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General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free, Vitamin C
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I received the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Brightening trial kit from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. I love whitening products so when I received it I immediately googled the price of the products and it's actually not cheap! 

There are 6 samples in the kit and the scent of all products are very gentle compared to other products on the market which tends to be strong with artificial smell. 

The face wash: The foam is really gentle and the smell is non-invasive. My skin didn't feel tight after washing it off. I also think it cleansed my face properly. 

The toner: a very light texture, I used it directly on my hands without a cotton pad. It feels very moisturizing.

The serum: It's a light yellow color and a very light texutre and it's not sticky!! 

My favorite is probably the eye cream? It spreads nicely on the face and it absorbs so well. You can use a tiny bit and it will be enough for the whole eye area. 

Night cream is nice, it's not too heavy and I think it's just right for winter. 

I also really like the day cream because it has SPF 20. It's light and easy to apply on the face, it also smells a little bit minty to me? 

I think this set would be really nice if you're on a vacation with your significant other or your girl friends!

One summer I just decided to go to Too Cool For School store and ask the sales to recommend me a BB cream. This products name is so cute, it includes a highlighter and concealer. They contain SPF 37 PA ++ I think it's nice. It has three shades : 1.Bright, 2. Natural, 3.Healthy. I picked the natural one because I love the makeup look it gives! The highlighter is super beautiful<3 I use it on my nose and c area. The only downside is the cover of the container breaks easily. I would purchase it again. 

The texture looks transparent so I thought it's more like a color correct lipbalm, but surprisingly the color is very obvious! It's also nourishing too. I picked the shade LOVE IS PLAY, my skin tone is more yellow so I usually mix it with other lipstick color or ombre lipstyle. It's nourishing so I'm fine that it's not that long lasting. The color is very cute, makes my lips shiny. I would love to try the pink and orange color in the future. It's great for a spring look. 

To me this is a cheaper version of Suisa face wash powder. It's even cheaper if you buy it in Korea. The cream texture contains beads that helps to exfoliate my skin, I think it's pretty cleansing and convenient to carry when I'm travelling. But if you have dry or sensitive skin, you shouldn't use this too often.

The package is so cute~ The lip color is really light. I think it's moisturizing and the scent is fine but it's not long lasting enough, it does not leave any impression. But it's cheap and cute so I think I will use it as a backup. 

I'm using the oil blotting version, I love the color and it's easy to blend also gives good coverage. And it's not too heavy for my combination skin(I usually put on compact powder afterwards) I love the bottle design too, easy to use. Just remember to clean the cap from time to time. I would buy this again. 

I saw they advertised this eyeliner gel as super water proof and super dark so I bought and tried it myself. I use eyeliners everyday, this one does not smudge but the color jsut disappears by itself... I would not buy it again. 

I think this lipgloss is more like a liquid lipstick. I picked a peach pink color and I always use it for ombre lips. Remember to exfoliate your lips before use if it's in a bad condition because this lip gloss is more dry and matte which I like. A little goes a long way and it gives me great color payoff! It's better to buy 3CE products in Korea... 

The Power 10 essence product line are all cheap and great, this is the whitening one which is super nourishing and I apply alot on my face and even on my breast! When it's cheap I just don't care how much I use and it makes me happy. I have no bad reactions so far, I think I have to use it longer to tell whether it's whitening or not. I love that it's moisturizing and I think the scent is nice. Some people might think that it's too strong. 

This liquid eyebrow ink can last for 12-24 hours, the texture is very liquid and the brush looks just like a nail polish brush. It's fine to only use this to apply brow color but my brows are pretty long so I only use this at the ends of my eyebrows. This is a must have for me, cheap and it goes a long way. 

It's said that this cream can help to brighten and color corrects the skin, so even though the cream itself is colorless, based on the color correct function people usually won't use this at night. BUT! If you're sleeping over at your boyfriends place this is a must have. (And the Etude house brow tattoo gel) I have combination skin and this is nourishing enough for me, also great to use as a primer. 

There are two different reviews about this product, I love it personally! There are several colors to choose, it's long lasting and gives great color payoff! I don't even have to re-apply when I drink coffee. Make sure your lips are in good condition before you use this tint pack, if you lips are very dry or peeling you can use sugar olive oil to exfoliate your lips (It's amazing), and don't purse your lips when you apply it! (You can use a blow dryer to accelrate the process). It better if you put on a thick layer, for me I would make it ombre(Apply the gel only on the inside of your lips) After peeling the gel off, apply the lipbalm and you will get lovely ombre lips<3

It claims that you just apply this gel on your brows for 2 hours (or until it's totally dry) then peel the gel off, then you will have the color for 2-7 days. The texture is pretty sticky and you can shape it with the little brush. I usually apply it one hour before I sleep and peel it off the next day, remember to avoid your brow when you use makeup removers so it will last longer! 

I would use this one with the red one (For dyed and permed hair) alternately, I'm not a fan of the smell, but it's really effective, a little amount of oil totally nourished my ends. It's often on discount in drug stores, so it's very worthed! 

1028's eyeshadow palette are all very useful, the only difference is some are more glitter or matte, but overall they are all earthy tones. After I bought this palette, I don't feel like buying other palettes anymore lol. I can use this palette to create light and heavy makeup styles, and the brush is so useful, you don't need to use an extra brush. 

The weather is getting hot and humid, for my combination skintype, I usually put on loose powder after I apply foundation or BB cream, but it's not easy to re-apply especailly when you're outside. Then one day I saw this loose powder stick, I should be great for re-applying! Just press the stick on oily areas it'll immediatly turn matte. The stick has 3 tones and I picked the one in the middle. Loose powder does not give good coverage, some people with good skin condition might use it as foundation, but I'm still used to use it to set my makeup or re-apply. This might be too dry for people with dry skin, just use it on the T area! 

I heard that this product is almost just as good as YSL, so I bought the pink color (B101Angel's kiss) . It's moisturizing and smooth, gives good color payoff. This nude pink color does not make my lips look yellow, the tone is very spring! I'm considering to buy the brown color. 

Super cheap! I bought the brown one, the color payoff is great and very easy to use. But it's not that long lasting, I would apply it with an eyebrow brush. With this price and quality, I would say this is great

This lotion is great and affordable. It says that it can be used as a bathing oil or face oil. But I only use this for my body. I'm using the rose scent bottle, it's so absorbing and easy to blend, the perfect lotion for me! Sometimes when I'm free, I'll use this with my specail body brush to massage my body, helps to shape my body better. If I'm lazy I'll just apply it all over my body. It's great, I will definitely buy it again. 

It's cheap and great, the scent recalls my childhood memories. The texture is very thick, it's better to slowly massage the cream on your feet. I usually just put a bunch on my feet and then put on sock before I sleep during winter! 



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