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The price is good and reasonable, my hair is not frizzy anymore. It does not make my hair feel greasy, gives my dyed and permed hair good treatment!

The color is great and cute! It's easy to apply and it's longlasting! There's no weird strong smell and the price is inexpensive~~~

I highly recommend this lipbalm, I sometimes have dry lip issue, after using this, my lips never bleed again!It's so moisturizing! 

This mask is very moisturizing and it smells great, after I washed it off, my skin condition is great and I have no irritation, thats a big change! 

I think this is great, my skin becames so smooth and hydrated, my acne scars are lightend and all the seebums are gone, highly recommend this! 

This is great, it makes my skin silky smooth and it deals with my dry skin condition, and clears all my seebums. I'm so happy, highly recommend it! 

It's very useful, and very cleansing. It has very thick bubbles and makes my skin really smooth and refreshing. I highly recommend it! 



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