you I think I would bring eyebrow pencil. I use the color E2 which is a natural brown color. 

Brown is really suitable for me as I always change up my hair color. The brown also doesn't have a red hue to it. The pen's design it also automatic, you just have to twist and the product will come out. It's convenient because you don't need to bring a pencil sharpener with you when you're outside. 

Also, the pen tip is designed to be a triangle, you can apply large areas or pin-point a specific angle to your own liking. The opposite side of the product is a spiral spoolie, you can blend your look to make it more natural.

This sun-protection product is one that I have re-purchased!! It's very moisturizing and feels like gel-cream texture. 

It dries up very quickly on the skin and it's not sticky at all. 
This product also doesn't have the "sunscreen" smell, I've also bought the limited rose edition! 

The SPF spectrum is also enough! I've brought this to Bali and Penghu for vacation once. When re-applied, it doesn't feel cakey on the skin so you can put layers and layers of it on without feeling uncomfortable. It protected my skin really well, I didn't get a sun burn or anything. 

I always equipt myself with this product whether it's on my work table, my purse, or at home. 

This summer I fell in love with using spray on sun protection products. It's not only convenient but most importantly it is very easy to re-apply. 

I'm a person who waits til the last minute to head out in the morning so I'm always super rushed. I always forget to put on sun protection products but I really have no time. 

The spray suns creen dispenses out very evenly. It has a faint scent (not the smell you get from sun-protection products. 

When you spray it on your skin it'll look kind of white and watery, you just have to rub it in. When you rub it in the skin feels refreshed and not stuffed, there's also no white flakes!!

Beauty Maker is a brand made from a very famous makeup artist in Taiwan, Kevin. His brand promises to deliver high quality, professional products at an affordable price. 

This cooling/hydrating loose powder is another interesting concept that they came up with. The powder is very similar to regualr loose powder, and comes with a custom brush for the product. You can use this product after your foundation to set your whole look, or use it as touchup throughout the day. When you brush on this product, it has a cooling sensation (as promised by the name), and I'm really surprised by it, it instantly cools down the face and it's really comforting! 

It hydrates and color corrects the face all at once! 

The color I am using is #1 Black (no shimmer), the pencil quality is really soft as it glides on easily to my eyelids. It is also really water-proof, I tried it on the back of my hand and washed it with water, it doesn't come off! I even rubbed it with my hands and it was still there. Thus, when it's on my eyes the whole day it didn't smudge with my sweat or oil that occured throughout the day. At the end of the day, it could be easily removed by makeup & lip remover, and it's really easy. I really think you're getting a good eyeliner for the price you're paying. 

Eyeliners is a must have for every girls. This eyeliner from Laneige has a sponge tip design, it's a not as hard as brush tips. It's easy to control and the color is very dark, also it's smudge proof

I’m sure everyone is pretty familiar with Biore, it’s affordable and great. You can use this sun protection cream on the face or body. It’s a bit shimmery so it’s great for a Korean dewy makeup look, gives me a natural glow. The cream contains SPF50 perfect to use during summer!

I always wanted a lavender purple blush, so I picked this one. It's not an eyeshadow~ it gives me a natural look, easy to use 

This Memebox Pony Eyeshadow quad is my dream eyeshadow quad! My color is 02Pink 

Pony is my idol, she is beautiful and her products are beautiful too

The box itself is made of golden plastic reflective material, all I can say is "SO PRETTY!" 

All of the colors in the palette are very practical colors for summer

The colors are very soft and lovely and no too deep. Shimmers are also very delicate - makes it 

seem high quality. I use it for base eyeshadow, on my lower lashes, and the tear duct area of my


I was amazed by the texture, even though it’s a cream the texture is not greasy at all! Feels so moisturized when I applied it on my skin. It contains ceramide that helps my skin to absorb better, it’s refreshing and makes my skin soft and smooth. This year mother’s day I bought two for my mom.

This is my favorite mascara because of it's brush. Some brushes gives me lumpy eyelashes but this one can quickly give me long thick lashes without creating lumps. It's also smudge and water proof. 

This translucent pressed powder is a convenient product that helps to set my makeup. It has three colors, I mix all the colors with a brush to set my makeup or I will use individual colors to enhance some areas on my face. It has two color combinations, pick the one that suits your skin the best. 

This is a dual brush lip gloss. One is a silicon brush, the texture contains mint to nourish my lips so use this side first. The other is a soft sponge brush, it contains collagen that boosts my lips, makes them look bigger. It's moisturizing and not sticky or heavy at all. 

The color does not make my lower eyelid look like it has huge glitters on it, the pencil does not irritate my skin. It gives me good radiant eyelid makes me look innocent! Great and convenient, I love it. 

The texture is pretty moisturizing, easy to spread and quickly forms a perfect base makeup. It perfects my flaws and oil blots my skin. The cream contains SPF 30 so I don't have to woory about the sun, also it does not make my skin stuffy. 

This product is the last step of my skincare routine, it's also many makeup artists secret weapon. It's one of the key to dewy clear bright skin, the serum locks all the skincare products in the skin, it contains green tea and ginseng extract, makes my skin elastic, makes my makeup set better and gives my bright skin. I feel like I'm shining like a pearl after I use this, so beautiful. 

The essence soakes into the skin and deals with uneven skintone and dull skin, the texture is pretty thick but it's absorbing and smells really good. Improves dark, dull and redness so it makes my skin white and clear. 

This is a basic lotion from Sulwhasoo, the texture is moisturizing and not sticky. It contains mountain peony extract that refines and brightens my skin. Also it has a soothing scent. 

This is a basic skincare toner, the texture is abit thick but absorbing. It contains purslane and herbal extracts that sooths and balances my skin. The toner also has a nice comforting scent.

Eyebrow is a very important part of your for makeup, a good eyebrow pencil can give you better looking brows. This eyebrow pencil has a harder lid and it's easy to apply. It is a twisting design so you don't have to sharpen it all the time, and it has a spiral brush at the other end, so convenient. 

I picked this one because I love neon pink color, the color is so pretty and this liquid lipstick is super useful. It has a light fruity scent and the color is long lasting. This liquid lipstick is also great for ombre lip style. The whole line includes 10 shades, I would love to own more colors if I can. 

I think it is a super cool mascara, the brush is really thin, so it can prevent lumpy lashes and it's easier to apply for girls with shorter lashes. I love this mascara. 

This is a great blush. It contains a little glitter so it gives my cheeks a nice light glow. I'm using the baby pink shade and I love the pink natural look it gives. If you're sick of orange toned blush, try this baby pink one!! 

Cushion foundation is so convenient. This cushion foundation is moisturizing, it contains almond oil and JAUM Balancing Complex that keeps my skin hydrated and bright. The special texture can prevent the makeup getting lumpy from re-applying and balance the oil on your skin. People with drier skin can also use this. 

This perfecting cushion has became a trend because of Korean drama, eveyone want to have perfect dewy skin like the actress in the show. It contains magnolia extract and pearlescent complex that helps to brighten my face. It also helps to balance the oil and sweat on my face so it's great to use during summer. 

Tips- You have to use it the right way for it to last longer on your skin. Apply little foundation at a time, start from larger areas such as cheeks forehead chin, don't apply too much it'll only smudge faster. 

This lipbalm contains natural floral essence so it helps to nourish and protects my lips. It also contains Elastane Complex that firms and lightens my lip wrinkles. The color might look really bold and bright but actually it gives a more natural and clear color. 

When Sulwhasoo came out with makeup products, I thought it was so amazing. I love the color and it has a cute plum flower pattern. The blush comes with a brush and it's a horse hair texture so the brush is soft and great to use. The powder contains Sulwhasoo's special glitter which gives great color payoff and natural glow. Normal blush are usually in one color, sometimes I might accidentally put on too much which makes my face really red, but this blush has three color so it's basically a blush, contour and highlight all in one, so convenient! 

This makeup balancer contains SPF so it can be used as a primer, it has two colors. 

1. Light pink - Better for lighter skin toner, for a nice blushy look.

2. Light purple - Designed for people who has dark dull skin, gives your skin a natural glow.

It's a liquid lotion so it's easy to blend and hydrates my skin, also helps to let my makeup more long lasting. The makeup balancer contains Vitamin C and anthocyanidin which helps with anti-aging.  

Sulwhasoo is the first company to come out with a skin activating essence. What is skin activating essence? It the first step on a skincare routine, use it before toner just like a appetizer. It helps to let other skincare absorb better and not a burden to my skin. After long term use, I can see the improvements. 

Here is a little tip, many Korean girls will drip a few drop of activating essence on their puff or air cushion so it sets better. 

This concealer has two shades, 1 is brighter and 2 is more natural so you can choose the color that suits you the most. Or you can use both as layers to cover dark circles or flaws(Use 2 to cover flaws then use 1 to brighten up) They use essence oil as one of the ingredient so the concealer won't be thick and cakey. You can apply it with your finger or a brush. Easy breezy. 

This is a very convenient product. You can apply on your cheeks for a nice blush, and don't have to worry the color being too red, because you just need to swipe it with your fingers then the color will go lighter. Don't forget to apply some compact powder before you use the blush, it makes your blush natural and long-lasting. You can also use it for your lips, very moisturizing. 

This palette has 7 combos, and each one is all very useful. The powder sets very well, and the color goes on my skin with just one swipe, it's really easy to apply with either fingers or brush. It's also portable and convenient to carry with me. Fits in my bag perfectly. 

You can buy this eyeliner in a drug store, it's pen point is soft and delicate, so the lines won't be too thick, and easy to control. And it's waterproof, it won't smudge even in rainy days. For oil-proof I tested it for 8 hours, it only smudged abit. I would give it 5 hearts. 

When it comes to base makeup, the most important product is primer. So to pick the most suitable primer for yourself is the key to have perfect makeup.  Make Up For Ever has a STEP1 skin equalizers that helps your makeup. I have combination skin, that's why I use refreshing primers that hydrates my skin, it makes my face look moisturized but not too oily. Makeup products that are too oily(skincare products also) makes your makeup fall off easily. 

This skin tint is amazing, it's watery but blends really well and just need to use abit at a time. The tint sets perfectly well on my skin, my face is on BEAUTY MODE. It's just like I have perfect skin. The best part is it doesn't feel oily at all!!!



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