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This had a beautifully strong fruity scent that lasted the duration. The sheet was a typical gauze sheet and there was sooooo much jelly essence.

The fit was good, it adhered well and it lasted ages - I kept it on for over an hour. My skin feels intensely hydrated and looks nicely glowy. Great mask 

A 2 piece hydrogel mask sheet, this had lots of watery essence in the pack, but the mesh type sheet & gel didn't feel like it held much. The fit was very good and it adhered ok.


It says to keep this on for 20-40 minutes, I would say that's optimistic as it felt pretty dry after 15 minutes. My skin feels slightly hydrated but I wouldn't repurchase

This had a super strong ginseng scent, which I love love love! The sheet was a medium thickness, super soft gauze type material and was absolutely soaked in a viscous, water based essence.
The fit and adherence was brilliant! I kept it on for around an hour, it left a slight stickiness for around 5 minutes - my skin now feels really hydrated, very silky smooth and looks dewy. Great mask!!!

The fit was really good, it adhered well & was very comfortable. It had a nice fresh scent with a good amount of lotion-type essence.


I wore it for a 30 minutes and my skin now feels hydrated & looks dewy - love that this is practical as well as fun!

This mask was awful!!! The fit was terrible, it was narrow but huge in the forehead, chin and the nose was so so long. The watery essence had a slight citrus scent but it faded really fast.


It started to dry after only about 10 minutes and I got almost no benefits whatsoever, very little hydration, no brightness or glow, nothing - just don't even bother...

I found the smell of this unbelievable, I'm not even sure how to describe it but I adored it!!! The fit was really great for me, it was comfortable and adhered very well.


I kept this on for 30 minutes - when I took it off, my skin felt slightly tacky but after about 10 minutes the remaining essence had fully absorbed and my skin looked bright and soothed. Really liked this, I'll definitely get some more

This was a thin cotton sheet, it had no real scent and a good amount of watery essence. The fit & adherence was very good.


I kept it on for 40 minutes and my skin feels hydrated, maybe slightly plumped too - not bad, worth it just for the packaging!

These were 2 large, clear plastic socks, lined with a gauze type material and filled with a clear liquid. I opened up each sock and put my feet in - these unfortunately weren't sealable so no putting my feet up when they were on.


There was no scent but they gave a gentle menthol tingle. I kept these on for an hour then rinsed off the excess. I didn't notice any immediate results, but noticed some slight peeling the next day, plus my feet feel lovely and soft 

This was a thick cotton sheet - they went for a more realistic look rather than cartoony which I thought was cool. There was a ton of watery essence and it had a fresh scent.


The fit wasn't great, the overall shape was ok but being quite thick meant it creased up and didn't really adhere to the contours of my face.


I kept it on for about 20 minutes - my skin feels hydrated, slightly plumped, but nothing wow. Wouldn't repurchase.

This was a medium thickness, papery sheet - the fit was brilliant, it adhered really well and was super comfortable.


There was a good amount of thin essence, no wine/grapey scent tho unfortunately, just a bit fresh. I kept it on for 30 minutes.


My skin feels nicely hydrated & my redness is reduced. Not sure if this did (or would with on going use), have any impact on my pores - still a nice product though!

This is for anti-ageing & skin brightening.


This was a pretty cool mask - it was a medium thickness cotton with a gorgeously thick cream essence. It was backed onto a mesh mask which made it super easy to apply.


The fit was great, it adhered brilliantly and was super comfortable to wear. I really enjoyed wearing it and kept it on for around 40 minutes.


My skin is definitely bright & glowy now and well hydrated too.

This is designed for deep hydration & nutrition.


Firstly, the smell of this was pretty strong, it was like a mans aftershave - I wasn't really keen it on to be honest.


This was thick cotton with a thin watery essence. The fit was pretty bad, the forehead was oversized and it didn't adhere very well.


I wore this for 15 minutes because my face was getting hot and after taking it off I could see that unfortunately my skin wasn't keen on it either...I had a very red face - definitely not a repurchase

This is designed for hydration & whitening.


This is a thin papery mask with a good amount of watery essence, without any sort of fragrance. Being so thin, it's easy to position and tear to make a perfect fit, it adhered very well.


I kept it on for 30 minutes. It left my skin fairly tacky for about 15 minutes afterwards. After it absorbed, my skin looks bright & dewy, but unfortunately no reduction in redness or whitening. Probably wouldn't repurchase

These cute little finger puppets came in two pouches - a left hand & a right hand. The were covered in a thin cream that smelt exactly like baby lotion.


They were fairly easy to put on - obviously the second hand was more fiddly, given the first hand already had the puppets on.


I'm not sure there's much scope for error when it comes to there size, so they fit comfortably.


I took them off after 10 minutes and I'm surprised to say that my nails genuinely look shinier - I'm very impressed and would use these again!

This was a thin cotton mask, the sheet was very drippy with watery essence and it had about a tspn left in the pack.


It had a mild but pleasant honey scent which lasted about 5 minutes - when that faded I could definitely smell the alcohol in it though (3rd ingredient!!!)


The fit was decent, it was flexible and easy to tear where needed. It also adhered really well, no complaints from that perspective.


I wore this for 30 minutes and my skin looks a bit glowy and feels slightly hydrated - Overall, it was a bit meh, probably wouldn't repurchase

This claims to deliver highly vitalising, truly clarifying, skin hydrating and protecting effects.


It advises to massage onto clean skin for 1-2 minutes and then leave to sit for 5-10 minutes. It's a thick, creamy consistency and comes with a little spatula for easy & hygienic application. It has a mild, fresh scent.


After applying I notice an immediate tingling sensation, not too much but enough for me to notice. I leave it on for 10 minutes before washing off - it doesn't really dry, it's just feels less wet to the touch.


It takes a little effort to get it all washed off but no worse than a clay mask. My skin feels smooth & nicely hydrated, slightly brightened and less red.

This is meant to whiten & brighten. The first thing I noticed about this was the scent - as soon as I opened the pack I could smell a sweet, almost peachy fragrance.


The mask itself was a thin cotton with a super cute masquerade print & cute little red gem stones across the brow!!! The fit was really good, it was pliable and adhered really well.


This was very drippy, with excess in the pack, so I kept it on for about 40 minutes. My skin feels hydrated and I see a definite reduction in redness along with a nice dewy glow.


I really liked this mask and would absolutely repurchase.

This was as I expected really, a thin papery mask with a watery essence and without any real scent. The fit was decent & it adhered well.


I kept this on for around 25 minutes - My skin feels pretty well plumped, hydrated and has a bit of a glow, all in all, not bad!

Step 1 - Foam cleanser: It lathered well, cleansed thoroughly but felt very stripping, my skin felt incredibly tight after rinsing



Step 2 - Ampoule: This was a gel consistency, it felt cool and smooth. It absorbed very quickly with no sticky residue



Step 3 - Sheet mask: A two piece, double backed, hydrogel sheet - possibly the thinnest I have ever come across. Good fit all round, adhered very well and lasted just over 30 minutes



Step 4 - Facial cream: A thick cream that felt slightly greasy on my skin, took a long time to absorb and didn't feel very hydrating



Step 5 - Neck cream: Almost identical to the face cream



The mask itself was lovely and the ampoule wasn't bad but I didn't like the cleanser or either of the creams. My skin looks refreshed but doesn't feel hydrated each step had a really strong soapy fragrance - I won't be getting this again

This was a 3 step product with cleanser, mask & cream. Designed for brightening, evening skin tone, hydration & nutrition.


Step 1: Foaming cleanser - this had a nice fresh scent and was a very thin but creamy consistency that foamed nicely. It cleansed well and while I'm not sure of the pH, it didn't feel stripping.


Step 2: Sheet mask - I knew as soon as I took this out of the pack, that I was going to struggle. The scent was lovely and fresh, there was plenty of watery essence - but the sheet...the eyes & mouth holes were enormous, the strip for my lip was very thin and the nose flap was a small triangle at best!


I tried & tried, but there was no way this was sitting properly on my face. The section on my forehead & cheeks that I got semi-smoothed down, did adhere to my skin. I left it on for 15 minutes.


Step 3: Anti-ageing night cream - this also had a lovely fresh scent, was cool smooth and absorbed within 5 minutes without leaving any residue


Overall the formula lives up to its name, my skin is very bright & dewy, it feels so soft & hydrated too. However, I just can't fathom the mask!? As soft as the sheet was, it was just shapeless and would not fit at all well.

This mask was meant to repair damaged skin and give flawless radiant skin.


The thin papery mask was super drippy out of the pack with loads of watery essence left and had a fresh scent. It fit fairly well, maybe ever so slightly narrow, but it adhered well.


I wore it for only 10 minutes as it had started to irritate my forehead -  unfortunately this isn't for me!

This is designed to: moisturise, brighten, stimulate cell regeneration, protect skin & tighten pores.


This was a fairly thick cotton mask with a viscous, water based essence and nice fruity scent. It held loads of essence in the sheet and left a small amount in the pack.


The fit was good for me, it's one of the few masks that is actually wide enough to reach my ears! It was easy to position and adhered well.


I left it on for 30 minutes, my skin looks bright and feels hydrated, my pores don't look noticeably different but overall it's a nice mask - I would repurchase

This was a typical two part hydrogel mask with a thick jelly essence. It had a clean fresh scent and the fit was fabulous. It adhered like a dream without slipping a millimetre.


It gave a cool, soothing, tingly sensation almost immediately after I put it on. I left it on for 30 minutes before removing. I pat in the remaining essence without feeling any stickiness or tackiness.


Overall, this was THE most amazing mask I've ever used! My face is as smooth as a baby, my skin is sooo hydrated and I'm glowing like a lightbulb...If I could give it more stars I would!

This mask is designed to hydrate, revive dull skin and protect from environmental pollutants.


It was soaked in a watery essence, leaving about 2tspn in the pack. The scent was fresh, I was expecting a more floral smell but it was still pretty nice.


It was an ok fit - the eye holes seemed slightly on the large side and the nose & chin slightly small but not too bad to be a problem.


I left it on for 30 minutes, it didn't leave a sticky feel and my skin is nicely hydrated. No wow factor, still a decent mask none-the-less, I would repurchase

Designed to give bright & glowing short, it didn't!


The sheet was thick, inflexible and barely adhered to my face at all. It had a watery essence, and while the sheet was wet, there was none at all left in the pack. It had a mild fresh scent.


I wore it for 15 minutes, yup - it dried that fast! My skin feels slightly hydrated, no noticeable brightness/dewiness - not a repurchase.

This was a medium thickness cotton sheet. It had a thin watery essence and a strong almost hairspray type scent.


It was an ok size but it felt off overall for me, didn't adhere well and was generally uncomfortable.


It dried extremely quickly and I saw no visible results. I would not use this again.

This was a standard double backed, two piece mask. It had a mild, cosmetic type fragrance which was nice. The shape was generally ok except for the nose which was ridiculously long!
Once positioned, it stayed fully in place with absolutely no slipping. It was comfortable to wear and I left it on for the recommended 30 minutes.
This was designed to brighten & provide anti-wrinkle effects - well, my skin looks bright, glowy and feels smooth so I'd say this delivered!

This is designed for elasticity and lifting.


It's got a typically fresh scent and was very wet. I did struggle to get this on and found it sliding off my face even when I lay down. I also found it was a little small for me.


I wore this for 20 minutes - my skin feels very moisturised and slightly plumped. Overall a decent mask but not amazing

This comes in a good quality glass bottle with a decent dropper which, when full, dispenses about 8 drops. Half a dropper / 4 drops is perfect for my whole face.


It has a mild smell, clinical more than chemical so not off putting at all. It sinks into my skin almost immediately and isn't sticky.


It does feel slightly drying, but not enough to have a negative impact, and my skin feels comfortable with moisturising layers on top.


This has a very high alcohol content so is definitely not for everyday use but it does give pretty awesome oil control!

This mask is not for me!


Although the sheet fit and adhered well, the essence was a pleasant smell and it lasted about 30 minutes...


My skin reacted terribly to it! It gave me a painful hot rash that lasted a good few hours.

I love this mask!


It's paper thin and covered in watery essence. It doesn't really have a scent.


It fits & adheres well, and lasts me around 30 minutes.


It gives me soothed, bright and hydrated skin at a budget friendly price!

This was the first active I ever purchased. After slowly introducing it into my routine, I now use it twice a week.


It's a thin liquid with a mild scent. I alway use it with a pH adjusting toner & wait time of 20 minutes.


This has definitely reduced my blackheads but not completely solved the problem. I think it's a fab product but requires patience and on-going use to get real results.

This has a strong cosmetic smell to it, not unpleasant just slightly overpowering when first opened


It was a good fit with plenty of essence. I left it on for 20 minutes and my face looked nice and bright when I removed it so thumbs up for that one


Unsurprisingly it wasn't an instant fix for my pores! Overall, not a bad mask but not great either.

This Bija & tea tree capsule pack had a slight smell that I wasn't keen on but it didn't linger for too long.


It was a medium thickness soft cream that spead easily and dried down really quickly.


It washed off with little effort, leaving my skin feeling refreshed.

This mask is designed to sooth skin. It has a gentle tea tree scent with plenty of essense left over - yay


I actually found the fit a bit small, there was a good inch between where the mask stopped and the edge of my face - I actually managed to tear it in 2 places too...


I wore it for around 20 minutes and found it really settled the redness in my skin, it felt very soothed and hydrated.

This is designed to tackle blemishes & brighten skin.


The thick cotton sheet was covered in a thin crea essence, it had a mild and fresh scent.


The fit was brilliant, with loads of slits to position perfectly - plus it adheres amazingly well.


I wore this for about an hour - my skin dried matte but looks bright and feels it!

This is designed for lifting, anti-wrinkle & soothing.


The first thing I noticed after opening it was the fragrance - it was a really really strong old lady perfumed talc type floral smell...seriously overwhelming! It was a really good fit and it adhered brilliantly though.


It had plenty of jelly essence on the mask itself and a little left in the pack. It was very comfortable and gently tingled my face - I wore it for about 30 minutes.


My skin feels smooth, hydrated and has a lovely glow. I found the excess essence did pill slightly but it was manageable. Ignoring the strong scent I enjoyed this mask.

This is designed to moisturise, protect and improve elasticity.


The sheet was a papery cotton, it was a good size and had eye flaps. The mouth was a little odd as it was just a slit rather than a hole so it needed to be torn to fit. Once in place it was comfortable however it didn't adhere brilliantly.


It had loads of watery essence, the sheet was very drippy and there was at least 2tspn left in the pack. The scent was lush! It was some sort of cherry blossom, though it smelt more like brandy cherries to me!


I wore it for 20 minutes, it wouldn't have lasted much longer. It didn't leave any residue and my skin feels nicely hydrated. This is a decent, low budget mask that I would get again 

This is designed to moisturise, firm & whiten.


It was a fairly thick cotton sheet that was quilted. The essence was creamy and had no real scent.


I really liked the fit, the chin area was generous, enough to go slightly down the neck and the eyes were pretty small so covered most of my under eyes.


I kept it on for 20 minutes. It left a slight tackiness that took about 15 minutes to settle, but my skin does feel very moisturised and looks bright.

So first off, this comes in a standard pot with internal lid - unfortunately it doesn't come with a spatula so the hygiene conscious side of me wishes it came in a tube instead!


The consistency is pretty thin, gloopy and gives an immediate cooling effect to the skin - it's only the tiniest bit slimy so the ick factor is kept to a minimum - even with 90% snail filtrate.


It hydrates my skin well - I've found that I need to use fewer layers before applying otherwise it takes a lifetime for it to sink in, or leaves a sticky residue - keep in mind I'm oily/combo so those with dry skin may not feel the same.


Although this has a bunch of other goodies in it such as Niacinamide, adenosine, plant extracts etc...I haven't notice any real impact from this product. It works ok for me, but I'm going to have to force myself to finish it 

This is designed to moisturise and revitalise skin.


The smell hit me when I first opened the packet - it was a very strong citrus scent that kinda smelt like washing up liquid. There was plenty of watery essence and it was pretty drippy out of the pack.


The fit was pretty good for me, it was very wide so it managed to reach fully across both cheeks - it also had eye flaps.


It wore this for 40 minutes. It left my skin feeling hydrated...that's about it though, I didn't get a particularly overwhelming glow from this or anything else exciting - overall, pretty meh

This designed for "smoothening" & firming.


This was a cotton sheet that had a good amount of thin creamy essence and only a very mild, but fresh scent. The fit was really good all round - the only slight issue I had was that the eye holes were slightly small.


I wore it for 30 minutes, it left a slight sticky residue initially. It's been another 10 minutes and my skin is now smooth and hydrated without the tackiness - I really rate this as an affordable, everyday mask.

This is designed for oil control.
It had a strong, sweet, yummy strawberry smell which sadly faded while wearing but was lovely while it lasted.
It was backed with plastic. It was a super thin, soft material & soaked in a watery essence.
Overall it fit well, although I found the mouth / chin area a bit off, but it did adhered brilliantly.
I kept this on for 50 minutes - my skin is soft, hydrated and slightly soothed

This is designed for anti-wrinkle & moisturising.
It was a thin, black cotton sheet with watery essence and a mild scent. The fit was pretty good, surprisingly wide and adhered nicely.
I kept this on for 30 minutes - my skin feels hydrated, nothing amazing but a decent mask none-the-less.

This was a thin cotton sheet, it had a mild floral scent and watery essence. It was such a great fit, with loads of slits to position perfectly and it adhered brilliantly.
I wore it for 30 minutes - my skin feels nicely hydrated. It really is a great, great low cost mask!

This is designed to brighten and exfoliate, while controlling the oil & water balance giving smooth, purified skin.


The mask itself was a medium thickness cotton sheet. The shape and size of it made for a really good fit. It was soaked in a scentless viscous liquid that was slightly foamy as soon as the pack was opened. It took literally seconds for the bubbles to start appearing.


I left it for 10 minutes, as the pack suggested - I felt a slight tickling sensation as the bubbles formed but it wasn't itchy at all.


My skin feels smooth and looks bright, but I definitely need to add some more moisture so I may follow this up with a standard sheetmask. Overall it was fun and I would get it again 

This is designed for pore cleansing, sebum control, removal of dead skin and providing the skin with a healthy glow.


It was a two piece sheet, each with a white plastic cover on one side and a clear vinyl cover on the other.  It had no scent to it.


It was relatively easy to apply, though I will say, my fingers got absolutely covered in product. The fit was genuinely excellent and it adhered brilliantly.


It was fully dry after around 50 minutes - it was still comfortable and didn't feel overly tight. It was very easy to peel off and I then just rinsed off the residue with water.


My skin feels very deeply cleansed, my pores are less noticeable and my skin is definitely smoother. I would highly recommend giving this a go!

This is designed to hydrate, protect and increase elasticity in the skin.


This was a thin cotton sheet, the essence was watery and it was very drippy out of the pack. The scent was a beautiful floral smell, significant but not overpowering.


The fit was good, it had eye flaps, plenty of slits for proper positioning and it adhered well. I wore it for 30 minutes before removing - it left no residue or tackiness.


Overall my skin feels hydrated - it's a nice everyday mask

This was a two piece gel mask, front & backed with plastic, with a mild scented watery essence. It was super easy to apply and fit well overall. I found it very slippy so I ended up lying down to keep it in place.
I kept it on for 40 minutes and my skin feels seriously pampered! It looks even, feels hydrated and has a lovely glow. Fab mask!!!

This is designed to cool, nourish and moisturise the skin. It was a medium thickness, cotton mask with a watery essence, and loads of little white particles in. It had a strong lemony scent, leaning towards the chemically side.


The fit wasn't bad overall, it had eye flaps and a decent number of slits around the edge, however I found that it didn't really adhere well to my skin.


I wore it for 30 minutes, my face feels hydrated and smooth, no amazing brightening/glowy effects from it unfortunately - don't think I'd use this one again.

This mask is designed for wrinkle care & rejuvenation.


It was a thick tencel sheet with a quilted effect to it. The scent was very mild - I was hoping for full blown pumpkiny goodness, but sadly not! It had a good amount of watery essence - the sheet held it well so it wasn't drippy.


The fit was brilliant and it adhered to my skin with no effort at all. I wore it for 40 minutes - it didn't leave a tackiness or any residue. My skin feels refreshed and hydrated, overall this was lovely.

This is designed for intensive moisture. It was a medium thickness cotton mask, with loads of thin creamy essence in the pack - the sheet was extremely drippy...I'm not kidding, I've had to change my top!


The smell was gorgeous but subtle. The sheet was a very good size, fitting the full width of my face - however, it just would not adhere to my skin, it was flapping all over the place within 2-3 minutes of putting it on.


I only managed to wear this mask for 15 minutes before it was almost completely dry - it seems as though there was loads of essence included but the sheet just doesn't have the ability to hold on to it.


My skin feels soft and reasonably hydrated without any stickiness. Overall this was a massive bust - definitely not for me!

This is designed to moisturise, whiten, brighten and give a radiant complexion.


This had a distinct baby wipe type fragrance to it, I'm pretty used to that smell so it didn't bother me. The material was a medium thickness cotton and had a watery essence, it was well soaked but none left over.


The fit was ok, slightly small for me but flexible enough to position pretty well - it adhered nicely. I wore this for 20 minutes. My skin feels hydrated and looks bright - I like it 

This is designed for hydrating, anti-wrinkle...and tbf, it has some decent ingredients.


This was a cotton/cellulose sheet, almost gauze like, it had a clean fresh scent and plenty of slightly viscous, watery essence.


The sheet fit very very well for me and I found that it adhered brilliantly. It lasted comfortably for almost an hour - it didn't leave any residue at all.


My skin now feels hydrated and bright, can't really comment on its anti-wrinkle effect but it was still nice overall

This was a fairly thin, cotton sheet. It had a lovely mild herby scent and the essence was watery, which the sheet held well, leaving around a tspn in the pack.


The fit was pretty good, it was slightly too long on the forehead but had a good amount of slits for ease of positioning. This also had eye flaps & it adhered ok, not too great around the edges.


It lasted for 40 minutes, the edges started to bug me if I'm honest. My skin feels hydrated, looks slightly brightened but I don't think it particularly soothed - an average mask overall

This is designed to brighten & clarify the skin.


It was a typical cotton mask with a mild scent and watery essence. The fit was very good and it adhered very well too. I kept it on for 45 minutes.


My skin looks super bright, less red and generally more even all round - great mask!

This is designed to revitalise dull skin. The thick cotton sheet had a lovely strong ginseng scent with loads of silky, creamy essence.


It was generally a good size, although the eyes were slightly narrow - I actually liked that though, because all around my eye area felt the benefit!


Having a cream essence meant it dried quicker than other varieties of this mask but I still managed to keep it on for 20 minutes. My skin looks bright and feels smooth - good result 

This is designed to moisturise, brighten and improve overall skin tone.


The sheet was a 100% cotton, almost gauze like and it had a fresh scented watery essence. It was a great fit which adhered amazingly.


I wore it for 45 minutes and I enjoyed every second. My skin now feels hydrated, smooth and looks calmed - loved it, would absolutely recommend

This thin sheet fit well and the watery essence was almost scentless.


I wore it for around 20 minutes and I didn't feel any discomfort whilst wearing it. Unfortunately when I took it off I saw that my skin had reacted to badly to it.


This definitely isn't for me although I've heard others have had better results.

This was a thin sheet with watery essence - the scent was slightly chemically but not too strong.


It fit well and was comfortable. I kept it on for 30 minutes and it left my skin hydrated and less red.


There was no immidiate visible reduction in my pore size but was still a nice mask overall.

This is a water based cream with a citrus scent. It's fairly thick but absorbs pretty quickly without leaving any stickiness.


It comes in a stiff plastic bottle which makes it a nightmare to properly dispense.


Overall it's a decent moisturiser, no wow factor but worth the price.

This soft cotton sheet has lots of fresh watery essence, is a good size and adheres really well.


It lasted for about 30 minutes and left my skin feeling hydrated, smooth and hydrated. I would definitely recommend it.

This is a fresh scented, thick cream with tiny granules that dissolve when massaged onto the skin.


It lathers and cleans wonderfully well. It leaves my skin squeaky clean - maybe slightly drying for some people but my oily/combo skin really likes it.

This is a scentless & cool, transparent gel. It sank in super quick and dried almost fully matte. 


It gives the perfect level of hydration for oily/combo skin but probably not enough as a stand alone product for drier skinned people.

This is designed to sooth, calm and clear blemishes using Centella Asiatica Leaf extract - it comes in a 30ml tub.


The cream is super thick but soft, and has a slight earthy scent. You only need a teeny tiny bit...if you use too much, it leaves major white cast!


It absorbs super fast, dries totally matte and made my blemishes visibly smaller and less red. I don't think that it necessarily made them heal faster but they were definitely less noticeable overall.


Best blemish cream I've used so far, love it!

It's designed to revitalise & sooth. It was a paper thin sheet with a mild scented watery essence. The fit was good, it adhered ok - not brilliantly.

I kept it on for 30 minutes - my skin looks less red, definitely some soothing effects. It wasn't super hydrating though, so probably won't get this one again

It's designed for wrinkle care, blemish relief, purifying and whitening skin.


This was a thick cotton sheet, it had watery essence and was almost scent-less. I really rate the fit of Junico masks in general, they always seem to fit me really well and the eye flaps are great.


I wore this for 30 minutes - it left my skin slightly tacky but gave me a lovely glow and super hydrated feeling. Great affordable, everyday mask 

It's designed to deal with wrinkles and a dull complexion.
This was another typical gauze type sheet with watery essence. It had quite a chemically scent which I found slightly overpowering.
It was a decent size, fit well all round but didn't really adhere brilliantly. I kept this on for about 20 minutes - my skin feels hydrated but looks no different. I wouldn't repurchase.

This pack is designed to give skin elasticity.
The first thing I noticed when opening this was the scent, it was a beautiful strong ginseng fragrance which lasted the whole time I had it on - that may be off putting to some but I love the smell of ginseng!
It was a smooth, creamy consistency with some small peachy coloured particles in. It spread very easily and the capsule contained enough for a single use / medium thick coverage.
I rinsed it off after 15 minutes - my skin feels smooth and refreshed, it was nice overall

This is designed for cooling, soothing and reducing oiliness. The sheet was fairly thick. It had a suuuper strong eucalyptus scent with plenty of watery essence.


It was pretty large and didn't adhere brilliantly, especially around the chin. I wore this for 40 minutes and it did leave stickiness - however, it has given me a nice glow and reduced redness. I'm 50:50 on this as the results were good but the experience, not great

This is designed for firming and hydrating the skin. It was a cotton mask with a super slimy/creamy essence. It was slightly narrow, but not too bad and adhered very well. It didn't have any real scent.


I wore this for 40 minutes. It left quite a greasy film on my skin which wasn't particularly nice. My skin feels fairly hydrated but nothing amazing - I wouldn't repurchase.

As the name suggests, it's designed to deeply moisturise. The sheet was a medium thickness gauze type, it had a fresh scent and a load of super silky, watery essence. The fit was very good and it adhered well.


It lasted for about 45 minutes...and holy hydration batman! This certainly lives up to its name. My skin feels super soft, moisturised and looks plumped - great mask! 

This is designed to intensely moisturise and calm the skin.


The thin cellulose sheet was a great fit for me - it adhered perfectly and was very comfortable. It had a fresh scent and a good amount of watery essence - it was slightly drippy, but not too bad.


It did dry pretty quickly, I wore it for about 20 minutes. My skin feels smooth and hydrated, though my spots don't really look any calmer or less red.

This is for whitening & moisturising. First things first, this smells LUSH! A full on chopped grape scent. The material of this sheet was super soft and pliable, it was saturated in jelly essence and was a superb fit - it adhered like a dream too.


I kept it on for 50 minutes - it left a sticky residue for a little while but now my skin feels lovey and smooth, has a nice bright glow and feels hydrated. I'll definitely get this again!

The aim of this is deep cleansing & sebum reduction - with that comes alcohol, so normal/dry skinned people, or those sensitive to alcohol (and the smell of it) should avoid.
This was a thick, black cotton sheet with loads of watery essence. The fit was great, it adhered well and was comfortable to wear. I kept it on for around an hour and it worked wonders.
My skin felt cleansed, dried matte but also felt hydrated. The next morning is where it really wins me over - visibly less oil and tighter pores. Solid mask, definitely recommended.

This is designed to sooth irritation and protect from environmental damage. It was a plastic gauze with a compressed gel on it and a watery essence.


The top and bottom pieces fit very well and they adhered well too. It had no scent and was comfortable overall. I wore it for 20 minutes and my skin feels fabulous, it feels soothed and I have a nice glow!

This was a two piece masks, it was a thicker hydrogel than I have used before, almost rubbery, which made it extremely easy to position and peel from the backing.


The scent was a beautifully subtle rose type fragrance and there was about half a teaspoon of watery essence left in the pack. The fit was on the wide side, which is good for me and it adhered perfectly.


I kept this on for 30 minutes, my skin looks glowy and feels hydrated - great mask!

This is designed to restore elasticity, repair and moisturise skin. The mask was a pinkish rayon sheet -  it had almost no scent and was very drippy with watery essence. The fit was really good and it adhered brilliantly.


It started to dry fairly quickly considering how wet it was... It lasted 25 minutes - my skin does feel very hydrated and moderately glowy, overall I liked it 

This was a thick, but super soft and flexible cotton sheet with sweet smelling cream essence. It went under the jawline and had ear hooks (with two slits for wider & narrower faces). It fit very well, and was pretty comfortable.


I wore this for 30 minutes - it didn't leave any stickiness. My skin feels smooth and hydrated, no huge wow factor but not bad at all 

This is designed to strengthen, calm and nourish while providing anti-aging and skin protecting benefits. It boasts 17 black super foods as key ingredients


It's a purple/black cooling jelly with little white moisture particles -  it spreads wonderfully smoothly and absorbs really quickly to a matte finish, with absolutely no stickiness.


This can also be used as a wash off mask by applying a thicker layer for 15 minutes to boost hydration.


Either way, this is amazing! It leaves my skin feeling so fresh, hydrated and smooth. I completely adore this and would highly recommend it!!!

This was a two piece gauze sheet layered with clay and backed with a clear plastic on the front and white plastic on the back. Application was easy and it adhered well immediately.


I found it to be slightly narrow but with a large forehead and nose strip which I had to fold over. It felt cool and comfortable to wear - even when dry, it wasn't overly tight.


After 30 minutes when the clay had completely dried, I peeled of the sheet and rinsed off the residue with water - my skin feels cleansed and smooth. This was good, but there are definitely better alternatives available!

This is designed to revitalise and boost the energy of idea what that actually means!


The sheet was cotton and a reddish brown colour with watery essence. It had a strong earthy scent which I actually love.


The fit was on the large side and was only ok-ish adhering. I wore it for 30 minutes - my skin feels hydrated, that's about it though so probably wouldn't repurchase

This mask is designed mainly for hydration.


It was a fairly thin cotton sheet with a watery essence - It was pretty drippy, also leaving a load in the packet and had a very mild fresh scent.


The fit wasn't great unfortunately - the bridge of the nose was far too narrow which messed up the position of the eyeholes and meant that it didn't adhere very well either.


I left it on for 25 minutes - my skin feels hydrated and smooth, without stickiness but I really didn't enjoy using this mask so wouldn't repurchase

This is designed to give a brightened & smooth complexion.


The sheet was very thin, soft and backed with plastic - it was super easy to position and it fit brilliantly. There was a load of scentless watery essence with plenty left in the packet.


I wore this for 30 minutes and my skin is glowing! It left no stickiness, just brightness and hydration - loved it!

This is for moisturising, protecting and boosting elasticity. It had a beautifully fresh cucumber scent. The sheet was super soft and pliable.


It had loads of jelly-ish essence and was a really great fit (although with this material, the eye flaps are totally pointless!) It also adhered brilliantly.


I kept it on for an hour - I had no stickiness and my skin feels really hydrated and looks plumped. Really rate these masks, I'll definitely be purchasing the full 7 days!!!

This was a medium thickness lohas cotton mask with a water based essence and mild fresh scent. It held loads of essence in the sheet and left a small amount in the pack.


The fit on all these Junico masks is always great for me - it's wider than an average mask which I love. It was easy to position and adhered brilliantly.


I left it on for 40 minutes - my skin feels hydrated, my redness is reduced and my skin feels nicely soothed. I would repurchase!

This is a wash off mask/scrub that's designed to unclog pores and gently exfoliate the skin - I've used it a few time now so here's what I think...


It has a sweet, slightly honey like scent and is a deep orangey/brown colour. The consistency is soft and spreadable with medium coarse sugar particles - it moves easily across the skin and doesn't feel too rough when massaged in.


I wear it for around 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. The sugar tangibly melts under the heat which feels lovely against the skin. It doesn't leave any residue and results in bright, smooth & well cleansed skin.


I really like this so far - I found it much more gentle but equally as effective as the Skinfood black sugar mask...I would choose this over Skinfood any day 

This is designed to brighten and hydrate - I'll keep it short... this was fab!


The medium thick, black cotton mask was soaked in a fresh scented watery essence. The fit was almost perfect for me and adhered amazingly well!


It lasted for over an hour and my skin is glowing - I'm absolutely getting this again, loved it

This is a 5 steps mask and is designed to nourish & hydrate.


1) Skin Corrector - a typical, clear watery toner with a slight citrus scent, it absorbed quickly and didn't feel at all astringent.


2) Boosting essence - only slightly more viscous than the toner, this essence also had a citrus scent. It felt  nicely hydrating.


3) Sheet mask - this thick cotton sheet was soaked in loads of creamy essence, with no real scent. It fit & adhered very well and lasted for 30 minutes.


4) Deep emulsion - a water based cream that felt very hydrating. There was a good amount, I used it all so it took about 10 minutes to sink in.


5) Focus cream - this super thick occlusive was extremely rich. It took a solid 20 minutes to absorb but felt very luxurious and silky.


This was a great product, though slightly overpowering for my oily/combination skin. I would absolutely get it again but probably only use half the sachets for step 4 & 5 next time!

The mask was a super soft cotton, backed with a stiff plasticy mesh. The scent was fresh and the essence very thin but creamy.

The sheet fit very well, and as uncomfortable as the mesh feels to the touch - I have to admit, it made it suuuuper easy to position. It adhered very well too.

I kept this on for around 40 minutes - my skin feels hydrated and it dried to a semi-dewy finish which would be idea for me as morning mask. I would definitely get this again

These Innisfree masks are so on point for a low cost, everyday mask. This variety is designed just for hydration.


The sheet was a thin papery material with loads of fresh scented, water based essence. The fit & adherence was great and it was very comfortable to wear.


I kept it on for around 25 minutes - does my skin feel hydrated, yup! It achieves what it set out to, I'd definitely get it again.

This is designed to sooth, nourish & hydrate. The sheet was a papery material with a moderate amount of water essence that had a strong artificial cucumber smell
Being a 3D mask it took a fair amount of moving to get in place but it actually fit me very well overall, however the nose was slightly long and the eyes slightly narrow - not too bad though
It lasted for about 30 minutes - it didn't leave any residue and my skin feels pretty hydrated. Fairly average, if not a bit meh 

The sheet was a rayon material, with thin creamy essence and a fairly strong avocado-ish scent. The fit & adherence was very good and it had loads of slits to allow for perfect positioning.

I kept it on for around 35 minutes - my skin feels smooth and fresh, although it was slightly sticky for about 10 minutes. Probably would repurchase.

The sheet was thin and super soft. Although the essence was watery, it seemed to really weigh down on the material making it a pain in the butt to unfold. It had a mild fresh scent.
I've got to say the fit of this was truly terrible! The chin was tiny, the eye holes huge, the nose strip just an odd shape and there seemed to be an excess of material around my temples.
It gave an instance cooling/tingling sensation which lasted the full 25 minutes - my skin quickly dried matte, unfortunately no immediate visible impact on my pores.



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