I’m Stella of Oh My Stellar, a freelance fashion photographer and designer from Sydney, Australia. Writing my own beauty/fashion blog had been a dream of mine since I was very young and it is only now that I’ve dared to properly take a step onto the platform. My experience and knowledge is within Korean beauty products and trends, though drawing some inspiration from the Western beauty industry as well. I hope to share with everyone my ideas and passion.

In addition, I am also a currently inactive musician. I used to be the lead singer of a band and performed professionally around Sydney since I was eleven years old. My music career took the backseat when I decided to pursue design and photography, not because I lost my love for it but because I saw no commercial viability for me in Australia. Since then, I have auditioned for Kpop Star, SM/YG/JYP Entertainment as well as Jackie Chan Group Korea. Although I haven’t been given the chance so far, there is a great possibility that I’ll be looking to releasing my original music as an independent artist in the future.

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  • Hair Type: Straight
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  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
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  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Paraben-Free, Vitamin C, Mineral, Aloe
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These masks are definitely going to take me a while to get through (because I seldom have the time for daily masking) so I thought that I would post up this review first with the overall comments before gradually adding in notes for each individual mask. Great idea, right?

Anyway, the first thing I want to say is Happy New Year! This one is going to be my first review of the year and I’m pretty happy that it’s for an Elizavecca product – their brand made quite a splash in 2016 and I’m hoping that they become even more popular in the year to come. It’s great watching some of these more off-beat or independent brands thrive in an industry as saturated as kbeauty.

For these masks, I received them from BB Cosmetic when I was in Korea last year (that is strange to say) and they are meant to be used as daily masks, I believe – though I will be spreading them out. They all use different ingredients to target different things, though the description is a little difficult to understand. Selling in a pack of ten, you’re meant to be able to pick and choose which mask(s) to using during the week to customise your skincare.

If you’re interested in this product, check out BB Cosmetic and don’t forget to use my code for 8% off your purchase: QAL3F6ZA8YZ

Jumping straight to the conclusion, I enjoyed these masks. My experience says that they do have a nice effect overall and I like the thin material, good saturation and the light scent. I haven’t had any adverse reactions to them (but will update this post if I do) and the product didn’t dry up super faster either. I had mine on for around 25-30 minutes until it dried completely, after which I applied the extra essence, though I don’t think there was heaps.

The packaging for these was really pretty though and I liked that they are all colour coded, so it’s easy to search through them when they’re put together. They would look great as a gift too because the shape of the satchel is a little bit unique which makes them look a bit more expensive (they’re affordable). I also really like that the colours somewhat correspond with the ingredients too.

My main complaint about these masks is that they seem to have a massive fit. The fabric is quite thin and stretchy, so it’s really easy to end up looking like a sagging panda bear with eye holes down to your cheeks. The shape is also rather rectangular and I had a couple of centimetres excess on the sides of my face which had to be folded down. I ended up with essence on my hair and flapping sheet mask ears – sort of like dumbo. Afterwards, the mask does leave a slight stickiness though.

So, here’s the verdict!


A set of 10 different sheet masks for daily masking


  • Pretty packaging
  • Affordable
  • Colour coded
  • Good variety of different types
  • Comfortable thin sheet mask material
  • Good instant effects on the skin
  • Well saturated
  • Light scent (even for the Ginseng)


  • Material easily stretches
  • Poor fitting mask
  • Only sells in sets of 10
  • Sticky residue


Although these have good effects, the fit of the masks and the fact that they only sell in sets is a bit disappointing. I think they’re definitely one that I would recommend for people to try – especially people who don’t use masks often and are unsure of what would be suitable for their skincare needs. For myself though, since I have such a big collection and a preference for certain ingredients, I would be hesitant to repurchase. However, I am looking forward to any new sheet masks that Elizavecca brings out and, provided that they fix that strange fit, I’ll be open to using them because the results are quite good!



Thank you so much to BB Cosmetic for gifting this to me! You can click the below banner to go straight to the product page. This cream is currently selling for USD$10.84 for the entire pack!

I’ve been testing this one out for a while because I’ve had a few mixed opinions about it. Laneige is very famous for their two tone bars – especially their lip bar – and their brilliant choice of spokesmodel surely helps. There have been a lot of positive reviews about the following product but, to be honest, I’ve always been a little bit hesitant about it. I’m a big fan of eyeshadow and I love to play with different colours and styles every day. The one thing that doesn’t work out very well for me (pretty much ever) is stick eyeshadows. They always seem not to blend well, apply streaky and crease almost immediately on my eyes, so I usually stick to powders. Regardless though, I did swatch this while I was in Korea and I really liked the colour combination but didn’t end up buying it to try because I was worried the formula would crease.

However, I ended up regretting this when I came back to Sydney because I saw so many posts about it and I was so curious about how it would end up on my eyes. Luckily though, I have some wonderful people supporting my blog and StyleKorean kindly sent this over (along with a few other things I forgot to pick up in Korea) for me to review. I’ve been using this along with the two tone lip bars (which reviews are coming soon for) or read on for my thoughts and some recommendations about this easy-peasy eyeshadow stick!

So this product comes in a very simply designed box – its small but it looks really elegant and high end. The brand name is also in a silver foil (if you can’t see because of the reflection) and there is also foiling over the ends as well. Laneige as a brand is really good with their designs; it’s mature, classy and looks great. I think that people don’t really need to know the label to get that it’s expensive. To be honest, the brand isn’t actually that comparatively expensive, though it is definitely not a road shop brand. Their products usually target those in their twenties and above, I believe.

For this product, I chose the Humming Coral colour (No 1) which is a very natural beige shimmer with a pink-coral point. This is really suitable for an every day look – it’s light, pretty and easy to work with. These two colours are actually a very common colour combination for me as I find that it is the quickest to apply and the easiest to match the rest of my make up with.

So this tube is really pretty. I love the rose gold accents. For those who don’t know, the original two tone lip bar actually looks identical to this but with silver, so I love that the colour distinguishes them. The rest of the package is in white so the overall look is really bright and feminine. The tube is also sealed on the side so you know that you’re getting a fresh product (as though the prettiness of a new stick of eyeshadow doesn’t tell you enough).

The physical design of the tube is really sleek, though I often get a bit confused about the lever on the side – you have to push down for the tube to come up. That’s really the only complaint I have about it. The quality is good, light and the cap is sturdy, so it’s very easy to carry around.

So above in the tube. The angled design allows for the two colours to naturally blend as you apply it so there’s no need to further smudge it out. You can see the swatches below. The colours are really beautiful though I feel like the coral looks a bit more pink on my face, but this is most likely the effect of skin tone. The formula is soft so it applies easily and is really quick to use. However, I still have the same problem with it as I do other eyeshadow sticks.

The overall colour was quite sheer compared to the eyeshadows that I usually use. The shimmer was light and didn’t seem to do much except for add glitter to my eyes – it was pretty though and looks especially good used for the inner corners and under the eyes as the creaminess of the formula helps the shimmer to really ‘hold’ it’s place. There is obviously no fall out.

The pink/coral, on the other hand, applies a little bit patchy because my eyes haver multiple, uneven eyelid folds. Pigmentation is also light but can be built up by working over two or three layers. However, when this colour is blended out, it can very easily fade completely. If you are wanting to blend it, it is better to use a matching powder shadow on top to lightly blend and fix the colour in place. Otherwise, this product does not stay.

because I’m so used to applying eyeshadow that I have a particular way of blending my colours and I prefer for my shadows to be placed in that way. For this product, I usually used it as a base and then used powder shadow on top to blend, set and build on. This eyeshadow stick isn’t cheap though and, honestly, I hoped that it would work better on it’s own.

So here’s my verdict! I am definitely a little torn but I think that there is a reason this product is quite popular still.


A two coloured eyeshadow stick


  • Very pretty, elegant packaging
  • Sturdy and light – good for travelling
  • Natural looking colour selection
  • Two tones bar is designed to blend the shades together
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Colour can be built up
  • No fall out compared to powder
  • Looks great on the inner and lower eyes
  • Good to use as a base


  • Pigmentation is light and sheer
  • The eyeshadow rubs off quickly
  • Needs to be set with powder
  • Square tube is limiting on application
  • Colour cannot be blending by itself (as it will rub off)
  • The lever on the tube would make more sense if pushed up
  • Expensive


Unfortunately, I won’t be repurchasing this product. Similarly to the two tone lip bar, I feel that the pigmentation and formula is a bit lacking though the concept and idea is great. I would have wanted a creamier colour that could set and stay without the use of a powder. I don’t find myself reaching for this at all.

However, I believe that my opinion of this product is based on the fact that I do love using eyeshadow daily. For someone who is less experienced with this sort of product, needs something easy and fast or even had monolids or a lighter eye fold, I would recommend this product. It is great for beginners as it lets you experiment with very little room for failure. This product can be set with a sheer eyeshadow or translucent powder.

I also feel like this product would have worked better for me in a darker colour.


The Two Tone Shadow Bar is at StyleKorean for USD$20.68 – 18% off the full price of USD$25.23.

It honestly kills me that it’s so difficult to get Moonshot products outside of Korea. Ever since the brand’s launch in Korea, I had been eying their products is absolute envy and the main thing that I’d wanted to get my hands on were the jellypots! I saw a photo of Lee Sung Kyung wearing the purple shade and, from that moment on, it was an epic journey to get my hands on them.

Luckily for me though, I have a great friend who puts up with these sometimes ridiculous obsessions with me so, me and Sophia got ourselves quite lost in Apgujeong when we went looking for their flagship store. Eventually though (and braving that little bit of rain) we found it and I felt like I was in heaven. I love the pigmentations of their products, I love the quality, service and… as a kpop fan, the blasting of Big Bang’s MADE album definitely made the experience. Sorry.

Anyway! So at Moonshoot, I was assisted by one of their great make up artists who helped me test out the products and showed me different applications as well as recommending products and colours that suited my skin tone. For the jelly pots, I ended up going with that purple that I was addicted to, a metallic black which I don’t use much of but liked to use for a night-time look, as well as a rose-gold like colour. The last one I actually received for free as a gift (I bought so much, I can’t even) and was recommended to me by the artist who said that it is one of their most popular shades – as well as a ‘Dara’s recommendation’ – and where Sandara goes, I follow.

Well, let’s get right into this review!

So these jelly pots come in a simple plastic pot. It’s light and easy to stack, which is great for make up hoarders like me. My main issue when I stack them though, is that I have no idea what colour it is from the top. I feel like they need to implement some sort of key into this – or a coloured ring maybe. The cap is also a little hard to screw off because it doesn’t have much grip. It’s a similar problem that I have with Colourpop’s eyeshadow packaging too.

Generally though, I really love the design of Moonshot’s packaging, branding and marketing material. They remind me a little bit of MAC in that they’re all about bold colours, modern, fashionable looks – which is quite different in the kbeauty scope of things. The only brand that really likes bold colours that I can think of is 3 Concept Eyes but even they tend to play it really safe compared to Moonshot.

The design of their stuff is very simple and minimal, which gives it a very elegant and classy feel. For these pots though, I wish that they would have focused on the material quality a little more because I think a frosted glass or just a glass pot would have made it look even better.

Just look at how cute they look stacked together. Just for visuals alone, I am so tempted to buy a bunch of these. They have a really great colour variety too so there’s something for all different looks and skin tones.

The formula of these are really unique actually, and it wasn’t until I physically touched them that I understood when they meant by the ‘jelly’ pot. It is somewhere between a liquid and solid product, sort of like gelatine and mousse put together – not as hard as a cream product but creamier than liquid eyeshadows.

One of the great wonders about this product is that it is actually a multi-purpose product; it can be used for eyes (which is what I usually use it for), lips, cheeks and even your nails – though I haven’t been quite daring enough to figure out how the last one works.

Is it a tint? A stain? Do I fix it with my gel polish? 

Anyway, I do usually use these on my eyes though I think that the gold colour could be sheered out with a brush to use as a highlighter too. See below for the swatches!

So that’s how they look swatched with your fingers! The colours that I got for P04 Aubergine, P01 Stone Pillow and P10 Darth Vader.

My favourite out of the three is definitely the purple Aubergine – I love purple but it’s difficult to find a good purple eyeshadow that shows up true to colour (rather than a strange pink or brown), has a soft texture and doesn’t fade. This product is definitely the best purple I’ve ever used and it shows up so beautifully.

The Stone Pillow is a much more ‘casual’ colour and is really wearable – easy to combine with other eyeshadow colours too. When in doubt, I reach for this one. Whereas the Darth Vader colour (a metallic black-gray) I actually get a lot less wear out of because I don’t use black and grays on my eyes much. However, it is still great for an evening look and also to darken the outer corners of the eyes.

This product can be used with your fingers or a brush, but the latter with give a more subtle effect (the make up artist tested both on me). They can also be used as a base and is easily combined with other powder eyeshadows. The best part though is that this cream does not fade through the day – I love it. All other cream shadows have faded and failed me but not this.

As a warning though, I have read that the jelly pot tends to dry up after around 6 months (but I haven’t noticed this with mine yet) and turn into a normal eyeshadow consistency. There are some videos out there about how to revive them though so I will make an additional post when mine inevitably turn into the desert. They are a bit expensive but a little goes a long way and they’re so useful that I think it’s well worth it.

Here’s my verdict!


  • Multi-purpose
  • Beautiful pigmentation
  • Great colour range
  • Unique, creamy and light formula
  • No fading or creasing
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Great minimal packaging design
  • Stackable pots
  • Light and easy to travel with


  • Can dry up over time (but is save-able)
  • Plastic tubs
  • Cap is a bit hard to take off (no grip)
  • A bit expensive


Yes! I can’t wait to go back to Korea so I can stock up on these more. I could buy them online still but the shipping does make me a little bit sad – though I might do it anyway just because I love these. I hope that Moonshot gets stocked by more of the usual online stores soon because I think they have something great to offer and would be really popular.


I got mine from the flagship store in Apgujeong but if you are looking to buy these online, I have found three sources so far – TesterKorea, the Official Moonshot Store and, for Australians, Sephora. If anyone finds any more reliable stockists, please drop a comment below!


This is a sample product that I received from BB Cosmetic ages ago but I hadn’t reviewed it yet because I was distracted by all of the other products that I wanted to try. I was also a little bit stumped by how I could possibly give a proper critique on an anti-aging product when, for me, my main use for it would be prevention – however, I did figure it out!

So, without any further delay, let’s go onto the review:

So I won’t say anything about the packaging here because this is the deluxe gift/sample size and isn’t the official packaging. Knowing Etude House though, the quality should be fairly decent and online images of it looks very feminine and girly – though I don’t think the typographic design is mature enough if they are targeting an older audience. It has an almost vintage feel, similar to History of Whoo.

The formula is really light and, though I’m still a bit confused about what a softener is, I assume that it’s like a lotion. There is little to no scent and it absorbs super quickly. This is to be used after cleansing (and toner) as a first step. According to the Etude House website, “This is a softener that provides smooth and firm skin from the inside, keeping skin moist by delivering moisture deep into the skin’s dry insides.” Being from the Age Defense line, I assume that it also has some anti-aging effects.

As you can see from the photos above, it absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky or tacky feeling on the skin. For this product, I mainly applied it to my neck area – which is where the first signs of aging like to pop up. I have one, very deep crease in my neck that I’ve always been wanting to get rid of. I applied this product over my face (for hydration) and neck (to test both hydration and anti-wrinkle) and, surprisingly, I did notice a difference!

Of course, the crease isn’t completely gone but I can see that it has visibly lightened – which is more than I ever hope for. The moisturising part of this is also good but, since my skin is quite dry, it’s a bit too light for me to use at night. I think that it works well under make up though, as it doesn’t affect base foundation.

Here’s the verdict!


  • Light formula
  • Absorbs quickly and completely
  • Little to no scent
  • Visible wrinkle improvement
  • Doesn’t affect base make up


  • Light hydration (suitable for normal to oily skin)
  • Doesn’t completely get rid of wrinkles


I’m definitely going to try more anti-aging products (especially for my neck) but I do like this softener and I think I’ll be looking into more of their products. To be honest, I really didn’t expect for Etude House’s anti-aging line to be that good, only because their brand is more catered (and familiar) with the younger audience. Surprises everywhere!

I would recommend this product to people who are younger though – maybe around by age, who are more wanting prevention of lightening of the first signs of aging rather than for complete wrinkle care.


Thank you so much to BB Cosmetic who sent me this gift for review purposes. They stock a lot of other brands and more products from Etude too, so be sure to check them out.

You can use my code for 8% off your purchase: QAL3F6ZA8YZ.

In addition, they also have a new, permanent promotion where you can also get 10% store credit by leaving a SNS review. Check out the details for this great offer here.

 This product also uses the same Micro Hyaluronic Acid and Olive Squalene ingredients to boost hydration in dry skin. The cream is targeted towards sensitive and damaged skin, as well as dry skin, so it is suitable to my type. However, I do feel that it would be better for me to use during the winter months as it is a little too heavy for the Australian summer. For those with very dry skin though, this would still work!

This product is used at the end of your skin care routine as, being a cream, it is thicker than other products and takes the longest to absorb. Like the rest of their products, it has a very simple and minimal approach to the packaging. I quite like the tube design (as opposed to a tub) because I feel that it keeps the product the most hygienic. It is also light and easy to carry around for travel purposes. You just have to squeeze to apply and it is easy to control how much product you use. I generally just use maybe two pea sizes and dot it over my face before gently rubbing it in.

As you can see in the above photo, the cream does absorb well but, being a bit thicker, leaves a slightly sticky surface – but this fades after a while. Compared to a lot of other heavier creams that I have used and tried, I feel like this is a lot lighter, but still stronger than a gel based formula. It is good to use at the end of your nightly skincare routine. However, I feel like it is a bit too heavy to use during the day – it will definitely start to break down your base make up if you don’t let it absorb for long enough.

Using the above two products by themselves, I did feel that my skin was very well balanced and hydrated. For the entire time that I was using them, I didn’t have any issues with dry skin though I had a few pimples pop up (there is a strong possibility that there were hormonal though and the COSRX pimple pads cleared it up almost overnight). However, since these products focus only on hydration, I felt that my skin looked a little dull – I do need some brightening and whitening function in my routine and a two step routine was too basic for me.

Once I worked it into my full routine though (using these in combination with It’S Skin, Innisfree, Cloud9 and Banila Co products), I felt like my skin was glowing. The strong hydration and protection functions of the Olivarrier combined really well with my other products.

So the Toning Lotion is targeted for dry and sensitive skin, with a focus on moisturising and oil balancing. According to the website (and I have edited the text a little for grammatical purposes): this is the completion of cleansing and the beginning of skincare. It keeps your skin condition healthy by removing waste and dead skin cells, as well as balancing oil and moisture. There is an immediate moisturising effect and even your make up application will improve.

It’s a pretty dramatic product description but, personally, I believe that a good quality toner/lotion is important for your skincare routine. The product should prep your skin for other products, as well as giving it the boost of benefits that it need.

I love the packaging design of their products. Even though the overall aesthetic is a little bit too simple and feeling a little no frills, they have this wonderful attention to detail which makes the product feel very genuine and personal. As a designer, I feel like it’s the small things that really count. The product feels like a sort of basic essential, something that I would buy for someone who is new to skincare and is just learning the ins and outs.

The bottle is made of plastic with a screw lid. The overall shape is pretty standard and, at 180mL you get a good amount of product too. It is designed to be a hydrating toner, suitable for those who feels that standard toners are too drying on their skin – which can mean that your acid mantle is being stripped. This product helps to gently cleanse and prep while also maintaining your optimal pH.

According to the website, this product uses Micro Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate seem into your skin with hydration. It also uses Olive Squalane in order to lock in the moisture, ensuring that its benefits last. It also doesn’t clog pores and absorbs easily to prevent an oily finish. However,  be careful if you are sensitive to olive oil products – personally, my skin is fine for them as I also use an olive oil mist.

I personally love to use Hyaluronic Acid products so I’m pretty happy with this product. It has a light, pleasant scent which is typical of the ingredient. It fades quickly  and feels really refreshing.

The product really does absorb quickly and completely – you can either wipe it over your face with a cotton pad or pat it in (I tend to do the latter if I’m a little lazy, though it can be messy as the water-like formula drips.) I find this toning lotion easy and quick to use, and I have actually replaced by It’S Skin toner with this one. My usual product has a whitening function and I’ve been trying to minimize that in my essential skincare as it can cause dryness and thinning of the skin.

For people with sensitive or dry skin, I was highly recommend this product!

This mask is said to absorb wastes (which, I assume, is excess sebum and anything clogging the skin) and tighten the pores. Both of these have been a concern for me lately as, with the warm weather, my T-Zone has a tendency to get quite oily during the day. I wear make up almost every day so this had resulted in increased blackheads and enlarged pores – which I know is mostly genetic, but can be worsened by sebum. According to the website, this mask is perfect if:

  • You avoid using mud masks as they are too drying
  • You suffer from sensitive skin
  • Your base make up does not apply smoothly
  • You have concerns about excess sebum
  • You are still looking for the perfect mud mask to suit your skin

Aside from the first point (I so use the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask – though I do find it a little bit drying), everything else is perfectly me so I was really excited about trying this. Like the other products, the design is very simple and modern. Aesthetically, I actually like the packaging of this mask the most as I feel like it looks the most elegant. It also comes with a small spatula, which is really important for these products as it keeps the tub hygienic and, if you have long nails like me, is just a lot neater.

So this mask has a strange sort of scent and, out of the three, is the only one that I find pretty bad. I’m not sure what I can actually compare it to as it is just strange. It takes a while for the scent to go away too so, if you are sensitive to it, I suggest you give this mask a skip. For those like me who are willing to put up with it for a while though, this is actually a pretty decent mask. It uses cranberry seeds (which you can visibly see) to remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin as well as white mud to purify the skin through waste absorption, as well as enhancing moisture, nutrition and elasticity. It is really smooth and creamy to apply and, in a way, almost feels like you’re putting on cream. As with the other products, it also have no additive and is hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

After using the mud mask, I can physically feel that my skin is smoother, more hydrated and softer. It definitely drains excess sebum and leaves my skin feeling clean too but I don’t think it has has much of a pore tightening effect. The product is really gentle on the skin and, for me, didn’t cause any break outs so it is suitable for regular use all over the face (and I can’t say the same for the Innisfree).

Today, I’m looking at La’dor’s hair treatment – Perfect Fill Up – that was sent to me for review by BeautyNetKorea. This is a super affordable and simple product that is said to repair damaged hair and, in a few repeated uses, even return your hair to its natural condition. Although my hair has been bleached and lightened a couple of times (colours in the past year from ranged from brown, pink, khaki brown (a personal favourite) and my accidental case of green), it isn’t in its worst condition.

However, it is still a far cry from my original hair – the strands have become thinner, more prone to kinks and easier to snap. I have tried out the following hair treatment and definitely saw results though I haven’t used it enough to judge whether it is strong enough to completely fix my hair.

If you’re interested in trying to product, just go to BeautyNetKorea‘s website. These tubes are really affordable and you only need one (short hair can also use half a bottle) for each application. They can be bought in sets of seven for USD $10.44 or USD$2.75 each.

This product contains protein, collagen, ceramide and silk amino acid which work together to balance and lock in moisture in your hair to revive, strengthen and promote elasticity. This product can also be mixed in with hair dye to prevent damage – especially useful for people who bleach or box dye at home. It is supposed to be like an at-home salon treatment.

Instructions are as follows:

  • Mix 1:1 with cold water
  • Stir well until it becomes a cream-like formula
  • Apply evenly on hair and cover with a vinyl cap (whether you apply heat is up to you – I didn’t)
  • Rinse and style (do not shampoo)

I like the simplicity of the instructions, which makes it easy even for a beginner like myself. I’m not very good with hair so I often just leave it until it’s time to cut it all off (which I might be doing soon). There was no noticeable scent when I used the product and it was really easy to apply. Although it states that it turns into a cream, the formula is still a little bit runny so it is best to apply this over the sink. One tube was a little bit too much for my hair and I could have used half or three quarters but, since I had already mixed it, I just lathered it up a little more.

As you can see, my hair is very noticably softer and smoother after the treatment. This product left no greasy residue – which was going to be my main concern – and, with a single application, maintained that smoothness for a couple of days. I’m very tempted to buy a bunch of these after I next dye my hair so that I can use them for an entire week. Although I definitely saw immediate results, I wasn’t able to test the long term effects of the product.


Skinfood is a Korean roadshop brand that is really well known for their skincare products – black sugar, avocado and probably potato; they have used it all. Their black sugar scrub is one of their cult items and is definitely one of my staples. Lesser known, however, is their cosmetics line. From what I hear, these products are sometimes a bit of a hit-or-miss since it isn’t their speciality.

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Rose Essence Multi Finish, which is a super pretty 3-in-1 product (highlighting, blush, eyeshadow). This was sent to me for review by KollectionK, so please remember to check out their store afterwards. They have a great range as well as a newly launched shopping service!

For this product, I was initially really taken away by how beautiful the packaging is but, unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed by the sheer pigmentation. It seems like colour products really aren’t their strong point, though there are some purposes that suit this product better than others.

For this product, I was sent the number 2 shade in Holy Rose. As I didn’t select this product, KollectionK had completely sent this one as a gift alongside the others that I did choose. I’m really happy with the colours in this product though because I love coral shades and I feel that they complement so many skin tones perfectly. Pink and coral eyeshadows were a massive beauty trend a year ago and, even though we have since moved on a little bit, I’m still loving this style.

The compact comes with a brush as well, which is decent for on-the-go touch ups though I prefer to use my own fan and eyeshadow brushes for actual application. The packaging is really pretty and sturdy too, made out of plastic and metal. The overall design is very feminine and girly, but has a little more elegance in comparison to brands like Etude House. I like it and think a lot of people around my age group will like it too – so maybe teens to twenties?

As with most (if not all) Skinfood products, their label is also peelable – which I just think is a nice touch. I’m assuming that what’s listed inside are ingredients or manufacturing details but, if you are like me and can’t read Korean that fluently, it would be best to ask a seller or check online. For this one, it also includes instructions and a product description, which is pretty general. It states that this is:

A multi-coloured finishing pressed powder that contains rose essential oil. Can be used as a highlighter, blusher and eyeshadow.

Below here is the swatch. I know that it’s really faint and you can hardly see the swatches, but that is actually how they look in real life (and this is actually the best I could manage). Although they seem pretty pigmented on your fingers, the product almost completely sheers out when applied on hand (or face/eyes). The darker coral shade is definitely buildable, but the highlighter not so much.

Overall, I think this is a really pretty product. I love the rose design but, to be honest, it isn’t the most practical. It’s a bit difficult to use only the white highlight colour – it’s even hard to target it just for the swatch. As a highlighter, I would consider it passable; as an eyeshadow, very strong; as a blush… almost non-existent. Rather than promoting this as a multi-purpose product, I think Skin Food should have simply released this as an eyeshadow.

There was such a ruckus when this product went viral that I immediately bought all four colours intending to doing a review video. Well, the video has been in the making for a long time, to be honest, and I’ve had these photos edited and drafted for a while. I think the hype about this product has started to dye down – especially considering that other brands have now started with lip powders – but I thought I would write down my thoughts anyway.

This is going to a relatively short post, but hopefully the photos of these pretty things make up for it! Let’s get started:

So here are all four shades that were available – Orange Pop, Hot Plum, Sugar Rose and Fusion Red. I don’t think they have released any new colours since, though they do have a box set that comes with a tint remover.

To be honest, I was a little worried at first that all of the colours would be too similar. I had watched a Youtube video of them being swatched and the colours all looked the same. I’m really glad that they aren’t though and the colours are actually really pretty. Hot plum is a personal favourite.

The packaging is pretty plain. It comes in a paper box and the design is rather lacklustre. I won’t be too critical of it though since, at the time of launch, Rire was still a very new brand. It’s decent but incomparable to chain store designs.

Here are the bottles! They’re plain and made of plastic, though the clear design makes it really easy to see what shade you have and the amount of product. The round shade is actually sort of annoying as it will roll when placed on the side (you won’t believe how hard it was the take the below photo) and takes up a lot of unnecessary space in my make up basket.

The black cap is actually really hard to twist because the shape is so smoothly fitting with the bottom. It slips when you try to open it and is an awkward shape to hold on application. I am probably the most disappointed with the bottle design of the lip powders – and I’m sad to see that other brands have brought out their own still using a similar bottle.

As you can see, the formula is definitely a powder – though it is a little damp. It’s a bit cool to the touch and, once spread, turns into a liquid cream sort of formula. The product doesn’t feel powdery on the lips and is really very much like a lip tint. The doe foot applicator (which I didn’t photograph for some reason) is easy to use, though the shape of the bottle cap makes it difficult to hold.

The powder acts like a stain, so it is usually considered to have a matte finish. Overall, I don’t think the powder gives me enough control. The formula is rather drying and, when faded, settles into and accts any dry parts of your lips. It has an average lasting powder so I wouldn’t consider it long lasting – it just leaves a stain behind.

Orange Pop is definitely a true orange while Sugar Rose is a more subtle pink. Hot Plum and Fusion Red are actually similar, though Hot Plum has a more hot pink undertone.

The pigmentation of the product is really strong so you don’t need to do layers to get a brighter colour. It could be fun to mix them and experiment though as all of the shades are fairly basic enough to combine. I have also noticed that they had started promoting these as lip and cheek powders, though I haven’t tested to see how this blends.

I was really interested in the lip powders, but I definitely don’t think I will be repurchasing them. In fact, I still have all four of them and I hardly ever reach to use them. I don’t like the finish, nor how they make my lips feel (with the dry weather). The worst would be this bottle design that makes application annoying, even with a decent doe foot! I will retest these in the summer when my lips aren’t as dry but I don’t have high hopes for it.

This product was a fail for me, but I hope that the industry keeps experimenting with new formulas and out-of-the-box ideas like this. They might not always be successful, but innovation is always good!

This is Tonymoly’s BCDation Plus, a liquid base make up that combines BB/CC Cream with Foundation. This isn’t the first that I’ve heard of this formula, as I think Clio do something similar as well, but I was wanting to try this because my favourite Youtuber SINNIM has said some good things about this product. I was tossing between the cushion and the liquid version, but I chose to go with this bottle simply because I have been using a lot more cushions lately (when, funnily enough, I usually prefer bottled BB creams) and this one contains a lot more product than the standard cushion. It’s been said that there is little to no different between the two though.

I received this product to review from My Korean Makeup and you can check out their website to purchase this (or anything else).

Let’s start off with the description from their product page:

Combining all the benefits from BB, CC cream and Foundation, TONYMOLY BCDATION Plus provides light and natural covering (BB cream), moist and comfortable application (CC cream) and excellent covering for blemishes and trouble spot (foundation). Comes in #1 pink beige for those with pink, bluish-red, cooler undertone and #2 natural beige for those with yellow-to-olive skin tone. #3 warm beige for those with for those with tanned, darker skin tone. SPF 30 PA++ 

The packaging of the product is really simple and classy (which I love). The bottle is glass, so it’s a bit heavy to carry around but is suited for having at home. The cushion version is definitely better to keep in your bag.

The box is a basic shape, so nothing outstanding there, and the actual bottle is very sturdy. The lid clicks on firmly and, during travel, I don’t think I would be worried about this opening up. There’s a lot more product in this compared to the cushion (as usual), so if you’re a bit money conscious or want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth – this is definitely the way to go.

Although the design is simple, I love the clean lines. I feels like the design is actually well considered and I like that it isn’t too childish and cute – which is sometimes an issue with road shop brands.

The bottle had a easy to use pump dispenser, which is actually quite sturdy and smooth (or, at least, my bottle is) making it really easy to control how much product to use. I usually use 1 – 2 pumps. I would use more if I wanted to build up a heavier coverage, but I generally go for a more natural finish.

Overall, I think the packaging for the BCDation Plus is pretty good! It stands easily, looks classy, is strong and high quality. The only downside would be the weight, which means it is difficult to use for touch ups and will be heavier when you go travelling. It does make up for it in the amount of product you get though, and it isn’t too hard to decant some into a travel bottle when needed.

As you can see, I get a slight brightening effect with the 21 shade, which is exactly what I like the wear. The finish is a semi-matte with a medium, buildable coverage. Application is easy and even, best applied with a beauty blender. A wet blender will, generally, give you a more natural finish with lighter coverage. The BB cream wore well throughout the day, though I did notice a little caking later in the afternoon (around 4pm or 5pm, which is a good 9 or 10 hours after the initial application).

For this product, it’s important to consider what you wear underneath though.

I found that I got the longest wear when I used the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel as a base, as it calms and lightly hydrates your skin without leaving any residue (though can get drier, faster). For others, such as Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen, the BB cream had a tendency to cake and become patchy rather quickly, even if you give it time to absorb. The reason is that the skin can become greasier, faster.

Basically, you should use a more matte finish or a light primer for best results.


I liked the BCDation! Although I won’t rush out to buy it (as I have so many others to test), this one along with my MISSHA BB Cream are two products that I would return to in the future. I think that this formula would be especially good in summer where I won’t like to use completely matte formulas, but it is also too hot to use my usual dewy bases.


If you want smooth, even BB cream application, the condition of your skin is very important! Rather than hydrating it in the morning, take better care of your skin overnight so that it is ready and prepped for your make up routine. During the day, use a lighter moisturiser as a base if needed – gel based works best, in my opinion, and creams may cause your foundation to slip and cake.


Without further ado, here’s my review for the Heimish Dailism Eye Palette in Cozy Coral. This is actually the palette that I took with me to Korea and, aside from my new matte orange shadow, I used this almost exclusively and can officially state that I love it. I would definitely make this my go-to travel palette because I find the colours really versatile, buildable and the packaging light and sturdy.

Let’s go into a bit more detail.

As you can see, this palette comes with eight shades, selected based around a warm, coral/pink tone. There’s a simple guide on the back of how to apply each of these colours which would be really helpful for beginners. I usually don’t follow it though and prefer to customise how I use the colours to my own eye shadow and preferred look (which is lighter than the example). There is a basic break down of these eye shadows, which is really useful too:

Point Colour (generally, the stand out or darkest colour that is used minimally): Cotton Plant, Cymbidium

Middle Colour (the transition shade between the different colours): Orange Flower

Base Colour (this colour is usually used first as an overall wash): Hyacinth, Gerbera, Magic Lily

Highlight Colour (the shimmers, basically): Amaryllis, Yellow Rose

Once you know these colours and how to differentiate them, putting together your eyeshadow look can be like a puzzle (though, of course, these rules can be broken). For me, I usually skip the darker point colour for my every day make up and only use them to darken the crease if needed. I would personally build up the transition colour to a more intense overall wash and use the highlight colour to make my eyes ‘pop’.

Of course, this is just what works for me. You do you!

The palette is just so pretty. It comes with a plastic cover that I kept on for travels, which prevents the shadow fall out from dirtying the mirror and also stops dust from getting in (which is never fun to have on your eye). The product also comes with a double sided eyeshadow brush, which has a fluffy blending side and a stiffer side which, to me, sort of resembles a concealer brush. I would usually use this for point colours, as it allows for better precision and control, while the other side is – obviously – the best for blending.

The brush is a bit small so it’s a little hard to use. Personally, I still prefer using my own brushes as I am more familiar with how they work. However, these are still pretty decent and would be sufficient for on-the-go touch ups. The quality of the brush is also good for the price (and considering that it is a default brush) and feels really sturdy.

I personally wish that the blending brush was a bit more dense.

The case is made of a plain, black matte plastic and, to be honest, isn’t that outstanding. However, I think it’s really study and light, so good for travel. Also, the unique closing point (which you can see below) is actually quite interesting. Because of this design, the palette is actually quite easy to open by hand but is difficult to accidentally open (due to how it needs to be pushed). The mirror is sufficient, though I don’t have much to say about it.

Some of the colours are more pigmented than the colours but, overall, they have a really good variety. The shimmers are stunning, though do have a little fall out so are best used with a damp brush. The colours are very soft and blendable, with a good variation between more intense shades and the softer.

Hyacinth is a fairly standard nude base colour but, considering that I want to use this as a travel palette, I’m glad that it’s included! I would usually use it as a base colour when I want an overall light look, or will use Gerbera as a base if I really want to pump up the pink.

My favourite colours is Orange Flower, which is a stronger, coral pink and Amaryllis, the stunning gold shimmer just below that literally made me gasp when I first swatched it. It is so strong and so intense, and stays on all day. With a dry brush, it comes across as more of a light shimmer but, when the brush is wet, applies almost like gold foil.

As soon as I tried these on my eyes, I actually decided that I really want to try the other shadows from the Heimish range! It’s my first time trying anything from their brand and, honestly, they haven’t disappointed. I’ll definitely be going back to this palette every time I travel, as well as using it for my daily make up. I already have a go-to look for these colours, but I want to experiment more as well.

And so started my mini love affair with VDL. Prior to this, the only VDL product I had used was their shading liquid – this one hadn’t impressed me very much as both the colour and thin fluid didn’t allow me much control. However, I was contacted by BB Cosmetic recently and they sent me a sample of the Beauty Moisturizer. I gladly accepted, as I was really wanting to given VDL another chance and, goodness, I am glad I did.

I started testing this one before I left for Korea and actually made up my mind about it really quickly – it was very convincing. I actually purchased a bunch of other products from VDL while I was over there too, so there will be more reviews from this brand to come.

For now, read on for my thoughts on this product. You can pick yours up from BB Cosmetic, and don’t forget to use my code for 8% off your purchase: QAL3F6ZA8YZ

The product comes in a simple, cardboard box. I’m not too fussed by it, since this is a sample anymore and I’m much more concerned with the actual product. However, it does give me some basic information (and, actually, I think the full sized product has a similar packaging anyway – the clean design is very on brand):

This product is made with prune oil and water, helping to reinforce the skin barrier (strength) and to maintain – as well as obviously hydrate. It had a rich formula which not only hydrates the surface level of your skin but penetrates deep down to ensure that your hydration levels are maintained throughout the day. It also has an antioxidant effect to protect and revitalise your skin – anti-aging, basically. This product does not have whitening functions though.


For people who are concerned about chemicals in their products, you may also be interested to see that the product is ‘four free’: Mineral free, chemical colourant free, animal derived material free and petroleum derived surfactant free. It is particularly good that the product is mineral and petroleum free, both of which are poor quality oils which may have long term effects on our skin. I discussed this with a NuSkin distributor in Seoul, but you can also read more about it here.

Here’s the product! I actually really love purple and the colouring of this tub is absolutely beautiful. It’s quite heavy even at half size, so the full product may not be very good for travel purposes. However, the quality of the packaging is great and it feels really sturdy. It’s definitely not another cheap, plastic product. Just by packaging alone, I think it’s something that I would happily gift to my friends or someone older than me too. I guess it’s good that this product had anti-aging properties then!

It would be good if the full sized tub comes with a spatula (I’m unsure about this), but I generally just use my fingers for it. I like to keep this on my bedside so I don’t forget to apply it every night.

As soon as I opened the lid, I could tell that the product was really heavy. In the past, I’ve had a lot of difficulty with heavy creams, which is why I usually stick to gel based products. A lot of them simply don’t absorb into my skin, even those that people have raved about. Since my knowledge about mineral oils is fairly new, I’m not sure if my past experiences were due to poor ingredients in the product or because of my skin condition. Regardless, I was a little hesitant but I moved forward.

And I was not disappointed at all.

The cream has a really lovely scent, which I assume is from the prune oil. It’s not overwhelming but has a light, natural sweetness to it, which I really enjoy. The product also has a slight purple colour and is quite thick. It spreads easily and you don’t need to use too much of it either – this half size tub that I got is still going strong! The product absorbs well, but does leave a slight tacky feeling. Unlike gels, it takes time to properly skin into the layers of your skin, so I decided to use this one as a night cream. I did try it in the morning underneath my make up, but it’s too greasy during the day.

I loved how hydrating this was! As people know, my skin has a lot of trouble with being too dry. This was especially bad during the winter. When I applied this at night, I found that I woke up to perfectly hydrated skin. There was no greasy or tacky residue and, after washing my face, my make up applied better too. Overall, I really love this product and I’m so happy that a cream is finally working for my skin. The Australian weather has officially hit summer, so I think that I may start switching this one out for a gel based cream again, perhaps only using this once or twice a week.

Although VDL has disappointed me in the past, this product has definitely won my approval. I didn’t expect to love a skincare product to VDL actually, as I had always had the impression that they were better with cosmetics, but I stand corrected.

Before using this, I thought that my nails were in a pretty good condition but – let me tell you – you have no idea how dry they are until after they are hydrated! Lets give this a shot. On with the review!

Similar to the heel and elbow patches, these come in a packaging similar to the usual sheet masks. However, these retail in single packs inside of multiple, bringing the price to around USD$3.60 a pack. Each pack contains two patches – so one application for your nails and one for toenails. Personally, I feel that this is a bit expensive for a Koelf patch so would be costly to use regularly. However, this is a treatment pack so it isn’t too bad if you save it for occasions when it’s necessary – after having gel or acrylic nails removed, maybe (because chances are that your nails will be crying).

Looking at the back of the package – this is an intensive nutrition pack for healthy, shiny nails and toenails. It contains calcium, keratin, collagen and plant extracts to supply nutrients and protect the cuticles. It is suitable for damaged nails from frequent colouring.

As you can see in the photo above, the patches come in strips. The pre-cut (perforated?) plastic cover makes it really easy to pull off and attach, so you won’t have any trouble doing this one handed like I did. The material and hydrogel is pretty much as the same the other patches, so you can have a look at my other reviews to see more photos too.

Unlike the heel patches, these were a good size and the hydrogel was usually able to cover my entire nail – and I have pretty long nail beds. I wish that the patches were just a little longer so I could wrap them like a bandaid, but it still works fine. The patch stuck on well and, while I was waiting for it, I was able to continue doing my work. It’s definitely easy and convenient so, in the future, I might look at applying these overnight instead – for now, I only applied them for an hour and a half.

I forgot to take a photo of my nails before, so here’s a shot of it with only one applies. My nails aren’t in the worst condition, but my cuticles are a bit dry. Also, you can see some what scratches from where I have removed my gel nails – I’ve been redoing my gel nails every week or two, so my nails are crying a bit.

Below is a short of them all on and then the after photos too. I’m not sure if it’s that visible in the photos but I was actually rather amazed at how healthy my nails looked afterwards! It smoothed over the scratches in my nails and hydrated them well (as well as providing nutrients, I’m told), which has a similar effect to when you apply cuticle care over them I think. I’m not very good at nail care, so I don’t do that very often.

So that’s the review, guys! Overall, I think that this pack really does work and I would be interested in using it again when my nails are inevitably re-damaged. The price is a bit of a down point, but it isn’t excessive. For those who don’t like packs, I feel like moisturiser and a good quality cuticle care cream might do the same thing, but this is definitely easy for people who are lazy, on-the-go and generally absent minded like me.

Everything that I have tried from Heimish so far has totally blown me away, so I’m pretty happy to finish off this series of reviews with two of their serum rogue lipsticks. Though their products aren’t cheap, they are far from expensive (and are actually pretty affordable), have excellent pigmentation and very pretty packaging – which is often a deal breaker for me.

Heimish as a brand has a modern and chic style, focusing on make up styles that are simple and easy to use for all. The attention is on the wearer (you), instead of the actual product. Their ‘No More Normal’ mantra is about makes you stand out – not them. In this sense, I think that Heimish has a very unique approach to make up and it definitely reflects in their range.

The following lipsticks were sent to me for review by StyleKorean. From memory, not many stores are stocking Heimish yet (as they are not a roadshop brand) so definitely check them out if you’re interested in any of this. You can also check out my previous review of their eyeshadow palette and waterdrop tint.

So the colours that I chose to test is Morning Calm (which, according to online swatches, is a natural brownish coral) and Lunch Break (a pretty pink colour that is somewhere between being a dusty rose or a little bit vibrant). From the photos, they both seemed like really natural, every day colours – unfortunately, I had some trouble finding other online swatches, so I just went by what was on the website.

The box packaging is pretty simple with an elegant, but very girly, design. Overall, I like it but haven’t have much to say about it. The tube, however, is pretty interesting (see image below). It’s made of metal, or at least plated with it, and has a very slick and rounded look. It actually reminds me of the MAC lip bullets, but thinner and more modern. It’s easy to carry around but, unlike their lip tint, will absolutely roll around.

The opening is magnetic, which I love. It makes it harder to accidentally open in your bag as it actually needs to be pulled apart. I feel like the quality of the close is pretty good – strong magnet but not excessively slow. Overall, it has a really sleek and modern aesthetic. I love it, and I wouldn’t hesitate to present this either! I think people my age would really appreciate Heimish’s packaging, though it might not be cute enough for younger people.

These are the bullets! They have a very basic shape, without the usual rounded edges of a lipstick, but I had expected that. I actually find the traditional lipstick shape easier to apply, but this isn’t too bad. The formula is very highly pigmented and super soft – as soon as you swipe it over your lips a few times, you will notice that lipstick ‘melt’ a little. I recommend working fast and don’t overapply or use too thick a layer; it will look patchy and not very pretty. A lip brush is best for cleaning up the edges a bit.

The formula is really moisturising and hydrating on the lips. Although the pigmentation is dense and formula creamy (which often, ironically, accentuates dry lips for lighter colours), it looked great even thought my lips were pretty dry here.  The formula includes: “Pure sunflower seed oil extract, Brazil Nut Oil extract, Rose of china oil extract, [and] pure vitamin rose hip oil extract,” so it makes sense that the product is so comfortable on the lips.

I feel like the colours still came out a bit different to the online swatches – like the water drop tint – and actually looked lighter than I had expected. This is definitely Heimish’s weakness, in my opinion, so I hope that they work towards having better image accuracy for their next release since their products are a really great quality!

Because the formula was really soft and melted on my lips, I had trouble doing a gradient lip like they showed on the website. In all honesty, I thought that the actual shade was too soft for me to do a proper gradient lip anyway – depending on lighting, it can look like the above image or a little darker, but definitely not the exact same as the image.

All in all, I was really impressed with the formula of this product. It feels like butter and applies comfortably; it doesn’t stain much (as it’s a lipstick) but has decent longevity – though it probably won’t survive lunch, since it’s quite soft. I just wish that the colour samples were more accurate.

I actually liked the Water Drop Tint more, to be honest, but even then I’m really happy with this product. If I repurchase, I think I’ll be looking for darker and more vibrant colours though. These are nice, but maybe a bit too soft for my usual look. I would definitely recommend these though and I want to continue testing more Heimish products! Love them so far!

The first review I’ll be doing since coming back from Korea is for a product that I was actually gifted by BB Cosmetic. I met up with one of their managers, Elle, while I was in Seoul and she was so, so sweet. We had some trouble finding each other in Hongdae because I didn’t have a phone to properly contact her, but we finally met, had dinner and just chatted in general. She gave me a few products from the company to review, so I’m really happy that I got to test this.

I actually didn’t come across G9 Skin in Korea, most likely because they are very new. The brand is a sister brand (I think) of Berrisom, both of which aren’t exactly road shop brands so you need to find a stockist for them. Luckily for us though, they are very easily accessible online.


If you’re interested in this product, check out BB Cosmetic and don’t forget to use my code for 8% off your purchase: QAL3F6ZA8YZ

The packaging for this is really cute! Playing along with the white whipped cream/dairy concept, they’ve designed the box to look like a milk carton. This is actually really similar (if not the same) as 3CE’s White Milk Cream packaging and similar to the cushion too. Usually, I won’t feel so great about a brand copying a packaging concept, but I’m not sure if 3cE was the original either.

Aside from the shape though, the graphic design is actually quite different. This uses a soft pink colour and has a more modern and clean use of typography. The overall look is pretty, unique but also more mature. It actually gives off a more professional appearance.


Once again, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this as a present. I think the novelty of the packaging will win most people over, to be honest!

The tub is white with a matte finish, so it suits the box really well too. It was sort of hard to photograph to be honest, but that isn’t really a downside (only for me). It’s made of plastic and isn’t too heavy, though it isn’t that light either. I don’t think that it is ideal for travel, though a cream formula isn’t so hard to decant.

The lid is secure and the overall material is pretty sturdy, so I think the quality is good. I don’t think I would freak out about dropping it (which is good, since I’m clumsy) though I would worry about the print scratching off over time.

The product has a plastic lid over it to keep it from spilling, as well as ensuring that the cream stays protected. This is fairly common for most skincare products.

The White in Whipping Cream product is a tone-up cream which claimed to whiten (long term, with instant tone up effects), have a skin blurring effect and have a soft, whipped cream texture. The water-drop formulation (as they call is) is highly moisturising and is also long-lasting, for those who wear it cosmetically in the day.

The cream can be used in the morning (on it’s own or as a make up base) or at night – it has a whitening, anti-wrinkle and moisturising effect, so it claims to be an all-in-one product. This should be used at the end of your routine.

As you can see, the cream really does have a very soft texture. Unlike my Cloud9 cream (which is my benchmark for all whitening creams), the texture is smooth and dairy-like. The ‘water drop’ effect forms when you start to rub it into your skin.

If you use it on it’s own, I find that it can be a bit hard to spread. The white pigmentation sets fast and dries matte too. However, on top of your skincare, it does form tiny water droplets. At first, it will look like the cream is being patchy (I know, I panicked too), but it absorbs into your skin quickly and gives you an even finish.

Below is my hand with the cream on. The tone-up effect is natural and subtle, which I love since a lot of these creams can make you look like a patchy vampiric mess. I often use this underneath my make up for a brightened finish.

It can cause a little bit of caking but I only noticed it very far along in the day (I usually apply at 6:30am and I noticed some minor caking around 3pm). Depending on your base make up though, this is easily fixed.

Overall, I liked this cream! I tested it in multiple different ways though and I think that it works better in some situations and struggles in others.

Used as skincare, this cream should be applied at the end with previous skincare already absorbed. Otherwise, it will because very streaky and settle strangely. I find that if you have any ouchies (pimples that popped, a scratch.. I don’t know what else to call that), it may sting a little – most whitening creams do. Also, don’t apply it too close to your eyes.

Used cosmetically, this works best with a light moisturising product underneath (but also absorbed), otherwise it will dry up your skin a bit and be hard to spread. The finish is quite matte so I prefer to use a dewy base make up in top of it to balance that out. For those who like matte finishes though, this will be great.

As skin care, I did notice my complexion became brighter the next morning though the effects weren’t as dramatic as I wanted. I personally prefer this product as a make up base, but I think I will need to use this very long term to see dramatic results.

I think I will test it more long-term to see about the skincare benefits, but I definitely like this one as a make up base. I will be continuing to use it in my daily make up routine and hoping that it really does whiten my complexion over time. I’m interested to try more from G9 Skin and will be keeping this one on my list!

When I heard that IOPE had released a new series of their cushions, I was beyond excited. They now have a broader range of colours and finishes – ranging from matte, natural to dewy. Since I first tried their XP cushion, they had been on the top of my HG list, so I was really excited to see how they had improved the formula. And goodness, I am happy.

With this cushion, I bought it on G-Market around the time it was first released, so I also got an extra refill, a limited edition case (not photographed as I don’t have it on me, but you will see it on Instagram) and a bunch of samples. I was tempted to try out their higher coverage version, but I ended up going with their ‘Moisture Lasting’ formula. I’ve always been a big fan of dewy finishes, though often have issues with it slipping or caking during the day – as I’m not very good at touching up.

What I found with this cushion is that I rarely have to touch up, and the caking is super minimal. I used it throughout my trip in Korea and I am still using it now. I bought a lot of other cushions, but this one remains at the top of the list.

I opened this cushion up while I was in Korea so I couldn’t find the box to take photos with (I have a feeling it is coming to me in the mail); instead, I’ll go straight to talking about the actual cushion packaging – which is what is important anyway. Compared to the previous packaging, this one is a little bit thinner and smaller. It isn’t substantial though. It has rounded edges and a pearly white case that looks very modern and elegant.

The edges are also colour coded in accordance to the formula. Blue, which is the one that I have, is for their most dewy/hydrating version – moisture lasting. The other formulas are Intense Cover, Natural Glow and Matte Longwear. I’ve always been a fan of dewy formulas because I have fairly dry skin and minimal blemishes to cover (at moisture formulas tend to have less coverage).

As you can see in the above photo, the actual cushion is smaller than before but it isn’t too dramatic. The mirror is also a bit smaller, most likely because of the rounded shape of the compact. Overall, it is still as sturdy as always so I don’t mind it too much. I would prefer to keep the bigger air puff and cushion though, because I feel like you can apply it faster that way.

The main difference in this version (which is very obvious) is the new honeycomb cushion. This is meant to disperse the product more evenly and thoroughly, meaning that you don’t have to keep flipping the cushion around – which gets really messy. I definitely think that it makes the application easier and more even. I used to have to flip the sponge every few days and it would also get messy with my longer nails, so I’m happy to not have to do that anymore.

A problem that I do have with this cushion (and that I had with the previous one too) is that I feel like there isn’t enough product in there. I’m not sure if it’s because I love the cushion too much and use it too often, but I find that it feels empty or dry much more quickly than others. Instead, I usually have to press really hard which sometimes makes the cream stick to the edges of the puff.

As for the colour of this cushion, it still comes in the shades 13, 21 and 23 so the actual colour spectrum isn’t much wider than usual. However, they have also come out with cool, neutral and warm tones so it is much easier to find a perfect match to your skin tone. For me, I decided to go with a N21 – I feel like my natural skin tone is quite yellow so I try to balance it out with a cooler make up base. However, a cool tone would be too starkly different, so a more natural/neutral tone is best for me.

The colour brightens my complexion slightly but is overall a perfect match. It adheres really well to the skin and actually managed to last through the day, only fading later in the afternoon. The formula also fades very naturally with little to no caking even on the more oily areas of my face. Surprisingly, it doesn’t slip and slide at all, so it’s a really comfortable wear. I’m no longer afraid to scratch or touch my face, even if I haven’t set it with a finishing powder.

My only thing is that I don’t think I would consider this cushion a high intensity dewy cushion (which is why it doesn’t slip as much). It’s very hydrating and leaves your skin feeling moist, but I would consider it semi-dewy with a medium, buildable coverage.

For those who are looking for an extremely moist finish, I don’t think that this will blow you away. However, it is suitable for a more natural but hydrated finish.

Honestly, I did not walk into Innisfree with the intention of buying much and yet, the longer I spent in the store, the more and more I found I wanted to try new products. I start off thinking that I would buy a large size of the volcanic clay mask (which I did) and ended up with an entire basket full – in fact, I think I still ended up spending the most out of three of us and I didn’t usually use many of Innisfree products. In the end, I realised that I’m simply a sucker for anything that feels hydrating and smells good. I’m easily bought over.

This one is a sleeping pack that was recommended to me by a sales lady in Edae (she was the best, to be honest). Initially, I wasn’t planning on buying it because I felt that the wine scent was too strong but, after around ten minutes, I realised that I was addicted to smelling it. I ended up purchasing both the sleeping pack and the peeling gel; they were very affordable too.

The pot is pretty standard for Innisfree – it’s wide with a flat top, a paper soy ink printed label and the Innisfree logo (or is it a symbol) on the top of the lid. I find that most of their packaging looks very similar, so it all sits nicely together. It’s quite sturdy and made of plastic, so it’s not heavy to carry around for travel nor easy to break. The sleeping pack is a bit big though so I don’t think it is perfect for travelling – perhaps decanted, it will be more portable.

My main issue with these labels though, is that they are printed on uncoated paper. It’s great for the environment, but means that it will tear and melt if exposed to water. It’s not a huge issue though and I think the argument for and against depends on your own opinions. It does look very nice though and all of Innisfree products have a clean, simple aesthetic. It’s not super classy, but it also looks like a good quality product.

Ingredients are listed on the back but, as people might have noticed, I don’t tend to put these onto the blog (as they can be easily found and often mean nothing to me) unless I am breaking down the main elements. Regardless, here is the description from Amazon:

A hydrating sleeping pack-enriched with red wine extracts from France – helps gently lift away dead skin cells and provide moisture. Creates clear and elastic jelly-like skin with its shape-memory barrier, unveils a softer smoother more radiant and revived complexion.

There is definitely a strong, distinct grape/wine scent to this (which I love) but it isn’t overwhelming like I originally thought it would be. I actually find it kind of soothing, much like the Laneige sleeping pack though the scent is stronger. It does fade though, so it won’t be interrupting your sleep. I would say that most of it is gone within 5 minutes, and is strongest upon first application.

The texture is also really interesting! It has a shape-memory barrier and a jelly like texture, which I hadn’t realised as first. As you can see, after you spoon it out (or somehow ruin the prettiness), the jelly only takes around 5 minutes to settle again into the perfect smoothness it was at the beginning. This mostly had an aesthetic value but, I imagine, would be a really great trait once you’ve applied it to your face. I feel like it would very smoothly coat your skin and maintain that hydration.

Below is how it looks on my skin and applied! The formula is very smooth and soft, with a lovely scent. It absorbs easily into the skin, even with my thick layers of skincare underneath, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. I would say that it’s between a cream and gel formula – a bit thicker than a gel but no where near as heavy as a cream. It’s very relaxing and would be appropriate for all seasons.

I apply this with a medium generosity (not too thin and not too heavy handed) and it is all absorbed and works overnight. I’m usually left with a little bit of white flakes (dried residue) but that’s easily washed off.

My skin the next morning is left very hydrated and supple. I don’t notice any whitening/brightening effects and I’m not sure how great it is for ‘lifting dead skin’, but it’s a great moisturiser. With continuous use of these sleeping masks (I keep this on my bed side so I don’t forget), I’ve been having to use less skincare underneath my make up as my skin condition is properly prepped by the morning.

Overall, it’s a very good product for the price. It smells great and it’s fun. I wouldn’t say that it’s a mind blowing, HG product, but it’s good for people who want to try new things (or those who are on a budget).

I’ll be honest, the reason I wanted to try this is because I watched Tati’s video and seeing her tear up trying to peel this off sort of made me laugh. I’ve had experience using peel off masks before (along with nose strips) and they generally don’t hurt me much. They also don’t usually remove blackheads from my pores either, so I mostly use them for a bit of fun and just general pore cleaning.

For Elizavecca’s Hell Pore Clean Up Mask though, the product had been hyped so much and there are so many (way overly faked) screaming videos of people peeling it off, that I just had to try it out for myself. For this review, please keep in mind that different skin types and sensitivities will react differently – my own is generally not very sensitive (aside from allergies) so what doesn’t irritate my skin might do yours.

I received this product from StyleKorean for reviewing purposes, so remember to click onto their page to check it out (as well as all the other pretties that they carry – just in time for Christmas shopping). On with the review!

So the packaging for this is just really cute. I love the pig illustration throughout all of the products, as well as how creative it is – pig with a pore strip on its snout and those crying (and adorable) blackheads. It’s one of those things that you just sort of sit and stare at. I don’t think there’s anyone out there that won’t be amused by it.  The drip design also ties in with the type. Even though it isn’t the usually aesthetic that I like in my design, I would rate this really highly for novelty. It’s fun, but it also doesn’t look tacky.

There’s also a sticker on the side where you can scratch for the number, as well as a phone number (and a QR code). I assume that this takes you somewhere to check the number. If you’re buying this elsewhere, I definitely recommend checking this to make sure that you have a genuine product! Elizavecca isn’t actually too popular in Korea (and I had trouble finding their products in Seoul) but they have gone viral internationally, so there’s a high demand.

The description and warnings are on the side in English (and possibly Korean). The language is a little off, most likely due to automatic translation, but it’s understandable and isn’t too bad. Points:

  • Contains 4% charcoal to help clean and shrink pores, as well as remove impurities.
  • Contains licensed fermentation ingredients for easy and effective pore cleaning.

The other warnings and such are fairly standard, so I wont type them up here.

When you open the box, the interior is printed with a very vibrant red. It’s a small touch, but I thin that it gives the overall look a very professional finish. There is also some embossing and a matte cello glaze over the entire box (sorry, this is my designer talk) so it looks really well put together! I love the quality of this packaging.

So then we move onto the tube. It’s got a matte finish and has the same illustration as the box and the Korea instructions on it. It’s pretty cute, but nothing extraordinary. The plastic is quite soft so it’s very easy to squeeze and the cap feels like it’s made of a good quality plastic. Overall, this is 12mL but it’s quite a big tube of product. I don’t think that I would use this for travel purposes – it seems a bit tricky to decant too as these masks will dry up.

I recommend this for at-home use and I like to keep mine in the bathroom so I can apply it right after I shower (when my pores are opened up).

The formula is actually really watery compared to what I’m used to. I had to test this product out twice because, the first time, my application was too thin and it was difficult to peel off the mask. It also didn’t remove much. Since the formula is light and watery, it’s quite easy to under apply, so make sure that you’re being a little more generous – especially around the areas you really want to clean.

It’s also a little bit drippy, so just be careful about that as I had accidentally dripped some onto my table. If the tube is open, don’t point it downwards. It doesn’t have the thick consistency of a normal charcoal mask.

If you look closely, there are small black particles in the gel – which I assume is the charcoal. I also find it interesting that this mask is gray, as all of the ones I’ve used in the past have been black with a very thick consistency. This was definitely different.

I usually just leave it on until it dries, which can take up to 20 minutes or so, depending on the air and weather. It does tighten around your face when it dries though, so you will be able to tell. As with all of these peel off masks, I recommend waiting a little longer to ensure that it’s all ready to be peeled – sometimes, some areas don’t dry as fast (such as the sides of noses) and can get a bit messy.

If you look at the photos above, you can even see on my hand that it’s cleaned up my skin – there is a brightening effect. The reason for this, I assume, is because the mask has removed some of the dead skin. Overall, I didn’t find it that painful to remove (I was disappointed with that.. haha!) though it definitely hurts around the under eyes. Your skin is naturally thinner and more sensitive there so I recommend going slowly or just using this on the areas you really need.

It removed quite a lot of my white heads, but the more stubborn blackheads have stayed. I didn’t notice any shrinking of my pores either. I did, however, leave me with a super smooth base! My make up application the next day was great. Aside from the white heads, it had also pulled out a lot of baby hair and all of my dead skin. It’s like an exfoliator – though a particularly strong one.

I definitely think I will repurchase! I’m a big fan of these peel off masks. Even though I know that pore strips aren’t very good for you, I like to use these all over the face to remove dead skin. I also find them really relaxing to peel off, but perhaps I’m just strange.

The cute packaging means that this would also make a good (and interesting) gift. With Christmas around the corner, I’m thinking that Elizavecca is going to be a fun way to forcing introducing your friends to Korean skincare.

I have been so obsessed with blush. I think this has to do with the recently spreading trend of the ‘hangover beauty’ or byojaku trend from Japan. I’m aware that this has been around for a really long time but, recently, I feel like it’s spread to Korea and internationally as well. Of course, since I do live in Sydney where our trends are quite… basic and safe, I do have to dilute this style a little bit. I tend to focus the blush right under my eyes and then subtly blend it out the sides. For this look, I’m looking for strong pigmentation, a creamy, blend-able formula and a wearable colour.

Easy enough, right?

During this trip to Korea, I ended up buying quite a lot from 3CE – actually, I think they were the third top store that I shopped in. The reason for that is that I actually fell in love with their colour pigmentation products, one of which is this gradation blush. I swatched it in store one day and almost immediately knew I had to buy it.

The colour that I chose is Peachy Beach, which is a gradation between pink and orange. The overall colour is quite vibrant and warm, which suits my skintone well. For this product, there is actually a second shade (pink to purple) and I’ll be looking to test out that one in the future too!

The blush comes in a bright pink plastic case, which has a quite simple design. It isn’t overly ornate but it’s very sturdy (I often carry this out in my bag) and clicks together well. It also ties in very nicely with the 3CE brand identity – overall, they’re really good at packaging and these blushes are no different. As a designer, I really love the simplicity of it as well as the use of bold colour. It looks very classy, even though it’s made of plastic, and is light and easy to carry around.

I absolutely love how the colour gradates. Even before I swatched it, I thought that it looked so pretty. The colours blend together well and the powder is quite fine and soft, meaning that you don’t get a strange grittiness between the shades. Overall, the effect is done really smoothly. As you can see below, both of the colours are quite pigmented and are distinctively different from each other – though they have a similar undertone.

I’ve shown an example of how the two shades look swatched as well as blended together. As I apply my blush using a big brush, I find that I don’t really get a ‘gradient’ effect when I apply it. It’s quite subtle anyway, so I’m not sure if it should look so obvious. What you do get, however, is a very natural but vibrant flush which instantly picks up your look – even on your most tired days.

Honestly, I love this blush. I love the smooth consistency of it, the strong pigmentation and the bright but natural colouring. The gradient effect of the pan is really pretty and, if I were to gift it to anyone, I think they would love it too. However, I don’t think that this affects the actually application very much – it may make it look more natural but it’s hardly noticeable.

I’ve been using this blush every day though. Even when I use a cream blusher underneath, I also apply this on top to make my front cheeks really ‘pop’. The product lasts for a long time too and I don’t see any fading of it until the afternoon (and I don’t apply it very heavy handed). If you wanted a stronger effect, the pigmentation is also really easily build able and doesn’t cake.


I had been waiting for so long to try this thing so out, please, excuse my excitement! This is the first product that I’ve tried from SU:M37 and it’s been raved about by so many other bloggers. I cleanse my face rather religiously because I do wear make up at least five days a week, so I want to make sure that my skin is well cleaned at the end of the day (because no one likes clogged pores or break outs). Generally, my skin is on the dry side and is easily stripped by cleansers, so I look for something that cleans well but still leaves my skin soft and fresh – not irritated.

I would usually do a two step cleanse (with my Etude House sherbet cleanser to begin with) but I have been testing this one by itself as well, just to see how it works. Overall, I’m pretty impressed and I can see why people love this so much.

So SU:M37 is a Korean premium brand, meaning that you won’t be seeing this as a roadshop in Edae. To find their products in Korea, you’ll have to be visiting department stores (or, as I usually do, the Duty Free) – for this reason, their products are definitely more expensive than the others but are also aimed at an older age group. Their brand focuses on naturally fermented products with no artificial fragrances, colouring or synthetic preservatives; this reflects in their name which is derived from the word 숨 (Meaning ‘Breath,’ though all of my Taeyeon fans will already know that… right?) and with ’37’ being the optimal fermentation temperature. That’s all really cool and all, but let’s really look at this product.

The product that I’ll be reviewing is their much raved about Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, which is a stick type cleanser containing real rose petals. According to StyleKorean: “This cleanser was one of 2014 Beauty Award Winners.” The product effectively and gently removes make up, smells great and is perfect for travel.

“Aside from clarifying the pores, this cleansing stick also supplies nutrients into the skin to improve its texture and complexion. It is highly recommended for those who suffer from oily and sensitive skin as this also has a sebum-controlling formula and soothing effect. Contains fermented damask rose extract.”

The packaging is quite simple in a metallic box. Personally, I think that the design is quite old-fashioned and dated, but it’s still pretty. I think it makes sense though, since the brand is aimed towards an older audience – as a gift, I think that this would be suitable for parents, possibly older sisters… over 30, perhaps? It’s definitely not a trend item though and that reflects in the packaging. In a way, it’s a good thing – the packaging reflects the price tag, haha!

The instructions on the side are all in Korean but the illustrations are clear enough not to need words. Basically, you first wet your face (or go into the shower as I do) and twist up the product – around 1cm is a suitable amount. This can be applied straight to your face and then rubbed in for it to foam. For the sake of this review, I tested it by both applying straight to my face and to my palm before application.

When you open the box, below is the tube. I think that this stick-type design is so great! I like to travel a lot so it’s very frustrating to carry around my cleansers and such. They’re often big, take up too much space and, because they are liquids, can’t be put in hand-carry luggages either.

SU:M37 have fixed this problem by bringing out a product that is not only light, small and easy to carry around – it’s also in a solid form! I’m going on a trip to Japan next year so, provided that I don’t finish this before then, I’ll 100% be bringing this along instead of my 150 packets of sample cleansers.

The tube design is very functional and looks elegant too. I really like it. It’s made of a pretty sturdy plastic and the bottom dial (to push it up) is really smooth and easy to use – even with wet hands. My only complaint is that, when it’s applied straight to the face, you can be left with a pretty messy tube off the sides. This is easily fixed by running it under the shower water to clean it, but always feels like a waste to me – especially since this isn’t very cheap either.

The lid clicks on easily and is also removed completely (in that it isn’t connected off the side like a usual cap). It’s a bit easier to lose because of that and you do have to put it down somewhere when you’re using it – rather than a big issue though, it’s more of a minor annoyance. This is most likely done for a functional reason though.

And then it’s to the actual product and my first impression was that wow this smelt strong! It definitely smells a lot like roses so, if you’re sensitive to scents, you may have to give this one a miss. It’s very intense and, as someone who has hayfever, I nearly sneezed smelling it. Once you use it in the shower or with water though, it does weaken a lot – which is a good thing.

At first, I was worried that the presence of the roses would cause a reaction as I’m allergic to flower pollen (I didn’t think about that before I asked StyleKorean about reviewing this… I’m an idiot) but I’m really glad that it didn’t give me any negative effects! I’m guessing it is because they use the fermented petals and not the entire flower, hence not the part that gives me allergies.

The product is definitely a mild cleanser as stated and, after use, my skin does feel very cleaned but also soft. There is also ‘dragging’ of the skin afterwards, meaning that my own oils haven’t been completely stripped – so it’s definitely a good thing.

I did realise that you have to use quite a lot of it to get a decent foam happening though, which I was a little disappointed with. This foaming happened better when I apply it straight to my face and then rub in circular motions – when I apply it on my hand first, the foaming is gone by the time I transfer it.

The stick form is really handy and perfect for travelling, though it does make it harder to apply in smaller areas (like the nose and nose bridge) so you really have to apply lots on the cheeks and then spread it out when you’re rubbing it. It’s a bit annoying, once again, but isn’t a major issue.

I definitely really like this product and I would want to purchase it for gifts too. Whether I will continue to use it though… I’m a little bit conflicted with.The price isn’t ridiculous, but it is comparatively expensive to what I can get from roadshop brands and I’m unsure whether it made enough of a difference to my usual cleansing routine for me to keep buying.

I think that it will definitely come down to price and, if I do have the money to spend that much on it, I will continue to buy it because it is very effective and easy to use. I might limit the usage to travel though as I do know other cleansers that do just as good of a job (though, perhaps, don’t smell as lovely).


I find that people usually either love Missha’s packaging or they hate it. Sometimes, it can border on being rather dated and overly ornate, but I think that this product is really well balanced. The box has a fresh appearance while the gold foil gives it a really classy feel. It isn’t spectacular but quietly pretty, if you know what I mean.

I think that this would be good as a gift. Even though it’s really affordable, it has a higher end appearance (which is to be expected of a brand like Missha). A lot of people also recommend this brand as presents for mothers and anyone older but, to be honest, I like it too!

Am I old fashioned? I hope not.

For this product, I decided to go with the Moisture version, which has a gold edge (the original version has a silver edge) because I am always favouring dewy, moist finishes. This one claims to create “Moisture perfect, long-lasting coverage and a flawless skin while sillica-bead powder effectively absorbs sweat and sebum. Containing bamboo water and baobab fruit extract, this product provides moisture to skin while flower oil ingredients creates a protective layer to prevent loss of moisture. Perfect to create moist, radiant, and vitalized complextion.”

I thought that this would be perfect for the colder weather lately, especially since Australia is often pretty dry. I will probably just use more powder to set my dewy bases during the summer.

I think the compact is really pretty! It’s a little bit thicker than some of the ones I’ve used lately (probably because this packaging design is a little bit older) but it isn’t excessive. I still find it really easy to carry around in my bag. The overall case feels very secure, though I get a little bit worried about scratching the edges in my bag because of the thick metallic rim. Metallic ink tends to scratch a lot more easily.

The lid clicks in well and the mirror is a pretty decent size. Overall, I think that the cushion compact is pretty standard – no complaints from me and nothing really stand out for me to talk about actually. The puff cushion is the standard blue design and picks up the product well while also giving you a nicely even finish.

Overall, I quite liked the product. I have been wearing it with my Clio Kill Cover concealer underneath and I always felt like it gave me a perfectly flawless complexion. The coverage would be medium and it is easily buildable, so this is probably good for people who want to cover up some blemishes but don’t want a heavy, caked finish.

The product has a decent lasting power, working until around lunch time without any touch ups. When it starts to fade, however, it has the tendency to settle into dry spots. It isn’t too bad, but I think this is mainly because the formula is a little bit drier than my super dewy formulas. This would sit behind the IOPE and Clio Ampoule Intense cushion, but is more hydrating than Etude House. The oil control is decent too and I liked that, even though the formula wasn’t slick dewy, it didn’t accent dry areas. The product started showing signs of oil around my nose after… maybe six hours?

This product is easily buildable and blends in well with concealers to create a flawless finish. However, I noticed that it is a little sensitive to what skincare products are used under it – the Etude House collagen cream, for example, causes it to become very patchy. This is probably best used with a gel based primer, something that absorbs and dries much more quickly.

So according to the packaging, the product is meant to help remove and ‘dissolve’ calluses, as well as provide moisture (with oriental medication and plants) and to protect damaged skin. The actual packaging and design is pretty basic, so I don’t have much to say about it aside from being sufficient.

The patches were designed well with a little pull out part that made it easy to peel. The instructions are also really simple and easy to follow – align it to your foot, peel off and attach. My main concern is that the patch is a little too small and seemed to literally only cover the back of the heel. I think it would have been a little longer to cover the base of the heel as well. Perhaps they’re a little stingy with the patch and hydrogel size.

The heel was a lot more hydrated and the cracks/calluses much softened. You can tell that the skin is a lot more hydrated and has absorbed a lot of the product.

However, I don’t feel like it is any better than if we had simply applied cream and put on our socks to let it absorb overnight. The effect was there and the product definitely works, but her heel was back to its previous state within two days – the effect wasn’t long lasting.

I think that this product will be decent for people will mildly dry heels, but won’t work well for more severe cases. It’s a fun, affordable product but effectiveness is average at best.

Both me and my mother think that creams and the peeling mask (ours is from Tonymoly) is a lot more effective, so we won’t be repurchasing this. It might have better effectiveness for me, since my heels aren’t so dry, but I also don’t feel its very necessary. This is probably better for people who would like to wear these patches under their socks for hydration through the day, even when they’re out and about.

I definitely like the design of this packaging over some of the others I’ve seen. The white mate paper with the soften colours and line work makes the product look quite classy and elegant, even though it is really affordable. The full price for this tube is USD$14.02 but it’s actually on sale for USD$4.71 so it is most definitely a cheaper alternative for the Cloud9 cream.

This product contains snow lotus and phyto extract, the latter of which I’m not completely sure about because it sounds a little bit too green to me. Luckily though, this cream has a very minimal scent that fade quickly when applied.

Unlike the Cloud9 cream which comes in a tub, the Snow Lotus Cream comes in an easy to use tube. Although the tubs are a lot prettier, I actually prefer tubes for hygenie and ease of use. The cap is a little strange though, in that it seems to be designed to completely lift off? Or perhaps I had accidentally broken mine. Either way, it slips into place and is then used like a normal cap.

The product has a smooth, creamy formula which is really easy to apply on the face. It can be a little difficult to blend at times (if you are using this as a base or under makeup), so you have to make sure that any other skincare you have applied underneath is completely absorbed or this cream will become streaky.

The product is easy to use under makeup and gives a brightened base for days when you’re feeling particularly tired (like me). It is also more hydrating than the Cloud9 cream so can give you a good surface to work with. The main issue is that, after a few hours, the pigmentation can settle into dry areas on the skin. This is especially noticeable if you sleep with it and wake up feeling a little.. sandy. It doesn’t matter too much if you are using it overnight but, during the day, the best way to counteract this is to remember to touch up your base make up or, at least, check on it.

There is definitely a immediate brightening effect. I used it for a while but I don’t seem to see any dramatic results to my skin tone, but this is a product that I think is good to use under make up. It is also a cheaper (and more hydrating) alternative to the Cloud9 cream – especially if you don’t want a 100 step skincare routine in order to keep your skin both hydrated and bright.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good product and I’ll definitely continue to use it. I would also recommend this to people who are on the go and want a simple, fast brightening routine. If your natural skintone is pretty good too, it wouldn’t be hard to simply apply this product as use it as your base makeup – provided that you have minimal to no blemishes to cover up with concealer.

The lip sticks come in a metallic pink box, which is pretty much covered in the heart motif. It sort of borders on the line of cute and over-the-top for me, but I don’t mind it so much because of the overall concept (I’m usually partial to more simple and modern designs). It is definitely very on brand and carries on the concept of the Heartful lipstick. It’s quite ornate so I think that this would be good as a present too because it doesn’t look too plain.

You have to be a little careful that the box might look tacky though but.. we’re here for heart shaped lipsticks! Who cares? Overall, it’s an average and sufficiently sturdy box. No damage during shipment at all.

The lipsticks are sealed so you know that they are completely new and there is some information on the side in English, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Instead, let’s look at the actual tube.

The tube is made of metal and has a similar metallic pink finish to the box with white printed text. It’s also a little smaller than I expected it to be, to be honest, but it’s cute and will fit into almost any make up bag easily. I would recommend being a bit careful with it though, as this sort of material would scratch easily and the print also looks like it might scratch.

It is quite sturdy but I don’t think it’s as firm as the normal lipstick tube design. This one clips on sort of like a suction (?) but pulls off fairly easily. I don’t think it would be too big of an issue though. It might just be me but I’m also really worried about the metal scratching itself… both parts of the tube is made of metal and makes a sort of sound when they’re pulled open.

The shape is definitely eye catching and everyone that I’ve shown has been really interested in it. I thought that the heart shape would make it really easy to apply for the cupid’s bow (which it is) but my main issue is that the round shape makes it harder to control the lipstick for the rest of your lips. It’s rather hard to get sharp corners, so I would recommend using this in conjunction with a brush – at least for your first application.

The lipstick was super hydrating and actually had better pigmentation than I originally anticipated (because I saw some review swatches online that were too soft to me). It’s smooth and applies easily on the lip, though the shape of the tube does make it darker.

The pigmentation on the lighter colour will definitely accentuate dry parts on your lips though, so make sure that you’ve properly scrubbed and balmed your lips too. The lasting power for this lipstick is average and definitely will not last a meal because it is such a balmy, slightly glossy finish. It’s easy to carry the tube around for touch ups though, as it tends only to fade on the inside of your lips.

Definitely don’t let this fade away throughout the day though because the pigmentation will cling to your lips and leave a rather unattractive halo. It is better to retouch with the lipstick or a matching lip balm.

 This is essentially a cream blusher with a built in sponge applicator so you can squeeze out the product, apply and blend. It’s meant to be super easy, making it appropriate for mornings and when you’re on the go. The formula is also supposed to be thin like an emulsion, allowing it to feel and act much like a tint.

First off, I absolutely love the packaging for this. It’s a fairly simple box with a clear window in the front so you can see the product. I think the design is really cute and it would be good as a present too. The pop art inspired look really works for this brand and I also like that the two boxes are colour coded to the blusher shade. The box isn’t flimsy, but the material would be rather, I’d say. There was no damaged at all during postage.

The tubes are also really cute. I like the polkadot design and the metallic speech bubble. It’s make of a soft plastic, making it really easy to squeeze. It’s also small and light enough to carry around for travel, but might be a bit bulky in your handbag – I still think a compact would be easiest for that. The tube is also colour coded to the shade so I have no difficulty finding it even in my big (overflowing) basket of make up.

I’m not sure if this is on purpose, but there’s a strip on the side of the tube that isn’t covered so you can see how much product you have left. It’s definitely handy but, to be honest, might just be a little hack that I discovered, haha. The lid is also sealed and, when you open it, you’ll notice that the sponge is clean and white – make sure that you have a new product! It’s really quite impossible for someone to send you an old one though because, aside from the seal, the cushion sponge is also really obviously used once you start.

The sponge applicator sort of bounces, though I don’t think it’s soft enough. It hurts my cheek bones a little if I keep pressing it down like that. It works well though and gives a nice, even application.

Overall, the formula was easy to apply and blend. However, as it is thin and meant to work similarly to a tint, you do have to work quickly. I left the swatches on for too long at first and noticed that it left darker streaks when I was trying to blend it out. It is best to work on one side of  your face at a time or at least don’t leave it sitting there (which would be silly anyway).

The blusher is very light and feels like you have nothing on. It blends easily into my base make up as well and doesn’t cake up when I apply highlighter on top of it. It is also easily buildable so, if you feel like the colour is too light, just go back over it after blending. Overall, I love the formula.

My only complaint will be that the cushion does get dirty. Since a bit of residue cream is left of the sponge, it starts to darken and look like a stain. I’m not sure if I can wash it, but I will probably try and take off the applicator for a good cleaning.

I seriously wish that there were more colours! I do love this product and I think it’s one that I won’t consider coming back to in the future (since I’m still testing a lot of other blushers). So far, it’s worked really well for me and slipped itself seamlessly into my every day make up routine. I would definitely recommend this product! Berrisom has done well.

Like the heel patch, this one also comes in a box of eight pieces, or four pairs. They are packaged in pairs, so they’re easy to use or bring on travel. The patch is shorter than the heel patch and is almost a squarish shape (as you can see below). It’s made of the same fabric as the heel patch with the same hydrogel, both of which were pretty good quality. The patch is easy to peel because of the cute, heart shaped cut out and it applies on well.

You don’t want this to fall off so, as per the instructions, make sure that you wash the area first to rid it on oils and other products (lotions etc), but also dry it off! Water will affect the adhesion.

I kept this product on for around two hours and didn’t reapply after that. It stayed on really well though; better than I thought it would since I went ahead with my blogging and typing that whole time and thought that leaning on my bed sheets would accidentally ruin it.

As with the heel patches, these definitely work but they have more of an instant effect. Long term wise, I think that using better moisturisers and lotions will be a lot better. This would be good for people who need fast and effective results though, such as for events. You can apply this and then go ahead with doing your make up, since it’s so handy and applies firmly. As for repurchasing, I don’t think I will as I don’t feel it is very essential.



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